04.06.16 8pm

so today family we’re gonna be talking

about what fear does not tell you you

see there is there are transitions

taking place you know even and I believe

it’s in first Corinthians or second

Corinthians one of the two you’re going

to find it it talks about how we go from

glory to glory but you cannot go from

one place to the next without movements

and a lot of times the only thing that

would threaten your movement is the fear

that you cannot survive the transition

fear that you you don’t have what it

takes to overcome the circumstances that

would arise in the process and so there

are things why I love what I like the

name of this message what fear doesn’t

tell you because when we have insight to

what really those what those

circumstances really mean the presence

of fear is not going to stop us from

moving forward it is something in a 1

anytime it comes to transitions even

though that’s not in our text today but

something I believe we all should study

and be you know just have that knowledge

about is the Israelites when they were

in the wilderness because the wilderness

was a place of transition and that’s why

God never told them to you know build a

home there they will have like those set

up tents so that when they’re moving

they could just you know pack it up go

to the next place set up another tent it

was a place that was a transitional

period to where God was leading them but

there were so many things that came up

to threaten their ability to survive or

so it seemed to them they would complain

so many times about not having food you

know not having water then there’s water

the waters bitter then they can’t fight

it’s just all these things were

complaining about because they lacked

insight about what God was really doing

and one thing that always baffled me is

when they thought that they could return

to Egypt they would always complain as

we just we should just go back to Egypt

and not die in the wilderness but Egypt

when we look at the story of what

happened when Moses when they cross the

Red Sea right and came into when across

the Red Sea left the Egyptians the Bible

talks about how Pharaoh and hundreds of

men pursued them and all those men died

in the Red Sea and so because of the

Israelites so many women became widows

so many sons lost their fathers a nation

lost their king but for some reason they

thought they could go back what are you

going back to I believe if they ever

tried that they would have been killed

because when you think about it these

are people who grew up and they’re they

understand there’s so much bitterness I

would believe that the Egyptians had for

the Israelites because as a result of

them they lost so much but for some

reason they thought they could go back

and that’s what fear does to us it

blinds reason you try you yet so now

you’re trying to go back to something

that would ultimately kill every bit of

purpose and yet and for some people

literally you’re contemplating actually

going back to some where you came from

in being here a place where you moved by

the voice of God by being obedient to

God’s Word to you and really just the

passion God has given you to pursue

something and so we’re going to talk

about that what fear does not tell you

before we go into the message I want us

to open 2nd Timothy 1:7 what I love

about 1st and 2nd Timothy is because

these are letters written to Timothy by

the Apostle Paul now the Apostle Paul

regarded Timothy as a son and what he

really meant was like Timothy was his

spiritual son and so when someone says

you know my spiritual son my spiritual

daughter it’s about God has entrusted

that person to your care for their

spiritual growth and development so

first Timothy and second Timothy Paul is

right at him lat

full of insight and wisdom ultimately it

was for the purpose of Timothy walking

out his calling and Paul was saving it

2nd Timothy and I believe is in chapter

4 he once told Timothy that I have

finished my race and I have kept the


and what I love about that is because

Paul is speaking from a place of

experience and completion and we all

have a race to complete and so this

passage is very key because I believe it

to be one of the most important things

that Paul relates to Timothy and so he

says for God has not given us a spirit

of fear but of power and of love and of

a sound mind and a sound mind really

when you even look at it also suggests a

meaningful self-control and what I also

love about that is because you can’t

really have self-control if you don’t

have a sound mind because you cannot

believe you can choose to not do

something or less you cannot choose not

to do something unless you believe you

cannot do it all right so it’s really

connected but what I want us to

highlight here is that fear is a spirit

fear is not an emotion it is a spirit

that when you use to it it reveals

itself through you as feelings of

uneasiness doubts you know others alike

so there are feelings that come as a

result of you yielding to the spirit and

I say that because fearful circumstances

the the presence of the spirit of fear

is there and so there is a reason to be

afraid but then I believe that Paul is

saying that for God has not given us a

spirit of fear you see because the

spiritual possess reveals who you are

and so when he’s telling us and power

love and sound mind as it relates to the

Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is power is

love and his sound mind because now when

you know that okay God has given me his

Holy Spirit he has given me the ability

to have

divine nature then my life should be

submitted to the things that reflect the

authenticity in me and so what Paul is

saying is that if I if God has not given

us a spirit of fear then we should not

be yielding to the spirit of fear we

should not be given into that spirit but

we should give in to the Holy Spirit

you see Jesus would often say you know

fear not and he’s saying it because

honestly there is a reason to be afraid

there’s a legit reason to be afraid but

when he’s seen fear and not he’s saying

do not yield to the suggestions of what

that spirit is telling you your life

would look like do not look at things

from his perspective look at things from

my perspective because I have given you

my spirit and it’s so interesting

because when you think about the spirit

of fear for example uneasiness is one of

the feelings that you know that comes

out of that but uneasiness will tell you

to be you know that a circumstance would

threatens your ability to move forward

but then power tells you it gives you

the knowledge that I have the capacity

to overcome so they cannot they don’t do

all together but all honestly a lot of

these things is it’s easier said right

like we know it but now how do we walk

into it and that’s why I want to discuss

this topic alright and so we’re going to

open this is the main text for today

we’re going to open Matthew 14 22 to 33

I’m going to read it through and there

are three things that were going to

really discuss about what we can learn

well Jesus I believe is teaching us

through this message right and so it

says immediately he and that’s Jesus

made the disciples get into the boat and

go before him to the other side while he

dismissed the crowds and after he had

dismissed the crowds he went up on the

mountain by himself to pray when evening


was there alone but but the boat by this

time was long it was a long way from the

land being being by the waves for the

wind was against them and in the fourth

watch of the night he came to them

walking on the sea but when the

disciples saw him walking on the sea

they were terrified and said it is a

ghost and they cried out in fear but

immediately Jesus spoke to them saying

take heart it is I do not be afraid and

Peter answered him Lord if it is I

command me to come to you command me to

come to you on the water

he said come so Peter got out of the

boat and walked on the water and came to

Jesus but when he saw the wind it’s so

interesting when he says when he saw the

wind because already the pastor tells us

that the wind was against them so he’s

been saying the wind right but but

really when he shifted perspectives when

he started listening to life from

another angle so when he saw the wind

cos not he’s walking on the water is no

longer in the boat even though it was

really a mess when he saw the wind he

was afraid and beginning to sink he

cried out lord save me Jesus immediately

reached out his hand and took hold of

him saying to him o you of little faith

why do you doubt and when they got into

the boat the wind ceased and those in

the boat worshiped him saying truly you

are the son of God not what fear does

not tell you number one have a slide if

you know me I love the slides so about

that kyla so the first thing is that

you’ve been equipped to overcome I say

this because right before this passage

right before I say it says that

immediately Jesus tells them to leave

right before this this is when Jesus fed

the 5000 people he fed the 5000 people

where to you know two fish five loaves

of bread come on somebody there’s a

ministry even called that right he fed

them right before this happened he

showed the disciples a miracle that they

had never seen you see God will never

put you in a position that requires more


if you didn’t already equip your faith

to believe that you can overcome in that

area right before and what is so amazing

and weakness isn’t the same chapter well

it’s so amazing is that so when Jesus is

doing this miracle right five over 5,000

people actually needed to be fed when he

broke the bread he didn’t give it

directly to the people he gave it to the

disciples and the disciples gave it to

the people and I believe that what is

what was taking place here is that God

is trying to show us that there is a

part that we play in this you see for

the disciples well not every time I read

that passage I’m like for the disciples

to take breath from Jesus so he was they

would go back though go to him and take

the bread give to the people go to him

take the bread and give to the people

the fact that they did not complain or

question him at any point in time that

Lord are we gonna have enough to feed

all these people

they were just obedient and that was

that was a revealing of their faith that

I don’t know how this is happening but

Jesus you’re doing it and I’m gonna keep

going back to you taking this bread and

to giving it to the people you see the

part that we play in this thing called

life is faith we have to believe that

God will always come through

we cannot question in the process the

disciples never questioned him so I mean

there are 12 disciples right there over

5,000 people they keep going back to him

going back to him I never did they say

uh here now a 3,000 mile never gonna

have enough they just kept going back

they believed that whatever he was doing

was working you see there’s a passage in

scripture that talks about he who he who

asked God for something should not doubt

because he should not he should not

believe that he will receive anything

from the Lord and I believe that doubt

is faith without works

because we’re saying that god I believe

you to do this but your works are

looking a little different God I believe

that you’re going to do this but we’re

complaining God I believe that you’re

going to do this but where our actions

are not aligning with what we’re saying

we believe God to do and so we have to

walk in the knowing that Lord you’ve

already equipped me to overcome and one

of the simplest ways to do this is to

meditate on the faithfulness of God in

your life sometimes you just have to

look back I loved it during the worship

when they’re singing God yesterday today

and forever you’re a God because if you

saw me out of something that at the time

I had no idea how I was gonna come out

of why am i complaining about the now

because obviously you brought me out of

that for me to see you in a different

way for me to believe in you in a

different way and so when I am seeing

something that I’ve never really

experienced before

I know I know Lord that you would also

bring me out of this and so fear would

never want to you to know that God has

already equipped your faith to overcome

number two we have it right there slide

right obedience led you there you see

it’s so interesting that Jesus is the

one who told them to go they didn’t go

by themselves they were following the

Word of God you see a lot of times when

we when we move based on God’s leading

we assume if you like me up everything

is a sign I’m not that’s a sign you know

that’s the sign I should get closed down

I just saw sprinkles we find all the

wrong signs and the wrong things and

sometimes in this and sometimes in a


stance what the enemy tries to do if

you’re not aware because actually

there’s a scripture that says when

tribulation comes because of the world

when you’re moving in a direction God

has called you you will it isn’t without

a doubt there will be tribulation there

will be circumstances that will arise

but when the enemy tries to do is to

deceive you

that Oh perhaps it’s punishment from God

or perhaps it’s a sign for you to turn

around you see one thing that God taught

me and it blew my mind was that even in

the place that I haven’t called you I

will still allow you to have the victory

for you to know that nothing is beneath

me I will allow you to see that I can

make a way for you there and tell you

from a place of clarity that this is not

for you and so so many times when you

encounter a problem it’s not God telling

you oh you need to go no I mean he is

God he can see you through it until you

turn around he did that for a prophet

named Elijah he provided food for him

he’s over there walking to his

destination he gets there God is like

why are you here nothing is above God’s

power and so no matter what you are

experiencing in your life if God’s Word

sukh you there believe that he will see

you through it as well one of my

favorite passages is when God was

speaking to Jeremiah and he says that I

am watching over my word to perform it

and the beautiful thing is that when God

gives you a word and sometimes that’s

why it’s scary to us because it’s almost

like he’s showing you the destination

because you see when Jesus told the

disciples he taught he directed them to

go and he gave them a destination they

were to go to the other side but Jesus

was well aware he knew that obviously

you know what was going that what they

were gonna encounter that there was

gonna be

the wind was going to be against them

and all that stuff he knew that but he

stayed behind and what I love is that in

the scripture it talks about and Jesus

went by him he was alone and he prayed

now the only time in scripture where you

know when Jesus is praying for someone

and he revealed what he was praying

about those a disciple named Peter and

he said Peter I have prayed that your

faith would not fail it is likely that

when Jesus was praying while they were

in the boat he is praying for their

faith that no matter though even if the

wind is against them that they would

know that they are secure that they

would know that they’re okay that they

would not be uneasy because family a lot

of times God will be silent there was a

reason why they were experiencing that

and Jesus was not there but that does

not mean he’s not watching that does not

mean he’s not he’s not aware of what’s

taking place there’s some things that he

showed me about even people listening to

this message that there are things that

you’re asking him about and he’s silent

on it it’s not because you’re not

praying enough or you’re not hearing you

know you’re hearing is blocked or

anything but there’s a part that we play

and that part is faith that even when we

don’t see him even when we don’t hear

him we believe in him because of his

track record in our lives right number

three it’s a lad it’s about your

relationship with Jesus this really blew

my mind it’s not even about the

circumstance you see one of the last

things that they said after so first of

all Jesus comes he’s walking on water

he’s walking on the problem he finds a

supernatural way to get to them the

moment he enters the boat it’s up when

we read the passage it talks about how

the wind seized right so the moment he’s

in their presence what was against them

was not working for them but at the end

of it the disciples said to him

that truly you are the son of God you

see all along they have been

knowledgeable because Jesus had been

referred to himself as a son you know

the son of God

all along they have been knowledgeable

about who Jesus is but the circumstance

brought them from a place of knowledge

to revelation you see knowledge for

example would say in the book of a sire

you know the Word of God says by His

stripes we are healed revelation will

tell you in the book of Isaiah God’s

Word to me is by His stripes I am healed

not revelation makes things personal it

makes you believe it also for yourself

because you can have knowledge about

things but if you’re not walking in the

revelation of what that thing is you

cannot encourage anybody I always I

always talk about healing because it’s

not just about the knowledge of the word

I know that to be true I’ve experienced

God’s healing power in my life and even

if I’m not expensive in my life I have

seen God’s healing power as well and so

it’s from a place of Revelation not just

a place of and the Bible says because

you could read the whole Bible you could

know the whole Bible and not even move

in power and that is why even people who

are theologians don’t even believe in

the miracle-working power of God but

they know the Bible and we cannot have a

relationship with God solely based on

knowledge we have to also walk in the

revelation of what we know and so the

circumstance brings you to a different

perspective of our Father the

circumstance because for example it’s a

difference when you tell someone jesus

will provide when you know that you’ve

been in some funny things than he

provided for you when you speak from a

place of truth you empower and you

impart faith in the other person

and everything about our lives family is

really about what God wants to do

through us for the world and so

sometimes when these circumstances

happen it’s really to build your

relationship with Jesus because at the

end of it maybe this does the one the

the problem when we are so focused on

just getting out like Lord just get me

out of this Lord just get me out and we

miss because the funny thing is that

once you’re out of it is done

you’re not even and that’s why we forget

so many times how God has seen us

through because we were just waiting gut

I just want to be out I just I just need

to pay this rent Laura I’m not trying to

hell that’s Laura I just need to pay

this rent right Lord I just I need the

funds to do this I need this to happen I

need to get this job I need this person

to whatever it is we are so focused on

the destination and when we get there

we’re already there without looking for

the next thing and we miss the point of

seeing God in a different way and

knowing that from that place I can

minister to another from that place I

can tell someone else going through it

that God will provide God will heal you

but these are the things the enemy does

not want you to know because he’s

struggling for you to yield to his

spirit he wants you to say no listen to

what I am saying about the situation to

keep you stagnant because you can’t move

you can go back and you don’t want to

move forward but family in this time

there’s a lot of things that it would

seem as though it is threatening your

ability to to make progress but it’s not

you’re just focusing on the wrong spirit

there are things that even one of the

things that God even kept speaking to me

about why this whole thing with fear we

really have to you know get a headlock

on it it’s because even in our nation

there are things that are going to

happen the enemy’s only way to

you is to make you it’s for you to

submit to his spirit of fear and they’re

things that are going to happen not just

things that are rising in our lives with

things that will start taking place in

the nation but you have to know that God

the same yesterday today he will be the

same forever if he’s been protecting you

then he’s gonna keep protecting you if

he’s covered you then he’s gonna keep

covering you if he’s provided for you

then he’s gonna keep providing for you

standard me family

there was a lot that I was like oh god I

really want to take this message here

and there and do all this dancing

dancing things with it but sometimes

there you just have to compact it and

throw it in right because there was

something and before we even go Oh

something that he kept showing me and

you see when hmm when Paul was telling

Timothy that God has given us a spirit

right that is a power of love and a

sound mind what the enemy has done to

some of you is to attack you in those

areas early on in life you see when it

comes to having let me hold me please

like this the absence of power would

always open the door to fear and so what

happens is that because and it’s and

it’s always that’s always the enemy is

always after what God is gonna do in

through your life it’s never heat I mean

why would he waste this time with

someone who’s not great and so there was

some of you

and you were drawn here today and and

the fact of the matter is that the fact

that you are here is already a sign that

God’s grace never left you but literally

what the enemy what the enemy did or the

enemy did it was to take power from you

and it was either through sexual abuse

of physical abuse but to put you in

situations where you felt like you could

not defend yourself and without knowing

that opened that opened the gate to that

spirit of fear

and so there are a lot of things you’re

fearful about some of the smallest

things you’re like ah maybe not and he

attached you in that area because he

knew if hid that spirit could find some

kind of room in your life then he can

always control to some degree your

movement well family God is going to

break that thing tonight and so

but whenever it comes to sexual abuse

physical abuse it’s a very it’s a

weighty topic in and it also kind of

dislike this connection of shame and no

I’m good and you know I’ve got it

together but if you are here and you

know that the Spirit is tugging on you

we are only here to love on each other

that is the only purpose of us being

here we’re never here to say oh my gosh

girl did you know this person now I

never know no God is watching all of us

people and so if you’re here and sexual

abuse physical abuse things that made

you feel like it took your power away

come down



amen it’s okay Oh

thank you guys thank you

thank you that

don’t be shame has no place no place no

place and we are not going to yield to

we’re not going to you to that spirit

anymore if you are here and you know

that this message is speaking to you and

just still on sexual abuse and physical

abuse come on down come on down this was

an area that God seriously highlighting

thank you Jesus thank you Lisa

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus come on

thank you amen

thank you Lord all right uh Thank You

Lauren you see the the crazy thing is

that the enemy wants you to he wants to

trap you in shame and so even Dobby we

are in God and all these things and

you’re like now I’m getting up I’m I’ve

gotten over it and it’s like and

sometimes you even question God why did

these things happen and and God willing

there’s a message that he’s been talking

to me about and we’re gonna really

whenever it releases meat we’re gonna

talk about even how are we walking out

on Authority but the fact that you are

here family focus on what God is doing

now the fact that you’re here the fact

that you’re listening to this message it

didn’t have a hold on you like the enemy

thought but what is gonna happen tonight

every every part of you that it’s still

lingering and what nothing is gonna be

broken off in the name because sometimes

sometimes you don’t even know you don’t

even know why you’re so scared

any little thing you’re just like why am

i why am i panicked why am i anxious why

am i uneasy and that that’s a that’s a

word for some of you you’re always just

uneasy and it’s like why this why that

what God is like it’s not my love its

protection and you might have questioned

his love for you back then but he’s

telling you his love is protection it

was love that sent Jesus to the earth it

says I’d forgot so loved the world you

don’t have to live in fear you don’t

have to live in anxiety don’t have to

live in all the suggestions and thoughts

that fear wants to tell you about your

life his love for you is protection the

enemy thought that maybe he took

something away from you but no he didn’t

he did not God as a God of restoration

and you might not understand how it got

how are you gonna restored it but God is

creative y’all he got some ways he has

some ways I am so excited at you that it

took the courage to come down here

because for the past few days I felt and

it was just a weird feeling and the fact

is I saw this is just what God does with

me a lot of times because I will begin

to feel what the person is going through

and even when it comes to healing

sometimes when I speak about what areas

being healed and I heard about those

testimonies is because in that moment

all of a sudden my knee starts feeling

like it’s going on like what is this I

gotta walk up in a few right and then he

tells me somebody’s knee but for the

past few days literally I’ve been so

down I didn’t I just didn’t want to do

anything and I’m like God why this

almost feels like depression like what

is going on here but he was showing me

that this is like a hidden feeling that

so many of my children are going through

but they’re hiding it they’re hiding and

then just coping with it

and it was because of the area of sexual

abuse and

physical abuse amen come on down

those two areas and we’re just kind of

like now I’m good you know because you

don’t want to get into the discussions

of what that might have done or what

that meant to you how that affected you

but the love of God is something so

powerful that no one can explain it the

Bible talks about even his peace his

peace surpasses understanding it does

not make sense why all of a sudden

you’re just at ease and that is what its

gonna happen family that is what is

gonna happen family and if you’re here

and you know that this message when

we’re talking about fear there are a lot

of things that there areas in your life

that you were just like kind of hesitant

like should i how do i continue how do I

move forward and now it’s just God is

telling you just remember remember

remember my faithfulness in your life

and if you’re here you’re just gonna

make duck like Lord I’m not gonna give

in to fear anymore yeah come on down

thank you Jesus just

thank you Jesus

thank you lord

Thank You logistic coming just keep

coming it is not the feeling you don’t

feel fearful you submit to the spirit

that is just that’s what it is we submit

to the life it’s telling us we’re gonna

have but we have a greatest spirit and

that is the Holy Spirit and in those

moments is to say Lord what are you

saying about this circumstance and even

if I don’t hear you I believe in your

power I believe that even if it is not

for me I’m still gonna be victorious and

then walk away

unless family unless God tells you to

walk away ahead that’s if you hear and

clearly all right but no obstacle no

circumstance is ever would ever surpass

the power of God never I’ve been to I’ve

gone through things that God showed me I

would be successful in it sometimes I

experience success today and then he

told me to leave and the faces that he

told me to leave a long time ago I

wasn’t just sure if he was telling me to

leave when that and then he gives the

thing to me and then tells me to release

it because now I was I had clarity in my

mind it wasn’t about well what if I walk

away and it’s something that was for me

or you know whatever whatever and he’s

like you know what here now drop it

because it was never for you in the

first place and you’re so free because

it’s not even about you know what did I

was it that I failed is it that couldn’t

get it or is it that whatever he’s just

like no something’s you would have a

peace and knowing to walk away from but

if you’re in a place where you you’re

just kind of anxious and it’s like I

don’t know if I should guy is a god of

clarity family and so sometimes even

when you’re in the space of I don’t know

I don’t know just be just be in that

time just be present in that moment

allow God to do whatever he’s doing

because he knows how to direct you you

see why I call love protection is

because when you understand the love of

a father he would not see you going

through something that would damage you

and just leave you God is a professional

and knowing how to close doors

and so family we have to we have to walk

there’s a sense of freedom we need to

have stop being so uneasy with yourself

stop being so hard on yourself

my god I don’t know you know I hope this

is not the devil if it’s the devil he

knows how to shut the door he knows how

to get to you just be be present in

every moment of your life God is our

Father he’s not just God up there is our

Father it’s a very personal relationship

imagine yourself with a child and you

know that child is going in the

direction and you have the power to

reroute her won’t you do it and that has

got to us and there’s some things family

there’s something that it would let you

continue because it serves a purpose not

the purpose you thought it serve it

serves a different purpose and so

sometimes even the things that you have

walked into and it’s like God but why

did you allow me to walk into this

change one thing God’s there telling me

is that sometimes you have to come to me

in a different way change the question

you’re asking me because as long as you

keep asking me the same question your

heart is not open to receive what I have

to say so sometimes you have to come

from a place of an open heart and say

instead of always asking God Lord why

did this this why did you allow this to

happen because you already have a

preconceived thought about whatever God

is going to say so you’re not even

willing to receive his truth so

sometimes you just have to come to God

and say Lord show me what purpose not

being served in my life and be open be

open God is our Father

and some here even that relationship

understanding that God is my father it’s

not really a reality all the way to you

but he’s gonna ship you just open your

heart to him his love would be your

protection you would not need to walk

around and anxious and not easier about

life because you would know that Lord

you are protecting me the Bible says

that the Lord order the steps the steps

of the the righteous are ordered by the

Lord nothing you do out of love for God

or nothing you do out of like Ghana I’m

I’m doing this because I’m believing

this is what you said you don’t need to

be afraid of getting it wrong because

God is going to order your steps and if

that is you just calm down I’m done Amen

I see you amen

I see amen

a man we don’t need to be fearful about

getting it wrong you probably will get

it wrong and cut it’s okay with it

that’s he teaches us through mistakes he

teaches us he builds us it’s a beaut

it’s a love relationship thank you Lord

for what you’re doing in this house

thank you lord

let us pray family hold the hand of the

person next to you something so

beautiful in this atmosphere Wow

every eye closed and let’s take a moment

just to talk to our Father just take a

moment however you want to talk you want

to sing whatever you want to do take a

moment thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus you see there’s some of

you and God is just is so beautiful

because it’s almost like tonight is the

first day you’re having a conversation

with him as a child to their father it’s

not just about a prayer to God it’s it’s

it’s a it’s my father and it’s almost

it’s a beautiful thing with Jesus is

that honestly he loves each of us in

ways that it seems it’s just us but he’s

caring it’s almost like there’s this

picture with like a man rocking a baby

in Europe in your day to day life in my

scene like you you have to be the one

that’s always on that carries other

people that is doing everything for

other people you seem to be the one but

Jesus is carrying you he’s carrying us

we are his children children not his

adults he refers to us as his children

so it doesn’t matter how what age you’re

in and what career you’re in and the

responsibilities in your law on your

life and even the children you have you

are still God’s child

you are still God’s child god you’re so

good father good I thank you for tonight

lord I thank you for the courage upon

your children that even the moment of

them walking down when we talked about

abuse that was them walking yielded to

power no longer with shame and and

deception have any place in their lives

yes they have been through things yes we


this worldís can be evil but God your


you’re loved it never left them even you

Jesus had to go through some things

thank you Lord that it does not make

sense the piece that we’re gonna be

walking in it does not make sense how

easy things will feel and I thank you

for sleeping it’s coming upon people

even even having problems with sleeping

I thank you Lord that you’re giving them

rest further in the name of Jesus we

cast every imagination that is of the

enemy right now Lord every imagination

produced by a spirit of fear we cast it

out of the lives of your people right

now in the name of Jesus thank you Lord

that you are our hedge of protection no

more your love protects us your love

sees us too

we would walk through life Lori guy with

our heads up high

it would not be anxious we will not be

uneasy but we would walk in power with

walking love and with the sunlight I

thank you Lord that your children will

know your heart for them Oh

only they know your heart for them maybe

they understand why that’s not you’re

not over there just waiting to judge

you’re not punishing them through

circumstances but may they know your

heart yes even now it’s there’s no such

a heaviness that many doubt your love

for them

and they question the things that

they’re going through as God does not

love me but he loves you and it might

seem hard in my scene rough but focused

on the grace of real life focus on his

love seen you through the fact that we

are alive today speaks of so much hope

family God loves you and some of you

really need to know that you really

really need to know that that he’s not

just waiting for you to get it wrong the

fact that you were drawn here today and

some of you this this was this is among

your first time here and you don’t even

understand why you were drawn here today

but you need to know that Jesus loves

you even when you haven’t accepted him

in your heart he’s watching over you

he’s watching over you thank you Jesus

have your way in everyone’s life here

your words as a perfect love cast out

all fear may we walk always in the

revelation of your love for us may we

know Lord God that circumstances don’t

mean anything it’s actually serving our


that’s how we get from glory to glory

that is how we grow that is how we walk

in the next dimension of our lives so

you’ll be the glory father thank you

Lord for what has happened in this house

thank you Lord that no one will walk out

of here the same way they walked in

everything they walked in here that is

not a view Lord God we release it on

this altar tonight

every shame every guilt every fear

everything Lord God we release it on

this altar tonight we are not walking

out with it Lord Jesus for this reason

we have such a place for this reason we

can come here and cry out to you Oregon

to release the reason for the tears here

and not taking it out with us thank you

Jesus so what you’re doing

and what you’ll continue to do in this

house and through the lives of your

children thank you Lord that there so

it’s so it’s so beautiful because even

even in the spirit we are all soldiers

where it’s so beautiful who we really

are and we are walking into everything

that we are in the name of Jesus thank

you Lord in Jesus