Although you don’t look like what you’ve been through, don’t forget the God who transformed you. Chiiiiile, how are you acting when you come across a place where God came to your rescue? Let this be a reminder to not think small of the miracles He’s done in and through you. ___________________________________ Watch the full “Keep The Faith” Sermon on the TD Jakes Ministries Youtube page. REGISTER for WE24: Stay plugged into the Woman Evolve community: download the app from any mobile device’s app store, first 7 days are FREE! Want to support this ministry? Text GIVE to (833) 611-9066 or click here FOLLOW US ON THE SOCIALS: Instagram: Women Evolve and Sarah Jakes Roberts Twitter: Woman Evolve and SJakesRoberts Facebook: Woman Evolve and Sarah Jakes RobertsWoman Evolve TV app!

so God protected you in the car

accident but did you let that change the

way that you see

God and his love towards you that I went

ahead of you that I slowed you down that

I made you late on purpose that I let

the car be damaged but you walk away

unscathed because I

just did you let it change the way that

you see God so when you’re walking in

the unknown territory you don’t act like

you’re brand new in this thing because I

know God is protecting me see when God

protects you sometimes we act like he

did it on accident and he may not do it

again but when you understand the

faithfulness of God you understand that

I performed that Miracle not just so

that you could feel good and go back to

thinking the way you once thought I

perform that Miracle so that it could

change the way that you look at me and

change what you expect from me and

change how you speak about me and change

how you speak about yourself and change

how you speak about your possibilities

the miracle ought to shake some things

up in your life you’re right they

weren’t happy for you you needed that

Miracle to shake some things up in your

life sometimes you don’t know who your

friends are until you see the miracle

sometimes you don’t know what your

potential is until you see the miracle

and some

people don’t allow the

miracle to change your




in the Old

Testament they had us beat with

this Whenever there was a miracle in the

Old Testament they marked the spot of


miracle abrah said I’m going to call

this place

Gyra because this is the place he

provided how dare you drive by that

intersection that should have taken you

out and not take a minute and say I call

this place protection

cuz this is the place how dare you walk

into that house and not give God a

praise because this is the place that he

provided you got to Mark the Spot some

of you got a little too comfortable with

your Miracles how dare you not look at

that child crazy as they are Wayward as

they are and not remind yourself that I

prayed for this child I asked God to

help me raise this child this thing

started as a


Isaac said I call this place

Rehobeth for now the Lord has made room


us he was looking for a whale and he

couldn’t find a wh and anytime he found

a wh somebody else said that this was my

well but he finally found his spot he

finally found his place and when he

finally found his place he didn’t act

like he had been there I don’t care what

they say on Instagram if you act like

you’ve been there before you crazy you

need to act like I didn’t have no

business being here there was no way I

should be here and so yes I may be crazy

but I’m still thanking God for something

he did 15 years ago I’m still thanking

God somebody told me I wish you would

stop talking about your trauma how dare

I stop talking about my trauma do you

understand that there is no reason why I

should even be whoever it is that I am

but for some reason I went back and

marked that spot that the enemy meant it

for evil but God meant it for good and

you can’t make me dat him cuz he did

something for


me he did something for me a long time

ago I know some of you are praying that

God would do something now but can we

take about 5 seconds and thank God for

something he did a long time ago God I

got dreams I got a vision but God let me

thank you for something you did 20 years

ago you saved me 15 years ago you helped

me to keep my

mind don’t let your Miracle get stale

cuz if your Miracle gets stale your

faith will get stale but if you can keep

that Miracle fresh in your mind you have

fresh oil to pull from I want to give

you a minute to breathe some CPR into a

miracle that you let tie on your watch

cuz we got to pull Faith from what he’s

on already done for where he’s calling



to I thank

you I thank you God I thank you I thank

you that I didn’t lack I thank you that

the rejection wasn’t the end I thank you

God that the divorce wasn’t the end I

thank you that I really do believe that

I’m fearfully and wonderfully man I

thank you for that grandparent I think

yeah I’m mad that you took him God but I

got to be honest that I’m thankful that

you even let me have it God I thank you

that you saved me from the bullet God

I’m thankful that you kept my mind God

I’m thankful I know I look good and

maybe I smell good but don’t let the

smooth taste fool you I remember where I



from oh God over and over

again we see God say in scripture I am

the god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob why

does he keep saying that because when he

mentions their name he understands that

there was issues connected to their

Journey but because he was their God and

saw them through the other side

sometimes you just need a reminder that

you are not just serving an ordinary

God this is your grandmother’s

God ah

this is your grandmother’s God who got

on knees with

arthritis because she believed in the

power of prayer this ain’t no ordinary

God he didn’t just get here you just got

here but this God was here yesterday he

was here 50 years ago these are our

ancestors God when they was out in the

field saying God I trust you to help me

get through the day and I know I can get

through today because the god that saw

them through


yeah if you don’t

let the miracle change

you then you’ll be begging God for



miracle cuz you don’t trust

him God got upset with

Israel because he had done so much in


past that they should have had no reason

to doubt

him man are fallen from the sky red sea

split open and we still in this

Wilderness going round and round cuz you

don’t trust


yeah can we be

honest somebody on your

row is

struggling to trust God


now with their body with their

family with this stage of their

life the same God

the same God that protected them the


God that did it for Abraham Isaac and

Jacob that same

God I don’t know if he could do it for

me and so

now I want God to show up strong again

and again and again and

again instead of asking my faith to


and rise to the level of his


faithfulness I need my

faith to rise to the level of his

faithfulness isn’t

that what got Israel in

trouble their

fear that he would change his mind

mind that maybe he would bring

me this

far and then not take me any further


here maybe

my best days are behind


settling when God still called you to


settling When God says I still want to

order your


settling maybe I can’t be no more healed

than this maybe I can’t break maybe I

can’t shift it for my generation maybe

I’m settling into an

identity because it requires too much

Faith to believe that God is working all

things for my



I think that part of the

reason why God allowed for David to


king it’s not cuz he was

perfect it’s not because he knew how to

work a

slingshot God allowed David to become

king Samuel tells us because he was a

man after God’s Own

Heart David knew how to see

God and when couldn’t see him David knew

how to search for


oh sometimes we don’t see God cuz we’re

not searching for

him but David knew how to take the time

to search for

God shall I go up he would say before

engaging in battle I got to search for

God so we saying it even when I don’t

see it you’re working and that’s true

but sometimes we don’t see God working

because we’re so busy working things out

our way that we are focused on our hands

instead of his

hands I love Hebrews 11

and6 I think it encapsulates what it

means to be a man after God’s Own Heart

or a one man after God’s Own Heart yes

one man come on now Hebrews 116 it’s not

unfamiliar he says but without faith it

is impossible to please God

for he who comes to God must believe

that he is and that he is a rewarder of

those who diligently seek Him seek him


eyes that’s what I’m searching

for how that word in the Greek it means

to search

out and we get upset and we say things

like the enemy is after my

finances the enemy is after after my

marriage he’s after my business he’s

after my confidence I want to propose

something to you maybe the only thing

the enemy is really after is your

sight because if he can change what

you’re looking

at if he can change what you’re

searching for then everything else will

just happen on its own because whatever

you get attention give attention to is

what is magnified in your life that’s

why P says come on and magnify the Lord

with me that means we got to shift our

focus and magnify the Lord with me

because if I’m not magnifying the Lord

whatever I am giving attention to is

what I am magnifying so you wonder why

you keep experiencing rejection after

rejection are you experiencing it or are

you searching out for it are you

experiencing pain after pain or are you

searching out for it because wherever

you set your eyes you’re going to

experience magnification and so

sometimes the only way that you can

begin to restore your faith is if you

restore your

sight I got to start searching for God

that’s what I started doing a few weeks

ago I was searching for this thing and

searching for that thing and I was

trying to figure this out and trying to

come up with the strategy and I said you

know what I’m going to do I’m going just

start searching for God God if you show

up in any way at all today I don’t care

if it’s somebody who said girl I like

your dress I’m going to say God I’m

fearfully and wonderfully made cuz I am

so desperate to see God show up in my

life that I am willing to move through

the mess and the M of what is happening

in my world so that I can lay hold of I

know that thing came from God I hear God

saying seek and you’ll find me if you

start searching for me I don’t care how

dark it is I don’t care how obscure your

situation is if you start searching I’m

going to show up 2 Chronicles tells us

that when his people were in a situation

he said you don’t have to worry about

how you can get out of this there is one

solution If my people who are called by

my name will humble themselves and seek

my face if you would stop seeking

everything else and take a minute to

seek my face if they turn from their

Wicked Ways and seek my face I’m going

to show up not because they were so

perfect but because they started

searching for me in the midst of it all

God if you’re here I want you to know

that I’m searching somebody’s going to

go home searching for God somebody’s

going to go to the job instead of

searching for someone to piss you off

searching for some if they say one thing

to me I’mma go off on here I’m going

start searching for God matter of fact

I’m going bring God into the midst so

when someone starts searching for God

they’ll run into me I know you thought

that was going to get under my feathers

but I got a refill of the Holy Ghost and

so now when you start searching for me

you actually ran into to God I want to

be so hidden in Christ that when he is

raised up I’m raised up too

yeah I hear God saying somebody’s

searching for God they don’t realize

that they’re actually searching for you

somebody’s searching for God but what

they’re really searching for is for the

god in you to stand up and become a

light in the dark world and God says as

long as everybody’s searching and

nobody’s becoming then we’re going to

end up in this secular situation where

nobody can get hope but all it takes is

one person who is willing to say you

know what I found God and I won’t keep

it to myself so I’m going to throw

everything that God has given me in the

circle of my influence so that when

anybody is searching for

God they don’t have to search hard how

God’s going to do it in the marriage I

hear God saying start searching for them

in the marriage how God’s going to do it

in the business is when somebody starts

searching not for more of the same

damage not for more of the same pain not

for More Money More zeros more contracts


followers seek you first the

kingdom he God

saying this has been a terrifying year

and we ain’t even out of January

yet but the enemy is after your

focus the enemy is after your attention

the enemy is after your sight in Genesis

three she didn’t eat from the fruit

until she saw that the fruit was

appealing to the eyes it tells us that

when the enemy got her eyes the woman

saw that the tree was good for food she

saw it with her eyes the enemy was after

her focus and

attention I saw that the tree was good

for food that that was pleasant to the

eyes and then she partook of it because

the enemy wants your


keep waiting on him to mess

up wait this ain’t going to work out

either he’s got your

attention and I hear God saying the only

way we make it to the other

side of this

obstacle is not by strategizing on how

to attack our

enemy it’s asking God to restore our

focus on

him because if he restores our focus on

him it’ll build our

faith maybe what you really need is

something different to look

at maybe what you really need is a

miracle oh God help

me Jesus performs all these

Miracles and yet only a few of them are

documented and yet the multitudes were

drawn towards him because you don’t

necess necessarily need a miracle to

happen to you for a miracle to change

you sometimes all you need is the

exposure of a

miracle to help you build your faith for

what God can do in your