In Exodus 17, the Israelites face an enemy bent on destroying them. As Joshua led the army in battle, Moses sat on the hilltop holding the staff of God above his head. At first glance, Moses’ position makes no sense—why wasn’t he in the fray? In this message, Dr. Stanley reveals that while the battle may have been fought on the field, victory was secured on the hilltop. Prayer is the place where we win or lose our fights, and God intends for us to have victory. This message is Part 6 of the series: How to Talk With God – Volume 2 How to Talk With God – Volume 1 CD Series:…

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with a message from God’s word here’s


Stanley would you turn please to Exodus

17 I want us to read verses 8 through 13

and the title of this message prayer is

where the action is chapter 17 of Exodus

beginning in verse 8 and this is the

story of

the conflict between Israel and the


and there’s a principle here that is so

very very important to us in the area of

prayer so beginning in verse 8 then came

amalec and fought with Israel and

refidim and Moses said unto Joshua

choose us out men and go out fight with

amalec tomorrow I will stand on the top

of the hill with the rod of God in mine

hand so Joshua did as Moses had said to

him and fought with amalec and

Moses Aaron and her went up to the top

of the hill and it came to pass when

Moses held up his hand that Israel

prevailed and when he let down his hand

amalec prevailed but moses’ hands were

heavy and they took a stone and put it

unto him and he sat thereon and Aaron

and her stayed up his hands the one on

the one side and the other on the other

side and his hands were steady until the

going down of the Sun and Joshua

discomforted amalec and his people with

the edge of the sword now you say well

what does that have to do with prayer

and I want you to listen very very

carefully the nation of Israel had come

out of Egyptian bondage by Moses

leadership across the Red Sea Into the

Wilderness down to SII and then on their

way to the promised land and he says in

Deuteronomy 25 referring to this very

incident that many of those who were

weak were straggling along behind behind

and so uh the nation of Israel was

stretched out over a long geographical

location and so

amalec who desired to attack the nation

of Israel used the strategy of attacking

those who were lingering behind and so

they were just picking them off left and

right so they had to go to war

recognizing that the amalekites were

more prepared for war they’d been used

to it they’d been fighting for a long

time they were a heathen nation and now

Israel though wealthy they are coming

out of Egyptian bondage having taken

gold and silver and many of the animals

out of Egypt they were prepared

wealthwise but they weren’t prepared to

fight and so God said to um Moses he

said you tell Joshua put him in command

of the army you get him out there ready

to fight but the key is this I want you

and Aaron and her to go to the top of

the hill take the rod with you the same

Rod that you used in Egypt to show

Pharaoh that your God I am is God he

said now as long as you he said what I

want you to do is I want you to hold

that Rod I Want You To Hold Your Hands

to Heaven and he says as you hold your

hands to Heaven that will be the

determining factor in this conflict

tomorrow with amalec so that’s exactly

what they did Aaron and her went with

Moses up on the top of the hill where

they could see the battle and hear two

armies coming to fight one another in

mortal combat and so the scripture says

that Moses lifted up his hands and uh

the rod of God in his hand now I don’t

know what You’ ever done this night so I

tried it three times just to see for

myself you say well why did you get

tired I’ll tell you what you do you hold

your hands up you don’t even need a rod

in your hand and see what happens when

you first put your hands up you think

well I can hold them up for a long time

but here’s what will happen while you’re

talking or while you’re thinking or

while you’re praying whatever you’re

doing with that even realize what’s

happening little by little against all

of your effort all of your strength all

of your energy and all of your

determination and all of your willpower

to hold those hands up they’re coming

down and after a while you’ll feel like

that 20 lb weights on you think I’m

going to raise them back up and you

begin to Grunt and moan and What’s

happen they just keep coming down little

by little they’ll come all the way down

until they get right by your side and

you’ll realize that in spite of all of

your strength and as muscular as you are

the comes a time when they’re coming

down well that’s exactly what happened

to Moses he held them up talking to God

praying to the father about the nation

of Israel in their battle and they’re

maybe not outnumbered but they were

overpowered because of the fierceness of

the amalekites and their preparation for

war but he noticed that as long as he

held up his hands and held up the rod of

God Israel Prevail when he began to get

weak and after a while he just dropped

his hands the amalekites began to

Prevail so finally uh her and Aaron uh

made him a seat out of stones set him

down and then they held up both of his

hands as long as they held his hands up

the scripture says that Israel prevailed

in the battle and so they won the battle

that day but the battle was not won on

the field of conflict the battle was won

on the hill as Aaron and her held up the

hands of Moses now let me tell you

something don’t you dare Miss what I’m

going to tell you if you do you will be

a loser and two other people in your

life are going to be a loser the three

things I want you to get out of this

passage you’ll get yourself a pencil and

piece of paper and jot down these three

things many of you have walked through

many of life’s battles and you’ve come

out bloody and torn and beaten and

Defeated You’ve faced financial problems

you’ve gone through battles in your home

you’ve gone through battles in your

vocation you’ve gone through ba battles

in your relationships with other people

all kind of battles I want to show you

something something here that is a

principle it works it works over and

over and over if you and I will apply

the simple principle found in the

scriptures so there three things I want

you to jot down and the first one is

this that our life’s battles are won or

lost in the place of prayer now just

stay with me for a moment our life’s

battles are won or lost in the place of

prayer you say well but suppose I don’t

have a place and that’s the reason

you’re being defeated over and over and

over again in your life

our life’s battles and all of us have

them are lost or won in the place of

prayer now let me show you something

here if you ask the average person where

they think the success prevails let’s

take a church for example if you think

that what goes on in a church is the

result of what happens in the pullit and

the pastors preaching and the musicians

singing the choir and all of that that

this is the criteria of success or

failure you’re

wrong you see the world looks at the

outward part the world looks looks at

men the world Praises man the world

Praises organization and plan and all of

this God doesn’t win his battles on

platforms God doesn’t win his battles on

the field of conflict God wins his

battles when men are willing to get on

their face before God and seek his face

that’s where the battle is won now let

me show you why when you and I begin to

look at this particular incident for

example God wanted to teach Joshua the

commander as well as Moses and the rest

of those people a very basic

lesson that in the field of battle what

we see is not the determining Factor

where battles are one or lost because

often times a man will walk into an

arena when he is absolutely totally

outnumbered by his enemy and he comes at

a winner he comes at a winner because he

fought the previous battle and the

prerequisite battle which is the

important one on his face before God

somewhere else alone with God now

watch why is it and how is it that God

determines the success or the failure of

the battles you and I face in their life

not by what seemingly is open conflict

but because of what we do privately when

a man or a woman gets upon their face

before God Alone what do they do first

of all God turns their eyes towards

themselves and begins to examine their

heart and so the sifting cleansing

process goes on a man is able to see

himself on his knees as hear never see

himself any other way number two he

begins to look upon God and he sees God

in a whole different light God clears

his eyesight God begins to clear his

mind and on his face before God in

preparation for conflict he’s able to

see himself from a whole different

perspective not as one out in the Battle

of conflict and being outnumbered but

one standing upon the rock surrounded by

the Angels the Angelic host of God and

Under The Canopy of God’s protection and

standing upon the rock from which all

the resources he’ll ever need will

always be present so he sees himself

different he’s able to see the conflict

for what it is and not what it appears

to be he’s able to see the heart of his

enemy as it is not as it appears to be

he’s able to foresee the snares and The

Temptations of Satan he’s able to spot

the traps that Satan lays before him

he’s able to discern what the people are

thinking he’s able to understand the re

reality of the circumstances in which he

finds himself regardless of how they may

appear to be to others so that when a

man gets upon his face before God and he

battles out his own relationship to the

Lord and God’s sifting process takes

place he’s focuses His Eyes Upon God his

faith is set his sense of direction is

settled in his mind and he knows what he

must do and the way he must do it he can

face anybody anywhere under any

circumstance fearlessly and boldly and

courageously and never better an ey not

because he won’t get bloody not because

he won’t be knocked down not because he

won’t be scarred but because he’s

battled it all out with God in

Prophecy there are many men who are

suffering in business who wouldn’t have

suffered in business had they battled

out the decisions on their knees before

God not walking into some Committee of

carnality and trying to make a spiritual

decision with people who know nothing

about God

there are battles in the home that would

be brought to a conclusion quickly if we

would simply bow before God search at

our own Hearts let him work in our lives

let the battling go on there so that

what appears to be the open conflict is

no open Conflict at all God wants to

teach us something what is it he wants

to teach us he wants to teach his people

that it is not in public where the

battles are won but it is as a man bows

himself before holy God and recogniz

izes that holy God and God Alone is the

source of all of his needs therefore as

he bows before God in absolute and total

dependence upon him God will release his

Supernatural power his Supernatural

forces to surround that man cover that

man underguard him and fuse through him

everything he needs to face that

battle but you see the world in which we

live everything appears to be a certain

way but what it appears to be often

times is not that way at

all and you see what really took place

this day is that almighty God who sent

Moses Aaron and heard at the top of that

mountain sent them up there to teach

them and to teach Israel a lesson that

Joshua as great a strategist as he was

to become later on God wanted Joshua to

know because he told him he says you

rehears this in Joshua’s ears because he

knew that one of these days Moses would

be set aside as the leader God would

take him Joshua would be given the

mountain to take the nation of Israel

into the promised land and he didn’t

ever want Joshua to think that Joshua

was a super strategist he wanted Joshua

to ever remember the fact that it was

almighty God that it was the

intercession of Moses Heron and Aaron

and her who brought about the victory of

Israel that day as they fought so

outnumbered by military might the day

they fought amalec and all of his

followers now here’s the

principle God wants you and me to fight

our battles in the prayer room not in

public now let me tell you why there

will be public confrontations in our

lives at times but listen it’s one thing

to have a public confrontation it’s

something else to walk into that

confrontation with the decision already

made of defeat or failure when you walk

into a conflict and you and God have

settled it in privacy you can face

anything anywhere under any circumstance

with perfect peace in your heart that

God has already determined the outcome

of the

situation doesn’t mean you won’t suffer

doesn’t mean you won’t have pain doesn’t

mean you won’t hurt but it’s the outcome

who’s going to be the victim now here’s


reason because what appears to be the

enemy sometime is not the enemy at all

the enemy is Satan and his forces the

reason he attacked God’s people in this

particular situation is because he knew

the nation of Israel was to be the

Messianic Nation through whom the

Messiah would come through whom all the

nations of the Earth would be blessed so

he used amalec as a tool to defeat the

people of God if you and I don’t get our

direction from God off our knees we

going to think this is the enemy that’s

the enemy he’s the enemy she’s the enemy

when that may not be true and is not

true the enemy is Satan the enemy is the

Demonic forces of evil that attack and

seem seek to ens snare and thwart the

purpose of God in life and often times

Believers are in conflict with each

other believers and non-believers in

conflict with each other because they

believe the other is the enemy Satan is

the enemy SE seeds of this Unity

throughout the

world God wants us to recognize we’re in

a spiritual battle how do you do

spiritual battle with spiritual things

what is the mightiest Force under God’s

heaven in time of battle it is the word

of God in the heart and it is a man upon

his knees calling out of the

supernatural power of God when you and I

focused upon him our heart is clean

we’re lifting our hands and our hearts

before him what is almighty God doing

almighty God hears the prayers of his

children and he releases his

Supernatural Sovereign Divine

omnipotence into the life of that

individual that circumstance whatever it

may be that’s God’s way man’s way is

what it is effort eloquence preparation

ations plans programs do this do that we

must do so much of this and we must do

so much of that when God says my way is

to fight the battle on your knees and

then let’s see what God is going to do

doesn’t mean we do nothing but it means

listen we either walk into the battle

from the basis of Victory or we walk

into there from the basis of defeat God

wants his people thinking right

believing right and when we think right

and believe right right we will respond

and act properly the battle was won that

day on the hillside not down in the

field and as you think about whatever

battle you may be facing whatever Valley

you may be going through listen don’t

look around to blame someone else don’t

ring your hands get on your face before

God and battle it out with him the

cleansing process that takes place the

clearing of the Mind the clearing of the

heart the clearing of the eyes a

perception like you have never known

before you battle out in the pray you

say well how long do you have to stay

that depends upon the nature of the

battle it depends upon the condition of

your heart when you go there to ask God

to begin to search you and to cleanse

you and prepare you for whatever it

might be and you see every area of life

is applicable to what I’m talking about

we come up to decisions that often times

we don’t know how to make a decision

that’s the place to get it made don’t

call her him this person that person all

of these folks why don’t you talk to the

person who has the an

you see God wants to teach us now watch

this carefully unless you

misunderstand God doesn’t want us

absolutely independent of everything and

everybody but him but he does want to

teach us to depend upon Him trust him

and to see him as the source of all that

we need because there is an

interdependence there is an inter

relationship that he wants to build into

our life as his children the second

thing I want you to notice here is

this when we when we Face life’s battles

we will grow faint-hearted at times when

we when we do face life’s battles we

will grow faint-hearted now for example

here’s Moses God’s greatest Statesman

the greatest Statesman that has ever

lived on the face of this Earth and here

he is holding the rod of God in in the

in the symbol of intercession before God

in this evening for his help and his

dependence in this particular battle but

after a while his hands get heavy and

they just get so heavy that after a

while he just drops them and when

they’re down by his side all of a sudden

he notices there’s the change in the

battle and amalec and his forces begin

to defeat the people of God so up his

hands go again but they get tired up

they go again but they get tired up they

go again but they get tired and finally

Aaron and her set him on a rock hold up

his hands and they hold up his hands

until the battle is finished and one and

amalec and his forces are conquered once

and for all now here’s what I want you


see you and I in spite of what Jesus

said he said men ought always to pray

and faint not but we do faint why do we

faint that means we sought of lose heart

we lose heart often times and when we

Face battles because we look at the

circumstances and we longer we look what

what would Satan do Satan takes our

Viewpoint of the circumstances puts his

interpretation upon him and what is a

little old ant he begins to grow larger

and larger and larger think oh my God

what in the world am I going to do when

if we’ looked at it from God’s

perspective we’ have said hm there’s

nothing to that but you see Satan

interprets and brings out of reality and

into an illusion what is not there and

we begin to see these tremendous Bears

we say oh my God what in the world am I

going to do God knows that you and I are

going to grow fainthearted at times

we’re going to get weird there’re going

to be some times when you ought to pray

when you don’t even feel like praying

you know you ought to pray but you say

God I just don’t even want to pray I’m

tired of praying I don’t see any result

and you see you’re going to pray about

some things over and over and over again

you think Lord you’re not doing anything

so why should I keep on praying when

nothing is happening and Satan just

jumps up and down with Glee when you say

that listen I’ve discovered a long time

ago there’s some things you have to pray

through like you tunnel through a

mountain you just have to keep hanging

in there and telling God about it and

trusting him and believing in him and

thanking him and praising him though

everything your eyesight behold says

defeat deat defeat defeat defeat defeat

with deed down inside if you listen to

God God says but Victory is on the way

and you see when we turn tail and run

when everything looks like we’re going

to be defeated we say well I knew it was

going to happen that way anyway we

embarrass God we hinder our relationship

with him we hinder other people’s

spiritual growth we’re going to have

periods of faintheartedness which brings

me to number three which is the most

important thing in the whole area and

that’s this

the third thing is our greatest asset

when we’re going through spiritual

battles is to have an area and Aaron and

a her the greatest assets we have when

we’re going through spiritual battles is

our prayer Partners now you say well

what do you mean by prayer Partners God

sent Moses up on the top of that

mountain knowing that he couldn’t hold

these hands up here very long that’s why

he he told him to take two people with

him now listen God isn’t about to allow

any one of us to be absolutely and

totally independent he doesn’t operate

that way because he’s built his church

how he’s built his church he said by

this shall all men know that you’re my

disciples that you have love one to

another people who love each other can

depend upon each other people who love

each other are loyal to each other

people who love each other encourage one

another people who love each other want

to build up each other people who love

each other are available to one another

God has built his church on that

interdependence among themselves upon

each other as they ultimately depend

upon God they likewise interdepend upon

each other as God’s vessels and tools to

be encouragements to one another so the

scripture says that God sent him up

there with Aaron and


now why Aaron and her if I should ask

you what do you know about uh her most

of you’d say her you mean h e r or h r

I’m talking about h r her a man’s name

what do we know about him the only thing

we know about him significant is that

God’s servant needed someone to assist

him in a period of intercession and God

gave her the great privilege of holding

up Moses right or left arm while he held

up the r of God while the spirit of God

Came Upon Joshua and the nation of

Israel and they defeated the amalekites

all right now

listen everybody needs an a Aon and a

her God has given me an Aaron and a her

I know that passage works I know it

works because the scripture says it

works but I know it by months of

experience everybody needs an Aaron and

a her that is somebody who can hold up

your arms when they’ve drooped when you

get discouraged when you lose heart when

you think oh God I just can’t hold them

up that any longer and you’ve got

somebody to hold up both your arms and

to assist you and your into Cession

before God that’s God’s way of getting

his Supernatural power into your life

and mine when we do grow farted Jesus

said me not always to pray and fate not

and yet we do Lo lose heart what do we

need when we lose heart not someone to

say well I told you so not one someone

say man you just got to put yourself up

by your own brute straps an Aaron and a

her does not argue they do not uh they

do not use the world’s ways you know

what they do an Aaron gets on one side

or her gets on the other side and begin

to intercede with you for you in your

behalf before God for the situation

which you face and what does God do a


cord is not easily broken you and I can

talk to God the Father two of us can

talk to God the Father there’s something

about three men or three women on their

face before God lifting up each other

now watch this this morning for example

you may be in one of those conflicts it

may be in your home it may be in your

finances it may be in your business I

don’t know where it is but you may be

going through a tremendous conflict in

your life and today of those three Moses

Aaron and her you’re Moses you’re saying

I’m the one who’s facing the conflict

but now watch this when your Aaron gets

on one side and your her gets on the

other and they begin to pray for you and

lift you up and they begin to pray for

the circumstances and they begin to talk

to God about the situation and they

begin to call your name and they begin

to ask God to strengthen you and to

bolster your faith and to supply your

needs what

happens here’s what happens both of

those people for example if you’ve got

here you are for example and you’re in

the battle and you’ve got one of on this

side and he begins to pray if this

brother’s weak somehow this brother’s

strength does what it just infuses

strengthen the both and if you’ve got

two people one on each side of you

lifting you before God there is is a

supernatural Indescribable sense of

strength and encouragement and help that

looms up in your life that breathe new

fresh faith and trust in the Lord God

Almighty and here’s what happens so they

they live with you they work with you

through that battle they pray you

through it then what happens all of a

sudden Aaron over here he’s in the

battle so what do you do man you swap

places he gets in the middle I’m not

talking about physically now but I’m

talking about spiritually here he is

he’s in Moses position he’s going go

into the battle now what do you have the

privilege of doing you have the

privilege of lifting a him up you have

the privilege of praying for him calling

his name talking to God about his needs

praying the supernatural power of God to

come in his life and you know how to do

that with tremendous Faith because

you’ve been where he is and now you’ve

taken his place and he’s taken your

place and now you can hold him up and

encourage him and what happens all three

of these people what are they doing

Aaron on this side Moses in the middle

and and Aaron her here her gets in the

middle one time Aaron’s in the middle

Moses in the middle you know what

they’re doing they’re just building a

relationship building a faith God begins

to do something and he wraps that

threefold caught around and those three

people before God become a tremendous

Indescribable Mighty Supernatural force

of God In Prayer now you think about

this how many times did God say to us

ask seek knock he says we to pray what

is he doing he says he’s a prayer

answering God he wants to answer his

prayers he said you have not because you

ask not God has so arranged that he’s

willing to release his power when you

and I are willing to come to him but if

we come to him alone often times we get

discouraged but Aaron on this side her

on this side lifting you up and

encouraging you and what happens that

faint hardness begins to dwindle and the

supernatural power of God becomes a

reality because you have two encouraging

forces one on the one side one on the

other what in the world would happen in

this nation of ours if God’s people

threefold cord not easily broken there’s

a love relationship that grows a loyalty

that begins to develop something begins

to happen in those three people but you

see before you can do that you’ve got to

have a couple of people that you can

trust you’ve got got to be willing to

find somebody you can trust so let me

just take for for a moment and give you

um few little characteristics of an

Aaron and a her all right because you

ought to be one and you’re going to need

one one of these days somebody that you

can open your heart and share your

burdens with the first I think the first

thing that’s important here is this that

you and I must notice your Aon or her

may be more spiritual than you are as

spiritual as you are or not as spiritual

as you are and you see that’s not

important because who are we to judge

how spiritual someone else is that’s not

the issue the issue is that they are a

person who is spiritually minded seeking

God is willing to obey God willing to

trust the Lord and who listen who wants

God’s best for you not want their best

not their way but somebody who can

objectively say I want what God wants

for you so they have to be that type of

person the second thing they must be a

person who is willing to accept you as

you are are whatever the problem you may

be facing whatever your circumstance

they can accept you in that and not

think any less of you or any more of you

just accept you as you are and know that

God has put them on your side to lift

you up and not criticize you or tell you

what you ought to do but say lord God

almighty we’re beseeching for our

brother that you give him wisdom to know

what to do give him strength for his

body give him energy for his Spirit give

him Faith to trust you somebody who will

lift you up accepting you as you are not

critic izing it the third thing is this

somebody who cares somebody who has a

Compassionate Heart who can feel what

you feel who knows what it means to hurt

the next thing is somebody who can love

you that is somebody who can give

themselves to you without asking

anything in return somebody who’ll give

themselves to you not expecting you to

do something for them genuine love

always ask what’s best for the other one

what can I do for the other one how can

I pour out my life into someone else’s

life the next characteristic is somebody

who’s faithful not somebody who will

pray with you when it’s convenient oh

yes I would come and pray but you see

today I’ve got to do this and so but

somebody who will come when you need for

them to come somebody who will pray when

you need them to pray somebody who will

recognize that your need is such that

they’re willing to stop whatever they’re

doing and come get by your side and cry

out to God with you and in your behalf I

want to tell you something brother

something begins to happen in a man or

woman’s life when they’ve got an Aaron

or a herar standing by their side be

teaching almighty God in their behalf

but you see takes a certain kind of

person a selfish person will never be an

Aaron or a

herd and I’ll tell you the Lord’s taught

me some things as God has sent me an

Aaron and a herd to stand by my side and

to pray with me and I can call those

fellas any time of day or night 24 hours

of any day I could call them they’d say

I’ll be right there if it’s all possible

I’ll get on my face right now and lift

you before

God that’s the the way God wants the

battles fought what does he want he

wants us to join together he wants that

three-fold cord uneasily broken the

three of them encouraging each other

building up one another lifting up each

other and you see there is no way for

three people to bind themselves together

in Christ Jesus to pray for one another

without them growing and becoming

stronger and deepening in their faith

and more and more

Christlike that’s where the battles are

fought that’s where God intends for you

and me to fight our battles on our face

before him somewhere and all of us are

going to go through this period of

getting tired and weary but I’ll tell

you there’s nothing in the world like

somebody getting on your side and saying

that’s okay we going to call your name

before God we going to tell him what you

feel if you don’t feel like telling him

we going to tell him in your behalf and

the only way somebody can do that is to

love you and know you and the only way

somebody’s going to be able to love you

and know you and Stand By Your Side is

for you to take the take all the plastic

off open up your heart and say look

here’s what I am here’s my problem

here’s my difficulty here’s my bondage

here’s my conflict here’s my decision I

need you to pray for me I am not

adequate within myself I am absolutely

helpless at this point oh God I need you

and I need my brothers to Bear me up and

I want to tell you

something God will do something in your

life and the life of your Aaron your her

and then when he puts you in the side of

Aaron over here and he makes you a her

over here and you have the same

privilege of doing something for

somebody else you’re going to find out

what praying is all

about that is the heart and the core of

intercession being willing to get under

somebody else’s burden and lift them up

what in the world would happen in

families if they became each other as

Aaron and

her what among the children in your

family in the church house in your

business two of the people that you can


who will lift you before God and you

know in your heart you never have to

worry about them ever telling anybody

but God and God has never told anybody

secrets you know why we’re so

weak we believe the devil second reason

we’re so weak is that we think we going

to do it ourselves listen God is going

to strip every one of us of our pride

he’s not going to use he’s not going to

use Pride he wants was in a sense of

total dependence upon him and that means

recognizing our need one for the other

and I want to ask you one simple

question which of these describe you are

you like Moses today walking through a

valley and facing a tremendous battle

then you need an Aon and a h and I want

to pray that God will send you the two

maybe you are not in a battle right now

and you’re saying God I want to be

somebody’s Aaron I I want to be I want

to be somebody’s her and I wonder if

you’re willing to commit

yourself to forget yourself and commit

yourself to be somebody’s intercessor