The journey of the “Seasons of Love” starts off with the hot topic of waiting. Whether eagerly anticipating the arrival of a partner, awaiting the coveted ring, or reveling in the bliss of marriage, the act of waiting can unfold in so many different ways. It can either be a delightful game filled with joy, patience, and excitement, or it can become a daunting challenge. Each of us can find a connection with at least one of SJR’s besties in this episode. ___________________________________ Watch the “Seasons of Love w/ Kourtney Mason, Mary Searight and Briana Nickerson” series unfold on the Woman Evolve TV App. REGISTER for WE24: Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: Download the APP: Woman Evolve download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text WEGIVE to (833) 611-9066 FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Music: Interview L#: 42W5Z9C6GR


hey you how are you I hope this finds

you well I am so excited about 2024 and

all that it has in store for woman

evolve if you have not heard the news

yet when I was praying to God about what

the theme would be for 2024 God just

gave me the word surrender much like we

had with hope last year we’re going to

go on a journey of really unpacking what

it means to surrender what are we laying

down why are we laying it down and who

do we become on the other side of it for

the month of February we could not think

of any better way to talk about

surrender than to talk about it in the

context of becoming love we know that

God is love and that perfect love cast

out fear and so when we talk about

surrender in the context of love we

often have to consider what fears what

lifestyle what changes do we need to

make in order to surrender to becoming

love now I’m going to transparently tell

you that this is probably going to be

one of your favorite series but also let

you know that we are giving it to you in

a way that is less than how we

anticipated it so the day that I was

scheduled to be a part of this

incredible conversation I got a phone

call that my daughter Mckenzie was being

rushed to the emergency room via

ambulance because she had a concussion

she fell during volleyball practice

smacked her head blacked out had a

concussion we got M eyes we got x-ray

she’s doing much better now she was in a

neck brace for some time extremely

painful headaches but she’s on the other

side of it thank God for healing but we

had already flown in booked the crew

booked the space in order to facilitate

this conversation so I didn’t get to be

a part of it so this is my way of

minding their business even though I

wasn’t there I’m going to set up theep

episode tell you about why I think this

conversation is important and then you

get to hear from some people who I love

so much let me introduce them to you

first so we have Courtney Courtney is my

bestie for the resty we have been

friends since I was 10 years old she is

37 years old she has been um an

incredible Auntie to my children an

amazing friend she is a boss climbing

the corporate ladder I see her um like

what do they call I’m not a corporate

girly so don’t judge me but I see her

evaluations from her supervisor and I’m

constantly Blown Away about how she’s

showing up with empathy love kindness

and pushing her team and their goals

forward I asked her to be a part of this

conversation though is because my girl

wants to be outside well she doesn’t

want to be outside but she’s ready to

start perhaps entertaining what it means

to be in a relationship and that is no

small feat for her because in order to

come to that space she’s had to do a lot

of healing work and in the the process

of doing that healing work now her heart

is open to what it means to become love

first for yourself through yourself

regardless of the trauma you have

experienced in your childhood or in

other relationships so that you can

become love for someone else you’re

going to love her she’s my girl then my

little sister Briana Briana is a part of

this conversation she is a woman whose

resiliency I admire she is a single

mother of my two God babies they call me

God Mommy and it lights up my life

and she is figuring out what it means to

become love while mothering while

setting a new precedent for her children

and on the other side of a long-term

relationship coming to an end navigating

co-parenting and her identity as a

single mother who is absolutely gorgeous

brilliant and ready for what the next

stage of her life is going to look like

Dr Nita Phillips is going to be a part

of this conversation she wasn’t able to

join us because we had so much change

that happened the week that we filmed

this but we share in our history this

incredible woman Pastor Mary seite

Pastor Mary seite hails from New Jersey

she has been a friend of my family since

before I was born and she comes around

so much she’s been so supportive so

loving every time I see her that about

three years ago I was like let’s just

make this official and be my godmother I

gave myself my own godmother for those

of you who don’t know my parents had me

on accident it’s all right God’s healed

me they playing my sister about what 3

to six weeks later no I think it’s a

little bit longer maybe about two months

later my mom got pregnant with me and so

boom here I am they didn’t have a God

parent lined up but I got to choose my

god parent Pastor Mary seite is a

spiritual Warrior she is love the

embodiment of love she is warmth she is

Joy she is kindness she is a force of

Nature and together these women are

going to facilitate a conversation I

send in questions I send in topics I

thought about you I thought about my own

questions and they’re going to

facilitate a conversation that centers

around surrendering to becoming love

let’s get into it okay um I’m Bri I am

32 single two kids um 2 and A2 years out

of a very long relationship 12 years so

finding love with myself again that’s it

that sounds pretty awesome I love it

here so um Mary C W and I’m just excited

to be here with you both and um I found

love about maybe 48 years ago my my boo

okay love and we’re um we have two

children and we have four grandchildren

and and we do ministry together in New

Jersey so I’m I’m just glad to be here

to talk about love because this is near

and dear to my heart awesome I’m

Courtney Mason I am 37 years old I am

single with no children and I’m with Bri

I’m in the season of just love on myself

and I really want to experience what the

fullness of love is for me awesome I

like that yeah so what are we gonna do

we want to just start talk girl talk yes

girl talk

yes this is so good I’m glad that we are

together and we’re going to share some

things that’s going to really help

others when they when they get a chance

to see it but most importantly it’s

going to help us so I’m here to glean

from you and we have some questions that

we want to answer you ready

so sjr wants to know has this waiting

season brought you any unexpected growth


surprises yeah a lot of growth um a lot

of surprises um I think the biggest

surprise would be actually falling back

in love with myself because I was out of

love with myself uh for so long and that

has been the biggest surprise for me and

now I know what to expect out of someone

else loving me um I’m still learning

searching finding new things out about

myself every single day so that’s been

very surprising and unexpected for me

learning how to love my children better

um loving my mother my friends loving

every and loving God yes better cuz he

was not the center um before I found

love with myself and I can’t love myself

without loving him

that is so important I love that too I

love that and and when you said loving

yourself that is in order for us to love

others we have to has to begin here

within us absolutely you know he says

love your neighbor as yourself and so

I’m glad to hear that this is good

awesome I’m excited for you too I’m

excited for

you okay we have some more questions you

want to do sure okay you ready I’m ready

all right Get Ready Get Ready Get

ready okay

okay Miss Mary oh okay sjr wants to know

about a time when life took a turn and

you had to wait and see how it would

unfold wow there have been a lot of

turns ups and downs but I would say one

turn was when our children became adults

and our lives were turning my life was

turning because as a mother as a

nurturer you know I’m just always there

for everyone else so I had to really

begin to say what is it that you really

want to do I stepped into a

self-discovery place for me and um at

first I was

scared but as I was turning I said this

is not so bad and so it it was it was

challenging but I’m glad I think every

turn of your life you know you have to

look at it as if it’s it’s something

that’s going to produce something good

that’s going to come out of it and you

know so that was one out of the I’m 66

so there are many more you look good so

I I would say that was one and even for

us as a husband and a wife you know just

really spending that quality time

together we realized that it was not you

know nobody house was quiet and so we

you know learned how to turn things

around and our lives as well and you

know and even again me as an individual

as a person just just really spending

time with myself and really stepping

into who I was evolving and becoming and

so I think that is one of the turns for

me it was challenging but I’m glad it

happened for me oh that’s awesome all

right you ready my turn okay it’s your

turn all

right she’s all excited she going ask

somebody the questions

right Courtney yeah is J wants to know

in your experience in Waiting for a

partner how have you navigated being

patient yet still putting yourself out

there currently working on

it um kind of like what you said earlier

Bri um in the past I haven’t made the

best decisions in partners with men um

I’ve learned a lot through therapy about

why that took place so I’ve spent a a

fair season of my life really getting to

know myself and loving myself and like

you said Bri when you really start to

love yourself you won’t accept anything

less from someone else so right now I do

feel like I’m ready and in in other

times I would say that I’m ready and I

don’t think that I really was I wasn’t

whole I wasn’t healed I would have been

jumping into a relationship just to not

be lonely um but now I love being to

myself but I also am accepting and open

of a relationship so it’s been hard to

navigate I think the biggest thing that

I’ve had to do is forgive myself for

what I put up with in the past and

promise to love on myself and I’m going

to exude that energy to someone else and

hopefully receive what I’m giving out so

I’ve been very patient cuz I’ve been

single for a while okay um but I will

say that I’m open to it and I won’t

accept anything less than what I’m

giving myself and I’m still learning how

to fully love myself so it’s going to be

a continuous Journey but I’m not going

to accept anything less than where I’m

at right now I know that’s yes I like

that that’s good and when he comes you

will know you will know and you won’t be

afraid because you know what you’re

looking for and you know what to receive

now and so this is this is a good place

you’re in I receive that okay I receive


okay I told you that you would fall

absolutely in love with these women it’s

my prayer that you take this

conversation perhaps your journal and

get out and open your heart before God

that you would take a moment and see how

are you prohibiting yourself from

becoming love what past experiences have

changed your perspective on becoming

love and not necessarily in the hopes of

having a relationship with someone else

but rather how can I Foster a better

relationship with myself can I give you

a few questions to think on as you have

this moment of Discovery one of the

things that we asked in the episode was

how has this waiting season brought you

any unexpected growth or surprises

sometimes we’re so committed to being in

the waiting season that we don’t even

see how the waiting season has shaped us

changed us and transformed us I want you

to take some time and think about one

boo are you in a waiting SE are you in a

waiting season have you even tapped into

that yet are you in a waiting season

because you are becoming love or are you

in a waiting season because you are

resisting hurt there is a difference

because when we are in a waiting season

because we are becoming L we are

intentionally taking the time that we

are waiting and turning that Focus

inwardly towards building a better

relationship with God to building a

better relationship with ourselves and

others we are healing but when we are in

a waiting season from a place of hurt

all we think about is how can we protect

how can we isolate how can we make sure

that we never experience a certain hurt

again and so I want you to Define what

type of waiting season am I in and if

you are in that waiting season to take

it another step and go what unexpected

surprises changes or growth have I

experienced as a result of this waiting

season if I was just going from

relationship to relationship or

distraction to distraction I would not

have discovered that I can be by myself

I would not have discovered that this

waiting season has really turned into

distraction season because I’m not

sitting with myself no matter where you

are on your journey I hope you remember

that this is a judgment free zone if you

can’t be honest with yourself then you

cannot in you cannot expect that you’ll

be able to be honest with God honest

with others and so the more that you are

able to say God here’s my heart I’m

opening it up how do you want to change

me how do you want to transform me how

do I grow from here so that I can

partner with you in the earth what a

privilege it is to partner with God Even

in our waiting Seasons he’s not just the

god of doing he’s not just the god of

going and Performing he is the god that

doesn’t mind sitting with you while you

wait so take a deep breath breathe in

breathe out you’re not stuck you’re in a

season of development but it is on you

to be intentional about how you allow

the Holy Spirit to challenge you into

who you are developing into I hope this

helps you we’re going to be back next

week with more episodes with some of my

favorite people you don’t want to miss