I am

waiting for people to join


hey hey

how are you I’m doing good baby I’m good

how are you I’m doing all right this

makes me I don’t know if this is I feel

nervous I don’t know how I feel about

this yeah yeah hey nerves are normal

it’s all good why what do you what do

you feel the nerves about like well I

have not gone I have you know I posted

about Sunday but I haven’t really spoken

about it since everything happened and

you know I think in the grand scheme of

things it’s not that big of a deal but

it was definitely you know

a vulnerable moment Post Sunday service

and so I don’t know I just wanted to get

on and kind of process about Sunday and

the response

and what I think you know happened in

that moment

yeah I I uh I do I think it actually was

a big deal

uh not in a big deal in the sense of

what people might think you know some

sort of uh

you know hair malfunction that’s that’s

not a big deal at all uh but I think

what is a big deal

is what God did and honestly what I

believe that he was beginning to do


to really change things and create a new

normal and I think that that’s

I would love for us to talk about that

because for for God to interrupt our

regular scheduled programming in the way

that God did

it’s bigger than what we think and I

think that we have to be good stewards

over really aiming to

um pack the power of what happened what

y’all think

my my you know I have been I think

mostly blown away like I think in the

moment I’m like I didn’t have the choice

like I wasn’t going to keep pulling on

it over and over again and I I knew that

what I was saying in the moment was more

important like it just it really did not

matter to me

um and I knew that like I was opening

myself up for you know people making fun

of me and it become like a meme and then

going everywhere and people you know

seeing me differently I don’t think that

I anticipated when I you know took the

wizard off and kept on preaching that it

was going to help as many people as it

did like it seems even crazy you want to

talk about God using the foolish things

of the world like the idea that someone

taking their wig off while preaching

ended up becoming something that helped

people was like not in my calculations

at all like I calculated you’re going to

be made fun of I calculated that like

it’s going to be a thing and people are

going to have a judgment and you know

maybe they don’t think you were clouding

like I was prepared for all of those

things but I was not prepared for this

idea that it was going to help people

and that people were going to feel free

and liberated and that it was going to

take the message to another level like I

thought you know I don’t want this to

take away from the message because God

really gave me a message that I felt was

worthy of everyone hearing and I’m like

Lord I just don’t want this to be a

distraction from what you have me doing

and to think that it was just like on

another level like I know that was just

a guy

yeah there is

preaching a message

and then there is becoming a message

you you you you can’t necessarily

impart what you preach

but you can impart what you become I

can’t my my children represent who I am

and I feel like

what you did

gave God


and opportunity to do what God wanted to

do because God had a message that was

beyond your message

and you know we were talking and like


yes it helped people absolutely yes that

three people absolutely yes they

demonstrated courage Under Fire and

tenacity and grit like ain’t nobody’s

business yet it demonstrated selfish


but I really feel like

an idol was confronted

and and I felt like an image in Idol a

stronghold there was a showdown between

you and an idol and a stronghold that

holds so many people down men and women

and in whatever form this Idol expresses

itself in I feel like there was a

showdown you didn’t know it you just got

thrown in the ring with the idol and

I’ll tell you what I think the idol was

the idol was the idol of

manufactured Beauty it was the I don’t

know maybe two I think it was two giants

in the ring manufactured Beauty one but

then also the idol of perfectionism like

it has to be perfect in order for me to

be presentable and accept and and what

does that look like in people’s lives

like it’s an idol it’s an idol to feel

like I’m not me if I have a malfunction

if I have a wardrobe malfunction or a

hair malfunction or whatever


broke an image you broke an idol

and and so it it caused me to begin to

think about like wait what does this

mean for the culture like like what does

this mean for the world like we really

have to because God doesn’t do nothing

small for God to interrupt that service

step in to take that service

which is the literally the biggest

church the biggest Sunday morning

service in the world arguably you know

uh you know 90 000 people watching live

you know I think that video itself now

is probably marching close to a million

views probably 700 000 views or whatever

why did God not do that I I think that

an idol that an image was taken down

what do you think

yeah I think I think that there’s a

level of



that took place in that moment that I

didn’t anticipate it’s not what I was

preaching about but I think it’s what

God destined and I think that there is a

need I want to say for women right I

don’t I can’t speak for the male

experience but I think for women I think

that we do feel like

in order for us to be seen as powerful

in order for us to sing as someone who

was taken seriously there is a certain

way that we need to present ourselves

there’s a certain way that we need to

speak there’s a certain way that we need

to deliver even body image we need to be

we need to look away a certain way our

clothes need to fit a certain way in

order for us to be taken seriously we

have to be the total package and I think

for me what I have had to learn this is

not something that I have always been

lately had is that like the total

package isn’t about a perfect pass the

total package isn’t about having the

pedigree and the right degrees the total

package is about your heart posture

towards God and how God is able to

partner with you in the earth and I like

getting dressed up like there I have

always liked it since I was a little

girl like I like getting dressed up I

like you know showing up as the best

version of myself and having fun while

doing it but at the end of the day I

have worked to really really hard to

undo the idea that my work is connected

to my body my family my you know

platform like I really like who I am I

really do I like her and if my back is

against the wall and all I got is me I

believe that what God can do in that

moment is more powerful than anything

that I can put orange and so me showing

up as myself did it require

vulnerability for sure

um did I have a vulnerability hangover

afterwards as I was being tagged and

pictures of me and my wig cap for sure

but like when I go back to myself in

that moment I’m like I don’t I don’t

care like I don’t care about that like

this is me

and God has really given me something to

say that has nothing to do with what I

have on so like whether I have it on

whether my hair is done whether I’m just

to the nines or not like if God gives me

something to say I’m going to release it

in the moment and it may be funny to

somebody and then maybe the laugh of a

lifetime for someone else but let me

tell you one thing for sure is I know

that it’s come from God and I’m going to

release it in the earth and so

um yeah I think it gave people

permission to really be liberated from

the idea of putting on to be perfect

instead of resting in their authenticity

and believing that that’s enough

when I think about

your life

and I think about

your calling

and God God truly has called you to be a

champion treat me like a champion in the

earth when you think about you know

um one of the reasons why David was so

beloved you know was because he was a

champion you know Goliath was taunting

Israel and David was like who are you

you uncircumcised real estate he had

this courage and this boldness and I

think that that you represent you know

especially for women but I think for

some men too I think that you represent


people want to be but don’t know how to

be you know we we got memes all day long

you know and you know you know believe

it’s not about what you wear or it’s not

about how you you know my value is and

all that kind of stuff but who really

walks in it like who really you know and

not that it is wrong for anybody to

struggle with with walking in that and

standing in that but but but back to you

I feel like

God has chosen you to be a champion to

show people how to win to show people

how to be bold and and courageous uh I

mean there were women taking off their

wigs I mean if I was there I probably

would have ripped my skirt

I don’t know I would have done something

but you like you you you inspired watch


the word encourage encourage to put

courage in

and I think that you have an anointing

and it’s just really you being who you

are that literally puts courage in

people because if we can break fear uh

you know someone’s I would imagine you

share this with me I’m unqualified to

talk about what a woman’s what a woman’s

greatest fear may or may not be I’ll

admit that but from conversations that

we’ve had one of a woman’s fear woman

who wears a wig would be in a public

speaking moment or a very you know on

stage wearing a Grammy whatever some

high profile moment and their wig go off

where you face that giant

straight up you know which means that

for some people that’s not their

greatest fear anymore because they saw

you do it you walk into it you stand up

to it and you survived and not only

survive but honestly that thrived as a

result of it and so uh

I just I’m thankful for the gift that

you are I’m thankful that you are bold

and courageous because and you know you

know how I feel about about the woman

and her role in these end times like

we’ve got to get our sisters our women

our mothers our daughters our

grandmothers activated and we can’t be

activated if we’re if we’re fearful if

we don’t believe in ourselves we don’t

believe in our worth and our values so

it just makes your role in the Kingdom

unprecedented don’t don’t get me don’t

get me going we’ll have to wait for

women involved for the word that God has

given to me for y’all women it’s it’s


should make me make me want to give me


in fact one of your wig that’s how we

should have started this you should have

had your cap on and I should have had

your wig on

the planet like I whatever want everyone

to know too that like I just you know

you know take my shoes off while

preaching I do not plan on the wig

coming off becoming a thing so like

that’s everything that every week I hope

everyone see is the moment I hope you

save it and save or it because I do not

desire to have that become a part of the

demonstration of the home give us a

little bit come on baby give us a little

bit right now give us a little forward

we’re good

we’re good

no I’m proud of you baby I’m so proud uh

shout out to Sherry Shepard I think that

she did a beautiful job

um covering it uh using it look at that

so Sherry Stepford was blessed by it

and she used her platform to liberate

other people she took it off like this

thing that’s what I’m getting at it it

has a ripple effect it wasn’t just a

moment and Chardonnay we texted about it

last night it wasn’t just a moment it’s

a movement and it’s not a movement to

snatch a wig off it’s bigger than that

it’s it’s a movement

of radical self-acceptance radical

self-acceptance and being delivered


this mandatory it has to look like this

it has to be like this it always has to

be like that there’s a Deliverance

taking place because it’s a freaking

distraction yes look good yes look

amazing yes spend time on that but

sometimes we’re spending so much time on

that and then thinking and meditating on

that we can’t even walk fully in our

calling we can’t even use that that

Creative Energy and that creative uh

ability that cognitive power to create

something powerful in the earth baby I’m

telling you you started something and

the world is going to be better as a

result of it

yeah I mean I didn’t got started

something I didn’t know

um I wouldn’t because I wanted it’s all

him it’s all him I would not have chosen

it but

um you know I think the opportunity to

demonstrate what it looks like to be the

real deal what it means like to really

understand what what priorities matter

the most in a moment like that is

something that I’m I’m grateful to be a

part of but

um you know babe I was thinking that


I walked around that church like 13 and

pregnant like I got divorced and came

back to that church and walked around

after having gone to CPS to defend the

right to keep my kids like I have

experienced things that really shape

your belief and self

um your belief in God’s ability to use

you and your ability to be confident

like my confidence has been attacked

since I was a kid uh with like with real

stuff and um

I worked hard to trust what God says

about me like I worked hard to really

believe that I was fearfully and

wonderfully made in spite of what

decisions I made I worked hard to

believe that no weapon forming his new

Prosper like those aren’t just things

that I say like I worked hard to believe

in God for those things and to trust God


my wig falling off if that’s the worst

thing that ever happened to me in my

entire life then my life would be easy

but I’ve been in some stuff like I’ve

been in some real shaky to your core

sitting in the corner nobody wants to

hear from you you’re nasty you a hoe

like you you can’t do nothing for nobody

you don’t have anything to say like I

worked hard to to reclaim my identity

and God I worked hard for that and for

my back to be against the wall and the

things that a wig was going to keep me

from owning what I preach about from

owning the work that I’ve done like to

think that that was going to be the

thing that broke me like that’s crazy

like do you know how my stuff tried to

really break me like for real like blow

your brains out break you and then think

that it was going to come down to a wig

like no sir absolutely not absolutely

not and I want women

to take seriously what they have

overcome not in a way that makes them

feel ashamed not in a way that makes

them feel less than but in a way that

makes them realize that if God has kept

you and God has preserved you then maybe

just maybe God really believes in what’s


as it relates to you taking everything

that the enemy meant for evil and seeing

that God meant it for good like maybe

he’s serious about

it and maybe that’s why you have been

preserved and maybe that’s why you’ve

been protected and so if you can look at

what you’ve gone through and said I

survived hey limping for sure wounded

scarred bruised absolutely but I’m still

here and if I’m still here

maybe I should take myself seriously too

maybe I shouldn’t see myself as

superficial maybe I shouldn’t see myself

as so fragile that I can’t show up in

the very light that I have been ordained

to live like I believe that I am called

to preach this gospel for a generation

that felt unheard and unseen I believe

I’m called to preach this gospel and I

take that thing seriously and I it

shouldn’t be me there should be other

people more qualified other people more

eloquent other people who get it better

than I do but this is what God is using

and I’m committed to not letting God

down or choosing myself over him

you’re so humble

I’m not what

what no you are you so you’re so humble

I wish you could see you the way I see

you foreign

but I wish uh

it is at the very minimum what you just


at the very minimum and maybe it’s good

maybe God hides

the fullness of who a person is from

that person to keep them in a humble

place but you’re more than a preacher

you you are God’s Revolution

you are God’s Revolution

to bring about

the the full expression of God’s image

uh without the woman being we’ve seen

the power and the glory of the man you

know you know Hallelujah and we thank

God for the men you know but we haven’t

seen the full glory and the full power

of the woman of God we’ve seen the full

power and the Flash wouldn’t say full

but we’ve seen we have a healthy


uh representation

of the the man of God but the woman of

God we haven’t seen her fully yet and so

you’re more than a preacher you you

you’re an activator God has anointed you

to be an activator of what I believe is

one of the final pushes of the spirit

and that is to bring the woman into her

rightful place


I mean rightful place in the kingdom and

and so it is going to be hard and the

government’s going to throw everything

at you but what can the devil do

would someone who will take everything

he throws

and throw it right back through him and

cause it to be

you know you talk about lemon and

lemonade but what what what what what

can the devil do to a person who will

take whatever he throws and sling him

right back at him and keep on going

you’re forced baby and I’m proud of you

and I’m I’m praying for you and I think

that I mean you look at these comments

in here you know what I mean like it’s

it’s true so you know you can I’m not

gonna just let you be a preacher you

know you we thank God for every preacher

uh but I’m not covering just the

preacher I’m covering a movement and uh

and I’m proud of you and you keep

um you keep showing up you keep showing

up all right you keep standing up to

whatever is throwing your way and uh and

I’m a fool with you the Long Way forever

yeah you really don’t have a choice

because I’m crazy

because you’re crazy

record it show it in court officer and

show it in court you crazy

I don’t know I just um

I want women to trust what they have on

the inside

and um


navigation crazy they crazy everybody’s

crazy I know I already told them

something happened to me they already

need to know that you it ain’t no love

for you after I’m gone

thank you they already know


but I do want to thank everybody who I

see y’all

I’ve read a lot of the comments I’ve

screenshot a lot of them definitely had

that vulnerability hangover where I

opened my mentions and just saw me in

the wig hat and was like ah really what

just happened but then I just remembered

who I was in the moment was like forget

it Let It Go but

um so many testimonies so many people

who were touched and blessed by that

moment which it just sounds crazy to me

that God used that moment and is using

that moment the way that he’s used it

but I’m grateful for your love your

support for those of you throwing wigs

off with me

leaving comments and two

as you go into your lives

um trust what you carry trust what you

carry and and if you can dress it up

dress it up but if you’re not able to

dress it up and all you got is what you

hear trust that it’s enough more than

enough someone said I took my wig off

and tagged you in it Sherry Shepherd

thank you

thank you thank you thank you for using

your platform to show solidarity and

what was a really vulnerable moment I’m

potentially embarrassing if I did not

have the Revelation that I had about it


um I appreciate The Sisterhood that has

been activated it does make me excited

about when we evolve because you know

I’m I’m a suffer from when women come

together and decide to not be defined by

who they’ve been or what they have but

rather what’s inside of them so I’m

excited about that but I do want to

thank you guys fighting for me in the

comments and going off on folks and

pointing people back to the message so a

lot of people went on the message and

was like I couldn’t see that wig slip

and now I’m crying can’t see that

Whistler but God is speaking to speak

into yourself

um I’m grateful if this proves nothing

else at all I will just say this and

then and I’m out of here


I will say this


the very statement that like God is

using the fact that I took my wig off

to help free

hundreds of thousands of people is a

testament to what God can do with

something that doesn’t seem important

and if you’re watching this and you have

an idea you have a gift you have a

talent you have a call and it just

doesn’t seem important



trust what God can do with it trust what

can happen as you lean into it and as

you lean into it just know that God

whatever God’s Gonna Do With It guys

want to be responsible for the results

you’re just responsible for the

obedience and


and I love you and that’s it

all right