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hey family this is sarah jakes robertson

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into the word

i want to draw your attention the

philippians the second chapter

and we’re going to look at

verses 5 through 11 snot an unfamiliar

passage but i think it’s

appropriate for the season that we’re in

philippians 2 5 311 i’ll be reading on

the new king james translation and it


let this mind be in you

which was also in christ jesus

who being in the form of god

did not consider it robbery to be equal


god but

made himself of no reputation

taking the form of a bond servant and

coming in the likeness of men

and being found in appearance as a man

he humbled himself

and became obedient

to the point of death

even the death of the cross

therefore god

has highly exalted

him and given him the name which is

above every name

that at the name of jesus every knee

should bow

of those in heaven

and of those on

earth and of those under the earth

and that every tongue should confess

that jesus christ is lord

to the glory of god the father

let’s pray

almighty god we counted an honor first

of all to take in your air

to take in your breath god we thank you

so much for this moment

for breadth in our body

is a sign to us


we haven’t seen our finest work yet

and god to have this opportunity to come

into your house to be shaped by you

we don’t live by bread alone but we live

by the words that proceed out of your



and so god i thank you that you’re

preparing a table for us right here

right now

and everything that everyone who is in

this room


is on that table hallelujah

lord there’s stuff on the table that

you’re preparing that we need that we

don’t even know that we need we can’t

even articulate what we need

but you

the almighty the all-knowing one

you know exactly what we need

and so father i thank you for the spirit

of wisdom and revelation and insight and

knowledge i thank you for heaven’s


to communicate god and to articulate

divine truths that would edify

that would empower

that would liberate hallelujah that

would establish and that would catapult

into this next phase and dimension of

our journey

i thank you that you’re going to do that

and father we’re praying for pastor

sarah right now

the queen of this house

god we thank you lord that your hand of

healing is on her right now

we thank you god for the progress that

she’s already made but god we’re praying

since this is resurrection sunday and

this is the atmosphere and the season of

miracles even the greatest miracle the

resurrection from the dead

we’re asking god that on today even in

this moment as she is watching

that she would feel sickness

be rebuked off of her body right now in

jesus name that that she would sense the


of christ

who performed countless signs and

wonders and miracles it was easy for him

he didn’t even they weren’t even called

they were just works they weren’t even

miracles they were just works and so god

do a work god in her in honor and upon

her and we thank you god that when you

get finished with her when she comes

through this fire the fire that we

thought she had before is gonna be like

a little flame she’s going to come out

of this thing bolder brighter wiser


and her impact will be all the greater

because of this trial that she’s


and i thank you god that you’re going to

do that oh and god

may we never be the same again

bless your children god bless each and

every single one of these beautiful

souls god and god may they walk may they

have walked in one way

but leave out of here completely another


i pray god that even


when you were leading the children of


out of bondage

and you brought them out with power and

grace and the enemies

that they saw on the day of deliverance

they saw again no more i pray

that the enemies to their soul the

enemies to their peace the enemy to

their purpose

the enemies to their destiny i pray


would die in this room

yeah i pray god that there will be

resurrection that takes place a

resurrection of dreams a resurrection of


a resurrection of hope a resurrection of

peace a resurrection of promise i pray

god that some who have lost sight of the

promise will walk out of here

walk out of here with that thing soak

squarely in front of them that they will

run that everything around them will

begin to align and the winds of heaven

would back them up and push them forward

into all that you have for them in jesus

name amen amen if you receive that

prayer just give god a praise of

expectation come on give him that

expectation praise

god i don’t even i don’t even it doesn’t

have to be done i just decree that it’s

done already in you come on that’s the i

feel the spirit of god faith is the

substance of things hoped for the

evidence of things

not seen

already done

already done

already done

already done i i i love

this season

this this good friday or passover

however you do it is awesome because

good friday and passover line on the

exact same day passover started friday

and as we unpacked on our good friday

service which i will air next sunday

because you got to see it we took

communion it’s going to be incredible

but but we know that good friday really

is about passover good friday and what

took place on good friday was the

revelation of passover is amazing and

the whole lord’s supper what happened at

a seder it was at a passover meal and

and jesus ultimately said i am the

passover lamb you know the lamb that

you’ve been studying about and reading

about and commemorating for over 1300

since 1300 bc guess what i’m coming out

of the closet i am that lamb it’s

powerful you gotta listen to that

message next sunday but what i love

about the good friday and easter season

is what it does for our memory

you know what’s interesting about it is

that that the resurrection doesn’t

happen again

we’re not it’s not today is not it’s

resurrection sunday but we’re not

celebrating something that is happening

now we are tapping into something that

happened then

and the powerful thing about memory

is that when we remind ourselves about

what god did we get to experience the

power of what he did

are you tracking with me so so it is an

opportunity i mean good friday it could

be good monday

it could be good good tuesday next week

could be good friday again

because it’s not so much about the day

but it’s about the opportunity for us to


bring back into our consciousness the

fact that we are no longer slaves

and that there’s a power and a promise

and a covenant over our lives that is so

powerful the power that’s backing us up

is so powerful that not even death could

hold it

so really it’s not even about the day

because you have some people arguing

theologically well really it wasn’t

this day you’ve heard that before

christmas the weather who cares

it’s not about the exact day it is about

the spiritual moment and as we tap into

the spiritual moment and come into

alignment with the spiritual moment we

get to experience the resource of the


are you tracking with me so that’s what

this season is about that’s what i love

about it it blesses our memory we get to

remember some things remember paul said

in romans 12 we are transformed by the

renewing of our mind

so sometimes watch this sometimes our

mind has to catch up to what our spirit

has received

don’t make me today don’t make me today

see you can have something that has

taken place to you spiritually because

of your faith but because your mind

hasn’t been activated to what took place

you are living

like a slave when the reality of it is

you’re free

because as a man

thinks so is he so my life is not the

byproduct of what happened to me

spiritually it is the byproduct of how

my mind connected to that spiritual


so i can be free but be living like a


are you tracking is it too early is it

too early it’s not better


and so and so the the season or our


is activated and then what the other

thing i love about this season is that

we we get to look again

we get to look with fresh eyes

at the cross

and the resurrection and there’s

something about staring at the cross

and you may see something that you had

never seen before it’s almost like god

when you when you look at god if you

continue see the reason why we have to

stare at god is because god is so


and he’s so multi-dimensional

that we have to keep staring at him

because every once in a while kind of

like a diamond he’s going to turn in

such a way and show a brilliance that we

had never seen before

there’s this story can i talk to you

like this today i’ll get into the

messenger second can we just i’m just

warming up a little bit can we do this

we just it’s been a long time guys come

on i miss you

i miss you


there’s this passage of scripture in

revelation it’s a brilliant passage of

scripture and it really speaks to what

i’m talking about right now and it and

it describes this happening that’s

taking place in heaven

and you study it’s in i think revelation

chapter 4 revelation chapter 5. you know

what i’m going to say

read the whole bible you’ll find it i

promise it’s in there somewhere


but there’s this account of this worship

service taking place in heaven and and

god is there and jesus is in the midst

of the throne and the 24 elders are

around the throne or whatever and

they’re just they’re worshiping their

living creatures and it’s this glorious

worship service taking place

and it says that the 24 elders

periodically fall down they’re there

night and day they don’t stop they’re

worshiping god but periodically they

fall down afresh

and then they get back up and they start

worshiping again they’re going on a

little bit and they fall down again

they’re worse than the first and i why

they keep falling down but i think that

because they’re there beholding the

beauty of the lord and they’re beholding

the awesomeness of god every once in a

while god will just turn a little bit

and like a diamond another radiant

expression of god’s beauty just wipes

them out all over again and this is

happening to beings that are used to god

and so in this season

we get to look again

we get to look at god again

we get to ponder the power of the cross

and what would happen on the cross right

and then we get the power we get to

ponder the power of the resurrection and

what the resurrection means when i when

i consider that that a man was raised

from the dead that’s crazy

and yet it happened

and so and so that’s what takes place we

get we get to look again

and and we get to look at the story

again and we get to pick up on things

that we had we may have missed because

the story is alive and we get to look at


and jesus you know they they called him

rabboni there’s one place where mary

called him rabboni which means teacher

and jesus one of the things that that i

love about jesus and one of the things

that that really sets jesus apart for me

is that he was an incredible teacher

and he still is

an incredible teacher and his life

forever teaches

i love that about that my relationship

with jesus kind of is really cool

because sometimes you know you know

something will happen to me that i think

is unfair or i feel like somebody did me

wrong or whatever and i’ll you know and

i’ll go to jesus i’m like jesus

did you just see what they did to me

this is so unfair like

and what i love about you is jesus so

real jesus doesn’t say oh you’re right

poor you

but jesus the master teacher always

takes out a mirror and flips it back

around to me

because he realizes that my growth is

not in him punishing somebody else

oh can i talk to some real spiritual

people in here

my my growth is not in jesus handling my


i don’t grow by that

in fact i grow by the opposite i grow

when i bless my hater come on somebody

that that’s how i grow i become more

like jesus would i bless those who curse


oh y’all got real quiet on that one

you’re like i was tracking with you pt i

ain’t tracking them i’m off the track

i’m off the track come back get on the


no i i i grow

when jesus turns the mirror around at me

and teaches me how to reposition myself

as a result of the problem that i’m


can i talk to some mature people

so he’s a master teacher

and this text

he’s teaching us something and what i

believe he’s teaching us in this text

is about the power of process that’s our

thought for today

the power the power

of process

and so let’s let’s look at this let’s

look at this if you’re taking notes i

want you to write this thought down and

we’re going to continue on we need to

have a process mentality

a process okay okay let’s go let’s get

into it so first of all he says let this

mind be in you which was also in christ

jesus this is the apostle paul writing

he’s talking about mental let this mind

get this mentality

and then he begins to describe christ’s

mentality let this mind be in you which

was also in christ jesus who being in

the form of god

did not consider it robbery to be equal

with god but made himself of no

reputation taking on the form of a bond

servant and coming and let me stop right

there because we have a lot of ground to

cover but if you look at this if we read

this whole thing we’re going to see

jesus embracing

not an instant gratification mentality

but a process mentality

embracing watch this embracing the power

of process

and that is so counter

to the world that we’re living in right

now because because the world that we’re

living right now we have been so


our culture has commercialized us and

has cultivated what i like to call this

expectation of instant gratification if

it doesn’t happen like this we’re mad

no it’s worse if it doesn’t happen like

this we feel like something is wrong

if if it’s still pastor

roosevelt talked about still loading he

had a wonderful message about still

loading but but but if it just if if

it’s loading just a little bit too long

what do we say something’s wrong

you start checking your wi-fi connection

what’s going on right went back in today

anybody remember dial up i’m going to

remember dallas come on

20 minutes later you get to the webpage

but but we have there is this this

instant gratification

spirit energy expectation

that we have that actually works against

the concept of process

everything that is worthwhile has a



from cooking

to engineering or creating something it

all has a pr or an organization an

organization that doesn’t have processes

is it is not a profitable organization

or if it is profitable it’s not as

profitable as it would be

if there were processes in place

are you tracking with me that was for

free entrepreneur get you some processes

get you some systems come on come on

that’s how you scale you can’t scale

without process anyway

let’s let’s move on because somebody’s

like you me meddling bt you’d be


and so

and so the the

reward we like we start talking about

instant gratification we talk about

rewards rewards when something happens

fast there is a reward right dopamine

everything there’s there’s a reward

right and and the reward produces joy if

you’re taking notes this is something

worthy writing down the reward produces

joy but the process produces power

i like joy

joy is wonderful i want joy but i need


because there are things that are going

to show up in your life in my life that

joy is not going to fix

oh you’re not really not ready you’re

not ready no they’re gonna be some

things that show up in my life well i am

going to need some power to get it up

off me

hello somebody

oh god can i take my time today

and so we need to have we need to have a

process mentality i was thinking about

the calculator right when i was being


you know arithmetic in school we didn’t

you couldn’t use no calculator now they

hand you a calculator and i get it i get

it there’s an advantage of the

calculator it rewards you with the

answer quickly i get that but let’s be

honest but mathematics

exercises the mind

come on let’s be honest exercise the

mind and it gives you

nimbleness of thought

and mental stamina so there’s a


the process i just have to get come on i

just have to get the thing out to get

the paper out you couldn’t just give the

answer because they didn’t know if you

cheated or not

come on somebody

and you think you’re getting away with

them what would they say show me your

math what does it mean to show me your

math show me your



b because because the calculator doesn’t

help you it allows you maybe it helps

you because time is money now maybe you

can try to figure it out and justify it

in some way but i need to understand

what’s going to happen when i don’t have

a calculator and i’m trying to figure

out what 37 of 1932

with 17 cents is

you understand what i’m saying

so process is everything process is

everything so let’s look at jesus

process and let’s learn some things are

we still tracking

okay so at first watch this and we’re

gonna look at it we’re gonna look at the

passage in a second but at first we see

jesus’s determination

and commitment but we’re gonna see that

it gets tried so it says let this mind

be in you which was also in christ jesus

who being in the form of god did not

consider it robert be equal with god

that’s great

you know um i mean i i can unpack it but

it’s pretty obvious you know him being

in the form of god so he was in the

beginning with god jesus was in the

beginning with god so he was

experiencing the divinity of god right

and so it says who being in the form of

god did not consider robert equal to be

equal with god he could have been it

says but he made himself of no

reputation they’re on a mission so he’s

like hey look i’m cool we’re on a

mission to redeem humanity everything’s

cool i’ll make myself of no reputation

right i’m good i don’t have to be big

bad glorious jesus i’ll make myself of

no reputation and then it says and

taking the form of a bond servant and

coming in the likeness of man so him and

god the father had a strategy to come

and to redeem things and jesus like hey

i’m with it

you got to check it out he’s like i’m

with i’m cool look i don’t have to be of

any reputation i’m gonna i’m gonna do

this father i’m gonna do this i’m gonna

do this i’m gonna do this

but then it gets really interesting

right it says in verse eight it says and

being found in appearance as a man let’s

stop right there so he made the

determination we see his determination

to do this thing and his commitment to

do this thing but it gets tried because

watch this it’s one thing to say god i’m

going to do it

it’s another thing to show up now and

you’ve got skin

you you you catch you can catch it

it’s another thing to say father i’m

gonna come down and and and be like man

so that i can redeem mankind it’s one

thing to say that it’s another thing to

show up and you’ve got aches and pains


you got skin on now

and and and it’s and it’s got an

expiration date on it

you have carnality someone said it and i

believe it’s brilliant the greatest

miracle that jesus ever did was to

become man

hello somebody

so so so that posture

gets tried


it gets tried

but i love the way that he

responds it says and then

being found in appearance as a man he

finds himself as a man

he humbles himself i love that

and i i’ve experienced something like


can i tell you a story

i i was uh so we

this was over a decade ago easy you know

maybe 15 years ago i was going back and

forth to the uk to london in particular

because there were there was a community

out there that was really resonating and

responding with my teaching and so i

would go out there i would go out there

and and i would i would i would i would

minister there and uh and so

what’s crazy is you know like the

internet can be tricky sometimes

because i normally stay at this this

particular hotel but there weren’t any

rooms or something like that and so i

went online and there was this really

cool flat in central london

hello i mean it was cool like the

pictures online were like amazing it was

like had a courtyard you know what i

mean and just all modern appliances and

it just looked and you know cameras can

be very tricky

so i get all the way to london and i’m

like yeah you know and i go and i get

the keys to my flat and i walk in there

and i promise you the flat i if i walked

in the front door right here

that was the back door

and it was like this wide and oh no no

it gets worse it gets worse

so you know london is cold particularly

certain times of the year my come on you

let let’s be i love your country your

city i i do but it gets cold and um and

they had they didn’t even have central

heating in that thing

they had this little it looked like


this little portable heater thing

and it looked like an accordion it just

kind of it was just this little

like radiate what is it called

radiation with a radiator whatever it

was it wasn’t radiating nothing those


and let me tell you what i said and i’m

like oh


i’m like oh i’m getting out and i just

and i was getting ready to get on the

phone and call my assistant and try to

figure something out and i’m telling you

i heard the voice of the lord say

humble yourself

i was like

how could you say that to me jesus

but i heard the voice

so loud

and so clear

and jesus was like

humble yourself here’s the thing i had

the resources to make a move

i had all that but it wasn’t about that

he was teaching me something

because in my estimation i thought that

i could not do that

that this was too small for me to fit in

literally it was so different from what

i was used to and the lord said

humble yourself

so i took a deep breath

and i looked at the little janky o


and i said for the next five days it’s

me and you kid

and i went and i sat the moment that

that happened my friend was a pastor

there his name is pastor errol

text me

and said hey i hear you in town mate

and i said yeah he says come stay with


and i went to his really nice place on

the south side of london it was amazing

it was a test

i feel that that’s for somebody that


that’s just somebody

it was a test

if you if you exalt yourself

you’ll be humbled

but if you humble yourself

you’ll be exalted i i’ve gotta i’ve

gotta move on

so jesus humbles himself

and in doing so he submits himself

to a process

and this it was the process of this call

if you take your notes write this

thought down

every calling has a process

every calling every calling

has a process

and when we submit to that process

we access

the power

there’s power in your calling i feel it

a lot of us are looking for power

and maybe you i don’t know how you

define power but but but for me power is

the ability to move through life with


to move through life with grace

with divine enablement right to move

through life in such a way that every

door that is yours must open

to move through life in such a way

that when god speaks to you and he gives

you clarity and he gives you a vision

and he gives you a purpose right

you all you have to do is show up that’s

what i’m talking about i’m not talking

about powerful you know i’m trying to be


you know come bow to me no that that’s

that’s something else that’s weakness

actually dressed up like power because

that’s ego

hello somebody




that’s weakness

real power is to say i’m a servant

and so with the favor that i have with

the grace that i have with the ability

that i have with the opportunity that i

have with the time that i have

i’ma serve somebody with it

how do i know jesus is modeling this

okay so if you want power to move the

ability to move through life of grace

grace meaning divine enablement

then you gotta align with your calling

everybody’s called

jesus taught he said many are called

only few are chosen

and we think that that means that oh uh

uh some people are called and some

people are chosen we almost think that

that has to do with categories

well some people are called and some

people are chosen no that’s not what

that means

he says many are called but only few are


i would

i believe this is the heart of god i

would that everyone that i call i can


but not all want to submit

to the process

and it’s those who are willing to submit

to the process of the call

that get chosen

are you tracking with me hey

y’all quiet i love him when y’all quiet

what is good

can i go further

the the power

is in the calling and the one who called

you is faithful to perform what god has

called you to

he’s faithful

he doesn’t call us and then leave us to

our own abilities

no no no no he invites us

to his ability

in fact that’s what call in that passage

of scripture romans 8 28 where it says

that all things work together for good

to those who love god and those who are

the called according to his purpose that

word is a greek word literally means an


so the calling is an invitation to god’s

power and that’s why to run from your

calling is ridiculous

because if i’m running from my calling

i’m running from the very thing that i

was created for and i’m running from the

resources that are assigned to my life

i’m leaving my inheritance when i run

for my calling

there’s an inheritance assigned to my

life and you don’t have to die to get it

there’s an inheritance set up in the

universe right now for each and every

single one of you if you would humble

yourself pursue your calling there are

resources in the heavenlies and heaven

backs up callings


i promise you heaven does you don’t have

to be qualified you don’t have to have

gone to the right schools you don’t have

to have the right relationships all that

stuff is wonderful but that is not the

requirement for for for the grace that

comes when you get called

just say yes i feel that for somebody i

want to break every lie and adequacy off

of somebody i want to break every lie

that that makes you feel insecure that

makes you not enough you are enough i

feel god before god put you in your

mother’s womb he knew you he ordained

you he set you apart he made you

powerful there’s something about you

that this world needs and not even the

gates of hell can prevail against you in

your calling where am i called people

call people make some noise in this room


i don’t care what he said to you i don’t

care what she said to you i don’t care

what groups you got kicked out of if you

are called you cannot be stopped

you’re gonna move through life with


oh i feel it i feel something stern come

on don’t stop praising i know i got a

little bit more teaching to do but i

feel like something is getting ready to


something’s getting ready to break in

this room ah

feel it come on this is resurrection

sunday you better get back on your

square ten toes down baby let’s go after

this thing come on come on call people

let’s go come on let’s go don’t be

waiting for nobody to co-sign you

they’ll be waiting for nobody to endorse

you you endorse you say i’m called baby

my calling is my calling card and it

will work in every door god puts in

front of me

come on five more seconds of

hallelujah i’m called baby

i’m called baby

i’m called baby

i’m called i’m called i’m called

i may not be this but i’m called i may

not be tall but i’m called i may not be

slim but i’m cold i may not be rich but

i’m cold i mean i have hair right on my

back but i’m calm i may not have a

six-pack but i’m cold i may have grown

up on the rough side but i’m called

every door that no man can open up oh



how you going to do it by my calling

how’s it gonna happen by my calling i

don’t have any investors but i’m called

come on somebody i don’t have any

startup capital but i’m called

i’m called

what does that mean that means goodness

and mercy

is following me right now i feel it


and mercy

is following me

goodness and mercy is following me grace

and power is following me to back me up

pushing me forward covering me


and call

my calling got me here

i didn’t have any pastors or leaders or

i just met my father-in-law who was

absolutely wonderful but i just met him

eight years ago


i’m called



psalm 1 and 3 i want to speak it over


blessed is the man that walks not in the

counsel of the ungodly nor stands in the

path of sinners that sits in the seat of

the scarf

but in god’s law he meditates day and

night for he shall be like a tree this

is the prophecy

he shall be he she

they shall be a tree

planted by the rivers of water

that brings forth its fruit in its

season whose leaf will not wither and

whatever they do shall prosper what

because you’re called i speak that over

you right now cup your hands like you’re

getting ready to receive something i

speaking i decree it right now in the

name of jesus christ everything you do

will prosper

your leap is not gonna wither

you’re not gonna fade you’re not running

out you are on your way up baby i don’t

care who told you no go after it get up

again not gonna


i’m trying to get back here because we

got ground to cover

but i hear god saying somebody needs to

go back on to that door and start

knocking again

knock again with new faith

knock again with new revelation

knock again with new understanding

because maybe

just maybe

in this season if you’re not hard enough

and with enough faith it’s going to open

thank you jesus


thank you lord

we feel your presence god we just want

to worship you just for a second

we feel your presence god

you’re talking to us god

you’re stirring up something that’s in

us god something was laying dormant on

the inside of us but we feel the fire

that was shut up in our bones coming


dead bones

are rising even right now dry bones are

coming together even right now

i feel it

i know it

i know it

i know it when i sense it

you were supposed to be here

this is not going out i know we had

hundreds of people that couldn’t get in

so we gave them the stream so they’re

watching it outside right now you were

supposed to be here this message is not

going around the world it was you you

were chosen to be here for this he knew

who was gonna be in the room




i just want to be a good steward

over this moment

because i don’t know where you’re at or

what you’re going through but i want to

give you everything that god gave me

we got more ground to cover but i feel


thank you lord





never the same again

never the same again

and so because

jesus submitted

to the process

and didn’t break character

you’ve never broke character

god did two things for him

the first thing that god does for him

is it says in verse 9 it says therefore


highly exalted him

god highly

exalted him

if you’re taking notes here’s a thought

to write down

when you’re submitting to a process

for every dip

that the process requires there will be

an elevation

somebody got to catch that


see there’s some people in here right


and you thought you were going down

because you submitted to a process

because you dipped

but god will never allow a dip in


if there wasn’t an impending elevation

oh god help me

today yep yep for for every dip

for every dip

you hear me for every dip it’s almost

like the stock market if you if you

follow the stock market

there are dips

there are dips sometimes deep dips

but if you track it over 20 years what

are you going to see it always trends up

that’s how purpose is

that’s how the calling is

that’s how the process is

if you look at it over time if you look

at your life

and some of you some of us have been

through some crazy stuff

and the evil one likes to give us to

focus on what we’ve been through to walk

around bruised but if you sometimes take

a step back and look you will see that

your life actually trended upwards in

spite of that


in spite of that

and so for every dip there is an


here’s another one to write down

sometimes the process watch this will

temporarily take you low

so that it can permanently set you high

that’s where patience comes in


jesus was temporarily taken to the

lowest of lows

but the scripture says that god

highly exalted him

so he exalted him watches and the

elevation will always be greater than

the dip

always are we tracking


and so god

does two things

he highly exhausts him i do want to show


and i think this is an important point

process has levels

processes levels

if you look at jesus let’s just look at

real quick it says if we go back to

we’re almost done by the way if we go

back to verse 8 it says in being found

in appearance as a man he humbled

himself so the process required that he

humble himself and became obedient right

and that word obedient literally means

it has the idea of listening intently

so he humbles himself that’s part of the

process but it he’s going to level up in

just a second and he became obedient to

the point of death that’s another level

so he humbled himself to his

circumstances but then to become

obedient to death is another level

so process has as has levels and

actually it even goes to another level

it says it says so he humbled himself

level one let’s just call him level one

and then he humble and he becomes

obedient to death that’s level two right

and then it says and even death on the

cross that’s level three

so sometimes we we we stop when the

process requires

more so in other words we’re good with

level one

i come to church


level two is consistently

starts getting a little shaky

and tithing is level three oh heck no


and what i’ve learned is at every level

there’s an elevation

so so i can’t god might be able to

choose you on one level but can’t choose

you in another level

because it all has to do with your

willingness to submit to the process

let’s keep going we’re almost there

we’re almost there so he does two things

he because jesus

submitted to the process and didn’t

break character god highly exalts him

the second thing he does is he gives him

a name

and this this this is important and

we’ll land right in here

he gives him

a name

did you know

that your name is not your name

your name

your parents give you a name

and then god gives you a name

the name that your parents give you

prayerfully is honorable they felt good

about you and so they probably named you

wonderful anybody named wonderful in


they probably named you something


that’s all great you know i’m sure there

was love in you know in in the name that

they came up

for they came up with for you

but but but the name that your parents

gives you is different than the name

that god gives you because your parents

weren’t there when you were formed

that’s jeremiah 1 before god says before


formed you in the belly you thought it

was mommy and daddy getting

that was the process


but that was not the original

god caused them to come together

because there was something in his mind

concerning you that he needed to see

produced in the earth

and there was something in those two

coming together

and producing you

that had everything to do with what god

wanted to do

are you tracking with me

so so


process i

see this is where i need my wife sarah

to come just

pull me in you know this is normally

when she’s like reel it in

reel it in

the point that i’m making is that god

gives you a name

and it’s different

your parents weren’t there they love you

and you sweet they have all these

memories of you

and just so cute and sweet

you know all that kind of stuff and

that’s wonderful

but they don’t understand the divinity

that’s on you

they might be praying for it

but they don’t understand it deeply and

that’s why when god is calling abraham


coincidentally is the father of faith

for all the three big faiths

what does he tell him he says

get out of your father’s house

and out of your country and away from

your family

and to a land that

i will show you

so here’s what he’s saying he’s saying


you will not find yourself in your

father’s house

you will not find yourself in the

environment that has always known you as


and it’s not that it’s even a bad

environment they love you

you know

they love you it’s all wonderful but

sometimes watch this their love of you

or their love for you will actually keep

you from what god has for you because

they don’t want you to take the risk

they don’t want you to take the chances

they don’t want you to step up they love

you so much

you’re like make it biblical it was

peter and jesus

jesus is like hey i got to go to the

cross and do my thing that’s why i came

and peter’s like no you won’t you will

never do that peter like raised up on

jesus like his chest you know

start talking with his chest i will

never let that happen jesus rebuked him

and he said get behind me seek out from


like you better jesus jesus rolled up a

little you better get behind me

he says you savor the things of man

not the things of god showing that there

was a distinction between the way god

sees a thing and how god would hallow a


and how we as humans would handle it

so you got a name

and and and i have six amazing kids

six amazing kids

but i’m not sure that i know all their


i i know the name that we gave them

but i have to be honest

and say i i don’t know

that i might have some clues

but i don’t know the name so i have to

create a little space

so they can find their name

you hear me


and you have a name

isn’t it interesting

it says that god highly exalts jesus

and gives him a name after

he submits to

a process

which meant that even jesus

didn’t come here with his full name

well that’s message of theology i don’t

really care though


was not born with his name

he was born jacob



but after he went through a


of wrestling

with himself and with god

he got his name

here is why your name

is important

until you discover your divine name and

i’m talking about identity you’re like

what is my name what i don’t know what

it is is it is it moses

when i say name

i’m talking about

your divine identity

and your divine identity has respect in

the universe

oh i wish somebody would catch what i


when you say universe what are you

talking about i’m talking about

everything that god made

the universe is the created thing



has been created is created and will be

created responds to god’s truth

and it will respond to you you’ve seen

it romans 8 19

for the earnest expectation

of the creation eagerly awaits for the

revealing of the

children of god

and notice it didn’t say the revealing

of christians

because you can be a christian and not

have your name

and walk in your name

no we’re talking about

can we talk like this today

we’re talking about

the divine


it says that all of creation the earnest

expectation of creation the earnest

expectation of the universe is waiting

on you to be you

oh god i feel it

the universe needs you to be you

if you become you wars may cease

if you become you poverty may leave

if you become you whole nations might

walk in a new

dimension of economic development if you

become you

so so

he gives him a name

and my question is what’s your real name

do you know

do you see the value in finding out who

you truly are i’m not talking about your

your stage name your brand is


that’s cool we all got that stuff we

work it and all that kind of stuff but

that ain’t nothing

the only reason why i even have a

quote-unquote brand is because i’ve

submitted to the process of my call

so the brand is just a tool

come on somebody

it is just a cloak and a tool

that allows me to get in places where my

call can show up

are you tracking with me

what’s your real name

and what are you willing

what process are you willing to endure

to discover it

put some speck on my that takes a whole

that takes it to a whole nother place

put some speck on my name let me tell

you something your real name already has

some speck on it

it’s already got some speck on it

who’s going to find your real expect i’m

sorry see again i need sarah

last thing i’m going to say we’re down

here we’re done we’ll pray

we’re gonna go have a nice easter dinner

it says in verse 11 this is interesting

let me read it again

it says therefore god has already

exalted him and giving him a name which

is above every name that at the name of

jesus every knee should bow those in

heaven and of those on earth and of

those under the earth i like that

that feels like past present future

of those in heaven

that’s eternal

those on earth that’s present

and those under the earth that’s past

died past

past present future right your your

divine name is eternal past present and

future has anyway that’s that’s two

that’s too deep

it says in verse 11 watch this so he

gives him a name

and his name has respect everywhere

and when you submit to the process

and you walk in your name your identity

your identity is going to have respect

ever i feel that and some people in this

room your name’s going to have respect

in nations

and that’s why you have to be willing to

submit to the process because the

process might send you to another nation

i’m prophesying to somebody

trying to move on but i’m prophesying

you you you might be why isn’t it

working here maybe you’re not where

you’re supposed to be

because i’ve got to submit to a process

abraham had to leave okay that was just

catch it that’s where you write it down

and don’t pretend like you didn’t hear


because i didn’t elaborate

if we caught you in your spirit just

write it down say you got me you got me

and lastly it says

that the name of jesus every knee should


those in heaven of those on earth have

those under the earth and that every

tongue should confess that jesus christ

and that every tongue should confess

that jesus christ is lord to the glory

of god the father that was heavy because

not only does he give him a name he

exalts him he gives him a name but

others couldn’t deny his name

it kind of extended out

so so when you’re when you’re walking in

the power of your name you’re not even

going to have to say your name

you’re just going to show up and others

are going to confess your name

so this speaks to your impact your


on others your identity the truth of you

is going to have an impact on others and

your name is going to be

undeniable and is going to be connected

to generations

and will ultimately bring glory

to the father all because

you did not despise the process

but you embrace the process

i think that there’s some people i’m

done i think that there’s some people

and you’re either in a process

and it is painful and confusing because

it doesn’t feel good if it doesn’t feel

good it must not be god

who told you that

who told you that good friday i’m sure a

good friday didn’t feel good to jesus

nor those who loved him and those who

were watching him and those who were

experiencing him suffer

wasn’t good

but as pastor stephanie said the other

day when we were on live she said good

is qualified not by the moment but by

the outcome

the outcome


the process doesn’t feel good but it

produces good

and so there might be some in this room

right now when you’re in you’re in a

process and you maybe you didn’t maybe i

just gave language to where you’re at

because it’s challenging and it’s

difficult and it feels sacrificial and

it’s and it’s confusing because it

doesn’t feel like or look like or seem

like what god promised

so maybe i’m just giving languages


and if you would submit to the process

trust god sometimes when you can’t see

god’s hand you have to trust his heart

you’ve got to trust his heart

i know god loves me

i know god is for me

and if i’m in it that means that god has

already pre-qualified

my exit

and not only that but he’s already

searched me and he searched my inside he

searched my capacity

and he has said you can withstand it

and he also has said

the latter

will be greater so much so

that you won’t even be able to compare

what it costs you to get there with


are you tracking with me


you’re in the process

for others of you god is calling you to

a process

he’s calling you to a process he’s

calling you to a level of sacrifice

some process


i was going to say there’s no other way

but let me explain i guess there is

another way but if but if you go another

way then you can’t be you

and if you’re not you who are you

god has something in his mind

some in his mind he didn’t just

arbitrarily create you and your life is

just like kind of like whatever no

there’s great intentionality in

everything about you

and everything about what you’ve

experienced and everything about what

you’ve gone through and all that kind of

stuff all that is by design even what

you hate

about your journey

somehow is working together for good

romans 8 28 god says

that he causes all things to work

together for good that word work

together is one word it’s the greek word

center gale and it’s where we get our

english word synergy

there is a synergy

between everything in your life good

challenging and indifferent

and when it all comes together it is

synergized to produce good

this is the god we serve

i want to pray for you

i want to pray for you

you receive that word is that resonating

is that it hit me hitting the spot a

little bit


i know i’m getting it for me

god loves you and he’s for you and he’s

got you


and jesus modeled it

jesus modeled the power of process

and we’ve got to get back to celebrating


the instant gratification


has no regard nor respect for process

and that’s a mistake

and i pray it’s something that our

generation will fix

it’s a mistake

quick does it mean good think about it

in our culture and our mentality right

now fast means good

we want everything fast the faster the

better that’s not true

it can be true in some areas but it

cannot be a fundamental


i pray for you father thank you so much

for this moment i get to spend we get to

spend together with you and

with your sons and daughters who have

gathered here

in this moment god to hear thank you for

what you shared and what you made us

feel and know and understand

and i pray it would take root and bear


even as we asked in the beginning that

we would never be the same do it

got to thank you for what you’re doing

in our hearts and in our minds god and

our souls and our bodies and our lives

god we know it’s good for us thank you

for our church god thank you that we’re

back home

after two years away lord god you kept

us you preserved that’s god and and uh

lord i i don’t even want to say we’re

back home god i feel like we’re forward

home we’re forward home and we’re going

forward and from glory to glory and

dimension and dimension seal this in the

hearts and the minds of your people god

may they have may they not miss one

thing i pray against distractions that

will come and try to take this word or

try to twist this word or whatever god

but what you said you said

and what we heard we heard and what we

received we received

and give us the strength that you gave

to jesus

we humbled himself and submitted himself

to that process so we can do the same

that you might

raise us up and give us our name

so much so that others god will be drawn

to us confessing and it will all be to

your glory

now i want to pray for some people some

people here who may not know you yet

but even in this time together you’ve

introduced yourself to them yes you have

and you’ve touched them in a place that

a man cannot touch

you have made it

quite clear that you know their life

and you know their pain you know their

uprisings you know their downsides you

know their struggles

because i have never met them before

but by the spirit even as we prayed in

the beginning

you said some things that only a god who

knows their insides

would know

you’ve touched them

and i believe you’ve touched them

as a drawing point

to draw them to you not religion

but to a real true relationship

with you rabboni and the teacher

that you will teach us everything we

need to know in life that you will never

leave us no forsakens that your spirit

will guide us

and i thank you god that in this moment

they’re making a decision

now while we’re all praying and our

heads about and our eyes are closed if

you’re here

and you feel like god touched you in a

unique and profound way and you want to

open up your heart to that experience

not just in this moment but that ex that

experience that presence that god that

person that touched you

can go with you forever and guide you

forever if that’s you nobody’s looking i

just want to connect with you if you’re

here and you say pt god touched me and i

want to say yes to god i want you to put

your hand up so i can see you want to

come into greece bless you i see you i

see you all over this world i see you i

see you i see all over this room i see

you i see i see you all over this room i

see you i see you i see you and i agree

with god i agree with god i agree with

god i agree with god concerning your

life i agree with god i agree with god

that you will know god i agree with god

that you be filled with the spirit of

god i agree with god that he will teach

you and he will lead you and he will

feed you i agree with god that you will

move through life with grace but you

will move through life with power but

you will move through life with his

presence i agree with god that as you

submit to the process god is going to

exalt you i don’t care how low you go

god is going to lift you up i agree i

agree with god that god is going to

reveal to you your true identity that

you’re going to walk in something

different that you’re going to talk in

something different and the gates of

heaven are going to open up over your

life and god’s gonna talk to you and

god’s gonna walk with you and god’s

gonna empower you and god’s gonna heal

you and he’s gonna be your best friend

and he’s gonna be a friend that sticks

closer than a brother and he’s gonna be

your deliverer and your savior and your

wisdom and your god i agree that all

these things are happening in your life

right now

and i want the room to repeat after me

dear heavenly father

i thank you for jesus

thank you for making him

who had no sin

no weakness

no limitation

i thank you for making him

all of my weakness

all of my limitations

all of my shortcomings

all of my brokenness

you put on his body

nailed it to the cross

and once and for all

put it to death

but on the third day

you raised him up

and because i’m in him

i’m raised up too

and i’ve got a name

in the heavenly places

and god i thank you

that you’re revealing

my new name

and my new identity

to me

and i will submit

to whatever process you invite me into

that i might walk

in the power of my calling

now fill me with your spirit

and empower me

for the great purpose

of my life

in jesus name

amen amen amen amen