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praise God family I am so excited to be

with you on this Sunday and I’m just so

touched by what our pastor was able to

share with you all you know I it just

takes me back honestly to the start of

the year and one of the words that God

gave me about what this year would

represent not even in a personal way but

corporately was about embracing the

shift and look at where we are today we

are seeing how God is Shifting things

but the beauty of it is that we see the

hand of God we see the goodness of God

we see the faithfulness of God in L.A in

Dallas what we’re seeing is God

multiplying his impact because at the

end of the day everything we do we do it

unto the glory of God and so no matter

what you what what you get no matter who

you see you’re not just seeing a person

you’re not here because you’re you’re

looking at me or you want to hear the

words I have to say you’re here because

you know that the the anointing of God

flows through this house and you that

anyone that has been race to step on

this stage is going to be surrender to

what God has to say and I’m just excited

family I’m excited about the

possibilities that comes when there is a

shift when there is a shift that God has

ordained and even today even as we step

into the message we’re going to talk

about that a bit more you know because a

lot of times even when you when you hear

about things shifting you know if you’re

looking at it from a Physical Realm then

it could leave you wondering and left

with uncertainty but we’re going to talk

about this from a spiritual realm you

see as you’re taking notes my message

today is walk with me and we are going

to go on a journey but I want to kick

off with a scripture and we’re going to

pray you see Genesis 6 9 it says this

these are the generations of Noah Noah

was a righteous man blameless in his

generation Noah walked with God Heavenly

Father we thank you

we thank you for what you’re doing in

our Movement we thank you for what

you’re doing in L.A we thank you for

what you’re doing in Dallas we thank you

Lord for what you’re doing right now we

thank you Lord for what you have always

purposed to do even before time that we

are seen being manifested in time and so

heavenly father I pray that as this word

Goes Forth I Surrender myself as your

vessel and I pray heavenly father that

we would receive that mandate that

unction to walk with you in Jesus mighty

name amen amen you see family I want to

take you on a journey

you know many times I’ve shared just

some of my story in how I got to one and

how you know the Lord called me into

Ministry but I want to take us on a walk

down memory lane for just you know just

a little bit because I think this moment

really requires that

you see I remember you know as a kid I

encountered the Lord right I encountered

the Lord at nine years old and when I

encountered the Lord it was in such a

supernatural way and I guess it hasn’t

been anything you know short of

Supernatural ever since then but at nine

years old I had the advantage of being a


and so even in knowing that I’m a kid it

was easy to embrace being a child of God

it was easy to embrace coming to God in

a childlike manner my I believe for

things that I knew I had no ability to

do because I wasn’t looking for strength

in myself I was looking at the strength

in my father

you know I remember one of the even in

my early teenagers I used to play

basketball when I was in high school and

there was a time that my appendix

was so swollen they needed to do surgery

but I had embraced this childlike nature

it wasn’t even a second thought that oh

my gosh I didn’t get scared you know I

mean when I felt the pain because I was

I remember we were playing basketball

one time I you know I was trying to do

this you know little um alley you know

jump and whatnot but and I felt this

sharp pain and I’m like what is that

right and so obviously we had to go to

the hospital and all that stuff but when

I found out when the doctors told me you

know told my mom and you know obviously

I heard what was going on there was no

fear in me

that that still amazes me even when I

think back on it there was absolutely no

fear because I was like well my dad

could take care of this

so they gave medication they gave all

that stuff they were like hey take this

you know and then come in they scheduled

the day for the surgery I literally I

went home I threw all the meds into the

into the toilet and flushed it and I’m

like no my dad is going to take care of

this and I literally in at home I was

like Dad this is what the doctors are

saying but I need you to step in I need

you to fix this because I don’t want to

do surgery

and it was so like there was it was just

pure faith and it was that faith of a

child that was not looking for strength

in herself but she was looking at the

strength in her father

you see I encountered the Lord first as

father before I knew him as Savior and I

thank God I did because I think as a

child I really just needed to know the

love of a father

and the beauty family is that before God

even calls you to to to be you know to

be a servant in any way he first calls

you a son

he calls you a daughter so you recognize

that everything you do for God flows

from this place of love from intimacy

but I’m sharing this because as a child

I had the advantage of being a child

so my Approach To God was very childlike

anything he said I should do I did you

know going back to my appendix that that

was healed miraculously and it wasn’t

even a shock to me I was like I knew my

dad would do this

then the older you get

you start being consumed about life and

what everyone else is doing and their

expectations of you that somehow you

begin to dull that voice that has been

leading you you begin to mute that voice

when it’s telling you to do something

that is not the status quo and he’s

telling you to do something that your

friends are going to say oh that’s lame

and that’s not cool and you’re like no

God I just want to I want to go this

route instead

so in my early 20s I found myself in

that place

I found myself in the place where I

didn’t feel like God I don’t I don’t

feel like I’m walking with you

I feel like you’re far from me and not

not that you’re absent but something

feels different

it doesn’t feel like what it felt like

when I was a kid literally

and when I say Walking with God it’s not

even just a feeling it was a knowing

because when you are walking with God

there is a knowing of safety there is a

knowing of protection there is a knowing

that he’s got you that even in the

darkness that he is the light that will

see you through there was a knowing that

you there’s a knowing of his peace in

your presence

there is a knowing that God no matter

where I might find myself I’m good

and it doesn’t mean that sometimes you

may not have uncertainty here and there

but even in the midst of the uncertainty

the word of God will illuminate the lies

of the enemy

and so I found myself in a space

that I didn’t really feel safe

internally spiritually something felt


externally everything looked great you

would think I was living my best life

but internally

something wasn’t right

and so I began to take some time I said

Lord I’m going to seek you I’m going to

take some time and fasting and in prayer

and to seek you now the word of God says

something so beautiful family it says

that God is a rewarder of those who

diligently seek him

and what I love about that is that God

rewards those you see to reward is that

he gives you what you’re seeking for now

this does not mean that you can come

before the presence of God and just ask

for anything and he gives it to you but

the key word there is also diligently

because when you are diligent in what

you’re seeking God for the Holy Spirit

partners with you and begins to remove

the weeds of your request

because you see sometimes what your

spirit is hungry for

can be clouded by what your soul is

lusting for

and so when you are diligent and seeking

God that speaks of your persistence that

speaks of your consistency in getting

before the face of God God I need


in your diligence the Holy Spirit

partners with you and he begins to clean

out the request he gets to the heart of

what your your spirit is longing for

that is why you know for some of you

when you start a fast you might start a

fast and you’re praying that God I just

need a promotion that and that is what

you that was your intention going into

the fast god I need a promotion at my

work and at the end of the fast you’re

saying God help me to be more of a

blessing to the people I see what

changed between the beginning of the

Fest and the end of the fast it was your

diligence because in that diligence the

holy spirit says what you’re asking for

is not really a promotion

and he begins to remove the weeds of the

request and so when I began fasting and

praying initially

I was like God you know I I just I need

you here I need your presence something

feels off where are you I just need to

know that you are with me in everything

I’m doing

and then as I was approaching the end of

this fast and I was in prayer

the prayer request started changing

God who am I

what do you require of me who am I

supposed to be in this season what is it

that you have called me to do

you see the prayer requests changed from

a place of saying God Walk With Me

versus God I want to walk with you

what have you called what have you

ordained me to do in this season of my

life I want to be in alignment with you

you see the Bible doesn’t say that God

walked with Noah but that Noah walked

with the Lord

and as I began to say that as I began to

seek the Lord about that he rewarded

with an answer

and that was when the Lord now gave me

that instruction and he said you know

what I want you to walk away from

everything I want you to walk away from

the business that was thriving I want

you to walk away from everything and

move to at that time it was in downtown

Los Angeles and I’m like God what is in

downtown Los Angeles

but I did right there was some wisdom in

the move because I was able to add some

savings that would carry me through you

know some months I didn’t know how long

what was going to happen what it was

going to take but I moved

I moved in that obedience I said God I’m

after whatever it is you know about me I

want that

and so when the move

you know family is asking all kinds of

questions they’re like Stephanie what

are you doing did you leave the business

like what are you doing have you are you


especially coming from a Nigerian family

it’s like there is no when you do things

like that they just label it as are you

trying to embrace laziness we don’t do

that in this house

so there was a lot of friction from my

family because it did not make sense and

then on top of that then the Lord now

leads me to this house one day it was on

a Sunday and he said I’m going to show

you where you need to go

and I came to this house and I remember

walking through those doors

the Lord said so clearly

in this place

I would raise you up as a minister of

the Gospel

and when I heard that

it it it felt known and foreign all at

the same time

when I heard that I I felt like I was

hearing an identity of myself being

revealed but also foreign all at the

same time because I’m like there’s no

history of this with me

have you ever felt like that

when God gives you a word that feels

familiar to you and foreign all at the

same time

because when it’s communicated to you it

jumps in your spirit

that there is something about this word

that speaks to the like the depths of

who God has called me to be the depths

of who he formed me to be but at the

same time this is foreign to my history

this is foreign to my life

because you see family to walk with the

Lord is to walk with truth

and when you walk with truth truth is

not always truth has to be revealed

because truth is first received before

it is revealed

when you think about Jesus who is the

way the truth and the life Jesus had to

be received in order to be revealed

through the people in order for people

to testify of his goodness in order for

the power of God to be revealed he had

to be received

that’s why the last time I was with you

I talked about how the one thing that

caused Jesus to not move in the manner

that he desired to was a lack of honor

the people did not receive him as Christ

and so he could not be revealed as the


they could not receive him as a Healer

so he could not manifest himself in that

way so the truth always has to be first

received before it is revealed

and what does that look like it is what

the Bible talks about that God has

placed eternity in our hearts

when God gives you a word that

administers to you because it speaks to

what has always been in your heart and

it needed something to activate it and

you begin to recognize wait this is

actually who I am

this is connected to me in some way that

I don’t even know but God I’m going to

trust you as I walk this out

and when you receive truth there are

instructions that follow

in order for it to be revealed in time

you see in the moment that the Lord said

I’m going to raise you as a minister of

the Gospel what was happening is that I

was receiving truth

it took some time before that was

revealed to the public but it first had

to be received

you see when God is giving you a truth

about you

receive it and it looks like the season

of preparation

when God begins to instruct you to do

things that it makes no sense to those

around you because you’re walking in a

truth that has not even been revealed to


you’re walking in something that nobody

understands that this is actually who

you are and what you carry you’re

walking in something that although

Heaven has always known Society

is blind to

and so in that moment the instructions

of the Lord was literally and remember

this was through a dream and he showed

me I want you to serve as an usher in

this time

and he said I want you you know ushers

in the church you know you’re passing

out you know baskets tissue anything

that the people need greeting people you

are the people’s people right that’s how

I look at it the ushers are the people’s

people you serve in any capacity

whatever needs to be done you could

carry your baby if you have to right

and so that was the instruction and I

remember he said you know what for the

first year never miss a service I want

you to keep showing up as I’m saying

that some of you are listening to this

right now and there’s some odd

instructions that God has given you

and you cannot look around for

validation of the word you have to

recall what happened in your heart when

you received it because it minister to

you as this is connected this is out

Awakening it is activating something

that has always been known even though

it is yet still foreign to me but I’m

gonna work out what God has said

and so I did that I was serving as an


and then I remember two particular

moments that were so just Monumental to


there was a particular day the night

before our pastor just came up with a

book purpose Awakening and he was having

a book signing the next day which would

be a Sunday the night before I remember

having a dream and he signed a copy of

the book and in the dream he said keep

moving forward

and when I opened the book The Words

moving forward jumped it’s like you know

when a word just comes alive to you and

the Lord began to minister through that

and he said you’re going to write a book

called moving forward

and I was like oh wait Lord I am in the

most stagnant season of my life you want

me to do what but eventually I did write

the book moving forward but the next day

you know I come to church and I’ll pass

this having the book signing and after

the book’s signing I remember the holy

spirit says I want you to now share with

him the dream that you had so at the end

of the book signing I approached PT and

I was like Peter can I talk to you and

he said the first three words that came

out of his mouth was walk with me that

was a very simple thing because he was

literally walking and he just said no

walk with me but those words jumped at


and me and I didn’t really search it out

like why did this have such an impact in

me and it was so simple walk with me

then you know you fast forward I

remember the very first time I had a

conversation with our first lady Pastor


literally I remember she was going up

the stairs and I knew that I was like

okay she had moved you know at the time

from Dallas to L.A and I’m like you know

what whatever she needs I just felt in

my heart like I just want to serve in

any capacity whatever she might need I

was still a an usher at this time and so

I approached her and I was like you know

first lady can I speak to you and she

said walk with me the same three words

walk with me and it jumped at me again

and I remember heading home and I said

God why am I so convicted by these words

walk with me

and the Lord began to speak

and the Lord began to show me

that I have called you to walk alongside

them in Ministry

and there are others that are being

pulled together because there is a time

that is coming that I will cause a shift

and have a need for them elsewhere

I didn’t speak about this I don’t even I

think honestly maybe there’s one key

person I can say I’ve shared this with

and this is one of my best friends

Fatima because at the time we would

always talk with one another and just

share the things that God is speaking to

us about so we can keep it in prayer but

there are things that they’re words that

when God gives you you can’t just talk

about it casually because it ha it makes

no sense in the time you’re in

and I was like Lord

what does that mean that there is

something there is a truth that is yet

to be revealed but it is a truth in the


that there will be a time that there

will be a shift required

and he said this is the assignment

because as you walk with them you are

walking with me in obedience

we fast forward to today

and we hear the words that our pastor


about what has taken place in L.A and in


and I am so moved

by the consistency

and the faithfulness of God

because you see family

this has always been known

it was just not yet revealed

it has always been marked by the kingdom

what is required to happen

in the right season and in the right

timing it has always been known

the evidence that I’m even on this stage

should even speak that

I walked in here not knowing a single

person when I came to this church

I had a truth that was received but not


and in Walking with the Lord in

obedience to the Lord it began to be

revealed in the right timing

you see I share this story with you

because you being connected to this


I have the same question for you

what are you or who are you walking with

in your life

one I want to give you the assurance

that when you are walking with God

that you should that never have a fear

of God will your promises come to pass

what the things that you have said would

it would it be revealed because you see

family there are moments that bring you

into a deeper fear of the Lord

because you recognize that the kingdom

of God really functions like a kingdom

that there are things that God has

ordained and purposed to happen and all

we are called to be is obedient to that


oh we are called to do is say Lord I am

willing and to come in a childlike

Manner and say God I’m going to trust

however you’re going to do this thing

you see one of the greatest things that

I have learned from my pastors is

radical obedience to the Lord because it

would always have a great harvest

and the moment it could feel daunting

and the moment it could feel like God

what are you doing and the moment it

could feel like God this the the this

that I’m scared you could even share

exactly how you feel like God I I don’t

I don’t know if I could do this

but then you are reminded who you are

doing it with and who is doing it

through you

you are reminded that I am I did not

just show up with this plan but it has

always been in the mind of God

and I am walking with him to play it out

and what excites me about this family

is that when the hand of God is in a


you can only see the fruit of his Spirit

through it

there’s going to be Great Harvest

in Los Angeles there’s going to be great

harvest in Dallas and the reason being

is that we are walking with God

we are not here to walk according to the

Applause of man

we are now here to walk according to the

expectations of society a culture but to

walk with God

you see I was so intrigued by one of the

things that that word walk meant

one of the translations even in Hebrew

because it spoke to being weak

is it isn’t that so interesting that to

walk with God

is to be weak

with God

but not that God is weak but that you

are embracing your weakness in order to

be in alignment with him

and I began to think about Noah

he said let’s go back to that scripture


in Genesis 6 9 it says Noah was a

righteous man

blameless in his generation

Noah walked to a god

Noah was blameless in his generation

when you’re reading it it sounds sexy

Noah was blameless

but when you’re living it it’s not it’s

it’s actually you know it could be very


because to be blameless in his


if there was no one else like Noah in

his time

did that meant Noah was really the odd

one out

you see especially in the times that

we’re living

you know in a social media age

where we get dopamine highs based on who

liked what that you what you know who

shared what and there’s insights from

every social every social media channel

and then you’re looking at how many

people share that how many people

commented how many people liked it we’re

being fed by the validation from people

Noah was a man that was not living out

his lust but he was living out the truth

of God’s word Noah was a man that said

I’m not just going to fall for anything

I’m going to stand for something I’m

Gonna Stand For Truth

if you think about Noah in this times he

literally embraced the identity of one

who says look culture you can cancel me

if you want but I will stand for truth

I’m not choosing to be like everybody


I’m choosing to be in alignment with

what God knows about me Noah was

blameless before all in his generation

now can we look at our lives and begin

to ask ourselves what do we stand for

because it is from this posture that we

now hear Noah walked with God

because in Noah standing for truth

and Noah saying I’m not going to be like

everyone else can you imagine how he was

scrutinized can you imagine first of all

Noah building an ark

for a flood when they have never seen


talk about the truth being revealed be

being received before it’s revealed

he is literally building something

for a scenario that has never even been

seen before never been heard before

but it was in his heart

he knew what the Lord has spoken to him

he knew the encounters that he he had

with the Lord and the ones that worked

still to come

that will give him Direction about what

is going to happen because it has

already been written in heaven

Noah had to embrace being the odd one


but what I learned about Noah when I

read this about him

is that Noah also embraced being weak

he embraced the fact that God

I have to my strength is not in me

but it is in you

when the neighbors are laughing at me

when they’re making fun of me like look

at this crazy man probably talking to

his kids talking to his wife like he has

literally lost his mind He is building

you see the Bible says that though the

times were so evil

so if you want to think about

petticulture I mean think about that

times a hundred about what the people

were saying to Noah how they mocked him

how they made fun of him but Noah

embraced being weak he embraced being

foolish before the eyes of men because

what they didn’t understand is that the

word of God says that God would use what

is considered as the foolish thing to

the world to confound the wise he said

what you think is foolish is what I

would use to reveal my glory

and it made me wonder

could it be

that the reason that Noah was the only

one in his generation

that was known to be blameless and known

to walk with God

was actually because

Noah was the only one willing to embrace

his weakness

how many times have we found ourselves


when you’re only willing

to do the things that you have


when you’re only willing to do the

things that you have Security in

you have comfort in

when you’re asking God lord meet me in

the place of my comfort

in the place of my security I don’t want

to go where I don’t know anyone

I want to be around the place that I

have control

I know how to work this thing

could it be that Noah

was really the only one

willing to embrace perpetually being a


that Noah was the only one willing to

embrace being a student all the days of

his life

that he was not just saying that hey I’m

only comfortable when I get I’m the one

who is the teacher or I’m only

comfortable when you know I know how

this works no I had never seen rain

I don’t even think no I could imagine

what a flood could look like

the Bible actually talks about Noah was

building literally according to a vision

that God showed him

because the Bible says Noah that God

told Noah Noah build the ark according

to the pattern that I will show you Noah

did not even know what an ark looked


but he was willing to embrace weakness

he was willing to say God

I have no clue

I I don’t even know what a finished Arc

looks like

I don’t even know what rain looks like

I don’t even know what it means

for us to have a flood

but I trust you

and I’m Gonna Be A Child In This Moment

because you see when you tell a child a

story an imagination

they don’t even know what it looks like

I mean hello Santa Claus

the tooth fairy now we’ve made movies

about them so we try to give them some

some you know some imagery but spoiler

alert if you have children around you

just you know cover their ears in this


because we tell them stories

that we have never even seen we know

anything we know that it doesn’t exist

but we tell them stories and their

imagination is awakened and they’re so

excited they can’t wait they’re like

Mommy what do we do yeah and you’re like

oh you know what put some cookies and

some milk downstairs and go to bed

you see that’s why I knew you know we

could not have Santa in Nigeria because

I would be awake

I will be making more cookies waiting

for Santa to come and eat this cookie

like Santa I laid out all these cookies

out here for you where you at Santa


so what I’m sharing with you is that

Noah embraced weakness

and family if your obedience for God

does not bring you to a place of

weakness that I want you to question who

am I actually being obedient to

if I have everything all figured out

if the very thing I believe I’m doing

for God has me strong it is it is

actually revealing my strength then who

am I really being obedient to

because there will be Seasons where God

will bring you back into being a child


there will be times that he will call

you out to do things that have always

been known to him but is yet to be

revealed to the world

is even as I was in prayer concerning


the Lord just began to minister to me

about where we all are

and what is happening in this season of

Our Lives

we have to be people that stand

for the truth of what we have come to

know about God

what he has put in our hearts to do you

may have never seen it you don’t even

have a reference for it but maybe God

gave you a vision

God gave you an instruction

and as you do the thing the now thing he

will lead you to the next day

you see your strength no true strength

is found in self

because what you find in yourself is

limited to what you have known

the things that you have already


but true strength is found in God

when you recognize that God I’m going to

lean on you

I’m gonna trust in you I’m gonna walk

with you

you see because walking with God’s

family it’s humility it’s surrender I

actually even want to read you know in

second Corinthians from

um chapter 12 verse 9 to 10 this was the

Apostle Paul speaking

now Apostle Paul you know some backstory

about him you know in the beginning he

did not really know the Lord he was

actually persecuting Christians he would

give the order for Christians to be

killed because he believed that was the

right thing that you know the right

thing to do

and then all of a sudden he encounters


and there’s such a supernatural way you

know at first he goes blind you know and

the Lord speaks to him that why are you

persecuting me right and he has this

incredible encounter with the Lord

and out of that encounter you know

obviously he regains his sight he

recognizes that God has called him to

actually Minister the gospel

and to lead many into the faith

now this was such a posture of weakness

because the Apostle Paul

was known

to literally I mean not in a direct way

but he was executing Christians and now

you’re saying you are now speaking life

into them and you want to speak to the

world about Jesus even as a Believer

people still feared him because they’re

like we don’t really know his intentions

right now

it wasn’t him walking with the Lord

was to embrace his weakness

Lord I thought I knew the truth but I


and I’ve been known to be something that

your word has called me out of

now I’m walking in what you’ve always

known about me so you know there was a

time that the Apostle Paul began praying

to the Lord about a thorn in his flesh

the Bible doesn’t identify what that

thorn is

but he was asking the Lord you know what

can you deliver me from this Thorn

several times he asked the Lord deliver

me from this Stone I believe it was

three times

and I’m about to read what the Lord

responds saying and even as I read this

what I love so much about the Lord is

that he he didn’t respond in the way

that you would think oh yes I got you

you know what here it’s all gone

because our life is not meant to come

from our strength

if the Lord removed the thorn then the

Apostle Paul would feel like okay all

right I got this I’m good now Lord but

hear what the Lord says

but he God said to me which is the

Apostle Paul my grace is sufficient for

you now what is the grace of God the

empowerment of the Holy Spirit

and this empowerment comes when you are

connected to the Holy Spirit he says my

grace is sufficient for you as long as

you stay connected to me Paul you’re

going to be all right

he says for my power is made perfect in

weakness therefore I will boast more

gladly of my weakness now this is the

Apostle Paul speaking he says therefore

I would actually boast more gladly of my

weakness so that the power of Christ May

rest upon me for the sake of Christ then

I am content with weakness

insults hardships persecutions and


for when I am weak then I am strong

have we limited our Yes to God

because we are looking for strength

rather than embracing our weakness

have we set

just misaligned parameters to our yes

because we’re waiting for God to give us

the word that excites us that we’re like

oh God I’m good at that oh say less God

say less

or are we willing to embrace

what actually brings our weakness to the


that we can surrender and lean on the

power of the holy spirit to guide us


family this is a time in our community

this is a season

when the Lord is saying walk with me

don’t walk with your expectations of

what life should be

don’t walk with how the people applaud


don’t walk with any of that don’t walk

with culture don’t walk with Society

walk with the Lord

listen when he calls on you


when he says I have need for you in a


move on it when he tells you to build

what you have never seen begin to lay

the foundation

and begin to ask the lord lord how would

you have me do this

partner with the Holy Spirit

in everything that concerns your life

partner with God because if you’re

reliant on strength you have not seen

anything close to harvest

but when you put that Reliance on the

strength of God not what you have the

ability to do

but how God is leading you you see when

I was praying for you the Lord began to

show me that for many of you he’s he’s

even leading you things are also very


and in your mind you’re like it’s just

not the time God I want to do this later

you know some of you is calling to

invest in in I just kept seeing several

types of Investments one was property

one was certain businesses and you don’t

even have you’re trying to do it based

on your timing and God is like I’ve

already seen when this would have a

harvest for you to use for certain

things that I will call you to do

there was one particular thing that

really was intriguing to me and I know I

have to say this because even even when

I saw it I’m like truly this has not

been revealed I don’t know what kind of

show that would be but the Lord even

showed me that there’s someone listening

to this message

and you are there is a there is a

there’s an idea for an animation

that it has to do with roaches is this

first of all I mean even me saying this

is like I do not like bugs right the

closest movie to bugs and bees a bug

life that I could stand but literally

the Lord showed me this animation and it

had to do with roaches

but he’s given you the vision for it

and even though you have received it

you’re not moving on it because you

don’t understand how this applies to


but you see when you move on what God

says it is preparation not just for you

but the things that are called to you

that when it’s revealed everything is

set in motion

I don’t know what God has called you to

walk in in this season

I don’t know the instructions that he

has given you

but what I’m here to do is to charge you

to walk with God

to walk with the Lord

don’t be in your mess asking God to

bless it

don’t be in the place of your comfort

asking God to meet you there

you see we we have a habit you know for

one of the things I believe in that I

have most likely said this in the past

Jesus knows how to meet you anywhere

but he’s not going to skip you there so

you can’t even expect for him to stay in

the place that he knows is beneath you

and so you can’t just stay in the place

of comfort

and just say God well you know what I

just want you to bless here meet me here

and we’ve made it a habit then we get

mad at God when something doesn’t work

and we’re like God how could you but you

never consulted him in the beginning you

just asked him to meet you in the place

of comfort

rather than actually being diligent in

what you’re seeking in him so you can

actually find out what is it that my

soul what is it that my spirit is really


because what gave us life is his breath

and what keeps us in the Rhythm of Life

what gives us the sense of being alive

is walking in his purpose it is walking

with him

that’s why even the the there’s the

series Walking Dead but I think that is


because many times when you are outside

of the very thing God has called you to

do it’s like a Walking Dead

you’re there but you’re not there it’s

like a shell of you

and then when you encounter God

everything just it’s almost like there’s

color in a black and white room

that you’ve been living in this world

that is black and white and your

encounter with the Lord and your

willingness to say yes to the things

that seem hard all of a sudden gives


where it was once dull

and so first of all I want to say to you

if you do not know the Lord

that is where we begin

everything all of creation

everything known and unknown scene and

yet to be seen everything was formed by

his word

he is the beginning he is everything in

between we call him the Alpha and Omega

the beginning and the end and everything

in between

if you do not know the Lord that is

where it starts

it is being connected to the source of

your life

not knowing the Lord can you imagine

having an electronic device

and if the electronic device runs out of

battery and it dies on you it doesn’t

mean it’s broken

if you’re touching an electronic device

that is out of battery

and because it’s not responding to you

does not communicate that it’s broken it

doesn’t mean it’s not functioning all it

needs to do is to get plugged into a


and it’s the right cable

and it needs a charge

but if you look at it and you’re like

it’s not responding to me it’s not

responding to me what is wrong with this

thing and you deem it broken


you miss out on the fact that this is a

perfectly good electronic

device it just needs to be plugged in

life outside of Jesus

is like

an electronic device without a charge

and deemed useless

not recognizing all it needed was to be


to a source

if you don’t know the Lord

maybe you’re watching this just because

you’re looking for something to give you

some type of inspiration or high for the

day to keep you going into another day

that is not how it works in the Kingdom

we’re not just trying to get by into

another day

we live with an assurance we live with a

certainty we live with a confidence

that God is with me God got me and

whatever I’ve been called to do

with the time that my life is not in the

hands of whatever might be happening in

the world my life is in the hands of God

you live with a sense of clarity a sense

of purpose you live with peace

Jesus says that the peace that I give

you the world cannot give you

it is a peace that surpasses all


that when everything in in in life seems

to be going haywire you are at peace

within yourself why it is because of

that presence

of the Prince of Peace himself

if you don’t know Jesus it starts there

nothing I’m saying matters if you don’t

start there

because that awakens you to the truth

that awakens you to the reality of who

you really are you haven’t met you yet

there are things about you that even

even things that you have done certain

instructions God has given you you don’t

even know what is about to be revealed

until it’s time

but I want to First speak to those that

want to know Jesus

and I want to accept them as their lord

and savior if that is you right now in

the chat I just want you to put

Jesus that’s me

Jesus that’s me

you want to accept the Lord as your

personal Lord and Savior we’re going to


now if you’re listening to this message

and you are convicted

by what you have given your yes to

and how you he you know you you you

almost like the way you give your yes

right the the conditions for your yes

and if you know that I was speaking to


that your yes has become based on where

your strength is realized where your

strength is discovered where your

strength is revealed but God is

requiring a yes from you

that is calling you to be weak

it’s calling you to be a child again

it’s saying that hey people might not

get it

some people might not even it hasn’t

come into their hearts the way it came

into yours

people might scrutinize you but that’s

why you also have to have discernment in

who you share what with

now above anything definitely weigh out

the word to know that it came from the

Lord but when you have Clarity that this

instruction came from the Lord

and the only reason that it scares you

is because it reveals your weakness that

is how God operates

because to walk with him is to be weak

it is to say God you’re calling me into

a space that I do not know about

even though it’s known to me

spiritually it is foreign to me


I don’t have the resources

I don’t have the the right relationships

I don’t I don’t even have the education

for this


but look at the beauty of God

the holy spirit is everything

when you read the Old Testament you

would even learn how the Holy Spirit

gave people the wisdom to be Builders

the wisdom and the skill set to build

they never knew what that looked like

however God is going to move you in this

season because you see family the oil

flows the Bible talks about how the oil

flows from the head down

what you see God doing with our senior

pastors with Pastor Toure with Pastor

sir Jax Roberts is what is happening

through this movement

there are some hard yeses that we’re

called to give there’s shifts happening

it is received before it’s revealed

and the instruction God has given you is

to prepare you for when it will be


and if you know that you needed that


just put in the chat that’s me that’s me

you see that is literally me

as well

because sometimes when you find yourself

as a child again

it’s an interesting place to be

especially when in the natural you’re

used to adults and you’re like God I pay

bills okay I pay taxes you know I should

have a say in this matter

but God

does his best work

when we come before him like a child

God does his best work when we embrace

our weakness I’m not talking about

embracing your weakness to live from it

no no no just like God said to Paul my

grace is sufficient for you Paul what

does that mean as long as you’re

connected to me that is where you find


it is a place that brings us to a deeper

level of reverence for God a deeper

level of surrender to the Holy Spirit

we’re not just living out you know in

foolish Behavior because there is

someone we answer to we’re not living

life for the Applause of people but to

know that the father is pleased with us

this is what Walking with God is about

and so I want to pray for you

I want to pray that as the Lord is

giving us this unction this call to walk

with him that we are saying yes

and family is going to be amazing

because anything the hand of God is on

is connected to Great Harvest

Great Harvest for the kingdom Great

Harvest for the communities Great

Harvest for our cities Great Harvest

globally it is connected to Great

Harvest the safest place to be in is in

the will of God the most fruitful place

to be in is in the will of God anything

that you could think of that is a good

thing is found in the will of God

but we have to be patient and we have to

trust him

and we have to follow him heavenly

father I thank you

I thank you Lord for your love for us I

thank you love for your goodness I thank

you Lord that you are a god

who holds times and seasons in your hand

they belong to you

everything that we see is literally just

an unfolding of what you have always


even now I’m thinking about all the

craziness happening in our world but

this is also an unfolding a revealing of

the truth that we even find in the Book

of Revelations

Heavenly Father

we come before you

to say God whatever you will call us to


whatever you would have us do we say yes

if it means that we’re gonna be a child

all over again

then we say yes

with joy Lord God because we don’t only

want to do the things that we find

ourselves we find our strength in but we

want to see your strength revealed

through our lives

and so Lord I pray that you would have

your way with us wherever you are

I want you to just if you can just lift

your hands up maybe you can only lift

one up whatever it is

but I just want you to lift your hands

up before the Lord as a posture of


God we surrender

we’re not trying to do this thing called

life through the lens of our own wisdom

or our understanding

but we want to do it by your strength

and by your empowerment so God have your

way and Lord I pray for those who are

saying yes to Jesus in this moment to

receive him

to know you in spirit and in truth

I thank you Jesus

that on the cross

the cross didn’t take your life but on

the cross you actually put to death sin

and everything that is attached to which

shame and and all of his negativity you

put that to death

you took anything that could keep us

captive and you’d put it in captivity

I thank you Lord that in you they will

find Freedom

in you the very things that they have

struggled with for many years of their

life they would find breakthrough

because Lord your grace is sufficient

and I thank you that as they say yes to


and yes to you alone in this manner

to see you in your rightful place and to

reverence you as holy

that Lord you would have encounters with


you would reveal yourself to them

and I thank you Lord Jesus

because we are welcoming them into the

family we are welcoming them into the

journey that is literally starts with

the best decision they could ever make

in their life and that is to know you

and so family

I am excited for what God is doing in

your life I am excited for your decision

your yes today to say Jesus Come into my


and make my heart your home and wherever

you are I just want you to repeat that

after me Lord Jesus

I believe

that you are the son of God

come into my heart

and make my heart

your home

I believe

that on the cross

you put my sins to death

and when you Rose up

I rose up with you

with victory

with power

with identity

with love

knowing that I am in

family of God


hallelujah family I’m so grateful for

what God is doing right now

wherever you are I’m just so grateful

because I know that the holy spirit is

making himself so evident in your life

and family as a community we are going

to thrive

because God is with us

and so we love you and we’re so we’re I

mean honestly this is going to be some

exciting times

and so family buckle up

we love you God bless you