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family while we’re standing let’s just

open up in prayer

Heavenly Father we thank you we thank

you for this moment that we are gathered

in your name we thank you Lord for what

you have purposed to speak to us and

reveal out of us Loree God we say have

your way I submit myself as your vessel

may the word that you have for your

people or gammac may break every

resistance and speak to their hearts and

their minds renew our minds o God with

your word have your way in Jesus mighty

name amen

family we’d like to stand for the

reading of the word safety though my

standing for just a few minutes or hours

don’t care you know I know where it’s so

excited a worship and we’re gonna get

into that I just want to share a few

things that the Lord place of my heart

for you all and so we’re gonna read from

Genesis 11 verse 1 to 6 and that’s it’s

coming up it says now the whole earth

had one language on one speech and it

came to pass as they journeyed from the

east that they found a plain in the land

of Shinar and they dwelt there then they

said to one another come let us make

bricks and bake them thoroughly they had

brick for stone and they had ash fat for

mortar and they said come let us build

ourselves a city and a tower whose tough

those tough goes in the heavens let us

make a name for ourselves lest we be

scattered abroad over the face of the

whole earth and me really from here but

the Lord came down to see the city and

the tower which the sons of men had

built and the Lord said indeed actually

let’s go back to verse 5 I want you guys

to catch something really quick it says

the Lord came down to see the city and

the tower which the sons of men had

built so he had seen something completed

okay and then in verse 6 it says

and the Lord said indeed the people are

one and they all have one language and

this is what they begin to do now

nothing they propose to do would be

withheld from them family may be seated

you see what is fascinating and drew me

about this scripture it’s that and

there’s so much in this scripture it’s

one filled with out there specific

things I just want us to speak on when

the Lord came down it says that he came

down to see the city which they had

built but then when he comes down it

says now his language changes and he

says what they begin to do so which is

it Lord have they done it or are they

beginning to do it is that the beginning

stages or it’s completed you see what is

powerful about this people it tells us

that they were of one language basically

family this people were one in mind

they had one goal one decision and they

were united in that thing

they were surrendered to the idea that

they had for themselves you see the

beauty of surrender surrender is when

you give all of you into what you

believe in now what you believe in

doesn’t mean it’s coming from God it

just comes from where what your faith is

attached to you could have a belief that

came from your parents that came from

society it takes life and process to get

you to a place where you begin to

realize is this authentic to my truth

what I love about this and this message

is very brief West titled total

surrender what God responded to was

their surrender God recognized that when

you are totally surrendered to a thing

it’s already already accomplished when

God saw the city being built that was

something that already took place in the

spiritual realm you see your will has


family Jesus would say my will is to do

the will of the Father

he had completely given himself the

Bible tells us that he was obedient even

until death he said there is nothing

that will come against me following the

word of my father he made a decision and

we know it is a decision because we see

in the scripture Jesus getting tempted

and him saying no to temptation was his

choice but it was his choice that came

from a place of being rooted in the Word

of God when God solved their

determination and he saw their surrender

in the spiritual realm he realized

whatever they have surrendered to it

will manifest in the natural it hadn’t

even began but because they were of one

mind and one spirit God said whatever

they have put their mind to it already

is and so before the city was even built

for their own good he comes down and if

you read later on in the scripture but

that’s not what this message is about if

you read later on you will realize that

God had to do some you know how to

scatter them around because he

recognized that if you guys stay united

in this way nothing that you think to do

imagine to do decide to do would be

withheld from you

you see family surrender is what it is

is what waters the word the word is like

a seed your surrender is what gives it

life and the word could be a word from

God it could be your own word how many

times have we found ourselves successful

in the thing only to walk away from it

when we were successful in it we were

determined this is my goal this is my

vision and I’m going to accomplish it

and we got to the place of

accomplishment and we realize this is

not authentic to me you see the thing

about total surrenders about what I’m

talking about right now is about your

total surrender

God we’ve surrendered to a lot of things

in life and the word that the Lord gave

me is that when you make a decision you

see sometimes we’re expecting things to

be this come by I experienced God I say

yes to you and it’s this beautiful thing

one of my favorite people in the bible

is moses and i love the fact that moses

was a little hesitant when god

approached him and gave him a word about

his life i love that because it was it

was his authenticity there were things

that he needed to be affirmed and it

ends a relationship with God when Moses

says to God he says who do I – do I say

sent me what if that was a question he

was also asking for himself

who is sending me because if I’m not

sure of who sending me then either I can

be confident in my own strength because

I’ve tried that before and it failed me

and so I need to know who is sending me

when Moses was resistant to the Word of

God it was not because he was just

resisting and we’re looking at it like

Moses why are you doubting the Word of

God it was his truth in that moment god

I need to know more of you to say yes

yes it’s not something that starts in

your lips it starts in your hearts when

you give God your verbal yes you know

those moments in prayer where you say

God I give you all of me the truth about

the verbal yes yes really is really an

echo of your posture before God

a posture of surrender a posture of

humility you see the thing about a yes

to God is that what it cost you is what

we don’t easily like to give up Jesus

said something so fascinating

he said the peace that I give to you is

not the peace that the world gives and

what I love about that is then what is

the peace that the world gives what is

that is that the peace that allows us to

be comfortable in dysfunction you see

our pastor started our senior pastor

started this series called modern church

and for those if this is your first time

I encourage you to go on our YouTube

pages our podcast and listen to this

word because this word really shows us

who we are in different places of the

kingdom and on Sunday he talked about

the modern prophet and something that he

spoke about prophecy as an insight is

that you when you find yourself in the

place that you’re trying to discern God

what is your word and what is my like am

I am i tripping that I say that God did

you say that what challenges you to come

up higher would most likely be a word

from God you see the peace that the

world gives us the peace that tells you

nights all right to be petty it’s all

right to be prideful it’s all right to

walk in your ego it’s all right to be a

control freak it’s all right well you

see when God when Jesus says the peace I

give you and nothing that when something

comes from the Lord it cannot be taken

by man so when you find yourself in

places that you you start questioning

God I feel like my peace is being

challenged I feel like my peace is being

tampered with in the reality of life and

in the reality of the kingdom of heaven

the peace that comes from God cannot be

tampered with it is a piece that is

lasted it is almost like you saying

someone has the power to take away the

Holy Spirit from you no human has the

power to do that

and so when you find yourself in moments

where you’re like god I feel like my

piece is being tampered with what if

that is the piece the world has given

you what if that is the piece of you

saying you know what I just want to be

in control the piece that allows you to

dwell in a mediocre version of who you

really are

you see surrender to God means that you

surrender everything about you how you

see things how you see like how you see

people your mind your thoughts it means

that God even and when it seems dark and

it seems heavy Lord I say yes to you

there is a psalm if you’re taking any

notes write this down some 15 study this

all of it when you get the chance or

probably tonight after you weren’t sure

all right in the psalm

David poses a powerful question and he

says Lord who shall dwell on your holy

hill basically David is say Lord what is

the qu is the kind of man that and I

love the word dwell because that’s the

place you live and it’s not a visitation

as your habitation it’s the place where

you went even when I’m away like no

matter where I am in life I am standing

in the presence of God he says Lord who

shall dwell on your holy hill it’s like

saying Lord what is the kind of man that

is always in alignment with you that is

always in frequency with you and the

beautiful thing is that David responds

with the revelation of this very

question and I believe in verse 4 he

says now he’s describing the type of man

and he says something so powerful he

says the one who can swear to his own

hurt and does not change what that means

is that there is a commitment you’ve

made to God and even when it gets tough

you don’t change your posture you don’t

change your mind about what God said to

you he says this is the kind of man

was almost like the Lord revealed to him

there is something about the kind of man

or woman that recognizes that pain does

not stop your position that pain does

not remove you from your function that

who I’ve told you to be will always be

who you are you see you’re in this house

you’re listening online God has given

you a word and it may be a difficult

word it may be a hard word but all God

is saying if you make the decision to

surrender fully to it that already

guarantees the manifestation the time

it’s not your is not up to you the

season it happens it’s not up to you but

there is something about the person who

is not moved whose life is not based as

how they react to other people’s actions

their life is built on the Word of God

God you said this to me it seems like no

one has ever done it and as I approach

it I’m gonna be misunderstood their

things are gonna be said about me that

may not be true I’m gonna encounter

people that would make it difficult for

me to live in the reality of who you say

I am but I’m not going to allow outside

factors to stop me you see there was

something so beautiful about Moses there

was a moment God says to Moses Moses

come up to this mountain and die if you

read it it’s really fascinating God

tells him come up to the mountain and

die if you study the relationship with

Moses and God there were times that God

would want to strike the people the

Israelites and Moses would intercede for

them he would say Lord don’t do that

these are your people what would be said

of us but when God tells Moses come up

and die it was almost as though God was

looking to see are you gonna ask me to

also be patient with you because when

Moses went up to the mountain he

surrendered to the Word of God it wasn’t

really about Moses dying or anything

like that

Moses was at a point and he recognized I

will not stand in the way of the Word of

God being fulfilled and what this looks

like in our personal lives is that what

is it about you that could be standing

in the way of God’s promise manifesting

through you is it your pride is it your

ego what is it is that your need to be


is that your need to be comfortable is

that your need to be validated is that

the need to know everything about every

step of the way what is it in your flesh

that is causing you to stand in the way

of God’s Word being manifested through

you the scripture talks about dying

daily dying to the things that will

stand against us that God all I desire

is you I desire your word and the

beautiful thing family about the Word of

God the Word of God is not for God the

Word of God is for you

God is God whether it doesn’t matter

whether you do what he says well you

don’t do what he says he is God nothing

can add to him nothing can be taken away

from him and so when he releases a word

he’s releasing what he knew when he

formed you he’s releasing your

authenticity he’s releasing your truth

and what surrender does surrender brings

us a little higher surrender brings us

higher than the noise it brings us

higher than the things that we want to

dwell in and revel in surrender brings

us to the place where we recognize that

Jesus you have given me a piece and that

piece is in knowing that you are with me

that you will never leave nor forsake me

that even in my darkest days Lord you

and the light in

Oh No then Lord I am committed

wholeheartedly to every word you have

spoken because I recognize that your

word will not fail in my life and so

family it’s about surrender it’s about

making a decision surrender is the key

to manifestation in your life because

surrender reveals your faith it says God

I believe in you

I trust in you above what I see what I

hear what I even think I know because my

knowledge is only based on my exposure

and there are many things I’ve not been

exposed to about your power and your

works and so I want to rest upon you


and so family it’s about surrender it’s

about surrender that’s it and the moment

everything in you aligns with that the

manifestation is guaranteed God looks at

your life and he sees it as done and

that is the place where we begin to say

as it is in heaven

may it be on the earth that is not a

prayer that comes from just this random

vague place when you are fully committed

to what God has said about your life all

of a sudden and the spiritual realm it

is so and that is the place where heaven

begins to back you up

it starts with your surrender the prayer

of as it is in heaven is not a vague or

empty prayer it’s a prayer that starts

from within that heaven has seen it

already God knows the word but there is

a difference when it has seen that wow

this person has already manifested this

thing now we need to make sure it

happens on the earth

Surrender it’s a decision it’s a

decision that’s it and the beauty of

this decision is that you are not doing

it in your own strength when God has

released the word he has released

everything that you would ever need

you’re not alone

it is not by your power it’s not by your

strength it’s by his spirit but your

will has to be one with that word then

God nothing nothing nothing there is

nothing there is no obstacle that will

stop me I’m making that decision and

that’s it family so if you know that

you’re in this house and you know there

are words that God has spoken over your

life and literally you felt that way you

felt like God I feel like my peace has

been troubled I feel like my peace the

peace the Lord gives you no human being

has the power to trouble it something

else might be troubled but not the peace

of God and so if that is you and you say

God I want to give you my total

surrender I just want you to stand with

me thank you Jesus


and maybe you’re here too and maybe you

don’t know the Lord and you were just

drawn to the house today and you say God

I want to surrender to your lordship

Lord Jesus I want to know you I want to

know your voice I want you to also stand

and you may be standing already and I

want us to pray Lord we thank you


we thank you for who you are we thank

you Oh God because you know each and

every one of us by name you saw this day

before it ever became you’ve seen all

our days Oh God

you love us you guide us through it all

Lord we are gonna trust you with

everything we recognize Lord God that

you will not speak a word for the word

to fail we recognize Oh God that there

will be storms in life but even in the

midst of our storms even in the midst of

our fears and our doubts and our worries

Lord that may we do it in your hands not

outside of you because when we are in

your hands Oh God we would be rest

assured that it is your word that would

prevail over our lives Lord we recognize

your love for us we recognize that you

will never leave nor forsake us

that yes life will bring us in some

tunnels but you are the light in the

tunnel Lord we have surrendered two

things only to recognize that it was not

speaking to our truth you have released

words over our lives and we’ve been

wrestling lord I feel like there are

people there are circumstances there are

tampering with my peace but I recognize

now Lord that nothing can take away what

you have given me


and so Lord I made the decision to come

a little higher to rise higher than my

need to be right to rise higher than my

needs to be validated rise higher than

anything that can ever stand in the way

of manifesting what you have said I


recognized Oh Lord that we are in

partnership together that I am NOT in

this by myself and so father God as we

stand before you we say Lord we are

making a decision I have decided to

follow Jesus

no turning back I have decided

to follow your word no matter the cost

Lord as we worship open our eyes to more

of who you are that every question of

our hearts that caused us to be


Lord that we would see you in your glory

and recognize that you are all we would

ever need

and you are all that we could ever ask

for and so lord have your way Lord there

are some that are saying Lord I want to

commit my life to you I want to have a

relationship with you and I want to hear

your voice you already know them by name

and it’s because you’ve called them by

name that they are putting their hands

up before you saying God have your way

in and through me and so lord I thank

you for that life I thank you for those

who are saying god I want to know you

because you already dwell in their

hearts and so Lord seal what we have

received today and may we recognize

that when we put our will in your hands

that is power

emotions will not make us change our

mind but it is the Word of God that we

will stand on

in Jesus mighty name