The journey from deception to reconciliation is one we can all relate to. In this message Pastor Sarah traces the profound impact of sin on human consciousness. Through biblical reflection, she highlights how sin distorts our perception of God and ourselves. Yet, amidst this turmoil, the Word emphasizes God’s relentless pursuit of reconciliation, symbolized by the cross. ___________________________________ Watch the full Sermon “The Crucifixion – Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, Pastor Touré Roberts, and Bishop T.D. Jakes” on the TD Jakes Ministries Youtube page. REGISTER for WE24: Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text GIVE to (833) 611-9066 or click here FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Women Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes RobertsWoman Evolve TV app!

we don’t just fall into

sin I wonder when God created man and

woman and he gave the woman the charge

of being fruitful and multiplying if she

recognized that in order to fulfill the

Mandate on her life that she would

literally have to face off with hell to

get it

done we make it sound so simple like why

didn’t she just deny the fruit but the

reality is that When sin enters our

world it’s it’s not so easy as just

denying it because before we even engage

in the action of sin there is a

deception that takes place in our mind

you see the enemy isn’t just after what

you do the enemy is after what you think

because if the enemy can get your mind

he can change your actions and we see

his plan laid out in Genesis 3 in which

he wants to distort our image of God did

God really

say you didn’t just sin you didn’t just

mess up you may have known better but

before you actually engaged with the

action there had to have been a

deception in your

mind some of us were born into the

deception of other people’s minds that

means before we even had an encounter

with God that we were born in a

framework that made things okay that

really weren’t okay and it wasn’t until

we had an encounter with God that we

began to realize that I am going to have

to be transformed by the the renewing of

my mind because I was born into sin I

was born thinking that it was okay to

act this way I was born thinking that

retaliation was my only option I was

born thinking that it was okay to be

angry and so often in church we make sin

the big ones as long as we’re not

shacking and as long as you don’t do

this and that then you’re living without

sin but if we were honest in this room

there were some of us who would be

willing to admit that every single day I

need saving I need saving from the way

that I think I need saving from the way

that I talk I need saving from this

wretched mind of mine because I am wired

to think against that which is good for

me sin is not just what you did before

you got saved sin is what you’re doing

right now trying to get your mind right

some of us had to come to church today

because I need to be in the presence of

other people who are chasing after A

Renewed mind I need to be in the midst

of people who are trying to set their

mind on things above because sometimes I

set my mind on what happened in my past

and sometimes I set my mind on how

worried I am in the future sometimes I

set my mind on trying to control a

situation instead of just letting go and

letting God sinning is not just who you

slept with and what you drank sinning is

how you think about how God is showing

up in your life and the enemy says if I

can get your mind then I can get your

hands and I can get your feet and all of

a sudden and you will be going against

the very

thing God called you to

do Eve doesn’t just eat from the

fruit the serpent deceived me that word

deceived in the Hebrew means let

astray I was let astray before I did

it no one came and got me I was led


Chang my mind and change my path I was

led astray before I got

here and God is so

good that even though in Genesis 2 he

says that if you eat from this fruit you

will surely

die you would have thought that the

moment she ate from the fruit that she

would have collapsed and fell on the

ground but God is so God that he cannot

lie about what he said and so something

has to die in order for his word to

remain true and that’s when he covered

them with the tunics of an

animal I feel like this is also a

glimpse into

Grace a glimpse into Mercy where you

don’t actually get what you deserved

covered not because you did everything

the right way not because you were

obedient you’ve been covered there were

some people in this room before you were

even in relationship with God you look

back over your life and you see that God

was covering you I wasn’t going to

church I wasn’t praying I wasn’t trying

to be righteous I should be dead and out

of my mind I should be in somebody’s

grave I should be locked up in jail

there’s no reason why I should have this

house there’s no reason why I should

have these children but I was covered in

the midst of it all I was covered some

kind of way you covered me even when I

didn’t know I was covered you think your

life was bad anyway you should have seen

what it would have been had God lifted

that covering off of you I know they

betrayed you I know they walked away

from you I know the family system was

broken but if you think that’s something

you ought to see the plans the enemy

actually had for your life you ought to

see how he wanted to kill you and

destroy you you ought to see how the

cancer cells backed up off of you you

ought to see how the X-ray machine

showed what God Said and not what was

actually in your body I’ve been covering

you since you were a child I’ve been

covering you every step you took I


you don’t let the fact that you saw the

weapon make you think that the weapon

actually prospered just because you saw

it it doesn’t mean that it prospered cuz

if You’ have known where it was really


yeah cover

it every step of the

way we see God covering the man and the

woman in the

text but they’re not

reconciled because sometimes you can be

covered but not yet

reconciled what doesn’t mean to be

reconciled with God it means that the

division that sin

created is standing in the way of you

being made in the image of

God sometimes we’re covered but we’re

misformed in our covering wish I

could sin came and it changed your

form anybody who would be willing to be

honest in this room could admit that

when I started sinning it’s not just

that I did an action it changed the way

that I thought it changed my form no

longer do I believe that I am the

righteousness of God no longer do I

believe that I’m fearfully and

wonderfully made now all of a sudden

things I said I’d never do I’m more open

to because I’m not even the same person

anymore because sin changed my form and

God says I don’t want to just cover you

I got to make sure that I get you back

reconciled with me so that you can get

out of the shape that the sin left you

in I don’t know who needs to hear this

but I want you to know you don’t have to

stay in the same shape that that sin

left you in you don’t have to stay in

the same shape that that betrayal left

you in that’s why we preach against

bitterness and that’s why we preach

forgiveness it’s not because it’s easy

but because unforgiveness changes your

form shame changes your form I don’t

know who you are but I came to wage war

against that shame because that shame is

changing your form and God’s got a

mission in the earth that you can only

accomplish if you get back in the form

that you were in before sin ever said