When I was a boy the cry of the church was, “Jesus is coming!” All through my teenage years, every evangelist who came to preach in my father’s church had a stirring message about the soon return of Christ. Even today their sermons remain burned in my memory: “The Bible says Christ will come like a thief in the night, when you least expect him. It will happen in the twinkling of an eye, with the sound of a trumpet. You must be ready at all times.” The powerful cry, “Jesus is coming!” is seldom heard in God’s house today. Very few Christians live with a sense of expectancy, looking and yearning for Jesus’ return. How has this happened? The New Testament gives many warnings that mockers will appear in the last days, ridiculing the doctrine of Christ’s coming. Peter writes, “There shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation” (2 Peter 3:3-4). This mocking can be heard today: “What does anyone have to fear? All things continue just as they always have. There is no reason to fear a Judgment Day, because it simply isn’t coming.”

it’s time to get right with God because

Jesus is coming very soon he’s at the

door Paul the Apostle in 2nd corinthians

said behold now is the accepted time

behold now is the day of salvation he

said this is a day of mercy this is a

day of grace this is the time for you to

get right with God and deal with this

mercy Paul said don’t receive the mercy

in vain don’t turn away don’t turn away

from the gentle call of Jesus to come

back to his arms now this is a message

of grace but it’s also a warning receive

it as morning now today is the day of

salvation jesus warned in the last days

many are going to grow cold

the scripture says because iniquity

shall abound the love of many shall grow

cold and he said this is going to happen

in a time he called the beginning of

Sorrows and folks we’re living in what

Jesus said I believe there’s on my heart

we’re living in the beginning of Sorrows

we’re living in the time of

unprecedented greed rampant iniquity

sexual perversions beyond description

and Jesus said in those times in the

beginning of Sorrows many hearts are

going to go cold and he said they’re

going to turn away this is not the day

if you’ve chosen this day if you are

still walking with a cold heart you’ve

chosen the wrong time this is not the

time according to scripture to reject

the loving call of Christ I hear people

say I can get right with God any time I


I’ll know the time I’m not ready yet and

I’ll know the time I I have some things

I want to accomplish in my life and I

have friends and I want to join myself

and when I’m when I’m ready I’ll come to

God now there’s some problems with that

and they’re issues that you’ve got to

understand because coldness leads to

hardness those who receive not the love

of the truth will fall into the

deceivableness of sin take heed brethren

lest there be in any of you an evil

heart of unbelief in departing from the

Living God exhort one another daily and

I’m exhorting you now I’m doing exactly

what the scripture says well it is

called today lest any of you be hardened

through the deceitfulness of sin but you

can be sitting here now and I don’t care

how much love I that comes from my heart

I don’t care what kind of appeal I make

I don’t care what kind of pleading this

spirit makes through me if you have a

hard heart you’re still going to work

you’re not going to listen you nobody

here and here’s what I scribbled down

and I believe the Holy Spirit led me to

this hardness a heart that is beyond the

influence of the greatest of the

gracious pleading of Christ it placed

themselves beyond the pleadings of the

Holy Spirit

it’s a self-imposed exclusion with no

intention of ever obeying the call of

the gospel no intention ever no matter

what preachers preach no matter how the

Lord Himself could come down in the

flesh the Bible said they many would not

believe coldness leads to hardness now

was the time to get right with God

because this generation is lost secondly

has lost the fear of God there’s no fear

of God left in the land

this is what the Bible says the fear of

the Lord of fear the Lord and depart

from evil the fear of the Lord is to

hate evil by mercy and truth and

mcquoddy is purged and by the fear of

the Lord men depart from their evil from

the fear of the Lord

years ago I was invited to speak at a

gathering at Yale University and I was

informed before the meeting that a group

of demonstrators had come and with signs

they had read something I preached from

Romans about homosexuality I suppose

they said they’re going to demonstrate

it at a certain time a night I said Lord

what do I preach the Lord said preach

your message on hell hell what’s it like

and who’s going there

I’d preached it all over the country

friends oh I wasn’t halfway through when

a holy hush when a presence of the Holy

Ghost came I’ll never forget it

there was a well-known writer who was

writing there to write a report of the

meeting and he said my pen sounded loud

there was no demonstration the fear of

God came on that house came on that

campus at least those who were gathered

I was stunned I saw the power of the

Holy Spirit

dealing no sign was lifted I went to the

lobby later and I asked one or two

those who had signs I didn’t even read

what was on the side it were turned

opposite and they couldn’t explain to me

it said what happened they couldn’t

explain it it was the fear of God the

fear of God call it what you want

reverential all call it what you want

but there’s such a thing is remember

that God is not mocked there’s such a

thing as looking at the majesty and

holiness of God you see we have come

from that to this this past week I come

out of the apartment and there and a bus

on the side there’s no God have fun

London all over the buses there is no

God that’s party we’ve come from that

from that fear of God

and you see if you have no fear of God

you have to invent a gospel of

convenience and this is what’s happened

in America and around the world you see

man can’t get away from that nagging

sense and it’s the Holy Spirit who says

there’s death and then there’s judgement

there’s a day of standing before God to

give it a count the Bible makes it very

very clear there’s a heaven and there’s

a hell and there’s a day we’re going to

have to give an account and there is a

hell and Jesus said there’s a hell of a

fire and weeping and wailing and

gnashing of teeth at darkness it can be

felt and there is a hell but but you see

man has to invent a gospel where there’s

no God and that’s where we are in the

United States around the world right now

no hell no heaven

this is it so just live it up and have

have your time have your fun you see the

devil knew that he couldn’t take that

out of his gospel because everybody at

least said he’s a good man he was a

teacher he’s a prophet and so he brings

into Jesus that is tolerant that’s the

key word right now tolerance tolerant

toward same-sex marriage tolerant toward

everything there’s no such thing as sin

there’s no such thing as a sinner

there’s no such thing as judgment and so

they buy into the young people are

buying into that many Christian young

people or saying we need to be more

tolerant and so they to believe that

same-sex marriages is okay with me you

know they can do what they they can try

as they will but now the spirit speaketh

latter times some shall depart from the

faith giving heed to seducing spirits

and doctrines of devils speaking lies in

hypocrisy having their conscience seared

with a hot iron

now see what I’m preaching to you now is

mercy it’s if I was thinking last night

the Bible said there’s a narrow road

that leads to eternal life and there’s a

wide road leading to destruction and you

see them coming the road and they’re

heading pale mouths or over the hill and

there’s a glow on the other side of the

hill and you know I stand there any man

of God who’s standing there and saying

turn back go back go back friends I say

that’s mercy that is mercy but I’m

giving to you now is the mercy of God

who so loved you that he put you in a

seat in this church this day and said

today now is a time to make it right no

one knows the time or the hour but Jesus

told it’s going to happen what’s going

to happen prior to his coming it gives

very clear evidence Jesus said there’ll

be Wars there will come false Christ’s

but don’t be terrified because the end

is not yet

then nation shall rise against nation

Kingdom against Kingdom great

earthquakes shall be in diverse places

and famines and pestilences and fearful

sights and great signs in the heaven and

then he said don’t don’t be concerned

about the wars and earthquakes I said he

said but then shall they see the Son of

man coming in a cloud with power and

great glory but one what does he mean by

what then listen to what he said when

men’s hearts fail them for fear and for

looking upon those things that are

coming on the earth – one of the surest

signs when everywhere

there is fear men’s hearts are failing

them just watching those things that are

coming on the earth the same spirit has

come here as here now been here but now

coming in a special way of invitation

I’m pleading with you I haven’t heard I

have not pushed I speak as an Oracle of

God I’m humbled myself before the Lord

and said God I came here 50 years to win

fifty years ago to win souls God

promised me that many would be awakened

as he comes down I’m going to close in

just a moment but I want to remind you

Hosea 11 chapter seventh verse my people

were bent on backsliding from me but

then all of a sudden you read this how

can I give you up how could I give you

up early for him which is zero he said I

know you I know you’re bent on

backsliding I know that there are times

you you have fallen and you see if your

heart is hard you’re willing to admit

yes I’m growing cold I’m drifting away

and I don’t want to fall into hardness

and I don’t want to abuse the grace of

god but God comes and as he’s coming now

and I’m going to close he comes I and

he’s whispering it through me to you

into your ear I can’t give up on you

please hear what the Spirit is saying

the 11th 14th chapter first verse verse

4 I will heal your backsliding I will

love you freely for my anger has been

turned away from you see God’s not angry

he’s not mad at you he’s pleading with

you saying now come my arms are open

today I give you this the words of Jesus

Matthew 11:28 2:30 I’m asking the Holy

Spirit to come right now speak directly

into your heart the words of Jesus and

this when I said you it’s time to make

the move it’s time to come humbly to God

and say Jesus I hear you and here’s the

call jesus said come unto me all ye that

labor and are heavy laden I’ll give you

rest take my yoke upon you and learn of

me for I am meek and I’m lowly in heart

and you shall find rest for your souls

take on my yoke is easy my burden is

light you’ll find it’s not difficult

when you come to him and say Lord come I

repair to give you my heart I give you

my sins make me do Lord untroubled yes

I’ve been down I’ve been in despair and

have not known peace but Jesus says all

I’m asking you now has come