Living in the Fourth Dimension is a brand new concept for many. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is living in the realm of the supernatural. Jesus lived in this fourth dimension and displayed it during His ministry with signs and wonders. Mark 6 describes Jesus walking on the water (verses 45-50). Jesus had sent His disciples in a boat to cross over to the other side while he went to pray. In the middle of the night, Jesus came walking on the water and would have passed them, but the disciples saw Him. Jesus said to them, “Do not fear; it is I.” In this new series by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that you too have been made to live in the fourth dimension. Ordering Information:…

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there’s a bright day coming lift up your

head there’s a breakthrough coming lift

up your hands your Miracle is coming

lift up your head your anointing is here

when you ask God for something the

father gets glorified Jesus gets

magnified cause now you know he is able

to do exceedingly abundantly above all

that you can possibly ask or think

what’s happening in your faith starts

dominating I’m gonna tell you what the

Holy Ghost told me to tell you I need

you to put a smile on your face and a

dance on your feet because by the time

you get home

five attacks a time you get home by the

time you get home what you’ve been

asking for

shall come to pass

refused to die without getting

everything that God has in mind for me I

refuse to die I refuse to close my eyes

in that I refuse to die until I lay hold

of everything that God has in mind for

my life I refuse to be alive without

relevance I must possess my possession

so the Bible set up for Mount Zion there

shall be Deliverance there shall be

Holiness and the sons of Jacob must

possess their possession you want more

then talk to those that already happened

you want to get out ahead in life

then start having fellowship with those

that are ahead

don’t ever be asking someone that’s in

the back

do you want to be rich

start talking with those who are okay


do you hear what I’m telling you I’m

saying we’re going to 4D we’re going to

whatever’s missing can be restored come

on we’re going to win the Devil shot his

best shot you said try it devil Try Your

Best Shot and we gonna fix what’s broke

it makes no difference how bad it looked

everything that Satan did God left no

strikes you don’t need the reason of

nothing you just know the god that you


he will deliver them



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up next on the believer’s block of faith

got somebody from the deep south and

they talk like that from the D sound

well you know I was going down to that

place the other day and some you say oh

I know where you from you’ve been down

south and say yeah how did you know well

be able to say the same thing with you

you start saying I am a billionaire I

want my faith I’m Healed I’m Delivered

come on all my needs are I’m not



they say I know where you’re from you’re

from Heaven that’s where you’re from

you’re from the kingdom of God


no matter what problem you have right

now God has a solution already ready to

go all packaged up come on with

instructions on it ready and even got

your name on it because he knew that

today you were coming to him with a

solution on how you can get to be a

millionaire in a month in a month

in Jesus name


the condition

of the church

is that the church

is what’s described

as in Revelation chapter



and verse 16 ready read


Luke won’t say lukewarm

lukewarm you can’t move a lukewarm

person for nothing

warm Saints are just Saints

do anything they won’t pay their tithes

they won’t go witness they won’t do

anything but say lukewarm

same into that

he said I’d rather for you to be hot or

cold than lukewarm lukewarm is a bad

place to be

don’t ever get new forms if you feel

yourself lukewarm do something

stir up something

to a lot of the church has been lukewarm

and we don’t want the church lukewarm we

want the church hot



the next thing



the church

they have a sense




now what I mean by that


Genesis Chapter 30 and verse 31. now

just watch the scripture and just read

the scripture and I’ll explain this to


ready read

now what I’m saying

is Jacob has been working for Laban for

20 years

and didn’t have enough money

to go to the south side

and uh

and so now


is being offered

another deal

and Laban is trying to again keep him

there because the blessings on Jacob

and Laban is getting the benefit of the


and so he’s saying it just tell me what

you want me to pay you and it’ll be all


now that’s what’s happening today in


I said in Babylon

you might get a raise

but the price of living just went up

so you raise didn’t count for much

and it’s happening so deceptively to

most people can’t even see it happen

the only thing they know is they still

can’t get to the south side

but my point to you is is that you are

no longer going to have to live off of

what they can pay you

I think this is the right section over

here you are no longer gonna have to

live off of what they can pay you

here is Jacob he went all the way he

said don’t pay me nothing

he said you don’t pay me anything and

I’m gonna buy you out

but I just came right there that was a



yes indeed so I’m saying notice he came

off the system and when he did he went

to 4D

and I’m telling you now stop looking at

yourself as the person who is on the

side of the road looking for somebody to

stop by and give them something

yourself as somebody passing by

and you got everything they need and you

can help them out


so you’re able to

hear what I’m saying you ought to have

money left over

every time you get your paycheck

watch this you don’t even need to spend

that just put that in the bank you’re

gonna live off of overflow

that’s what I’m talking about babe

you’re gonna live off of overflow from

now on I decree you gonna live off of

your overflow you ain’t gonna even touch

the principle

all right

put his side but it put it

you’re supposed to be hungry Say Amen

you know to get rich you got to be


all right let’s let me see where I can

go now

this side I’m telling you there’s

something about this this city something

about 47th Street something about 89.


they hungry for this work babe y’all got

fully babe

really I mean you know you can take me

somewhere I didn’t plan to go

you have a need you can pull that thing

out of this anointing on me and God will

tell you how to get your man in 30 days

he will tell you come on you can pull

that thing out of me and God come on

he’ll tell you how to get that car debt

free you pull this thing out of me and

God will tell you how to get your cousin

out of your house


thank you

okay okay okay sit down let’s let’s get

serious here now all right

all right okay amen all right let’s just

let’s just check this out

so uh let’s see where I am

all right so next okay dependent

depending on the world too much

depending on the world too much you got

to stop that dependency because when you

depend on the world too much you know

eventually you start thinking like the


when when God asks you to do something I

can guarantee you it’s not going to make


and it’s not going to come the way you

thought it was going to come so you got

to stay open to foolish thoughts you

come on you got to be stay open God may

just tell you get on one foot and jump

down break down see do what I’m saying

and when you do that all of a sudden

something will show up

so I’m just saying just stay tuned to

God and say stay connected to him say

Amen to that

all right also that it’s a lot of

fussing and fighting among Church Folks

and when I say that one denomination uh

is fighting another and so forth learn

to First Corinthians please in chapter

three and look at verse three through uh

one through three ready read

this world



my goodness my goodness

now what am I saying I’m saying wait a


you don’t need to argue with anybody

I said you don’t need to argue with


see if you know what you’ve been called

to do you’ll be content

it’s only when you don’t know what you

call to do and you jealous about

somebody doing what they’re supposed

you don’t need to get jealous of that

sister you don’t need to get jealous

that brother won’t you do what you’re

supposed to do


all right so that’s it and and basically

the next one is the church has been

broke and and when I say broke I mean

don’t have no money in the bank oh you

follow the same I’m saying day to day

living paycheck to paycheck but it’s

time to get above that

I said it’s time to get above that

uh let’s let’s just set a goal right now

we’re going to set a goal right now

you’re going to get above that by this

time by the end of the year you will

have fifty thousand in the bank


play money

can I say that

don’t say that to some questions they go

well he’s just talking about money let’s




that’s coming to do what I’m doing


I mean I can I you know I can preach for

free but the hardware costs something


all right so

can I keep going here


just think about it 50 000 in the bank

see the first thing you’ll say well I

don’t know how I’m gonna get fifty

thousand dollars well watch it if you

can figure it out you don’t need faith

if you can figure it out you don’t need

faith that is not being truthful

truthful is something that the idea

comes from God

I said you will have 50 000 in the bank

and I ain’t taking it back if anything

I’ll add 50 more to it


all right sit out sit down


nothing wrong with that what’s wrong

with that folks what’s wrong with having

fifty thousand in the bank

nothing wrong with that if anybody

criticizing me about having God’s people

that have 50 000 in reserve in the bank

there’s something wrong with that person

that person is not dealing with with a

full neck

admits into the wrong spirit and and

listen I don’t care if you don’t like me

I’m here

where was you when I couldn’t pay my


all right let me come back come on sit

down let me let me get done with it

all right okay so

all right

all right now let’s leave this next

section Jesus came

to bring the kingdom of God he said over

in Mark chapter one in Mark chapter 1

verse 14 15. he said repent

for the kingdom of God is at hand

all right repent means

start thinking differently

because the kingdom of God is at hand


he said that Satan has a kingdom I

didn’t say it Jesus said it let’s put it

up and that’s uh Matthew’s gospel

and Matthew chapter 12.

all right

and let’s read it and read it together

verse 26 ready read

all right

whose kingdom Satan has a kingdom

now he tried to get Jesus to join his


look at Luke

chapter 4

and look at five verse 5 through 7.

ready read


so he’s trying to get Jesus to worship


because he’s got control of all this

and he did he got it from Adam and Eve

that’s right but you’ve been sent to get

it back

I won’t say that but one other way

you’ve been said

part of your mission

is to establish God’s kingdom here on

this Earth that means order

one thing that the kingdom does when it

comes is order everything

it makes it line up with Heaven yes and

Heaven expects God’s children to have

God’s wealth that’s right

this is I’m going back over here on the

south side

that this is part of your reason for

being here part of reason for being here

is you’re the harvesting generation you

you’re the ones that God’s been waiting

on because you’re going to not only get

back to people but you’re going to get

back to property

that everything’s coming back into your

hands and the Heathen are going to

manage it for you


that’s Isaiah 61.

all right let me quickly let me quickly

move quickly here

all right so here you are

and the enemy has a kingdom now look

what Jesus said about his kingdom it

says in John chapter 18 and verse 36 he

said my kingdom is what out of this

world all right now what Satan wants is

he wants to get people

in his kingdom operating on his


so he can keep his government


and the principles of the kingdom of

darkness are lying

cheating come on uh manipulation uh

adultery all of that is the kingdom of

darkness so if you can get people

continuing to do that then they’re



but if you don’t talk like him

if you don’t act like him you are not

welcome in the club


come on now you know what I’m talking

about sometimes the corporate you be

wrong people and they be drinking all

the Jack Daniels and Jerry and Johnny

Walker red and so forth and so on and

they say Hey you want a little chip no

no that’s okay I don’t care for anything

I don’t drink you don’t drink

and you’ll notice how I think notice I


oh wait a minute oh when you was unsaved

they said uh you want a little hit off

of this right there no no I don’t I

don’t smoke you don’t smoke I’m just

saying it

and you ain’t in the club

and and Satan can tell if you’re in the

club what by what you say


I said he can tell you in the club by

what you say

if you start calling things that be not

as though they were you ain’t in Satan’s


he don’t like you around him because you

might convince some other people that

they can call things that be not

see his job is to keep people in fear in

his Club but your job is to keep people

in faith in your club and I’m saying I

don’t know where you stand but I’m on

the Lord’s Side

I said I’m on the Lord’s Side now I

serve one king his name is Jesus he’s

the king of kings and the Lord of lords

see and if you’re gonna serve him it’s

just like Peter over in Matthew I think

verse 26 what Peter was sitting outside

while they were interrogating Jesus and

they came outside and they said wait a

minute weren’t you with him he said no

no no no homie I wouldn’t I wasn’t with

him I wasn’t with him and then another

person came along said wait a minute

wait a minute you you were with him he

said no no I just told the lady I wasn’t

with him no you’re with him cause I

could tell the way you talk


you and Bill Winston cause I can tell

the way you talk

do you hear what I’m saying to you

you know how it is you got somebody from

the deep south and they talk like that

from the D South well you know I was

going down to that place the other day

and so you say oh I know where you from

you’re from down south they’d say yeah

how did you know well they ought to say

the same thing with you you start saying

I am a billionaire I want by faith I’m

Healed I’m Delivered come on all my

needs are met and I see do you have what

I’m saying

they say I know where you from you’re

from Heaven that’s where you from you’re

from the kingdom of God

Satan got to get you out of the way

he don’t want you he don’t want you to

contaminate his people because if you

say it and they see it then you’re going

to convince him and they’re going to

join your Club

that enemy wants you to join his Club he

wants you to say how bad it is he wants

you to say hi to children that God he

wants you to say things instead of

saying in the name of Jesus it’s his one

nation come on under God indivisible

with liberty and justice for all my kids

are safe and they’ll never be taken and

bonded my come on my business will

always always line up with the kingdom

of God I will never fail I’ll always be

are you following what I’m saying start

saying what God said I said stop saying

what God Said


thank you

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