51 “Samaria did not commit half of your sins; but you have multiplied your abominations more than they, and have justified your sisters by all the abominations which you have done. 52 You who judged your sisters, bear your own shame also, because the sins which you committed were more abominable than theirs; they are more righteous than you. Yes, be disgraced also, and bear your own shame, because you justified your sisters. About

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prayer this past week the first part of

the week especially was oh god please

let me go to the pulpit and just bring a

cheerful uplifting message and I wind up

in a sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel

beloved I told you once I’ll tell you

again God never leaves his people

clueless whatever he’s doing in the land

and in the world he for warns he has

Shepherds he has watched men his

prophets I’m not a prophet I’m one of

his many Watchmen as as our other

pastors are and yet we have to obey Him

when he speaks so clearly to us the

sixteenth chapter of Ezekiel starting

verse 46 if he will please he’s speaking

to Judah dine elder sister is Samaria

she and her daughters that dwell in at

the left hand and thy younger sister

that dwelleth at the right hand is Sodom

and her daughters

it has they’ll not walked after their

ways nor done after their abominations

but as if that were a very little thing

thou was corrupted more than they and

all their would thy ways as I live saith

the Lord God

Sodom thy sister have not done know she

her daughters as thou has done now and I

daughters hold this was the iniquity of

thy sister Sodom pride

fullness of bread abundance of idleness

was in her and in her daughters neither

did she strengthen the hand of the poor

and needy and they were haughty

committed abomination before me

therefore I took them away as I saw good

neither has Samaria committed half of

thy sins but thou has multiplied the

abominations more than they you’ve

justified thy sisters and all thine

abominations with hours done now also

which has judged thy sisters bare thy

own shame for thy sins which thou has

committed more abominable than they they

are more righteous than thou yay be thou

confounded also and bear thy shame and

thou is justified thy sisters heavenly

father you’ve got to help me I can’t

preach this without some special

undergirding of your spirit that it flow

from the throne of God and not the

wisdom of man not the thoughts of man

but the wisdom and the thoughts of

Almighty God Lord we’ve been with you

and hearing your heart Lord these days

you’ll not let us wander around in

confusion you’ll help us understand

what’s going on so that when things get

worse when these these calamities begin

to come upon the land in the world the

nations of this world will not be

confused will not be confounded will not

be in despair because we’ll understand

the workings of God will understand his

ways Lord we’re beginning to see and

understand just a little bit of it but

more we’re going to have a faith

unshakable because we’re standing on the

Word of God we’re not listening Lord to

to the philosophers we’re not listening

to the stargazers we’re not listening to

the men of this world we’re not

listening o God even to politicians

we’re listening to the heart of God in

Jesus name I pray amen

now this is a message about pride pride

person United States has declared war on

terrorism but folks God has had a war

going on for

long time against pride and there

wherever he finds it he strikes at it

until he destroys it this is what God

has to say about pride and of Nations

and individuals were lifted up with

pride when pride cometh then cometh

shame pride goeth before destruction a

haughty spirit before a fall the Lord

will destroy the house of the proud

everyone that is proud in heart is an

abomination to the Lord and though they

join hand-in-hand he shall not be


now exact you’ll name four reasons why

God destroyed Sodom with with fire and


he named very clearly prosperity

wallowing idly and luxury the neglect of

the poor and needy but first and

foremost the Prophet warned

he brought Sodom down because of its

pride this was the iniquity of Sodom and

it begins with pride this is the reason

God says I destroyed that society

because of its pride homosexuality isn’t

even named in hospitality is it named

drunkenness gambling adultery idolatry

not even named because the roots in of

all of these sins is pride you hear of

gays you hear pride gay pride its pride

it’s it all of our sins emanate from

this root cause of pride what is it that

brings calamity down upon nations and

the answer has been trumpeted all

through the Word of God it’s pride that

goes before destruction

God has warned many nations before they

fail what he was going to do because of

their pride just before he brought Edom

down this is what he said the pride of

your heart have deceived you

now that dwellest in the cleft of the

rock whose habitation is high that saith

in his heart who shall bring me down

neither should you have spoken proudly

in the day

de-stress he’s God said you shouldn’t

have been so proud in the day of

distress God warned the nation of Israel

just before he judged Israel the lofty

looks of man shall be humbled and the

haughtiness of men shall be bowed down

and the Lord alone shall be exalted in

that day and upon every high tower and

every fenced wall the loftiness of man

shall be broke down and the Lord alone

shall be exalted in that day the

greatest power in all of Earth at that

time babbling babbling that great

society that wicked society that

prosperous society with great armies God

said call together the archers against

babblin recompense her according to her

works for she had been proud against the

Lord and against the Holy One of Israel

behold him against the old almost proud

saith the Lord of Hosts for the day has


the time when I will visit thee and the

most proud shall stumble and fall

a nun shall raise her up and I’ll kindle

fire in all her cities and it shall

devour all around about him but about

her you see Ezekiel the Prophet equates

pride with utter ejection of dependence

and trust in the Lord and turning to

confidence in flesh and human ability he

said that’s pride you won’t acknowledge

me as being the one who delivers you

won’t acknowledge me you trust in what

you have your armaments you trust in

your pride you trust in your ability to

accomplish it and you’ve turned aside

from acknowledging my power my strength

you see any proud nation whether it’s

the United States or any nation on earth

that nation says we don’t need or want

God in our education system we don’t

want him mentioned in our courts we

don’t need or want him his Commandments

posted in any of our public buildings we

don’t want his name anymore even in our

history books

no public praying to him and never

mentioned the name of Christ a proud

nation declares who needs God to fight

our battles called nations say we are

superpowers the United States especially

talks about it’s smart bombs best

trained armies the best technology

stealth bombers cracks like strike

forces and I hear it say who can stand

before our armies you hear everywhere

you turn now who on the face of the

earth can face our strength pride in the

nation comes when they scoff at prophets

and Watchmen who warn of coming

judgments pride refuses to believe

there’s a God in heaven who will smite

with anger those who turn against him we

become arrogant boastful in our own

might and we diminish the power of God

and most tragic of all pride of Nations

comes at that time when we ignore all

the warnings of history and how God has

dealt with past nations who reach the

flash points of judgment totally ignore

history and this was the indictment of

the prophet Ezekiel against it against

Judah he said you have patterns you have

illustrations on the right hand and on

the left in ancient history you have the

illustration and the pattern of my

judgment on Sodom and here it’s your

right hand your neighbor I have given

you another testimony and that’s Samaria

and he said you have ignored all of

these you’ve not learned from history

you’ve not learned the lessons when it’s

been in past history and when it’s been

recent history you have not learned your

lessons you have not taken heed to what

I was saying because all these things

happen unto them as patterns as lessons

upon us upon whom the ends of the world

have come the Apostle says we we learn

even less than to Judah he said Samaria

to your left hand saw them at your right

hand two examples revealing God’s

reaction to national and human pride and

self dependence Samaria was a proud

city-state this is where a have the most

wicked King of Israel at the time build

a great palace there were huge palaces

because this was where the backslidden

kings of Israel made their headquarters

huge public buildings a very very proud

and prosperous City State and the Bible

says they turned their back and God they

feared not the Lord they sanctified they

they killed their babies that the

bellies of foreign deities in other

words these belly gods of Moloch they

killed their babies innocent blood said

of multitudes of little babies the

scripture God said of them there were

low allude people multitudes at ease and

Nathan that has forgotten me and Judah

witnessed the Assyrian army coming and

for three years besieging Samaria until

they’re eating and boiling their babies

they saw the downfall of Samaria they

saw the judgments of God on their

neighbor they watched in curiosity

perhaps maybe some fear as the whole

population was taken captivity in Chains

and they watched them carried away and

learned nothing from it gained no gain

nothing from that knowledge regarding

Sodom even in Ezekiel’s time that was

the epitome of evil the Word was barely

mentioned because it represented

everything it’s evil and corrupt even in

this time you know the story when God

could no longer endure the evil he could

no longer do the corruption of Sodom

and he sent fire and brimstone from

heaven in one day destroyed a proud

prosperous people and ease eating

drinking indulging and every kind of

sexual promise duty in one day it was

all over now Ezekiel comes to Judah and

accuses you to being worse than Samaria

and worse than Sodom you have not walked

verse 47

you’ve not walked after their ways no

you’ve not sinned like Samaria did

you’ve not sin like Sodom did you’re

corrupted worse than they now this was

God’s nation these were God’s chosen

people Israel is in captivity Judah

represents his testimony on earth the

church is if you’re more corrupted they

in all their ways as I live saith the

Lord verse 48 Sodom thy sister have not

done she nor her daughters as thou has

done thou and thy daughters verse 51

neither has Samaria committed half of

thy sins but Allison multiplied nine

abominations more than they you’ve

justified thy sister in all dying

abominations and what God is saying and

I take this from spells original Hebrew

Sodom Samaria they were proud they

committed abominations before me

therefore I removed them according as

thou has witness he said to Judah you

have witnessed this you have seen past

judgments you’ve seen how I work you

know my ways now the illustrations are

clear and he says now look at yourself

he said you consider Psalm the epitome

of sin rejection of God but he says you

have justified them by your sins in the

word justified in you find that verse 52

for thy sin

as the talus committed are more

vulnerable than day they are more there

are more righteous than thou sow

confusion a shame to you and that you

have justified thy sisters he said you

have made sodom and Samaria look

righteous compared to your sins you

justified them you vindicated them the

word and Hebrews vindicated them and God

is saying you are now on the epitome of

sin and rebellion don’t talk to me he

said about Sodom don’t talk to me about

Samaria your sins are twice is wicked

twice the abomination verse 52 because

of the enormity of your sins you have

vindicated your sister verse 54 Sodom

your sisters Sodom and Samaria they said

your sins are greater Judah because

you’ve sinned against greater light you

had the temple you had a Bible you had

the old word you had the prophets you

you you had the law you had Moses Sodom

had no Bible no prophets no teachers no

radio no television streaming repent

Jesus said of Capernaum and you

Capernaum which art exalted into heaven

to heaven he would be brought down to

hell for if the mighty works which have

been done in V had been done in Sodom

Sodom would have remained to this day

but I said to you that it shall be more

tolerable for the land of Sodom in the

Day of Judgment than for you he said on

the day of judgement I’m going to be

more merciful to Sodom and Samaria than

I am to you look at chapter verse 53

please when I so bring again their

captivity the captivity of Sodom and her

daughter’s and the cat

divya samaria and her daughters then

when i bring again the captivity of thy

captives in the midst of thee now listen

to what that means simply this is unjust

midi these captors I have captivate him

there in judgment Sodom now awaits the

Judgment Day Samaria has been judged and

what he is saying when the captives of

Sodom and samaras stand before me on the

judgment then will I bring you before

them that you may bear the shame worthy

of greater judgment than sodom and

samaria he said when I bring forth their

captivity when I bring them forth before

the judgment you will be held up before

the nations as the example of sin and

gross horrible judgments of Almighty God

look at verse 15 54 55 when thy sister

Sodom and her daughters so returned to

their former estate and Samaria and her

daughters so we turn to their former

estate then then and then thou and thy

daughter shall return to your former

state note not this has been some

misquoted this has been so misunderstood

even in our commentaries they say that

means it that God is going to restore

there’s going to be restoration

for Judah and Samaria

that’s not what it means at all but it

God is saying the only way Judah if you

don’t repent if you don’t turn to me

with all your heart the only way I can

let you go the only way I can overlook

what’s happened to your nation is that

our rays of Sodom and Samaria and

restore them

he said that’s how hopeless it is if you

don’t repent look at it again when thy

sister saw him and her daughters will

return to their former state Samaria and

her daughters who returned to their

former state then thou on thy daughter

shall return to your former state only

then the only way he said I have

destroyed Sodom with fire brimstone

because they send half of yourselves I

led a whole nation that I loved I

allowed I loved them I allowed a whole

nation of Israel

I allowed Samaria remember that though

those are the ties that were broken away

and in Samaria now checking a

backslidden Israel God allowed them to

be carried away and I am so shocked and

grieved to hear preachers say this was

the work of the devil it wasn’t the

devil that sent fire unhip onside with

amar it wasn’t the devil who sent the

flood and saved only eight people it

wasn’t the devil it was a God who said

your sense of reached into heaven and I

can’t handle it anymore I wonder if

these men know their Bibles I ask any

preacher who doesn’t understand it go to

the book just to vzq and look at it

again and again I will smite it’s the

anger of God because of sins he preaches

mercy mercy he baptizes us with

prosperity he baptized this with ten

years as prosperity he did all of this

of out of mercy and love and kindness he

sent prophets and evangelists and

Watchmen and teachers saying judgment is

at the door and they mocked them and

ridiculed them

you see

Ezekiel’s word to Judah has horrible

tragic implications for the United

States of America because America has

become the sister of Sodom and of

Samaria no other nation in history of

mankind has been so blessed and

prospered no other nation on earth has

had so much truth and gospel light shed

upon it Sodom had no Bible no prophets

America has been inundated with the

gospel Bibles books videos tapes pastors

teachers evangelists prophets and

Watchmen across the land warning

pleading for repentance there’s hardly a

home or community in the United States

that hasn’t had a clear message of the

gospel and pleading from the Holy Spirit

Christian voices calling a nation to


you see Nineveh repented the preaching

of one prophet and we have mocked

hundreds and thousands of watchmen and

prophets Sodom’s great sin that

precipitated judgment I said was pride

but you see I want to talk to you about

a kind of pride that Sodom could not

possibly have been guilty of nor Sumeria

it’s a sin that can only be a sinner

pride that can only be committed by

those living in the last days meaning us

it was not a sin against greater light

it’s a sin against him who says he is

the light

let me show you the epitome of pride the

kind of pride that is bringing calamity

upon our nation folks it’s not national

pride it’s not flying the American flag

look good and I have a flag Mountain a

little farm we go to in the country

leave a flag in the front yard you see

it’s not saying I’m proud to be an

American that’s not the kind of pride

that’s talking about not at all that’s

patriotism that’s not the issue

you see God didn’t send his son to Sodom

they didn’t have a gospel they didn’t

have a redeemer he didn’t send his son

to Samaria not at that time this is long

before the birth of Jesus you see God

sent his son to the last days and now

we’re winding up the last days the last

of the last days and you see God sent

His only Son to us he sent him as a

redeemer he sent him to break every

chain to send every prisoner free that

means everybody bound by homosexuality

drug addiction alcoholism gambling

fornication adulterer whatever it may be

he sent a redeemer he made an offer to

the world he said in the last days

before it all winds up I give you this

offer of freedom I if you would just

simply trust in me if you would give me

your heart if you call upon me I will

deliver all your enemies in your hand no

weapon formed against you shall never

prosper I’ll put a wall around you that

no man can touch and I’ll be the glory

therein and I’ll deliver you from the

power of lust of delivery from the

slavery of sin he came God came to this

world in flesh he sent His only Son

and you see when here is the pride but

this nation and I did this nation but

many nations in the world now when this

offer is made and we go to the world

with this offer saying to every man

bound by the power of sin and the devil

in hell do we say to you can be free

Jesus paid the price he conquered sin

and death for you and me and he gives

you this free offer and all he asked of

you is that you believe that that you

touched him and give your life completed

to him and that his spirit live in you

and he will enable you to live in peace

and victory and an incredible offer is

given to the world and we thumb our nose

at it then we say we don’t need you and

now man turns in Pride and worship the

creature more than the Creator worships

men’s bodies and women’s bodies and turn

from this offer that Jesus Christ has

made God has made through his own son to

the whole world and especially to

America we’ve had more possible than all

the nations combined ifs instead of

accepting his mercy even our leaders

seek to cast them out of our society

folks that is blasphemous pride and

suddenly calamity strikes and suddenly

God is popular tattoo tattoo places

where they tattoo these little galleries

they they’re lined up to have tattooed

on their backs and other arms in God and

country we trust it’s number one tattoo

now in God and country

even agnostics are singing god bless

america agnostics who had been voting

him out of our schools voting him out of

our public places and now trying to get

him out of American history

now they sing stand beside us God God

lead us God guide us hypocracy the worst

kind God’s that’s not what moves God

God’s saying what are you going to do

about my son I gave my son he died what

about my son

what about Jesus Christ today only a

righteous remnant Revere his name Oh

folks politicians businessmen up and

down the streets you hear it on the job

what do you hear about Jesus Christ but

cursing folks there’s a Niagara can you

imagine what hits the gears of God what

a sense the years have got a Niagara of

cursing of his own son that he gave out

of his own love you talk about God not

judging sin he allowed the sin of the

whole world to come on his own son the

most innocent of all you can’t tell me

to the nation that makes it

unconstitutional to utter his name in

schools and public buildings in the name

of separation churches that you can’t

tell me God won’t judge that now I want

you to listen very closely to what I

have about to say now I want to listen

very very closely the Islamic world is

caught up in a spirit that they can’t

control they don’t know what’s come up

on them all over the world there’s a cry

for jihad a holy war

in Pakistan and all over the earth

Muslim students young businessmen

fathers are leaving everything behind

and calling and headed for training

camps today’s New York Times has an

incredible story that in Pakistan

hundreds of thousands

especially in fact they claim millions

from Karachi a city of 11 million

Pakistan northern city men have said

work we believe now these are modest

these are not terrorists

these are moderates who said time for

jihad has come the holy war and they’ve

said we will leave everything and

there’ll be a million or two of us

marching into Afghanistan to fight the

Americans whoever else comes against us

they say they’re ready to die for their


they say the time for jihad has come

consider this please almost every war in

the face of the earth today other than

Ireland and a few other small skirmishes

all have to do with Islam at all these

are all Islamic wars every one of them

and Chechnya the Russians were fighting

to hold a nation that determined to stay

Islamic Afghanistan the Russians came

and were driven out so it was in Kosovo

Albania Africa the borders between

Pakistan and India right now the war is

over is Latin territory Palestinians or

Islamics Indonesia the war there the

Civil War has to do with an Islam

and now a spirit has gripped mids

Islamics even moderates now who believe

that this may be jihad and why is there

so much talk about a holy war holy you

see we Americans think this is the war

between civilization and terrorism

that’s not so

and the Islamic snow that they know that

they know that their prophet mohammed

said when anybody enslaves you threatens

your religion you have a right to jihad

they know that this war spiritual in

nature not physical that’s why of gods

and others that they don’t even think

about the bombs or anything else this is

a spiritual war I want you to think of

two words and if you think of these two

words you’ll understand what’s going on

in the United States in the world now

because what we’ve seen is only the

beginning and you’ll understand what’s

happening think Christ and Antichrist

two words if you begin to see that this

is a spiritual war this began when Jesus

was born this was this war started

then it won’t end till Armageddon when

God gathers all the armies of the world

to one place and God the Father brings

them all under control

destroys all the armies in the world and

makes them a footstool of Jesus Christ

his own son

the final jihad is between Christ and

the Antichrist and every spirit that

confesseth not that Jesus Christ has

come in the flesh and that is not of God

it is not of God and this is that spirit

of Antichrist where have you have heard

that it shall come and even now is in

the world

he said I’m going to tell you what the

spirit of Antichrist is ballz it it’s a

religious movement not only Islam but

any religion that says Jesus Christ was

not God in flesh Jesus Christ is not

divine Jesus Christ is not resurrected

Jesus Christ is not in the heavens he

will not rule the earth Jesus was a man

a prophet and that’s it and folks all

you have to do to have total peace in

this world all you have to do to stop

all wars is to give up the divinity of


all you have to do to have one World

Church that to give up the divinity of

Jesus Christ give that up and there will

be peace in the world because that is

why the Palestinians are coming against

Israel because Jesus is coming to the

Mount of Olives and he’s not about to

give it up and the devil knows that

little children it’s the last time and

you’ve heard that Antichrist shall come

even now there are many antichrists

whereby we know it’s the last time who

is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus

is the Christ he is Antichrist that

denieth the father and the son

he said that’s Antichrist that’s what

the war is all about that’s what

Antichrist is a vote for many deceivers

are entered into the world who confess

not that Jesus Christ is coming to flesh

this is a deceiver this is Antichrist

folks there’s a new militancy and fervor

in Islam willingness to die for Allah

there’s an antichrist spirit that’s been

in the world but now it’s let loose than

all it’s for few full fury because we’ve

entered now the last chapter the last

days Paul said there’s going to be a

great falling away and we’ve witnessed

that and we witness it more but in that

hour that man of sin shall be revealed

the son of perdition who opposeth and

exalteth himself above all that is

called God or that is worshipped folks

this is a battle that’s spiritual in

nature and it’s going to continue if

you’re expecting a war to end in one

year two years three years is not going

to end now we may withdrawal from the

battle we may call our Army’s home and

it may look like peace but it’s not

going to be peace because this war has

been fully declared now jihad has begun

it started what do we to do as a church

what do we to do as God’s people

two words wake up

I believe God’s greatest anger is

against his backslidden Church now he’s

going to judge his house because that’s

where judgment begins Bible makes it

clear when he’s tried everything else

and even even send wake-up calls wake up

her first prosperity then he warned he

warns first of all he baptizes with

prosperity this is the pattern in

history sentence warnings wake-up calls

and these these wake-up calls get

increasingly more severe then finally

the last thing God does he did it all

through the Word of God and he did it to

Judah he said I’m going to take away

your staff of bread and that is the

economy and folks the day is not far off

when the thousand fires are saw burning

in New York it will be here and what you

heard of the curse of babblin fires in

all your cities God is going to bankrupt

every denomination that has turned

against the virgin birth of Jesus Christ

every denomination that is preaching

that Jesus Christ is not God in the

flesh God’s going to cut off their money

and they’re going to go bankrupt he’s

going to bankrupt every ministry there’s

been preaching covetousness and you I’m

going to tell you something listen to me

closely and prophesy to you now I want

you to hear and I want you to hear it

well the day is coming is not too far

off you’re going to receive in your mail

the most pitiful Appeals for money

you’ve ever heard from ministries you’re

going to hear they’re going bankrupt

because they are and you’re going to

have people already I’m getting letters

from all of United States from people

who are absolutely turned off and

disappointed they said I have been into

this wealth and prosperity gospel

I was listening and now my daughter is

got cancer my husband’s lost his job and

they offer me no hope and all they tell

me I have a lack of faith

I’m telling you God go to bankrupt that

whole thing he’s going to stop it in its

tracks hey no no clapping please no

clapping you’re gonna do it and they’re

going to run for the hills some of the

most pitiful others I read of this past


if those already see the handwriting on

the wall he said how could I’ve been so

deceived I go to my pastor now I go to

my teacher who’s been teaching me this

and I turn to materialism and now I’m

empty nothing to hold me I go to my

pastor and I say what’s going on and he

doesn’t know there’s nothing to say

we’ve in the Church of Jesus Christ

we’ve received a wake-up call God’s

ain’t get serious now no I’m gonna

distend I’m not I’m not going to say go

sell your TV

Grenn and I don’t have it someone said

recent what you said you saw something

no I didn’t see it I heard it on radio

I’m going to tell you I’m gonna go say

go sell you but I’m tell you if you

don’t have the courage at least to shut

off the foolishness and the vileness if

you don’t have that courage you’re going

to be sitting there in ease in Zion the

very time you should be on your face

before Almighty God praying for your

family praying for the country you’re

going to be satiate in your mind with

such foolishness and such childishness

such filth the least you could do is

turn the knob my kindness that’s enough

you say well do we have to go but like

his lemons from I’m ready to die for the

cause of Christ I’m ready to be a martyr

no we’ve already had Oh glory be to God

our captain died for us

the captain of our salvation one man

died and in that one death he conquered

all the religions of the world he

conquered it all the powers of hell I

don’t have to die for Jesus he died for

me he died for the whole world

I’ve entered into his death by faith Oh

there’ll be martyrs there’ll be those

who pay their their life but folks

they’ll be no merit in any man’s death

doesn’t merit anything he said if you

give your body before the stake and

don’t have charity it monster nothing

folks we’ve got to understand clearly

now and get it deep into your heart


those who follow Jesus Christ are the

only ones who have a resurrected leader

mo Hamid’s dead he’s in the grave all

the world’s religious leaders are dust

but ours

Aelita dead resurrected in glory king of

kings and Lord of lords

he already won the war we know how it

ends that’s why I sent my children when

you see all these things begin to happen

look up because your Redemption draws



hallelujah Bible said one day soon and

remember when the tribulation begins is

only seven years the Antichrist ring

seven short years and then Lord is going

to gather him in the battlefields of

Armageddon and folks that’s the Mideast

he says he’s going to rain fire down

upon them and destroy them all and he

said and folks I believe he’s mounting

his white horse even now he said he’s

coming with his armies he said Mary I

shall behold him every knee shall bow

before him Muhammad will bow before our

Christ all the world’s leaders will bow

before him the Bible says he’s going to

come and they will all call him King of

Kings Lord of lords king of kings and

Lord of lords so folks we have nothing

to fear nothing to fear live or die

we’re the Lord’s we are his folks it’s

going to be very exciting some of you

worried about your jobs worried about

your family no need to he who gave you

sight he who created you can you imagine

that God created you out of the doves of

the earth he created if he can do that

can he keep us will he not keep his

children that love him we stand

Sodom’s sister Lord we can talk about

the sins of the nation we can talk about

the sins of those in Congress we can

talk about them removing God out of

society and making him politically

incorrect but Oh God

you’re looking deeper than that you’re

looking into my heart the hearts of all

the people hearing me now and say what

have you done with my Christ where do

you stand with my Christ do you believe

he’s God in flesh do you believe he’s

the savior of the world

if you believe that then why haven’t you

surrender it all to him why would you

allow pride to destroy you hallelujah

I’m going to ask that room 206 be

cleared you folks that are in 206 if you

could just go into the main lobby there

main auditorium so we can clear that as

a prayer room and Usher’s up there if

you’ll do that now appreciate it

and I’m going to invite those that are

in the annex and the overflow rooms too

if if the Holy Spirit is moving you I

want to it these are serious times now

don’t take you said well I don’t want to

I don’t want to get spiritual all of a

sudden just because there’s a little bit

fear in my heart

well the Bible said the fears the

beginning wisdom thank God for fear the

fear the Lord is the beginning of was

that’s where you start now let the fear

of God lay hold of your heart you see

what’s going to happen no say this

quickly those who don’t yield to Christ

in the time of his call when he’s given

a wake-up calls those who don’t yield

you’re going to harden your heart and no

matter that the next thing that hits and

I believe there’s gonna be a big blast

very soon incredible blast and it’ll be

brown based

in fact I believe they’re to coming in

our future but listen closely

those who don’t hear you’ll harden your

heart if you can’t hear now each time

God chastens lovingly and he does it to

get our attention

every ell judgments of God a remedial in

purpose to remedy a situation to bring a

people back to his heart

bless he lose a whole nation and he does

it out of love

whom the Lord loves he chastens so if

you don’t respond to his love and his

wake-up calls and his chase things

chances are you never will

and you’ll harden your heart and I beg

you in the name of the Lord in His mercy

the here is called those in the annex

their backslidden you’ve grown cold you

don’t even know you don’t pray you know

seek him anymore he’s just a name in the

backroads of your mind somewhere and

same here the main auditorium I’m going

to ask those that are in the balcony but

the Holy I’m going to pray and we’re

just going to sing a course and give you

time to vacate this room and go into

room for it 206 those are up in the

balcony this is so serious and I feel so

strong that there are many here today

that the Lord has given you your wake-up


yes he is he’s given you a wake-up call

you should listen now come to me yield

and surrender you talk about a nation

I’m talking about you those in the

balcony go to stairs on either side the

exits and in the main you the the lobby

on the second floor and the ushers I’d

like to ask officers up there and

directing those who want to go you just

go to room 206

in the annex it’s right out there just a

shortness that you can walk in there and

just get down on your knees no one will

question you if they’re those that are

in jackets you can ask them for prayer

but it’s time to get on your knees and

say Jesus I can’t live like I’m living

anymore I want you to call

to my heart help me understand what’s

happening to prepare me for the days of

her head and Jesus I’ve gone my own way

and pride long enough i humble myself I

humble myself and that’s what it is it’s

humility that you walk out in front of

people you don’t care who looks you

don’t care what everybody says because

you want to confess him Lord in your

life you just walk away from the crowd

walk right through it and go and say

Jesus I mean business I hear your call

today and here on the main floor you can

come if a Holy Spirit speaking to your

heart you could come and kneel or stand

here now if the place gets filled up

here you can’t kneel now but you could

stand in the aisles so that you’d be

moved if have to Heavenly Father you

were helping us to understand what’s

coming so that we’d be prepared and our

hearts would have a peace and a rest

such as the world can never have because

Jesus you are victorious we’re going to

turn to you we cry out Jesus Christ king

of kings and Lord of lords

but he’s king of my life he’s Lord of my

life how can we say that come Lord Jesus

is king and Lord of all earth if less we

can say Lord king of my life Lord Jesus

move with conviction here and the

service today convict those who need to

be convicted with love and compassion

and bring everyone back to you it needs

to come I’m going to ask those of this

church if you’ve been to this all before

you know the Lord I’m actually not to

come I’m asking only those who need to

be restored those who need Jesus those

those who feel the call of Christ now to

get to wake up and begin to seek Him as

never before maybe you’ve drifted from

him maybe you don’t even know him at all

Heavenly Father make this a reality now

Holy Spirit breathe and move on this

house I pray in your Holy Name Amen

there’s a real honest heart here young

lady I saw her cast down and I said what

she said though I’m still angry how many

of you can see honestly the same thing

I’m angry raise your hand

miss raise your hand I’m angry there’s

anger in my heart I’m going to ask God

please don’t let anger come into your

heart the only way to deal with that is

to say Jesus be exalted Jesus be exalted

God has everything under control he

knows what he’s doing and commit

ourselves completely to his keeping we

have got to believe now that God knows

exactly where we are he knows what he’s

doing he’s not been surprised by any of

this our God rules all nations he rules

all nations

Lord let no fear come into the hearts

these are honest fears these are honest

hearts Lord that that don’t want to

carry this fear in Lord we ask you to

come now with a comforting Holy Spirit

you’re the comforter you come now no man

I have no words you can comfort people

or only you can do that and Lord the

things that we see coming in the future

that very moment that fear strikes come

immediately Holy Spirit with comfort and

let us just lay back in the arms of

Jesus and say Lord I trust you I trust

you Lord Jesus all things are in your

hand glory be to God folks if you do

that dis praise the Lord just worship

just worship why don’t we just lift our

hands and worship the closing hours

moments of this service in Indiana

x-rays your hands and let’s just worth

of what we worship you now we thank you

for your faithfulness thank him for his

faithfulness he’s been faithful to his

people God you’ve always been faithful

you’re going to be faithful more no

matter how no matter what we face Lord

you are faithful you are Almighty you’re

all glorious hallelujah but we’re not

living for this world we’re looking for

a new world a new heaven and a new earth

that’s coming Lord with king of kings

and Lord of lords on the throne Lord

we’re looking for Jesus we’re looking

for our

if you’re in our Lord face to face we

worship You Lord we praise you we give

honor and glory to your name hallelujah