This throwback message from 2011 is timely right now. In this message PT unpacks the man & woman’s role in this age we’ve stepped into. It’s crucial that we are tapped in and aware of what God is doing in and through women in this season

I’m excited to bring this word forth now

this is a word that was profoundly

prophetic and I had no idea why I was

even called to minister this particular


this word is from 2011 it’s called the

year of the woman it was part of a

two-part Series where God had been

dealing with me personally about what he

was getting ready to do in the lives of


unbeknownst to me that three years after

this word I would meet and marry Pastor

Sarah Jakes Roberts before she was

Pastor Sarah Jakes Robertson facts in

fact she was just Sarah Jakes a blogger

an author and as God would have it this

word that I was ministering to men and


inspiring women into who God created

them to be and challenging men to become

Josephs and midwives to produce all that

was was in was in them I had no idea

that God would send me a Mary that I

would have to be a Joseph too I had no

idea that what God would would birth

through that woman that God sent my way

would underscore very very much the

message that I’m getting ready to share

with you today it’s going to bless you

it’s called the year of the woman young

PT 11 years ago had a prophetic word

that we saw play out on stage globally

as it relates to Pastor Sarah and woman

evolve check this message out it’s gonna

bless you


if there was a title until I don’t know

if I’ve ever been this broken about a



I even dressed up for it


and my my security shot a couple of

jokes on Me on the way in

they asked me how many pies I would be

selling today

I said I’m not selling any pies today


but uh

but the title of this message

is the year of the woman

and I believe prophetically

that this is the year of the woman

and also believe that we’ve stepped into

a moment in a time where we’re going to

see literally a woman Revolution

and just so that the brothers here do

not feel left out this very much is a

word for you

and one of the things the Lord was

speaking to me this morning is that we

cannot walk in fullness unless we know

each other’s identity

say that again

it’s not simply you knowing your


that is going to bring the fullness of

God into play but we have to know what

each other’s identity is

so that as men we can project right

let me say that again

we have to know as men we have to know

what women’s what the woman’s identity

is so that we can project right

that’s very important

because I don’t want to be projecting an

identity unto you that’s not you

because I can actually hinder you from

your true identity if I project unto you

my understanding of your identity

so it is important and I can experience

what is truly on the inside of you

unless I can project accurately

are you hearing me and the woman needs

to recognize her identity men need to do

so so that we can project right men

women need that Revelation so that they

can expect right because you’re

expecting will determine our projected

are you hearing me

if I project what you don’t expect after

a while after a few you know rejections

of that projection

I’m going to project differently

are you hearing me I feel like things so


oh you understand what I mean though

because we project according to our

Revelation according to what we see we

project it and if the woman doesn’t know

better she’ll receive what we project

so I need to know who you are so that I

can project right so that I can Aid you

in your identity not give you a new one

and you need the Revelation so that you

can expect right

if I project what you don’t expect then

you reject it then I gotta go back to

the drawing board and try to figure out

how to come at you

are you hearing me

this is a very very important word and

and the Lord started dealing with me

early this week

and just you know I love it when God

just starts and I love it when it’s not

something you come up with

but when you you walk with God and you

come into a moment in time where where

what God has predetermined is and if

you’re going to be with him then you

have to come into that business yeah you

know I’m trying to like make it plain

you know what I mean so in other words

you know the scripture says in in Romans

8 and 19 it says that all of creation

eagerly awaits for the manifestation of

the children of God which means that

that that at a point in time

God is doing something and everything

has to begin to line up with it and I’m

telling you this is the year of the

woman I cannot tell you uh good friend

Tracy Blackwell she’s a part of this

church she’s here today

um had no idea I’ll be preaching this

message sent me over something she’d

been recognized in one of the

Publications as one of the the top 20 uh

powerful women in the Los Angeles area

and let’s honor and celebrate West Tracy

yeah I know I know I know but I know I

know but it just confirmed the word that

God had given me you know then if you’re

reading the times right now the times as

honoring women because women basically

rocked in the Olympics

there are more CEOs and Executives and

VPS in companies that are women now and

that is because God is doing something

in the Earth with women

and there have been a lot of


and I know why and I’ll be on this for

at least a couple of weeks but

but I want to I want to go to the

beginning I want to go to scripture in

Genesis and I want to really point out I

think some misconceptions that we have

had and and we’re going to build from

there is that cool

oh you gotta pray with me because this

is a very important word and and the

reality of it is at the end of the day

that we’re all men and women going to

leave out of here

with a celebration with a new revelation

with a mind renewal about the woman and

who she is so that we can receive the

fullness of God from that so Genesis

chapter 1 verse 26 and here we go

it says then God said let us make man in

our image

according to our likeness

then it says let them have dominion

it starts right there

then God said let us make man in our own

image according to our likeness and then

he says let them have dominion

let them not let him

says let them

are we together

and the them

is not

him and her together necessarily

it’s them

I’m going to keep reading and then I’ll

just I’ll dive into it because I’m about

ready to take off

it says let them have dominion over the

fish of the sea over the birds of the

air and over the cattle and over all the

Earth and over every creeping thing that

creeps on the Earth

verse 27 it says

so God created man in his own image man

in his own image

in the image of God he created him

male and what

male and female

and female created His Image male

created His Image and female created His


vertically not horizontally

let me take my time with this


the challenge is

there is a subconscious belief

that in order for the image of God

to be expressed it necessitates man and

woman missed it

it’s not true

just as the Man was created in the image

of God so was the woman

and if you have a limited perspective by

thinking that it takes the man to

fulfill the woman being created in the

image of God or the woman

to be added to the man to express the

image of God you just missed it

you just missed it

and that’s why it is problematic you

know you you know when you look at

Women’s Ministries most women’s every

women’s ministry except the one in our


if you’re honest

it is about the woman being all that she

can be so that ultimately she can


a man

you won’t come out and say it

and all of it is always around proverbs


come on let’s keep it all the way real

it’s always around proverbs 31.

I want to be a virtuous wife

I want to be a virtuous woman so that I

can somehow attain to this to the

highest position of Womanhood which is

to attract

a husband or an Incredible man

missed it

that’s not even Pro that’s not even what

proverbs 31 is all about

the the

of her husband in the scripture he

wasn’t even a co-star

he’s like barely in the story he doesn’t

have any lines

check it when you get a chance it talks

about how incredible this woman is how

she’s got her own she’s an entrepreneur

she’s a mover and a Shaker she is a

philanthropist hello somebody

and then it’s almost like oh by the way

her husband is known in the gates anyway

she’s great

he has no lines you barely even see him

as a matter of fact you wouldn’t even

know he was there unless the co-star

pointed and said there he is it’s my


and it’s not male bash it’s not about


but it’s about the Revelation that the

woman all by herself

was created in the image of God

and this is important and it’s worth

underscoring and stating over and over

and over again because there is a lie

that I know who started and we’ll get to

that in a second

I know who started and I know why they

started it

there is a lie that keeps

unfortunately a large percentage of

women being distracted

by trying to find Mr Right

instead of becoming miss right

are you hearing me and it’s a

distraction from Identity

so God creates man in his own image in

the image of God he created him male and

female he created them are you hearing

me you by yourself see see we are robbed

of of the fullness of the expression of

God if we don’t see the woman by herself

created in His image

we get half the revelation

and if we get half of the revelation we

project half of the Revelation if we

project half of the revelation we get

back half of the revelation

are we together

it’s tight but it’s right

as Bishop would say

this is so important

I’m on this thing I’m like like

fascinated right now

because I realized that we haven’t even

seen the full potential of the woman

oh God help me

help me and as I started researching

this it bugged me out to like I I was

clueless to things like women couldn’t

own property

I ain’t talking about 150 years ago

I’m talking about like 19th century or

the last in the 1900s

couldn’t even own property

and you know it was crazy and I just

step on some toes but you know what’s

crazy is I’m talking about America

and America was founded supposedly on

Christian ideals

so it wasn’t like these evil Wicked

people saying that women you know what I

mean or at least they weren’t projecting

themselves to be evil Wicked people

but there was something in the

consciousness of man

that thought that the woman was less


and maybe it’s I don’t know maybe it’s

the old King James Bible

you know somebody you know well listen I

grew up on the old King James and if you

would even think about

another translation new King James NIV

anything like that

you would get like you know you you just

lost it

recognizing that’s just a translation


hello somebody

but the Old King James says

you know and God gave her gave him a

help meet

right a help meet uh and when you think

about a helpmate I mean it’s almost like

the woman was treated like the assistant

so God is I mean mankind has got this

universe to run

and you know he’s busy

so he needs a PA

so she’s not not quite him but just help

me out with the small stuff and

unfortunately that has gotten into our

psyche has gotten to our consciousness

and over thousands of years

we have projected that

and because we were actually supposed to

support the true identity right that’s

what leadership is about leadership is

not about bossship

leadership is about serving

it’s about serving identity and serving

Destiny and making certain that the

deposit that God has made gets realized

and released

and over time

if you hear something enough

if people project unto you enough that

you start thinking it

and as a man thinks he is


I know where it started

I’m excited because there’s so much in

the woman that’s getting ready to be


and we as men

have the anointing to release it

I mean that’s why a woman is not

preaching this message

that’s why a grown man is preaching it

with a bow tie on


I want to show you

why there is such an attack

on the identity of a woman

I’m going to show you why let’s go to

Genesis chapter 3.

are we together it’s going to make sense

regardless of Mind renewed this is good

this is good

because some stuff is going to change

there’s some things on the inside of you

it’s a god dream on the inside of you

that can’t be activated until you know

who you are


yeah I can’t wait

all right so this is after the fall

and this is when the Lord is handing out


so the Lord God said to the serpent

because you have done this because

you’ve beguiled them because you’ve

messed everything up watch this this is

the curse that the Lord put on the

serpent because you’ve done this you are

cursed more than all cattle

and more than every beast of the field

on your belly you shall go

and you shall eat dust all the days of

your life

and I will put now pay attention here

and I will put enmity this literally

means hostility

I will put hostility between you and The


oh God

this is where the beef started

and I will put enmity between you and

the woman

just say lie on that for a minute

not on the man


I’m going to put enmity between you and

the woman there’s going to be great


between the two of you it’s on

I’ll put enmity between you and the

woman and between your seed

and her seed

and if you’re taking notes underline

that word seed because that’s one of the

unique Dynamics

of the goddess of a woman

her ability

to release to manifest seed

okay so I’ll put imitate between you and

the woman in between your seed and her

seed he shall the he shall they’re

talking about he is her seed

this is what God is saying to the

serpent he shall the seed of the woman

will bruise your head

and that word Brews literally has the

idea of like just putting a gaping wound

in your head that word head is not even

really like head it’s it represents

Authority it represents the top

represents chief

so basically what God is saying when

he’s punishing the serpent is he’s

saying I’m going to put beef between you

the woman and you and guess what she’s

going to do she’s going to crush your


she’s going to crush your power she’s

going to crush your she’s going to do it

not the man

oh this is so good

because you would think you’d be like

yeah I’m gonna get the man a man’s going

you know what I mean he’s gonna tear you

up he’s like no it’s going to be the


the seed that comes out what the woman


is going to crush you

are we together

the seed of the woman is going to bruise

your head

and you shall bruise his heel so in

other words there’ll be a little


but she’s gonna she’s gonna crush your


that’s the way it started

and to the woman he said

I will greatly multiply your sorrow so

everybody is getting their deal right

the the serpent is getting his curse

and the woman is getting her deal

because she made a mistake and Adam gets

his but look at what the woman got watch


to the woman he said I will greatly

multiply your sorrow and your conception

in pain you shall bring forth children

Bible so true

so true I was standing at the beach last

night praying and those stars were up

there just like he said

clouds are up there just like he said

and the ocean was there just like he


thousands millions whatever years later

just like he said blew me away I was


to the woman he said I will greatly

multiply your sorrow and your conception

in pain you shall bring forth children

your desire watch this check this out it

says your desire shall be for your

husband and he shall rule over you

this is the curse

so a lot of times

we’re actually living in the curse

without knowing it

that whole dynamic it’s a man’s world

that’s living in the curse

the being bound with a desire for your

husband over any other desire was not

God’s original intention for you

Adam was the one like whoa bone of my

bones woman wow Whoa man

it doesn’t say she was like


just go with me

doesn’t say that

but as part of the curse now

part of the curse not the norm the curse

is her desire

all she wants all she can think about

all she can proverbs 31 Gussy up for

is to be somebody’s wife

and not only that

but to ultimately be ruled over

you see it

some let me tell you how subconscious

this works and I get that and Christina

had a prophetic word I’m ever sure at

the end as it relates to that but

the crazy thing is sometimes if you’re

honest the only reason why you want to

get whole is so that you can make a

greater presentation to a man

not you but those who are watching the

live live feed here

Lord help me

to be proverbs 31.

so that I can get them in and if you’re


you will proverbs 31.

long enough

to get your Boaz

and when you get your Boaz

thank you Lord

and you’re gone

so you see here in the text that having

this this you know this thing this this

desire for a husband

is actually part of the curse I’m not

saying to desire a husband is part of

God but when it becomes this thing where

you feel less than

and it becomes your life’s Pursuit

you’re actually operating Under The


and also if it says that Paul the curse

is that he is to rule over you Brothers

you ain’t gonna like it it’s tight but

it’s right it means that his position

and his post was never to rule over you

it says to rule over the fish and the

animals and the Sea and the Earth but

not other people and especially not the

woman because she was created in God’s

image too


I’m glad I’ve got a few weeks too

to massage this truth in

so the question really is

who is the woman

who is she let me show you something

else too let’s go to Revelation chapter

chapter 12.

this one hit me too

because I want to talk about the this


men are insecure but not like most women

and it’s not woman bashing either I’m

just I’m just saying there’s a reason

why why and when I say we in the context

I’m just I’m trying to identify so I’m

not I’m a grown man but so when I say we

in the context of a woman I’m just I’m


text now a great sign appeared in heaven

a what

a woman

it’s so powerful because a lot of times

we read about women a woman in the Bible

we know more about Jezebel

than we do Esther

isn’t it something that particularly

when you recognize the enemy as an

accuser isn’t it something how it is

always a jezebel

why is Jezebel more uh known about than


or Deborah

or marry or Elizabeth

because it’s the other guy’s job to


not the hero but the villain

all right now a great sign appeared in

heaven a say the word with me

a woman clothed with the Sun

come on somebody where my poet’s at

a woman clothed with the Sun

with the moon under her feet can’t you

see somebody standing up going for it

poetry Lounge

a woman clothed with the sun with the

moon under her feet and on her head a

Garland of 12 Stars

12 represents government represent the

kingdom represents there’s a fullness

Dynamic to that

she’s a representation of what you as a

woman are

so she has this now a great sign of

period a woman clothed with the sun with

the moon on her feet

and on her head a garden of 12 Stars

then being watch this with Char with

child with child man can’t be with child

we can’t be with child so there’s

something in the identity in the

god-likeness of a woman that is directly

related with her ability to carry child

to carry a child

the natural always reflects the

spiritual so there is something divinely

significant about the woman being able

to receive seed to carry seed to hold


and to produce and to birth to manifest

into the Earth what God intended


this is why abortion is an issue right

and let me just say listen in a room

this size there are at least 50

abortions in here I get it or 50

accounts of abortion so this is not

judgment because God is a god of

restoration he’s a god of redemption God

stood on that cross and he knew before

you even went into that room what would

happen and he says go and sin no more I

don’t condemn you hello somebody

I get it I understand so don’t feel

condemned because that’s the other guy

that’s not what that’s not where this is

coming from but let me tell you why

abortion is such an issue and

particularly as we read this thing out

is because what it does is it takes the


of a woman the unique God quality of a


in her ability to conceive seed and get

pregnant and make her believe that that

is a curse instead of a blessing I’m in

this situation this is a curse to my

life this is not good do you see the

working of it it’s designed to take away

to strip away the ability of the woman

to have the revelation

of who she is this unique thing about

her is that she can conceive seed and

birth in the Earth this is part of what

makes her like God

this is a part of her God identity so if

I can make the woman think that oh this

is going to ruin your life

or this is bad or this is negative or

some knucklehead

come to the woman and tell her hey I’m

not ready to have a father you were

ready last night

you were ready last night

everything in your Anatomy said you were

ready what are you talking about

you were ready

you’re not ready

take a cold shower if you’re not ready

to do

hello somebody you’re not ready

but back to the point

do you see how if I can make that which

makes which is part of my being created

in the image of God identity if I can

sow a seed in your mind and tell you

that that is a curse

then I begin to chip away at the very

thing that makes you a woman

that makes you a woman

that makes you

like God

oh it’s so clever

it’s so clever

and when you finish saying this it’s

really going to make sense

so this woman adorned boom boom boom

then being with child she cried out in

labor and in pain to give birth


there’s a lot to I wish I had about

another hour with you because there’s a

lot in that it was almost like a war cry

it was almost like a but anyway and

another sign appeared in heaven Behold a

great fiery red dragon having seven

heads and ten horns

and seven diamonds seven diadems rather

on his heads

so there’s nobody out there but the

woman and the Dragon

and no man in sight

it’s heavy

come on man I know we like that old

Macho Macho stuff

but it ain’t here

The Showdown is between the woman

and the Dragon

his tail drew a third of the stars of


and threw them to the Earth

and the dragon stood before the woman

who was ready to give birth

to devour her child as soon as it was


are you saying this

it didn’t work

she bore a male child who was to rule

all nations with a rod of iron

and her child was caught up to God

and his throne

watch this though

then the woman fled Into the Wilderness

where she has where she has a place

prepared by God

that they should feed her their

1260 days

and war broke out in heaven Michael and

his angels fought with the dragon and

the dragon fought and his angels fought

but they did not prevail

nor was there a place found for them in

heaven any longer

so the Great Dragon was cast out the

serpent of old called the devil and


who deceives the whole world

he was cast to the Earth and his angels

were cast out with him there’s a lot in


then I heard a loud voice I’m going to

just move through this quickly then I

heard a loud voice saying in heaven now

salvation and strength and the kingdom

of our God and the power of His Christ

have come for the accuser of the

Brethren who accused them before our God

day and night stay with me has been cast


and they overcame him by the blood of

the lamb and by the word of their

testimony they did not love their lives

to death

therefore Rejoice O heavens and you

dwell in them woe you dwell in them woe

to the inhabitants of that into the

inhabitants speaking in tongues here

sorry woe to the inhabitants of the

earth and the Sea for the devil has come

down to you having great wrath watch

this because he knows that his that he

has a short time

now the dragon now when the dragon saw

that he had been cast of the earth he

did what

he persecuted the woman who gave birth

to the male child

but the woman was given two wings of a

great eagle

that she might fly into the Wilderness

to her place where she is Norris for a

time and times and a half a time from

the presence of the serpent now watch

his reaction so the serpent spewed water

out of his mouth he is trying to get

this woman the serpent spewed water out

of his mouth like like a flood after the

woman I fill this thing so strongly that

he might cause her to be carried away by

the flood he cannot stop he is so angry

why because God told him in the

beginning she is going to crush your

head she represents everything that

speaks to your demise and your defeat so

I’ve got to deceive you I’ve got to

accuse you I’ve got to make you think

you’re less than and unfortunately I got

knucklehead fellas serving my purposes

so he’s going after her

he’s angry he’s trying all kind of stuff

but it won’t work

so even when he does it even when it

seems like the woman is down and out

can’t vote

getting beat up

Gotta Wear a full-on thing body thing

because some man wait time out I’ve got

to wear this because he might be crazy

maybe he ought to wear it

anyway I love everybody but you hear me

I’m just talking about Injustice

woman who was caught in the active

adultery she was caught in the act of

adultery it takes two to tangle where

was the man

I think the crazy part is she actually


I’d be like if I’m going you come you’re

going too

but because she didn’t know who she was

she felt like she was less than she

actually submitted herself to this

foolish hypocrisy

so for years

in thousands of years

the negative one

has been persecuting has been lying has

been beating down has been projecting a

lesser identity and a false identity

over the woman for years

but it ain’t working

and I’ll tell you why it’s not working

because God has placed destiny

inside of the woman

what if

instead of leading

instead of being the boss what if the

man’s job

was to create an environment for the

seed to grow

what if the real Joseph

to be

glorified in the scriptures not the

Joseph who became like the king in Egypt

but what if it was the Joseph who took

care of a child that wasn’t even his

that took in a woman and nurtured her

and protected her and hid her and stood

up for her until what she had on the

inside of her was birth what if that’s

the real Joseph

that’s going to release the blessing of

the first Joseph

what if that’s the real Joseph what if

the man’s job

was not the rule baby I got this dream

you just served this dream what if it’s

about the dream of God that’s in her

and what if our job

is to speak into it

is to work hard to create

an atmosphere around her to serve that

she we cannot receive seed

we can’t manifest anything

now God allowed us to participate

thank God


but I mean because think about I’m

trying to wrap this because we’re going

on into next week we’re still on it

because I got a lot more to talk about

but but what if

the uniqueness about the woman

was her in her ability to carry God’s

dreams on the inside

and to birth them

what if we talk too much and what if we

need to just shut up and sit down

and listen

and say what is the god dream

that’s on the inside of you

what if we’ve been talking too much CJ

and not listening enough

and as a result of it

what God wants to to birth

what God wants to birth

can be birthed

family I’m telling you I think that’s

where we’re at


what if we’re not supposed to be the big

bad men

pulling out script scripture

to try to force come on somebody

it’s funny how we’ll pull out a

scripture boy

that’s a religious spirit

this is the year the woman God is

impregnating let me say this and then

I’m done and we’ll pick it up next week

anytime God is getting ready to do

something revolutionary in the earth he

does it through a woman

I’m gonna say that again


God is getting ready to do something

revolutionary in the earth he does it

through a woman

when the Christ was coming

when it was time for the Christ to be


he touches two women we’ll look at it in

detail next week


and Mary

he touches two women and one of them was


oh God I feel it

that’s why if you feel barren


just because you’re Barren today doesn’t

mean you’re always going to be

are you hearing me

I don’t care if you’ve been bearing all

your life Elizabeth have been bearing

her entire life she was old come on when

God wanted to burp something in the

earth through through the nation of

Israel when he wanted to create a nation

of Israel we always talk about Abraham

but there would be no Nation without


that’s why she’s called the mother of

all Nations

she is the one who had to receive seed

but we don’t even talk about Sarah

no Sarah no destiny

but the Earth helped the woman

of course it did why that’s Destiny on

the inside of women but there have

helped the woman

and the Earth opened his mouth and

swallowed up the flood which the dragon

it spewed out of his mouth

and of course and the dragon was what

Rage with the woman how has this played

itself out can’t you tell

that Society hates women

if you haven’t figured that out

think about it

we dress you up like crazy

with everything’s showing

come on somebody we talk crazy about you

in our music

hello somebody

we make you feel like your lesson we

call 100 of you in a room no we’ll call

a thousand of you in a room knowing

we’re only gonna pick one of you

hello somebody can’t you don’t make me I

promise this is positive but we got to

understand what’s happening

can’t we tell can’t we see that there’s

a spirit out there

that hates women

we tell you this is what you got to look

like this is what you’re good for shut

up and sit down do it my way bounce

because you come a dime a dozen


and if we don’t know and again that’s

not we think I was telling you about

if we don’t know who we are

and that goes on both sides of the sex


if we don’t know who we are we’re gonna

buy it

our desire is going to be for our


and we’re going to let him rule over us

talk to us crazy treat us like we don’t

want to I don’t want to wear that well

you got to okay

I don’t want to say that well you have

to okay

not as a Revolution coming

hello somebody there’s a revolution and

women are going to begin to take I speak

this prophetically they’re going to

begin to take her place in society and

brothers we are going to have to be

Joseph’s we’re gonna have to swallow our

pride right all this ego stroke and

stuff come on my brother so I know you

know what I mean all this ego stroking

you better get delivered

get healed

otherwise we’ll be hindering what God is

doing are you hearing me

and the Beautiful Thing is we’re going

to see stuff we’ve never seen before

we’re going to see once we release women

to be them

and we take all of these

distracting expectations off of them

and let them really like like just just

Sprout out and spread out and spread

their wings

like God had given this woman wings come

on somebody this is what God showed me

in a dream it was a dream to call the

ministry he showed me a young lady who

had wings who just didn’t know it

that’s why this is so emotional for me

this is literally a dream that God gave


that told me that I was called to speak

into people’s lives in the dream it was

a young girl as my daughter who could

fly and Rise Above anything she just

didn’t know it and as I told her as I

spoke into her life and I said because I

love them like baby you can fly I’m

telling you can fly you can fly and as

she began to believe it she spread out

her wings

and she was raised up above everything

and I don’t believe that’s just for

women but I’m talking to women today

and when we again that we think take our


and really Embrace that identity and

begin to rethink some things

hello somebody

begin to rethink some things why do I do

what I do

who do I believe that I am

do I believe that I’m completed because

of a guy that’s a lie

that’s that’s a straight out it’s not

like it’s a it’s a lot it’s not true

heck you might discover another side of


and like that so much and you’ll be

delivered at all

from the concept of I need a man

and if you don’t see certain things

you’re like I’m good I’m good with me

I want to pray and we’re going to pick

this up next week I got a lot more to

talk about come on stand with me

and brothers fellas homies my dogs

my dogs


there’s so much in this

I remember the Lord said something to me

and I wasn’t even really deep in God

when he said it

but God began to reveal to me


I was actually part of the problem and

not the solution

the reason why I dress up today

is I’m serious about this message and

what I want the brothers to do who come

next week

in your own fashion is we’re all going

to dress up

you know if you got a tux where I might

wear tux next week seriously

and what it is and you know it’s not

about what we wear and if you don’t have

it I get it but it’s not about what we

wear but but it’s basically a sign that

said you know what I heard I heard I

heard it

and I’m committed to be

to being a gentleman

and I’m here just to say I’m not even

dressing up for me I’m dressing up for

the sisters that will see me that I know

I’ve been hearing this word

and that’s going to communicate to them

that I am committing to be a gentleman

I’m committing to be a real Joseph and

I’m going to serve the purposes of God

that are in on the inside of you

and I’m not going to be stealing from

you anymore

I’m telling you there’s a Revolution

coming this is so powerful it’s


and I’m excited about not just being

better but I’m excited about what’s

going to be manifest when we live like

this when we do that when we see a woman

we’re gonna I just pray this right now

you’re going to begin to see women

differently and and your desire to see


be fulfilled and walk in the fullness of

their identity is going to be greater

than your heart on

I’m sorry this is who I am it’s going to

be greater


then you’re lusting

because you heard this

because you heard this

because you heard this

that offended you you probably need a

little more Jesus in your life

when you look you’re going to see


hello somebody

you’re going to say there’s a god dream

on the inside of that woman and I don’t

want to mess with God

I don’t want to be a part of the problem

I want to be a part of the solution

and I’m not going to be

partnering with the adversary

against them

are you hearing me so we’re going to

dress up man we’ll wear tux next week

it’s hot I don’t care I’m gonna

sacrifice one week

and it’s just to say I get it

it’s to say I’m sorry


I’m sorry for what I projected I’m sorry

for what my brethren have projected and

I’m saying to you I’m dressing up I’m

I’m it’s almost like putting a ring on

it but I already got a ring on it

and I’m just I’m gonna stand in front

and just be like look I’m here to say I

honor you I’m here to say there’s a

dream on the inside of you that’s big

and I’m here to serve that dream and

that’s why we’re gonna do it we ain’t

doing it to get no arms because that’s

that foolish proverbs 31 Miss backwards

proverbs 31 thing

don’t be like oh

oh no we ain’t going out

we ain’t going out

I want to serve your dream


we can go over to Starbucks have a cup

of coffee tell me what the dream of God

is on the inside of you and I’ll find a

way to serve it

that’s what we’ll talk about

because that’s what this is about

while we’re together

so I just want to pray it’s a revolution

and I’m telling you it’s going to be a

renewing of the mind and you’re going to

write about it I’m so grateful you’re

going to write about it there’s going to

be music about it’s going to be be

movies about it I just believe that

we’re going to catch this thing and

we’re going to use the gifting that God

has given to us to release this is God’s

dream it’s saying terrain talking

because it’s a nice side this is God’s


we just saw it

we saw it

created in the image of God


and we’ve been suppressing that

see whenever you suppress God you block

your own blessing

because there is something of God’s

release in that human being that you get

when you honor that doesn’t necessarily

help the person but it helps you because

you when you honor properly receive the

reward that’s on the inside of that


so I’m going after the nookie when

there’s really like like something big

glorious thing that will bless my life

beyond the 30 minutes and I’m gonna be

messing around in this thing

oh you came to real Church in case you

didn’t know you came to a real Church

the stuff that needs to be talked about

but like I said this is valuable so that

men can project right but you got to

help us out by embracing your identity

and expecting right

so we can be reminded that we’re off

when we come at you in a way that is

less than who you are help us out please


so want to pray

I’m praying we gotta go

father Lord here we are

aiming to get it right

and we thank you for your word

and we thank you for truth and I thank

you for restoration that is here

even the restoration of the identity of

the woman completely independent from


God forgive us for every time

and because of our own selfishness our

own insecurities come here Christina

because of our own selfish as our own


we abused our leadership

and made the woman shrink

when we’re supposed to release her to


forgive us for that

and God since you’re a God of


the years that man

has restricted and limited woman even

that which is as absurd as not allowing

them to enter into a Pulpit

have mercy on us

and Lord for the years that the locusts

have eaten even through us

I pray that you would bring about a

restorative Harvest

in the Consciousness in the spirit in

the life of women all over this world

Lord in Iran

in Pakistan and the Middle East here all

over this place in India

so that the Universe can be blessed I

mean truly blessed

by the unique gifting and expression and


the critical identity

that you’ve placed on the inside of the