Many Christians think that living by faith is hard when the truth is the exact opposite. Faith is the easiest, simplest and most productive way to live. The life of faith only becomes difficult when you try to mix it with works. Our faith is a requirement for receiving anything from God. It’s Gods’ desire that we live on a higher level of faith.

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BILL: Every thing was made.
The world was made before he put

Adam in it. Everything was
made that you will ever come in

contact with, that you’ll
ever need, that you’ll

ever want from God,
that you will ever

desire. Everything was
made and put into spirit.

BILL: What’s the reason why you
should learn about faith? One is

that faith is needed to release
the blessing or the anointing of

God for the supernatural. If you
recall, the Bible says over in

Genesis chapter 1 verse 28, “And
God blessed them. And God said

unto them, ‘Be fruitful and
multiply, replenish the earth,

and subdue it and have dominion
over the fish of the sea, over

the fowl of the air, and over
all, every living thing that

moveth upon the earth.” So this
blessing was what God used to

create the universe and now he’s
placing it on a man. God blessed

them, Adam and Eve. Number two,
faith takes the struggle, the

failure, and the toil out of our
lives. God planned for you to

live a long time. Amen. And
he planned for you to live by

faith. And you know yourself,
people who sit up and worry all

night, that’s hard on your
system. One of the things I saw

that Satan is after in terms of
trying to control mankind, is

he’s after your immune system.
Because your immune system does

a whole lot of work for you.
It does a whole lot of work for

you. When you’re asleep at
night, your system is working,

cells are being discharged and
renewed. He meant for you to

sleep. And when you get up in
the morning and rise, it’s like

Jesus being raised from the
dead. It’s like you went into a

Jesus being raised from the
dead. It’s like you went into a

state where you didn’t
consciously know what was

happening, but God took care of
you. And while you were asleep,

he was cleansing your body. Now
when the immune system is not

working properly, things don’t
get cleansed. There is not a

system working that would
repair things, keep the arteries

flowing freely. It’s not there.
And so I just have seen how

Satan comes after the immune
system, both spiritual and

natural. The spiritual immune
system, I think it’s found in

Psalm chapter 34 in verse 7. And
he says, “In the angel of the

Lord and camp around about them
that fear him and what’ll they

do?” They deliver him. So
you’ve got a spiritual wall of

protection. Think of Job. Job
chapter 1, verse 8. Now, faith

keeps this in place. The Lord
said unto the Satan, “Have you

considered my servant, Job, that
there is none like him in all

the earth? A perfect and upright
man, one that fears God and

eschews evil.” And Satan
answered and said, “Does Job

fear God for naught? Have you
not made of what around him?”

See, that’s that spiritual
protection. Now how did that

protection get down? Okay, Job’s
fear and his words, and it tore

that thing down. And the next
thing you know, he had sores

from the crown of his head to
the soles of his feet. Or they

put it the reverse way, but it
was all over his body. But what

kept that hedge, that blessing
hedge up. Faith kept it

up, and it’ll keep it up in
your life. CONGREGATION: That’s

right. Amen. Amen. BILL:
See? And the enemy wants to get

through and he’ll try to do
things, ignorance, unbelief,

fear, doubt, shame, whatever,
so that that hedge won’t protect

you. CONGREGATION: Come on now.
BILL: And I call it a Spiritual

Immune System. But when you’re
dealing with the kingdom, he

made it so that you
have diplomatic immunity.

BILL: And that immunity that you

have like that, that’s part of
the immune system. CONGREGATION:

Amen. BILL: It’s angels around
you. CONGREGATION: Amen. Yes.

91:5, he says, “Thou shall not

be afraid of the terror by
night, nor the arrow that flies

by day.” So you’ve got to
get the fear out. “Nor for the

pestilence that walketh
in darkness, nor for the

destruction that wasteth at
noonday.” Now, we told you that

Satan does business at night and
what he sends out is curses and

spells and he sends those
out and he said, “Nor of the

pestilence that walketh where?”

In darkness, see. CONGREGATION:
My lord. BILL: Next verse, “For

a thousand shall fall at thy
side and 10,000 at thy right

hand, but it shall not,” What?
“Come nigh you. Only with your

eyes shall you behold to see
the reward of the wicked,” Why?

“Because you’ve made the Lord,
which is your refuge, even the

most high, your habitation.
There shall no evil befall you,

neither shall any plague come
nigh your dwelling.” So every

virus and disease and germ that
touches your body is supposed to

die instantly. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: Because of your

immune system. CONGREGATION:
Amen. BILL: But that immune

system is kept in place by what?

faith. And we’ve done a lot of
things naturally trying to build

that and do things and you know,
eat right foods and beets, iron

and you know, so forth and so
on. And that’s fine. That’s

fine. But there is a spiritual
immune system that needs to be

kept in place. The third thing,
faith is the ability of God in

us to superimpose the invisible
over the visible in this earth.

The moment something manifests,
I no longer need faith. Let me

give you another part of that.
Faith sees what hasn’t been

manifested yet. CONGREGATION:
Amen. Amen. BILL: Okay, so let’s

put these two together, now.
Faith sees what hasn’t been

manifested yet. It deals with
what exists, but what is not

visible. Faith deals with what
exists, but what is not visible.

Now, I’m still riding off of
this third piece that I gave

you. So faith deals with what
exists but what is not manifest.

Let’s look at Hebrews chapter
11 and verse one. “Now, faith is

the,” What? “Substance of things
hoped for. It is a,” What?

“Evidence of things not seen.”
Now put it up there in the

Amplified, please. “Now faith is
the assurance, the confirmation,

the title deed of the things
we,” What? “Hope for. Being the

proof of things we do not,”
What? “See. And the,” What?

“Conviction of their,” What?
“Reality.” Now you are convinced

of something you can’t see.
That’s what that’s saying, so

far. Faith, perceiving as
real fact what is not

revealed to your senses.

Yes. BILL: And if
you develop faith.

what is not real will
be more real to you

than what you can see. And
that’s why people think people

with faith are crazy. They think
they’re fanatics. They think

they’re this or think they’re
that. Why? Because they can see

something that the natural
senses cannot see or detect.

Watch this, “And it is more real
than what you can see and

detect.” Now the Bible talks
about presumptuous sins, and

presumptuous sins I think what
they’re talking about is person

moving on something that they
can’t see. See, they faking it.

And it wasn’t ever meant for
you to move where you can’t see.

This is a spiritual truth. Let
me deal with something here.

John chapter 20 please. John
chapter 20. This is a principle

I’m about to show you and then
we’re going to do Romans chapter

four. We just read that, but
we’ll do it again. John chapter

20. Now in John chapter 20, what
happened is Jesus showed up and

his disciples, and then all of
a sudden Jesus said, “Well, put

your fingers in my holes in my
hands and put your hand in my

side.” And they said, “Oh my
Lord, my God.” Why? Because they

had felt and touched him. It
says verse 24, “But Thomas, one

of the 12 called Didymus, he was
not with them when Jesus came.

And the other disciples
therefore said onto him, we’ve

seen the Lord, but he said unto
them, except I shall see in his

hand the print of nails and
put my finger into the print of

nails and thrust my hand into
his side, I,” what? “Will not

believe. And after eight days,
again, his disciples were within

and Thomas with them and then
came Jesus, the doors being shut

and stood in the midst and said,
peace be unto you. And then said

he unto Thomas, reach hither
thy finger and behold our hand

and reach hither thy hand and
thrust it into my side. And be

not faithless, but,” what?
Believing. “And Thomas answered

and said unto him, my Lord and
my God. And Jesus said to him,

Thomas, because you have
seen me, you have believed, but

blessed are they that have not
seen, yet they believe.” Whoa,

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
now. Believing is seeing. Now

keep up with me on this. Now
Jesus said to him, “Because you

have seen me, you believe.” I’m
saying to you that that’s the

way you believe, that you see
it, but you believe with your

natural mind. But if you’re in
faith, you can believe with your

heart. See? And when you do
believe in your heart, something

happens. Look at Luke, in Luke
chapter one. Then look at …

Amen. Look at Luke chapter one
and let’s go down here to Mary.

“For with God, nothing shall
be,” what? “Impossible. And Mary

said, behold thy handmaiden
of the Lord. Be it unto me

according to thy word. And the
angel departed.” Come on down to

verse 44. He’s going down the
to Elizabeth’s house now.

“For lo, as soon as the voice
of your salutation sounded in my

ears, the babe leaped in my
womb.” Who’s this talking now?

This is Elizabeth. The
babe leaped. She’s six months

pregnant. The babe leaped in her
womb. Next verse, “And blessed

is she that,” what? “Believe,
for there shall be,” what? “A

performance of those things,”
come on, “which were told her

from the Lord.” So if you
believe, you release the virtue

of God for performance. See? And
this is why the enemy doesn’t

want you to get to
that level because

with God, all things
are what? Possible. So

when you believe, you release
God’s power, God’s virtue to

perform whatever promise he
has given you. Say, “Believing.”

Believing. BILL: Is seeing.

seeing. BILL: Now in

the natural, it’s
the same way. I know he’s in a

courtroom now. I know it
happened because I saw him

myself. See, he’s a witness. I
saw myself. But in courtroom you

can’t prove faith, because
you’re seeing something other

people can’t see. Then you’re
trying to convince them of

something existing that they
have no way of contacting. But

if you believe it, there will be
a performance and you will see

that promise manifested in your
own. So notice we’re in a world

full of unbelief. So
you’re going to have to believe

something in the middle of all
the unbelief. All right, let’s

go to Romans chapter four verse
17 again. “As it is written, I

have made thee a father of many
nations before whom he believed,

even God, who quickened at the
dead and called it those things

that,” what? “Be not as,”
what? “As though they were. Who

against hope believed in hope
that he might become the father

of many nations according to
that which is spoken, so shall I

see be, and being not,” what?
“Weak in faith, he considered,”

what? “Not his own body now
dead, neither when he was about

100 old, neither yet the
deadness of Sarah’s womb. He

staggered not at the,” what?
“Promise of God through,” what?

“Unbelief, but was,” what?
“Strong in faith giving glory to

God.” Watch this. He was what?
Fully persuaded that what God

had, what? Promise. What was he?
He’s able to do. All I got to do

is believe it. Whatever he
promised me in this book, that

wealth and riches shall be in my
house, I’ve got to get myself to

a place where I believe that.
And when you sit up here and

say, “Amen,” that is not
believing yet. Now you may, but

that is a one in a billion
probably. I’m saying most people

when they first read it, it’s
not there yet. So what you have

to do is take it and read it
again. Take it and what we call

meditate it. That means what
I’m going to do is I’m going to

transform what I believe by
declaring it, by saying it, by

thinking about it, by pondering
it, by reading it over and over,

say amen to this, and pretty
soon it’ll drop from my head

down into my heart. Now it
becomes more real to me than my

present circumstances. Now my
present circumstances may be

that in my house is a drought,
but in my heart I’m rich. I’ve

got to decree a thing and it
shall be established. Faith sees

what has not been manifested.
Say that with me. Faith sees

what has not been manifested. It
deals with what exists, but what

is invisible. It deals with
what exists, but with what is

invisible. Let’s look at it.
Second Kings chapter six, verse

14. All right, so here the king
sent a group of people to get

Elijah, the prophet, because he
was a seer. He could see which

way the enemy was going to come.
“Therefore said he, there the

horses and chariots and a great
host and they came by night and

compassed the city about. And
when the servants of the man of

God was risen early and gone
forth, behold a host compassed

the city about with horses and
chariots, and his servant said

unto him, alas, master, how
shall we do?” In other words, we

can give up. We just might as
well just give up. This is it.

We’re sunk. And he answered and
said, “Fear not, for they that

be with us are more than they
that be with them.” Fear will

not let you see the
invisible. Its job is to keep

you down in human
condition. Its job is to blind

the spirit. It’s job is to not
let you … Faith can penetrate

and let you see. Fear keeps you
down. So if I got a fear-based

world, then people are down, and
when I come in with faith they

wonder what I’m talking about.
All right. Let’s look at this

again. And Elijah prayed and
said, Lord, I pray thee. What?

Open his eyes that he may what?
See. And the Lord opened the

eyes of the young man and he
saw. And behold, the mountain

was full of horses and chariots
of fire round about Elijah. And

when they came down unto him,
Elijah prayed unto the Lord and

said smite this people with
what? People, I pray the, with

what? Blindness. And he smote
them with blindness according to

the word of Elijah. When did the
angels get there? There, there.

the word of Elijah. When did the
angels get there? There, there.

I heard it over there. See,
everything he’s done for you is

in the Book. And when did he
do it? When were you chosen?

foundation of the world. BILL:

See, he made everything before
he made you. Everything was

made. The world was made before
he put Adam in it. Everything

was made that you’ll ever come
in contact with, that you’ll

ever need, that you’ll ever want
from God, that you will ever

desire. Everything was made
and put into spirit.

BILL: Well, praise
God. I trust that

you enjoyed that
teaching, Living the

Higher Life. Praise God. You
know, there is a low life. Yeah,

but God wants us to live the
higher life. Once he comes into

your life, you get born again,
you’re capable of living on a

whole nother level. Now, it
talks about faith. And faith is

the ability to superimpose the
invisible over the visible. You

see, when God saw darkness,
he didn’t say anything about

darkness. He said let there
be light. And notice what’s

happened. The light was
superimposed over that darkness.

Praise God. Well, that’s the
same way he wants you to act.

You get his Word, what his Word
says about your finances, and

super impose that invisible
over the visible. That’s called

faith. Also, a second point to
remember. Believing is seeing.

Believing is seeing. When
the Bible tells us to believe

something, he’s saying I
want you to see something. And

believing is seeing. Whenever
you believe, it’s because you

can see it. Now, it’s not
physical. It’s not manifested

out there so you can physically
see it, but it’s manifested in

your mind and your heart and you
can see it. When God called me

to leave my company and go full
time in ministry, I tell you I

was struggling with that, but I
meditated. Mark Chapter 10 verse

29 and 30, no man that’s left
house, mother, father, sister,

brother. And I put Job in there
for your sake and the gospel.

But he shall receive a
hundredfold now. Well, I

meditated it until I could see
it. Now I’m believing it. And if

thou can believe, all things are
possible. That’s all it is. It’s

called Living the Higher Life.
You got to get this. This will

change you. I’m telling you,
this will make every crooked

road straight. Praise the Lord.
It is a powerful teaching. We

taught it. God gave it to me, I
spoke it. And people are really,

really getting the benefit of
it. I want you to order it

today. You will not be
disappointed. Well, this

is Bill Winston saying
we love you. And

until next time, keep
walking by faith.

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