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God bless You all


I’ll be speaking from the subject the

ground is shifting the ground is

shifting come on somebody did you see

that is shifted right now when you came

up and got prayer it shifted when you

walked into the room it shifted when you

decided that I’m gonna make my way I

don’t care how many people are there I

don’t care how much traffic I have to go

through the ground shifted when you

broke off that relationship the ground

shifted you thought you were just doing

what she was supposed to do but she was

shifting the ground so that breakthrough

could happen the ground the ground is

shifting so I’m speaking out of Exodus 3

verse 4 and it says so when the Lord saw

that he turned aside to look this is

Moses having an encounter with the angel

of the Lord and he is walking the Sheep

and he turns and he sees a burning bush

and my text says so when the Lord saw

that he turned aside to look God called

to him from the midst of the bush and

said Moses Moses and he said Here I am

then he said do not draw near this place

take your sandals off your feet for the

place where you stand is holy ground

moreover he said I am the God of your

father the God of Abraham the god of

Isaac and the God of Jacob and Moses hid

his face for he was afraid to look upon

God and the Lord said I have surely seen

the oppression of my people who are in

Egypt and have heard their cry because

of their taskmasters for I know their

sorrows so I have come down to deliver

them out of the hand of the Egyptians

and to bring them up from that land to a

good and large land to a land flowing

with milk and honey to the place of the


the Hittites in the Emirates and the

presence and the HID lights and the

jebusites now therefore behold the cry

of the children of Israel has come to me

and I have also seen the oppression with

the Egyptians who which the Egyptians

oppress them come now therefore and I

will send you to Pharaoh that you may

bring my people the children of Israel

out of Egypt but Moses said to God Who

am I Who am I that I should go to

Pharaoh and that I should bring the

children of Israel out of Egypt so he

said I will certainly be with you and

this shall be assigned to you that I

have sent you when you have brought the

people out of Egypt you shall serve God

on this mountain on this mountain the

same mountain where you felt unqualified

the same mountain where I interrupted

your rhythm and gave you a word from God

it is on this mountain that I am going

to prove my word to you spirit of the

Living God invade this place if you

don’t do it God it cannot be done but if

you do what strongholds could come down

and chains could be broken if you do it

you can change Hollywood to holy ground

you can change LaBrea to holy ground

you could change Martin Luther King

junior Boulevard to holy ground that’s

the kind of God that we serve because

when you step into a room it

automatically becomes holy so god I am

giving you full reign

let there be nothing off limits that you

may move in this place and send a word

that changes the lives of your people so

god I ask that you would give me wisdom

that she would give me clarity that I

would have no nerves no fear no anxiety

that you would just do that thing that

you do when you sit in a room so that

lives can be changed for the glory of


in Jesus name Amen amen so one of my

favorite things to do from time to time

when it’s like partly cloudy outside is

to stand still in one spot and look up

and when you look up when it’s partly

cloudy you can see that it looks like

the sky is moving but those of us who

understand geology recognize that it’s

not actually the sky that is moving it’s

the earth that is moving it is the

ground that is moving but yet the only

time we realize that the ground is

moving is when we look up because our

lives are in rhythm and in motion in

such a way that we don’t always realize

that the ground underneath us is

shifting and yet this is a part of life

everything is constantly moving I

remember playing a game as a kid we play

freeze and if you could be completely

still like a statue you would win the

prize and the truth is we were all lying

because we were all moving even though

we were trying to be still because it is

just the natural way that our bodies

function that we’re always moving our

muscles are always moving our eyes are

twitching everything is always in

circulation and so we have a

responsibility as we navigate this earth

not just physically but to recognize

spiritually when things are shifting to

recognize in business when things are

shifting there are people who study

finance every single day and one small

change and the stock market represents a

major shift that is taking place because

we recognize that everything is

connected to something and so as I was

studying and asking God what is it that

you would like for me to say tonight

because lord knows if you don’t give me

anything to say we won’t sit appearing

to look at each other

so I asked out what is it that you want

me to say and he told me that the ground

is shifting again that um got a that the

area that we have become familiar

walking in is shifting and that

everything is going to look the same but

it’s really not the same because the

ground has shifted and I think it’s

important that we know that because

there’s a certain perspective that we

have when we recognize that the ground

is shifting I mean like the tables are

turning I mean like our mindsets are

shifting I try to break this down for

you have you ever realized that the

ground has shifted like after the fact

it’s like when you’re talking to someone

who you used to be friends with so close

to and they haven’t changed but for some

reason you’re not able to connect the

way that you used to because because

you’re standing in something different

now the ground has shifted I’m just

standing in something differently the

same music doesn’t move me anymore I

don’t get excited about certain things

anymore because the ground has shifted

I’m standing and something different it

takes a little bit more to move me than

it did before

I’m not the same person that I used to

be it’s not you it’s me the ground has

shifted underneath me I just gave

somebody the words they’ve been looking

for to cut some things off I could tell

that something was different I just

didn’t know how to express it the ground

is shifting my priorities have changed

my dreams have changed my attention is

focused on something different it’s not

you it’s me it’s just the ground is

shifted I’m trying to build something

that cannot be shaken when everything

else is being shaken and it takes a

certain level of dedication and

commitment in order for me to do that

it’s not you it’s

the ground has just shifted from

underneath me I’m counting my money

differently I’m dreaming my dream

differently it’s not you it’s me

we used to vibe when I was standing on a

certain ground but now that the ground

has shifted underneath me what makes the

ground shift a word makes the ground

shift when I received a word that

penetrates past my insecurities and past

my fears it shifts the ground that I’m

standing on the ground could shift right

here in this room and you’ll walk out of

this place a totally different person

and everything will be the same same car

same shoes same life but a different me

because the ground has shifted I see

opportunity where I once saw let I see

open doors where I once saw closed doors

I see God making a way out of no way so

sometimes I need to pray that God you

will do nothing but just shift the

ground around me that it would go from

being that which I am familiar with to

holy ground I need to shift this ground

into holy ground and this part in our

text is so interesting to me because

we’ve got Moses who was literally about

to go from standing in what is familiar

to him into holy ground

I really think Moses is one of the most

interesting characters in the Bible he

was born in a time where all of the

Hebrew males were supposed to have been

thrown into the river what I love about

that is that he was thrown into the

river but the ground shifted a little

bit differently when he was thrown into

the river because he had someone who had

enough foresight to build a raft I’m

going to still throw you in the river

but I’m gonna do it with the hedge of

protection around you so that it looks

like I put you in danger but in reality

I taught you how to navigate danger


and so he’s found though by an Egyptian

so you guys know the story y’all saw the

Prince of Egypt 20 years ago like I did

I mean you read your word every single

day I got confused but we’ve got this

Hebrew baby who was thrown into a basket

in the river and then he’s picked up by

the very people the very group that was

looking to persecute him and I really

love Moses story because time after time

we see him being a stranger in familiar

territory and so if I may just set up

this text to give you context about

where he is I want to share that at this

time he has been living in Midian for

about 40 years why did he move to Midian

from Egypt I’m glad you asked well

because one day and this is where my

Ebonics version of the Bible comes

together because it’s gonna be a little

raggedy but I’m gonna get us there all

right okay so our boy Moses was born a

Hebrew right but he grew up in Pharaoh’s

household but he knew he was Hebrew well

one day he’s walking around Egypt and he

sees that two Hebrews are having an

argument they beefing all right that’s

what was happening okay and so when he

sees that these two Hebrews are having

an argument he tries to interject like

hey yo what’s up like let’s all get

along like I’m one of you you’re one of

me and like we supposed to be doing

better than this and they was like oh so

now you want to be one of us let me back

up on all for you before you kill me

like you killed the Egyptian last week

and Moses was like well y’all heard

about that was it on the same room

phonics stick with me I’m going to bless



and so when he realizes that it is not a

secret anymore that he killed this

Egyptian and he killed this Egyptian

because because he saw the Egyptian

beating on a Hebrew now this is very

interesting because there was something

about him witnessing the Egyptian

beating on the Hebrew that brought up

anger down on the inside of him and we

have these moments in our life where we

cannot fully be Hebrew and we cannot

fully be Egyptian and when we try to

pick a side we don’t really know what

side were on until I thrust us into

something I gotta break that down

because it is this juxtaposition of him

being Hebrew and Egyptian that he hasn’t

quite dealt with that ends up sending

him fleeing out of the place where he

was raised and it is also the

juxtaposition of him being Hebrew and

Egyptian that God uses to call him back

to the place where he once fled because

all of us are not entirely one thing and

we don’t know exactly which one we are

until we’re placed in a situation where

the greatest version of us has to rise

up and handle it and depending on which

version rises up that determines what

God has to deal with down on the inside

of us at I’m um I’m gonna work this

thing on out with child

so Moses pleased because he is

conflicted within because sometimes it

is easier to run from a situation than

it is to figure out why we are

conflicted and it would be so easy to

penalize him from running away from that

situation but the reality is that we

cannot always figure out who we are

authentically in the environments that

produced us so you think you came here

for a gig or you think you went

somewhere to go off to school when in

reality God sent you there so that you

can figure out who you are in your core

I thought I’ll share my own testimony I

thought that I was coming to Los Angeles

because I fell in love with an

incredible men and his beautiful

children and I did but I also came to

Los Angeles because I was going to sit

under this ministry and this ministry

was going to awaken a gift that was down

on the inside of me you have to

understand that I haven’t even been

preaching for five years but God put me

in this ministry and when I started

really feeding and digesting what I was

receiving from this ministry I grew and

developed in such a way that I could be

a teacher and a student at the same time

you see because God will accelerate what

he places down on the inside of you so I

think we should just celebrate one more

time that 18 years ago on this day

that God answered a call from a man

named Terry Roberts and that at birth

greatness done on the inside of us

because every time Hale gets nervous

when people come into this building and

it started 18 years ago because one man

said yes and if I could just preach this

life’s real quick I wonder what you were

setting up today that 18 years later

from now we’ll have an inheritance that

eyes haven’t seen and ears haven’t heard



just real quick just real quick they

saying even in my notes but pastor to

Ray birthda ministry before Millennials

were even in church and leaving the

church but God started him 18 years

before the Millennials would leave the

church so that he could stand guard as

they were leaving to say wait a minute I

got a way to translate God in a way that

you can understand I got a way that you

can know God without politics and

without scandals and all of these other

things I found a way I wonder what God

is doing in you right now that the world

hasn’t even taken notice of

I hear that saying the ground is

shifting baby that you don’t even see it

yet but you look back 18 years from now

and though wow I thought I was just

getting it for myself but I was getting

it for people who are connected to me





if you’ve never been to activate Islay

we make room for God to do whatever he’s

gonna do on a Thursday night and

sometimes we let him just sit in the

room for a little bit so that he can

chase out fears and chase at

insecurities and chase out

second-guessing because the ground is

going to shift whether you move or don’t

move but if you were dead and move with

the cadence of what God is doing in the

earth then you can partner with him and

get ahead of the curve and get ahead of

the breakdown and get ahead of the

recession and when everyone else is

afraid I am confident because I

recognize that the ground had to shift

to make room for me to taking my place

you see my lane couldn’t be created

unless the ground started shifting God

created a cry in Egypt that were coming

out of the people then he the Hebrew

people at the same time that Moses was

somewhere minding his business I got to

say that the way I studied it God

produced the cry before he produced the

solution which means that when we see

the headlines all we see is a cry but

what God is doing is producing the cry

so that when the ground begins to shift

that there will be a solution already

being raised up so the more that the

earth starts crying the more that God’s

people starts getting in position

because we recognize that when the earth

is crying out for the glory of God that

it’s really crying out for his sons and

daughters to take their position and I

came here

first they might I only need ten minutes

with you to say what God has already

told me and I hear God saying it’s time

for you to take your position it’s time

for you to stop pretending like you

don’t got what you got because when you

know what you got and you know who gave

it to you you can walk down to the very

place where you fled and say that I am

that I am Sydney

the word

that word is that strongholds are coming


generational curses are

that word is that the

that’s got it – yeah

abuse of power will not be tolerant


because the ground is shifting here and

is shifting in our direction and it’s

going to take us recognizing that we’re

standing in a holy moment and you won’t

even realize that it is a holy moment if

we’re so busy taking in social media and

headlines that we’ll just scroll our

finger at the government shutdown and

think Oh Lord what is this world coming

to not recognizing that the ground is

shifting this is a this is a holy moment

and God is looking to raise up some

people who don’t mind answering the hard

calls the kind of calls that means you

have to go into places where you once

fled and look foolish and you have to go

back to reintroduce yourself armed and

equipped with the knowledge of who God

has called you to be the ground is

shifting the ground is shifting and I

hear God saying it’s holy ground and

what keeps so many of us from

recognizing the power of the holy ground

we’ve been standing on I feel this

prophetically for somebody you’ve been

standing on holy ground the only problem

is you haven’t yet taking your shoes off

you see God told Moses you have to take

your shoes off you have to take off

every piece of dust and dirt that

brought you into this moment it was

symbolic that when you step into a holy

moment you can’t step into it the way

you’ve stepped to everything else

so I gotta be willing to take my shoes

off what does that mean that means that

there are experiences that have made you

believe that if I step into this I may

lose like I lost last time if I step

into this I may be made fun of like I

was before I can’t step into this the

way that God has calling me to because

it risked too much vulnerability it

risked me being my authentic self you

see Moses had found a way to live

authentically in Midian he wasn’t

worried about whether he was Hebrew or

Egyptian he could just be himself but

the true test of authenticity is not

what you can do when you are isolated

the true test of authenticity is will

you still be authentic when you have to

go and present yourself to where you

used to be so do we only worship and

live for God when we’re in this

environment but then when we leave we’re

someone else who are you really if the

ground is shifting then you have to

recognize that you can shift the ground

but you cannot shift the ground if you

are pretending to be someone you are not

you can only shift the ground when you

do it armed and equipped with the

knowledge of who God has called you to

be because it’s going to take the same

power that allowed a bush to burn and

not be consumed for you to go into that

boardroom for you to go into that

relationship for you to go into that

business and maintain who you are so the

ground had two ships Moses had to go

from walking in a familiar land into

holy ground because God was ultimately

going to ask Moses to go somewhere and

shift the ground there and I love this

because the burning bush got his

attention but it is when the burning

bush started calling his name that he


turn and look and he had to engage with

what would have been considered

dangerous but because it was calling his

name that was his fire there is a fire

burning and it is calling your name and

it has been calling your name for a very

long time it says right there music it

says take the job it says you can do

that make the move it says that you can

do it get the help that you need there’s

this burning bush that has been calling

your name for so long and until you

respond and begin to engage with that I

mean it’s been burning for years I don’t

know who that is this isn’t just no new

fire this Bush has been burning down on

the inside of you since you were a

little boy and it’s been telling you

that you can do it and it’s been telling

you that God is going to send you but

you have not yet turned and looked at

that burning bush and Moses simply said

Here I am I hear you calling me I hear

you asking about me

I hear you telling me that I’m supposed

to step into this thing but so many of

us are like Moses and were afraid and we

say Who am I that you would send me to

failure Who am I that you would send me

to deliver these people Who am I that

you would send me into this city Who am

I Who am I Who am I and God never

answers the question he just says that

I’m going to be with you because it was

never about who you were it was about

who God is and as long as you make this

thing about you

you’ll have countless questions about

why you can’t do it I feel the glory of

God in this place I feel like what

shifts the ground is when we recognize

that we got to look up and not down I’ve

been making this thing about me I’ve

been making this thing about my

relationships I’ve been trying to figure

out how I can calculate this miracle how

I can formulate this movie how I’m going

to be able to put it together with what

with what I’ve been working with and I

hear God saying this thing was never

about you I want to break the spirit of

you out of this room I feel it like it’s

heavy in this thing like you get in your

own head and start talking yourself out

of the very thing that God called you to

do and I want to break the spirit of you

out of this room the spirit of what you

say you can do this video way you think

is possible I want to break the limits

off of what God can do in your life I

want you to remove some of the barriers

off of what God says you can do yes you

I’ve been talking to you with the drug

addiction I’ve been talking to you with

the broken home I’ve been talking to you

from foster care I’ve been talking to

you over and over and over again

I know who you are I know where you’ve

come from I know what you had and what

you didn’t have and I still chose you

nobody can do this thing like you nobody

can bring deliverance like you nobody

they call to me




I’m just trying to see who got put in

this room no more running no more

coaching your fears on how to talk to

you no more giving someone else the

power to stop you no more longing for

distractions it’s time to step into holy

ground it’s time to step into another

level of surrender it’s time to actually

activate what God has placed down on the

inside of you and God doesn’t tell Moses

that hey listen if you’re going to do

this you gotta have faith I wondered I

wonder time after time again I said God

like you know Abraham was the father of

faith and David had so much courage and

you used this guy Moses who didn’t even

want to be used who didn’t even think

that it was possible why did you use him

and I feel like part of the reason why

God chose Moses is because Moses didn’t

mind bringing his fears along for the

journey that Moses didn’t think that he

had to have it together in a certain way

before he could step into it but he said

I don’t feel qualified and I don’t know

why you’re gonna choose me but God I’m

gonna go anyway and the more that he

walked the more room he gave God to show

up and the whole people of the Hebrews

the Israel the children of Israel were

placed on his shoulders the shoulders of

someone who didn’t feel like they had it

together but they knew without a shadow

of a doubt that they had a word from God

I want to offer us an opportunity to

recognize and receive that the ground

has shifted in our life I want to dare

you to see your life with a new level of

consecration to take what you do each

and every day so seriously that you have

no choice but to take off your shoes and

say god I cannot afford to walk into

this day carrying the residue of

yesterday but God if you were created me

a clean heart that if you would purify

my hands if you would allow me to become

what you had in mind as I step into this

day I will recognize that every

situation every opportunity every

relationship is holy ground and it is

holy ground because you are with me and

if you are with me anywhere we step is

holy anything we connect with has got to

be holy and that takes intentionality to

say I’m not just in Hollywood I’m not

just in Minnesota I’m not just in

Atlanta I am standing on holy ground

this is not the kind of decision that my

bank account can tell me what I can do

this is not the kind of decision that a

job can tell me whether or not I can

handle this is the type of situation

that only holy ground can dictate and

trying to build a life on holy ground

and if you know that one of the only

things that has kept you from really

stepping into holy ground are the

experiences of yesterday that you carry

with you into each new opportunity until

you literally self-sabotage a blessing

that what God wanted to give you freely

door after door after door they don’t

just close in my face I just do

something that I know I shouldn’t have

done but because I didn’t see myself

worthy and because I didn’t see myself

able to finish I decided to back out

before I could mess it up but because

I’m stepping in the holy ground I

recognized that this is going to stretch

me and this is going to stretch my faith

and this is going to stretch my identity

and this is going to stretch everything

I ever thought I knew about myself but

I’m really ready to be stretched because

staying the same size has not been

working for me and if there is anybody

in this room who has decided that it’s

time for me to answer to this stretching

season I want to give you 10 seconds to

send up a praise to God so that he knows

that someone

has just made them part holy ground I’ve

just made my mind holy ground I’ve just

made that job holy ground

I got a forgive i got a release i gotta

let go because i’m making room for a

holy ground i used to have all kinds of

ground but now i only have room for a

holy ground there’s a there’s a battle i

gotta fight i can’t do it from where i’m

standing if you’re here and you just

want to receive some prayer on how to

take your shoes off you don’t have a

question about where the holy ground is

you just don’t know how to break the

rhythm you see God broke Moses’s rhythm

in order to create this burning bush and

we have to know because he was hurting

the flock that Moses had taken this path

before he was very familiar with this

wilderness but there was something about

him being familiar with this wilderness

that could have made him believe that he

wasn’t standing on holy ground I’m just

standing where I’ve always been but he

had to be willing to have the right

perspective and to see it properly that

God if you have brought me into this

place that looks familiar but there’s

something here that is out of place

there’s a burning bush that keeps

chasing me down no matter where I go

then that means the only thing that I

have to do is learn how to take my shoes

off and step into what this moment

represents and if you are constantly

haunted and taunted by the ideas of what

if and I want to but if I do and it

doesn’t work then I’m leaving something

good in order to settle for something

unknown but yet when you close your eyes

and when you have a long time you know

without a shadow of a doubt that this

thing has been burning and no matter

what it cannot be

I’d like you to meet us here at this



I want you to step into holy ground I

want you to step into it step into it

step into it the ground is shifting

underneath me there’s nothing more

beautiful than an altar call because we

leave where we are standing and step

into the next dimension of who God has

called us to be we respond to what God

has done in a room what he’s done in an

atmosphere it was Moses’s response that

released God’s direction when the bush

was burning God could have easily told

him this is what I want you to do but

first he called him and then Moses

responded when Moses responded it gave

God permission to release the direction

and God has been waiting for you to

respond and not just respond with your

lip service but to respond with the

heart posture to respond with a real

shift that says I recognize what this

moment is God is serious about you he

has not preserved you for nothing he did

not keep you alive and keep you in your

right mind when everyone else was going

crazy for no reason at all he has

preserved you for a purpose and it

wasn’t so that you could get comfortable

and live a life that you enjoy it was so

that he could raise you up into a

deliverer you’re a deliverer you are a

deliverer there is a people assigned to

you there are so many people in need of

a touch and it doesn’t matter how many

followers the next person has

those followers are assigned to their

destiny what you need to be worried

about are where the followers are that

are assigned to your destiny and we

can’t figure out who that is until you

start following after your destiny you

see sometimes we get it mixed up and we

want followers but we don’t have a

destiny so I don’t even know where I’m

leaving you to go but when you mess

around and surrender to God he says now

I can reveal to you what your destiny is

and now I can give you the influence

required for you to break open the doors

that are needed for you to be the

deliverer you’ve been called to be and

so we’re going to build some big people

not just pastor and I we we are going to

build some big people we our sound team

our musicians are security our media

team we’re not just here because we want

to create an environment we’re here

because we want to build big people and

we’ll do whatever is necessary to create

an environment so that big people can be

built I wonder how you’re going to build

big people in fashion how you’re going

to build big people in the entertainment

industry how you’re gonna build big

people and music build big people and

nonprofits why god did you send me

because I needed someone who was a

builder I knew someone who wanted

so the Hebrew and Egyptian who can speak

Ebonics and then turn on their AT&T boys

like hello how may I help you today

I needed someone who understood of both



there are some people only you can meet

can we just lift a hand or both hands as

if we’re saying to God Here I am Here I

am Here I am God it’s me it’s me it’s me

Lord I’m standing in the need of prayer

God is me the old folks used to say not

my brother not my sister but it’s me Oh

Lord I’m not coming on behalf of my

friends I know how to pray for my

friends better than I know how to pray

for myself sometimes but this time it’s

me God if I can just be selfish for just

a minute and say God I need you God I

want you God I hear you calling me like

never before and I’m finally ready to

say Here I am God you are the father of

Abraham Isaac and Jacob God you are the

Almighty you are excellent above you

there is no other i exalt your name in

this place god you know our in from our

beginning you caused all things to work

together for our good god you’ve been a

hedge of protection when bullets were

flying you’ve been a hedge of protection

when daddy’s were leaving you’ve been a

hedge of protection when we were in

universities you’ve been a hedge of

protection when we were drunk and high

out of our mind it was you all along and

god I finally recognized that through it

all you saw me through it all you

ordained me you sanctified me you

anointed me O God you set me apart I

recognized that my life is not random

nor was it a coincidence God

have set these your sons and daughters

apart for such a time as this

God in this year of 2019 I want to speak

prophetically over the people who you

have given my husband and I to Shepherd

through the wilderness and I want to

speak prophetically o God that every

dream that you place down on the inside

of them not only have you preserved it

but you will accelerate it that as we

step into this here I am moment that the

ground is shifting up underneath us

right now spirit of the Living God

unleash your glory in this place

wherever there’s a burning heart God let

there be met with glory let it be met

with a greater and launching go God I

want to speak to principalities and

powers that have been chasing after them

since they were little children I rebuke

you in the name of Jesus I rebuke you in

the name

above all names I speak the blood of

Jesus off for their lives I speak that

wonder-working resurrect erasing

resurrection raising power of Jesus over

their lives spirit of the Living God

fall fresh in this place we need a fresh

fire Oh God

we need a fresh perspective on who you

are creativity of our minds fresh

strength as we walk into X God if you

cannot do it it cannot be done but God

is specializing they are possible so

that we ask for your wonder working

miracle working power to fall down on

this place

and when your glory false let it drown

out every fear and when your glory Falls

let it drown out every whisper and when

your glory Falls let it roll out every

insecurity God let your glory fall until

we step into our mix with confidence let

your glory fall until we recognize that

we never had it had to have it all

together we just had to be willing to

move when you said move give us strength

God to move away from who we were away

from the way we used to think and into

the vision that you were set before us

repeat after me Heavenly Father Here I

am I’m not running I’m not scared well

maybe a little scared

but I’m still here and this bush has

been burning and calling my name and I’m

ready to turn it into holy ground help

me to shake the dust of my past off of

my feet help me to remove the memories

of failures and shortcomings out of my


uproot it rebuke it and in its place

give me power give me wisdom give me

strength consume me with your love and

release me into the next dimension of

your glory so that I may see my own


my family’s deliverance my community’s

deliverance and my world’s deliverance

thank you for Jesus

thank you for making him who had no sin

all of my sin all of my weakness all of

my limitations you placed in his body

and nailed it to the cross

and when he was raised free and

victorious I was raised to I received

that power I released that power over

and over in my life in Jesus name