My guest says your greatest
battles of darkness

are your greatest places
of inheritance.

It’s time to change
your mindset.

It’s time to change your life.


SR: Welcome, Holy Spirit!

Go and flow.

My guest, Corey Russell,
was raised in a Christian home,

but like most Christians,
did not know God experientially.

So at 13, he got
into drugs and sex,

but in your college parking lot,

something amazing happened.
What happened?

It’s true, Sid.

I went dark into this world
throughout my teenage years,

the drugs, the sex,
all the lifestyle.

And I go off to college,
and yet I had a praying mom.

I had a praying mom,
my best friend had a praying mom.

And they were storming
the gates of heaven.

SR: Did you know
they were praying for you?

CR: No.
I didn’t know. We didn’t know.

We were just so lost
in our world.

We didn’t have a clue
what they were doing.

And yet my friend went through
a season where he was weird,

and it ended up leading
to his salvation.

And so he, two weeks later,

shows up to college
where I was at,

and he takes me to lunch,

and he shares with me
that for several months,

the spirit realm
was opened up to him.

He was seeing angels –
SR: Hmm.

CR: – demons,
seeing what was controlling us.

And he said that on the very last
night that we were together,

the voice of God broke in
and said,

“Satan’s raising up an army,
but I’m raising up an army, too.”

And he started preaching
to me saying,

“Corey, you need to give
your life to Jesus.

Hell is real. You need to give
your life to Jesus.”

And I said, “Shut up,
and take me back to school.”

And I was mad at him.

And he takes me back
to the school,

pulls into the parking lot,

and right before
I get out of the van,

I felt a presence I had never
felt before in my whole life.

Yeah, I later found out
it’s the Holy Spirit,

as I felt Him move from the right
of my body to my left,

and I began to shake violently,
like I was having a seizure.

SR: You know, I’m going
to tell you something.

As you’re sharing this,
I’m starting to shake.

But go ahead.

I do every time I tell it.

I feel the presence of God.

I do, too, when you’re talking.

CR: He pulled in the back
of the parking lot,

he started praying.
And as he started praying,

I knew I had to get out
the Name, “Jesus.”

But all I could get out
was, “Geez.”

And so I kept trying to say
His Name, and I went, “Geez” —

SR: Why couldn’t you get it out?

There was, like, literally,

like a demonic hold
around my throat.

I later found that out,
I didn’t know what it was.

I couldn’t say His Name.

SR: Hmm.

And He’s in my ears screaming,

“Say it! Say it!”
I said, “I’m trying! I’m trying!”

And finally, I remembered
taking a deep breath,

and with all the power
inside of me,

I just screamed
the Name, “Jesus!”

And right when I screamed
His Name,

the hold broke
off of my throat.

God came and breathed
into my mouth.

And I kept saying, “I’ve got air.
I’ve got air. I’ve got air.”

And after about a minute,

I heard the voice of God
for the first time, as He said,

“Corey, get out of the van,
get on the pavement,

and give Me your life,
you’re mine.”

And so in the middle of a college
parking lot with kids

running everywhere,
I screamed,

“Jesus Christ,
I give You my life. I’m Yours.”

And that moment I passed
from death to life,

delivered of all the drugs,
the alcohol and the perversion,

and hit by the power of God.

SR: Okay. You and your buddy
are now normal.

CR: That’s right.

SR: “Normal” defined
by the Bible,

not normal defined by the world.
You’re in college.

Did you have an impact
on any other students?

CR: What we began to see happen
is [Music]

within a month,
I had a drug ring of friends

that begin to have
encounters like mine.

I end up leading
my little brother to the Lord,

who was still in the high school,
and over the next six months,

we would see half
the high school come to Jesus.

SR: Wow.

CR: We would see a local Church
begin to host the move of God,

as we would have five meetings
a week until 3:00 in the morning.

And we – and I fell in love
with the presence of God,

and we saw God touch a small
community in Northwest Arkansas,

that people’s lives
are still changed to this day.

SR: Now, there’s someone
that a lot of people

have not heard of,

but he became very influential
in your life.

CR: Yes.

SR: His name was –
because he’s in heaven now –

Daniel Nash. Tell me about him.

CR: Yeah, so I ended up
marrying my wife in ’98,

had our first daughter in ’99,

our second 2003
and our third in 2010,

and the Lord was talking to us
about a son that was coming.

And on June 26th, 2012,
my son was born,

and we named him
Josiah Nash Russell,

and we named him
after Daniel Nash.

Daniel Nash was an intercessor
with Charles Finney

during the second
great awakening.

This man – many people know
the name Charles Finney,

but many don’t know so much
about Daniel Nash,

and him and another man
would forerun

Charles Finney’s
revival campaigns,

and that they would
rent a basement

for around 25 cents a week.
And they would literally –

Linda Ravenhill
interviewed a woman

that hosted him in her home,

and they – she said
she would listen down there

as they would begin to cry
and groan and travail

for the breakthrough of God
to come into that region.

They would move
in such intercession,

they understood
a principal, Sid.

That if you win the battle
in the heavenlies,

then the Word of God
will go forth in power.

And they saw this.
Charles Finney himself

would always say
that Daniel Nash would show up

on the first night
of a revival campaign,

and he would say this,
all he would say is,

“The Lord has come.”
SR: [Chuckles].

And Finney said, “I never knew
a time he was wrong.”

Several months
after Daniel Nash died,

Charles Finney’s itinerate

stopped in their intensity.

SR: Wow.

CR: Finney attributed so much
of the success of his revival,

I mean, we’re talking
about conservatively –

SR: How successful was
Finney’s revival?

CR: In an eight-week
revival in Upstate New York,

they saw 500,000
confirmed new converts.

Five hundred thousand.

SR: Do you know,
Billy Graham was asked,

“What is your biggest regret?”

He said, “I made converts
and not disciples.”

CR: Yes.

What happened with Nash’s people?

CR: That’s a – well, they found
such a depth and a character,

they say 80 percent
of the converts of Finney’s

revival stood the test of time.

They went on to grow deeper
in the Word,

grow deeper in prayer,
and live lives of holiness.

And I think that was the impact,
Finney understood the connection

between prayer and evangelism.
And that that brings a depth –

and then they would follow it up
with discipleship,

and all of those things.

SR: Okay. After being a believer,
after these wonderful things,

he went through
a very dark season,

he and his wife, in his life.
Tell me about that, Corey.

CR: Yes, so as I was saying,
we named Josiah, Nash,

and we called him Nash,
and on March 16th, 2013,

I was in London, England,

I was preaching the gospel
over there.

And on the second night,
I come out of the ministry time,

someone gives me a phone,

and I’m thinking that
someone wants me to pray

for a relative of a friend
of theirs in the ministry time.

And I take the phone,
and I hear my wife

saying that our son is dead.

Our son passed away.

She laid him down for a nap,

and he didn’t wake up
from his nap.

A horrible virus
had come through our family,

and his heart wasn’t
able to navigate it.

And I received the nightmare
of calls at a very dark time.

And then we would –
I would fly back to Arkansas,

and we would go on a journey
that’s lasted the last 10 years.

SR: Did you get bitter
or better as a result?

CR: I would say I got better.

I would say that I took my pain,
I took my confusion,

and I took my questions and I
threw them at the feet of Jesus.

And I went deep into Him,
and I went deep into the Word.

And the Lord began to release
five psalms that were,

I would say, life rafts
to me and my family,

to be able to navigate those
years after our son’s death.

SR: Then, you had an encounter
with God in 2014,

and a dream from
a very trusted prophetic voice.

CR: Yes.

SR: Tell me briefly about that.

One of the psalms was Psalm 2.

And Psalm 2 is when the devil is
raging over Jesus’ inheritance.

And I felt the devil’s rage
over my family.

I felt the devil’s rage
over my wife,

over my children,
and over our future,

and wondering,
are we going to make it?

Are we going to make it?

And it was in a season
of praying Psalm 2 in 2014,

that I was asking God
for my inheritance.

I was saying, “God, would You

bring forth generations
out of this moment?”

And it was in that season
that a prophetic friend of mine,

Jeremiah Johnson,
sent me a dream.

And he said that in the dream,
the Church was under siege.

Cultural wars were increasing,

and we were, like,
in Medieval times.

Everyone ran to the city square,

and we realized, we don’t know
how to pray in these days.

We don’t know how to pray
in these days.

And in the dream,
I walk in smiling, and I go,

“These are the days
we’ve been waiting on.”

“These are the days
we’ve been waiting on.”

And in the dream,
he began to prophecy over me.

And He said, “Corey,
for every one voice of awakening,

I’m going to raise up
seven voices of intercession.”

“For every one voice
of awakening,

I’m going to raise up
seven voices of intercession.”

And then He said this,

“I’ve given Lou Engle
the Nazarites,

but I’m giving you
the Nasharites.

And the Nasharites will be
a hidden army of intercessors.”

SR: I never heard the term
“Nasharites.” Had you?

Never. I had never heard it.

And he says,
“These Nasharites [Music]

will be hidden intercessors.

They may not be known
in the eyes of men,

but they’re going to be
famous in heaven.

And I’m going to hear
their prayers,

and I’m going to send
revival to their families,

revival to their Churches,
and revival to their nations.”

SR: How many Nasharites
are you entrusted to raise up?

Right before this dream,

I’d had a lunch
with Reinhard Bonnke,

and after you get around someone
like that, your faith gets big.

And after I got that dream,
I said,

“God, give me 100 million
Nasharites for global revival,

the return of the Lord
and the salvation of Israel.”

I said, “Lord, I will spend
the rest of my day

awakening this army
of intercessors

to take their stand
in the earth.

SR: When we return, [Applause]

Corey is going to talk
about the amazing!

And I say amazing –

connection between
the Nasharites and Israel!

And every time he teaches
on this subject,

the supernatural takes place.

Be right back.

>> We’ll be right back
to “It’s Supernatural!”



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>> We now return to
“It’s Supernatural!”


SR: Most believers don’t know
about the throne room,

and how important it is
to keep our eyes

focused on the throne room.
Corey, explain.

Yeah, it was in Psalm 2,

to where I was
seeing the warfare.

I was seeing the warfare
around my family,

and I didn’t know
how to pray.

I felt the chaos, confusion
and rage of the evil one.

And yet it’s in Psalm 2,
Verse 4,

the Father is looking at
the very same situation,

and it says, “He who sits
in the heavens laughs.”

And the Lord began to teach me,
“Corey, I want to bring you up

to the throne room
in the heavens to get

My divine perspective
over the rage of the evil one.

I want to fill you with

My confidence that no matter
how much the devil is raging,

how much confusion and chaos
is coming against your family,

I want you to know
it’s not going to stand.

I want to teach you
how to sit with

Me, to see as I see,
and to speak as I speak,

over the storms, into seeing
peace come to your family.”

Do you know, several times,
three times in the gospels,

Jesus lifted His eyes to heaven?
He did it before

He fed the five thousand,
He did it before

He raised Lazarus from the dead,
and He did it before

He prayed John 17,
Jesus ascended to the throne.

And I find so many believers
live victim to the chaos,

confusion, anxiety
and fear of our families,

our circumstances
and the world around us,

and yet the Biblical command —
Paul tells us in Colossians 3,

“Set your mind on things above,
where Christ is,

sitting at the right hand
of God.” [Applause]

This is the call that
He gives us to.

We wage the battle
from the throne room.

That’s how we do it
as we come up there,

and the Bible talks about the
throne room all the way through.

And there’s that lie out there,

“You’re so heavenly-minded,
you’re no earthly good,”

that’s an absolute lie.

We’re no earthly good to anyone
unless we become heavenly-minded.

And we take the resource
and the power

and the presence
of the throne room of God,

and release it, “Thy Kingdom
come on earth as it is heaven.”

SR: Now, when you release this,
when you teach on this,

what normally happens to
the group you’re teaching?”

CR: What I will see happen
often is oppression,

depression, heaviness,
anxiety, torment,

get broken off of people’s
minds and souls.

And I see deliverance come.

I see literal oppression,
where people are weighed down,

gripped with anxiety
over the future.

I see a supernatural peace
come over them.

I see a supernatural presence,
and I see joy come back to them,

because there’s joy, peace and
righteousness in the throne room.

And that’s what touches people.
And I see them walk in freedom.

It’s amazing.

SR: I’m going to have you
teach on this in a moment.

But tell us about your wife’s
two encounters in 2021.

CR: So I got
the Nasharite word in 2014,

but honestly, my wife was still
frozen in trauma and in pain

due to the loss of our son.

SR: Hmm.

And I just preached it in faith,

saying, “Are we going to make it?
Are we going to make it?

We’re gonna make it.
We’re gonna make it.”

And in 2021, we were
in a meeting in Dallas.

And over the course
of a weekend,

the Lord began to release
the Fire of God upon my wife.

What’s the Fire of God?

CR: She began to feel heat
melting her cold heart.

She literally began to feel
where there was coldness,

numbness and dullness,
she started feeling again.

She started hearing God again.

Matter of fact, the second night
of this little weekend,

right before she goes to sleep,
she hears a phrase from the Lord,

and the phrase was this:
“Do you love Me?”

That’s a phrase that Jesus

asked Peter in John 21.

And it speaks about
Peter’s restoration

into ministry after failure.

And Dana heard it, and she said,
“You know, Jesus, I love You.”

And she knew
that was an invitation.

The very next morning,
we were in a meeting.

It was a Sunday morning,
and that specific morning,

it was February 21st, 2021, Jews,
both secular religious and –

secular and religious Jews
from around the world

were crying out
for the Messiah to come.

And Lou Engle was in our meeting
that morning, ironically.

And he stood up there,
and he said,

“It’s time for the Church
to fill the vacuum

that while Jews
from around the world

are asking for Messiah
to come,

we would ask for the revelation
of Yeshua as Messiah.”

And he got up there
and began to pray.

And as he prayed, I saw my wife
immediately fall to the ground.

She fell right to the ground
and began to weep and cry

and pray
with loud cries and prayers.

And for the next four hours,
she didn’t move.

She didn’t move

as she was weeping.

And when, four hours later,

when I pulled her back up
and she looked at me –

SR: Did you stay there for four
hours watching her on the floor?

I was lost in it, too.

I was sitting right
next to her, yes.

She was gone.
It was, like, 2:00,

and I dragged her
out of the Church.

And I said, “Honey,
what did you see?”

She said, “I see
the Nasharite army, Corey.”

SR: Ooh!

“I’m seeing it,

and I need you to know this,
Corey, it’s an Isiah 62 army.

Set watchmen on the walls,

that God’s going to set
across the earth

for the salvation of Israel.”

SR: Why is Israel so important?

CR: Phew!

Because God is
a covenant-keeping God.

God has a plan for redemption
for the whole world.

And He has chosen a man
by the name of Abraham,

who brought forth
the nation of Israel,

and it’s through Israel
that light is going to come

to all the nations of the earth.
Why is Israel important,

because Jesus has chosen
one plot of ground,

one piece of real estate,
in the whole earth,

that He has made
his eternal home.

He has chosen
that plot of land from where

He’s going to rule forever,

and Israel’s calling is to be
a light to the nations.

And it’s to be a priestly nation

to all the other nations
of the earth.

And the Lord is awakening an
intercessory army in the Church

to contend
for Israel’s destiny.


I’m curious.

Since Hitler and what happened
to the Jews, six million died –

CR: Yes.

SR: – I haven’t seen
such a rear-up of anti-Semitism,

not just in the United States,
but the whole world –

CR: Yes.

SR: – is turning rapidly
anti-Semitic, or anti-Jewish.

Do you have any idea
as to why?

Because the devil is raging.

He knows his time is short.
And he’s doing everything he can.

Jesus told us this
in Matthew 23:37,

he’s looking at
the Jewish religious leaders,

and He says, “You will not see
Me again until you say,

‘Blessed is he who comes
in the Name of the Lord.'”

And the devil’s rage
is to destroy the very people

that will welcome Jesus
back as their Messiah.

So all of the devil’s rage –

what we’re seeing happen
right now in the Middle East

and across the world
is the rage of Satan

to abort the plan of God.

But we know it’s not
going to happen.

SR: I want you to say
a two-word prayer

that I said over 50 years ago,
that changed my life.

It’s not a Billy Graham special,

although I’m a fan
of Billy Graham’s,

I want you to say out loud,
“Jesus, help!”

Say it now, studio audience.

>> Jesus, help!

SR: Audience at home —
Jesus, help! Help, Jesus!

I want you to pray
over the viewers

in our studio audience
right now,

look into the camera, and pray
what God showed you to pray.

CR: I pray right now
for every person

that’s walking
through chaos,

confusion and the rage of Satan
against their families,


against their marriages,
against their children,

and against their lives.
Father, I pray right now that

You would bring everyone

at the sound of my voice
up to the throne room.

I pray right now
a holy invitation out of

Revelation 4, come up here.
I want to show you things.

I break off every spirit of fear,
anxiety and torment,

every lying spirit,
tormenting spirit.

I break your power, and I say,
come up to the throne.

And Father, I pray right now
for every one of my viewers,

every one of these viewers,
I pray.

Release Your heart
and the revelation of

Your zeal for Israel
and Jerusalem.

God, I pray that You would remove
every destructive heresy

that has replaced us for Israel.
And I pray that

You would release light
to the mind

and light to the heart,

Your heart for Your people.
I pray, Lord, that

You would break in
with your power right now.

I pray for the release
of the Glory of God

in living rooms, the release
of the Glory of God in bedrooms.

And I pray that You would
break off all blindness,

break off all arrogates
and release

Your light in the Name of Jesus.

SR: While Corey was praying,
I saw wrists.

Wrists – I don’t know
whether it’s tendons,

but if you have anything wrong,
any pain in your wrist,

start moving it now.
You’re healed in Yeshua’s Name.

And I’m also hearing hips,
someone’s hip is being healed.

And backs,
it’s pain of all kind – backs.

If you have a backache,
stand up and bend over.

Corey, are you hearing anything?

CR: Yes.

I just see
the tender rising of God

coming to hearts right now,

in the same ways the scales
fell off of Saul of Tarsus’ eyes.

I see scales falling off
of people’s eyes.

I see loss coming to salvation
in Jesus right now.

And I see even believers

that have not known
God’s heart for Israel;

revelation is breaking
in right now upon them.

SR: If you will pray
for the peace of Jerusalem,

if you will pray for
the completeness of Jerusalem,

you shall have heart peace that
no man can ever take from you,

in Yeshua’s Name
I seal this, Amen.