Bill Johnson teaches how to hear God’s voice through Scripture. Reading the Bible is not optional as a believer; it was designed for and must become your life source. There is life on the written words in the Bible, and as you spend time in the Word you will grow in hunger for the voice of God and in understanding and recognition of His voice. Developing your history with God through reading Scripture will equip and prepare you to walk with supernatural hope and redemptive solutions into every situation you face. Bill Johnson shares how he reads the Bible whether it be Bible reading plans or reviewing favorite passages. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Mailing List: Additional Resources:… Scripture References: Matthew 4: 4 Proverbs 12: 1 Psalm 119 James 3: 15 2 Timothy 3-4 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on September 15, 2019. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Bible #Scripture #WordOfGod

keeping ourselves connected to what

God’s saying is a Life Source it is not

optional it is life itself I live

because he

talks good morning still morning yeah

still got a little bit

left a police officer pulled over a

driver informed him that because he was

wearing a seat belt he had just won

$1,000 in a safety competition

the officer asked what are you going to

do with the prize money he responded I

guess I’ll go to driving school and get


license at that moment his wife who was

seated next to him spoke up said officer

don’t listen to him he’s always a smart

alic when he’s

drunk this woke up the guy in the back

seat who barded it out I knew we

wouldn’t get far in the stolen

car right about that time

there was a knock from the trunk and a

voice asked are we over the Border


yet I don’t know why that’s funny but it

is I read this one couple months ago but

you deserve to hear it

again this is how I learned to mind my


business I was walking past the mental

hospital the other day all the patients

were shouting 13 13

13 the fence was too high to see over it

but I saw a little Gap in the planks so

I looked through to see what was going

on some idiot poked me in the eye with a

stick then they started shouting 14

14 oh goodness that that is just classic



it is one of the better ones all right

well I have the privilege today of

talking to you about the word of

God and I remember I remember as a as a

young man first of all in school I I got

good grades I keep saying I wasn’t a

good student my mom always corrects me

afterwards but she’s not here so I can

say it I wasn’t a good student I I

didn’t learn uh some of the study skills

that you should learn in school I I was

able to kind of cram before a test and

and get a good grade on the test and and

so anyway it was Creative Learning on my


yeah I uh so I I I didn’t read I I hated

reading I hated reading and I I hated

wrri I hated reading and I hated

writing the two things my life is spent

in right now

is is it’s like the Lord says hm Divine

humor let’s see how this works out but I

I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t enjoy reading

at all I hated it and uh and I remember

when I when I I really gave everything

about my life to Jesus everything Lock

Stock and Barrel as they say in my

commitment to Christ I remember I mean I

loved to hunting fish I honestly didn’t

care if I ever hunted or fished again I

didn’t care if I ever owned anything

besides the clothes on my back honestly

I had every ambition I had was all laid

on a put on a cross on an altar and I

just said yes to Jesus and that was my

that was my response to what he was

doing and speaking into my life and I

remember I I started reading and which

was a miracle I remember I actually read

uh seven books back to back to back in a

fairly short period of time all on the

subject of prayer for example um I just

couldn’t get enough I I’ll I’ll never

forget where I started I started reading

this book called normal Christian Life

by Watchman anybody else read that book

it’s a classic great book I remember I

my experience of reading this is I was I

was blown away by his insights and I was

reading this book thinking this what I

was thinking in my head I

thought this is all from the

Bible and while I had a hunger for

knowledge so I would read people’s books

I especially had hunger for the word of

God you can be fed with people’s books I

write them I hope people read them I

hope them to help them but they

supplements the meal is is the scripture

yeah the word of God is perfectly fit to

speak into any and every given situation

of our

lives and so when I when I said yes to

Jesus to Absolut serve with him as my

Lord and to be a true disciple I just

had this hunger for the

word and uh and I’ve I’ve never I’ve

never stopped in that pursuit of hunger

I’ve i’ I’ve had times where I’m hung

hungrier than others but one of the

things I learned in the kingdom is that

in this natural world you get hungry by

not eating but in the Kingdom you

actually get hungry by eating and so

putting yourself in a place where you

have continual exposure to what God is

saying actually creates an appetite for

the word

itself I I began to I began to read

somewhat randomly I I found that it was

helpful for me to have uh a disciplined

place of reading and so for me I I like

to read like from Genesis to Revelation

or maybe a new Testament only I’ll read

just Matthew through Revelation

sometimes fact when we moved here to

reading I I took a period of time it’s

about 10 years where my the bulk of my

reading for 10 years straight was just

the gospels in the book of Acts I just

read over and over and over and over

again I remember at at one point John

Paul Jackson was here and he spoke to us

about this uh this next wave of Revival

and what would be um what would be

involved in that and and and the Lord

had spoken something very clearly to him

that it would be all around Romans

chapter 4 so I remember in that in that

meeting I started that day I read Romans

4 every day for three years besides what

else I was reading but I made sure to

read that every day for three years with

the exception of five days because of

international flights the the point is

is to stay exposed to what God is saying

and doing and there are times I read

just the books of law sometimes just uh

the poetry books whatever the point is

is I encourage people to have what I

call recreational reading but also

discipline reading not one or the other


both uh recreational reading for me is I

have history with God I have history

with him where I have been in trouble

I’ve been disheartened I’ve been

discouraged I’ve been challenged in my

faith I’ve been confused not knowing

what decision to make and my habit

throughout these 40 some years is to

always go to the word of God when I’m in

one of those moments and I read

literally I read until he speaks I’ve

sat down and I’ve read 20 chapters 20

plus chapters uh just back to back to

back I will just continue to read until

he speaks to me and I find life here

literally life Jesus uh there’s this

statement in scripture man shall not

live by bread alone but by every word

that proceeds from the mouth of God I’m

alive I live because he talks I live

because he talks

and so I would I would read and still to

this day if I uh anytime uh I have a

challenging situation often times what I

do is I will actually go back to a place

where I met the Lord before for example

I’ll go to Joshua chapter 1 and I’ll

spend time there I’ll go to Isaiah 60

I’ll go to Psalms

2737 I go to these places where I have

history with God I’ve wept before God in

some of these places and the Lord has

spoken to me and he has fed me he fed my


Soul he has fed my soul with his word

and has changed my life simply because

he spoke I’ve I’ve come desperate I’ve

come hungry I come with his word in

front of me and there’s just those

moments that you have in life with him

where he he breathes upon the words

that’s on the page you can’t always

explain what you just read and I love

that part of learning in the Kingdom as

he doesn’t touch my mind first he

touches my heart if I’ll come to him and

surrender he’ll impact me here where the

change begins before I understand what

he’s doing that’s a huge part of

learning that’s the way learning takes

place in the kingdom and so he would he

would speak that word to me so what I

call recreational reading is to go to a

familiar place in scripture where I’ve

been many many times before and I will

go back to those verses I I refer to

them as my cabin in the mountains you

know you want to get away you want to

have a break uh you just go up to the

cabin there’s a little Lake there you go

fishing or you can sit by the fireplace

or you can do whatever you want to do

but the point is you’re just in rest

mode uh just recuperating recovering and

I have places in the word of God where

it’s my cabin on the mountain it’s it’s

my place of personal refreshing and this

is where I have history with God this is

where I’ve taken time with God through

the years and he’s met with me over

these portions of scripture and I have

them Mark and I I know where to go I I

know because I I have history it’s like

it’s like you being married for 30 years

and you still have the Love Letters when

you were you were engaged you go back

and you read those love letters that’s

what it is it’s a love letter to

me and uh so so many people approach the

scripture so so carelessly and I I saw a

video I watched a part of it again this

week and I had seen it maybe a month or

two ago no more than two months ago

where in in China where they’re not

allowed to have Bibles in some places in

China you can’t get a

Bible in fact what these Believers will

do in these underground churches is

they’ll have one Bible and they’ll tear

individual Pages out of that Bible and

they’ll pass it around and one family

will have one page for a week or two

weeks and then they exchange with

another family so they get another

portion of scripture and in this

particular place they had somebody was

able to smuggle in bring in uh a box

full of Bibles and so here’s this home

with all these Believers and somebody

brings this box and you have all these

people video all these people standing

around then they cut open this box and

here’s a box filled with Bibles and they

just run they grab they hold it to their

chest and they just begin to weep and

weep and weep because they have the

privilege of reading

scripture and the great sobering warning

to me is famine always follows misused

abundance is to have so much liberal

access to something and you have that

thing close off in your heart where it

no longer feed you there’s this summons

there’s this invitation to come and

engage with God himself as we read that

which gives life

people will sometimes say well I I don’t

remember what I read and and I’ve I’ve

told you this before but people will say

I don’t remember what I read I well yeah

I don’t remember what I had for

breakfast last Monday either but it

still nourished me it still had its

place in me it’s it’s it’s going through

the privileged routine if you will of

going through scripture now I like the

random reading the uh the the cabin the

weekend on the cabin I love that kind of

reading but I always try to have the

disciplined reading through the

scripture maybe through the four gospels

maybe through the Old Testament whatever

it might be but the point is is what

you’ll find is you’ll be in a point of

Crisis or need or you need Clarity for

something and you will find that Jesus

actually has you in the chapter you’re

in on that given day you turn to where

your bookmarker is you open it up and

you find there’s the exact thing that I

need an answer for because he set you up

he’s big he’s Sovereign and he loves to

set you up for life and the point is is

we we do the discipline and then as The

Sovereign God he sets us up for divine

encounters the encounters we need we

just have to keep the thing

going I hear people say uh oh I read a

scripture this morning it was so deep it

just fed me all day


whatever I like

food I consider food to be the will of

God for my

life and I I will choose quality over

quantity I like good food I I have

favorite restaurants around the world my

favorite restaurant is down in Napa

Valley called The French Laundry I’ve

been to a number of three Michelin star

restaurants around the world and oh

goodness gracious you just almost get a

whole new release in your prayer

language eating that food I mean it’s

just encounters with Jesus at that

table and uh I I remember the first time

I ate at French Laundry we’ve been

blessed enough to go there a number of

times and I remember the first time oh

about there’s like nine courses and then

they throw in some free bees you know

and it’s all just the finest food in the

on the planet you know and U so I I

remember sitting there and they bring

out this little this little bowl with uh

caviar and oysters it’s called oysters

and Pearls uh Chef Keller is world

famous for this for this specific dish

now you need to know the inside

hate oysters and I hate

caviar all right so here here I have

this set before me that I would not

order if I had a choice but what we do

is you choose vegetarian menu which is

never going to be chosen by

me or the real people that’s not the way

to say it or the meat men so all you

vegetarians you you love me week after

week I don’t know how you do it you

endure you endure such torment for me

but so they brought out this little bowl

and it’s it’s a big plate but a little

little tiny bowl with caviar and oysters

and his sauce and I looked at beny and I

said I’m spending too much money for

this meal not to at least try it which

is not my Norm but I thought I’m going

to be bold I’m going to express great

faith and I I took a bite of the oysters

and Pearls I could not believe what was

happening in my mouth

I turned to Benny and I said I want a

chili bowl full of this

stuff I don’t know what’s in the sauce

you know what what we do is I as you

already know I’m a cookbook buyer even

though I don’t

cook and let’s say as you go to French

Laundry or some nice restaurant and you

you taste the finest thing you’ve ever

tasted and you go into the in the

reception area of the of the of the

restaurant and there they’ve got

cookbooks by Chef Keller or whoever

happens to be and you say man I want

that again and you pull off that menu

that the The cookbook and you find

oysters and pearls and you start looking

at all these

ingredients and you go you know what I I

don’t like that that’s oysters I don’t

like that caviar oh look at that spice I

never did like that oh they put that but

that’s kind of bland I don’t know why

you put that in a recipe and you go all

through this recipe and you find there’s

not very many things on there you would

ever enjoy by

itself unless of course you throw in

chocolate chips at the

end so you’ve got this recipe of bitter

tasting things fishy tasting things sour

tasting things too salty too sweet too

bland but somehow the Master Chef has

put it together in perfect balance and

it Bec the best thing you’ve ever eaten

in your

life this book has bitter things sour

things things that are so sweet things

that are so confrontive things that are

so challenging things that are so exotic

in and of themselves but when they’ve

been blended into the hole it is the

absolute finest meal you will ever eat

this is that which you were born

it’s the whole Council of God it’s not

just some people they just drive me nuts

they just go through and find just the

feel-good verses no you need to be

slapped it’s called a sword for a reason

there are things Clinging On to you that

shouldn’t be

there the Bible says the word of God is

good for correction Proverbs 12:1 says

and this is this is like in the new king

James translation this isn’t The Message

Bible it says he who hates correction is

stupid he who hates correction is just

plain stupid they’re just

dumb let me extend it he who hates to be

corrected by scripture is

stupid and I tell you what we’ve got an

option because you will be

corrected it’ll either be in private

with a sword or it’ll be in public with

the community but it will be

exposed oh just looking at your faces is

such a great joy for me right now

watching watching the squirm and


faces this this is a relational

journey I I’m so thankful I’ve got

goodness I don’t know how many bibles

and Bible programs and study materials

and books I have on my iPad I love it I

sit on the plan I go yeah what does that

word me and I look it up and touch the

word it just opens up I got all this

stuff I love it but I want to I want to

tell you do not have a relationship with

God over the scripture that is on a


only have something you can write on

because this is going to be your

history I got up about 3:00 in the

morning August 2009 I think was the year

I was headed to Argentina

I went into use the restroom there was a

book sitting there by uh Kim

Clement I looked at the inside cover he

wrote a note to me he he was here wrote

a note to me wrote a scripture reference

down I looked at that reference it spoke

so deeply to me that I went to my Bible

and marked it and put the date down

because I never wanted to forget the

date so it’s on the right page in the

book of naam of my Bible the date when

go book so you want your history with

God you want to underline you want to

make cross references God speaks to you

out of the Gospel of John and you see a

similar thing back in Joshua then find

it in John then go back to Jos and write

the reference down you want to have that

Silver Thread of your Redemptive Journey

with King Jesus who is teaching you how

he thinks and how he sees you need the

confront of stuff you need the stuff

that’s harsh the Book of Judges the

things that that by themselves maybe

isn’t that pleasant but in the whole of

scripture in our journey to come to know

him and be a true disciple we find out

that these things they don’t contradict

each other as we thought they actually

complement each other this flavor that’s

bitter by itself when it’s added to this

part of the meal it enhances the flavor

of that part of the meal and this thing

is written in its entirety to minister

to who we are to bring us into our sense

of purpose and into our sense of Destiny

I want you to open your Bibles we’re

going to read two portions of scripture

and the first one is going to be in um

Psalms 119 I’m going to read the whole

Psalm to you no no I’m not

not actually yesterday I was thinking

about it I was um just flew in from New

York by the way God’s doing so many

amazing things in New York I was so

thrilled to be there New York

City right

downtown wow fun fun fun to see so many


people and I flew home yesterday and

because of the work on the runway in San

Francisco we needed to redirect our

flight and so arranged to fly at to

Sacramento then I have a couple interns

that came and picked me up brought me

home and uh on the way sitting in the

back seat I just started thinking about

Psalms 119 it’s a it’s a Psalm that is

so rich in defining the role of the word

of God in our life I I actually want to

challenge you sit down in one setting

and read the entire Psalm it doesn’t

take as long as you are


thinking you know that we read faster

than we talk right if we read out loud

we read at a certain space if you don’t

read out loud you actually read faster

and that’s true for just about everybody

on the planet do you know how long it

takes to read this entire Bible if you

read out loud

is only 72

hours 72 hours it tells you how much we

read 72 hours for the whole thing

Genesis to

Revelation 119th Psalm take note of the

word word statutes precepts testimony

Commandments all those kinds of words

because they are all all different

angles of this one thing called word of

God and what I want to encourage you to

do is read this at some point in one

setting if you can split it up if you

have to but go into this with this

question what role is the word of God

supposed to have in my life if you go to

this book with questions you’ll find

answers otherwise you’ll find random

information Psalms 119 we’re going to

read about five or six verses

here beginning with verse 9 how can a

young man or old man cleanse his way by

taking taking heed according to your

word with my whole heart I have sought

you oh let me not Wander from your

Commandments your word I have hidden in

my heart that I might not sin against

you I can still hear my mom’s mom my

grandma quoting this verse I think she

was trying to help me she would quote

this verse for me you know how can a

young man cleanse his way and then she’d

go into this one your word I’ve hidden

my heart that I might not sin against

you let’s stop and look at that that

concept for just a moment your word I’ve

hid in my

heart that I might not sin against you

do you know what happens when you worry


actually planting a

lie into your heart until the Roots grow

down and affect your

soul they actually impact thinking

values emotions all those things come

under the influence of whatever it is

you’re worrying

about anxiety fear resentment jealousy

suspicion offense all of those things

when they’re held dear the longer you

hold it the the deeper The Roots get

that’s why repentance has to be so

deeply felt when we turn things over to

Jesus it’s not a mere you know oh by the

way forgive me sorry about that uh when

it’s a lifestyle for many years where

the roots have gone down deep and

they’ve actually affected my personality

my soul then that thing has to be deeply

dealt with I don’t mean through

self-abuse I mean just through deep deep

confession God I see the the uh the uh I

see the impact of my sin of this way of

thinking it has affected who you’ve made

me to be and it has been wrong and I’ve

held to this thing for 20 years God

please forgive me and deliver me from

this way of thinking repentance has to

be deep especially to uproot those

things that we’ve held on to so dear for

so long what happens is with offense and

jealousy is uh the Book of James

actually causes cuse jealousy

wisdom it’s one of the craziest things

you’ll ever see the Book of James calls

jealousy wisdom but it calls it inferior

wisdom that which is natural and demonic

so why call it wisdom at all because

what it’s saying is by by acknowledging

that it is wisdom jealousy is kept Alive


information jealousy suspicion

resentment attracts information to

reinforce the position of

offense you will attract more

information to make you feel secure in

your conclusion

but it does not exist in the heart of

Christ and that’s why we keep the word

of God in our heart why that we might

not sin against

God if our reaction is anything other

than love it will lead to

sin if our reaction leads comes from any

other place then love it will lead to

sin Jesus is very serious about having

us having him well represented in the

Earth for how we deal with the things

that come our way there’s only two

responses in life fear and

love there’s only two places from which

we speak fear or love there’s only two

places from which we act and make

decisions fear or

love and there’s a lot of Believers that

get confused in this area and they think

they’re Discerning something when they

become suspicious resentful or filled

with offense at another person and they

that offense actually attracts

information to keep them locked into

that place and so the scripture says

your word I have KD in my heart I’ve

kept it there so that I might not sin

against you it’s your word in me

releasing its spiritual nutrients if you

will that helps me to say stay Center in

an accurate and authentic represent

ation of who Jesus

is Jesus was talking to uh a crowd in

John 5 and part of that crowd was a

group of Fes and he looks at the

Pharisees and he says you don’t believe

me because my word was not in

you so think about this here’s the

Pharisees doing their routine reading

scripture studying doing all this stuff

but they never let it get into their

heart it only was in their head they had

to concept so they could debate they

could argue they could accuse but it was

never trans from their heart so Jesus

shows up here’s the Messiah he shows up

on the scene and they do not believe and

he says the reason you don’t believe is

because the word wasn’t in you you

didn’t put it in your heart so the

implication is what the word of God in

my heart sets me up to believe for

whatever he’s about to do

next verse 11 again your word I’ve

hidden in my heart that I might not sin

against you blessed are you oh Lord

teach me your statutes with my lips I

have declared all the judgments of your

mouth I have rejoiced in the way of your

testimonies as much as in all riches I

will meditate on your precepts

contemplate your ways I will Delight

myself in your statutes I will not

forget your word you can see statement

after statement after statement is to

draw our hearts into an affection for

scripture the scripture says faith comes

by hearing and hearing by what the word

of God faith comes by hearing and

hearing by the word the scriptures set

us up to hear so that we can

believe faith comes from hearing hearing

comes the capacity to hear comes from

scripture there’s two words in the New

Testament uh regarding the word of God

that would be wise for us to know the

one is the word logos and the other is

Rama some of you heard these words used

in the past logos generally refers to

the printed or written scripture Rama

generally refers to that which is

freshly spoken by God in a given moment

you may be reading for example out of

the book of Ephesians all of a sudden

this phrase just leaps out at you and it

just uh just brings uh Comfort to your

soul or direction or wisdom or Insight

or faith or whatever it might be but he

just breathes on that which is

written and uh so there’s the logos

which is printed but the Rama is that

which is freshly spoken of God in the

anointing the line between logos and


disappears It all becomes empowered to

feed us to empower us to direct us to


us I return to the scriptures frequently

for so many well every day I just don’t

miss a I I miss a day 37 years ago uh

because I got kidney stones you know

those are way overrated

it wasn’t near as fun as they said it

would be I uh I middle of the night uh I

had the boys Leah wasn’t born yet so

however long ago that was 38 years ago I

guess and I was in such pain I I thought

hell had come I I was in pain it was

unbelievable I called Benny wasn’t there

she was uh at a women’s retreat and uh

and I called my doctor was a personal

friend and he said I’ll meet you at the

hospital come come down right now I said

I can’t I can’t I can’t move I was oh

goodness gracious I was so doubled over

with pain and uh and he said all right

I’ll come to your house so I called

Chris next I said Chris I need help meet

me at the hospital I need you to take my

boys because there was no one to take

them so Chris comes down he’s in the

lobby with my boys and I was there in

such pain and I I just want to give

praise to God for whoever figured out

Demerol is

magical de Demerol as far as I’m

concerned is an absolute gift from

God they gave me however many shots I

needed of that stuff until I was in la

la land and until that thing passed and

uh and the next day I was fine uh but I

didn’t read that

day I didn’t read it that

day but unless it’s something like that

I’m going to start my day I’m going to

end my day and if I have the chance I

will during the day read Wigglesworth I

think it was said of him if if he wasn’t

speaking or or in a meeting or doing

something he wouldn’t go 15 minutes

without reading the word he had a little

New Testament his back pocket he just

bring it out sit at a bus station sit on

a park bench wherever he’s at just stop

and would read keeping ourselves

connected to what God’s saying is a Life

Source it is not optional it is life

itself I live because he

talks the power of His word way back day

of creation he spoke he said let there

be light do you know that at this moment

the universes are expanding at least at

the speed of sound if not the speed of

light they are continuously being formed

and created why because he never called

his word back how powerful is his word

what he declares he enables he empowers

and he makes possible and he wants us to

Delight in the privilege of having him

speak to

us go to 1 Timothy chapter or yeah uh 2

Timothy chapter 3 and we’ll wrap it up

with this

one are you alive everybody

alive I wrote just a quick quick list

this morning of things I could recall

from the Bible what it said about the

Bible so the word instructs corrects

directs inspires empowers gives

faith heals and gives promise

if you want to know what divine Health

looks like study the Book of

Proverbs and look at every time you can

find life and health and find out how

often it’s actually connected to the

word of

God the word actually inspires Health in

the human

body it’s the gos

pill that’s bad

that was bad that was pretty stinky all

right let’s let’s hurry and get on to


scripture 2 Timothy chapter

3 here’s a promise for you to put on

your refrigerator verse 12 yes and all

who desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus

will suffer

persecution let me read it again this is

this is one of the tart verses that

helps the rest to be

enhanced cleanse your pallet you ready

all right here we go yes and all who

desire to live Godly in Christ Jesus

will suffer persecution evil men

imposters will grow worse and worse

deceiving and being deceived but you

must continue in the things you have

learned and been assured of knowing from

whom you have learned them and that from

childhood you have known the holy

scriptures which are able to make you

wise for salvation through faith which

is in Christ Jesus wise for salvation

interesting phrase wise for salvation

you say well Bill I’m already

saved yeah I believe that I believe when

you the moment you received Christ you

were saved you were born again but T

Paul talks about working out your

salvation daily so there’s these there’s

this three-fold dimension of Salvation I

was saved at such and such a time but I

am presently being saved and when Jesus

returns or I die and appear before him I

will be saved there’s that Triune

dimension of Salvation he’s talking here

about the word of God as being that

which enables us to work out our daily

salvation in other words we’d be more

saved today than we were

yesterday that should have excited you

much more than it did but we’ll we’ll

just we’ll just move on I’ll pretend it

was a good resp response

yeah verse 16 all scripture is given by

inspiration of God it is profitable for

Doctrine for Repro for correction for

instruction in righteousness that the

man of God may be complete or the woman

of God may be complete thoroughly

equipped for every good work here’s the

deal the word of God equips me Spirit

soul and body



mentally which is different than

intellectually it’s the state of my


physically in the natural thoroughly

equipped for every good work in other

words any challenge that comes before me

I am ready to represent the king with

adequate adequate service to invest into

that situation so that Jesus is well

represented it’s the word of God the

word of God working in through my life

equips me to be adequate and successful

in any opportunity I have to represent

the king in a given

situation that the man of God may be

thoroughly equipped for every good work

keep reading chapter 4 we’ll wrap this

up says I charge you therefore before

God and the Lord Jesus Christ who would

judge the living and the dead at his

appearing and his kingdom preach the

word now this is everybody in the room

this is not this is not a Pulpit

it’s not an exhortation for pulpit

people every one of us should be

declares of the word of God it may be in

a small group meeting it maybe at coffee

with a friend but the point is is you’re

engaging in fellowship and there’s the

exchange of insight in life that comes


scripture preach the word we be ready in

season out of season in other words do

it when you feel like it do it when you

don’t convince rebuke exhort with all

longsuffering and teaching time will

come when they will not endure sound

Doctrine but according to their own

desire because they have itching ears

they will Heap for themselves

teachers they’ll turn their ears away

from truth here’s this incredible

warning in the context of the purpose

and power of

scripture there there are people right

now that are just making a mess of the

Bible because they’re pulling out any

words of judgment any words of

Correction any words that make them feel

you know insecure removing all of that

and just anchoring in the promises that

are rewarding them so that there’s

there’s absolutely no sting left in

scripture there’s supposed to be a sting

there the supposed to be it’s never from

a father who wants to destroy us it’s a

father who says I am working intently

and seriously in your life and you will

look completely like Jesus when I’m done

and to do that I need to use a sword

it’s only going to hurt for a moment and

he speaks and he cuts off that thing

that was completely unnecessary amen and

he invites us into this engagement with

scripture and sometimes it’s inspiring

and you you you you you can’t uh you

don’t want to stop reading yet you need

to get to the office or whatever it

might be and there are other times

you’re there just pushing through

because you know there’s life there I

read the

genealogies when I’m going through

scripture and it’s genealogy time that’s

the Bland part of the

recipe but it helps the

recipe it helps it helps the whole meal

to be what it is that which nourishes

challenges changes

me there are some people that are going

running around saying we don’t have to

pay attention to the teachings of Jesus

because Jesus all of his teaching was

actually in the Old Testament which is

true because the New Covenant was when

his blood was shed so all of his

teaching during his three and a half

years of ministry was actually in the

Old Testament so they say we don’t need

the teachings of Jesus well think about

this was Jesus the greatest teacher of

all time yes if God the father had him

teach at the tail end of the Old

Testament for three and a half years and

that was the only time that teaching was

worthwhile then God is the worst Steward

ever to exist to have the best at the

last tail end of several thousand years

for three and A2 years with just a few

thousand people under its influence it’s

crazy to deal with that that that the

writers of scripture knew would be

coming in the future in first John he

says anyone who comes to you that does

not have the teachings of Jesus do not

even receive them into your home it’s

that serious don’t even receive them

into your home that’s not saying your

neighbor who doesn’t know Christ it’s

saying those who are masquerading as

believers though have nothing to do with

the teachings of Jesus do not engage in

interaction with them if they refuse to

repent and they hold to those ideals

because they will infect your value of

scripture all

right people come and they say well

there’s errors in the Bible no there’s


but let’s just pretend there is for


sake there’s not as many errors in here

as there is in

you and I’m not going to let you

redefine what is valuable in here for


me other than that I’m quite happy all


time I pray that the

Lord would gift you with a Grace for the

word of God for

scripture for understanding the Bible

says knowledge comes easy to him who has

understanding if you can imagine mail

room where there’s slots for different

individuals different offices when you

have the slot you have a place to put

knowledge when you have understanding

there’s a con context for what God would

like to say but he’s not a bad Steward

and he doesn’t release Revelation

knowledge to a person that doesn’t have

a context to put it in so one of the

things that we do that we get hungry we

fully respond to what he’s spoken to us

so far we live from his word we have

history with

him and then we attract ongoing

understanding and Revelation so that we

can impact the people around us so I

want you to stand up because we’re going

to pray I going to pray for you

Jesus make it come

alive I you know what I I remember I was

probably 19 at the time the church was

in the old facility that no longer

exists there was a little Library there

I remember pulling this little tiny

white book off the shelf I remember I’m

I’m not a reader but I was just starting

to engage with reading and I pulled this

little tiny white book off the shelf and

I just opened it in the middle started

reading and I was while I was reading I

thought this is

amazing this I could feel it coming off

the page honestly I could feel it Life

coming off the page and I kept reading

kept reading kept reading reading and I

turned the page kept reading and then

there was a scripture reference and I

saw oh I was actually reading the word

and I didn’t even know it it’s why life

was coming off the page as he was

quoting a passage of scripture to prove

a point

life I live because he talks so father I

pray that you would make your word come

alive at a level that we’ve never known

before and that every person in this

room all of our our friends that are

scattered around the globe with bethl TV

that there would be this fresh fresh

gift of hunger for the reading of the

word of God for delighting in you’d

expand our wisdom expand our our

devotion to the written word I pray this

for the honor of the name Jesus amen now

I want to have the ministry team come to


front and I there’s been an altar called

people have already been invited to

Christ did people did Chris do that in

in he did do it during the communion

okay okay if if you could hold on a

moment really would help us thanks just

Ministry team only just come to the

front if there’s anyone here in fact let

me just ask the question is there anyone

here that would just say Bill I’ve never

been a disciple of Jesus or if I if I

was I I chose My Own Way entirely and I

want to return to him today I want to

place my faith in him and become a true

disciple of Jesus disciple means learner

when we stop learning we stop being a

disciple and you would say Bill I want

to be the learner I want to be forgiven

of sin and really healed from the inside

if that’s anybody in the room put your

hand up real quickly because I want to

make sure anybody right right over here

is one anybody else you would just

say anybody else right over here is

another one right over there’s another

one that’s so beautiful come on right

over here’s another

one that’s so cool so

cool right over here to my left are are

you guys setting that up

right over here to my left is a group of

people that we know and trust there’ll

be a little Banner there so you kind of

know where they’re at but right over

here to my left those four of you and if

there’s more I want to ask the four of

you please come quickly to this group

over here because I want them to talk

with you I want them to pray with you

just leave your seats come come to them

right now and this team is going to pray

for you cuz I I I want you to be blessed

beyond measure yeah Church bless them as

they come that’s awesome

right over here come


on Amazing all right are you wrapping up

come and grab the mic tell everybody

what to do hold on just a second let me

get to the back and uh he’ll tell us

what to do