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we had a thunderstorm last night and it


finally nice outside supposed to rain

again but I’m sitting outside for a

minute I want to talk to you I want to

kick it with you for a

minute where are you tuning in

from good morning good morning good

morning let me know where you’re logging

in from I am logging in I I will not be

before you long um but I just wanted to

check in with you I have been um oh my

gosh it’s t Tuesday

today is what is today’s date 7

9th is it the

9th what is the date I know it’s Tuesday

8 it’s the 9th it’s the 9th okay which

we are 3 weeks away from power moves

dropping um we saw the eclipse yesterday

I took the girls to school this morning

and I’m just logging on here for a

minute I wanted to talk to you and tell

you some things that are God challenging

me with right now in this season of My

Life um it’s April 9 thank you’all for

telling me I knew it was Tuesday but I

didn’t know that it was April 9th we are

officially 3 weeks away from power moves

and I am being challenged

by I guess a a fragile vulnerability so

um I just want you all to know if you

have a a dream you have a gift you have

a purpose and pursuing it or walking in

it often makes you

feel um sure that you’re being obedient

to what God has given you but also just

uncertain about what the outcome will be

this is this live is for you one I want

to let you know that you are not alone

uh I am constantly seeking God

moving in the direction that I sense God

leading me to but then also like

sometimes second guessing myself like

God are you sure God is this and then

still moving right so I’m not one of

those people who stay stuck over and

over again but I do check in a lot I

check in hey Le leene leene what’s your

name girl leene it’s it’s your birthday

it’s your birthday happy birthday Queen

okay but um I just want you to know that

it is perfectly normal

to check in with God while

moving that saying yes to God now

doesn’t mean that you don’t get to check

in along the process and that you don’t

get to be comforted in the middle of the

process and so I have been leaning into

God the closer that we get to power

moves coming up the more I think the

enemy tries to like you know wage war on

my thoughts in my mind and make me think

X Y and Z but I am leaning into what God

has said and I’m constantly reconnecting

with God to make sure that I am not

relinquishing My outcome or his outcome

rather for someone else’s outcome that I

am bringing the intensity connected with

this message when God gives you a gift I

feel I feel my help coming when God

gives you a gift a message a voice an

anointing if you have a fear of failure

if you have a fear of rejection it can

be very easy to say yes but to not bring


fullness of your creativity your

strategy your intensity because you

don’t want to fail you don’t want to be

rejected you don’t want to be abandoned

but I am coming on this live to let you

know that when God gives you something

that you should throw the same amount of

effort that you want to it as you want

his grace connected to it let me say

that better you want Heaven’s resources

to back you up when you say yes to

something that God has for you you want

Heaven’s resources to back you up but

why would Heaven’s resources back up a

mediocre mediocre moderate version of

your gifts your talents your creativity

like you’re telling God like I’m going

to do this but I’m going to put half my

foot in it just in case I fail but I

want you to put all of Heaven’s

resources behind it and so this is a lie

for someone who is saying yes but it’s a

little half-hearted not half-hearted

because you don’t believe it not

half-hearted because you don’t want it

but it’s halfhearted because you you are

afraid of what will happen if you do not

get the outcome that you anticipate I am

here to let you know that it is not

about pursuing the outcome that you have

in mind it is about aligning with

obedience to what God said it is not

your job to worry about how was is going

to work out how will it be received I’m

talking to myself don’t I’m just letting

you in on what I’m saying to myself my

job is to go Full Throttle in the

direction of my purpose my guess my job

is to go Full Throttle like to put all

of my pedal behind the metal to put all

of my intensity behind it and so um I

want to invite you all to do the same in

the area of your gifts and talents I’m

throwing everything I have at power

moves coming out power moves feel like I

don’t know if you all have ever heard me

preach and sometimes I’ll be preaching

I’m like man God help me like man God I

want to say this the way I hear it in my

head like power moves feels like that

God gave me a revelation about power

that took me 60,000 words to unpack and

now that I’ve unpacked it and I’m like

this I gave you what God put in my

spirit like I know without a shadow of a

doubt I put what God put in my spirit on

those pages but now it’s time for me to

back up what God Said now it’s time for

me to push what God Said in a way that

makes me feel like but what if it

doesn’t make sense and what if they

don’t get it and what if what if what if

what if and so it would be easy to kind

of like pull back and be like you know

what I’mma just like talk about it a

little bit but just in case it doesn’t

work and just in case it’s not good I’m

not going to like push it push should

push it no I bind the devil if God gave

me a revelation I believe that God is

going to take the words of my lips the

meditation of my heart and he’s going to

translate it to the people who need it

the most and it is my job to say God I

didn’t back down just because I got

nervous I didn’t back down I didn’t quit

just because I recognized that the

opportunity comes with exposure the

opportunity requires vulnerability and

God if you’ve put me in a place that

requires vulnerability it requires

exposure it requires me to be outside of

my comfort zone I’m not going to try and

cover myself with leaves while I’m out

here like if I’m out here I’m going be

out here so um it is outside season I

don’t know who needed to hear that but

baby we talking about summer bodies and

I’m talking about your destiny it is

outside season and I want to invite you

to join me outside I have to tell you

we’re 3 weeks from book launching and

usually most of the time like we have

launch teams playing like weeks in

advance but I just feel like I’m in this

season where I want to throw everything

at it and so if you are watching this

and you want to help me spread the word

about power moves you want to help me go

Full Throttle in the direction of this

message God has giving me I am asking

you to download the woman evolve app and

help me there’s a launch Team you’re

going to get a notification about the

launch team in the next couple of days I

want to ask you to help me throw

everything I have and don’t have at the

release of this book you may be

wondering like why why is it important

power move m is important to me because

I discovered as I was moving from being

a a broken woman Bound By The Power of

Shame Bound By The Power of fear Bound

By The Power of insecurity that God’s

love was real that God’s um identity for

my life was real and I started leaning

into that and soon enough that greater

is he that is in me began rising up and

then after that like I found out that I

blogged and when I blogged people felt

like they were closer to God and when I

preached people felt drawn closer to God

and I’m like so this power has moved

throughout my life and I want the same

thing for other people God’s given me

this message and I’m asking you to help

me put it out there um as a woman who

Parts herself on Independence Parts

herself on being single uh not single

like cuz man lock down but you know um

Prides herself on just like it took me a

long time to come to a place where I

could admit that like I needed help and

I needed support in my Intimate

Relationships it is difficult for me to

be um asking strangers who to to help me

do something that God has given me but

I’m asking you to help me I I will tell

you that I am not a taker look at me

like we really go together like I’m not

a taker people send me DMS all the time

about like wanting to send me free stuff

and I go to their websites and I buy it

myself because I believe in sewing in

other people’s dreams I recognize that

with like the influencing platform

people want to send me stuff but as much

as I can when people DM me like I’m

going to go and support what God is

doing in your life I’ve tried to share

messages and do books and all of these

things so I just want you to know that

like I am asking you to help me support

what God is doing in my life through

this book power moves um to just

intercede with me and pray for me that

God would translate this message for the

people who need it the most um but I

need you um I am a younger uh woman

black woman author in a world where they

say black people don’t always read or

the faith messages are not important and

I believe in what God gave me the odds

are a little bit against me um even with

media you know they don’t always like

the you know they don’t always like the

Christian girls on Media or they you can

come on but you can’t talk about God and

you know I don’t want to shrink who I am

for anyone and so I I’m in a little bit

of an uphill battle but I trust God um

if you oh if you guys download the woman

evolve app you can join me on the launch

Team we send out a notific a about how

you can be a part you will get a digital

format of the book and you’ll be

connected to other women who are on a

journey of discovering how power moves

in their world um and like just some of

the things are that work you know we’re

going to ask you to like share the book

and to share what’s blessing you and so

um I am a girl um evolving and sharing

what God has given me you guys can

obviously if you aren’t able to join the

launch Team Maybe maybe you aren’t in a

position where um you can help I get it

baby we got a lot of things to do um but

if you can down if you can pre-order the

book that would bless me as well and so

I’m just asking for your support as uh

we get this book out into the world you

can can you upload the link to the woman

evolve app is available like in the

Google Play Store um and like the App

Store I don’t think I can put the link

right here but if you download the woman

evolve just search the woman evolve app

there’s woman evolve TV and then there’s

woman evolve and if you haven’t been on

the woman evolve app you’re going to be

like not y’all had a whole social media

going over here and we didn’t know about

it there it’s a community of women who

are coming together to evolve um and oh

yes okay B yes color your bundles I’m

really okay help me to stay focused but

I really enjoying the the little hint of

color that’s happening in my life in

this season so uh yeah I am grateful for

you please download the app I would love

to have you be a part of helping me

launch this book into the world and um

yeah thank you it’s outside season if

you didn’t hear anything else like maybe

you can’t do the app maybe you’re not

able to get the book right now uh just

know that it’s outside season it’s time

part of the reason why I wanted to write

this book so the book is broken up into

sections and I think I talked last week

about like power moving in you and like

you taking your power back from shame

Tak taking your power back from trauma

taking your power back from anxiety but

I think if I go live again I want to try

and go live again this week uh the

second part of this book is about power

moving through you and it really centers

around this reality that so many of us

like we’ve read the books we’ve heard

the sermons but we don’t know how to

take this transformation that exists

within us and introduce it into our

world and so I want to talk about power

moving through you and that will be uh

the next of what happens in the book and

then power moving for you when we talk

about partnering with god um for those

of you just joining I want to be clear

that outside season is not outside

outside season it’s outside season you

know what I mean so like if you heard

outside season you like hey that’s wrong

outside season when I say outseason it

ought to make outside season it ought to

make your voice tremble a little bit it

ought to make you nervous and you know

what I mean outside season is when the

gift of God that’s on the inside of you

must come outside of you it’s got to

meet those friends it’s got to change

your Environ it’s got to put the content

out of there it’s got to write the book

it’s got to sing the song If I say

outside season you were like hey you

missed it you missed it

rewind I’ll save the life you missed it

cuz this outside season ought to make

you tremble it ought to make you second

guess it ought to make you want to go

cry a little bit it ought to make you

nervous okay um so let’s be clear cuz

some of y’all’s outside and our outside

is different outsides you know what I’m

saying like the weather report is giv


outsides are we on the same page I hope

so um I’m going to say a prayer though

for those of you who are in the right

outside season some of yall need to go

inside so you can be outside you know

what I mean but for those of us who’ve

been inside long enough that we’ve

earned the opportunity to be outside and

by earned it I mean like we ready to say

yes to what God says I’m going to say a

prayer to y’all I’m going to pray I’m

going to say a prayer for the people who

need to go inside and the people who

need to come outside and I just want you

to catch whatever stray is for you okay

catch whatever stray is for you oh holy

spirit even as I Feel This

breeze I thank you God for just being

all of who you are and still Desiring to

partner with us thank you God for not

giving up on us thank you God for

always seeing what you placed inside of

us even when when we see what happened

to us holy spirit we just lay out our

hearts before you and we say change us

transform us challenge us that you would

help us to remember that we are more

than just people having a physical

experience but we are a Divine

priesthood with a mandate to bring

Heaven to Earth God I pray for every

person who’s got Heaven inside of them

waiting to be released Heaven inside of

them waiting to be uncovered from the

shame and the trauma the pain the hurt

the pride and the ego as I thank you God

that as we unearth the heaven that is

inside of us that you will give us

wisdom courage

strategy on how we release this little

bit of Heaven inside of us what a

privilege it is to even hold a pieace of

Heaven within us may we make our

communities better our world better may

we use our influence to bring you the

glory and so God I thank you for it

being Glory season and I thank you for

the Sons and Daughters of God releasing

the glory that you have placed inside of

them in every capacity may it pour out

of their words may it pour out of their

heart may it pour into their

relationships and their finances May

glory be so undeniable that it takes

their breath away how you think of them

how you see them what wisdom is

available to them when glory is what

they pursue by Glory we mean the

manifestation of your presence on Earth

may we stand in Wonder at all the ways

that your glory shows up in this season

in Jesus name I


amen glory

season so be

outside remember what I told you if I

say be outside and you and you you felt

a little your shoulder sh me wrong

outside you talking about being

outside vulnerable open and ready to say

yes to all the God says I love you I’m

going to save this life

live I’ll repost it I’ll put it on my um

I’ll put it on my YouTube and then I’ll

post a clip from it but I love you all

and if you please help me launch power

moves download the woman evolve app and

help me to launch this book into the

world it is my time to be outside uh

releasing this piece of heaven that God

placed on the inside of me with the

revelation of power moves and I need

your help to get it done so please

download the woman evolve at and be a

part of helping me launch this book in

the world um it’s hard for me to say it

because I’m still in therapy but I need

you I can’t do this without you um and

if God has for some reason connected you

to my life my anointing my sermons my

messages um this is an opportunity for

you to

just I guess give to pour back into me

this is an opportunity for you to pour

back into to me so okay thank you bye