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hey family pastor Toure here I’m excited

about this message of getting ready to

watch it’s going to bless your life and

there’s another blessing that I pray

that you be able to avail yourself to I

wrote my second book called wholeness

winning in life from the inside out this

book is going to change your life it’s

all about identifying and uncovering

some invisible boundaries that keep you

from your potential it’s a great

blessing with a foreword even from our

Bishop TD jakes enjoy but for now enjoy

this video turn your Bibles in Matthew

chapter 22 I’m gonna shock you today

because I’m just going to read it

through it’s gonna be the first miracle

of the day pastor does not preach

through in the opening verses but when

the Pharisees heard that he had silenced

the Sadducees they gathered together

then one of them a lawyer asked him a

question testing him saying teacher what

is the great commandment in the law

jesus said to him you shall love the

Lord your God with all your heart with

all your soul and with all your mind

this is the first and Great Commandment

and the second is like it you shall love

your neighbor as yourself

and on these two Commandments hang all

the law and the prophets hallelujah


proud of me Father thank you so much for

your word it is a lap into our feet it

is a light into our path we love you

I thank you for this message I believe

there’s healing in it

I believe there’s instruction in it I

believe there is a word of alignment in

it that we might both individually and

corporately be all that you have called

us to be in the earth that we might

reflect you in unprecedented ways to

your glory we love you God we thank you

and praise you in Jesus name Amen amen

god bless you you may be seated

hallelujah I can I have a little bit of

water my mouth was a little dry gracias

thank you so much thank you

Charles can we give it up for cg3 he is

such a faithful thank you so much it

keeps me on course thank God for him his

heart is gold man looks at the outward

appearance God looks at the heart

are you tracking with me hook up with

some people who have pure hearts they

may not have all of this they may not

have all of that they may whatever and

he’s got plenty I’m not talking about

him but I’m saying when you are looking

to partner with people and deal with

people you got to always look at the

heart I’m telling you the heart a pure

heart will never disappoint you

you know there are a lot of things that

I believe in as it relates to walking

with God my first service my first

sermon was called make sure you’re

eligible to receive your blessing it was

all about obedience I am a big believer

in obedience I am a big you know you

would have thought that I grew up in a

Holiness Church I mean seriously I

believe in obeying God you know I

believe that that there’s certain things

in life you cannot have unless you

believe a God I preached Thursday night

at our other campus about submit

to God coming under God and and the

power in it I talked about how obedience

and submitting to God is is investing

your power to do what you want to do and

investing that and submitting to God and

receiving his power and strength to do

things that you couldn’t do so I’m a

firm believer and I believe that

anyone’s gonna walk with God anyone

who’s going to experience all that God

has for them has to learn to listen to

God and obey God I believe that with all

of my heart there are a lot of things

that I believe about walking with God as

it relates to to really how to move God

and how to grow in God obedience is one

of them

the second one that I think is really

really important is faith I really do

like like I believe you know the Bible

says that without faith it’s impossible

to please God he who comes to God must

believe that he is and that is a reward

to those who diligently seek Him they’re

things that are assigned to your life

that you cannot access outside of faith

they’re things in the invisible realm

that God wants to make visible in your

life but he cannot make those invisible

things visible in your life without

faith that’s what faith does faith

manifests into the visible what is

invisible and it is an absolute must for

anyone who is going to walk with God the

reason why he says without faith it’s

impossible to please me is not that he

is mad at you when you don’t have faith

it’s not that he delights he takes

pleasure in the prosperity of his

children so the reason why he is not

pleased when we don’t have faith is

because he can’t do for you what he’s

predestined for you we access things by

faith so I’m telling you obedience I’m

telling you faith you know I thought for

a long time if we could just learn how

to hear from God and obey God and if we

could just learn how to have faith and

believe and when God tells us something

not to vacillate back and forth between

two opinions I believe that if we would

would believe and obey

then there will be nothing else that

this would be the apex of our

spirituality if we can just get our

obedience worked out and we can get our

faith worked out then we would have this

thing on lock we can realize our destiny

lay hold of all the promises be blessed

bless our children’s children and move

on but I was wrong I was wrong

because when Jesus is asked what is the

greatest commandment he doesn’t say

anything about obedience I mean they

asked him teacher what is the greatest

commandment it doesn’t negate the other

Commandments but he’s basically they’re

basically asking him what is the

mountaintop of our faith what what is

the mountaintop what is the apex what is

the summit of what it means to be a

believer I thought it was speaking in

tongues I thought it was prophecy I

thought it was being able to move in in

words of knowledge and and just mystify

everybody around you because you are so

profound I thought it was fancy footwork

and preaching and Jesus says that’s not

it Jesus when he has asked the question

reduces it down to one thing and that’s

love love you a lot of times and I’m

just gonna and this is not you this is

somebody you know so don’t take this

personal but a lot of times as believers

love is optional faith this mandatory we

gotta have faith we know that right

obedience you know we we gotta obey we

gotta have faith but but love is

optional when was the last time you felt

convicted for not

thus embody yet here in the Bible when

Jesus has asked what the apex of this

thing is all about he’s like dude it’s

about loving loving and loving and he’s

not the only one that talked like that

Paul talk like that too

in first Corinthians 13 one through

three look at this it says though I

speak with the tongues of men and of

angels but have not love watch this I

have become sounding brass or a clanging

cymbal in other words a lot of noise but

nothing of substance who Jesus he goes

on to say and though I have the gift of


I can prophesy the house down and that

word prophecy is a Greek word it

literally means to speak for so that

could be preaching – I can preach the

house do but the Bible says and I can

understand all the mysteries and all

knowledge and and though I have all

faith so that I could remove mountains

but have not love watch this it doesn’t

say I don’t have anything it says I am

nothing oh god I feel the Lord

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait

even I could prophesy I can speak in

tongues when I tell whatever

however you do it you ever never do

whatever I know all knowledge I know all

mysteries I’m deep I’m heavy and I’ve

got crazy faith I can manifest a baloney

sandwich right now

you can tell when a brother’s hungry

sister every analogy goes to food he

says even though I am supernaturally

endowed and no one can compete with me

supernaturally if I don’t have love I am

nothing we’re gonna come back to that

there’s a reason why he said that John

chips in as well in first John chapter

four verse seven and eight so we got

Jesus basically saying love is it we got

Paul basically saying love is it and

even John chips in and John chips in and

he says beloved he is so baptized in

love he just can’t help it he doesn’t he

doesn’t say sir ma’am

he says beloved it’s the same John River

John John was like I’m the one I know Oh

y’all believe you’re special but John

said but I’m the one that Jesus loved I

I’m gonna win Jesus love and so he was

just loved out beloved beloved beloved

beloved beloved

he says beloved let us love one another

for love is of God and everyone who

loves is born of God and knows God did

you see that everyone who loves is born

of God and knows God and then he says he

who does not love does not know God for

god is love isn’t that heavy so so love

says that God is love that means that

love is not an emotion

love is not an emotion love is an

identity did you catch it he says that

that he who is born of God loves and

knows God he who does not love does not

know God because God is love

that ties into what Paul said in first

Corinthians 13 if you don’t have love

you are nothing it is not an emotion it

is an identity an emotion is subject to

whims tireless messages is inconvenient

love when love is an emotion it comes

and it goes just like emotions come and

they go God never intended for love to

be an emotion the Bible says that for

God so loved the world that He gave His

only begotten Son we think that what he

gave was love he did not give love he

gave his son because he was loved his

son is what he gave love is why he gave

you he because to give something means

that you possess something and if you

possess something you could possibly not

have something God does not possess love

God is love and you and I as his

children have to grow spiritually to

from glory to glory not have love but

become love so that when people

encounter you they encounter love and

Jesus taught us that the world is going

to know it he says love is so powerful

that the world is going to know that he

was sent by it by our love

in that crazy so this is not optional

when when God moves you to forgive

somebody it is not optional

he’s serious about it because in doing

so even if you when you forgive the

worst of them you are demonstrating that

you are like God one of the greatest

signs and wonders is not somebody being

raised from the dead it’s you forgiving

somebody who is unforgive are you

hearing what I’m saying

that is a sign and a wonder Inconvenient

love attracts people to God and this is

why this is the story God use to win

your salvation so then the question

becomes why is loving like this so hard

I thought that man I could just come to

church and read my Bible and growing the

Lord pray in tongues learn how to

prophesy speak bring my tithes and

offerings and that’s all I needed

he said if you don’t master love if you

don’t become love we never knew each

other in fact if you don’t get this love

thing worked out you can’t even truly

represent me I’m so Jesus Jesus saying

I’m so loved filled that I’m out there

touching people that you would never

touch I’m out like the prison ministry

going out into the highways and the

byways and to the back rooms in the dark

places demonstrating the love that kid

that’s the only motivator for going and

that’s why a lot of times these inmates

have powerful real conversions but

converse because everybody has turned

their back on them

and oftentimes in the jail’s they’re

treated like nothing but then we come in

The Potter’s House Denver comes in

they’re full of the love of God and the

grace of God and they fall on their

knees and say there must be a God

because I thought I was unlovable but

here you are and those conversions stick

why not because of the eloquent fancy

footwork of preaching because as the

verse says if I do all that but I don’t

have love not only did I not do anything

I have nothing because being a believer

is to evolve in an identity and that

identity is the identity of love hello

somebody why is it so hard why is it so

hard why can’t why why doesn’t that why

isn’t it convenient why isn’t that

convenient why is it so hard to love on

that level I know how to love people to

love me back I know how to love people I

Phyllis Speer the Lord I know how to

love people that reciprocate I know how

to love people that I am advantaged by

loving I know how to do that

that’s convenient love why is it almost

unnatural to walk in this type of love

that lets offenses roll right off your

back hey can we go there for a minute I

want to get in there a little bit

wow that lets offenses just roll off

your back that that lets knives being

thrown at your back

just flow right off you jesus says stuff

that we don’t really like to talk about

like pray for your enemies now I don’t

mean pray that Lightning would strike

him on the forehead that ain’t what I’m

talking about I mean like pray like you

love him pray he not washes he doesn’t

just say pray he says bless him why is

it so hard to my father telling you some

of you start going to convulsions father

I just pray that you would tongue get

all bind up why is it so hard

my daughter is reaching back at me the

reason why is hard is because it is a

process and that’s what Jesus lays out

in the text let’s talk about a real

quick and we’re going to be done when

Jesus is asked what the greatest

commandment is he gives what you may not

recognize is an equation he gave us a

formula he gives a formula

what’s the greatest commandment Jesus

says here it is let me tell you how you

do it he says first you shall love the

Lord your God with all your heart with

all your soul with all your mind ok

this literally is a formula he’s going

to say three things he’s gonna say love

the Lord with all your heart with all

your soul with all your mind then he

said love your neighbor as yourself

we’ll get into those other two so let me

tell you what he is not expecting or

what he is not calling for he is not

calling for you to manufacture some sort

of emotion towards God you got to

remember this is the same God who gave

us this thing called free will God does

not force love on us this is not God

God in heaven saying love me

not God don’t you better love me you

hear me

in Jesus name love me he first of all

God doesn’t need our love God is not up

in heaven with low self-esteem you know

wishing that somebody would call him on

the phone send him a text message that’s

not God God is not insecure God does not

need our affirmation can we just keep it

100 when we worship God we are not doing

God a favor the angels are around the

throne right now they rest not night nor

day they do not cease to worship God God

is not lonely he is not insecure and he

is not in need of our affirmation

therefore he is not twisting our arm

saying you better love me what he’s

saying is get into a relationship with

me you remember that song back in a day

and you and you and you you’re gonna

love me see God knows it sounds much

better when she sings it God knows that

if you get into a relationship with him

he is going to lavish his goodness on

you so wonderfully and so perfectly that

you’re gonna be so baptized in his love

for you that you are going to

organically reciprocate so you got it

you can’t look at that wrong this is not

God strong-arming you into loving him

that is not his nature if that was his

nature we wouldn’t have freewill we

would just be programmed automatically

to love him

we would be programmed automatically to

serve Him – no no no God doesn’t need to

strong-arm you he is good he doesn’t

need to force you to love him all you’ve

got to do is taste and see that the Lord

is good and your love for God

is going to be as I mentioned organic

reciprocity this this this radical love

this this this curing love this this is

everybody’s looking for love everybody’s

looking for love why because because we

were created to be loved we were created

in the context of pure love and and we

were created to be loved unconditionally

as is and that is why when we are not

aware of God’s love for us we are broken

and and and and and notice I said when

we are not aware of God’s love for us I

didn’t say when we don’t have God’s love

we have God’s love but when we are not

aware of it we become desperate love

seekers or for the Holy Spirit there I

don’t know if I’m be able to finish this

so this might be a couple weeks or three

weeks that might then right but when we

are not who are not aware of it because

we are wired for it sometimes we will do

crazy things to get it crazy things to

get it even in our generation social

media the majority of people that use

social media are using it for love

and it’s in is wired in such a way think

about it and it was a masterful idea

from a business perspective but we’re

wired in such a way that we post

something and we feel good about we what

we post based on how many people liked

it and now we have metrics by which we

study how many people like so if I post

this sort of thing

I’ll get this many likes and if I post

this sort of things

I’ll get this many and so you stop

posting what doesn’t get the likes oh

don’t make me don’t don’t don’t

uh-huh we post what we know oh that was

a good test ok I’m not gonna post for

god so loved the world that He gave His

only begotten Son anymore cuz that only

got me a few lines but when I showed

something we’re not when I when I put

this this selfie on which by the way it

was the 117th picture that I took to get

to my right angle and I got some filters

on it too why am i doing it I’m doing it

because I want somebody to like me

and it feeds into this fundamental need

that we all have to be loved and so the

reason why Jesus says the greatest

commandment is to love your God with all

your heart mind and soul which again is

an invitation to be to experience his

love which is so overwhelming that it

organically produces your love towards

him is that in the process of receiving


experiencing his love you are delivered

from all of the other areas and things

that are in your life that were in your

life because you were desperate for love

I wonder

if I interviewed each of you

individually and I looked at your life

and I opened up your checkbook and I

went through your emails and I went

through your journal and I was able to

see your life how many things would be

there that represented your search for

love as opposed to your sense of being

loved don’t you say that again I wonder

how many trips to Neiman Marcus do we

have name is out here we have name is

out here how many trips to Neiman’s how

many trips to I’m trying to keep it holy

let me just say how much of your budget

would be spent that what if I just slice

it down and to and understood the why

behind why you spent it how much of your

time would be spent trying to get love

because here’s the thing either love the

love of God the awareness and the

consciousness of God is building your

life or other things if God shook your

life everything that can be shaken give

me you’ve got to shook your life and

everything that you amassed because you

wanted to be accepted everything that

you did every dollar that you spent was

about to I’ve got to have this Mercedes

because everybody on my block owns a

Mercedes I’ve got to have the new tennis

shoes because if I don’t have the new

tennis shoes

whatever whatever I’ve got to have the

Rolex hello somebody because everybody

of my stature in the community wears


what would you drive if no one ever saw

you driving what would you wear if you

are not looking to get a compliment on

it you see what I’m getting at what I’m

saying is what I’m saying is this we

would be shocked to know how much we

invest because the absence of the

awareness of how God feels about us

leaves us broken and in desperate need

for love and acceptance elsewhere so

what Jesus is really talking about is

healing it’s time our healing and look

at the process he says love the Lord

your God with all your heart mind soul

in other words let me love every part of

you so that you won’t be trying to seek

love in those areas elsewhere let me

love you from the inside out

so you won’t be so needy and you won’t

discount and downgrade yourself and

accept things lower than you because

you’re trying to find love can I talk to

you like this so look at the sequence

look at the sequence he says love the

Lord your God with all your heart mind

soul and strength get healed this is the

greatest commandment my love makes you

become because as you begin to

reciprocate you begin to come you you

have you you have no idea that the

person you would be if you were

completely aware and conscious if how

God feels about you there would be so

many things that you would realize we’re


distractions from your finances from

your life from your time because you’re

trying to get something you already got

the Bible says that we are accepted in

the beloved already which means that you

cannot be rejected how can you be

rejected if the Almighty God has

accepted you and you’re looking for

acceptance and you’re already got it the

sequence is this as I because of my

relationship with God and me

experiencing how richly and deeply he

loves me oh how he loves me it is it’s

intoxicating it is overwhelming it is

unbelievable God really you love me you

know every strand of hair on my head you

know everything about me you know what I

did last week last night a couple of

minutes ago oh and you know all of that

and yet none of that moves you I mean I

mean you love me like that there is

deliverance in that and what that

produces as we talk about this formula

is self-love notice he says you should

love the Lord your God with all your

heart all your mind all your soul and

then it says you should love your

neighbor as yourself the sequence is not

God neighbor self it’s God self neighbor

because the benchmark or the basis by

which you love your neighbor is

predicated by how you love you so what

he says love the Lord and then love your

neighbor as yourself if you’re not

careful you’ll miss what he’s saying he

is saying that that when you experience

how God feels about you and how God

feels about you is an experience it is

more than knowledge it is an exposure I

feel the Holy Spirit of God

it is an experience oh my god it can be

you and Jesus in the room all by

yourself having a kiss fast in a love

fest because it is beyond religious

knowledge it is a transformational

experience and it is so powerful that

you will need nothing else once you get

it imagine that imagine an experience so

profound and so powerful that it

instantaneously delivers you from

needing anything else that’s why David

said the one thing that I desire that

will I seek after is that I might dwell

in the house of the Lord all the days of

my life to behold the beauty of the Lord

and to enquire in his temple he says I

have reduced life down to one thing and

as long as I have this one thing I’m

gonna be okay and that one thing is my

relationship with God that one thing is

to be in his presence for in his

presence is fullness of joy and life

forevermore that’s why

until you get there and you’re single

you are not ready for a spouse

you’re not ready because and I’m

digressing but the reason why you’re not

ready is because if you don’t have that

then you are going to put unrealistic

and unfair expectations on your spouse

because you didn’t get that which only

God was supposed to give you and you

come into the relationship needy and

broken and and and they have to become

your Savior and they have to become your

deliverer and they have to become your

Redeemer and that’s too much pressure to

put on somebody’s life you gotta get

with God in the secret place and let him

minister to every part of you until you

are overflowing with his love it ain’t

fair otherwise it ain’t fair you know

fair and so when we encounter this love

it makes us rich we’re no longer

impoverished and starving and needing

attention from anyone who will throw it


there is a healing and delivering

affirmation that comes in this encounter

and that healing affirmation and

encounter causes you to love yourself

and when you love yourself you expect

differently oh I feel the Spirit of God

when you love yourself you know you’re

worthy of God’s best you don’t swing at

lowballs it’s got to be right there

right dead center it’s got to look like

everything that God said was for me and

if it doesn’t I’m cool I will wait

because what he promised me is coming my

way and I’m not in a hurry anyway and I

am no longer distracted by things that

come at me thinking that I am desperate

that’s what happens you are delivered

from being desperate I’m just gonna hang

out with Jesus I’m just gonna experience

Jesus I’m just gonna experience him

rocking me like a baby and covering me

and keeping me until the best comes you

gotta learn how to hold out for the best

the best is yours when you love yourself

you don’t swing at low balls and

therefore you will never strike out you

will bear it out of the part every

single time and then from that place

because you are so rich and because you

are so baptized in his love you’ve got

love to burn

you’re not rationing out love because

you know no no no when they encounter

you they encounter love and you have got

so much love to burn that no negative

comment can drain can dry you out of it

I got love to burn you don’t like me

that’s okay

bless you in Jesus name here have some

love that’s what you need you just need

a little bit of love you active crazy

here have some love because love is not

what I have it is who I’m gonna go

deeper but I’m gonna do it next week I’m

gonna do it next week I want to pray for

you the love of God is a deliverance

it’s a deliverance I thought if I could

just obey

I’ll be good I thought pastor Walt if I

could just have faith I’d be good but

God says no that means anything it’s

your love but love is a process this

type of love is a process I can’t love

them if I am secretly not loving me I’m

secretly living life full of regrets I

shoulda woulda coulda how can i I don’t

have that means I don’t have enough love

for myself let alone somebody else and

Jesus is saying Jesus saying that I

can’t use you if you don’t have that

type of love and so then what will just

be you know even the church can’t become

all it’s called to be

because we’ll love each other cuz we

believe the same thing and and worship

the same way all that kind of stuff and

Jesus is saying yeah but what about the

eight thousand people a month that are

coming into Denver arguably the fastest

growing city in the country

many of which are coming from cultures

and lifestyles that that that you may

not even be familiar with agreement or

whatever and you’re not gonna win them

because you are obd you’re not gonna win

them because you have faith will they

encounter love when they encounter you

will they say you know what I may not

agree with everything that they just

said to me but what I cannot deny nor

resist is that infectious essence that

is coming off of them and we’re gonna

get there we gonna get there and we

never arrived we go from glory to glory

and level the level

so I want us to pray let’s stand I’m

gonna pick this up next week because

we’re going deeper their layers of this

and I want to pray for you view here and

you say pastor I want God to teach me

how to love Pass I want to I want to

become loved I want you to meet me here

at this altar if you’re here and you say

man wow that really hit me

there probably are things in my life

behaviors attitudes even addiction let

me tell you something love is so

powerful and we are so desperate for

love that often times we get addicted to

things in search of it and pursuit of it

if you’re here and you want to be home

you that was speaking in you like you

know I want to be I want to be whole I

don’t want to put unrealistic

expectations on my husband or my wife or

my spouse or my friend I want to be

whole within myself I want you to come

willing to pray for you you’re gonna

experience the love of God healing is

gonna come we’re gonna go deeper next

week healing hangs on come

if you hear and you struggle with

forgiving others you know it this mess

is convicted you you thought you were

okay because you know the Bible from

Genesis to Revelation and you’ll be

tense you’re not out there walling

anymore right and you have faith but

this thing convicted you you said Oh God

and if this is what God is prioritizing

this is what the Scriptures prioritize

and I’m really wrestling with it if

you’re hearing you say that’s me and I

want I want breakthrough in this area I

want breakthrough if I don’t get love

right I have nothing I am nothing I want

you to come you can be a pastor in this

church I don’t care I don’t anybody all

that stuff you can be a deacon you can

be nice you can be greeter you can be on

worship team doesn’t matter for this is

not about that this is about a real

experience and a real moment so that we

can truly be all that God has called us

to be

so now we can become loved man I want to

become loved I want to be free enough to

become loved I don’t want to have love

that’s what we say you know in the

neighborhood if we growing up I have

love for you dog I have look I don’t

want to have love for you I want to be

loved I want I don’t want I want to be

the gift


for God so loved the world that He gave

he gave right he gave but what he gave

was not love love is who he was

it’s why he gave I want people family I

want I want to be so whole I want to be

so richly affirmed and God’s love for me

that forgiving somebody else is easy I

mean take that love this is just when I

walk in the room I want people to feel

my love it’s nothing like it it’s the

most liberating thing you can ever


it’s a covering it’s a covering the

revelation of the love of God is a

covering your good because think about

it when you don’t know your love you

always covering your back you are always

watching out looking for people and does

a person have an agenda who cares when

you loved who cares love has got my back

love has got me covered love’s gonna

take care of me love has got me I’m good

it’s a whole different way of living I’m

good then you start expecting better for

yourself from getting into next week you

start expecting differently Wow see some

some in this room right now because you

don’t love yourself the way that you

should even when a word comes to you

about what God’s gonna do for you you

don’t even his hard for you to receive

you you you and your religious self you

receive it oh how to do you bless Jesus

thank you Jesus but but you can’t even

really position yourself for it because

within yourself you got so many regrets

and so many things that are

disqualifying you in the back of your

mind you think that that’s for the

person that never made any mistakes

wrong it’s for you because he loves you


if you’re here and you don’t know god

you came here today and I don’t know how

you got here maybe you can follow us on

social media are you walking by or maybe

you saw the trunk-or-treat you said let

me try this place out but you don’t have

a relationship with God right what’s

crazy in that text and one the text in

first John is it says that that if you

don’t love you don’t know God that means

that there are churches full of people

they don’t know God I thank God not this

church but there are churches for the

people they know religion they know the

Bible or their interpretation thereof

but if they don’t have love you just say

man you can have you can prophesy all

day you got faith all day you can obey

all the endure like I said but if you

have love you don’t know me so I don’t

take anything for granted

so if you’re here and I don’t know how

you got here

but you’re here and you say man I got to

rethink this god thing and I can’t deny

that I’m feeling something I’m feeling

loved right about now and I want to open

my heart up to that love so that that

love is not restricted to an experience

here in the church building but that it

can be the reality of my heart and

you’re here and you’re feeling God

touching you literally physically

touching your heart right now and you

want to open up and receive his love and

experience him and embrace God if that’s

you I want you to come and meet me here

at this altars well I love you it’s God

touching you it’s him touching you

it’s him touching you I want you to have

a personal come on I want you to have a

personal I see you come on come on come

on come on god bless you come on come on

somebody ought to celebrate like like

God is moving and stirring in his house

come on come on come on he loves you he

loves you and so do we and so do we

if you hear when you say I want God in

my life

I want God in my life or maybe you’re

here this is the last point maybe you

hear and you say I know God but I have

just drifted maybe you got hurt in

church and you kind of shut down a

little bit and I understand that I’ve

been there you kind of shut down but

you’re in a place now what God is saying

come home come home I remember I got

really disappointed I lost my my great

grandmother this was years ago and I was

I’m tellin how I was mad at God I was

mad at him because uh you know her

funeral I went to her funeral and at the

time I didn’t really know God like that

and at the funeral they were all

rejoicing and singing happy songs at her


now I’m looking around and I’m like I

just lost my great-grandmother I’m

broken I’m tore up and you guys over

here clapping and singing you know and I

was upset I’ll be honest with you and I

left I was mad at God for almost a whole

year and I remember I was driving on my

way to Vegas full disclosure I was I was

driving on a highway on my way to Vegas

and I was on the 15th freeway you

probably all know nothing about that and

I’m driving and there’s this motorcycle

in front of me and on the motorcycle

there’s a guy and there’s a lady on the

back of the motorcycle and I’m just

driving it’s just a normal day the Sun

is out I’m driving and the lady on the

back of the motorcycle leans and leans

and leans as she falls off of the

motorcycle on the interstate and she is

tumbling and she is falling and she’s

just tumbling and she it’s like a rag

doll she’s just just all over the

highway and I have to swerve to even

keep from running over her and I pulled

my car over and I went back and I ran

back to where she was and she’s on the

ground and and she just was kind of

laying there

and I just said you know ma’am

are you okay and she’s just like you

know she’s coming out of it and you know

and I said can you move your you know

your fingers and different things she

can move her fingers and stuff you know

and again I mean she flipped around like

a rag doll fifteen to twenty times right

don’t like hang in there you’re gonna be


you know and first of all I’m thinking

it is a miracle that she is conscious

and still has the activity of her limbs

right and

and I asked her I said uh I said ma’am

what is your name and she looked at me

and she smiles and she says grace and

something happened that day because in

that moment I’m trying to driving to

Vegas I’m in full rebellion I’m mad at

God because he took my great-grandmother

and then I went to church where I’m

supposed to get encouraged and they’re

shopping about it how did you know I

just I didn’t understand now I do but I

didn’t understand but in that moment it

was a reminder that regardless of what

you experience in life regardless of

your hardship the grace of God is always


he is always good and my life changed

and so the last thing I’m gonna say is

maybe you’re here and you just feel God

saying my grace is sufficient you feel

God calling you back home if that’s you

I want you to come and meet me here at

this alt if that’s you I want to pray

for you maybe you you’ve fallen away or

maybe your heart got hard or maybe

you’ve just you’re kind of you you’re

worshiping God and you’re you’re

experiencing God with your rationing

that out but you’re here and you just

it’s just time for you to dive in god

bless you I see I just want you to come

I see you God bless you I just want you

to come and just meet us here we’re

gonna we’re gonna pray for you and we’re

gonna we’re gonna seal this thing so

you’re not by yourself don’t worry about

who’s look if that’s you I’m telling you

something powerful happens at the altar

come on we ought to celebrate like God

is really changing lot

this room it’s really changing lives in

this room come home come home come home

his grace is here and his grace is

sufficient and he loves you and so do we

and we’re going to get better at loving

you come on honey Heavenly Father we

receive your love in the depths of our

being we receive your love in the parts

of our life that we’re afraid to even

look at we receive your love in our

areas of mistake in our area of

disbelief God we’re asking that you

would change our mind and awaken us to

the consciousness of your love that we

would be so overwhelmed and so consumed

with your love that even when we leave

this place we’re walking differently and

talking differently because we are aware

of your love God I’m asking for your

sons and daughters to be pulled out of

depression and pulled out of despair and

pulled out of insecurity and pulled out

of toxic relationships because your love

has flooded the atmosphere Oh God

God I ask that you would flood their

hearts their minds their soul Oh God

awaken this that we meet nothing from

this world and now our hearts and our

minds are devoted to you we receive your

love over addiction we receive your love

over past mistakes we receive your love

over shame we receive your love over

failure we receive the fact that you

loved us when we were lost we receive

the fact that you loved us when we were

loving somebody else we receive the fact

that you loved us even when we were

hurting ourselves we receive love over

the parts of our lives that we can’t

even forgive ourselves over but because

you love us we can forgive ourselves

because you love us we can’t forgive

others because you love us addiction

can’t hold us because you love us cancer

has to flee because you love us

generational curses are broken that’s

what your love can do so god we exit you

an unleash love into the hearts of every

person represented in this

that you would unleash love Oh God

unleash your pure your perfect love Oh

God unleashing in the spirit realm until

it touches down on earth unleash it over

negative thoughts that harness and

tantas your love I rebuke it right now

in the name of Jesus in the name of love

I rebuke depression in the name of love

I rebuke disappointment in the name of


I rebuke failure in the name of love in

the name of love in the name that is

above all names God you are loved and we

access you would unleash that love into

everything we do and everything we say

and everything we think that your love

would hunt us down and chase us down in

consumer so God that it would break

chains over our life Oh God

but it would break relationships that

don’t look like you let your love have

your way in our life Oh God let your

love have its way in our life let your

love have its way in our life until our

mind is transformed until our heart is

healed until our paths no longer scares

us let your love be unleashed in our

minds in our hearts and our actions

until we can love children again Oh God

until we can love our spouse until we

can love ourselves teach us to love

ourselves so we receive your love Oh God

let it saturate us right now whoa God

let it change the way we deal with other

people let it cause us to forgive let

bitterness no longer be alive because we

received your love let bitterness no

longer be alive because we received your

love may we forgive our fathers because

we received her love may we forgive the

person who left us because we received

her love may we forgive the people who

weren’t there for us because we received

your love let us receive your love until

we become love Oh God change our

identity Oh God I don’t want to be Sarah

anymore I want to be loved I don’t want

to be the person in

neighborhood I wanna be loved I don’t

wanna be who I used to be I want to be

loved Oh God I want to be loved in this

world that needs it I want to be loved

until racism doesn’t exist I want to be

loved Oh God until the prison cells are

free again God I want to be loved I want

to be loved and I can’t do it without

you so I receive your identity I receive

your knowledge of Who I am and I ask

that it would be my new normal and that

any thought of the enemy any plan of the

enemy any plan of depression that would

dare steal this knowledge we rebuke it

right now in the name of Jesus this is

our new normal this is our new normal

God and so let the enemy not come and

steal but she’s placed on in our hearts

instead gotta give it roots and let it

produce free until all those who

encounter us know that we have been

touched by a power much higher than

ourselves and we received that love and

that radical love changed our lives in

Jesus name hey my friend I pray that

that message blessed your life it

blessed me for sure I want to also

encourage you to pick up wholeness

winning in life from the inside out this

book is going to change your life god

bless you I’ll see you next time