Service Date: 05.01.16 11am

don’t run to me to pray for you you know

the thing is this don’t run to Pastor

Henry or Pastor Lawrence to ask them to

pray I mean they are they are wonderful

people but there’s someone who is

perfect in his knowledge amen

inexhaustible in his wisdom amen and he

loves you completely he’s the holy

spirit that Jesus sent and he prays

perfect prayers so just letting him

loose on the inside of you your part is

just to let loose

I’m telling you just knowing something

is happening that pain may still be

there but you know what something’s been

done to it

amen I’m telling you church I can’t

begin to tell you how many good things

have happened

in my life in this church as a result of

this prayer gift I cannot imagine living

without this gift God gave me one gift

all these years they have so many

benefits that I can’t begin to tell you

I have a series on the benefits of

speaking in tongues many Christians

don’t understand the benefits of

speaking in tongues why do you think the

devil is fighting this gift so much

of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit

entire denominations are split up over

this one gift

tell me if the devil is not behind it

that he’s so definitely afraid of this


because it activates God’s covenant

it rips

God’s people of their bondage it sets

God’s people free no wonder devil is

fighting it tooth and nail but let me

just say this to you what was God’s must

go back to the original blueprint

go back to the original blueprint Acts

chapter 2.

when the day of Pentecost had fully come

they were all we wanted caught in one

place and suddenly there came a sound

from Heaven as of a rushing Mighty Wind

and it filled the whole house where they

were sitting then there appeared to them

divided tongues as a fire and set upon

each of them verse 4 and they were all

filled with the Holy Spirit and began to

speak with other things as the spirit

gave them utterance amen they were all

filled they all spoke with tongues now

some people think the Holy Spirit spoke

with tongues no they spoke with tongues

the Holy Spirit gave them utterance you

you tighten your mouth and seal it will

shut no tongues were escaped amen this

is not evil spirit taking you over you

know evil spirit

like that but it doesn’t mean you will

spray it but

you know the thing is that you can stop


I can stop anytime I want to I can start

anytime I want that is truly God’s

spirit it never forces you it never

takes you over no no that is not God

that is you