You have a right to everything that is required for you to finish your earthly assignment! In this continuation of The Anointing Series – Christ In You Volume 2, Dr. Bill Winston digs deeper on the power of the Anointing and your purpose for dominion on this earth. Your dominion starts with living from the inside-out, understanding who you are in Christ, valuing your words and decreeing the word of God over every aspect of your life. Let the spirit of the Lord dictate your potential, raise you up in your royalty, and bring you to an entirely new level of faith in the anointing!

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faith now say some say something about

your marriage

oh say some about you

I mean just when your son is acting too

crazy I tell him you won’t be a preacher

you gonna be on fire God

hello bill Winston here and welcome to

the believers walk of faith why we walk

by faith and not by sight well did you

know everything that it takes fulfill

you earthly assignment in this earth God

has already provided and you have a

right to it

you remember the example where Jesus was

calling for this donkey he said go in

town he said you’ll find a donkey tied

up on time and bring him to me

and if anybody asks you why are you

untying my donkey telling the Lord has

need of it and do you know they did just

that the man said why are you on time

not Duncan said the Lord has need of it

and he let him go now what we sang we’re

saying that anything in this earth that

you need fulfill your earthly assignment

you have a right to it praise God now

let’s go into the day’s teaching

it’s called fulfilling your Dominion


anything that it takes for you to finish

your earthly assignment you have a right

to it

praise God that came out spirit bet he

had right to it

woo that’s why he said in first

Corinthians chapter 3 verse 21 he said

all things are yours praise God did he

begin to name them whether it’s Paul of

pollicis seif of the world and

life-and-death things present things

come all of yours and you belong to

Christ and Christ belong to God so I’m

just saying if you need it he’ll get

healed transferred over to you and why

because you’re finishing your earthly

assignment and this Dominion mandate

that is fulfilling that you’re to

fulfill in this earth say amen to that

he gave Adam Dominion say Dominion and

like I said Dominion and I’ll give you

the third definition power to the direct

control or dispose of at your your

discretion see you can decrease

something and it shall be established

put job chapter 22 and verse 28 up there

look what it said thou shalt also do

what decree a thing and what will happen

shall be stopped see what I’m sayin you

can decree what a miracle is not

declared its presence in this natural

realm is illegal

put it up there and Jove chapter 22 and

verse 28 now I want you to read this I’m

teaching on this because you need this

he said thou shalt also what decree a

thing and what will happen what shall be

established what you decree because if

he establishes something you didn’t

decree he is illegal well because he

gave Dominion to you in that powerful

now you got to get that down in your

North now the reason why most Saints

don’t have it and don’t operate there is

because they can’t see themselves in as

God sees them as ones who decree things

you Jesus saw himself that way David saw

himself that way I’m telling anybody

that that’s operating this way sees

themselves as a de creer now who is a de


see see we are see this is what God said

he saw darkness and said what he said

life be he decree now he made you to

operate like him am i right about it so

you gotta say some

let the redeem of the Lord come on come

ahead say so God is going to meet me at

the point of my decree here is Jesus and

this is the woman that came to touch His

garment she said if I may touch but his

clothes I shall be home oh now did she

touch his clothes yeah what she made

hope then Jesus left her and went on to

jrz’s house where he was headed before

this this Baptist woman stop daddy you

with me all right now and he’s going to

the Jowers his house and he gets there

and J Iris’s daughter is graveyard dead

and watch what Jesus decree I’m trying

to help somebody now

he said in verse 30 39 when he was come

he said unto them why make ye this ado

they were weeping and wailing he said

the damsel is not dead she just sleep

and what was their reaction

hello now what was their reality because

when you did crea thing

you got what I’m saying it is so

outrageous it is so impossible that it

will make folk laugh


can you stand to decree a thing

you hear what I’m saying

now we go get you there because we

working on you now cuz yeah I have to

back into it I have to get the image

right first because only a king decrees

that keeps his mouth shut is not a king

at all he’s a slave you are royalty put

it up there at the Romans chapter 5 and

verse 17 for if by one man’s offense

death reigned by one much more they

which receive abundance of grace and of

the gift of righteousness shall reign in

life by one Jesus the Messiah The

Anointed One the Christ look at that

same scripture in the amplified

translation now watch what it says for

because of one man’s trespass lapse

offence death reigned through that one

much more surely will those who receive

God’s overflowing grace unmerited favor

and the free gift of righteousness

putting themselves in right-standing

with himself reign as kings in life

through one man Jesus Christ the Messiah

The Anointed One

in that powerful so I’m saying to you

right now that you’re royalty and as

royalty you need to open your mouth now

here’s the deal let’s go to Mark’s

Gospel in Chapter 1 and verse 40 and

there came a leper to him beseeching him

and kneeling down to him and saying unto

him if you will you can make me clean he

said to him if you’re willing I know you

got the power but are you willing to

help me in that powerful I know you got

stuff you got to juice but will you look

what jesus answered and Jesus moved with

compassion put forth his hand and

touched him and said to him come on

I will

oh wait a minute

moves with what what is another word for

compassion love who is love God is love

so God moved him watch this

sympathy didn’t

I’m trying to get you that now close

God’s gonna drop you off in some

hotspots and don’t be moved by sympathy

you’ve got to be moved by something on a

high around PO you gonna be controlled

from the inside and compassion and he

put forth his hand and touched it well

what was the condition of this man he

did not a little contagious

I mean I remember in Africa we were in

South Africa we were riding going into

in that home Transvaal district in it

between Praetorian somewhere else and

and I remember we were going in idiots

you know is about three cars in his

Caravan and I remember seeing lepers

come on the side of the highway now they

were in wood there was nothing that had

come out of the woods and say help help

us help us they and you you know they

would look for you to throw food out or

or some money out of something but they

couldn’t go into the camps they couldn’t

go into the city because what they had

was highly contagious but Jesus went

right on up in there watch this and


Wow this is powerful in it yeah now

wasn’t he scared that he’s gonna catch

something now what people try to do is

say well he had a powerful immune system

well okay

okay that’s halfway there this is found

over in Proverbs please proverbs 18 and

verse 14 the spirit of man will sustain

his infirmity but the wounded spirit who

can bear here’s an NIV translation a

human spirit can endure in sickness but

a crushed spirit who can bear

give me another translation how about

the message a healthy spirit conquers

adversity but what can you do when the

spirit is crushed said one way God the

one way that the enemy has of crushing a

spirit is through disappointment

are you following what I’m saying it’s

it’s through condemnation see you had a

background that wasn’t too Pleasant and

the enemy tried to remind you of that

background and watch this cripples your


see make iniquity come on you make you

make you feel bent over like you came

lift up anything well listen therefore

if any man be in Christ who is Christ

who is Christ the Anointed One in his

anointing he’s a new white creature old

things are one that’s the way behold

come on how many things in this sea his

biggest testimony is when you can come

out after 10 years and believe him for a

big house get three I mean now I’m not

saying you have to be in jail I’m just

saying but you come out of a low life

and come on up and realize who you are

and receive it and let God do what he

wants to do see the enemy tried to

remind us of our past but you got to

remind him of his future

say me so what am I saying that’s one

way you get your spirit built up because

the proverb 4:23 says out of the heart

are the issues of life see that strength

is gonna come out of your spirit same

answer then see somebody who ain’t safe

can build up their immune system but

God’s gonna drop a little super on your

neck is it so right but I’m all right

let’s look at what else God can do for

you this is you now let’s go to Psalm

chapter 91 this is for you because you

gonna be dropped off in some places that

is gonna be kind of hostile thou shalt

not be afraid of the terror by night nor

of the arrow that flies by day nor the

pestilence that walketh in darkness nor

of the destruction of waste that new day

for a thousand shall fall at your side

and ten thousand at your right hand but

it shall not come nigh you

only with your eyes shall you be hold to

see the reward of the wicked because

thou has made the Lord which is our

refuge even the most high the habitation

and there shall no evil befall you

neither shall any plague come nigh your

dwelling keep going for he shall give is

josè charge over you

see Satan is using spiritual forces to

win I’ll say that again

Satan is using spiritual forces to win

look at Psalm 73 and verse three through

five for hours envious at the foolish

when I saw the prosperity of the wicked

for there are no bands in their death

but their strength is firm keep going

they are not trouble as other me neither

are they playing like other men see the

devil can direct our sickness he can

cook direct play he’ll try to try to get

somebody that’s moving up to try to

cause something to come on them say me

but no evil


Oh see but he will raise up his people

and redirect them demon spirits another

way because he won’t to get the wicked

in charge but he has run up against the


are you following what up saying and I’m

telling you right now that the charge is

the most powerful institution in the

world ever

are y’all with me here am I getting too

deep for you yeah see see cuz you gonna

live from the inside and I’m gonna live

from the outside in

how did anemia try to attack you right

you got money coming you’ll try to hold

that up come on down I heard people

before passed I tried tithing but as

soon as I did my check that short I’d

say well who do you think that was now

don’t call on God to do something bout

the devil you resistor you tell the

devil to let your money go and and and

every time he try to steal it got God’s

gonna Adsense seven more come on now so

pretty soon you will be too expensive

Dave Neal with


now what am I saying I’m saying you

gotta come in here and hear this you

just can’t hear at one time you got to

hear it over and over and over again cuz

you got power in you that you have never

manifested let’s go back to Matthew

Mark’s Gospel chapter one then and as

soon as he had spoken immediately the

leprosy departed from him and he was

what friends now notice what Jesus had

to do speak and that’s what I’m coming

after today if I can just come here

speak you got to say something I know

some of y’all went where the noid knows

what I need you you better say something

you gonna get to hear me then he has

given Dominion to you now say something

say something about your marriage

go say something about your kid call

things that be not

I mean just when your son is acting the

craziest tell him you gonna be a

preacher you gonna be on fire for God

now where is he taking that from mark

11:23 look at that well verily I say

unto you whosoever shall say to this

mountain be thou removed either I’ll

catch him to see and shall not doubt in

his heart but shall believe that those

things he says she’ll come to pass what

is equal half all right now this is the

key this is the key

speak the results look at Daniel chapter

3 verse 17 speak the results the devil

is in the details

Oh key issues nothing but a decree

here’s the king Nebuchadnezzar said I

will throw you three boys into fire

because you didn’t bow down here’s the

way they answered it if it be so our God

who we serve is able to do what deliver

us from the burning fiery furnace and

what will he do

he will deliver us out of thy hand okay

question did he but did they know which

way he was gonna do it you don’t know if

he’s coming now Roosevelt row if he’s

coming by helicopter if he gonna

parachute his way in you don’t know

anything but you do know that God’s Word

will not return boy come on now I’m

giving you the key to never be broke

another day in your life I’m giving you

what you gotta say something


and you will have to say it in the face

of an impossible situation and don’t

care what they think about your state of


for that preacher there better place


now you two can’t care what they say

about you so no be concerned about them

I don’t know what you do it your

daughter is not dead she sleep Jesus was

not trying to impress them he was trying

to start spiritual law in the motion and

when he started it into motion let me

tell you he believed what he said was

gonna what come to pass didn’t come to


then next thing you know he went in the

room told all them to put him out the

house and went in the room is that

telling Takumi he’s got a ride boom she

got up I’m saying listen stuff that’s

been dead in your life about to get up

things that have been stolen in your

life of coming back home huh

you bought the same money comment to me

crazy car you come to me right now

I’ll see sell to me right business you

come here right

in Jesus name

now if you are not listening used to

this you have been trained in unbelief

you have been trained in the same system

I was trained in don’t get down on the

people just add some super to your

natural these three evils the Bible

talked about him over in Daniel chapter

1 and the verse 17

was for these four children God gave

them what knowledge and what else skill

come on in all learning see they went to

school but God added some super to that

natural so what am I saying to you or a

miracle in this earth to be manifested

you will have to say it first and if you

don’t it is illegal the God that you

serve yes cannot do it

yes not unless somebody prays now there

are some things that are prophetic

agendas and a prophetic agenda is going

to happen whether you say something but

not because it’s already been decreed

but on a daily basis you not waiting on

God God is waiting on


now what are we doing we’re going back

to words because that’s what God asked

me he says which is more powerful son a

word or a billion dollars you know right

then you want to say billion man crazy

no no no words made billions you

know how to use them and know the value

of them so one of the best things you

can do right now and your redemptive

work is to learn the value how to speak

God’s Word wash system and every

impossible situation

it doesn’t matter what walk of life

you’re from or what your economic

situation is this very minute you can

grab hold of the promises of God and

take true and lasting dominion over your

God given inheritance for years dr.

Winston has preached on God’s greater

plan for our lives you have a right to

everything that is required for you to

finish your earthly assignment in this

continuation of the anointing series dr.

bill Winston Diggs even deeper on the

power of the anointing and your purpose

for Dominion on this earth your Dominion

starts with living from the inside out

understanding who you are in Christ

valuing your words and decree in the

Word of God over every aspect of your

life let the Spirit of the Lord did take

your potential raise you up in your

royalty and bring you to an entirely new

level of faith in the anointing call one

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