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it has always been the tactic of the

enemy to get us to think that we are not

enough as we currently are that what we

currently have is not sufficient for the

task that is before us but if the Lord

has allowed that multitude into your

experience that means that as you

currently are with the entrusted

treasure the power The Authority that he

has given to you you’ve got everything

you need if you just pull out what he

already has entrusted to you

I came to tell somebody that there is

treasure hidden in these Earth and

vessels I came to tell you that by God’s

spirit there is gift and there is power

that that has been entrusted to you that

is available to you available to me as

Daughters of the most high King you need

to know that even if you do not believe

what the scriptures declare to be true

about your treasure if you don’t believe

that you’ve been forgiven or that you

already have the victory or that the

enemy is already underneath your feet

and that there is no condemnation for

those of us who are in Christ Jesus or

that you have been made competent by the

spirit of

God I came to tell you that even if you

don’t believe it the enemy

does he knows who you are what ashamed

it would be for him to know and us not

to so it’s time for us to open up the

drawer and start pulling out the

treasure the treasure we’ve been

ignoring the treasure we’ve been calling

insignificant the thing that we’ve said

is not enough not valuable Lord if I

could just be like her Lord if I could

just be like that if I could just have a

bit more of that if I weren’t me then

Lord I’d be enough he says uhuh you have

enough you just have’t open up the

drawer pull out the

treasure there is a story in Scripture

that is going to be very familiar to you

it’s the one that the Lord has been

using in my own life to remind me about

how he will compel me and he will compel

us to open up the drawer and reach in

and pull out the treasure and see what

it’s like when he uses what he has

already entrusted to us Luke 9 verse 1

and 2 says this and he called that’s

Jesus he called somebody say he called

he called he called the 12 together and

he gave somebody say he gave he gave

them power and he gave them authority

over all demons and to heal all diseases

verse two and then he sent somebody say

he sent he sent them

out he called them he gave them

treasure and then he sent them

out verse 10 says and then when they

returned to him they gave an account to

him of of everything they had done and

taking them with him he withdrew by

himself to a Hill Called Betha the

multitudes were aware of this verse 11

says so they followed Jesus because you

know wherever Jesus went a crowd was

sure to follow they weren’t quite sure

he was the Messiah but what they did

know was that when this man showed up

blind people could

see what they knew is that when Jesus

showed up the lame could walk and the

deaf could hear the dead were being

raised so wherever Jesus was they came

the crowd followed and welcoming the

multitude Jesus began speaking to them

about the kingdom of God and curing

those who were in need of healing verse

12 so the day starts to come to a close

and the 12 come to Jesus and say now

Jesus you’re going to have to send this

multitude away they’ve got to go into

the surrounding Villages and Countryside

and find lodging they got to get

something to eat Jesus come on now here

we’re in a desolate Place verse 13 Jesus

said to them


you give them something to

eat they said Jesus we have no more than

Five Loaves and two fish unless perhaps

you let us go and buy food for all these

people CU you know we’re not enough as

we are right now there were about 5,000

men Scholars say the reason why Luke

specifies men is because there were

women and children too so there were

probably about 15,000 hungry people that

day Jesus said have them recline to eat

in groups of about 50 each so they did

so had them all reclin and then he took

the Five Loaves and the two

fish and looking up to heaven he blessed

them and then he broke them and he kept

giving them to the disciples to set

before the multitude and verse 17 says

they all ate they were all satisfied and

just so you know how satisfied they were

they went by and picked up all the

leftovers cuz there was


in this story we meet a hungry multitude

a multitude that is placing a demand

they have a need there is a lack that

needs to be filled and most of the time

when this portion of the scriptures is

looked into the multitude is we

concentrate on the Five Loaves and the

two fish and how they were satisfied

with it but just for a few moments

tonight I want to talk to you about the

12 disciples those who walked with Jesus

and talked with Jesus those who were in

close communion with Jesus those who

would come out on a Friday night to be

in the presence of Jesus amongst the

people of Jesus I want to talk to the

Disciples of Jesus the disciples on this

occasion had been called to Jesus by

Jesus they were having a conversation

with each other Jesus entrusted them

with power and authority and then he

sent them out I love that this uh gospel

is one of the synoptic gospels the

synoptic gospels are those that tell

there are three of them Matthew Mark and

Luke these three tell some of the

similar stories in a similar tone in a

similar way so that we’re able to get

more layers to the story I love the

gospels in that way they give us layers

just like if someone were to offer you a

chocolate cake but they gave you options

you could have a one layer chocolate

cake or a seven layer chocolate cake

which one you going to choose seven

every single time because the more

layers there are the more rich and

delectable The Experience becomes Mark

chapter 6 is a layer of CH chocolate

cake for us it tells us that this is the

experience when Jesus called the

disciples to himself and then he sent

them out in pairs do you remember two by

two into the neighboring towns and

communities they were supposed to teach

and preach and perform Miracles that

would authenticate the deity of Jesus

Christ Mark chapter 6 our layer of

chocolate cake tells us that they

expended themselves y’all they were busy

from sun up to sun down they were about

the task of doing what it was that Jesus

had assigned to them they wanted to be

diligent about it so much so that when

they came back to Jesus they gave an

account to him and Jesus recognized

their exhaustion he saw that they were

tired in fact Jesus himself commented

that they didn’t even have time to eat

cuz they had been so busy they were

depleted and they were tired and they

came back to Jesus and they gave him an

account for how they’d handled the

assignment that he had entrusted to them

if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ you

got an

assignment and don’t let anybody tell

you that you’re assignment isn’t

Ministry just because it happens to be

in a corporate setting mother of small

children who’s chosen to stay home with

those kids don’t let anybody tell you

that ain’t Ministry every single time

you make that chicken for dinner and you

set it on that table and you teach those

kids a Bible verse before bedtime don’t

let anybody tell you that that ain’t


corporate woman when you sit around that

boardroom table and you’re the only one

that has a set of ideals that lines up

with the truth of scripture at a table

with those who are thinking and acting

and planning in a way that is left of

God’s word don’t let anybody tell you

that you around that boardroom ain’t

ministry that’s

Ministry high school student college

student you’re the only student that

stands for truth when your professor

says this is the way it is and you say

no that’s not the way it is don’t let

anybody tell you as the light on that

college campus that you are not in

Ministry every single one of us has an

assignment and the day is

coming when we’re going to have to give


account and here’s the

thing you don’t know when that day is my



38 for small

children the day is coming and you don’t

know the day or the

hour neither do I when we’re going to

have to stand before him and give an

account for how we handled what he had

entrusted to us I’m asking you tonight

how are you handling your

assignment because young women if you

think that you’re young because of your

age listen to me if you’re 20 but you

only have till 30 you’re pretty

old if you’re 50 and you’re going to

live until 100 then you’re pretty young

age is just a number my friend and you

and I cannot qualify young or old based

birth based on our our birth

date it’s based on our death date and

since we don’t know when that day

is that I implore you Sisters by the

mercies of God to walk in a manner

worthy of the calling by which what you

have been

called cuz listen I don’t know about

y’all but when I see him face to face

I’m looking for a well

done I’m looking for well

done when I see him he will not ask me

how many Instagram followers I

had he will not wonder whether or not

folks liked my post he will not be

interested in whether or not my selfies

were perfectly lit he will ask me did I

know his

son and then I will give an

account so the disciples they come and

they give an account to Jesus I wondered

if there was a recipe for Effective

Ministry because if these guys were

willing to come and look Jesus in his

face and give an account I figured there

might be a recipe for us for Effective

Ministry I’m interested anybody

interested there are three ingredients

to the recipe

Luke 9:1 it says he called them he

called them and his calling superseded

any personal ambition that they had they

laid down whatever they were going to do

because they heard the call of God

beckoning them to do something else the

beautiful thing about that entire

picture is that all of the glory of God

the Father all of the glory of Heaven

Was packaged in human flesh Jesus wanted

so much God the Father wanted so much to

make sure that he could speak and so

that Humanity could hear that he left

his throne in glory put on flesh so that

the disciples could hear his call and in

the same way he has given us the holy

spirit so that each and every one of us

have the privilege to hear the calling

of God on our

lives the conviction the unction the

pressing the fire that is shut up in

your bones sending you you in a

particular direction heed the call of

God on your lives then they were not

just called I love so much that before

he skips to the third uh ingredient in

the recipe sending them I love that

before we get to the third one there’s

that second one he did not just call but

then he gave them power and authority it

means that what he was calling them to

do he was simultaneously equipping them

with Supernatural power to be able to

pull it off so it’s good news for

anybody in the room that you feel like

you’ve got a dream

that is way over your head you’ve been

called to do something you don’t have

the money for you don’t have the time

for you don’t have the patience for you

don’t have the gifting for you don’t

have the talent for you don’t have the

connections for the good thing and the

great thing about our God is that he

does not call people who are already

equipped he calls you and then for the

people that say yes he equips them with

what they need for the


he entrusted them with power and

authority and can I tell you why this is

important this is important because in

order to accomp accomplish Supernatural

tasks you have to have Supernatural

capacity in other words you can be the

most talented person in the world but if

you go in your own strength and

power you still won’t be able to

accomplish the God calling on your life

it requires what it is that only God

himself can give to you to accomplish

the task ooh the enemy hopes you will go

in your own

power he hopes you will think you are

flashy enough and Savvy enough and

talented enough and impressive enough so

that you will no longer lean on God

instead of leaning to your own

understanding but it is not by power and

it is not by might it is by the spirit

of God and some trust in horses other

folks trust in chariots but not us we

trust in the name of the Lord Lord Our

God so he called them and then he

entrusted them he gave them some

treasure and then he sent

them he’s the one who did the

sending resist the urge to send

yourself to do something that it is not

yet time for

because just as important as our calling

is that is equally as important as the

timing is in which that calling is

outworked in our lives and if you go too

soon you might if you if you give birth

too soon to that which God is trying to

produce through you you might

abort what it is that he’s trying to

accomplish in you the spiritual backbone

the fortification that he was trying to

establish in you so that you could

handle the spotlight wouldn’t hit you

because listen that Spotlight that you

may be craving if it hits you and you

have no character it will burn you to a

crisp so he called them he entrusted

them he sent them out and they returned

to him and gave an account they were

tired the disciples had been given it

everything they had

and I know there are some of you in the

room and you would admit that you

haven’t done it per perfectly but man

you’ve sure been

purposeful you’ve been intentional about

this marriage you’ve been giving it

everything you’ve got you’ve been

intentional about that teenager you’ve

been giving that kid everything you got

this toddler that has this specific vent

or this specific issue that you’ve been

doing everything you can going to see

every expert that you can reading

everything that you can to be the best

that you can as a mother single mother

you’ve been given it everything that

you’ve got working the jobs that you’ve

got to work to keep food on the table

you’ve been given that business that

Ministry that endeavor everything that

you have and you the disciples are

tired the good news about Jesus is that

when the disciples come to him tired he

does not

say go away from me and get yourself

together come back and then I can use

you he says Come

Away With

Me In other words

listen the cure for your exhaustion is

intimacy with

Jesus that’s the Cure

y’all I’m saying I agree take the

holiday take the vacation tell them you

need a little sabatical you got to step

back for just a little bit you need a

little margin in your life take the

holiday but don’t take a holiday from

Jesus don’t take the sabatical from your

relationship with the Lord Prayer

shouldn’t exit your schedule because

these are your rest days you still need

to be the deer that pants after the

water your soul has still got to be

replenished and can only be replenished

when you have intimacy with

him and you’re trying to figure out Lord

you told me that I was going to be

replenished you told me that I was going

to re refresh you told me that you had

something that you wanted to give to me

why would you take me here to this place

where I’m being pressed down by a

multitude of issues and concerns and

frustrations there’s something

overwhelming me that is bigger than what

I feel like I have the capacity to

handle why would you bring me here this

tells us that the story of the feeding

of the 5,000 is not just about the

5,000 it’s also about the disciples it’s

not just about the multitude getting fed

it’s about the disciples being fed

physically spiritually emotionally and

it tells us that the five blaves and the

two fish are the gift to the

multitude but it’s the multitude that’s

the gift to the

disciples because the

multitude is what’s going to make them

have to finally open up their drawer

pull out the treasure that they would

have otherwise

ignored place it in the hands of a

multiplying Master who’s going to show

them what it looks like when he takes

their little bit and makes it a lot

there is no

replenishing like watching God multiply

your Loaves and

fish I came to tell somebody who’s got a

multitude pressing on you in your

marriage or in your finances or in your

health or in your parenting or in your

singleness that thing is weighing down

on you that means that there is a drawer

waiting to be

opened that means there’s some treasure

waiting to be

unveiled and when you take it out

finally when you stop ignoring it when

you stop circumventing it when you stop

acting like God hasn’t given you

everything you need when you will

finally recognize this little bit this

little gifting this little Talent this

little time this little money this

little dream this little vision that

this is all I need if I’ll just pull it

out out and entrust it to the hands of a


Master can I just show you real quick

what the disciples did just real quick

because I think it’s interesting because

it’s so

us they said to Jesus in verse 12 send

the multitude


away and here’s the a thing that’s so us

see we don’t just say it we pray


it we pray away what we don’t even

recognize is the gift he has given us to

press us into opening up our drawer so

if you’ve prayed for your multi to be

taken away and in God’s sovereignty he

has left it in your

life that means there’s a drawer there’s

a drawer stop start looking for a drawer

if there’s a multitude that means

there’s Loaves and fish somewhere in

your life that is supposed to be

entrusted into the hands of God so we

pray away did you realize in verse 12

they are wishing away what in verse 11


welcomed Jesus welcomed what they’re

wishing away so the disciples

say get get this multitude

away they don’t even know they’re

praying away their

Miracle everybody wants to see the Red

Sea divide but nobody wants to be the

one that comes face to face with a red

sea everybody wants to see the walls of

Jericho come tumbling down but nobody

wants to be the one who has to walk

around those walls in obedience to God

to trust him to shout prior to seeing

one brick fall

if there is a multitude that means there

is a

miracle okay so praise the multitude or

they ask for the multitude to to go away

and Jesus he doesn’t go for that so when

he doesn’t they he doesn’t go for that

the disciples have another solution this

is us

too send the multitude away Jesus says

M and they

say well send us away


you see it they said send us to the

surrounding towns and Villages so that

we can go and buy more accumulate more

get more because as we are is not

sufficient so send us somewhere else so

we can get better and be better suited

to this multitude because as we are is

not enough it has always been the tactic

of the enemy to get us to think that we

are not enough as we currently are that

what we currently have is not sufficient

for the task that is before us but if

the Lord has allowed that multitude into

your experience that means that as you

currently are with the entrusted

treasure the power The Authority that he

has given to you you’ve got everything

you need if you just pull out what he

already has entrusted to you in fact in

Mark chapter 6 our layer of chocolate

cake we find out that he says to the

disciples well what do you have

he asked him that question he says what

do you have and then he doesn’t even

give him a chance to to answer he just

immediately responds and says go and

look he said it like that go and

look he said it like you would tell your

kid if the month I mean the week after

Christmas they came to you and said Mom


bored you would say well what do do you

have and then before you gave them a

chance to respond because you could

already tell that the response they was

going to give you was going to get them


trouble so you didn’t even give them a

chance you just say you would say to

them go and

look cuz if you’ll just look you’ll see

that the thing you’re complaining about

is something you already have access to

if you will go and look Moses you will

see that everything you need to do what

I’ve called you to do it’s in your hand

it’s that rod that common Rod that has

always been right beside you but now I’m

going to infuse it with my power if I

can just get you to go and look Moses

pick the stick up put it over the Red

Sea you will see that it will make the

Red Sea divide like a solid Wall go and

look David yes Goliath is right there

but if you’ll go look down by the stream

I’ve already provided five smooth stones

that will be everything you need to take

that giant down go and look spend all of

the energy that you’re spending

complaining spend that energy going to

look for what God has already given us


to so they pulled it

out all right Jesus you going to do

something with

this they say okay here you

go and they put it in his

hands everything

changes when you put your five and two

in the hands of

Jesus everything changes when you stop

speaking negatively about it and just

trust it into the hands of J when you

just take that little dream that that he

is entrusted to you and you give it back

to him and you say it don’t look like

much right now but I’m putting it in

your hands and the great thing about our

God verse 16 says is that he took the

meager Gifts of man he didn’t look at

their little bit and say come back when

you’ve got more uh-uh a holy Divine

allmighty powerful God a God who does

not need us or our Loaves and fish when

man gave it to him he received

it and looking up to

heaven he blessed it y’all you don’t

need more you just need God’s blessing

on what you’ve already already

got you don’t need more you just need

God’s blessing on your 5 and two girl

that’s all you need you know what his

Blessing is it’s his

favor y’all favor is what makes the

scales balance over in your favor favor

is what makes things a little bit unfair

on your behalf favor is what opens doors

that nobody can shut favor is what puts

you in positions that nobody can take

away favor is what sets you before kings

and queens the favor of God is what you

want on your life on your five and two

looking up to heaven he blessed it then

he broke it and he kept giving it to the




and it kept going and it kept going and

the 12 didn’t understand how the little

bit they had had they had in the

beginning had become so

much and their entire

multitude the whole burden was

satisfied And when everybody was

satisfied ooh somebody say satisfied

satisfied ooh Victoria I wish we had

time tonight girl

satisfied this is not some you know

Happy Meal sort of situation here this

is not a number one on the Burger King

drive-thru this is Sunday afternoon I’m

talking about old school Sunday where

your mom started to cook on Saturday

night and the yeast rolls were rising

and the macaroni and cheese was bubbling

and the sweet potatoes were all gooey on

the stove and and every the sweet tea

was going the roast you know she started

the roast on 200 the night before and

let it simmer all night long y’all are

getting hungry aren’t you I know listen

do you remember how when you came home

from church the next day you ate that

and the only thing you could do after

that was that’s all you could do that’s

why Jesus said go ahead and have the

people recline have them get in a

posture of

expectation that I’m getting ready to do

exceedingly abundantly above and beyond

anything that they can ask or

think satisfied Sunday afternoon kind of

satisfied that’s what he

does and they were So Satisfied y’all

don’t even sit down just stay standing

listen they were So Satisfied this is

how you know how good the meal

was there was


they started going around picking up the

leftovers y’all and guess what there

were 12 baskets

full one basket for each disciple to

take home as an overflow of the grace

and the blessing of

God I want to pray for any of you who

are in this room and you’ve got a

multitude Weighing on you you got a I

mean that thing is burdening you down

and you’ve never considered the fact

that you’ve already got what you

need you’ve been thinking this is not

enough gifting this is not enough Talent

it’s not enough money it’s not enough

time I don’t have enough and Jesus is

whispering in your ear tonight you got

enough just give it to me I’m going to

multiply it I’m going to blow your mind

with what I’m going to do if you just

trust it to me anybody got a specific

multitude that you need prayer in

regards to just go ahead and raise your

hand we’re going to pray right now in

Jesus name Victoria will you come up

with me please just as a pastor in this

house would you just

be present in this moment so we can pray

over God’s people Lord right now we

entrust every single woman who has her

hand raised in particular we entrust

every single one under the sound of our

voice Lord to your loving care we thank

you that you are sovereign over their

lives father we thank you that there is

nothing that is in our experience right

now that is not first passed through

your fingers and since we know you are

good and that you are kind and that your

mercy endures forever then father we

believe that if you’ve allowed this

multitude there’s something in this

multitude we don’t want to miss and so

father I pray right now that you would

change our perspective so we can see in

this multitude what you have for us

don’t let us miss it for anything in the

world Lord and then father I’m going to

pray over our five and two I ask right

now in Jesus name whatever the Five

Loaves and the two fish are that you

have entrusted to every single woman I

pray that you would give a holy courage

and a holy boldness that would compel us

to open up the drawer and pull it out

and entrust it to your hands father God

I do pray that if this multitude has

anything to do with the Enemy Lord if

the enemy has assigned an attack on any

woman or her family I pray that his

attack would be cancelled in jesus’ name

and by his blood that has been shed on


but Lord if this multitude is of you

then right now in Jesus name I thank you

for it in our lives come on and thank

him for it I thank you for

it and then

father we’re going to go ahead and get

in a posture of abundance we’re going to

start living and praying and acting like

people who believe that you are the god

of Ephesians 3:20 and 21

you can do above all that we ask or

think in Jesus name in Jesus name come

on everybody shout