Service Date: 07.19.18 8PM


and I’ve been trained about today and

just praying about God what is the word

that you have for your people it is not

nothing to be taken lightly to come

before you and speak a word on behalf of

God because if I speak my words you may

laugh a little but you’re gonna go home

unchanged and so the word he gave me is

what is your burning bush when we think

about the burning bush we think about a

unique experience that Moses had in the

Bible and for some of us that may not

know the backstory of Moses Moses was an

Israelite born in a very peculiar time

in the time he was born the the den king

of Egypt they were he what they were

terrified of the Israelites because he

talked about how the Israelites they

grew mighty in numbers and these were

strong men and so he came up with a very

evil plan to put them in slavery and you

see even just society track a little bit

you have to recognize that the enemy is

so afraid of you knowing who you are

this King was afraid of the Israelites

and that is why he put them in slavery

and most likely unknown to them there

they might have looked at themselves as

the victims not realizing that every

time something challenges your identity

you have been empowered to overcome that

thing the enemy will bring you no

circumstances in front of you to give

you a storyteller that you’re the victim

but what you don’t realize is that every

time that something is in front of you

is the evidence of who you truly are to

overcome it so this king of Egypt he’s

terrified of the Israelites one of his

fears was that if there was a war that

broke out and the Israelites were on the

side of their enemies then you know I

mean they will be done for because these

were people that were

mighty in number and in strength and so

during this time I mean that it was like

that was not enough now he comes up with

another plan to say every male born

child born in an Israelite home that

that child should be killed

and Moses was born in this time when

Moses was born his mother saw something

about him that was I believe that she

just knew that this child was born for

such a time as this and I have to do

everything in my power to keep him the

Scriptures tell us about how she kept

him for three months and when she could

no longer hide him she puts him by the

reeds in the in the river and what is

fascinating about this and I would love

for you to study this in your own time

just the book of Exodus is that the

where she places her baby is connected

to where the dollar of the king of Egypt

takes a shower and it tells me that this

must have been a divine instruction

because how do you put your child in the

in the sight of the daughter of the one

who has sent out a word that every male

Hebrew child should be killed it would

make sense that she would see that child

and say wow this is a male child that

did not belong to us we should kill him

but there was a favor connected to the

life of Moses that when this daughter

sees the child she has compassion on him

and she takes him to raise him as her

own so Moses is raised up in this home

and then 40 years goes by and something

happens that changes his whole story and

so I want us to open very quickly I

think we already have it up to acts 7 23

to 29 and so it says now when he was 40

years old it came into his heart to

visit his brethren the children of

Israel and seen one of them suffer wrong

he defended and avenged him who was

oppressed and struck down the Egyptian

for he supposed that his brethren would

have understood that God

delivered them by his hand but they did

not understand and the next day he

appeared to two of them as they were

fighting and tried to reconcile them

saying men you were brethren

why do you wrong one another but he but

he who did his neighbor wrong pushed him

away saying who made you ruler and judge

over us do you want to kill me as you

did the Egyptian yesterday then at this

same Moses fled and became a dweller in

the land of Midian where he had two sons

you see family I believe that there was

something there was a weight on Moses

have you ever wondered God you saved me

from the very things that killed others

but I’m not sure why I believe there was

a weight on Moses life knowing that you

have saved me for such a time as this it

has to be for something other than just

surviving and so when he reaches this

year of 40 I mean he’s raised in a royal

household something comes in his heart

to tell him to go see what is happening

to his fellow Israelites I believe that

the Lord was leading Moses to be exposed

to what was happening to his people but

when he got there his action was an act

of anger rather than act of wisdom he is

exposed to something and the first thing

that comes to his mind is how he would

handle it even though he was not the one

that led himself there so he kills this

man believing that you know what if I do

this they would know that I’m the one

that God has called to deliver them

there was a perception in his heart

about his identity but he moved too fast

in acting in that moment

Moses was called to see something in

order to inquire you see that the scary

and the dangerous thing about an

is that anger is a distraction from the

truth because what makes a truth real is

when you see it from a whole perspective

Moses killing the Egyptian was a surface

issue because there were many more

Egyptians that would be like him that

was not the root problem and I believe

that I’m in a room full of people that

there are different things in your

fields and in the places that God has

called you to that you may see a problem

but it’s not to react quickly and anger

you see it’s interesting because Moses

he runs away for 40 years he so first of

all this happens when he’s age 40 and

then he runs away now 40 years later

something happens and we’re gonna really

get into what God is saying here and so

40 years later

let’s open to the book of Exodus 3 yes 1

2 5 it says now Moses was tending the

flock of Jethro his father-in-law the

priest of Midian and he led the flock to

the back of the desert and came to Horeb

the mountain of God and the angel of the

Lord appeared to him in the flame of

fire from the midst of a bush so he

looked and behold the bush was burning

with fire but the bush was not consumed

then Moses said I will now turn aside

and see this great sight why the bush

does not burn so when the Lord saw that

he turned aside to look God called him

to see from the midst to God called him

from the midst of the bush and said

Moses Moses and he said Here I am I want

us to just read that part again it says

so when when the Lord saw that he turned

aside to look God called him God called

to him from the midst of the bush and

said Moses Moses and he said Here I am

then he said do not draw near this place

take your sandals off you

feet for the place where you stand is

holy ground family as I studied this and

I asked the Lord what this means you see

I believe that the first encounter Moses

had with a burning bush was not here the

first encounter of Moses burning bushes

when he saw the affliction of his

brothers what we see here is the

spiritual manifestation of what happened

even then and I say this because there

is an angel who comes to Moses in the

appearance of fire but the tree is not

being burnt you see what is happening

right there is not even an attribute of

God God is known as the consuming fire

but Moses is watching a tree on fire and

it’s not burning and what is fascinating

is it is the moment he decides to turn

aside and look and when God knew that he

has caught Moses full attention he

begins to speak you see family

in that fire there was an angel who

appeared to Moses as fire but yet he was

not burning later on in the book of Acts

we will learn that it is this very angel

that when Moses went when it talks about

how Moses delivered the people I’m gonna

read it later it talks about how they

were delivered by this angels hand when

I was praying for you the Lord showed me

that there are many angels assigned to

you that are ineffective right now

because when the fire the purpose of

fire is for fire to consume a thing when

fire is not consuming something it is

ineffective when the angel appeared as

fire yet he is not consuming the bush

something about that isn’t actually a

mirror to Moses God had called Moses

from the beginning he he gave him an

understanding in his heart that Moses

you have

in court deliver these people the first

time Moses was was led by God to see

what was happening to his people it was

a moment of exposure for Moses to

inquire of God why in our industries in

the very things that God is calling us

to there is a burning bush in each and

every corner there are things that God

has purposed to release his power to you

to release insights wisdom and strategy

but no one is asking why no one is

turning aside you see to turn aside is

to leave behind what you have been we

did the routines of your life to say God

there is something else I must inquire

of you and connected to your why is

where God will take you to the next

dimension of your calling you see for

those that perhaps in the medical field

it’s interesting that today there are

diseases and their illnesses that there

was a time where just by having it I

mean you there was a timeline for your

death and today there are curious was

these kind of starting illnesses they

used to kill many twenty years ago and

all of a sudden God is working and

partnering with people to bring about

even in the medical field the science to

bring a cure for certain things if you

are in the medical field and you’re

seeing that you know what I am tired of

cancer taking the lives of people there

is an inquiry you can ask of God God

where is the cure for this thing can you

partner with me you see it was the

moment that Moses is paying attention to

the voice of the Lord and now they’re

having a dialogue that God also reveals

that I will be with you you see the

interesting thing about the Spirit of

God which is which is a spirit of

prophecy is that a lot of times with

that God revealing to us his plans and

his purpose is limited to what looks

like Church

but every field you are called to there

is a language there’s a prophetic

language for that field there is a

prophetic language in the film industry

there’s a prophetic language for the

entertainment industry there’s a

prophetic language for science for

technology that God would give you

insights about things that would

establish his plans in the place you

have been positioned in but we have to

take the time to slow down from being

angry and wonder what are the wise

connected to the next dimension you see

for me as a pastor I always have these

questions especially in this city God

how can they be the presence

how can your presence be be amongst us

and yet so many people are becoming

victims to suicide so many people are

working without the knowledge of you God

why and when I say why it is not a while

to conclude on the answer it is not a

why because you see the enemy would want

you to have a different why the enemy

would want you to have a wide that

proves God to be unfaithful and got to

be unjust because the moment he can

shift your how you perceive God then you

no longer can see yourself properly

because if you question the god you

serve how can you how can you believe

that you are the one called with an

answer and so my why is connected to God

give me strategy how do we go into this

fields that seem untapped by the Holy

Spirit there is a why this burning bush

symbolized what had been happening in

Moses his life you see what I love about

God is that every time he speaks the way

in which he speaks it means something

this burning bush was not just for us to

say oh wow look at that a bush and fire

my god the goodness of God No

it symbolized Moses’s journey you see

angels are known as ministering spirits

they’re assigned to help you to manifest

what God has called upon your life and

they cannot help you when your life is

not looking like what God called if I

want us to look at the scripture really

quick is the last scripture I believe I

gave you guys I want us to just read

this together and if you’re taking notes

to write this down

it’s Acts 7:35 you see it says this

Moses whom they rejected saying who made

you a ruler and a judge as though is the

one God sent to be a ruler and deliverer

by the hand of the angel who appeared to

him in the bush by the angel who

appeared to him it was this very angel

that had been waiting on Moses Moses

when is it go time when are you gonna

partner with God concerning this why

because the moment I can get I can see

you in partnership I can help you and I

can do the impossible because I come

from the one who impossibilities our

normal family

there are things assigned to your life

your industries there is something about

the place that God has positioned you

there is a Wye connected to it because

if we are called to establish the

kingdom on earth we move from glory to

glory so there is always a higher level

but until we start questioning the whys

on our level we cannot tap into the next

and it is not to question it in the form

of complaints it is not so question it

in the form of blame-shifting oh these

people are just not doing this if it

hits your heart God is speaking

something to you you see before God ever

told Moses that he has called him to

deliver his people that was

moisés belief about himself something

had been established in his heart about

his identity but because he moved in

anger he had to wait for another season

of another 40 years to come before that

very thing would be revisited I believe

that we are in a time I stopped born in

bushes all around to symbolize that we

are in a time that if we can just pause

routine for a second and even ask the

purpose of that routine you see wow this

what is fascinating about Moses he was

the one who kept the sheep of his

father-in-law and for him to turn aside

from the ship it’s not a you know a safe

thing because sheep they’re very

vulnerable if one just started wandering

away the others would just follow even

if they’re all entering into something

bad but Moses took the time to say let

me pass from my routines and in that

moment God led him to the Sheep he was

actually culture there is a next

dimension of where God has you but you

have to take the time even when you get

home tonight in prayer you have to

create room for God this to wonder

whether the wise connected to my calling

what are the whys why is it that in the

film industry this is not happening it

is not for you to sit around and gossip

amongst friends or complaint among

friends or say yes you know what I’m a

victim of that to know come back to the

Lord and say God why because that right

there is a burning bush and the moment

you would wonder it releases the voice

of God with strategy you see what is

fascinating is that God did not speak

until Moses turned aside it could have

been a very different scenario it could

have been that when Moses was just


the mountain the same way that God

encountered let’s say you know I’m the

prophet Samuel he could have just called

Moses Moses and Moses of Eli Oh Here I

am but he did not release a word until

Moses was intentional about looking at

the bush to wonder why is it not being

consumed what is happening that the

fields that God has called you to that

does not look like kingdom what has

happened there there are questions there

are things I asked God all the time I

say Lord if I am reading your word the

miracles that happen in that time I want

to see it in this time I I what raising

the dead should be a norm so I have

questions about why God why is it that

in Africa is where you hear about all

these things but then in America you it

goes silent God

why because this is where I am and so

there are wise that are connected to my

purpose so that God can give me insight

and strategy and partnership with the

Holy Spirit in another dimension what is

your burning bush

and this is a question that if you would

take the time family to sit with God to

be intentional about God I’m gonna spend

time with you about the place you have

called me and I want to know what it is

in this industry in this field that is

not fully Kingdom what is it about this

field that is still consuming the lives

of many people what is it in this field

that is not that I’m not fully operating

in the way I ought to be what is your

burning bush and what I saw the Lord do

is that I saw where wherever you make

room he would fill it up wherever you

make room he would meet you there

wherever you make room because God is


just going to fit into a busy schedule

because what he has to say to you

requires you to pause what he has to say

to you see the beautiful thing when we

even think about the consuming fire in

the in in the Old Testament it talks

about how when they would bring an

offering to the Lord and then it fire

would consume it but you see family

there is never fire where there is no

sacrifice if there was nothing on the

table there would be no fire when you

are seeking God for to move in your life

in a new way your acts about it must be

sacrificial the same way we talked about

giving if you cannot give God what you

don’t respect how’s he gonna respect it

if you cannot give time that you don’t

respect time that would not that that

affects you how would he value it you

know what’s fascinating I remember one

time when I was asking the Lord I said

Lord give me the grace of an intercessor

and what that means is one who who can

constantly be in pray or seek in the

face of God for his people but what that

is is that intercessors their

intercessors that could pray for like 5

hours 6 hours 7 hours I mean obviously

this has to be on weekends you know but

I remember I said God give me the grace

of and I was like oh god just empower me

so I could pray for like five hours it’s

like oh that would feel so good and I

was waiting for this magical moment to

happen that I would just feel like wow

you know look at me just praying for

five hours but what he taught me was

that he this was the conversation he had

with me he said when you’re watching the

movie what is the average time for a

movie I said it’s about two hours and he

said what is the average time that if

you like a show that you would binge on

the show you know 24 hours

and what he showed me is that because

this is a norm binge-watching has become

a norm it is a norm to watch a movie for

two hours is not to long it’s just about

right so because that has been your norm

you have been trained that way to take

in a movie for two hours and he said if

you want the grace of an intercessor you

have to retrain yourself and so whether

you start with an hour whatever is

sacrificial on your level then I would

be with you and match it and empower you

but you have to retrain yourself that

God okay I’m gonna start by sitting in

your presence for one hour that could

look like reading the Bible praying

singing whatever the case is I just want

to be on distracted time with you and

let that grow to two hours and let it

become my norm that okay something is

happening here and then in that place

when he sees your commitment he begins

to raise it and raise it now he begins

to empower you because you have met him

in a place of sacrifice and is in this

place it is in this place of sacrifice

family that God is gonna reveal his

secrets the Bible says the secrets of

the Lord with those that fear Him those

that reverence him those that respect

him does that make him their number one

priority you see what is fascinating is

that just one word from God can change

your whole life and when a word changes

your life that is a testament that that

same word is connected to the lives of

Nations that would change and transform

their lives do not be comfortable where

you are because God has so much more but

we have to create room for him to ask

about our burning bush God what is this

thing you have to be patient because

it’s not something to just you know okay

god I was a way out I’ve been here two

days now you ain’t saying one thing the


of God with those that fear him those

that respecting those that know and

believe and trust his faithfulness that

God you know the interesting thing and I

don’t know if this is anyone’s testimony

whenever you set your heart when your

heart is set to say God I don’t care how

long it takes I’m gonna come before you

every single day because I need I need

this word I need to understand why is

this happening in my community why is

this happening in my town when you’re

seeking God to give you strategy that

his angels will back you up which means

you will be favored by men because

you’re really favored by God to open

access and give you relationships that

will manifest what God has spoken

when you truly set your heart sometimes

it doesn’t even take that long the

moment you go in boom he releases

something because your heart has been

set to say God it doesn’t matter how

long it takes you have to be patient you

have to be humble you have you need

humility that would abandon how you

think about things and how you conclude

on things because if you want to look at

the situation based on your perception

the enemy would have room to deceive you

you see when God was speaking to Moses

and telling Moses what He has called him

to do Moses is telling God that look

Lord I cannot speak and actually it’s

funny if you read the passage he’s ever

telling God since the time you have been

speaking to me

you know it almost like you know I

believe that if you’re the one speaking

to me you should have just fixed this

problem right about now and he’s telling

him since you’ve been speaking to me I

can still not speak properly Moses had

like a little stuttering issue I believe

but he was still looking at himself

concluding on you know what God I cannot

do this because of ABC you have to be

humble to actually receive your identity

to know that it is not by your strength

and it’s not by your power it is by the

Spirit of God if you are thinking that

everything connected to my life has to

happen through my understanding through

my abilities to my resources to what I

have the access to then that is pride

because you’re saying God you can only

use me according to what I have the

ability to touch you have to be humble

to know that it is by the Spirit of God

it is not by what you have the ability

to do but it’s by what he enables you to

do and that is why nothing is off-limits

whatever God has put in your heart

whatever issues whatever things that he

has put in your heart that represents

your burning bush nothing is off-limits

to God’s power but you have to look at

yourself as one who is who who is in who

is in cooperation with God who is a

partner with God to establish his

kingdom on the earth patience humility

it would take you farther than you’ve

ever thought you go because with those

two things you can pause to know like

I’m not gonna run just because

everybody’s running I’m not gonna just

use my words recklessly because

everybody else is angry god I want to

actually bring solutions to this thing I

want to go to the root of it and I’m

humble enough to know that is by your

spirit and so because of that I can be

bold about the industry and what I’m

walking towards to you see this is a

room of game changers everyone watching

if you know this God will never release

a prophetic word about you that speaks

less about you it’s always powerful

because that is who you are

the question is would you believe it

would you receive your identity you see

family what I have noticed in this life

is that the enemy coming against you is

not an issue the the challenge is coming

against you is not is not your biggest

problem the obstacles you face is not

your biggest problem because all these

things have been defeated already we are

just reminding them that you’re you are

not an issue or factor to me the biggest

problem is if you would believe you are

who God says you are if you would

believe that you’re the one assigned to

that burning bush if you would believe

that yes Moses you’re the one I’ve

called to deliver the people indeed with

your speech problems and all of it you

see Moses was fine in trying to bring

deliverance to the people when he

thought it was by his might let me kill

somebody when he partnered with God God

never instructed him to lay a finger on

the Egyptians because God handled that

part Moses was okay when it had to do

with you know what I can take this guy

out right about now but when it had to

do with a thing that made that revealed

his weakness Oh God

Moses I just need you to speak I just

need you to talk a little bit now he’s

questioning oh no no no this is out of

my comfort zone am I really now the one

the very thing that Moses you already

believed about yourself now you’re

questioning yourself the biggest thing

is for you to believe you are who God

says you are there is a burning bush

assigned to your life there are multiple

burning bushes assigned to your life and

I believe that there is a revelation of

a president burning bush that would take

you and that will transform you to a

whole nother dimension in God because

you’ve been an answer to that thing is

going to manifest his kingdom in a way

like never before

in music in film in fashion in ministry

in education in technology in medicine

there is a language there’s a prophetic

language connected to all these areas

and God is looking is looking for who he

can deposit the weight of that on family

stand with me thank you Jesus thank you


have your way God

thank you lord

one has to take a moment the Holy Spirit

is gonna minister to some of you and his

own is gonna bring to your memory words

and and things that you it’s almost like

you knew them instinctively about what

God who God has called you to be there

are things that you just believed about

yourself even without any confirmation

that was another way of God speaking to

you and he’s gonna bring these things to

your memory because we are called to

establish God’s kingdom on the earth his

will to be done on earth as it is in

heaven and in order for this to be done

we also have to be willing to move from

glory to glory to never be comfortably

what we have achieved on this level

because there is so much more we serve a

god that is endless he is infinite if

you are still breathing there is so much

more attached to your life there are

some here and that you have been

wondering God I did not survive

everything I survived just to survive

and you’ve been wondering God what is

connected to my life

you see we always have this saying you

know we’re not called to survive but to

thrive and I believe that thriving what

thriving looks like is when your

existence makes room for others to walk

in their truth and so when you’re like

god my life cannot just be for this I

know I I truly believe that Moses felt

the weight of his sort of his life

knowing that God why me I heard about so

many stories of boys that died but you

saved me and you gave me favor you even

raised me in the house of the one who

gave the order to kill people like me

God why me why did I survive while I

survived the abuse why did I survive the

accident why did I survive the illness

why did I survive it Lord why did I

survive my upbringing discs and I’ve

taken this has taken so many people out

the things that my life has been exposed

to many committed suicide because of the

same exposure but you’ve kept me and

there is a why connected to it but

sometimes because of the weight of that

we want to run the moment we feel

connected to something and God is saying

no be patient how I move is that I begin

to expose you to something so you can

inquire of me so I can partner with you

when Moses killed the man yes he was led

by God to see something but he was not

instructed by God to kill them

and God is gonna bring back to your

memory the things that he has exposed

you to there are other things that he

will expose you to words that he has

spoken to you that is connected to your

burning bush and that is a place that

you would realize this is where I need

to be effective there angels assigned to

God’s plan and purpose that is assigned

to your life what God has appointed to

do through you you see what I love is

when when the Lord says that Moses take

off your sandals for the place that you

are standing is holy ground that was a

place that many have walked to and fro

so many times but when I loved about

that is take off your sandals as he was

their culture that when you go into a

person’s house you take off your sandals

I have adopted this culture in my life

because I don’t know what’s on your

shoes but it was their culture and I

believe in that moment God was bringing

Moses to the new reality of what home

would be for him it was an appointed

place to encounter him with his identity

in full the burning bush connected to

your life

God would refill it and you have to

believe that you are called

to it you have to believe that this

thing that I’m seeing that is making the

fire of God ineffective and what I mean

by that is we are all as children of God

and God being the all-consuming fire

that means everywhere we are assigned to

we are to consume that place for the

kingdom of God and so when something is

not looking like the kingdom when

something in our face is looking like

you’re trying to make my assignment and

effective God show me what that is and

give me strategy to overcome that thing

and so win it for your glory God is

gonna bring back to your memory will you

believe him if you’re in this house and

and and even when I’m talking about that

you’ve been heavy your heart has been

heavy because you’re like God I know

there is more to my life than just

surviving I want you to lift your hand

up I know there is something more to my

life I I’m not just here to survive I

have been through way too much just to

survive you have saved me from so much

just for me to survive there is

something else connected to my life

and as you raise your hand be open to

God exposing you to something and it’s

not for you to run and act from a place

of emotion because anger it’s almost

like displaced creative energy it’s for

you to say God what you have revealed to

me give me strategy lord give me

strategy how do we do this for your

kingdom and if you’re in this house and

and there is a burning bush that God has

brought to mind I want you to lift up

that hand to that God is reminding your

burning bushes that you have you stopped

questioning why rather it was just a

conversation for the fun of it and with

your friends and it’s like oh my gosh

you know this is also happening who

thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus as you lift your hands

up to God I just want you to worship Him


in whatever language whether you it’s

prayer whether it’s music even if your

song may sound different from the song

to the person next to you I want you to

worship Him in a way that is unique to

you God we need you God we cannot do

this thing on our own

as you set to Moses I will be with you

God we are receiving that as our word

we would walk where you tell us to go we

would say what you would tell us to say

we would plan we would strategize

according to your wisdom Lord we will

wait on you Jesus we’re not going to run

according to our understanding but we

will run when you give us the go father

God have your way in our lives

yes Lord

Thank You Holy Spirit

Thank You Holy Spirit that you’re

bringing two things to memory Thank You

Holy Spirit will not be comfortable with

what looks like arrival there is so much

more for the kingdom of God

thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus


whew Jesus


every hand lifted up I want you to speak

to your father even in this moment

I want you to speak to your father God

revealed to me my burning bush


because there may be something I am

ignoring God revealed to me my burning

bush order my steps Lord God the steps

of the righteous are ordered by the Lord

father God I thank you yes Lord

there you are ordering our steps to the

place of the thing you have called us to

win for your kingdom expose us Lord to

the things that you have called us to

see that we may inquire of you

we survived that we may thrive Lord we

acknowledge everything that is connected

to us and we say God we’re not going to

handle it or manage it in a way that

isn’t responsible to the kingdom but we

will be faithful with what you have

given us and we will be faithful to seek

you Lord that I thank you that there are

many even now that you’re putting the

desire in their hearts to stand as those

that would intercede I thank you Lord

that your word your word says that if

there was someone in the gap you will

heal the land I thank you God that the

places that you have positioned your

children in that they would begin not

only asking you for the why but that

they would seek your face

in praying over these industries Lord

God that you are also taking us from a

level where it’s not just praying about

ourselves and our family members but

Lord God we will begin to pray about our

community we will begin to pray about

our city we will begin to pray about our

nation we will begin to see things on

the news and not just talk about it but

Laurie God we will stand in the gap

father God I thank you Jesus

that in this room is a house full of

people that would say God I will stand

in the gap because if you can’t see

somebody in the gap Lord God you will

heal the land you will heal the industry

if there was someone if there is a mass


there is a God to answer and so father

God I thank you that we will stand as

men and women of Prayer and we will

stand as men and women of faith we will

not back down Lord nothing is off-limits

but we will begin to take the discipline

to say God if I can watch a movie for

two hours certainly I could pray for one

and you will continue to increase us

Lord God and I thank you Father that we

will not fear whatever the enemy tries

to throw our way because he’s already

defeated but we would walk in the

boldness of our identity as children of

the Most High God under the authority of

the one who every principality and power

bowels down soon

in this house our people that have said

yes to standing in the gap in this house

are people that have said yes so they’re

burning bush that I would win that thing

for God’s kingdom and I thank you Lord

that the Angels connected and assigned

to your purpose in our lives we’ll begin

to move we’ll begin to work Lori god I

thank you for the favor that has been

released as we go in Jesus name can we

give God praise in this house