At the 2024 Branson Victory Campaign, Kenneth Copeland leads everyone in a faith review. According to Hebrews 11:1 (AMPC), faith is the title deed. If you can see something with your hope, that is the blueprint. Then, find your scriptures and it is yours! You have a biblical deed and you now own it! Get more out of this broadcast! Download the notes @ Livestream more episodes for FREE @ Subscribe to get a daily faith boost from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland delivered to your inbox @

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we’re going to have a faith review


am this is increase

day I want to remind you

something prayer does not make Faith

work Faith makes prayer

work you cannot have a faith review

without Mark 11:23 and 24 and

25 so would you open there


thank you

Jesus boy this one

is man I I’ve taped it

up split Pages it’s hard to give them

up but I’ve got another one

working in my daily Bible reading I have

another one like this not Mark anyway

here we


father thank

you for the reading and the hearing of


word we set up

sh and

I carry brother Hagen’s God medicine

around and I’ve read that a few

times oh thank you Lord for reminding

me Rose and Bob

wner you know who they


they have a a very large

college and youth

ministry and

um h

on Brenda

caman would get her mother’s ironing

board and set her Bible up on it and

played like she was Gloria

copelan and then Hank he didn’t want to

go in a Ministry in the first

place but he he said I I want a big

Podium well this is actually Copeland

2 Copeland one is a smaller one so he

got a Copeland

2 and he had his concordance and

everything up there and he said you you

don’t need all that he said Gloria uses


all I got this we got this from Rose

Wier I carry with me all the

time it was a blessing to see you and

Gloria in Washington at the Kennedy

Center at the Glen back rally at the end

of August we appreciate the word of

faith that Gloria

gave When you pray believe that you


amen I told you when I saw you in DC

encouraged I was with your New Year’s

Eve 09 prophecy because it had confirmed

a prophetic

Vision that the Lord had given me in

March of 09 while I was at Harvard

University you asked me to send it to

you I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to

get it to you we’ve been busy with

outreaches at Harvard I’ve enclosed IM

Memorial in forefathers in Plymouth

which clearly shows you our covenant

with God and

stone I have this well documented and I

can get it to you if you need it here is

the prophetic word the lord gave me in

March 09 which corresponds with your New

Year’s word New Year’s Eve word in March

of last year I was with a small prayer

group in Harvard after worshiping and

singing in tongues for a long period of

time I had a vision in this Vision I was

above the clouds looking across the

expanse of the sky as when flying in an

airplane the the sky was filled with

bells that were ringing myriads of them

and many of them looked like the Liberty

Bell I saw Jesus walking in the middle

of those


listen I saw Jesus walking in the middle

of these bells the Lord spoke to me and

said you know this is the only nation

who was ever founded because people

loved me in the history of the world I

founded Israel because I loved people

and made them a great nation to bring

forth the Messiah the savior of the

world but the United States of America

was founded because people love me and

sought to create a nation where they

could have freedom to worship me I will

never forget

that and when he said this his voice

broke up with emotion

and you could hear that he was holding

back tears then he said I’m going to

move in a great Spiritual Awakening and

call this nation back to

myself and it’s on right


now and when things get so nasty and so



many years

ago the Lord pointed out to

me that

uh there is a great

pendulum and it swings

and it has a

limit and it’s coming back the other

way because he said to me the devil

cannot sustain an

attack because people begin to pray and

the great pendulum swings back the other

way and he said when the nation looks at

its worst and at its Darkness you are

about to

see the spirit of Revival move in this

country well it just looks really nasty

but let me folks let me remind you of

what the scripture says the love of

money is the root of all

evil there are people that will stand up

there and curse this nation from one end

to the other hold whatever kind flag you

want to give them for $100 that’s

true where any kind of thing they want


to I was preaching at M Len Hammond’s

church and it was a whole there was a

whole bunch of protesters out there

Copeland doesn’t believe in the

blood the big

sign I said stop the

car so I got out and walked out over

there this young man I said you believe

that Copeland doesn’t believe in the

blood he said no I happen to know he

doesn’t I said really yeah how do you

know that well so I said my name’s

Kenneth copelan I Believe In The Blood

he said

what brother Robert said the reason they

do that they can’t get their own crowd

they’ll use

yours they don’t pay any attention

to I got a phone call from M

Hammond he said uh uh brother Kenneth I

have a man here that wants to apologize


you a

pastor he got on there and he broke up

and he began to grind he said brother

Copan I’m sorry about that picket in


he said there were people that told us

that I don’t know you I hadn’t even

heard you preach and Max straightened me

out and he said I want you to know

that’ll never happen out of my church

again it shouldn’t happen out of

anybody’s church


rightless you want to pick it an

abortion clinic or

something that really doesn’t do much

just causes a fight it doesn’t change

anything it’s when you get on your face

before God you stick your nose in that

rug that changes


amen put the devil in his place and the

Pendulum comes back the other way and it

it is swinging right


Hallelujah so Mark


now you need to read the whole 11th

chapter not just those few verses we

won’t take the time to do that tonight

in fact it do you good to read 10 and

then read 11

and uh or just read the whole

book take for it’s just 16

chapters it’s easy I’ve done that


times I’m going to open that in my can


also cuz there something I want to point

out want to point out a


I had to get one off the book table

tonight I can tell you where mine is

it’s in my

closet I had to get one The Boat table

tonight thank you

Jesus thank you


okay 12th


yeah and on the marrow when they were

come from Bethany he was hungry seeing a

fig tree a far off having leaves he came

if happily he might find anything there

on and when he came to it found nothing

but leaves for the time of figs was not

yet notice yet is in a

t Jesus answered and said unto

it I mean the man’s gone to talk in the

trees but I want you to notice this

Jesus answered and said unto it no man

eat fruit of thee Hereafter forever his

disciples heard

it so he wasn’t quiet about

it and they came to Jerusalem Jesus went

into the temple and began to cast out

them that so bought in the temple and

overthrew it now notice he went in there

the day

before and walked around I’m not so sure

they even knew he was

there but he slept on it

and then went over there the next

morning they came in Jerusalem and Jesus

went into the temple began to cast out

them that sold and bought in the temple

overthrew the tables of the money

changers and the seats of them the sold

doves that they might not suffer any man

to carry any vessel through the temple

he taught saying unto them is it not

written my house shall be called of all

Nations the house of prayer and you’ve

made it aten thieves the scribes and

chief priests heard and sought how they

might destroy him for they feared him

because all the people were astonished

at his dact when evening was come he

went out of the city and in the morning

as they passed by they saw the fig tree

dried up from the

roots he just said nobody’s going to eat

anything off you forever that fig tree

could still be standing there and there

never be another fig on


but it went to the root of the

problem and he said

it Jesus answering sayth unto them have

faith in God have the god the faith of

God have the faith of God for verily I

say unto you whosoever shall say it’s so

whosoever whosoever shall

say unto this mountain be thou removed

and be thou cast into the sea and shall

not doubt in his heart but shall believe

that those things which he sayth shall

come to pass he shall have whatsoever he

saith and then he put it into motion

himself therefore I say unto you what

things soever you desire When you pray

believe that you receive them and you

shall have them when when you feel it

all when you pray believe it right

then it’s

mine and when you stand praying forgive

if you have ought against any that your

father also which is in heaven May

forgive you your


now and seeing in the distance a fig

tree covered with leaves he went to see

if he could find any fruit on it for the

fig tree

the fruit appears at the same time of


leaves but he went F came to it he found

nothing but leaves for the Fig season

had not yet

come so what happened

here the Fig season hadn’t come but the

leaves had that was a disobedient

tree now in the




artists have her eating an

apple there is no mention of an apple in


Garden they covered themselves with fig

leaves so the tree was a fig tree



listen with these

eyes I saw a beautiful artist rendering

and there was just bragging on it just

bragging on it and she’s standing there

with an apple in her hand and she and

her husband both had belly



no if there’s anything he had a scar on


side that you know it didn’t because the

Lord closed him back and when God does

surgery on

you but then that’s where she came

from no wonder she was fine look at


handmade made


Elohim a Heavenly

woman oh

me so

now now that we’ve seen that that


helps that’s of course that’s not in the

Kings it just says the fix seon one yet

but this says

why so it was a disobedient

tree and the fig trees that I’ve seen in

this country you know the kind of bushes

not in the Middle East these things make

great big

trees now

then turn to Romans


16 right

remember anytime you find the word

promise that’s a blood sworn

oath therefore it is a faith that it

might be by grace to the end the promise

might be sure to all the seed not to

that only which is of the law but to

that also which is the faith of Abraham

who is the father of a Saul as it is

written I have made thee a father of

many nations before him and like

him whom he beloved even God who

quickeneth the dead and calleth those

things it be not as though they were

that’s Romans

416 and



4 of course Chris is going to put it up

there on the


therefore inheriting the promises of the

outcome of Faith depends entirely on

faith in order that it might be given as

an act of Grace UNM merited favor to

make it stable and valid and guaranteed

to all his descendants not only of the

devotees and adherence of the law but

also to those who share the faith of

Abraham who is thus the father of us all

as it is written I have made you the

father of many nations he was appointed

our father in the sight of God in whom

he believed who gives life to the dead

and speaks of things non-existent things

that he has forth told and promised as

if they already


Hallelujah like one man said if that

doesn’t set you on fire you W’s

wet now the great faith chapter 11th

chapter of


in the 10th

chapter verse 38 now the just shall live

by faith but if any man draw back my

soul shall have no pleasure in

you but we are not of them who draw back

to predition but of them who believe to

the saving of the Soul now Faith is the

substance of things hoped for

now the just shall live by

faith my righteous servant shall live by

his conviction respecting man’s

relationship to God and divine things

and holy fervor born of Faith conjoin

with it and draws and if he draws back

and shrinks in fear my soul has no

delight and pleasure in him but our way

is not that of those who draw back to


misery predition and are utterly

destroyed but we are those who believe

who cleave to trust in rely on God

through Jesus Christ the Messiah and by

faith preserve the

soul now remember this

class words are spiritual containers in

any language regardless of knowledge one

way or the

other Jesus

said you’re justified by your words

you’re condemned by your

words and you stand judgment for Every

Idle Word that you

speak what is an Idle

Word well I’ll tell yall what that just

that just scared me to

death No it didn’t you’re still walking


that’s well you know what I

mean no I don’t know what you

mean yeah I do CU it used to be that way

it’s a

habit when you said this scared me to

life make

sense and I was John and Kelly and and

we just playing around the house

and and and uh they they’ve got in a

pretty good size and I jumped out from

behind the door and they Oh Daddy Daddy

Daddy and

uh and the Lord on he inside me he said

what are you doing who do you think you

are he said I said fear not and you’re

frightening your

children don’t you ever do that again

and don’t you ever let them go to a

scary movie you keep them out of there

you get them in the in the have laughing


fear and something will come along and

not all that funny

right and there was one man every time

he’d leave he’d say well I see y’all

later train don’t hit

me a train hit his car and like to kill

him Idle

Words Jesus said let your word be yes

and no that’s good all else proceeds


Evil so you develop new

habits use Bible words yes you don’t

there’s a lot of good words in

there isn’t this

magnificent it’s the work of the Lord

hallelujah and is marvelous in my eyes



wonderful or hoop

do but at least that’s not

idle it just doesn’t mean

anything I have a favorite one that I


yeeha but then I’m from West Texas

right all caps of

course with three three little red heart


points of course I’m a one finger texter

and I uh oh takes me a

while sh forget it I’ll just call you


right where do you see this on the

screen now fa now Faith

is if it didn’t now it’s still hope

and the Apostle Paul wrote by the spirit

of God these three abide faith hope and

love and the greatest of these is love I

have heard

it don’t get your hopes

up don’t get your hopes up it might not

happen I have an answer for

that at least that’s not

idle hope is the blueprint for Faith

that’s right you better get it

up brother Hagen said it’s that the Lord

told him it’s hope like her grandparents

are coming well I understood

that cuz my grandparents lived 300 miles

away we lived in

abene and they had a farm in filon and

and then went to church in Littlefield

and uh but every once in a

while uh my mother would say me and my

papa are coming

tomorrow oh

boy oh boy every time I hear a

car what I’m

expecting I’m

expecting and these things are relative

my dad would say Kenneth got to get up

early in the

morning we’re going to go



we I don’t know whether we’re going to

Kirby or Fort

Phantom but uh the we had much much rain

in Kirby kind of a Shallow Lake we’ll

probably drive on over to Fort Phantom

Hill what’ I do that

night I got my fishing tack

got it all by the door got everything

placed just right and wake up in the

night and check

it going fishing with my dad in the

morning and he’d come in and say

Kenneth uh in the morning I want you to

mow the

yard and but you don’t have to do both

of them you can mow the backyard the

next day I didn’t get

up I didn’t wake up I didn’t want to


up I hate that

lawn my grandfather said well I’ll tell

you one

thing he

said that young

man said he’s very

brave he said he’ll lay down right bide

a job of work and go to

sleep say you really

strong we were out there one day um and

Old West Texas dirt get hot in my bottom

my boots my toes and curl up so he

wanted me to go help him in the field

when out there Hing weeds and goat heads

and stuff out and he could pile them up

and there was a Spanish guy and my

grandfather just take that just swing it

and cut stuff just walk about like I’m


now well he had lapped

us and he said when does that old man


down I don’t

know I said Papa how come you can just

outwork a Sal he said cuz you don’t set

a jaw

boy in other words you didn’t intend to

start with he’s

right bottom of my feet hurt on the

house all of these things have spiritual

application early

on I was thinking about that and I set

my jaw to learn faith and study it and

dig into it it is a spiritual Force now

listen to this now Faith is the

Assurance the confirmation the deed of

the things we hoped for being the proof

of things we do not see and the

conviction of their reality faith

perceiving is real fact what is not

revealed to the senses for by faith

trust and holy fervor born of faith of

men of old and divine testimony born to

them and obtained a good



confirmation the



oh not just the

substance it is the title

deed glory to God can you see what it’s

saying I own

it if I can see it with my hope that’s

the blueprint and find the scripture

it’s mine I own it I believe I receive

it it’s mine

Hallelujah I own

it I have a Biblical

deed if you

know real Bible hope most people hope is

wish you going to get healed this

morning I sure hope so brother come I

sure wish I would

know but someone else will say

yes I came here hoping to receive I


to I fully expect

to I was in a prayer line one

time I walked up to this

man and

uh I said what’s the problem he said

this right here no it’s on this side I

let this right

here I said you

know by Jesus Stripes you’re

healed no I’m

not I got

this I said the Bible says by his

stripes you were healed I know it says

that well you’re here no I’m not and so

the said tell him it never will

be I said I’m going to ask you one more

time do you believe you’re healed no I

don’t I said you never will

be just what do you mean I never will

be because you’re not giving God

anything to work

with you have to believe it before you

get it

ain’t that what Mark 11

says so is ready to him believe you

receive you trying to you trying to feel

it well yeah it

hurts and I said something like forget

it to no no no no no no no no

no I believe I receive it it’s


I said that’s better I laid hands on him

and I want you to know

boom God knocked him down and he got up

and he said brother I see what you

mean oh you do this for about 50 60

years there’s a lot of things that take

place yeah one of the most delightful of

all well I should do this tomorrow but

now that I’m in

this Jerry and I were in a place where

and they brought a man on a

gurnie and his wife said he’s just he’s

he’s been having seizures every every


bit and so Jerry and I walked up there

and laid hands on him and and he’s in a

coma and

uh so and then I asked her some more

about it and so he started little bed

and Jer I laid hands on

him and that Caesar


so and

uh then we

had the Bible on tape thanks to George

ois and I said you go here and you read


scriptures and you see to it that you

read to

him you read them well if you get tired

turn those tapes

on so she was doing

that and he’s still out of

it and so one of her friends came

over and uh she said I’m going to start


lunch and uh I’m a bit tired I told her

said don’t don’t do it till you get

tired turn that tape on

so she Saidi going I’m going to fix some

L I’m a little bit tired would you be

would you read these scriptures to

him and she’s reading those scriptures

and he just sat right straight up and

said Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve


seen and I learned

something he said I could hear

everything you were saying he said I

could hear Brother Copeland but but said

but he said I could hear that Bible but

it said it seemed like I was off out in

this in this area and I I couldn’t break

through I kept hearing it and he said

suddenly those Bible words just snap me

out of it Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve

seen word and its

power so let’s come around

now in this Faith review


uh let’s


now to

uh I want to back up in that 10th




verse this is the


Testament Covenant that I will set

up and conclude with them after the

those days sayth the

Lord I will imprint my laws upon their

hearts I will inscribe them on their

minds on their most inner inmost

thoughts and

understanding then he goes on to say

their sins and their law breaking I will

remember no

more now there is absolute remission

forgiveness cancellation of the penalty

of the sins and law breaking there is no

longer any offering made to atone for

sin therefore Brethren since we have

full freedom and confidence to enter

into the holy of holies by the power and

virtue of the blood of Jesus by this

fresh new living way which he initiated

and dedicated and open for us through

the SE separating curtain veil of the

holy of holies that is through his flesh

and since we’re such a great and

wonderful and Noble priest who rules

over the house of God let us come


let’s go to the 17th

chapter let’s see


um 11 17th


by faith Abraham when he was put to the

test while the testing of his faith was

still in

progress had already brought Isaac for

an offering who had gladly received and

welcome God’s promises was ready to

sacrifice his only son of whom it was

said through Isaac shall your

descendants be

reckoned for he re

sear by Faith Jacob oh

man you need to just take this Amplified

and read that book of Hebrews just read

it right straight

through praise

God thank you Father

then you come over wherefore saying we

are also compassed about with so great a

cloud of

witnesses now God having provided some

better thing for us that they without us

should not be made


Jesus Christ the same yesterday today


forever the sin un death is in there

twice that John talked


so that you have to be a fullblown full


Christian to

even and it doesn’t say God wouldn’t

forget said it’s impossible to bring

them to repentance


Faith the title

deed Oh Glory to

God you believe me for a citation

10 I need you to go to Tokyo in the

morning I don’t want you to have to ask

anybody if you can

go yes sir

Gloria yes sir

uh-huh did I tell you we went to

Tokyo you got a few

minutes glor and I were invited to

preach in Beijing



we Dwayne and I and the crew flew the

citation ttin to

Tokyo so that came to pass then a

Chinese crew picked us

up in a

hawker facility they and they were

flight safety

train same place where we

train perfect

English same approaches they were just

in Chinese and so forth and they had a

little stus in there taking such care of

us and from Tokyo then we started in in

the they approach quarter into

Beijing there was so much smog in the

middle of a clear day you couldn’t

see just dirt in the

air so they were

IFR uh instrument flight

rules because of the dirt in there you


see so you think this country is so bad

going over there where you have to wear

a mask to keep breathing

dirt made in

China well they began to

prosper and with all the new car and

everything because of all the stuff

they’re making for the

Americans made in China so I just

Envision this little this little Chinese

Christian because we learned some things


Beijing and U and sitting there sewing


up I

just see that little woman sewing

that that t-shirt or something up and

using it a prayer cloth because that’s

what they said they

did that whoever wears

this this

garment the the anointing of God will

come on them there are tens of millions

and millions and millions and millions

and millions of Christians in

China so we were there and they didn’t

use their Chinese names

and uh

John they use biblical

names he said they said wear a backpack

keep your Bible and things in there and

just wear normal

clothes he said they said that’s what we

do so we keep our Bibles and things in

the backpack cuz everybody over wears

those backpacks nobody pays attention to

it and the Little Red Book the the uh

that uh chairman child back in the

day they they made some little blood

Covenant books out those little red

books and some of them got caught and

put in

jail and so I asked John about that he

said ah we don’t

care he said we just get in there and

start witnessing praise God and he said

we just start and he said they finally

get want to get rid of


in Beijing

China so up in his boardroom really nice

and he showed us some

pictures and uh he said brother

copelan now he said uh you see the

people out there with those little uh

those little tricycle trucks with

baskets on the

back I said yeah he said my father had

one of

those and he said he was a toilet paper

salesman I just load that basket he said

some of them sell sticks for

firewood he said I was born in a 3 meter

room with the rest of my brothers and

sisters a 3 square meter


and he said we heard

prosperity and he said this

is uh Mary in my home we live in

now I said John that’s nice oh he said

we’re building a bigger

one so I got up to preach there in his

boardroom is quite

nice they had 65 people in there so I

started here in in faith they all read

and understood

English so I preached for about an hour

and I figured they you know want I said

let’s take a break and he stood up and

he said are you

offended I said no

what why are you

stopping I said I thought maybe you want

to take a break no no no brother

Copeland these 65 people

represent from 2 to 10 million and they

will take these messages back get in all

you can get in in the time so I said

you’re just you’re a man after my own

la so glory and I both just loaded them

up and then we got word that they had

gone to prison for printing Bibles

wow and


he and so and he won his appeal two or

three times they still wouldn’t let him

out can’t have you printing Bibles in

there you’re supposed to be printing


schools and

so I didn’t I I forgot about

it at the ministers conference one

January he I said

John Mar

Mary you’re out of prison well obvious

I said how did you get out of prison he

said well I won my appeal several times

but he said they they just got tired of

us winning more

souls so they released us I said what

are you doing here he said we’re going

to Dallas for to go to school at cries

for the

Nations from Beijing

China so when you see made in China



amen just pray for whomever it wasn’t

made it it’s

good the faith review covers from

Genesis 1 shall we go

there now if you get one of these


bibles if you don’t have


one CU they copies of my


outlines Caroline of Hell’s

dad old and

cre called me he said

kill I teach a Sunday school class and I

don’t know how to make an outline could

I borrow some of your hat

lines I said well yeah


sure well I was praying about that and I

heard the Lord

say there’s a lot of people like that so

do a reference

Bible addition and in the front of


put your

outlines in alphabetical order with all

the scripture

references and uh offer

ings abiding in Jesus real Bible Faith

the headline just way I do my outlines

here and then he said take your Bible

apart and copy your new


with all of

your writings

and and things and

and so I’ll show you the book of

Hebrews and I was doing television with



Barton and I had it open there at the

11th chapter book of Hebrews and he said

where do you get a white


so so we have the New

Testament it is a copy of

mine they took mine

apart and copied

it with all of the the same things

there with explanations about it and so

forth and I’ve pretty well done

that particularly if it said Covenant




Genesis chapter

1 a young

couple Ivon and Abigail

Bond he’s oh I want to show you

something I forgot to show

you good good uh this was this afternoon

between Services would would you put

there we

are and that’s Ivon working with me on


treadmill and I’m walking I was walking

there in the hills of



amen and I wanted you to

see what that amounts


and as of this



miles and that’s been since I started

keeping mileage but I wanted you to see

that I wasn’t and why I’m not bragging

on myself I’m trying to do my best to

inspire you if I can do this at

87 and you don’t have to have you don’t

have to have a professional

treadmill I do because I I use I do a

lot of hill climbing in it and and all

of that he just stands there and runs

the thing and and



today maximum heart rate was

114 we didn’t work out as hard today as

a lot of times we

do and

uh so then I go back over


and uh wait a

minute 163.5

lb log weight this week There’s the

averages sleep


averages I just wanted you to know that



just telling you stuff that I don’t

do and and of course that

treadmill uh that is a is the guest

home that uh Keith and

phis and that treadmill is already


but I have one like it and they built a

crate for it to take it on the

road thank you

Jesus in the beginning God well now what

does that

mean the blue Bible



in the beginning

God in the


plural masculine noun

Elohim not just God

Elohim all three of

them in the

beginning the Father the Son now notice

it in the beginning Elohim created the

Heaven and the Earth the Earth was

without form and void and darkness was

upon the face of the deep and the spirit

of Elohim moved upon the face of the

waters and Elohim said let there be

light and there was light and God saw

the light that it was good and Elohim

divided the light from the

darkness praise

God forgive me for not being more

prepared than

this cuz I have little tabs in the one

that I left

home by faith we

understand that the worlds during the

successive Ages were

framed fashioned put in order and

equipped for their intended purpose by

the word of God so that we what so that

what we see was not made out of things

which were


no it’s made out of Faith you just can’t


it that’s a faith chapter That’s The

Heroes of Faith starting with God yeah


that was made so Elohim so that we see

was not made out of things which are

visible prompted actuated by faith Abel

brought God a better more acceptable

sacrifice than

King glory to

God so there you see it right there in


beginning Elohim was

moving let’s go to the book of Hebrew



again chapter 2 1 and two

now if you study this first chapter

those are the words that God used to

raise Jesus from the

dead to which of the Angels said he at

any time sit on my right hand until I

make th my enemies your foot stol are

they not all ministering Spirits sent

forth the Minister for them who are HS

of Salvation therefore we ought to give

the more Earnest



now verse n but we see Jesus who was

made a little lower than the angels for

the suffering of death crowned with

Glory and Honor that by the grace of God

should taste death for every man

the Lord dropped that in my heart and I

have been able to minister it so many


since you

cannot I’m talking about born again

now you

cannot taste it when you

die you cannot cannot smell it when you

die you cannot see it when you die you

cannot hear it when you die you cannot

feel it when you

die you’re a spirit

being Bob deise had a heart attack he’s


captain on the

airplane on the handball


they rushed him to the city of Faith

hospital and he was telling glor and me

he and Charlotte were telling Glory me


it and he said all of he said I don’t

remember anything about that heart

attack but he said all of a sudden I was

in the most beautiful place I’ve ever

seen in my

life he said it’s gorgeous

small Road

there he said Kenneth there was so much

power in my

legs and he said I walked over he said

there was a fence over here and he

said he said it

was far as I could tell handcarved

mahogany gorgeous and over on this side

and then he said I saw the lights and he

said I said I’m

home glory to God he said I’ve began to

run he said kenth the power in my legs

he he went where he didn’t have


he said I began to

run but he said all of a sudden I began

to get bogged down

and and they said there I was

again in

there and they were popping me around

and Charlotte was there and she said and

Charlotte said Ken I

Gloria you want me to tell you what he

said did he say Charlotte thank you for

saving my

life oh Charlotte I love you so you know

he said Charlotte what did you do that

for he want to

stay then he told me later we were there

together he said oh come on let’s go

outside I want to talk to

you he said I’m not going to be able to

stay here long

he said I’ve been to

heaven and it is pulling on

me wow he said I don’t know how long I

can stay I want to go

home I’ve had that happen three

times and uh Keith’s been

there nice place

huh right after his dad went home

and the Lord allowed him to go and see


dad Keith said his sh his hair

was shiny

black and said he look like he’s

probably about 28 30 years

old looking

good and what did Keith what impress was

is while you were

there someone said brother Keith brother

Keith thank you for preaching that

message that’s right cuz I got saved

with that message and look at me I’m

here I’m


yeah just the planish was


he said the Apostle Paul came up and

said are they still preaching my

messages and said she said oh yeah oh


yeah oh yeah I like to have a tactical


myself I’m planning on


it I got 32 more years to go and I have

a vision of it

amen I visioned it

out the Lord said you’ll start making

news when you’re

90 and I’m

87 and I you going to find that picture

when I’m 90 when I’m

95 thank you

Lord December the 6

56 and here’s what the Lord said to

me people have lived a long time Moses

lived to be 120 but he wasn’t preaching

the word of faith

true he said this gives time for the

prophets Ministry to

develop and preach the word of faith

till you’re 120 years

old so I

agreed and as a strong investment in




Len oh

Lord thank you

Jesus but I saw


and my spirit my mind’s

ey because the Lord said when you get to

be 0 you’ll begin to draw a

crowd he said then the world begins to

get they’ll have their cameras there

when you get 9090 and he said when you

get to be 100 they’ll fill the place up

just to see if you can finish the


well who else around us preaching the

word of faith said 100 years

old I’m going to fly an airplane on my



birthday and then after that we’ll

see and this is was the vision in my

heart and


glor is

115 December the


2056 I’ll finish my last

message probably Mark 11:23

24 or maybe the book of

Hebrews I may have preached it so many

times I can quote the book of Hebrews I


know standing on the

platform and both of us praising God

after my message on

faith stand there praising in

God and suddenly there’s

Jesus and while we’re looking at

him our bodies will just fall on the

platform and we’re

gone and I am looking forward to that

day but I got a heap of work to do

between now and

then and so all of our partners will be

there of course so I’m guaranteed a

crowd of course I don’t know where it’s

going to be I have no idea I Can Dream


something because I I visualize

things and


it’s and I ask the Lord

why he said

because he said I I I I want the word of

faith taught and

preached he said I I I don’t I don’t

have said I have a few preaching a word


faith when they get up into the 80s and


said he mentioned brother Hagen to me

went home in

2003 and uh and you know and of course

then he referred to

me but he said Kim when when this is all

in my spirit he said when you when you

get up in 85

90 it becomes fewer and fewer preaching

the word of faith

true at that

age of course Keith and

Jerry and all they’ll be at every

service because I learned this from

him in the beginning

of and I agreed to

it so every day that’s reason I count


days I know how many days I’ve lived how

many days I’ve been in the ministry how

many days I have to

go amen thank you

Lord now how many tread bille let’s

see wear out a lot of

shoes but the important thing is like

one man said

you get on fire people will come watch


burn just to see if you going to make it


enough Pat Robertson was in a wheelchair

because his his legs had given out on

him so anded he went home we were there

in the chapel and he was in a wheelchair

then and when he would come back on and

do questions and so forth well then they

D but he would be in a in in that

wheelchair his legs had completely quit

him at

90 but I have a covenant with God yes


yeah I could go into long part of it but

it’s very

interesting that’s not doesn’t mean you



but I don’t care who you are your heart

needs some exercise that’s

right either get outside and walk an

hour a

day it has been proven that a good brisk

walk for one hour a day 5 days a week

will add 25 years to your

life your heart doesn’t kill

you Walter

Beach beachcraft

products brilliant

man started that

company the secretary’s name olivan and

they got


and my just a brilliant salesman died of

a heart attack at 54 years

old this is not



exercise and

stress stress is what happened to

me so they put this pacemaker in

there with the fibulator and all of that

well that Bruce protocol is 9 minutes

long but it it’s it’s


so the Lord blessed me to train to that

Bruce protocol if you want to look it up

sometime and see what kind of stress

test it is it’s cardal stress

test so the Lord blessed

me and Ivon had me training at the Bruce


so I did the 9

minutes with the defibrillator in

there so the tech RB came out and turned


off and sent that to the


I dare

you I text his double dog dare

you to get you a residential

treadmill then just start off

walking and then increase

it you don’t even have to put an incline

to it just increase the speed a little

bit enough to get your heart rate up

and you can get one with a heart monitor

and it’ll show up on and get your Fitbit

and you

know what it is you get it up there and

put your phone up there and see what

your heart rate is while you’re pumping

away on that

treadmill I’m not selling

fitbits I didn’t need this one I’d give

it to you


amen praise God praise God I said praise

praise God praise God praise

God praise the

Lord praise the

Lord praise the Lord praise the praise

the Lord PR the praise the Lord praise

the Lord praise the Lord praise the

praise the Lord praise the Lord praise

the Lord PR the praise the Lord praise

the Lord praise the Lord praise the Lord

and you tell Willie George that I said

to get him a treadmill

you tell him I said

so I think you just told him did I

good I’m

missing and uh here you need to Sir

praise God hang hang on just second you

got a


it is

Amplified you’re


Hallelujah I wish I had a truckload I’m

just get everybody

praise the Lord thank you Lord I wrote

in my Bible right there at the 10th

chapter of

Mark the greatest investment on Earth is

sewing into the kingdom yes it

is that’s right right where I read from

the 10th chapter Mark and I wrote it up

talk the greatest investment there is

Sir is sowing into the kingdom y sir yes

it is time