Service Date: 06.27.19 8PM


the scripture and we’ll just see how God

takes it I know we could stay standing

family just do a squat just imagine

you’re doing a squat right there because

as I was praying family what God kept

showing me it was through the life of

Abraham you see Abraham was someone who

his life radically changed with his

encounter by God because it was the

words Abraham was that through your life

through your offspring all the nations

on the earth would be blessed and that

was because through the life of Abraham

our Lord Jesus would be born and so from

the very beginning the Holy Spirit had

had a plan concerning his line äj– and

I believe that each and every one of you

there is a plan that God has for the

dreams and the visions that he has given

you that the Holy Spirit has a plan for

what he wants to do with it on the earth

and so when we say God never the same

Holy Spirit I want more of who you are

we’re literally saying God come in and

wreck my life because when we say God

less of me and more of you then God

begins to show you the part of you that

needs to be less God begins to reveal to

you if you’re saying less of me and more

of my spirit then I will show you the

areas of your life that you need to

bring into alignment and so I want us to

read this scripture in the book of

Genesis while we’re standing it’s

Genesis 16 we’re going to read from 16

to chapter 17 verse 2 I’m going to jump

into another verse in chapter 17 and so

it says Abraham was 86 years old when

Hagar bore Ishmael to Abram when Abram

was 99 years old the Lord appeared to

Abram and said to him I am Almighty God

walk before me and be blameless and I

will make my covenant between me and you

and will multiply you

and then he jumps to Genesis 17 verse 15

to 19 and he says then God said to

Abraham as for Sarah your wife he shall

not call her name Sarai but you but

Sarah shall be her name and I will bless

her and also give you a son by her then

I will bless her and she shall be a

mother of Nations kings of people shall

be from her then Abraham fell on his

face and laughed and said in his heart

shall a child be born to a man who is

100 years old and shall Sarah who is 90

years old bear a child and Abraham said

to God oh that Ishmael might live before

you then God said no Sarah your wife

shall bear you a son and you shall call

his name Isaac I will establish my

covenant with him for an everlasting

covenant and his descendants after him

family you may be seated if you would

like to take notes the word that God

gave me about this message is when God

says no and you see family any time we

come before God right now we’re in a

season where just as we are just even

look at what took place today we’re in a

season where literally we’re saying God

we want more of you our pastor started a

series on understanding the holy spirit

on Sunday and if you haven’t watched it

I really recommend you do so because

again family whenever we are coming

before God in the posture of humility to

say God I want more of you we’re

literally saying God bring all of my

life into alignment the interesting

thing is that in this house we sense

surrender we sensed humility we send

submission we sense God I need to I want

to see you right and in your walk with

God there was always going to be certain

things that you’re gonna see in

different stages of your life there

gonna be certain seasons that would

repeat itself and those are seasons when

God starts seeking more of your


and that I believe family that is

because no one can ever know the

fullness of God God is God God is too

big four for us as creative beings to

hold all of who he truly is and so when

God wants to reveal more of himself he

begins to shake up the things in your

life that has placed a limit to his

power that has placed a limit to his

faithfulness that has placed a limit to

his potential you see what is

interesting is that prior to the

scripture that we read when God first

encountered Abraham and he tells Abraham

all these great things Abraham I’m gonna

you know you’re gonna have a son and all

these amazing things God never tells

Abraham that it would be a son with his

wife Sarah because the God is a

no-brainer right I mean you’re gonna

have a son you’re married her name is

Sarah that’s the person is gonna have

the child but in abraham’s existence you

see if you read the study of abraham

abraham had experienced god in many ways

but he had not experienced the power of

god in that way when god encountered him

the first time and tells him abraham

leave your father’s house leave

everything and follow me Abraham knew

God to be his guide there are other

scenarios where Abraham recognized that

God is is protected but he had never

experienced the power of God to go

beyond what he knew in regards to

science and just the nature of things

and so when Abe when God is telling

Abraham you’re gonna have a son and that

was what Abraham truly desired there’s a

time that he was having a conversation

with God and God is telling him all

these great things and Abraham is

literally saying it doesn’t matter

because who’s gonna inherit it and God

tells him oh no you’re gonna have an

heir but you see there was a moment

where Abraham’s wife tells him look I

cannot bear your children take my one of

my staff and marry her and you know

Abraham slept with her and then she

conceived and she had Ishmael but this

was what involved human planning this

involved the the help of man and there

are some words that God would give you

that he does not require your help

he only requires your obedience to the

way the ways of who he is not

you see things and so because what

Abraham an experienced about God he had

not he had yet to experience the power

of God and so what he perceived as the

will of God is that I will have a son

how the son came maybe doesn’t really

matter because in the natural Sarah is

too old to bear children and it’s so

interesting family because God allows

Abraham to have Ishmael for 13 years

without ever showing up Abraham has this

belief that Ishmael would be the

Covenant child this would be the

promised child and so for 13 years

Abraham is looking at Ishmael with the

expectation and the belief that you

would be the one that God was talking

about and so when God has this encounter

with him and he’s telling him I am God

Almighty you see for some of you while

you were worshiping in this house there

it had been a while for you to see God

above your circumstances because perhaps

the rhythm of your life kept showing you

that it seems as though my circumstances

are bigger than my god you may not

articulate it that way but you live that

way and so in this moment

Abraham believe me Abraham was in a

later time known as the father of faith

but in this moment God is telling him

that your wife would bear you a child

and Abraham laughs and he’s like at this

age God really

but God introduces himself and that’s

what’s key as I am Almighty God you may

not have known me to be Almighty but I’m

gonna show you who I really am I’m gonna

show you a side of me that you have

never experienced and family that is

what happens when we begin to say God

more of who you are because what it’s an

introduction of God show me a side of

you I have never experienced I know you

to be I know you to be my provider maybe

maybe I know you to be my healer but I

don’t know

to be the one who would lead me into the

promises that you have spoken I don’t

know what it feels like to walk in the

manifestation of a dream and so maybe I

don’t know you to be that person and so

I’m accepting things that is below me

and I’m sabotaging opportunities that

speak higher to me because God I’m yet

to experience you in that way and so you

really have this moment where God says I

am God Almighty walk blamelessly before

me and that’s death is God telling

Abraham behold and so what is

fascinating in this scripture is that

when they have this interaction and I

found it I’m like God you waited 13

years and I wondered what was the

symbolism about 13 years and and my and

what what I understood as I prayed about

this word is that what if God wanted to

just postpone the time to show Abraham

how much powerful he really is that I

know you don’t really believe me in this

area and I’ve allowed you to have your

expectations and have your beliefs but

I’m about to shake things up for you

because you see family what I understood

about this word is that when God says

notice something he wants to make you

available to a greater yes and that

process that process can be painful

because you have become accustomed you

see why we get disappointed in life is

because the expectation we had of

something was not according to it was

not in alignment with what God says it

is and so when it doesn’t meet our

expectations and now we want to point

the fingers at God and say well God you

should have done this or you allowed

this thing in my life God you even gave

me a word about it do you know that it

was an angel of the Lord that gave

Ishmael the name Ishmael and so can you

imagine what it feels like when it looks

like God has his hand on something but

the problem is that you both have

different expectations of what it

represents you see when God encounters

Abraham and tells them this is not the

promised child Isaac

is the son that you would that would be

your heir God never tells Abraham to

disown his son Ishmael he doesn’t tell

him to cut off all communication with

him he tells him to change his

expectation of who Ishmael is saying and

what the Lord was showing me is that

there are things that many of us are

feeling a bump some discomfort about or

you sense that God is saying no to and

it’s not for you to be impulsive about

your actions because some of us what we

do is that when we sense that God is

saying notes is something we’re

impulsive about how we move and we don’t

move in wisdom because there are some

people perhaps you are in you turned

what God positioned in your life to be a

business relationship and you made a

romantic and when God is showing you

know oh that’s such some people but when

God is saying no to it God is not saying

cut ties with this person walk away from

them block them you know but then you

know all of a sudden creep on their

pages you know now when God is saying no

he’s saying change your expectation of

who that person is to you because the

expectation you have of them is not the

expectation I placed on them in your

life there’s some of you that the

positions the job positions you’re in

and you feel unsettled about it and it’s

not for you to just all of a sudden get

up and quit but it’s for you to

recognize God what if my expectation

about this job is to get a promotion and

to go higher in the ranking but God is

saying no this is just a place to help

you fund your dream

and so the discomfort you feel is not

for you to quit your job the discomfort

you feel is to change how you perceive

it some of you you’re in cities maybe

even in Los Angeles and some watch and

maybe you’re different cities are you’re

a different country and you sense the

Lord showing you that this is not the

place I have called you it is not for

you to make the mistake and say you know

what I’m just gonna get on the plane and

everyone wants to have that LA story of

I came to Los Angeles with $100 in my

pocket didn’t know nobody no God wants

you to use wisdom because it is it

doesn’t add to the glory of God for you

to have this heartbreaking story

sometimes we inflict that on ourselves

and in the goodness of God he will make

everything to work together but there’s

some of us that what it shows you that

God is saying change your expectation

about the city that what why don’t you

use the time you have here start saving

start applying to the jobs I’m calling

you to in that city I’ve called you into

don’t be impulsive about your actions

you see there are different things that

it’s interesting because as I was

praying before the Lord and I kept

seeing it was just it was a very

interesting vision so it was almost as

sit there they were I mean it looked

like just a huge community at the ocean

uh you know at the the beach right and

on the other side of it so you have you

know when you have the you have the

ocean and then you really never see

anything on the other side you just see

water but on the other side of it was

another just like a sandy area and in

that sandy area it began like this place

that was just deserted and all of a

sudden it started to spring forth just

trees of beautiful fruit trees and

vegetable trays it was amazing and

things literally

so that coming out of the ground that

things that you did not even labor for

were just there waiting on you and what

was interesting was that there were

people that were so eager to get on that

to the other side and so they got

underwater and not almost not preparing

and not planning of what it would take

for them to get to the other side and I

saw why people drowned and I’m like oh

my god and there were this group of

people they said look why don’t we take

the time to build a boat and there were

many that were arguing I’m seeing this

and it’s almost like a movie many were

arguing well why are we gonna why are we

taking the time to build a boat but

somebody else’s turn is gonna get to

there and you know get our things but

there was an abundance of it that even

if someone wanted to take ownership of

however they could carry there was an

abundance of it and the people that

waited and said let’s take the time

let’s learn what it means to build this

boat and as we build the boat we know

that we have something sturdy to take us

to the other side I saw where it took I

mean it seemed like it took you know

over a period of days or weeks or months

but when they build that boat nothing

stopped their journey and as I saw that

I said God what are you showing me and

he said that what he wants to make you

available for that you answer to that by

your preparation that this is not the

season to be impulsive because this

unsettled that the feeling of feeling

unsettled or God I feel like I’m

supposed to do this but but maybe is

dead or maybe is this and maybe is that

he’s saying all it takes is a

willingness to change how you perceive

where you are because his spirit will do

everything else thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus I want to continue my notes

but I feel like God wants something else

to happen in this house

thank you Lord you see Wow you haven’t

lost anything you haven’t lost anything

I think that one of the things that we

find in this city is that we are so we

feel pressured about time we feel

pressure to perform we feel pressured

that God you know I’m hitting this age

I’m clocking this age but God is saying

you haven’t lost anything because and

I’m just gonna flow how God leads me

because some of you have felt like you

lost your investment for some literally

has been finances and you felt as though

you you you put money in things that

amount it to nothing you felt like

you’ve lost your savings you’ve lost in

it and you you feel like you’re in this

space of like God why try anymore and

what God is showing me is that even the

resources you had he gave it to you to

lose just bear with me you see often

times when God wants to train you when

God wants to teach you about the manner

in which is called you God can give you

something with the intention for you to

lose it you see in the scriptures we

some of you may know this some Bible

verse that talks about that God who

restored the years that the locusts have

eaten the canker warms of Eden they know

cockroaches are not there but they

should be because they look nasty like

the roaches and the other ones but what

is fascinating is that in another Bible

passage it tells you that they are the

army of the Lord even though the same

God says I would restore what they took

but they were sent by the Lord at the

same time sometimes God will put you in

positions for you to have something in

your hand to lose it not because you

will not get it back

it will teach you in the process and so

and so you are you are you are

struggling with God do I want to throw

myself back into this thing do I want to

invest myself back into this do I want

to invest my resources back into it and

God said of course you should because

what you lost was never yours in the

first place now I’m about to give you oh

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus you haven’t lost anything

you cannot lose what was never yours it

is different if you’re losing something

that was entrusted to you to grow but

there are times that God will entrust

something to you to give away because

that is part of your process it’s so

fascinating to me that when it came to

Ishmael his name was given to him by the

angel of the Lord even though the

conception was outside of the will of

God but everything about him was still

directed because it was a moment when

Ishmael when actually when Hagar was

pregnant and you know Sarah was feeling

like she you know Hagar was looking at

her funny and things like that and so

she wanted to send her out of the house

and an angel of the Lord comes to her

and tells her submit to Sarah and so all

of this time God is never trying to

remove Ishmael from the house and so a

different perspective that I just want

to present is that it’s almost as if

Ishmael comes into the house and he’s

spending all this time with Abraham and

God even has a blessing for him because

if Ishmael was really a curse even

though God was faithful to Abraham I

think that God would have revealed

certain things about him that would look

I mean there if you look at it if you go

into like theology and they talk about

Islam and eras well I’m not even looking

at that right now because sometimes even

what we are accustomed to thinking there

is a higher way that God even saw that

very thing and so what are there things

that God would position

in your life to train and teach you and

while you’re wondering because if God

would use a man like Abraham and say he

is the father of faith despite the

moments of what may look as disobedience

then what if that that very action of

what looked like disobedience led him to

the place that he could willingly say

god I would give you everything so if

Abraham wanted to sit down and pout and

beat himself up for the mistake he made

would he have come to that position

where he would eventually be the father

of faith you have not lost anything an

event at some point in time we have to

we their mistakes you make years but you

cannot you cannot hold on to what God

already has a different plan for you see

family the interesting thing with

Abraham thank you God

the interesting thing with Abraham is

that when God spoke a word to Abraham he

spoke into his past his present and his

future sometimes in life we only want

words that speak to our past God I just

want understanding about what happened I

just and I’m I’ll be fine I just want to

know why this happened and that’s good

for me sometimes we only want words that

speak to our presence which sometimes

could even create stagnancy because we

want to entertain things that are not

speaking to who God has called us to be

but who we are comfortable being you see

Abraham the reason I believe one of the

reasons why he was okay with God’s

asking the Lord that let ishmael live

before you was because what abraham

always desired was to be a father

he was focusing on the present i’ve

become a father god i’m good

let ishmael be the one for all the plans

that you have for my offsprings but the

Word of God will also speak to your

future the Word of God on Abraham’s life

would eventually reveal his legacy

through Isaac that would bring forth to

Jesus Christ a time that Abraham was not

even alive on the earth

see but that is what the word of god

represents and so we have to start

asking ourselves am i entertaining

things that would impact my tomorrow

that would impact the dreaded the the

the decisions of my generation because

God’s Word is complete it’s not halfway

it’s not that you know what I just want

to make you feel good right now and then

the generations after you are suffering

for some of the actions that you made

when we talk about generational blessing

and generational curse what is that it

is literally the decisions of the

generations before you and so when we’re

aware in prayer God break every

generational curse is the decisions and

the actions that were made before you

and so what kind of life do you want to

live that would impact what you may

never see on the earth and that was the

word that God gave to Abraham we have to

take the time to look into every area of

our lives and say god when you’re saying

no I may be in my feelings and emotions

are a very tricky thing because your

emotions as real as they are to you they

are shaped by your beliefs and your

beliefs are not always fact your beliefs

may not always be the truth because have

you ever assumed something about someone

that made you so angry that you just

wanted to do the worst but it wasn’t

true when you assumed so you can be

driven by emotions

but doesn’t make it true because you

feel it doesn’t make it true

and so whatever God is saying no to

family we have to take the time and the

patience to say God let me not be

impulsive but show me what this means

and let me be mature enough and humble

enough to recognize my part in this and

to also recognize that God it will not

change you from being God over my life

you see as I was praying God was showing

me that for some even when it comes into

relationships and not being a victim of

this you know you’re the fixer-upper

you you just want to fix everybody and

you’ve never because you have not

experienced God in relationships before

you’re not you just take what you what

you see there and you’re like what could

I could do some renovations in your

lives you’re gonna fit right in but but

what the Lord stare show me you know

it’s interesting families and friends of

mine that are married or have children

they’ve shared this with me how there’s

a way that your spouse can love you but

there’s a way that you may love your

children that increases your knowledge

about the love of God and God wants to

show up even in your romantic

relationships that you don’t have to

sabotage yourself because of what you

think is the will of God but it’s

limiting his power and his faithfulness

in your life Wow I just think God for

moments like this

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus thank you there’s a lady in

here and you’re whether you hear you’re

watching your mother is in a wheelchair

and thank you Lord and you’ve been

believing and she’s believing – I don’t

know if you’re here please stand up and

if you’re here you’re watching me your

mother’s in the wheelchair and you’re

believing for her healing and I just see

the Lord just touching her leg right now

and I’m hearing Agnes Agnes thank you

lord thank you lord thank you lord thank

you Jesus

can I just flow family let me can we

just can we do this okay

thank you lord I believe there are

certain things that God wants to touch

in this house because there’s another

lady you experienced your loved one died

of cancer and right now there’s another

person in your family that has cancer

and you were hesitant to pray about it

because you you feel as though God I

sought you about this and I and we lost

her to this to cancer I don’t think I

want to pray about this again and the

Lord is showing me that your experience

of him does not make him there’s not

stopped him from being a healer but that

his knowledge of why he took her there

the reason behind that was needed and so

I’m not sure if you’re in this house

just stand up if you’re listening to me

then you’re listening to me but there

was there was a thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank

you Lord and and there’s been a battle

in your heart that God you can’t do this

because you didn’t do it here oh thank

you lord

you see family there are things that are

literally beyond our understanding at

times and it’s not because when we look

at the Word of God God but this is what

your word says why didn’t this happen

but there are things that because first

of all your family never really leaves

you right but sometimes even when Jesus

said it is good that I go some in some

cases it is good and even though it

doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t look

good but in this particular situation I

see that the very thing that you’ve been

questioning God about that God you’re

not gonna heal this the Lord is showing

me that as you place your hands and pray

that he would actually begin to use you

as a vessel for healing



Thank You ver thank you Jesus thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus there was such a

strong healing anointing in this house

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

there’s a there’s a I believe it’s a

lady it’s um

someone you’re someone in your family is

going blind you’re going blind and

they’re losing their eyesight if if I’m

talking to your viewer here just stand

up or if you’re watching they’re losing

their eyesight thank you lord thank you

Jesus and the Lord is just showing me

that he is touching that already he’s

touching that already how God we love

you we love you God thank you lord thank

you lord thank you lord there’s someone

you need your in order for your your

paperwork like your it has to do it like

your visa but the school some it’s so

there’s something with your visa

paperwork but you are rejected by the

school or the school it seems like

they’re rejecting you but the Lord is

saying go back go back to that interview

because it’s gonna work out and I just

want the reason I’m saying if you’re in

the room stand up so that we can even

just pray with you as well at the same

time but if you’re if you’re watching

you’re watching but you’re another for

your visa work to process there’s a

complication that you’re having with

your school and the Lord is saying go

back and it’s like almost go back for

another thank you Jesus go back again


and he’s gonna work it out he’s gonna

work it out because he’s showing me you

see when we call upon the name of Jesus

we don’t have to do that much work

because he steps into the room and he

starts wanting to shake things up and so

what he’s showing me is that go back and

go with confidence because when the Holy

Spirit is on you

you can demand things that people that

it doesn’t even make sense it looks like

it belongs to you and so oh thank you

God thank you God everything is gonna

work out even the immigration process

God will be the officer thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus there is there’s there a

couple of you actually and you’ve been

praying for to conceive and you’ve been

having difficulty one person in

particular you’ve had two miscarriages

and you’re still believing God for for

the fruit of the womb but that if you’re

in this house just stand up and place

your hand on your belly and we I just

want to pray for you if you’re watching

we’re gonna pray for you but you’re

believing God for the fruit of the womb

you’ve had two miscarriages there’s

nothing to be ashamed about because when

the Lord is moving he’s moving in such a

powerful way to heal and to restore and

even though you’ve questioned that God

are you able to do this I don’t even

want to try and actually your mindset is

that you want to have children but it’s

almost like you feel like you don’t want

to try again because of what it did to

the marriage Wow Wow

Heavenly Father we just thank you for

your daughter’s we thank you Lord God

there you are the God of restoration


thank you Jesus you are the god of

restoration we thank you for what you’re

doing in this house

you see family sometimes why this is

even necessary is because it helps us to

understand that God you see me

you see me because for many of you what

you need in your life is just to simply

know that God sees you because if the

eyes of the Lord are on you then why

should you be afraid if the eyes of

Jesus are on me why should I fear you

know what it’s so powerful about

relationship with God is you’re

literally in relationship with the

creator of all creations your

relationship your your covenant with God

there is and so when circumstances begin

to hit your life it is to put yourself

in the position and the posture of God

give me understanding you see for many

of you more of the Holy Spirit means God

I want I want to move in your wisdom and

I want to move in your understanding I

don’t want to be easily trust to-and-fro

when something happens because even in

this season even as I spoke about when

you’re saying that God less of me and

more of you God sometimes will put your

flesh and display and for some of you

you’ve been wondering why is it that I’m

praying to God from of the Holy Spirit

and I find myself to be more irritable

I’m finding myself to be more angry or

I’ll find myself to be more lustful or

whatever it is because God now puts your

flesh and display to show you what you

need to kill because sometimes that very

thing has been laying dormant for so

long and the Lord starts showing you

what is connected to and he’s saying

that if you really want more because

this more of me is another it’s not like

a magic show there is a partnership and

the collaboration with the Holy Spirit

and so when he shows you that this is

this is what it’s really gonna look like

you’re gonna need to learn how to love

like me because those things that anger

you easily I’m gonna bring it in front

of you even more because I’m gonna write

I’m gonna bring it up to the surface so

you would recognize what it means when

you’re saying more of me because more of

more food more food God is amorphous

Holy Spirit is to make you more

effective it’s not to keep you in your

house or kumbaya it’s to make you more

effective on the earth and to be more

effective is to look like him even more

to be put and to be confronted by

Asians are not waiver so that you know

the Bible says how it offends is always

gonna come but I believe you can choose

to be offended or not thank you Jesus

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus there’s

a gentleman and you’re here you’re

watching if you’re here please just

stand up you’ve been finding a hard time

because recently you you came you you

you were you were in jail for some time

and you came out of jail and because of

your record you feel like you’re finding

a hard time to you know find work and

different things and the truth is that

you’ve been lying your way to find jobs

and God says that then you have an

interview coming up and the Lord is

showing me that if you’re honest he will

give it to you that and it’s not by your

power and it’s not by your mind it is by

the Holy Spirit and he’s saying that if

you actually stand in honesty that he

would give you that very position that

you’ve been looking for thank you lord

family stand with me stand with me thank

you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

thank you lord thank you lord

in this house thank you if you know

you’re in this house and you’ve been

struggling with certain things that God

is saying no to and you’re saying that

lord have your way

I may not have understood it before but

Lord I’m willing to submit I’m willing

to surrender I want to know more of who

you say I am and what you really have

for me if that is you meet me at this

altar as we pray and as we close


Jesus thank you Jesus




family the house of God is the safest

place to be in you never have to be

worried about you know looking like that

guy of that person because God is a


he’s a restorer and anytime he’s

speaking he wanted beautifully I always

believe I’d rather be set free then but

then be validated okay I want to be set

free by the Lord rather than seeking

validation for my peers the house of God


it’s a safe place thank you Jesus thank

you Jesus

family let’s just you know just I just

want everyone to just close their eyes

and worship I believe there’s some

things that God is gonna work in you and

there are things that he’s gonna reveal

to you for some of you that have been

almost very impulsive he’s gonna show

you slow down slow it down slow it down

thank you God thank you God




for anyone in this house

before as we even pray but even while

where you’re sitting but if you’ve ever

had a miscarriage or stillbirth I want

you to just touch your your womb



Heavenly Father we thank you we thank

you for what you’re doing in this house

Lord we thank you that it is you

completely had your way tonight and you

will continue to have your weight

we thank you for the healing that is

taking place we thank you for

restoration that is taking place we

thank you for perspectives that are

being stood as shifting in the name of

Jesus father God we thank you that you

are having your way every word that you

release tonight Lord God it speaks to

the whole room I think you that you have

you have already broken addictions in

this house in the name of Jesus I thank

you Lord that you love us all and Lord

God by your Holy Spirit we would be all

that you have called us to be there are

things that we cannot do in our strength

or in our power but Lord God that when

we call on your name we know that you

will activate the fullness of who we are

Lord we say have your way have your way

in your house have your way in the lives

of each and every one of your children

Lord we love you we love you God

and may the word and me the worship that

broke out for some of your children it

broke out in a way that it has never

come out of them before I thank you that

they will cultivate it and they will be

intentional about that secret place with

you where they will seek your face Lord

God and you will continue to grow them

and establish them in who you are and in

who you’ve called them to be we thank

you Lord for strength for strength to

let go for strength to change our

expectations we thank you Lord that we

will trust you in new ways that yes we

may never have experienced you like that

before but we know Lord God that

everything that we would ever need is in

you and that we would have faith for

what we have never seen because we serve

a God who is the almighty all-powerful

all-knowing most loving most faithful

God we thank you and so Lord we just say

have your way in this house

amen family have you been blessed today