Service Date: 01.06.19 11AM

I want to jump right in this word I want

to jump right into this word family so

good to be with you wasn’t worship

amazing can we just take a moment and

celebrate our incredible worship teams

my God my God my God I want to draw your

attention to John chapter 15 and we’re

gonna look at the first five verses in

John 15 and then we are going to go over

to the longest chapter in the Bible what

is that come on somebody

psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the

Bible and we’re gonna read psalm 119

verse 71 so John 15 one through five

hallelujah and then psalm 119 71

hallelujah it says and this is Jesus

speaking he says I am The True Vine and

my father is the vine dresser every

branch in me that does not bear fruit he

takes away and every branch that bears

fruit he prunes that it may bear more

fruit every branch in me that does not

bear fruit he takes away and every

branch that bears fruit he prunes that

it might bear more fruit we’ll get back

to that he goes on to say you are

already clean because of the word which

I have spoken to you abide in me and I

in you as the branch cannot bear fruit

of itself unless it abides in the vine

neither can you unless you abide in me

he says I am the vine you are the

branches he who abides in me and I in

him bears much fruit for without me you

can do nothing for without me you can do

nothing and will jump over there psalm

119 verse 71 it is good for me that I

have been afflicted that I might learn

statutes let’s pray father we thank you

so much for your word it is a lamp to

our feet and a light to our path your

word edifies us it strengthens us it

builds us up

your word is nourishment you sent your

word and healed it healed us there’s

healing in your word even right now and

so God I thank you that as we look to

you and look to this message that you

would pour about pour upon me the spirit

of wisdom revelation insight knowledge

prophecy and every divine resource that

has been committed to this moment

because you care about your people you

want to bless them you want to feed them

you know the plans you have for them

plans to prosper them and not to harm

them to give them a future and a hope

and so God since your word is designed

to prosper us prosper your people today

in Jesus name Amen amen hallelujah

please be seated less we’re going to get

right into this if you were here on New

Year’s Eve or you made yourself you

availed yourself to the New Year’s Eve

message I declared that that 2019 would

be the year of perspective

come on somebody a perspective and how

you see things how how what your point

of view is how and and based on how you

see and based on your perspective how

you navigate and and so what I want to

bring to you for the next several weeks

is a series under the banner of

perspective we’re gonna be talking about

it because I believe that your

perspective this year is gonna make you

or break you I believe that that for

some of you there have been things that

God has been speaking to you for a long

time but it has not translated in such a

way that it has become your perspective

God he’s been talking to you and God’s

Word to you is his perspective but

sometimes it takes time for God’s

perspective to become your perspective

are you tracking with me and I want to

touch on that today and I’m gonna deal

with that today but the the theme of

today under the banner of the

perspective series is pruned to prosper

pruned to prosper pruned to prosper and

so I think this year what God’s gonna do

is for some of you all of the things

that God has been speaking to you not

just in 2018 but four years for some of

you you are going to be empowered

because you’re gonna master your ability

to walk in the perspective that dip that

God has been aiming to convince you of

for a long time I’m saying again God’s

been talking to you and for some of you

it clicked this year I am who God says I

am I’m gonna do but God says that I can

do and all the things all the promises

and all of the the the benefits that

that God has been speaking over your

life you’re going to begin to embrace

them as truth because as a man thinks

so is he it does not say the truth shall

set you free the Bible says you shall

know the truth and then the truth can

set you free in other words a lack of

perspective can keep you from freedom it

is not that God has not done it it is

not that God has not delivered you it is

not that God has not gone ahead of you

and major crooked path straight it has

absolutely nothing to do with that the

issues sometimes is shall you not know

it i just quoted isaiah behold i do a

new thing right there is a declaration

he says Isaiah 49 18 I believe he says

behold I do a new thing that is

perspective but then he warns us with

the question he says shall you not know

it shall you not perceive it and

oftentimes perspective is the byproduct

of hindsight can I take my time and

teach today

sometimes CC in the text these two

passages of scripture these two passages

represent three levels of perspective

the first level of perspective is man’s

initial perspective about a challenge

we’ll get to that man’s final

perspective about the same challenge in

other words how you see now may be

different than how you see later o you

stay with me I won’t get you today man’s

initial perspective about a challenge

man’s final perspective about that same

challenge and God’s steadfast

perspective about the challenge the

whole time so oftentimes what happens is

perspective is acquired by the

revelation that comes from hindsight

just turn to a verse a high insight

you’ve heard it said that hindsight is

2020 2020 is about perspective

so sometimes perspective shows up

so you are late to the party that God

started there are three types of sites

and maybe I’ll give you a bonus one the

first type of site is site it’s the site

that Paul talks about when he says we

walk by faith and not by sight the first

type of site is man’s perspective you

gotta understand this I’m trying to

teach you to understand your eyes the

three types of sight the first type of

site is just sight his man’s perspective

it’s based on what he sees what he

thinks his or her experiences and that

creates sight and so that is the lowest

level of perspective the second type of

perspective is is foresight foresight is

God’s perspective God knows the in in

the beginning he sees the in at the

beginning so he can speak something to

you when there is nothing around you

that represents its existence can I talk

to you about perspective for sight God

has foresight before I formed you in

your mother’s womb I knew you

so he has foresight that’s why we trust

what he says we don’t trust what we see

we don’t walk by sight we walk by faith

we we in fact I’m a little afraid of

relying on sight

Oh God because nowadays you don’t even

really know what you look at that can we

keep it 100

we’ve got filters that will do just

about anything you will become a

completely different individual by the

filter I can’t trust sight for sight is

a fill the Holy Spirit and lay I hope

you’re listening foresight is what God

gives you every time God speaks to you

he’s speaking to you from a place of


and what happens is we try to regulate

or predicate rather the validity of what

God said by sight

so we way for site by site and you can’t

way for site by site because for site is

greater than site for site is factoring

in things that you weren’t around when

God started them are you tracking with

three types of site and a bonus we have

site that’s man’s perspective for site

that’s God’s perspective and then high

site and hindsight is man’s perspective

catching up to God that’s why hindsight

is twenty-twenty you’re like oh oh now I

get it

well now you’re getting what God already

knew are you tracking with me so it is

dangerous to live by sight because that

is the lowest level of perspective and

the people that live by sight will never

fully walk out what God has for them

because what God wants to do is he wants

to use you to manifest what he foreknew

oh you don’t get it today so here’s the

bonus the bonus one is insight insight

is when you are crazy enough to believe

that even though you don’t see it you

trust God’s foresight you allow it to be

inside it becomes inspiration and it

moves you toward what God has for you do

I have anybody with some insight in here

come on somebody you don’t see it yet

but there’s something on the inside of

you that is letting you know that it is

it exists you’re taking God’s four sides

and you’re making it your insight I feel

God I feel God so you’re gonna have to

live in this year in the season in this

dimension with insight God what you have

spoken to me

has now become my insight that I keep

inside of me and no matter what I will

not be shaken from my inside I will not

let sight keep me from divine insight

you gotta make up your mind right now I

feel the Holy Ghost you gotta make up

your mind in this room right now the

things that God has spoken to you are

now you’re inside you I don’t care what

it looks like I don’t care what’s

lacking I don’t care how difficult that

thing is God if you said it to me

it is my insight it is my inspiration

it is my anointing and I’m gonna stand

flat-footed until I see my inside on the

outside are you tracking with me your

inside will become your outside if you

maintain perspective do me a favor if

you are a son or a daughter of insight

take ten seconds and give God praise and

declare to the enemy declare to the

devil I’m a son I’m a daughter of

insight you can’t shake me with sight

anymore I’ve got inside God has been

speaking to me and you know what he told

me no weapon formed against me yet

I got inside come on high-five somebody

Los Angeles say I got inside come on I

got inside I got I got inside I got

inside I got inside I got inside yeah

yeah yeah that’s one of the advantages

of being a believer I’m not stuck with


I’ve got excise CICA CICA denied but

there’s nothing around shut up I see

something I see something and it’s

motivating me I see something and it’s

moving me I see something and I can’t

shake it loose I see something I’ve got

joy when I should be sad I say something

I see something

I see something where my people to see

something uh I see something uh I can’t

shake this thing it just it doesn’t make


I’m not qualified but I but I say


Paul said that the eyes of your

understanding will be enlightened the

eyes of your understanding

he didn’t say these eyes you gotta learn

how to switch when doubt comes in that

means that you went back to sight

you went back to sight its sight will

kill you when doubt comes in you got a

real Oh I switched when fear comes in

oh I switched oh oh wait wait wait and

you gotta go get in the presence of God

and you gotta go and get your journal

and you gotta go listen to the CD you

gotta go listen to the audio you gotta

go back to the podcast you gotta go back

to YouTube because I gotta get my inside


20:19 is gonna be a year perspective

hallelujah and then when you get your

insight back you gotta fight every devil

that stands against it you gotta fight

for it lock hold to it some of you yo

you’re disciplines are gonna have to

change because your former rhythm did

not support insight or feel the Holy

Ghost your former rhythm cannot sustain

insight so you’ve got to reorder

how about mush you got to reorganize

your life so that everything around you

is speaking to insight and that site

III there’s some things I can’t watch

anymore because I noticed that when I

watch this my anxiety comes back can I

talk to some real people in here I

noticed that when I don’t listen to

enough music that sparks my faith I

start drifting and and I start hanging

out with sight people I feel the Holy

Ghost you gotta find your tribe I’m

talking about people that can see in the

invisible realm people that God has

given four sides and inside you gotta

put people around you that speak to your

baby every time you get around them your

baby starts

believe me so so you’ve got to reorder

your universe to stimulate insight or

fill the Holy Spirit just a year

perspective and you gonna have to fight

for it inside it’s not cheap it’s not

site is cheap everybody can do what you

got on or it’s a good air you can do

because they’re things I gotta move on

but but their thing

in the invisible realm that God knows

are there robbers shot things like

healings things like miracles things

like provision things like financial

breakthroughs things like open doors

things like new relationships things

like restored relationship things like

children getting say things like parents

getting say

businesses calling their in the unseen

and you need insight in order to see

right and sometimes insight comes to you

as a result of hindsight and that’s

that’s that’s what I want to talk about

a little bit at the end of last year if

I might continue to be transparent at

the end of last year I came to

understand the concept of prune to

prosper unlike at any other time in my

life I was afflicted can I keep it 100

with you I was afflicted and I didn’t

understand why I was prospering and the

things about things were going well I

was serving God

I was fruitful

I had insight I have vision and then all

of a sudden I was thrust into a season

of pain Oh God confusing

I’m fruitful I’m walking in integrity

I’m serving the houses of God I’m sowing

generously well beyond my tithes I’m um

I gave a car away last year a nice car

hmm I did

things that I’d never done before I was

in alignment and then all of a sudden I

don’t know where I’m at and I’m not just

talking about the arm the arm was the

final straw all these things started

going haywire and it affected me in all

kind of ways I’m like God what is this

Lord if I have sinned before you will

you please show me so I can get that

stuff up out of me but there was no

revelation of sin what is this you have

to be careful when you judge people

because sometimes we get that job spirit

on us well the reason why this is

happening let me tell you the reason you

wouldn’t be going through this if there

wasn’t some some little tricky thing in

your life somewhere watch out for jobs

friend because they don’t know what

they’re talking about Joe didn’t even

have sin God was getting ready to take

him to a level that was beyond where he

was that he could not get to without the

fire so I’m perplexed when la I’m

perplexed I don’t get it I don’t

understand I’m looking for sin I cannot

find it and I’m thrust in this season of

pain and what I learned in hindsight

is that what I what was happened to me

is I was being pruned to prosper peers

was tricky let’s go back to the text

real quick I want to show you something

that’s a little tricky in the text Jesus

says I am The True Vine John 15 I’m The

True Vine my father is a vine dresser

now watch this every branch in me that

does not bear fruit he takes away he

takes away he takes away that makes

sense if you’re in me

and you’re not bearing fruit you should

be taking away I get that okay

but if you keep reading it’s a little

tricky because he says and every Brett

branch that bears fruit he prunes wait

wait wait

when I do what I’m not supposed to do I

lose I lose something something is taken

away so what that must mean is that when

I do what I’m supposed to do bear fruit

then I should be increased it should be

the opposite

I get if I don’t bear fruit take me I

got that but when I bear fruit I go

through a process that also has an

element of removal and if I’m not

careful the enemy to my soul will accuse

me and make me think this is happening

to me because there’s something wrong

with me but maybe just maybe for once in

your life there’s nothing wrong with you

finally there’s something right with you

and this is the reason for the season

figure that out up to hindsight oh god

help me

oh god help me hindsight is amazing

God is getting ready to bring some of

you to hindsight he’s getting ready

bring some of you to hindsight guess

what that means that means you’re about

to get through it I declare right now in

the name of Jesus from Colorado to

California your season of pruning is

getting ready to try up God is getting

ready to make sense of

everything you have to go through I feel

it you get ready to come out of that

York season if you believe that if that

is a word from you do me a favor stand

up and praise God just receive that new

perspective he’s getting ready to try up

the Red Sea on your behalf and you’re

getting ready to walk over that thing

and you’re gonna look back in hindsight

and say God was with me the whole time

if that’s you do me a favor give him

something like this

you’re coming to you getting ready to

come in a hindsight I feel it do me a

favor high-five somebody say I’m getting

ready to come on the hind side I’m I’m

getting ready to come on the hi oh god

I’m getting ready to come on the hind

side my insight is getting ready to

produce by hindsight and in hindsight

I’m gonna say like David it was gone

that I was afflicted can’t we talk about

it a little further let’s talk about a

little more Jesus is teaching us here in

John 15 he’s teaching us right here in

the parable these three layers if you

would have identity that helped to give

us perspective I’m gonna try to say this

the way I see it he says the father is

the vine dresser that is the overseer

that is the the one who tends to the

vineyard Jesus says I’m divine the vine

represents the truth he says in fact I’m

the true vine the vine is the power the

divine is the source as the source is

the source and then he says you and I us

we were the branches we are extensions

of the truth we’re extensions of the


we’re extensions of the source now to

translate this into your everyday life

and I wanted to try to make it really

relatable to you and you’re walking in

your life those three breakdowns would

be like this of course the father is the

overseer he’s the one who knows you for

knows for new you has plans to prosper

you and not to harm you to give you a

future and a hope he puts you in the

vineyard Oh hallelujah

isn’t it good to know that God placed

you right where you are that you are

right God wants you to be Oh hallelujah

so he’s the overseer Jesus here is is

our purest identity I’m going somewhere

Jesus represents our heart divine power

and Jesus here represents our core now

as it relates to us the branches our

branches we all have branches our

branches are the extension of our lives

from our core I’m gonna break it down

this can be our success our

relationships our possessions our money

our persona our image okay let me talk

to you here’s what I learned

so God sat me down for six weeks I have

never ever in my life even thought about

the possibility of stopping for six


that is just prior to six weeks ago

seven weeks ago that was a sinful

thought to stop so God literally like he

did Jacob reached in touched my inner


and force me to stop I could not fly I

could not get up it was fine I came home

from surgery so I had surgery on the

Wednesday before Thanksgiving I came

home from surgery and I was still kind

of hyped up on the anesthesia or

whatever and you know I should have you

know got out the car gone in the house

and went up to the room and went to

sleep but I’m up there greeting

everybody how y’all doing everybody

doing good praise the Lord huh you feel

all right and my wife is mad at me

because I’m walking I’m walking around

the house I should be in bed they just

cut my arm open it I just got butchered

and I’m walking around trying to do

stuff or whatever until that anesthesia

wore off I said Oh Lord and the pain hit

and and and it was just it was horrible

my my arm swelled up and my energy was

diminished that my strength was

diminished and all that I could do was

go carry myself and get into bed and

then I would try to do some stuff I

would try to do some things and I

couldn’t do it

God had shut me down and I didn’t

understand why until I understood why I

had to accept the pruning even though I

didn’t know what it was I had to to

trust that I belonged to God I had to

trust that I was his I had to trust that

my life was not my own I had to trust

that I was the clay he is the Potter and

I had to trust him with this process so

I swallowed my pride and I laid my tail

down i delegated responsibilities that

my staff and employees various people

and that was it don’t call me I’m not


i’ma sit here and I’m gonna deal with

this and I’m gonna figure out whatever

it is that God is trying to show me and

I’m shut down and it was the most

uncomfortable thing until about

into it a week into it something

happened and what happened was God

revealed to me that I was not living

from my core okay you got to get this I

wasn’t living for my core because when I

had to stop in fact not when I when

everything was stripped from me I

couldn’t work I couldn’t do business

I couldn’t travel I couldn’t preach I

couldn’t do all these things that fill

my life up I was reduced down to me see

see there’s some people under the sound

of my voice right now and you don’t even

know you you haven’t been with you in a

long time and when I say you I’m not

talking about the ideal you I’m not even

talking about the you that you think you

are I’m talking about the you that you

truly are I’m talking about you at your

core your core in that season and in

that process where I later found out

that God was pruning me not because I

was unfruitful

but because I was fruitful he was

pruning me because what happens is watch

this when you start bearing fruit when

you start bearing fruit out of your core

because there is a part of the

sustenance of the vine in the fruit you

mistakenly think that you’re living and

governing from your core but you’re

really living and governing from your

branch oh you gonna catch this today you

gonna catch this I got down to my core

for me my core is based on two things

loving God with all of my heart minds

and strength my best friend and feeding

God’s people before there were mega

churches and ministries and travel and

book deals and businesses and all these

sort of things and social media and and

all the the trappings of the anointing

before there was any of that at my core

there were only two desires to be where

you are and to feed your people and

nothing else

and so that righteous core produced

fruit it produce ministries it produce

businesses it produced book deals it

produced favor it produced influences

influence but none of those things are

the core and it is tricky because the

core produce those things which means

that there is some core in those things

but the branch cannot bear fruit of

itself it has to be plugged into the

core full-time are you tracking with me

and the reality of it is it is hard to

know when you’re not living out of your

core you don’t live from your branch I

care about your ministry God has done

press cuz you’ve got a name he’s got a

name which is above every name to every

knee asked about you he doesn’t he’s not

impressed by that even if you have a

name as a result of his name he cares

nothing about that preachers trying to

make a name for themselves drive me

crazy it’s not about you it never was

about you and never will be about

you and the moment it is about you he

will block you from your place because

it was never about you it was always

about him let the money come it’s still

not about you

let the businesses come is still not

about you let the planes and jets and

all those things come is still ain’t

about you they not worse than a broken

person that wants to be a preacher

having a need to be affirmed the gospel

the call of God is not meant to affirm

you that salvation not the call the call

is not meant to make you feel good about

yourself and the moment that you need

that you live it in a branch and you

ain’t no power you wonder why don’t have

any power I’m saying the right words but

there’s no glory and what I’m saying

because it was never about you I want to

raise up some people and I’m just taking

a turn right now I don’t know who this

is for but I want to raise up some

people who are not trying to make a name

for themselves all you want to do is

make Jesus famous are you tracking with

me if I’m up praise God if I’m down

praise God if you know my name praise

God if I preach praise God

if I never preach praise God I will go

to Costco and tell somebody about Jesus

I want to raise up a generation of sons

and daughters that are not looking to

make nobody famous but Jesus if that’s

you do me a favor come on La stand up if

your willingness ain’t it ain’t about me

God has been so good to me I wanna make

everything about him come on let’s

celebrate Jesus the one who saved us the

one who raised us

that’s the one God will use that’s the

one God will use I feel the Lord that’s

the what he will use the one that wants

to hang out in the back the one that

doesn’t want to be seen the one that has

trepidation even about being safe that

is the one he’s looking for somebody I

feel the Holy Ghost LA Denver God’s

looking he’s looking for somebody that

nobody’s look at Hannah I feel the Holy

Ghost God you’re here you’re at the Los

Angeles campus and you ain’t even in the

front you’re in the back you’re in the

back you don’t have a title you don’t

come from a line of Ministers I feel the

Lord you don’t come from a lot of

ministers of bishops and preachers you

don’t come from none of that but you got

a pure heart

you got a pure heart you say God I just

want to love you

I just want to serve you I just want to

be with you if I get a great social

media following fine if you prostrate

where I can make a lot of money with

book deals all that kind of stuff fine

if you prosper me that’s all wonderful

but if I had to choose between that and

you take all that stuff because I know

from whence my help comes from I had to

get back to my core it wasn’t that I was

doing anything wrong it’s just the fruit

grows closest to the trunk

anybody knows a vineyard anybody

understands how that works

the fruit in a vineyard grows the most

as it is close to the front trunk

they’re still fruit out there but is

less it’s smaller and there’s a lot of

foilage and what happens is we walk with

God for a little while we start bearing

fruit and we start living off of the

fruit and join the fruit and next thing

you know we’re living out of the foilage

where there is no power to reproduce and

because we don’t have the sensitivity to

know when that has happened

God says approve

I’m approving you

approach this thing kind of took a

different turn there’s some of you in it

right now and I want to change your

perspective you’re not you you’re


Phyllis you’re discontent with where you

are and I hit God saying you need to get

back to grateful you need to get back to

grateful you like God when are you gonna

do this God when are you gonna do that

and you’ve become and I want to make

desire I’m not beating up on you but I

want to say this you become almost like

a spoiled brat with all due respect a

spoiled brat God when is this gonna

happen and I bet if you look at this

it’s all carnal stuff it’s not spiritual

at all and I’ve learned that when you

get back to the core see everything that

God has built through me and God I’m I’m

so blessed man is it doesn’t make sense

it doesn’t it doesn’t even make sense to

me but I got blessed like that and he

didn’t even finish with me a god bless

like that by having two things at the

center of my core my desire to be close

to God above anything and anybody you

track it with me and defeat his people

that’s how I got here I want to be close

to you and I want to feed your people

that’s where I started and that’s what’s

up underneath this and so a foolish

person look at the success it is what it

is by the grace of God praise the Lord I

don’t apologize for it look at the

success watch this and what you are

admiring is the wrong thing you’re

admiring the fruit not the vine that not

only produced that fruit but will

produce more fruit are you tracking I

didn’t planned to do it like this but

the Holy Spirit has kind of arrests at

this moment

there was some shouting that I wanted to

do at the end you know like every

preacher does saves all the shouting to

the end I don’t care about I said the

stuff this whatever we still might shout

I don’t know in hindsight what I was

able to say family is that it was good

that I was afflicted and some of you who

may be experiencing a moment that you

wish would pass when it passed and it

will pass you’re gonna look back over it

and you’re gonna say if I had to do it

all over again to get back this sign me

up tomorrow are you tracking with me

hindsight it was good that I’ve been

afflicted that I might learn your

statues what that says that word that

was translated learn is better

translated learned in such a way that

I’m able to teach a more accurate

translation that word is teach that I

might teach your statues but I

understand the notion of learning your

through the affliction I learn something

that has convinced me so powerfully

experientially that I can teach it and I

can bring people out I want to pray for

you if you’re here here

and I won’t have you come down you don’t

have to come forward less you just want

to I’m gonna pray for you right where

you are

but if you want to come forward you can

come forward la say me I’m gonna pray

for you right where you are but if you

want to come to the altar come forward

and have my staff there or my prayer

people to come at the front the altar la

see you if you hear and you say I think

I’ve moved away from my core and there’s

something you said today that connected

it this prayer is for you if you’re here

and you say man I’ve been tormented by

sight and I need to get my insight back

until my hind sight shows up I want to

pray for you as well you’re welcome to

come or you can just stand while you I’m

gonna pray for you if you hear and you

say I need to recommit my life to my

first love your first love wasn’t money

or success or fame or social media

following I want your first love you

didn’t get into this for that you got

into this because God loved you so much

that he threw out a lifeline how are you

tracking with me he threw out a lifeline

to you what you thought rescue was

hopeless you caught that lifeline he

pulled you in and you said Jesus you are

so wonderful and what you’ve done for me

you’ve done so wonderfully that I just

want to serve you

kidding back to grateful there is an

anointing waiting for you in the land

called grateful there is a bless a love

Makka pakka there’s a blessing there’s

break through this favor there’s open

doors waiting for you in the land of

grateful now I pray for you father we

thank you so much we thank you for this


Jesus you’re here you said it right

there in your word you are the vine and

we’re the branches you said if we abide

in you we’re gonna bear fruit you said

without you we can do nothing but then

you threw a little caveat in there you

said that even when I do bear fruit you


not to be mean but you proved so that we

could bear more fruit

so the pruning which to use the right

terminology and the gardening since the

cutback is for the come up the cutback

is for the come up god I have been miss

processing your cutting back I have been

miss processing your pruning and today

through insight I receive the good news

the good narrative about my season and

that good narrative is that in the

process of time I will move from sight

to insight and then in just a little

while I will be in the land of hindsight

and from that place I will declare

boldly it was good it was good

it was rough but it was good it was hard

but it was good I cried a lot but it was

good I had some sleepless nights but it

was good people walked away from me but

it was good I lost a bunch of things but

it was good it was God that I was

afflicted because I learned something

that I could only learn through it

repeat after me Heavenly Father I thank

you for your love I feel it Heavenly

Father I thank you for your word I

receive it I thank you for Jesus thank

you for making him who had no sin all of

my sin all of my pain all of my weakness

all of my shortcomings you placed in his

body nailed it to the cross and put it

to death I just as he was raised up

after he was afflicted I am raised up to

I’m bigger than my situation

I’m more than my process and my insight

will soon be my hindsight in Jesus name

Amen amen god bless you come on let us

take a few minutes

come on let’s celebrate Jesus come on