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Shalom everyone this is Amir sarati and

I am live from the Judean Hills right

about 10 probably less than 10 miles

away from Jerusalem’s Garden tomb where

there is an empty tomb right now but I

would like to invite you to see a

replica of that tomb that is right

behind me and I want you to try and

sense and feel and understand a little

bit of what it was 2,000 years ago for

someone that was laid right there inside

and that Rolling Stone was just blocking

and sealing this whole thing and he’s

all by himself so take a look at this

this is a 10in thick Stone and uh it is

round and there is a little a Groove

here that it can be rolled all the way

back but uh as you can clearly see it is

really hard to to to move this thing by

yourself it is impossible to Move It

from the inside it is absolutely

impossible to Move It from the outside

when there’s two Roman guards on these

two sides and I would like to tell you

something folks being inside this is

really cold right now we’re in this

Passover season but inside it’s even

colder it’s

cold it is very

lonely and I I would say it is

hopeless everything inside the


was completely hopeless when it remained

in the

Tomb this whole

thing might give you an understanding of


importance and the

magnitude of when that Rolling Stone

moved all the way in that Resurrection

took place in a few hours across the

world Christians are going to celebrate

the resurrection they’re going to Mark

the single most important event in the

entire gosp El that uh played along

2,000 years ago as Jesus Yeshua came to

fulfill all of the spring festivals

Passover first

fruits um the Feast of unleavened bread

of course before that and later on the

Holy Spirit came on the Feast of

Pentecost so here we are on the message

that is called the first fruit resur

resurrection and it is obviously

something that is hinting of the amazing

fulfillment of the Old Testament

festivals as prescribed in Leviticus


23 in fact there is no such thing as

Easter in the Bible there is no such

thing as bunnies or egg hunting in the

scriptures we know that as a Jew coming

from the line of the tribe of Judah

being here either in Galilee or in

Jerusalem speaking mostly to the Jewish

people Jesus came and

fulfilled all that was spoken about

him and of course it is interesting

because in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 we

read in verse 20 to 23 but now Christ is

risen from the dead

and has become the first fruits of those

who have fallen asleep for Since By Man

Came Death by man also came the

resurrection of the Dead for as in Adam

all die even so in Christ all shall be

made alive but each one in his own order

Christ the first fruits afterwards those

who are at his coming i’ would like to

start with a prayer and then we’ll dive

into this message Father we thank you so

much for your word we thank you for this

unbelievable lifechanging world changing

history making and death defeating event

that took place 2,000 years ago less

than 10 miles away from where I’m

sitting right now the Resurrection the

first fruits Resurrection the first

Sunday after the Passover just as you

prescribed for the children of Israel to

celebrate as in Leviticus 23 we thank

you for that amazing event the event

that changed everything the event that

made our faith what it is without which

our faith would be actually empty so now

we asked that uh By Your Grace you will

uh allow us

to bring forth

this message of the

importance of the

Resurrection 2,000 years ago we thank

you and we bless you and it is in the

name of the resurrected Messiah of

Israel and the savior of the world we

pray amen so here we are

sitting next to a replica a replica that

as of now as you can see has an a closed


think about it it has a closed tomb

because it’s not yet Sunday morning it’s

not yet the time for that prophecy to be

fulfilled it’s not yet the time for

death to be defeated and of course in a

few hours 2,000 years ago we all know

that Mary left uh the rest of the

disciples it was still dark and she made

her way outside of the walls to where he

was buried and she found that the tomb

was empty and the the stone was actually

rolled all the way

aside and it’s very interesting because

uh the story of the Resurrection can be

found obviously in all the the gospel

allow me to read it from Luke chap 24

the first 12 verses so here we are Luke

24 now on the first day of the week very

early in the morning they and certain

other women with them came to the tomb

bringing the spices which they had

prepared but they found the stone rolled

away from the tomb and then they went in

and did not find the body of the Lord

Jesus and it happened as they were

greatly perplexed about this that behold

two men stood by them in shining

garments then as they were afraid and

bowed their faces to the Earth they said

to them who do you seek the living why

do you seek the living among the dead he

is not here but is risen remember how he

spoke to you when he was still in

Galilee they said saying the son of man

must be delivered into the hands of

sinful men and be crucified and the

third day rise again and they remembered

his words and then they returned from

the tomb and told all the things to the

11 and to all the rest it was Mary

Magdalene Joanna Mary the mother of

James and the other woman with them who

told these things to the apostles and

their words seems to them like Idol

tales and they did not believe them but

Peter arose and ran to the tomb and

stooping down he saw the linen clo

cloths Lying by themselves and he

departed marveling to himself at what



amazing you see

the disciples heard about it yet did not

believe that it’s going to happen they

were shocked the Bible said they were

perplexed and even Peter who saw with

his very eyes because he did not believe

the words of the women and even Peter

himself he was wondering he was

marveling and he still did not really

understand what really

happened ladies and gentlemen this is is

the day that literally Changed History

this is the

day that um all of our faith is is on it

and and make no mistake make no mistake

Jesus appeared alive to more than 500

people on 12 separate occasions all but

one of the occasions which is the one he

appeared before Paul himself occurred

within the first 40 days from the uh

within the first 40 days following his

crucifixion and Resurrection there is

absolutely no doubt there is no doubt

that he was resurrected because it

wasn’t just one person who saw him it

wasn’t just two or three you’re talking

about hundreds of people and you’re

talking about multiple times and

multiple places and by the way these

were recorded events such that by the

way could not even been denied by

Josephus flavus the Jewish historian

himself of the first

century now why don’t we go back to the

time of the creation and try and

understand we we all know we all know

that um Psalm 72 says that before the


was his name was already

there the Messiah was there before the

sun was created the Sun and the Moon

they were created on the fourth day he

was there before he was there before the

creation because he was not part of the

creation he’s not a created being he’s

part of the godhood himself and we know

that when God created Adam and then from

him Eve there was still no death in this

world men was not meant to die

originally God saw him and he says it’s

good and it was perfect you know chapter

two of of of Genesis was is amazing you

can see how there was such an amazing

presence of God with men and and he

created everything and he he he named

everyone and he gave men dominion over

over all the animals it was amazing you

know death came only as a result of sin

When sin came to the world death entered

the world death was

there by which uh or by ways of God

telling Adam and Eve not to eat from the

fruit of that tree or else they will

die or else they will die in other words

if you will not eat from it you will not

die and guess who is the one who told

them hey don’t worry you can eat and

still not die and of course that

Rebellion that started then in chapter 3

can tell you that originally Adam was

supposed to be immortal and that Genesis

chter 3 brought death and thus he is now

mortal now we have expiration date to

everyone I mean at first it was hundreds

of years of age and it went all the way

down to today if somebody crosses the

100 years old this is an amazing thing

although our medicine and our technology

is so amazing yes we managed to bring it

up from 30 40 50 back to maybe 80 but

still mortal people this body as Paul

says is still a tent it’s not a building

and we we definitely need a new one if

we want to go to

Eternity now remember death entered as

men fell the fall of men brought death

to the world and it it’s very

interesting thing because I’m thinking

about that Jesus being part of the

Creator and not of the creation creation

obviously was Immortal obviously

there was no expiration day there was no

death involved in all of that but


God became flesh and dwelt among us and

we beheld his glory the Bible says that

word became flesh in the beginning was

the word and the Word was God remember

that and the word became flesh and he

dwelt Among Us and the moment it became

flesh it became mortal in other words it

will now die it can

die and that death is quite interesting

if you really think about it because the

death of him is a ransom for men it’s

not death because of sin it’s death for

the sake of others sins and that is a

different different thing and of course

we have to remember remember the Bible

says that the Resurrection The

Resurrection is something that gives you

the power of endless life in other words

when he resurrected back to where he was

there is endless life and with endless

life there is power death is no longer

hanging death is no longer threatening

death has been defeated the power of the

end L life so Jesus of course as I said

for Mortal to Immortal and then

now the

resurrection is now giving

us the

validity that he by his atoning death is

giving us the ability to move back to

the original intention that God had for

men which is with eternal life

now I would like to address two

deceptions that we can see in so many

Christian circles and non-Christian

circles as well that refer to Jesus in

their either writing or uh in their

belief the first one is that Jesus is

not part of the god he’s not God I mean

the deity of Christ is being denied even

by the Jehovah Witnesses every place in

the scriptures where the Bible talks

about his deity is being taken out of

this and so you know that’s one

deception and by the way when you say

that you take away his

immortality and it’s interesting the

second one is Jesus never resurrected

there’s so many people there’s so many

by the way including most of the Jewish

people today they think they know you

it’s a historical fact that Jesus was

born and Jesus was here and Jesus taught

and nobody says he’s he never existed it

but I don’t know that many Jewish people

here that are not followers of Christ

that will tell you that they believe

that he actually did resurrect from the

dead so there’s two things some people

denies his deity and some people denies

his resurrection and it’s interesting

because these two things are everything

that makes him so amazing and different

everything that gives you that hope

because think about it if he is not part

of God and if he never resurrected then

remember we just talked about few

minutes ago that there is no hope and

there is fear and there is absolutely

despair Agony and death and that’s what

this world probably would be in if we

didn’t have the resurrection it’s

interesting because the resurrection is

all across the gospel as one of the most

important things that people must know

it’s like it’s easy to prove prove that

Jesus existed and Jesus taught and Jesus

had all even even crucified you know

even in in the Roman literature you

would see that but the fact that he

resurrected changed everything and that

is what the gospel and the Epistles are

trying to communicate so many many ways

and times so the Bible says in uh 1

Corinthians chapter

uh 15 verse 20 verse 12 and to 20 now if

Christ is preached that he has been

raised from the dead how do some among

you say that there is no resurrection of

the dead but if there is no resurrection

of the dead then Christ is not risen

obviously and if Christ is not risen

then our preaching is empty and your

faith is also empty yes and we are found

false witness es of God because we have

testified of God that he raised up

Christ whom he did not raise up if in

fact the dead do not rise for if the

dead do not rise then Christ is not

risen and if Christ is not risen your

faith is feudal you are still in your

sins and then also those who have fallen

asleep those who died in Christ have

perished and if in this life only we

have hope in Christ we are of all men

the most pible but now but now he says

look your entire faith is based on it

look if it didn’t happen we’re wasting

our time preaching to you we’re wasting

our time traveling giving you hope

healing preaching teaching ministering

praying for you it’s it’s worth nothing

if this is just something temporary for

the first century then that’s it that’s

not what it’s all about now he says

Christ is risen from the dead and has

become the first fruits of those who

have fallen

asleep and not only that the

disciples and the apostles testified of

it and by the way to be an apostle you

needed to be a witness of his res

Resurrection over his resurrected body

you needed to be someone who knew Jesus

who saw

Jesus and who can testify of all of this

personally and uh and by the

way Christ himself Jesus predicted his

resurrection it wasn’t something that he

kept hiding hidden from from from his

disciples we we we need to remember that

I’m I’m looking at uh uh what he said in

Matthew 16:4 he says a wicked and

adulterous generation seeks after a sign

and no sign shall be given to it except

the sign of the prophet Jonah and he

left them and departed this the sign of

Jonah of three nights three days and

three nights in the belly of the fish

and it’s very interesting Matthew 16:21

from that time Jesus began to show to

his disciples that he must go to

Jerusalem and suffer many things from

the elders and chief priests and scribes

and be killed and be raised the third

day this is by the way in cesaria

Philippi this is seconds after Peter is

rebuking him for for saying I mean Peter

just seconds ago admitted and confessed

that he is the Christ the son of the

Living God and then Jesus is saying yes

you know Flesh and Blood did not reveal

that to you but my Father which is in

heaven you heard right I am who you just

said that I am but I want you to

understand what Christ Christ by the way

is Messiah in Hebrew Christos in Greek

is Messiah in Hebrew it says the Messiah

the Messiah is not a man it’s not

somebody’s going to be born from just a

regular woman who will be a nice man and

then then at some age you know he’s

going to bring peace and prosperity and

he’ll die no it’s the Son of God God In

the Flesh

and by the way in his first coming he

has to suffer he has to be killed and he

will be raised on the third day in other

words he said to them what is super hard

for for most people to understand


God sacrifice his only begotten

son will he and why should he

why why was it so important and so I

would say necessary for him look he says

he didn’t leave them with the sad news

that he’s only going to die he said he

will be raised on the third day John 12

but Jesus answered them and saying the

hour has come that the son of man should

be glorified most assuredly I say to you

unless a grain of wheat falls into the

ground and D dies it remains alone but

if it dies it produces much grain you

know it’s amazing you know we found even

a date pit from 2,000 years ago on

Masada and we planted it ladies and

gentlemen and it now Bears I mean there

is a new tree from that which fell on

the ground that we found on the ground

there is life in it but it had to die

first and he is is producing as you can

see much

life he’s speaking the problem you know

I’m thinking about the disciples how

many times did Jesus spoke to did Jesus

speak to them and he told them

everything in details the question is

not if he said the question do you

listen how many things are written here

do people listen do we read do we hear

do we listen to what he says because if

we listen to what he says nor not only

that we know that he resurrected but we

also know that that Resurrection was the

most important thing because as a

resurrected Lord now we can be raised

also from the dead first from the

spiritual death and of course later on

we we’re going to get to it we’re going

to see there is a physical Resurrection

as well now even though the disciples

were with him physically the disciples

did did not believe because Jewish

people 2,000 years ago were not raised

to think that God will send his son to

be the appointed Messiah and to die look

the disciples when Jesus entered

Jerusalem writing that donkey Pro I mean

fulfilling Zachariah chapter 9 the

disciples thought oh look at this here

he is coming here he’s going to kick the

Romans out of here he’s going going to

probably proclaim the the the the

kingdom the Messianic Kingdom he’s going

to do great and guess

what not only that he stopped and he

wept over

Jerusalem but then he got off that

donkey and he went and and he turned

those tables of the money changers and I

mean he could see that religion blinds

the people blinds them so much so that

they don’t understand the word of God

although it is written it is in the

scriptures but they they just follow

traditions and rabal teachings and they

follow all of those expectations that

they mix the First with the second

coming and they they and by doing

so there’s they they just uh remove the

need for him to die because they don’t

think that they need any death atoning

death of him for their sins you see in

the mindset of the Jewish people 2,000

years ago Messiah is to come to

establish Kingdom and the biggest

problem is not their own sins it’s the

Romans the biggest problem is not their

own sins it’s it’s the foreign

occupation of the

land they did not believe even though

they followed him for three years every

single day and he said it so many times

they still did not believe that is why

Peter was perplexed and he was just

amazed and wondered what is it that I

have just seen when the tomb was empty

in Hebrews 11:1 it says now Faith is the

substance of things hoped for the

evidence of things not seen you see they

did not have faith there they did not

have faith they thought well we see him

that’s it he’s with us and when he died

They Mourn and cried and they thought

that’s it he’s gone even after the

resurrection they did not really believe

he did resurrect the two disciples that

walked from Jerusalem all the way to

Emos and by the way I’m just a mile and

a half away from the road to OS they

they must have passed right behind me in


area and they were sad and embarrassed

and angry and and and and and and so so

I guess depressed why because the one

that they put their hope in the one that

they followed for the last 3 years the

one that they were sure is going to save

Israel from

Rome just was hanging on the tree like

the last I don’t know a criminal and he

was abused and he was he was ridiculed

and and embarrassed and and and

humiliated and then he was just taken

from that tree and was put in the Tomb

and the tomb was sealed that’s

it if we if we if there was a hope that

he will survive the crucifixion now we

know he’s dead and now we know he’s and

if it’s not enough he’s been dead for a

day and two and

three and yes we heard that some woman

went to the tomb and yes we heard that

they said that he resurrected but that’s

it they did not believe Luke 2444 he

said to them these are the words which I

spoke to you while I was still with you

that all things must be fulfilled which

were written written where in the New

Testament no you know people don’t

believe me I became a believer in Yeshua

in the Messiah without even reading a

single verse in the New Testament I

didn’t have to look what he said he said

I the words that I spoke to you while I

was still with you that all things must

be fulfilled which were written where in

the law of Moses and the prophets and

the Psalms concerning me he did not say

in the gospel or in the apost in the

Epistles no or in Revelation these these

books were not even written

yet quite

interesting and

so we know that he was right because he

was all over in the book of Moses you

know I can tell you just Genesis 1 the

true light of the world was the Messiah

where was the light of the world coming

from if the sun and the moon and the

stars were created on the fourth day how

come there was a light on the first day

when God said let there be light who was


light not only that I mean you can go on

and that’s why Psalm 72

says before the son was his name was


there Jesus is also you know you can

find him all throughout the The Book of

Psalms I can give you 16 Messianic

Psalms which are the blueprint of

Salvation I’m not even going to the New

Testament to try to prove you that he

was the Messiah you can go to those

psalms and they’re everywhere from the

very beginning to the very end the

blueprint of our Salvation what about

the books of the Prophet are you kidding

me this is how I came to Faith through


prophet Isaiah chapter 53 changed my


life Isaiah and Jeremiah and Zachariah

and Hosea I mean Daniel all of them you

said he spoke of the separation from God

that sin separated us from spoke of the

promised solution about the New

Testament people don’t believe me the

word in Hebrew for New Testament is

Brit people don’t believe me that theit

the New Testament is in the Old

Testament the prophet Jeremiah promised

that God is going to give Israel and

Judah breit kades New Testament and it’s

in the Old Testament that he promised

that he promised miraculous birth in in

Isaiah chapter 7 Behold a virgin shall

conceive and a rejected first coming

Isaiah 53 the suffering of the Messiah

the sacrifice of the Messiah and of

course the Victorious even second coming

of him

and by the way you know uh it’s a little

different this year we’re a week after

Passover began today we a week after so

the Christian calendar this year and the

Jewish calendar this year do not really

coincide do do not really come together

but but I can tell you folks that uh I

don’t believe in Christian or Jewish

calendar I believe in biblical calendar

and the biblical calendar is telling us

that there is the month of Nissan is the

first month and by the way by the way

you know I’m outside by all of these

bugs that are flying all around here but

I want you to know that the Bible says

that Passover shall be celebrated and

the first Sunday after Passover is the

first fruits and is that interesting if

he was crucified either you know

Thursday or Friday and by the way I

don’t want to get into that because the

minute you get into where he was buried

and when he was crucified you are

dragged to the place that takes away the

emphasis of the Resurrection itself but

I can tell you that Sunday

morning when Mary came to that tomb he

was already resurrected and as as First

Corinthians 15 says he was the first

fruit just like he was our Passover now

he is our first fruit and all throughout

the feast he was the Passover the

unleavened bread and the bread and the

first fruit and then the holy spirit

will come for Pentecost and we know that

after the first four festivals there is

a gap and then comes the Autumn

festivals and that is of course the

Feast of trumpet yum kipur and the Feast

of Tabernacles and these are those that

will be fulfilled in his second coming

he is even in the feasts of Israel the

prophet Hosea chapter 5 5:15 says I will

return again to my place until they

acknowledge their offense then they will

seek my face and in their Affliction

they will earnestly seek me Hosea says

that the Messiah will return back to

Earth back to us but only after Israel

will acknowledge acknowledge their

sinful nature and accept him and

actually invite him and they will

say bonai blessed is he who comes in the

name of the Lord this is why Jesus

himself said on man of Olives you will

not see me again in Jerusalem until you

say blessed is he who comes in the name

of the Lord Hosea 6: 1-3 Come and Let Us

return to the Lord for he has torn but

he will heal us he has stricken but he

will bind us up after two days he will

revive us on the third day he will raise

us up you see that even in the way that

he he himself was resurrected on the

third day we will be healed and

resurrected and then look what he says

on the third day he will raise us up

that we may live in his sight let us

know let us pursue the knowledge of the

Lord his going forth is

established as the morning and he will

come to us like the rain like the latter

and former rain to the Earth Hosea

chapter 13 I will Ransom them from the

power of the Grave I will redeem them

from death and then look what he says oh

death I will be your plagues oh grave I

will be your destruction pity is hidden

from my

eyes in Isaiah chapter 25 look what the

prophet yeses Isaiah says he will

swallow up death

forever and the Lord God will wipe away

tears from all faces the rebuke of his

people he will take away from all the

Earth for the Lord has

spoken and I’m thinking

about lazarus’s Resurrection think about

it look Jesus was the first fruit of the

Resurrection what does it mean in anyone

that was resurrected before him

resurrected but died Lazarus was

resurrected but he died he’s not with us

today is he but when Jesus spoke at the

resurrection of Lazarus he said in John

11 he said to uh Martha and Mary he said

I am the resurrection and the life look

what he says I am the resurrection and

the life he said he who believes in me

though he may die he shall live and

whoever lives and Believes In Me shall

never die and then he ask her do you

believe this basically he says

look I’m going to die for your sake but

I’m the resurrection also and then there

is life the power of endless life and

then for those who believe in me even if

they die they’re going to live again

because they will be part of the

resurrection and and there will be that

generation which I believe all of us

live in that there will be those that

believe that still are not dead I’m

still alive you’re still alive if you’re

watching me right now and he says and

whoever lives and Believes In Me shall

never die in other words there’s

those who fell asleep in Christ who are

who died and there’s those who will be

alive at the time of that amazing

rapture which

uh obviously will cancel death for those

who are alive and then he asked her do

you believe this Martha I just raised

from the dead your

brother look I’ve Got The Power not only

to give life but to take life and to

take life nobody takes my life for me

said I lay down my life and I can take

it back that’s of course an attribute

only of

God and you know I’m surrounded here but

lots of Jewish people right now I mean

this whole production Team all Jewish

people here and it’s it’s amazing

because you know I’m thinking about it

probably you know by the way there’s

quite a few people here and they’re

they’re working very hard for the last

few hours on setting this whole thing up

and and probably I’m thinking to myself

they’re you know scratching their their

head and they’re saying yeah he’s

talking about the resurrection but uh is

that really something possible I’m

thinking about it you know that the

resurrection from the dead is a very

Jewish thing you know there is three

things that Jews are hoping for is the

the the the rebuilding of the temple the

coming of the Messiah and the

resurrection from the dead every

Orthodox Jew will tell you that and it’s

interesting because in

1982 a book was written called a Jewish

perspect perspective of the resurrection

of Jesus on the resurrection of Jesus by

the way it was written by pinhas laid a

theologian he was not a believer in

Jesus he never thought Jesus is his

Messiah he bed away when he was asked he

said he could be the Messiah of the

Gentiles it’s very interesting because

that Jewish Theologian and historian

wrote a book in which he says look at me

he says I have no

doubt that Jesus was resurrected and

everybody will like almost shocked what

you think Jesus was resurrected he says

I mean why not and then they ask him can

you please explain and he gave them Four

Points the first one he said by the way

Resurrection is a Jewish Doctrine why

are you so I mean Resurrection is Jewish

by the way baptism is Jewish baptism is


Christian baptism in the ritual bath in

the mik is being done every day by so

many Jews

of course uh the B the the one baptism

for a just as a symbolic thing to to

show how we we’re buried with him and

resurrected of course that’s something

that we do now in remembrance but

baptism as a concept was Jewish and

Resurrection from the dead is a very

Jewish thing or at least Jewish

hope but then he said something

interesting Pinas said none of the

disciples or the women believed that

Jesus would die he said this is not a

cooked book this is not something that

uh you know is trying to to lead you all

the way to the resurrection no actually

they did not believe they did not

believe that he would rise from the dead

because they were stuck on what they

were stuck on the second coming

attributes of him coming and ruling and

raining and you know what the first

problem was he didn’t come riding a

horse he came riding a

donkey then he didn’t come to conquer

but he actually stopped and wept but but

then PID went on he says look I read the

New Testament the gospel accounts

exhibit extreme honesty in other words

Peter was perplexed the the disciple the

two disciples that went to em they were

sad there was no plot here to engineer

your mind of anything it is it it

displays an exhibit extreme honesty in

other words if he resurrected it must

have happened why and now comes the

fourth point the transformation of the

band of disciples think about it folks

think about the end of the gospel and

think about it the beginning of the book

of Acts you see a defeated group of

people versus a bold and Lively group of

people you see people with no hope

people that are ashamed people that are

embarrassed people that are angry and

they feel probably stupid we wait it

probably three years we thought look the

two disciples that went to him as we

were hoping that he was going to redeem

Israel but then what that transformation

I mean look at the book of Acts and

everything that happens right after that


transformation you see when they were in

their religious mindset they couldn’t

see him when they finally had Faith a

because they saw him but after he went

up to heaven to be with the father now

they just needed to to just believe that

not only that he’s alive but he’s coming

back religion cannot save you actually

it can deceive you it can deceive you to

think that you’re okay and therefore

there is no need for that Ransom death

there is no need for death there so

therefore there’s no need for

Resurrection as

well you know the book of Isaiah chapter

one hit me so hard when I came to faith

when I realized that God hates religion

that God says everything you celebrate

your Sabbath your new moons your

festivals I hate who said that yes

Isaiah the prophet to the people of

Israel he said what you’ve turned that

into is a it’s something that troubles

me so I cannot endure on one hand you do

all your prayers and all your things on

the other hand you’re lying you’re

deceiving you’re angry you’re murdering

people with your tongue and maybe even

with your hands you have blood on your

hands he said I cannot tolerate both he

says you have to be washed you have to

be clean how can you be washed how can

you be clean how can your sin

itself makes everything different


completely revolutionary Philippians

chapter 3 says though I also might have

con confidence in the flesh if anyone

else thinks he may have confidence in

the flesh I more so circumcised the

eight day of the stock of Israel of The

Tribe of Benjamin Paul is saying to the

church in Philippi I a Jew I was

circumcised on the earth the eth day I’m

from the tri of from from the tribes of

Israel from Benjamin he says I am a

Hebrew of the Hebrews he

says I concerning the law I was a

Pharisee remember concerning Zeal

persecuting the church Paul sha in

Hebrew he persecuted the church and look

what he says he

says concerning the righteousness which

is in the law I was blameless but what

things were gained to me these I have

counted loss for Christ you see I

thought I’m perfect I’m a religious man

I can go and kill Christians if I should

or if I can but now now my eyes were

open to understand all these things were

just a stumbling block they were

skubalon skubalon is in the Greek is is

is manure it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a

trash says I’ve I’ve counted all of this

loss for Christ yet indeed I also count

all things lost for the Excellence of

the knowledge of the Messiah my lord for

whom I have suffered the loss of all

things and count them as rubbish that’s

the rubbish I talked about that I may

gain Christ and be found in him not

having my own

righteousness which is from the law but

that which is through faith in him the

righteousness which is from God by faith

that I may know him in what

and the power of his

resurrection and the fellowship of his

suffering being conformed to his death

if by any means I may attain to the

resurrection from the dead not that I

have already attained or I’m already

perfected he said but I press on that I

may lay hold of that for which Christ

Jesus has also laid hold of me Brethren

I do not count myself to have

apprehended but one thing I do

forgetting those things which are behind

and and reaching forward to those things

which are ahead I press forward the goal

for the prize of the upward call of God

in Christ Jesus job eov in Hebrew the

the the oldest book in the

Bible for I know that my redeemer

lives in

Hebrew I know my redeemer lives and he

shall stand at the last on the earth and

after my skin is destroyed this I know

that in my flesh I shall see God whom I

shall see for myself and my eyes Shall

Behold and no not other how my heart

yearns within me he knows that his

redeemer lives and all that he went

through he didn’t hate God he actually

was yearning to meet his Messiah his


you see there is a need for new

priesthood there’s no doubt about it

religion is not the answer religion is

the problem Hebrews 7 says now beyond

all contradiction and the Lesser is

blessed by the better here mortal men

reive tithes but there he received them

of whom it is witness that he lives even

Levi who receives tithes paid tithes

through Abraham so to speak for he was

still in the loins of his father when

malit sedc met him therefore if

Perfection were through the levitical

priesthood for under it the people

received the law what further need was

there that another priest should ra rise

according to the order of malit sedc

malit sedc was not from the line of the

the tribe of Levi he’s not from the

family of Aaron the priest and he’s not

called according to the order of Aaron

he said here for the priesthood being

changed of necessity there is also a

change of the law for he of whom these

things are spoken belong to another

tribe tribe of Judah Jesus came from

from which no man has

officiated at the altar for it is

evident that our Lord arose from Judah

of which tribe Moses spoke nothing

concerning priesthood and it is yet far

more evident if in the likeness of malit

sedc there arises another priest who has

come not according to the law of the

fleshy commandment but according what

according to the power of an endless

life endless life for he testifies you

are a priest forever according to the

order of malit sedc for on the one hand

there is an annulling of the former

commandment because of its weaken

weakness and un profit unprofitableness

for the law made nothing perfect on the

other hand there is the bringing in of a

better hope through which we draw near

to God and it’s because of the power of

endless Life the book of Romans is the

Magna Carta of of the entire New

Testament of the entire gospel and and

and you would think that whatever is so

Central in that book book is so

important in our faith and indeed pure

doctrine that book G you know Paul wrote

to the Romans he never met them before

he’s never been to Rome before he while

he was in Corinth in Greece he wrote to

the church in in Rome and he wrote

Romans which is 16 chapters of pure

Doctrine and in in them you can see

Romans 6:4 walk in the newness of life

he says therefore we were buried with

him through baptism into death

that just as Christ was raised from the

dead by the glory of the father even so

we also should walk in newness of life

he said spiritually we are being

resurrected from the dead Romans 6:9

death has no Dominion knowing that

Christ having been raised from the dead

dies No More Death no longer has

dominion over him Romans 7:4 bearing

fruit to God therefore my brethren you

also have become dead to the law through

the body of Christ that you may be

married to another to him who was raised

from the dead that we should bear fruit

to God that Resurrection is the key to

be able to even bear fruit to God Romans

8:11 life to our mortal body but if the

spirit of him who raised Jesus from the

dead dwells in you the one that raised

him from the dead that one if it’s in if

if that Spirit the holy spirit is in you

he who raised Christ from from the dead

will also give life to your mortal

bodies through his Spirit who dwells in

you Romans 10:9 the confession of our

faith that if you confess with your

mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your

heart that God what God has raised him

from the dead you will be saved you see

it’s so important that without

confessing and believing in that

Resurrection there is no

salvation there is no Redemption

if he was in that tomb and if we would

have found bones and that’s it the end

of the story there is no hope there is

no Redemption there is no salvation

there is

nothing the Bible says about the promise

second Timothy Chapter 2 that we shall

reign with him it says this is faithful

saying in in chapter 2: 11-13 for if we

died with him we shall also live with

him if we endure we shall also reign

with him if we deny him he will also

deny us if we are faithless he remain

faithful he cannot deny

himself and remember the first

resurrection began with him who was the


fruits but it has two

parts it has him and then it has us and

remember that Colossians chapter 2 you

being dead in your trespasses

and the uncircumcision of your flesh he

has made alive together with him there

is the spiritual resurrection and then

there will be the physical one he has

made alive together with him having

forgiven you all trespasses having wiped

out the hand handwriting of requirements

that was against us which was contrary

to us and he has taken it out of the way

having nailed it to the Cross having

disarmed principalities and Powers he

made a public spectacle of them

triumphing over them in it for the Lord

and in first Thessalonians now comes

this physical Resurrection for the Lord

himself will descend from heaven with a

shout with a voice of the an archangel

and with the trumpet of God and the dead

in Christ will rise first and then we

who are alive and remain remember I am

the resurrection and the life he says he

who died will live again and he who did

not die will he who is still alive will

not die he says look and the dead in

Christ will rise first then we who are

alive and remain shall be cut up Haro in

the Greek cut up together with them in

the cloud to meet the Lord in the air

and thus we shall always be with the

Lord therefore he said look therefore

Comfort one another with these words and

I’m telling you we’re in the midst of

2021 there is pandemic around the world

there are lockdowns around the world

there are harsh I mean uh restrictions

around the world the economy suffering

lunatics took over some governments and

it’s the craziness of of of of

everything is


overwhelming yet he says your comfort

and the way you need to comfort one

another is

by saying these words to one another

remember you may have been already

raised from the dead spiritually but

there comes the second part which is the

physical Resurrection hold on to it

Comfort one another with these words and

of course in Revelation 20 blessed and

holy is he who has part in the first

resurrection of over such the second

death has no power remember it has to be

very very very clear ladies and

gentlemen there are two births

there are two lives there are two deaths

and there are two resurrections there is

the birth from the Flesh and there is a

birth from the spirit from above and

there is the life In the Flesh and there

is the new life when you become a

Believer and then there is the first

death all of us maybe go through that

because we have mortal body and then

there is the second death is the final

death of all who did not believe and

there is the SEC first resurrection of

Christ being the first fruit and us when

the time comes and the second

Resurrection is for the final judgment

after the millennial Kingdom the great

white Throne of judgment and so I want

to encourage you as we come to the

conclusion of this message right now I

want to encourage you yes for many of

you everything that is going on around

the world today may seem like the stone

is still rolled and there is no hope and

there is no future and there is just no

light but I want to encourage you in

Jerusalem 14 kilm away from here this is

less than 10 miles away from here in

Jerusalem the tomb is empty in

Jerusalem the stone is rolled back in


we have a testimony of that power of

endless life in Jerusalem we know that

not only death was defeated but then he

will come back and he will come

back first in the air to to take us to

be with him and then he will return to

that city which will then after 7 years

of terrible tribulation then it will beg

for him to come and say bonai and he

will come and save them as he promised

and they looked at him whom they pierced

in Zechariah 12 and of course the Bible

predicts those things and everything

everything everything is based and is

around and it is

glued to the resurrection without the

resurrection our faith

is empty our hope is gone our life is is

almost pathetic if you really think

about it what’s the point of believing

in a dead person who by the way said he

is going to be resurrected they never

did but then thank you Lord that over

500 people saw him in in so many

different occasions and when they wrote

what they wrote to all of us is with not

just conviction and Faith but with the

testimony with their eye testimony that

he indeed is risen and in few hours as

the sun will begin to rise in in Asia

and Australia and New Zealand and Japan

and of course in more than few hours

when it will when it when when the sun

will rise in the rest of the world I

want you to remember he is risen

we do have hope our hope is in him who

promised Israel and promised his

disciples that he is not going anywhere

that he in other words he will come back

he will come back to his own first to

take his own end after Israel repents

throughout the tribulation to even come

and save them Father I thank you so much

for this wonderful truth that the

resurrection is

just so vivid and true when we when we

think of our life when we see that in

our very life the first phase of the

Resurrection had begun already we have

been indeed were we were

raised spiritually from that death that

held us and now

we are we are waiting for that soon

return of you uh to take us out of here

that wonderful wonderful Rapture of the

Believers to be with him and of course

all of that is only because of the

resurrection and that power of endless

life that brought about a new priesthood

and brought about a new system that

pushed away religion and give and gave

uh a place for faith we thank you and we

bless you and I pray that everyone that

is now going through hard hard times

especially in countries that went back

to harsh lockdowns and and uh all across

the world from Canada on the west all

the way to Western and Eastern Europe

all the way also to the Philippines and

other places in Southeast Asia father I

pray that uh in in the next uh 24 hours

people will will receive so much hope

and and

comfort and excitement from your word

that word that became flesh and came and

dwelt Among Us that word that death and

the grave could not hold that which

defeated death so we can now have not

only the spiritual Resurrection but

await with wonderful wonderful

expectation to a physical one we thank

you and we bless you and we do that in

the wonderful and matchless name of

Yeshua our

Salvation the one who defeated death the

one who is going to return and save us

we thank you and we bless you in his

name amen thank you folks thank you for

being with us this evening from the

hills of the tribe of Judah less than 10

miles away from Jerusalem from the empty

tomb I want to wish you a happy first

fruit Resurrection I I don’t like to use

the term Easter that comes from istar

and astero and the goddess of fertility

and bunnies and eggs I prefer the

Biblical term from Leviticus 23 first

fruits and indeed he was the first


Resurrection so uh I wish you a

wonderful first fruit Resurrection


and God bless you all and Shalom from

the hills of Jerusalem from Israel God

bless you