Service Date: 07.07.19


I’m gonna move a little further in this

series today but I just got to stop and

and say something to you now and I’ll

just tell you I’m just we’re gonna move

deep and I’m gonna talk about conviction

today but but before I do I want to tell

you about yesterday morning when I got

convicted by the Holy Spirit I went out

to this park that I go to it’s right by

the beach and I work out there and I go

there to pray and I went out there to

pray and when the workout was finished I

went out and I looked over the waters

and I was getting ready to pray and I

started to pray about something I need

and the Holy Spirit convicted me and

said that’s not what you need to be

praying about and I said okay because it

wasn’t a bad prayer it wasn’t evil it

wasn’t wicked it wasn’t that it just

wasn’t what the highest version of me

should have been praying in that moment

I’m gonna teach that in a minute so I go

to pray and and it felt like this is not

I didn’t feel an anointing on praying

for that thing how many of us know you

feel you should feel the anointing when

you pray sometimes it’s better let the

spirit pray for you you wanna me instead

of it becoming these vain repetitions

there is something that God wants you to

pray in a particular moment that’s why I

pray with my understanding like we

talked about last week and I pray in

this spirit because I want to cover

everybody’s prayer not just my prayer I

want to cover the Holy Spirit’s prayer

so anyway I’m there and I was getting

ready to pray this nothing wrong with

this thing this good thing and then hope

the conviction Holy Spirit you can’t

play it felt almost like sin to pray

that and it was a good thing and so I’m

like well God didn’t what am I surprised

I started thing then you know you try to

go real spiritual I’m like okay well we

got the Women’s Conference coming and

maybe I need to be praying for the

Women’s Conference and that’s a good

thing right and we’ve been praying for

it but guy was like that ain’t it either

and then you know then you get all

religious stuff like that wow I’m just

praying that all the world would be

saying and that is a good prayer right

but it wasn’t it

and the Lord was basically like asked me

what I want you to pray and so I pause

overlooking the water the vastness of

God I paused and I realized in that

moment by the Holy Spirit that my

prayers were too small and sometimes God

can’t do what he wants to do through

your life because you don’t have the

capacity to ask him properly you

understand what I’m saying he told he

told David or David sang about the Lord

in Psalm 2 & 8

and God said ask of me and I’ll give you

the nation’s he’s like ask for nation’s

and so I’m there I’m like God what do

you want me to pray for and then he said

I want you to think about what’s been

happening lately and I thought I’m like

wow okay we had a couple of earthquakes

and let me just say as a believer you’re

not supposed to just like take an

earthquake and just go on about your

business I understand you watching the

news and and getting all that you know

we’ve got those wonderful doctors from

the USGS we thank God for them and they

give us the scientific interpretation of

the earthquake but how many so there’s a

spiritual interpretation of the

earthquake – hello so you embrace the

scientific and I’m not saying that you

have a corner on the earthquake you some

people like okay in is coming not so


but Jesus did say something in Matthew

24 that as the day draws near there’s

going to be earthquakes in various and

various places so there is a connection

between what Jesus said is happening and

what is happening and so it should sober

all of us at least a little bit don’t

get caught up in the science of it the

sides of it is wonderful that’s that’s

great but there’s a spiritual

understanding there’s something that the

Holy Spirit wants us to do as we start

seeing things like that happen right and

so I was like while we did have those

earthquakes he’s like yeah and then it

just came to me he said here’s what I

want you to pray he says understand this

when the earth shakes when there is a

natural disaster or when there is a

human disaster when there are conditions

that are crazy and things that seem to

get worse you have to understand that

that is what the Bible calls the earth

or the creation grow

I want you to studies when you get a

chance as Romans chapter 8 and you can

start reading the first night didn’t go

away down in fact just read from Genesis

to Revelation you’ll forget the point

trust me but it talks about the Bible

talks about how the earth the creation

everything that got created is groaning

it’s groaning and then it also says that

and we too are groaning so watch this

when the earth groans you are supposed

to groan awful holy spirit you when the

earth groans the Spirit is groaning but

sometimes just as there were some who

did not feel the earthquake because for

whatever reason you were not in a bad

way but just distract it from being

steal enough to feel it does not mean

that the earthquake didn’t happen you

feel me

so sometimes we’re busy can I just

preach for a second sometimes we’re so

busy in our lives their spirit is

groaning but we’re moving and

functioning and doing so much in our own

shrimp or in what we want to do that we

don’t even feel the shaking




hello somebody I didn’t feel the first

quake on the third because I was hiking

I was moving that Roma I came but when

my wife and I decided to get into bed

early and we lay down to watch TV

we felt the earthquake so as I’m

standing over this way looking at the

vastness of the sea it came to me as I

paused I let the Holy Spirit lead me and

guide me my prayer that what the Holy

Spirit wanted me to pray for was the

revealing or the manifesting of the

children of God because that passage in

Romans 8:19 says that all of creation is

eagerly waiting watch this for the

revealing of you are a Borgia

every time the earth shakes God is

calling your name every time there is a

natural disaster or some calamity every

time the earth grows the Spirit of God

assigned to you is groaning – so God

said what you need to pray for what you

need to pray for is pray for the

revealing of my children pray that what

my people would get serious about me and

start walking with me and start being

led by me so that they can start

becoming in me and that’s what I prayed

that’s what God wanted and I hear God

said I got all that other stuff covered

I feel the Holy Ghost God saying I’ve

got your life covered I need you to pray

prayers that are bigger than your life I

need you to ask

four nations asked me for America ask me

for Africa asked me for Brazil Indonesia

asked for India


praying to small church we pray to small

if your prayer life is only about you to

small even in the model prayer he said

pray first before we got into any of the

daily bread he said pray your kingdom

come your will be done on earth as it is

in heaven and then it ends with for

thine is the kingdom and that is the

power and thine is the glory big prayers

I feel this for some of you as God

increases your capacity to pray he’s

gonna make your life bigger bigger

prayer bigger life he’s got you covered

he knows about your little money he

knows about you

he knows about your little bills he

knows about your house

play some big Kingdom

you will create a four

and it’s funny God speaks that to me and

then all of a sudden rabbits start

coming around me and squirrels start

coming around me and birds start drawing

calls and it was almost like they were

saying we’re waiting on you will you be

who God has created you to be

and stop playing and get busy can I talk

to you like that today where my real

believers ain’t talking about believers



he said you praying too small you want

to know what I’m thinking about you

don’t want to know what I see I see the

earth groaning I see the earth shaking I

see everything that can be shaken being

shaken so that that which cannot be

shaken can stand hallelujah hallelujah

I got a pastor a real church hello


and trust me you want me to because when

this shaking comes I don’t want you to

be swept up and worrying about the

science of it and all of that the

science is fine that’ll be there but

there’s a higher thing going on every

time the hearse take my spirit on a


what does that look like practically I’m

a practical guy what does that look like

practically that means me not playing

that means me getting serious that means

me digging in god what did you do when

you grabbed me Paul put it this way I’m

trying to lay hold of that for which

Christ has to laid hold upon me God why

don’t you put your hand on me God why

did you save me

why didn’t I die in that car accident

why didn’t I die whenever

did some


right now


some real questions

you start asking questions like god

what’s in me what’s in me you start

asking questions like what is all the

hell that I face big trying to keep from

coming out of me why am I so important

to hell that I gotta fight to smile

every single

because because if the other guy could

have me he would have me how come the

Lord only allows him to get so close but

every single time I make awake how comes

he made the enemy just like a roaring

lion but not a real lion why is he

trying to scare me from stepping into my

destiny why is he trying to keep me from

being everything that must be something

about me that makes


see I start asking questions I start

asking questions why is there fight on

my life so vigorous what is that what is

that maybe I need to change the

narrative about my struggles they may be

difficult but every time I open my eyes

I’m still here that they may threaten to

wipe me out or or this is the big one

this is gonna take me out of the game

and I embrace for the worst but then I

look up and I’m still standing maybe

maybe it’s time for the narrative the

change maybe the Lord allows me to go

through stuff to prove that I’m bigger

than the stuff that I go through and

maybe just maybe God wants to settle it

once and for all I’m here to stay baby


and I got a signal

I gotta settle it I feel that for


I’m telling you Chris I feel that for

somebody some of you you need to settle

in I’m here to stay and since I’m here

to stay I might as well be on my way

since I’m here to stay

my mother’s will not be concerned about

how people see me I felt God or what

people say about me

says I can’t be stopped I might as well

get moving get moving to me a favor

high-five somebody say get moving get

moving get moving

found out that I stopped


what were they



cuz only

got one life to live and the ground is


don’t you feel it right now they say

there are tweaks are happening all the

time we just aren’t sensitive enough to

feel it can’t you feel the ground

shaking under you right now I feel your

spirit is stirring ain’t God’s house

today and I’m calling forth the

revealing of who you are I’m tired of

looking at imposters with real


shaking is coming shaking is coming it’s

time to wake up you don’t have anything

to worry about it’s time for you to wake

up and it’s time for you to stand up

stop apologizing for being anointed stop

apologizing for being special

stop apologizing for being safe stop

apologizing for being caught

stop apologizing for having the Holy

Spirit in your life

no more apologies by the grace of God I

am what I am what do I do

I pray and mountains move what do I do

I’m lay hands on the sick and they

recover what do I do I point my finger

at Devils and they flee what do I preach

the good news of the kingdom of heaven

what do I



no mine


I am what I am God didn’t call me to fit

in he called me a breakout breakout

break out break out in your uniqueness

wake up in your gifting break out in

your calling y’all got me happy

break out break out stand out be bolder

than you’ve ever been before

see that’s what the Holy Ghost gives you

the Holy Spirit gives you bonus mmm I

feel the Spirit of the risen Savior in

this house come on let’s just take a

minute and worship I feel God in this

house Oh glory to God I see a generation

mighty wind


cut power in you


somebody’s catching it if you’re

catching it holler at me

somebody’s catching it somebody’s

catching it you catching it you starting

to get it it’s starting to make sense

now okay see I’m not talking to your

mind maybe when I give him my notes I’ll

speak to your mind

but right now I’m speaking to your inner

man cuz there’s a part of you that knows

I’m telling the truth even when your

mind is trying to fight it dig down on

the inside of you he is speaking to a

part of me you’re not weak

you’re not insecure


that ain’t you that’s who you’re killing

that’s really killing so the Holy Spirit

one of the amazing gifts of the Holy

Spirit is the gift of conviction because

what conviction is identifying is that

which is not you and we get and we get

conviction and condemnation crossed and

and and we run from conviction because

when we get conviction and condemnation

crossed condemnation is a terrible

feeling condemnation says you’re not

condemnation says you you are the fact

no condemnation says you you’re terrible

condemnation says you’re bad

condemnation says you’re worthless

condemnation says you are what you do

and condemnation has so has no

redemption and that there’s no

redemptive value in condemnation and so

we run from it conviction says something

different conviction says that’s not you

conviction as the master potter is

chipping away to create his masterpiece

conviction is chipping away everything

that is not you and everything that is

unprofitable and so great people embrace

conviction great people aren’t settled

if they live and not feel conviction for

too long

because wait something’s wrong because I

know at least at least got one thing

that needs to be worked out or it worked

on so if I don’t feel conviction that

means that I haven’t put myself either I

haven’t put myself in a space to be

convicted or I have desensitized myself

to conviction which is a terrible thing

because conviction is your friend Oh

hallelujah you you you don’t have you

know we talked about last week the Holy

Spirit is the advocate conviction as

part of him advocating because the Holy

Spirit has a picture of who you are

before I formed you in your mother’s

womb I knew you

if any man is in Christ he’s a new

creation old things have passed away all

things have become new

you’ve seated in heavenly places in

Christ Jesus far above principalities

and powers and so so there is a youth

that you are yet meeting but that the

Holy Spirit fully knows and that’s why

the Holy Spirit convicts you he’s not

mad at you he’s saying no that’s not

what you do hmm the Holy Spirit says

I’ve already seen you and so I’m gonna

confront this because you don’t know it

yet because you’re still becoming that

you that I’ve seen but to you that I’ve

seen doesn’t think like that doesn’t

function like that is not broken like

that is not insecure like that is not

fearful like that is not pulling look


Hey so so the Holy Spirit is the

guarantee right that’s what it says what

Holy Spirit and infusions chapter 1 I

believe he says he is the guarantee of

the promise in other words I guarantee

it’s going to happen because one I’m

gonna convict you of everything that’s

not you I’m gonna empower you and guide

you to you oh I wish somebody would

catch what I’m saying because I can’t I

can’t do it the way out you know I can’t

do that because we’re in something now

we’re in it now we’re in now the Holy

Spirit sees you I mentioned it before in

the early part of series the two of you

Philippians 1:6 God says he who has

begun a good work in you shall complete

it until the day of Jesus Christ that

work complete in the Greek is in the

present perfect tense in other words

something is in the present perfect

tense means that it is happen while it’s

happening so he who has begun a good

work in you is completing what has been

completed are we tracking together so

there is a you that’s already good

there’s a you that doesn’t have

struggles there’s a you that’s not

broken the Holy Ghost there’s a units

not fearful there’s a you that doesn’t

give away pieces of yourself for

attention there’s a you that’s perfected

and completing God entirely and this you

is trying to get to this you John 16

says the Holy Spirit convicts of sin sin

is not what you do sin is why you did it

you’re not ready for that

sin is not what you do send us why you

did sin the Greek word for Santa’s

Herman Tina in the Greek it literally

means to miss the mark or to fall short

that’s why Romans 3:23 says all have

sinned and then what fallen short of the

glory of God why is it a problem to fall

short of the glory of God it’s because

you were created in God’s image so to be

unlike God is sin not what you do but

the condition that makes you do it

that’s why Jesus did not become sins it

doesn’t say God who had no sin became

sin it says he became sin not Jesus

became sin enough he didn’t become

simply what you do he became the root of

what you do he became the why you do

what you do


so that we might become the

righteousness of God did you catch that

not my righteousness I have fallen short

because of this condition I have fallen

short and one of the evidences is death

God is eternal so death itself proves

that I’ve fallen short of God’s

intention because of this thing called

sin so what the Holy Spirit does is it

is he convicts us of the areas of

limitation in our lives and calls us

higher Paul put it this way that works

against an means to miss the mark

remember when Paul said I haven’t

arrived and I’m not perfected yet this

is Philippians 3 if you take your notes

he says I haven’t been perfected yet

he said but this one thing I do know

before he says that he says I am trying

to apprehend what I have been

apprehended for he says I am trying to

grasp what I have been grasped for this

is the faith life it is not houses

planes and automobiles I understand all

that I get that but it’s not about that

that’s this life you can have houses

planes and automobiles and have nothing

to do with faith so watch this the real

faith pursuit the real discipline and

function and the real walk of faith is

trying to grasp what you have been

grasped for why am I here on a Sunday

morning not in New Orleans

or at the beach or just getting up from

some wild praise the Lord

the why did the spirit move me to come

to this converted theater on the prayer

the life of faith family is to daily try

to apprehend the reason for your

apprehension and Paul says I forget

what’s behind me and I reach forward to

those things which are ahead of me in

other words nothing worthy of me is

behind me the real me is not back there

there are no such things as the good old

days the real me will forever be in

front of me Oh hallelujah

Paul says forgetting what’s behind and

reaching forward unto what is ahead he

says I press for the mark there’s a mark

and you haven’t reached it yet and the

mark is not money and the mark is that

social media followers because when you

get to a million you’re gonna find

somebody with twenty and when you get to

twenty you’re gonna find somebody with a

hundred hello somebody so it’s not that

it is not even optimum health although I

believe you ought to be yourself there

you can be what is the mark you know

what the mark is the mark is you know

real you know glorified you

the you with no limits I feel God that

you would know brokenness that’s what

we’re after so the Holy Spirit his job

his job is to convict us toward the mark

not to put you down not to make you feel

shame see you have to understand the the

mentality of the holy spirit if you want

to sit down you can I’m gonna talk for a

few minutes we’ll be done the mentality

of the Holy Spirit the mentality of the

holy spirit it’s not about what’s wrong

with you that’s not I’m almost done to

you by the way the mentality of the Holy

Spirit the mentality of the Holy Spirit

it’s not about what’s wrong with you the

mentality of the Holy Spirit is obsessed

with what is right with you so the

conviction of the Holy Spirit is to

simply move you from error to accuracy

host fears not managing the cross took

care of our shortcomings that the

picture the idea of God being upset with

you well God’s really gonna get me for

this that’s not even accurate the cross

he got Jesus for you now that doesn’t

mean that let me tell you he doesn’t

even have to punish you all you do is

just live in the lesser version of you

and life will punish you so it literally

is an escape so real quickly I want you

to look at conviction differently great

people seek out conviction there’s a

verse this one verse will use and that

that’ll be it it’s out of proverbs

chapter 27 and verse 6 I love it oh I

love this verse such a real verse it

says faithful are the wounds of a friend

put it up there probably went there we

go praise the Lord

26 I love this look look at these words

poetry is beautiful faithful are the

wounds of a friend but the kisses of an

enemy are deceitful in that beautiful

faithful I love I love it

faithful are the wounds of a friend the

wounds of a friend that that seems

almost oxymoronic the wounds of a friend

faithful that word faithful is a Hebrew

word and the underlying root were their

means to build up so so when God wants

to build you up he’ll use a faithful

friend and that faithful friend will

wound you juxtapose against look but the

kisses of an enemy are deceitful so my

enemy kisses me my friend wounds me and

this made me think of the Holy Spirit

the Holy Spirit is that faithful friend

that will convict you and sometimes that

conviction feels like a wound in fact

most of the time if it’s a real

conviction it feels like a woman and the

reason why it hurts a little bit is

because let’s just be honest with you

you know you’re not perfect but some of

you near thank you close to it come on

especially when you start going to

church and you cut out some of the stuff

that you used to do you know you still

got some work but you feel like you’re

doing pretty doggone good let’s just be

honest two or three of you feel like you

got it

pretty much together now you know now

and see the Holy Spirit will convict you

about something that you won’t convict

you about because the Holy Spirit sees

you more accurately than you see you

so I need the Holy Spirit because I’m

not going to convict me on the level

that the Holy Spirit does because I will

justify me I’ll call it things like

that’s just my personality come on

somebody that’s just just how he made me

me and just how I am

that’s just my good luck no no no here

here here this God knows my heart he’s

not cool what you being mean so so

conviction conviction we need God

because God will tell us straight up

because all of us particularly when you

start walking with the Lord every and

even sometimes when you don’t walk with

the Lord everybody has a little eating

little sprinkle of self-righteousness in

there just a little pinch like

Grandmama’s cooking you know what

grandma you get the season that you know

I don’t know about that okay

all right just a bit seasoning seriously

you you ever been a new over eating in

New Orleans I’m sorry miss I can’t do it

see my wife has seized my filtering but

no let me just say it since its essence

weekend okay if you ever eat in New

Orleans the food is so doggone good it’s

like somebody’s Grandmama’s in the

kitchen and when nobody’s looking she

just reaches in her bra and pulls out

this little spice and just I’m sorry I’m

tired all right but all of us all of us

sometimes have a little sprinkle of self

righteousness in us and we won’t convict

us by God will God will show us stuff

that we are cool with we will tolerate

we’re cool with it right

we won’t convict ourselves in that area

and God is saying

I’ve got to deal with that here’s what

thing that is interesting about

conviction and why you have to pay

attention to it it’s because God

convicts about certain things at certain

times here’s what I mean if the Holy

Spirit’s job is to convict us of sin and

it is that’s John 16 you can find it

okay if that’s his job none of us are

without sin the real version of us is

good but we aren’t which means that if

if the Holy Spirit were to convict us of

all sin all the time he’d be convicting

us all day so he doesn’t convict us of

all of our issues all the time which

means that he is very selective about

when he convicts and so we have to pay

attention to the timing and the issue

that he’s convicting of for this reason

if God is highlighting it that means

that there could be an expiration on the

grace for that thing can I talk to you

like that for a second because he

doesn’t convict us all the time

but every once in a while he’d be like

alright now when you were a child you

thought as a child you understood as a

child you did this as a child but when

you became man it’s time to put away

childish things I feel that for some of

you there’s there’s oftentimes there is

there’s grace there’s always grace but

sometimes when God knows a if you don’t

make the ship now you’re gonna miss a

critical opportunity of transformation

can I talk to you like this I know that

I promise this is positive so it’s a

gift the conviction is a gift it would

not be love if God didn’t do nothing

with it

just let you just knew that magic she

got to make the shift now she’s gonna

miss that thing she’s got to get these

things in order Hey

because it was cool for those things to

not be in order but I’m getting ready to

bring the blessing that necessitates her


so I got to convict you and sometimes I

bring the conviction on strong because I

want you to really get it because I

don’t want you to miss it because this

is connected to that and that is

connected to that and that is connected

to this and the very thing you’ve been

praying for is on the other side of your

appropriate response to my conviction


conviction is a gift we got to fall in

love with it the great love conviction

David said search me Lord switch me

search me if you find anything in me

take it out of me can we go a little

further I want to show you really quick

I only have like about four or five

hours left with you I want to show you

really quickly we’ll just call this in

the interest of time I want to I want to

call this the cycle of transformation

hear me you cannot be who God has called

you to be without the Holy Spirit’s


you will not convict yourself you cannot

trust you to see you you are familiar

with you you know you you are

comfortable in you some of you were born

in something that God wants to break you

out of it is generational it is communal

it is environmental when you are born in

dysfunction it looks like normality

that’s why when God engages Abraham one

of the first things that God tells him

to do when God is getting ready to make

him a statesman to make him an example

to bring the people through him the

first thing that God tells Abraham to do

is get out of your country and out of

your father’s house and away from your

family to a land that I will show you

because you are gonna call certain

things that are broken normal I was

raised in an environment with certain

things that are absolutely gross to me

now we’re normal

things that you would get high five for

were normal in that environment and in

that context so I need the Holy Spirit

because I don’t know how much of what I

am doing or what I am thinking is only

seems normal

because I was birth and dysfunction so I

need the Holy Spirit who knows me who

sees me who understands the real version

of me

who has not been diluted by culture or

family or generational bondage to show

me me because only he has perfect

commentary on who I truly am so herein

is this cycle and I believe that if you

embrace this cycle and you live in this

cycle and you walk out and this walk out

the process and the steps of this cycle

you will never fail to continue to

become and I believe that the more you

become the more you have but the more

you have will not have you you can have

what not becoming you caught that linked

up you can have without becoming which

is sad OOP I know what it’s like that

was me in 2000 I know what it’s like to

have but not be oh that’s when people do

this because I thought that the more

that I have the happier and the better I

will be where do I go when I have it all

and I’m still lost and not only that but

others have this expectation of me that

is not even me

so I’m lost to myself I’m lost to others

but I have accomplished all of this over

here there’s no place to go don’t judge

people who do that anyone is susceptible

of taking that type of plunge and I hate

it when I hear about it I hate it but in

particular when they don’t embrace a

process of becoming

you can become and have two dollars in

your bank account and say well I’ve got

two dollars imma fight this thing I’m

gonna take this two dollars and make

something out of it in G I ain’t going

nowhere and conversely you could have

two billion and not become and jump off

of a skyscraper and what I’m saying is

I’m gonna take you to this cycle I want

you to think about it and I want you to

add this to your tool chest of

spirituality because I believe that if

you employ if you employ the disciplines

in this cycle as it relates to

conviction of the holy spirit you will

never fall short of becoming and the

more you become the more fulfilled

you’ll be which if that were just the

promise by itself that will be enough

the more fulfilled the more transformed

of the more blessed let’s talk about it

so here’s how transformation works here

is a cycle of transformation let me

reiterate you cannot have growth without

conviction conviction is an opportunity

for critical growth that is one of the

greatest gifts of the Holy Spirit he

convicts so conviction is where it


what is conviction conviction is when

the Holy Spirit lets you know that

something ain’t cool

that was me standing on the edge that

thing getting ready to pray it’s getting

ready to pray this and conviction for me

was you got to go deeper that’s not it

that’s not right it’s not wrong it’s

just not right

that’s what conviction does we are

people of the Spirit

we’re people of alignment we want our

steps to be ordered we’re not random

people we don’t want to just do random

like whatever you know what I’m saying

like everything we do we wanted to hit

everything we wanted to mean something

you feel me I want my life to hit I want

my words to hit

I want my interaction with my children

the hit I want my interaction with my

wife to hit

I want my interactions business take it

when I’m in a meeting I wanna I wanna

take it you feel me if you

creating if I’m writing I want the words

to hit I don’t want to just put some

words in the page and get to 260

thousand words to appease my publisher

no no let me sit down because I want

every single dot every single T cross I

wanted to hit and pray for you you read

it my books meeting if not could convict

me Holy Spirit but you know what I’m

said so so so so conviction is the

introduction of the truth that something

is not quite it or fill it and you can

use that in relationships when you’re

dating don’t let the six-pack make you

reject the conviction Holy Ghost uh

conviction but some six bags no cuz that

six-pack will blind you and whatever

your version of six-pack is that’s your

business okay but it will blind you I

need the Holy Spirit because I want you

to show me and tell me that something’s

wrong when everything looks so right

I’ve had I’ve had situations that looked

amazing on paper you ever been there

whoa on paper just like BAM this is it

but something in here and if I would

have moved on it set back millions

relationally same thing so so so

conviction is you get we gotta move

through this conviction as a gift don’t

play with it don’t cheapen it don’t make

it like conviction is the friend that

bothers you

conviction is the faithful friend who

will wound you if he has to

in order to get you to what God promised

you are you tracking with me and you

need some real friends in your life like

that they’re not kissing you all the

time I don’t do everything right I’m

like yes people tell me no every once in

a while at least you don’t said it’s

good for me tell me no staff like really

yes but make it a good no make it a good

no I’m telling you I’m you know whack no

now I get you fired you’re crazy all

right conviction

so conviction is the presence of error

and until that error message is cleared

you can’t move in the direction of that

thing that God is convicting you in

right so the first step in this cycle of

transformation is conviction the second

step is repentance so when God and first

of all repentance literally means to

change your mind a change your thinking

about something that’s when the change

happens the change doesn’t happen when

you do something different the change

happens when there’s a shift in your

mind that you have embraced the

revelation that this is not cool and you

change your mind you change your mind

before you change your ways are you

tracking with me so repentance says okay

I’ve received that conviction as true

and now in my heart and in my head I

repented I think family I think I think

I’ve got five minutes I think I think

that oftentimes we don’t give God enough

space in our lives for conviction to

fully be manifest I need to say that

better we don’t we’re not still enough

for us to even understand the conviction

that the Holy Spirit may be bringing

into our lives

meditation is everything for me I can’t

just get up and just run into my day

I’ve got to take a minute right this is

a day I’ve never seen before hello

somebody I ain’t never seen this day

before I don’t know what’s around the

corner all coming anything could happen

I got in my car this morning it was

acting on find some new cars acting all

weird I’m like this ain’t supposed to

happen you know trying to keep me from

coming in to bring this message I don’t

just jump hallelujah

I don’t just family I don’t just jump

into a day I need a minute I need a

minute to pause is there any unfinished

spiritual business that me and God need

to work through so sometimes even with

conviction I can’t get to repentance

because I didn’t sit in the conviction

long enough and sometimes that was on


hey because I didn’t like the area that

the Holy Spirit was convicting me in and

I felt like it would be too much to

bring about real change and sometimes

the reason why why we reject conviction

is that we don’t feel like there’s

enough strength and power to actually

make the shift and we don’t want to be

failures so we just kind of brush it to

the side but but I’m gonna show you in a


that there’s always power to change do

me a favor just tell your neighbor

there’s always power to change there’s

always no matter what it is there’s

always power to change so we’ve got

conviction repentance is when you say

all right boom okay conviction has I’ve

accepted that this is conviction I’ve

heard God out in this matter I’ve heard

the Holy Spirit out in this matter and

now I have a change of mindset about it

right and my heart has changed about it

and then I go into the third phase and

the third phase is confession there’s a

passage of Scripture in 1st John chapter

1 beginning at verse 8 and I will read

it real quick because we only got like

like like like five or six hours it says

if we say that we have no sin

we deceive ourselves and the truth is

not in us in verse nine it says if we

confess our sins he is faithful and just

to forgive our sins and to cleanse us

from all the righteous that’s powerful

first of all confession that word

confess is a Greek word is the Greek

word homologue ale is made of two words

homo same low gail is from logos which

means to speak in other words to confess

is to agree with God I’m saying the same

thing out of my mouth I’m saying the

same thing that you are saying about

what you are convicting me in you open

your mouth and speak it and declare you

say I am who you say I am and I renounce

and I reject any identity that you did

not confirm that I am are you tracking

with me Holy Spirit I am trusting and

leading you to teach me and to guide me

as it pertains to identity you speak to

me you teach me I don’t want nobody

teaching me I don’t want man teaching me

I don’t want my momma teaching me I

don’t want my daddy teaching me I don’t

miss it necessarily with my pastor

teaching me Holy Spirit you tell me who

I am and I will say the same thing as

you about my identity

are you checking with me then when you

confessor I love it because it says that

if you confess your sins he’s faithful

and just to forgive

of course that’s easy but I like it says

and to cleanse you from unrighteousness

that work cleanse is the same word

that’s used when Jesus talks about

pruning remember when he says when you

bear fruit he prunes it that it might

bear forth more fruit which means that

in order to truly become there will have

to be contained a cycle of continuous

pruning of things and so we have

forgiveness we have repentance we have

confession this is a process I’m telling

you some of you I can’t wait for us to

pray because somebody’s life was getting

ready to change the fourth stage of this

is endowment

all of this was preparation and

conviction that’s God initiating

something repentance is us responding

confession is us responding we’re moving

towards something and then

when that process of us responding is

ripe there is an endowment of power

there is grace for change Oh hallelujah

and this is important because man I’ll

tell you man sometimes the things that

the Holy Spirit is convicted me on and

I’m like man how is that ever gonna

change my daddy did it my

great-grandfather did it my mama did it

my good you know I’m saying you just

start saying everybody I know that I’ve

never seen I’ve never seen it done can

we have a real conversation what do you

do when the Holy Spirit convicts you

about something that he wants for you

that you have never seen you’ve never

seen wealth through better money

management you you that they haven’t

been a vegan in your family there’s been

fried chicken and potato salad moment

you oh god how

the colored folk get it everybody else’s

like I’m on one today they don’t kick me

out of this church too late I started it

the point that I’m making you got a

laugh sometimes come on Jesus Christ in

this crazy world you better find

something to laugh at

so the point that I’m making is

sometimes the area that God wants to

change becomes this daunting thing as

you look at it because you’ve never

known anything else and you never seen

anything else and I hate God saying to

you ask of me and I’ll give you the

nation’s I will listen with conviction

comes endowment so the moment hear me

this is so important if there’s an error

that guy’s been convicting you in that

you’re a little afraid of with the

conviction comes the endowment remember

how I said God does just all of a sudden

convict you convict you about everything

he convicts you about things where there

is a moment of an opportunity for grace

divine and ableman

to address it that’s why you got to move

at the point of conviction man I can

almost sit on that I felt like I struck

something that’s why you can’t be afraid

of it and that’s why you have to develop

the discipline of embracing it because

in that conviction there is a window of

power to get past that thing I feel that

I almost want to stop right there I feel

I feel the Holy Spirit so strongly but

summon you might be being convicted in

this room right now about something the

Holy Spirit is screaming has highlighted

something and I hit God saying I’ve

highlighted it because I’m ready to get

down to business about it

he says yeah you haven’t been waiting on

me I’ve been waiting on you and I want

to do business with you in that area

right now because it is holding you back

Oh God it is holding you back it’s not

what you should do is what you must do

it is it is holding you back it’s not

just the right thing to do

because I’m a Christian it’s bigger than

that I think I saying the reason why I’m

highlighting it it’s not because I’m

trying to hinder you I’m trying to help

you and then alignment which is when you

and the true version of you have a

rendezvous for a minute concerning that

area and you take on the characteristics

of the real you in that area until you

meet again for the next level to break

through which leads to transformation

and ultimately generational blessing

because when you become it you can pass

it down there are some things that you

have to kill I’m ready to pray because I

feel the president got so strong there

are some things that you have to kill or

they’re gonna show up in your kid’s life

and instead of them going further to the

next level man god this is too much

instead of them being able to take the

baton whether I’m talking about natural

kids I’m talking about spiritual kids

I’m talking about who ever you were

signed to touch and reach instead are

you being able to give them a healthy

baton whereby they might run their race

you give them a decayed baton an

infected baton and now they got to run

their race and deal with what you should

have killed and deal with the Devils

that are in their generation that ain’t

fair that ain’t fair man listen man we

started this church in North Hollywood

in 2004 does 15 years ago I was younger


and their kids that grew up in this

church I’m thinking about one young man

and actor he’s ripping and running right

now I don’t know if he’s here actor

singing everything and there’s plenty

like that but I’m thinking about one in

particular he was a little boy Trevor he

little boy and he grew up in this church

what I’m getting at is that life moves

moves and they’re people counting on us

to be real listen I know we’re young

church but let me tell you something

some of y’all ain’t that young they love

somebody you ain’t that young some of

you at the age they’re you 30 you need

to be pulling somebody behind you

you you could be a little scooping your

20s a little bit now really not really

but by the time you reach 30 you need to

be pulling somebody and you can’t pull

somebody if you continue to need to be

pulled you don’t have said because your

life my that is your life this life that

God has blessed you to live is connected

to the generation that’s behind you i’ma

tell you straight up it’s not even about

you and the more that you don’t make it

about you the more God will bless you so

much so that you will think it’s about

you you understand what I’m saying

the more you make it about who God has

called you to be

in this short span of time that he’s

given you between your birth and your

death and you max it out and part of

maxing it out is not simply reaching

towards the mark that’s your priority

but one of the reasons why you’re

reaching towards the mark is so that you

can better in a more accurate way grab

that next generation and pull them in

I’m not gonna leave the generation worse

I’m not gonna leave that next generation

worse than it was in my generation you

understand what I’m saying I’m gonna

leave them some faith I’m gonna leave

them some anointing i’ma leave them some

businesses come on somebody

i’ma leave them an industry i’ma give

them something that they can take and

run on with I’m gonna leave them some

churches I believe some Mantle’s with

the next generation can grab something

and say I thank God for pastor Torrey I

thank God for pastor Sarah I thank God

for pastor ty I thank God

that’s somebody in their generation

trusted God serves us believe God fought

devils and demons



and they changed the world I can’t do

that if I don’t allow the Holy Spirit

through conviction to show me who I’m

not if you hear when you say pastor you

have been wearing me out today and I

know that the Holy Spirit wants to do a

new thing in my life and I want to yield

to the Holy Spirit to his affirmation

and his conviction if that’s you please

meet us at the altar I want to pray for

you come on come on come on come on we

got to get this right change your lives

come on we got to get this right we got

to get this right

we got to get this right we got to get

this right I’m not I’m not afraid of

your Holy Spirit I trust you I trust you

teach me leave me feed me teach me leave

me feed me

come on make your way here come on we’re

gonna be a generation a spirit-filled

spirit lead generation and you’re gonna

hit I feel the Holy Ghost

you’re gonna hit stuffs gonna start

hitting for you you’re gonna get some

patience I hear God saying I’m gonna

slow you down in order to speed you up

and the slowing down is just to get you

to a place where you find the Holy

Spirit’s rhythm so I got to slow down

for a minute but then God is gonna blow

the whistle and then I’m gonna run

accurately accurately I’m gonna slow you

down just speed you up I’m gonna restore

the years that the locusts have eaten

you watched me you watched me I’m gonna

slow you down because you’ve been in

your own rhythm you’ve been in your

rhythm and you’ve been moving too fast

that’s why you’re not feeling the

earthquakes so I’m a slow you down and

I’m a I’m gonna teach you my voice and

I’m gonna teach you my ways and I’m a

I’m gonna teach you how i Function i’m

gonna whisper in your ear this is the

way walk in it so it’s gonna look like

you slowing down but you’re getting

revved up for great out of that – man

you’re gonna pass by it’s not about

competition but i’ma tell you right now

don’t be discouraged by people that

seemed to pass you up not walking in the


let them run on slow down I feel it I

should slow down and let the Holy Spirit

minister to you and teach you and show

you the way you won’t come out the case

I feel God

from behind and the last I’m gonna be

first I see it you were wandering and

God is getting ready to shore up your

steps he’s getting ready to shore up

your steps and it’s gonna be amazing

it’s gonna be amazing it just seemed so

much people gonna be like where is she

where is he

don’t worry about it don’t worry about

it don’t worry about it

I don’t even want to tell you everything

I see it’s crazy

where is he where is she man they fell

off I ain’t seeing them and then they

gonna come in to your office looking for

a job oh oh that’s where you win to the

top to the top of the mountain the head

and not the tail let them search for you

oh yeah she went got into God she wanted

him God people she see when God

she wouldn’t got all spiritual all

religions let him talk let him talk you

just stay faithful and you trust his

voice because it’s gonna lead you I see

people coming back and apologizing to

you for hurting you not believe oh man I

got to turn this thing off


Father forgive them for they know not

what they do walk it out walk in it if

you’re here and you say man this is

crazy I left I cried I was convicted I

just my first time here

and I don’t quite understand it and I’ve

never considered myself a religious

person or spiritual person or whatever

but I can’t deny but there’s something

in this place that my soul needs if

that’s you when you’re here first of all

I can’t tell you how I feel unless I’m

connected to the one that knows your

feelings from the inside out

so what I’ll say to you is first of all

welcome first of all welcome second of

all I love you God loves you we love you

third of all God initiates relationship

and one of the ways that God initiates

relationship is engaging us in the place

that transcends what we can understand a

mind doesn’t fully grasp it but

something happen on the inside of us

that we know it was real and something

that we want to be a part of our life

forever if that’s you and you were here

or you’re watching via livestream or

what have you and you say you know what

pastor I don’t understand it and I’ve

got a million questions but I cannot

deny how amazing the presence is making

me feel oh I haven’t felt like this and

I want to feel like this all the time if

that’s you and you’re here I want to

pray for you and I believe that the

Spirit of God is going to seal you so

that this that you’re feeling in the

room will be your norm when you leave

here and if that’s you and you simply

say I want to open up myself to the

Spirit of God that’s in this room I want

you to come and meet me at this altar as

well if that’s you just come just come

out oh because the hours are flooded I

get all that but if you can just make it

just just make some sort of gesture

toward me and we’re gonna pray for you

cuz it’s real good father I just thank

you what more can we say or do you have

had your way in this house in such an

incredible way and we love you so much

we thank you I thank you for these

precious people each and every single

one of them unique and distinct full of


you some survivors in this room so

people that have been through some stuff

and there’s young I feel young people

but you’ve been through some stuff like

you were twice the age that you are and

yet you survived and god I thank you for

the callings that are in this room sons

and daughters called out of darkness and

into your marvelous light they are part

of what you are doing in the earth and I

bless them and I cover them God and I

plead the blood of Jesus over each and

every one of them over their mind over

their hearts over their bodies over

their lives god I thank you for each of

them and you’re doing something in their

lives they’re God Holy Spirit this is

conviction conviction touches our heart

and draws us towards what’s right and

away from that which is not us

so we all are responding to conviction

right now and even moving and taking

steps towards this altar is a sign of

repentance and we praise you for that

and now as we move it to confession I

want you to repeat after me Heavenly

Father I thank you for your love it is

rich I feel it

I accept it

I thank you for your word you know me

you love me that is obvious I receive it

I agree with you and what you’ve spoken

to me I acknowledge that there is a me

in you that is higher than me and this

day I proclaim that I’m on my way

step-by-step through yielding to

conviction to becoming that mean I thank

you for Jesus thank you for making him

who had no sin who had no limitations

who had no weakness thank you for making

him all of my weakness all of my

limitations and all of my falling short

you put that in his body nailed it to

the cross and put it to death but when

he was raised totally free and


I got raised up too and because I’m in

him I’m no longer a slave to my

shortcomings I’m a slave to becoming

everything you’ve created me to be I’m

not looking back my past is behind me my

future is bright I’m on my way up the

mountain of my destiny and may

everything that is not like you fall off

of me from this day forward from level

to level

and from glory to glory in Jesus name



come on

come on we love

she was our life

without future


this is where is that


this works all day every day there are

certain things that only work in certain

circles and in certain moments this

right here there’s nothing greater than

it there’s nothing greater than it let

him guide you let him guide you the Holy

Spirit is perfect theology it is the

only place that you will find perfect

theology my wife and I what we want for

you more than anything is for you to

have a relationship with the Holy Spirit

that’s our passion we don’t want you to

be hooked on us we’re not the Holy

Spirit we can help you but we can’t save

you we can help you but we can’t use you

it’s the Holy Spirit and we want you to

have that that’s what we want to leave

in the earth that’s what we want to

leave in this generation I thank God for

for every Church in every ministry but

let me tell you what it’s not about it’s

not about simple inspiration my dog can

inspire you inspiration without

transformation is futile it’s about


and transformation to what one thing

your preset image in Christ me in Christ

I myself in Christ looks different from

you in Christ you will be able to tell

we’re brothers without a shadow of a

doubt there will be resemblance but

still distinction your unique identity

in Christ you must find your unique

voice and only the Holy Spirit can lead

you to that and that’s why this type of

teaching doesn’t get you all a shout so

you won’t rack up the views on YouTube I

don’t care I care about the people I’m

talking to you’ve got to get this when

when life forces your hood to be raised

to see what’s under there I want to make

certain that life finds the Holy Spirit

they’re saying it may help you

out on one life to pop your hood cuz

life will pop your hood see what you

made of pull your pants don’t ever you

want to call it life will strip you but

neck it to see what you’re working with

hello somebody

and I want to make certain that you’ve

got what it takes and the Holy Spirit if

you get him you’ll have more than what

you ever need are you tracking with me

we just love you we just love you that’s

it that’s it we can give you that we can

give you that