Bill Johnson teaches on humility and how to hold in tension the blessing and favor of God and our hunger for more of Him. Entitlement is all too common in our culture today and we must be careful not to let it live in our hearts. God longs to bless us but we must hold in tension His blessings and our absolute need for Him. Instead of becoming comfortable with the blessing, if we also remain poor in spirit and aware of our need for God we will have great impact on our communities and nations. As Jesus faced the Cross and prepared to enter into the glory of God, He chose humility in that moment and served His disciples by washing their feet. Like Jesus, we must rule with the heart of a servant and serve with the heart of a king, representing a good and perfect Heavenly Father and using our God-given authority to bring justice to those who have no voice. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… Scripture References: John 13 Mark 10 Proverbs 13: 22 John 16 Proverbs 18: 23 Proverbs 21: 31 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on April 21, 2024. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Blessings

if anyone had a right to entitlement it

would be Jesus and yet he Illustrated

the opposite he Illustrated that at your

highest moment is where you have to

become intentional to go to your lowest

moment at your highest moment of favor

and blessing is the moment you turn your

attention and take a towel and start


feet I just got back Friday night from

uh Ministry in Paris wow in Bordeaux

France and in

Rome and uh it was it was really really

fun uh to have such a diverse uh group

of people uh I was invited by Jean Luke

tcal and uh josanne to join them and um

he will only work with diverse groups

which is very makes it very fun means

you get every brand you know every

denomination available and we had so

many Protestants Pentecost

and Catholics with Catholic priests

involved and it just fun just so much

fun to to be in the body of Christ

celebrating the goodness of Jesus and

worshiping together there were healing

uh meetings and so we just had wonderful

uh moves of God great great Miracles

that took place and just thankful

thankful you know Europe has been kind

of called the graveyard of the

missionary and man not anymore I don’t

know what it used to be but it’s God has

a habit of visiting hungry people so so

watch out Europe you know so it uh it

it’s really encouraging to me to see

what was happening in Paris uh just

great things took place in this uh in

this Gathering and went from there to

Bordeaux France uh the city of Bordeaux

and John luk couldn’t find a building

big enough for who was wanting to come

for this healing meeting and so he

called he’s got great connections uh

friends in the Catholic church and

called a bishop or Archbishop or someone

and and they made a phone call to the

the large Cathedral there old old

Cathedral and uh we we got to to preach

I got to preach in there to a packed

packed out place of of uh of people

including the the priest the father of

that particular house and uh he asked me

to pray over him I asked him to pray

over me and we just had a good time just

cross cross pollinating

enjoying the goodness of God so was

fun and went from there to Rome and uh

my goodness again a gathering of such

diverse uh leaders uh just tons and tons

of pastors uh leaders I think four or

five maybe six uh Catholic priests were

a part of it as well so anyway great

time was had by all I’m very very

thankful that I got to go to that and

very thankful I got to come home to you

guys I I I was in Paris and Rome in

Bordeaux instead of at the Wonder

conference I had a good time but I’m a

little jealous looking at that video

especially when you have Denise getting

up there

saying what did she say tell your tell

you I could say the same words and

nobody would be

moved she says one sentence and

everybody wants to get right with God

you know she she just I was just at Twin

View and that’s where she serves on

Sunday morning mornings the place went

crazy when when her clip came up on the

on the Wonder video because they live

with this woman who she breathes fire I

I I it’s very funny in Paris I jean Luke

is just

this wonderful burning burning

evangelist and so when it was my turn to

speak of course I’m I said Jean luk he


fire I breathe ice

cream so I ice cream’s good you know you

can’t cook meat with it but uh but ice

cream’s good so anyway all right we’re

going to receive a second offering and

we don’t do this often but this one’s a

noble enough reason we’ve got uh our

young Saints uh Camp is coming up and

they’ve got like three times more

applicants for scholarships than normal

and you know because of the spirit of

the age the spirit of the day this lost

identity thing we have a chance to

really make a difference in some young

people’s Liv so if that really resonates

with you and you’d like to be a part of

that uh I I would like to encourage you

we’ve got uh QR code uh if you need an

envelope or a cash gift or whatever put

a hand up we’ll get an Usher Usher it to

you and they’ll help you out but if

you’d like to help us to support these

uh teenagers this is a great opportunity

to do so and I I think it just uh this

is kind of like does anybody else wish

you would have bought Bitcoin early

on I had a chance I I turned it down I

obviously wasn’t hearing from the

lord well this is one of those moments

you now have a Bitcoin moment to

honestly to invest in a teenager to

really hear from the Lord concerning

identity their purpose their place in

life and how many of you have were

impacted as a teenager at one of these

kinds of camps so many were and so

remember that help us to help these

these kids that’ll be great I just why

don’t you come on down and and uh do

what you do come thank you come bring


buckets we bless the offering we thank

you for

teenagers whose lives you know what we

get to look ahead and say thank you for

the lives that are about to be forever

impacted for the glory of

God amen amen all

right I have a few important things to

to read to

you while

uh sometimes I get Road r road rage

walking behind people at the grocery

store a pessimist sees a dark

tunnel an optimist sees light at the end

of the tunnel a realist sees a freight

train the conductor sees three idiots

standing on the tracks

every once in a while I go outside and

run the vacuum cleaner over my driveway

just to ensure the neighbors never talk


me I asked my daughter to give me the

phone book she laughed at me called me a

dinosaur and let me her

iPhone so the spider is dead but the

iPhone is broken my daughter is furious

my mind still thinks I’m 25 my body

thinks my mind is an

idiot that one makes a lot of sense one

more all

right this this honestly is the wisdom

of Solomon brought up to

today two women in a bus fighting

bitterly over the last available seat

the conductor had already tried

unsuccessfully to intervene when the bus

driver shouted to the conductor let the

ugly one take the seat


both women stood for the rest of the

journey oh that’s modern day modern day

wisdom of Sol all right all

right open your bibles if you would to

John Chapter

13 John 13

at one point Jesus said a prophet is not

without honor except in his hometown a

prophet is not without honor except in

his hometown that basically says that a

prophet is honored everywhere but at

home the point I want to make here as we

get this thing started today is the

contrast between the level of blessing

and favor that God pours into our life

with that one exception that seems to be

the cross or the difficulty the

challenge to our life

so here we have the prophet is honored

everywhere except at home which is why I

believe the Lord has all of us learn

Ministry at home first so that we don’t

become addicted to Applause but we

actually become addicted to obedience to

doing what he said to

do the second uh illustration I want to

give is something that Jesus

taught in the gospel of Mark it’s in the

10th chapter he’s actually talking to

his guys about how hard it is to enter

the kingdom and he talks about the issue

of wealth and Peter says um we left

everything to follow you and Jesus said

that’s right and I will add a hundred

times as much of what you left back into

your life with persecution

yes favor

everywhere but at home 100 times as much

added back into your life with

persecution this life is filled with

that contrast that conflict and learning

to not

live from the problem but recognizing

favor on our life is what helps us to

live continuously Victorious from one

one level of Victory to another

I was in a uh I think it was at Bob

Jones funeral here back several years I

was back at Morning Star and we just sat

in the Green Room uh just some friends

Rick Joiner and and


uh Rob Riner and several other guys

anyway we’re just sitting there having a

conversation it’s going to sound like a

gruesome conversation it wasn’t it was

more more light-hearted actually but we

were we were just talking about some of

the kinds of oppositions and things that

we face and and and since uh most of us

have had one or two of those kinds of

problems creep up in life um we we had a

delightful conversation and and Rob

weiner says he says I just called that


tax and I said I said what do you mean

income tax he said Yeah the more income

the more tax wow the more

favor the more opposition the more

blessing the more objections

it’s what this life

provides it helps to keep us

honest it helps us to stay humble it

helps us to stay dependent on the Lord

because even in the seasons of greatest

blessing and significance there’s always

that nagging part that reminds you

you’ve not arrived

yet what I want to talk to you about

today is about this issue

of favor actually in recent weeks I’ve

talked a number of times now about

Authority and the authority that we are

to live in is based on the throne of God

the Throne of God is founded on two

things Justice and

righteousness and I’ll try to illustrate

this a little better towards the end of

the message but it basically comes down

to this that Justice helps to fix what’s

broken so that we can in righteousness

build what’s

possible Justice fixes what’s broken so

that in righteousness we can build

what’s possible you may not understand

the role of righteousness in building

but it is clear throughout

scripture uh proverb says a righteous

man leaves an inheritance to his

children’s children a righteous man

righteousness has an effect on

somebody’s thinking and their values so

much that they begin to invest in future

Generations the whole purpose is to is

to enable them to build in their

lifetime what we didn’t have time to

build in ours so it’s the concept of

building in righteousness is actually

building Lifestyles that bring glory to

God that are filled with his nature and

reveal his Covenant his his nature as a

father all right so let’s read uh John

13 we’re going to begin with verse one

and what I’m doing in this passage is uh

trying to set the stage for where we

want to go but I also want you to see

the conflict of thought if this were a

movie script if we were writing a movie

script the director would would have a

very challenging time to portray the

conflict in thought that exists in these

verses so read through it with me and uh

and and just think as we do verse one uh

chapter 13 of John now before the Feast

of the Passover when Jesus knew that his

hour had come that he should depart from

this world to the father having loved

his own who were in the world he loved

them to the end and supper being ended

the devil already ready having put into

the heart of Judas the scariot Simon’s

son to betray him so there we have the

tax verse three Jesus knowing that the

father had given all things into his

hands and that he had come from God and

was going to God Rose from supper laid

aside his garments took a towel GED

himself it is from here he washed the

disciples feet I want you to look at

verse two and three again two supper

being ended having already put into the

heart of Judas the scur Simon son to

betray him Jesus knowing the father had

given all things into his hands and that

he had come from God and was going to

God it’s hard for us to comprehend the

size the magnitude of this particular

thought process uh there’s not very many

times at least that I have recognized

where the Bible reveals what Jesus was

thinking it it will it certainly it sees

it it reveals what he was thinking

through his decrees but this is a moment

of personal reflection and it says In

This Moment he’s come to the realization

that the father has put all things into

his hand why is that significant Jesus

Christ as the Son of God already has

everything he’s he’s God it’s all his

but he laid it aside to take on flesh to

die in our place and then as a perfect

man to

the Restriction of human flesh that I’ve

had for 33 years is ending it is all

mine I have

reinherz it’s all been put in my hands

number number two he’s pondering the

fact I was sent here by the

father I’m going home

yeah the Heartbreak that he had in that

moment of

crucifixion father let this cup pass

from me he had never once been separated

from the father in all of eternity but

in that moment in becoming sin he had

that moment of

Separation now he’s going home so

there’s never been two two parallel

thoughts to ever enter the heart of a

human being that were greater than those

two and it was from those two lofty

themes he puts a towel over his arm and

he turns and he washes his disciples

feet Jesus came into the

world in a

Manger he came into the world

being placed in a food trough for

cows that was his first

bed he’s about to leave the world with

the towel over his

arm he’s he’s illustrating something

that you never grow out of

yeah part of the problem with favor and

with increase on our lives

is we tend to grow out

of what we’re good at we tend to grow

out of where God has especially called

and gifted us to touch the most despised

and the most

broken Authority as in recent weeks I’ve

I’ve been hitting this over and over

again Authority is founded on

righteousness and justice justice fixes

what’s broken so righteousness can build

what’s possible so we have this idea

that Justice is actually getting a voice

to speak on behalf of those who have

little to no

voice Justice actually has to be

exercised not for

self-promotion not for personal

Vindication but but Justice is used for

those who can’t do it for themselves

that’s the whole point Authority is not

given so that we can build our own

Empire when Satan came to Jesus and said

command the stone into bread he was

tempting him to use his authority for

himself because with a word he easily he

who spoke the worlds into being can

easily turn a stone into a

meal so In This Moment a decision was

made that Authority is to be used for

the benefit the well-being for the sake


others there’s this passage in uh



18 we we may read more out of this just

depending how we do with time but let me

just read one verse to you it’s in

Proverbs 18 if you’re writing notes it’s

Proverbs 18 it’s verse 23 the poor man

uses in treaties in treaties the rich


roughly the poor man uses int treaties

all right let me talk about being poor

and being rich and I want to talk to you

about it

not not hooked to

finances it may include it but that’s

not the

point how many of you understand if you

have if you’re surrounded by loyal

friends you’re

rich how many of you understand you have

a healthy family you’re

rich um you have you have a job you have

a sense of purpose and future you’re

rich so there’s all these things in

people’s lives you have people out there

that have all the money they want but

they’re extremely poor their families

are broken their own health is broken

they don’t have true biblical wealth so

I’m trying to I want to use rich and

poor in that context today all right so


poor uh I think it was Peter Wagner that

said Revival always starts with the poor

but transformation comes through the

rich which is interesting Revival always

comes to the poor transformation comes

to the

rich so why not be

both why not maintain poor in

spirit because you can have no money and

be as arrogant as can

be I’d like to suggest what the Lord is

targeting is poor in spirit poor in

spirit is not thinking little of

yourself it’s not

self-criticism poor in spirit

really is living in the awareness that I

exist entirely by the grace of God I am

100% dependent on the mercy and the

grace of God and I never grow out of

that posture I never grow out of that

position and part of the problem is in

christiandom we we experience promotion

we experience breakthroughs we

experience these kinds of things where

favor increases and often times I I see

this happen often times people will

consider the position they have in

Ministry is something that they fought

hard for and and I I I don’t want to

ignore the fact that discipline was

involved obedience was involved Faith

was involved I get all of that but like

the scripture says the horse is prepared

for the day of battle the victory

belongs for the to the Lord the horse is

prepared for the day of battle it’s

critical that we do everything we can to

train the horse for war but when the

when the victory comes don’t give credit

to the horse he’s not that good don’t

give credit to your train tring CU

you’re not that good it’s actually the

grace of God that used your Lo’s and

fishes in training and multiplied it

enough to have impact on the course of

history for a large a larger situation

is it making sense to you so all right

so here we have this scripture that says

the poor use int treaties so what is it

talking about let me use poor in spirit

uh in this context poor in spirit

there’s a humility in the response to

the people that are around us and what I

see happen is people become promoted and

as they become promoted they they are

less and less sensitive to those that

are further down man forgive me because

this isn’t a good way to put it but I

don’t know how else to do it farther

down the social ladder than they

are I have been the Good Samaritan I

have also

been the Pharisee that walked past

I have been the guy that stopped for

that situation that I could tell God was

on for me to to serve but I’ve also been

too busy with my own stuff to

stop there’s there’s something about

living in the

awareness that I I am only here by Grace

I am only here by Grace I didn’t earn

this on my Deb on my best de day I

didn’t earn this and what happens is

favor comes into our lives and we become

more and more influential we become more

and more uh

celebrated um and then there’s a there’s

like a crust that builds over the heart

where now I will give attention to the

powerful person but not the one who


power I I don’t think there’s a uh you

know there’s I doubt there’s a person in

the room that I couldn’t take into a

situation where somebody is broken and

and dying and needing help and you

wouldn’t respond with great compassion

and care so I I don’t believe that’s a

problem for you for me but I also know

what it is to be so locked up in my own

stuff and I don’t mean I don’t mean even

selfishly I don’t mean trying to build

my Empire just just locked into my

assignment so much so that I I walk

right past a moment where there’s

somebody who’s really looking for help

and they really don’t know how to ask

and had I been just a bit more

sensitive I wouldn’t have spoken

roughly but instead I would have spoken

with in

treaties it’s the proper use of

authority I I actually wanted to talk to

you today about about

uh what’s happened in Rwanda I I know

very little I know enough to express to

reveal a story to you so I’ll I’ll I’ll

tell you the little that I know I’m so

deeply moved by it Chris uh valon and

Carrie were at the Presidential Prayer

Breakfast here a couple months ago and

they bring back reports of what took

place and kagami the president of Rwanda

spoke at this event and there was a

workshop where there were several uh of

his I think cabinet members or something

that were there spoke anyway here’s

here’s what happened a huge genocide

took place in Rwanda I think it was 1994

and literally millions of people were

killed young men would rise up and kill

the fathers in a village and the older

brothers and rape the women and make the

women watch as they slaughtered their

own husbands and just atrocities that

are just beyond description and there

were so many people involved that the

legal system could not possibly

prosecute everyone who needed to be

prosecuted for heinous

crimes it was the widows in these

Villages scattered around Rwanda it was


widows that decided something needed to

be done and they could do it and these

widows got

together and they had these young men

come before them and they had to

acknowledge to these widows that they

were the one in fact who killed their

husband and of course admitted to the

fact that they raped and pillaged and

did all the stuff that they did you can

imagine that the Heartbreak and the

tension involved in this as young men

are coming to grips with what they’ve

done because these are people they grew

up with and yet in this Spirit of

Madness and Insanity that seems to

Prevail in so many settings they they

raped and killed and did all this stuff

anyway so here’s the Widow and here’s

the young man that killed her husband

and in fact raped her that is face to

face with her

repenting and asking for

forgiveness and often times it was the

Widow that not only forgave him but

adopted him brought him into her own

household as a

son and then imagine being that Widow

who watches this young man now grow up

become married and have his own children

and the the things that you have to sort

through for that for that crazy story to

unfold if ever there was a story it’s

probably probably one of the great top

two or three

stories in human history certainly in

the last hundred years or

so so these widows led a movement of



Reconciliation so much so that the

president from seeing what happened

through the leadership of these widows

determined to build his government

largely out of women where today 60% of

his government is women

60% if there’s any notion in any guy in

this room that men are the ones that

need to be there to make all the right


that’s just the spirit of stupid on

steroids because there’s there’s the

misunderstanding of one or two verses in

Scripture that has put women at a second

class status when in fact you as women

you know this you’ve noted your whole

life carry a Grace into the environment

that the rest of us need and there’s

something that he did that has actually

built this the setting for prosperity to

come to the Nations literally

Joe Richie one of the friends of our

house who is now home with the Lord uh

brilliant brilliant businessman uh did

some extensive research and he brought

together 20 of the most integrous CEOs

in our country brought them together

took them to Rwanda to meet with the

president to give suggestions on how to

rebuild what had been destroyed in their

Nation today it’s a prosperous place

that is thriving because I want you to

see it justice fixed what was broken to

create the foundation that righteousness

could then build what’s possible a

righteous man lives an inheritance to

his children’s children righteousness

causes us to think in terms of future

generations and building and how to

invest longterm so that culture itself

is shaped not by lack not by violence

not by abuse but instead by the favor

and the blessing of the Lord and it’s

happened in a nation in Africa right

before our eyes



extraordinary I think all of this is


Jesus about to be betrayed by 12 guys 11


repent that’s on his

mind as he turns with a towel and he

wash his feet yeah there’s there’s this

setting of humility

that if anyone had a right to

entitlement it would be

Jesus and yet he

Illustrated the opposite he Illustrated

that at your highest moment is where you

have to become intentional to go to your

lowest moment at your highest moment of

favor and blessing go at your lowest

moment and take a towel and start

washing feet at your highest moment when

you are to be praised and honored and

exalted is the moment you turn your

attention towards the the person who was

beat on the street and all all these

situations that we Face throughout our

lives it’s using what God has given us

and I I just I I don’t know what’s going

to happen but the Lord keeps bringing

this Justice thing up to me Justice does

biblical Justice does not build

entitlement and that’s what all of us

despise that’s what all of us hate and

despise is entitlement and as Christian

leaders it’s easy to move into

entitlement once you’ve tasted of the

favor of the Lord and we have to

intentionally humble ourselves to

recognize the neediest individuals in

our world we we we have to intentionally

step in a sacrificial position to serve

people outside of our normal circle of

influence does that making any sense to

you I hope

so but I’ve got this sense that the

Lord’s going to give us

it’s going to give us understanding on

how to take care of the homeless in a

way that doesn’t humiliate them because

right now the only way they can get help

is to be

humiliated and I I’ve Got a Feeling

maybe may be one of you that gets this

idea and it may start with one person

may start with one family but something

will happen something will happen where

the sexually abused and trafficked we’ve

been we have friends that we support all

over the world that help in this right

now but there’s still more I feel like

the Lord’s going to give us some insight

uh as it pertains to adoption and Foster

Care being able to care for from kids

that just they they need someone that

will use their authority to make the

decrees necessary for them to succeed in

life somebody to look past the obvious

infractions and broken situations of

their life their poor decisions somebody

to fight on their behalf that has


that will give them a chance at

succeeding and this this is what the

gospel does the gospel starts in

humility with a manger and it ends with

a arm a towel over the arm to serve and

to wash feet there’s this posture that

must be intentionally sustained to for

us to have the kind of impact of

transformation is necessary and I

honestly believe that it’s possible for

us to be the poor that attracts the

Revival and the rich

poor in spirit and the rich that helps

to bring transformation the ones who use

their place their Authority their

Insight their resource their time

whatever it might be to Forever change

the destiny of a family a whole family

line it’s been given to us to do

this it’s been given to us to do this

I’m going to read few verses to you out

of Proverbs

18 a man’s stomach verse 20 will be

satisfied by the fruit of his mouth from

the produce of his lips he shall be

filled I love Proverbs so much I like it

I tell you why I like it because it

Proverbs forces me to

think a man’s stomach will be satisfied

by the produce of his

lips your natural normal conversation

has a lot to do with your personal

fulfillment a man’s stomach is most

natural appetite of being a human being

a man’s stomach will be satisfied by the

fruit of his own lips

that one over well let me keep going but

from the produce of his lips he shall be

filled I think our

speech affects our

health affects our

income affects our ability to enjoy

whatever it is that God has

provided whether it’s the fion or the

rice I know what I get to choose if I

have a

choice and it’s not the

rice death and life are in the power of

the tongue those who love it will eat


fruit those who love the reality the

both powers are in your speech will

benefit from its

fruit in other words what will be said

will be intentional and it will have

tremendous impact on our life and it’s a

part of the use of the authority in our

life that affects others

he who finds a wife finds a good thing

obtains favor from the Lord amen to that

my my life is forever marked because of

of the woman God gave

me the poor man uses int treaties but

the rich answers

roughly the poor man uses int treaties

the rich answers

roughly carelessness of

speech is an Evidence

of losing an awareness of what got us

here why do you think it is the Lamb of

God not the land of the tribe of Judah

the Lamb of God will be on the throne


eternity it’s not a reminder of our

sin it’s a reminder of us being

redeemed it’s not to make us sin

conscious it’s to make us redeemed


conscious the fact that the Lamb of God

paid the ultimate price so that I could

enjoy this


amen watch you stand

I’m going to pray over you in just a

moment here I I I want to pray for

Revelation to come upon us as a as a

family because we all have different

places of influence we have different

resource from friends to you know

insight to finances to title to whatever

I I just I’m I’m hoping that in the next

maybe a couple years there’ll be some

things birthed in here that at the end

of let’s just say at the end of the next

two years we can look back and say we’ve

learned how to use Authority better than

we ever had

before and uh in lives people’s lives

are changed as a result and we can point

specifically this situation is different


different but before I do that I want to

give opportunity for anyone here who

does not have a personal relationship


Jesus you don’t know what it is to be

what the Bible calls born

again you don’t know what it is to be

fre forgiven of sin and if there’s

anyone here in that position you’d say

Bill I don’t want to leave I don’t want

to leave the campus till I know I found

peace with God then I want to ask you

just to put a hand up right where you

are and just by doing so you’re just

saying bill that’s me I want to I want

to be forgiven of sin I want to receive

Jesus I want to be his disciple his

follower if you’re online do the same

put it in the chat box we’ve got pastors

there ready to pray for you care for you

is there anybody at all in the room in

that in that

place all right let me pray for you

father it’s it’s baffling to me how and

why you would give us

Authority and yet you

have and I just want to do a good job

with it and I know we do as a family so

I pray that you give us uh

Insight on how to properly exercise

Authority in people’s lives to serve

serve them well to empower them I ask

this in Jesus name amen