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BILL: They’re going to
see something about your

life that they’re going to
know that there is a God

in heaven and that God is
with you. They’re going to see

your home, they’re going to see
your car, they’re going to see

your children, they’re going to
see your relationship. They’re

going to see everything they’re
going to see and they’re going

to say, wow, these are sinners.
These are people who don’t

know God but know that
has something with you.

BILL: If I follow scripture,
say amen now. I’m not

supposed to be in
lack. I’m supposed to

be the lender. Say
amen to this. And God

is just wondering now in
Joshua chapter 18 in verse 3,

would you please that turn over
there? We just going to read

that right quick. Praise
the Lord. Ready? Read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Has what? He didn’t
sell it to you. What

did he do? He gave
it to you because it belonged

to Adam and Adam’s
sinned and went on

the other side. But the last
Adam just came and the last Adam

came to take it all back. See,
to put it in the hands of its

rightful what? Owners. Now this
is part of the kingdom when the

king- this is why this
conversion is about to take

place. When I say that, I mean
inversion. When the stuff is

going to go back into the right
hands. Are you with me here?

Cindy Jacobs says, it’s not
about black or white, it’s about

justice. I better come over
here. See, look at the kingdom.

Isaiah chapter 9 and verse
6. I want you to see that.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: The stuff is in the
wrong hands, so everything

is out of order. But
the kingdom is coming

to order it. It’s coming
to put it back in order.

Are y’all with me here? So
that’s very important for

you to know. Now, you’re
not going to get up. My name is

Jimmy. I’ll take all you give
me. That’s not the idea. God has

a plan for you. Now let’s look
at the second part of this.

Let’s look at this whole
idea of there is no

shortage. Say that.
There is no shortage.

BILL: In Jesus’ name. There
is no shortage. Now the

enemy cleverly has
painted a picture that

people are living in
shortage. Alright? A

man named John Avan
Zini back in 1989 wrote a book

called The Wealth Transfer. And
so he did study to see what kind

of wealth was out there. First
he looked at the mineral wealth,

what kind of mineral wealth is
out there, the gold and so forth

and so on. And he did study. He
said, in the next 20 years, this

is the kind of wealth, not the
wealth that’s already out there,

but this is the kind of wealth
that’s going to be produced and

be produced in the next 20
years. And the kind of wealth

that’s going to be produced
in the next 20 years in just

mineral wealth is roughly a
little over $50 trillion. $50

trillion. Now why? Put up there
Psalm chapter 104 in verse 24.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: The earth is what?

CONGREGATION: Full of gods.

BILL: See God, now
that’s a little over $50

trillion in the next
20 years. That’d make

it 2009. Next is commodities.
Now commodities are

things like oil, all of
that. Alright, now look at this.

This oil is projected to produce
roughly 52-53 trillion of wealth

in the next 20 years. That is by
2009, trillion, a little over 50

trillion commodities and
minerals. Now how about coal

itself? Just coal. How much is
that going to produce? 383. This

is coal being produced and this
is why it’s going to produce

that over the next 20 years. Now
the earth is what? Full of his

riches. Now I know that you can
strike oil and as a believer,

your well will never run dry
just like he filled up the

woman’s vessel. Come on. Just
like he filled up peter’s net,

he can fill up that well that,
come on now, are you- Cause the

earth is what? Full of God’s
riches. See, all right now,

let’s keep going. So what is
the reason for the sense of

shortage? Why are people short?
And one of the first reasons why

people short is because of
sacred cows. Now that’s what I

call ’em. Now this is nations
that don’t eat the cow, because

in their religion the cow is a
reincarnation of one of their

relatives And that’s their
belief. So the cow can’t be

eaten. Now this cow might be
some food they need to keep from

being short. So some religious
beliefs keeps people in certain

countries in shortage. Another
one is the absence of self

production. That people don’t
know that they have a gift.

Everybody was born with a gift
and that if they could just use

their gift. You’ve got people
here now, Michelle, who has the

syrup business. Look as she
found an old recipe over there

in welfare, found the old recipe
and the recipe. She said, I’m

going to make this made the
syrup. Self production. Took her

up to a million. You’ve got the
blessing on your life. Jesus,

when the storm came, what did he
do with the storm? He spoke to

it. What happened to it? It
stopped. Clouds disappeared.

Everything. Cannot you speak to
the environment? I’m letting you

know this now because of the
church has not awakened to its

righteousness and the fact that
the church is the caretaker of

the earth, say amen. Isn’t it
just like the devil to stir up

something and have you run to
a fix that is human rather than

run to a fix that is heavenly?
A heavenly fix can take coal and

be able to manufacture this coal
in a way that it will not have

any measurable results in terms
of affecting the environment.

See, you don’t believe it
because you don’t believe you

can do this. See, look, Lord
have mercy. Now I’m saying

something now because if you
watch enough of this television,

nothing wrong with getting
yourself an electric car if you

want to, but you better be
in control of the electricity

because there is a demon that
is trying to get control of

everything, control of the
economy, control of the gold.

Watch this, control of your
children. I don’t care what you

think about me, I’m going to
tell you the truth. I’m going to

tell you what God told me to
tell you because it is trying to

keep you from getting that
money. And I declare you going

to get that money because that
money belongs to you. That money

does not belong to the devil. 1%
of America’s population owns 33%

of America’s wealth and 60% of
the stocks of corporations. I’m

only saying 1% is controlling it
and controls the media, controls

it. It controls what you hear.
You’ve got to hear something

other than what the devil is
trying to say. You got to hear

God. And one place you can hear
God is listen to your prophet

and your prophets going to tell
you, as long as you believe

certain things, you are blocking
the way to your truth and the

truth comes, you start fighting
it off. What you need to do is

get rid of them lies and receive
the truth and understand that

wait a minute, I can get rid of
this asthma. I can get rid of it

by the power of the living God.
Next is take it back, take it

all back. I said take it all
back. Now take it all back.

First Samuel chapter 30 in verse
8. Now I know some of you when I

said that I can feel a little
dip in the anointing, but I’m

not paying any attention to
that. Let me tell you what the

Lord, let me just show
you. Say innovation.


BILL: Psalm. Put this up there
first. Psalm chapters 72 and

verse 18, Psalm 72 in verse 18.
Watch this. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Wondrous things
are things that no man

can match. Nobody
can invent like you.

Nobody. Why did Detroit go
bankrupt? The lack of ideas.

They had a lack of
ideas. Why? Because they all got

involved in union and trying to
get myself and keep myself with

the right money coming in and
so forth. Watch this. Meanwhile,

they weren’t innovating and
watch this, Toyota was coming

right on their heels. Toyota
made you a little car that would

last 50 years if you drove it.
I’m just saying you got 200,000

miles on your car that was
nothing for a Toyota. And they

made, I’m telling they made
GM shape up. They made all the

other automakers. I’m just
saying this is what happened.

And I’m saying to you right now,
it’s been the devil and he’s

been doing certain things to
keep the economy in his hands

and keep control of the people.
But the church is here. I said

the church is here. I’m just
laying a foundation for this now

because we’re going to come
up with some inventions that’s

going to be able to get oil
so pure that you can’t tell it

difference between the oil and
the air we are going to get.

Come on, I’m telling you what
we can do. See, that’s why the

church is here. Take it all
back. Say take it all back. So

here you’ve got Deutero- First
Samuel chapter 30 in verse 8.

Now this is David after the
enemy has come in and wiped him

out, sold the good, sold the
children, sold the wife, took

everything. David
went before the Lord

said David, God, what
should I do? Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Without fail what? I want,
David, I want you to take it all

back. David, I want you to take
it all back. Take back this,

take back that. Doesn’t make any
difference. See, it is amazing.

Let me tell you something about
God’s people. If you don’t want

to hear the truth, why are you
saved? Look, if you don’t want

to hear the truth, why did you
get saved? Well, I just want to

miss hell when I die. Okay? That
one reason. Don’t take up the

seats in the church. You can
stay home and do that. Alright?

Y’all with me? Cause I’m going
to tell you the truth cause the

truth is going to make you-
going to make you free. Alright,

so here’s David and notice he’s
going to recover how much? He’s

going recover everything. Now
here’s Joshua, watch this.

Joshua chapter 1 and verse 3,
this is the God gave me to take

them all. Joshua
1:3. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop right there.
Every place the sole of your

foot shall tread upon
I have given it to you. Now God

leads you where to go. Look
at Joshua 1:8. This book

of the law shall not depart
out of your but thou shall-

[Congregation reading]

BILL: For.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: And.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: You on your way
to success right now.

Now look, here’s
the first battle Joshua’s got

to fight. Joshua 6 verse
1, first battle he’s

got to fight. Notice the
land was being lived on. The

land was being lived on by
somebody else, but God said it

doesn’t belong to them. It
belongs to you. Like I said, you

don’t have to fight nobody, get
a knife and a gun. No, no, no.

God says there’s a wealth that
the wicked have that’s going to

transfer over into the hands of
the just say amen to that. For

those that please
God. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop right there,
he began to give him

the instructions as
to how to get it. Now

there are four ways
mainly that is going to

transfer. Are you ready for
that? Alright, the first is

wisdom. The first is
wisdom. Look at First Kings

and chapter 10 and verse
10. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Now look, wait a
minute. She’s given him all

of this because he
told her what to do

with her government so
that she could settle

some problems that she
was having and that came from

the spirit of wisdom. So I’m
saying the spirit of wisdom is

on you right now and that’s
going to be one of the ways

God’s going to transfer wealth
over into your hands. When I was

getting a solution for a man who
was a chairman of a fortune five

here in this area, he said, what
can I do to help black youth?

And I said, I don’t know what
you can do today, but give me

seven days. I’ll come back with
the answer. I came back with the

answer I told him, he said,
Reverend, I’ve got $40,000 in my

chairman’s fund now. He gave me
all he had. He had $40,000 in

it. Now he could get more, but
this is all he had right now.

Notice wisdom made him give all
he had over to me because I gave

him wisdom in terms of solving
his problem. Are y’all with me

here? Another one is favor. God
transfers to you the wealth by

favor. Look at what he says over
in Psalm chapter 44 and verse 3,

please. Psalm 44 and
verse 3. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Now notice what he did.
They didn’t get it by their own

strength. They got it by God’s
favor. Where an example of

that? It’s found in Exodus
chapter 12 and verse

35, let’s look at
that. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Everything you
require, he’s going make

’em lend it to you. But
notice when they went

through the Red Sea,
God canceled the debt.

Say amen to that. Alright,
how’s another one here?

He gives it to him by
recompense. Recompense is when

somebody does you wrong, they’re
going to have to pay. Let’s look

what it says, the book of
Genesis chapter

20 and look at verse
16. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: So God’s going to
make people who did you

wrong. Come on, go
in their pocket, go in

their bank account and
give you something.

Now the last one is
sowing and reaping. Now I’ll

tell you about that. Remember
Peter had his boat and he was

Luke 5 and then Peter, he was
broke. I mean he didn’t have

anything, wasn’t catching any
fish. What did Jesus do? He sat

down in Peter’s boat and taught
the gospel and next thing he

told him to launch out into the
deep and let down your net for a

draw. Now what qualified Peter
for that big catch? His boat.

His boat was his seed and he
sowed a sacrifice seed and God

showed up. Now I’m saying to
you, if none of these others is

working for you, go in your bank
account and get yourself some

seed and sow a sacrifice seed
and break the power of the devil

trying to make you believe that
you don’t inherit anything in

this earth. Folks, this is time
for the transfer and you are the

ones God’s been waiting for.
Next thing is think big, Lord

have mercy. Think big because
the stuff that they got is big.

The things that are going to
come over are big. I am not

saying that you going hanging
around somebody, your stuff

belongs to me, all that kind of
attitude, you just please God

and use the wisdom of God.
You sow the seed of God and

so forth. My point to
you is I want you to

start envisioning that it all
belongs to you. Let’s read

Deuteronomy 28 verses
1 and 2 first. Okay?

[Congregation reading]

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Keep going.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Stop right now. Now
go to verse 8 and we’ll

start right there. Verse 8,
please. All right. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: He’s going to do
what? He’s going to. Come

on. Come on, help
me. God said to the

prophet Elijah, go down
there to Zarephath.

I have commanded a
woman to take care of you. Come

on. When God commands
something birds have to obey.

Look at verse 10. Let’s
start there. Verse

10, Deuteronomy 28
10. Ready, read.

[Congregation reading]

BILL: Now, this is your
promise. Are you a

seed of Abraham?
This is supposed to be

your promise. They supposed
to see something about

your life that tells them
that God is with you. Say amen.

I’m guaranteeing you they ain’t
going to say that because you

got your Sunday meeting hat on.
I’m not saying that because your

dress is long. I’m saying that
they going to see something

about your life that they going
to know that there is a God in

heaven and that God is with you.
They’re going to see your home.

They’re going to see your
car. They’re going to see your

children. They’re going to see
your relationship. They’re going

to see everything they’re going
to see and they’re going to say,

wow, these are sinners. These
are people who don’t know God

but know that says
something with you.

BILL: Well, praise
the Lord. I trust that you

enjoy that teaching.
Now that is called take

it all back. Now, this
is where you’ll see

the various ways that the
wealth can be transferred into

the hands of a believer and one
is wisdom. Another sowing and

reaping. Another favor,
recompense, things like that.

It’s just not one way, but God
has several ways he can transfer

the wealth into our lives so
that we could finish his work.

And that’s what it’s really for
in Jesus name. Praise God. Now,

you need to get this teaching
because what happens, is God to

not only wake up a desire in us
for the transfer, but it also

gives us faith for the transfer.
And you need both. You need that

desire for it and the faith
to make it happen. So these

teachings, listening to ’em over
and over again will bring out

these nuggets of truth that you
need so that you can finish the

work God’s called you to do.
It’s a powerful teaching.

Remember, this wealth transfer
is supposed to be transferred

from the wicked into the hands
of the just, that’s scripture.

Why? So that we can finish
his work. Isn’t that powerful?

Praise God. Well, this is Bill
Winston saying, we’ll see you

next time. Until then,
keep walking by faith.

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of faith is the faith that takes

and not the faith that waits. We
as believers are to do wondrous

things that are impossible for
the world to match. Our portion

of this earth is to dominate
and reclaim what the devil had

stolen, destroyed,
hindered, and held up from

its rightful owners. It’s time
to take it all back.

BILL: I’ve got a question
for you, do you know Jesus

as your Lord and Savior?
Now, somebody asked me

that one time. I said,
I don’t know. You know?

Well, here’s the deal. He
came and gave his life for

all humanity. Why? So that
all our sins be forgiven and

that we can be in a family of
God from now on. That’s what

happened to me. And when I
prayed the prayer of faith, I

knew something had taken place.
My whole life had changed. I

want to get you to pray that
same prayer. It only takes a

moment. Just say this, dear
Lord, coming to my heart. I

believe in you that you died for
my sins and you are alive right

now. Now, Lord, thank you for
saving me. In Jesus’ name, amen.

If you said that prayer, you
said it from your heart. A

miracle just took place. You are
now with a family of God. I want

to send you a book. It’s called
Born Again in Spirit Filled.

It’s a book that tells you what
the next steps are. Free of

charge. Welcome to the family of
God and keep walking by faith.

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