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BW 2175-2 The Spiritual Process For GOD’s Promises – New Trees series Series Number 472

there’s a bright day coming lift up your

head there’s a breakthrough coming lift

up your hands your Miracle is coming

lift up your head your anointing is here

when you ask God for something the

father gets glorified Jesus gets

magnified cause now you know he is able

to do exceedingly abundantly above all

that you can possibly ask or think

what’s happening in your faith starts

dominating I’m gonna tell you what the

Holy Ghost told me to tell you I need

you to put a smile on your face and a

dance on your feet because by the time

you get home

by the time you get home by the time you

get home what you’ve been asking for

shot shall come to pass

I refuse to die without getting

everything that God has in mind for me I

refuse to die I refuse to close my eyes

in that I refuse to die until I lay hold

of everything that God has in mind for

my life I refuse to be alive without

relevance I must possess my possession

for the Bible set up for Mount Zion

there shall be Deliverance there shall

be Holiness and the sons of Jacob must

possess their possession you want more

then talk to those that already happened

you want to get out ahead in life

then start having fellowship with those

that are ahead

don’t ever be asking someone that’s in

the back

do you want to be rich

are talking with those who are yes


ever be rich

he’s not gonna have the answer do you

hear what I’m telling you I’m saying

we’re going to 4D we’re going to

whatever’s missing can be restored come

on we’re going to win the Devil shot his

best shot You Said Fred devil Try Your

Best Shot and we gonna fix what’s broke

it makes no difference how bad it looked

everything that Satan did God left no

strikes you don’t need the reason of

nothing you just know the god that you


he will deliver them


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your tree told you that this is just

church talk

I better come over here your your tree

told you that the man of God is just


your tree told you that it’s impossible

for you to speak to a dollar bill your

tree told you and that’s wrong the wrong

tree the wrong tree Satan made sure that

tree was in there so when I came and

gave you the truth your tree would fight

me as if I’m telling a lie and I’m

showing you evidence in the manual what

Jesus spoke to it

thank you

he spoke to it you can speak to it


we have a mandate to dominate the Earth


and he’s sending you out to do it but

you can’t do it in 3D you have to do it

what in 4D

now you have 4D capacity

but 4D needs to be preached

it needs to be preached how many people

are preaching you can point at your


not many

not many I’m I’m not trying to put

anybody else down but I’m saying for you

to go and operate like Jesus operated

somebody’s gonna have to preach this

watch this and not be ashamed to be

laughed at

because I go and preach something like

this I mean they get all excited about

it and so forth like that because

they’ve heard it but many preachers

Don’t Preach this

but this is a part of the Kingdom

message Lord have mercy

so Jesus preached it he preached it and

demonstrated it

and watch this when they came to the Fig

Tree had nothing on it he spoke to it

so if I can speak to that tree I can

speak to my bills

so I got all my bills I put them on the

table because I was so far in debt I

couldn’t pay attention so I put them on

the table I said bills I’m talking to

you because I heard another man do this

in the name of Jesus now I’m saying this

because you will listen to me in this

service and go right home and won’t do

it yeah now the reason why you won’t do

it is because of trees

your tree told you that this is just

church talk

I better come over here your your tree

told you that the man of God is just

preaching your tree told you that it’s

impossible for you to speak to a dollar

bill your tree told you and that’s wrong

the wrong tree the wrong tree Satan made

sure that tree was in there so when I

came and gave you the truth your tree

would fight me as if I’m telling the lie

and I’m showing you evidence in the

manual what Jesus spoke to it



there is no limit your boundary is

spiritual out of the heart comes the

issues of life no longer out of one God

said don’t function out of your head

anymore I don’t want that I don’t want

that’s unacceptable no I’m insisting

that you come up and do things from a

spiritual process

born at that preacher never mind

and I decree in Jesus name you gonna do


see what you’re trying to do is beat the

system in 3D you keep beat the system in

3D I’m trying to accumulate my you can’t

beat this system I tried it I tried to

get out of sister Beverly’s house when

we first got here David said to Beverly

I’m trying to get out and every time I

pay the car the car breaks down or

something so forth took some money I had

to get a place I couldn’t do it

how could this month’s passing I’m

getting embarrassed

she’s asking us when we go move

I’m saying well I you know no I’m trying

to 3D it out

but I can’t get past the devil in 3D


I went on a three-day Fast And I said

Okay Lord I said what is this he said

all right this is what you do slow down

he said I listen for god listen to God

and do what he said and he told me to

decree a thing so now I gotta move up to

the decree realm which is 4D I said

we’ll be moving in seven days in the

name of Jesus

when I got the sixth day we’ll be moving

in six days in the name of Jesus got to

the fifth day my wife you’ll be moving

in five where we going I don’t know but

we’ll be moving see I’m not moved by

other people’s opinions man I’m only

moved by what I say in the name of Jesus

we’re gonna take you up there because

you’ve been trying to get out by the

natural method you listen the devil can

snatch everything you got what we need

to do is forget about that

and stop being shy about people laughing

at you


say that in front of people

look at David he come to the front line

they tried to shame him that don’t get

on back there with them sheep he said no

I can take the guy


kept saying it Captain said it five

times and got up there and took the guy

hit him in the head with a rock and The

Rock sunk in his head he fell down David

took his sword and cut his head off and

took his head back to the camp

telling you need to cut the head off of

that unbelief and all that stuff

that stuff man I’m preaching hard and I

supposed to

don’t tell nobody what you you can’t do

that don’t tell it don’t tell me that

so just a dare you daring me a double

dog dare you if you do because you know

how y’all used to say it


God is insisting that you come up

to a spiritual process

now what’s the deal here he taught his

disciples he sent them out

Mark Matthew chapter 10 verse 7 and 8.

he sent him out he said now this is what

I want you to do

I want you to what

it’s in the king of heaven and I want

you to do what to say

you’re sick keep going

Ray free and freely give and then he

told them to take no script

that’s Moolah that’s money watch this

then he told him take no change of code

don’t take no clothes because you’re

going to be producing clothes you’re

going to be producing money all of that

by spiritual process come on you got to

go with me your mind is saying right now

how is that happening

he says Mark 5 15. you with me ready


now where do you get the clothes from so

wait a minute you mean Jesus had an

extra pair of clothes that would happen

to fit him

no he didn’t he produced it now see you

still trying to figure out how this is

going to happen don’t try to figure it


understanding comes after faith not

before it

when I give it to you you have to say I

receive that

in Jesus name now comes understanding


thank you

I want you to raise the Dead

raising the dead is not a 3D church


Kendall 3D Church raised no dead

we’re going into a time that we’re going

to raise the Dead

see everybody didn’t clap on that see



you could go wow

see the ghosts

y’all got to get over that

are you with me

amen all right now what am I trying to

do trying to get you out of 3D

I’m trying to show you

where things that God has for you are in

4D that the way you’re going to be able

to get them is be able to go up to 4D


so we’re gonna have to go to 4D to be

able to get the provisions and the

things that God has for us and in 4D you

can’t feel anything amen amen you can’t

feel the thing

uh do you feel me yes you you

can feel zero


but it’s happening

I said it is happening it’s happening to

you right


now let’s look at the next section





seeds trees

and deeds

y’all with me yes sir

so God is saying now I’m no longer

coming down there

I insist

that the things you do for the kingdom

are done through a spiritual process

that’s what he’s saying though through

the body of Christ because a lot of

things have been stolen

because we hadn’t grown up


and David says to Saul

he said over in 17 first Samuel 17 I’ve

killed a lion

I’ve killed the bear he’s moving on up

now isn’t it and now I can take this guy

how about Esther


go in there and tell the king

and get a word to him concerning all of

your People Israel

because he’s put out

this edict that they all going to be

killed genocide

and go into Essence I can’t go in there

so I can go in there because I have not

been invited that’s the rule

he said that’s a let me tell you

something girl

he said



have been brought into the kingdom

for such a time as this

now I’m saying this to you

God telling you to go somewhere

because you have been

this is this is your time


you’re getting the wealth

is not an option

you are the harvesting generation


now let me just show you something let

me show you this let me show you real

quick and then we’re going to come back

because I want to show you something



and deeds

and that for God to have you to do


you’re going to have to get a seed for


because what he’s going to want you to

do is in the category of Dominion

and he’s going to have you to do

something you can’t do

so you’re going to have to seed yourself


here is

Jay uh Joshua

and Joshua

God said

over in Joshua 1 3

that every place

the soul of your feet shall tread

that have I given you what did he do

you see Runners up there they tread

their feet on it and they came back

same into this

now what happened

is Joshua now is going to take it but

God said now meditate in this word

day and night and then Joshua chapter 6

verse 1

and 2. see I have given into your hand

Jericho and the King thereof now notice

this is a Promised Land Of God this is

Joshua who’s supposed to take the

promised land but it’s got to have a



and the seeds

gives him

the the image

the Lord have mercy

of dominion

I’m I’m gonna say it you better get

ready for it see see now let me show you

I need an airplane

so now

God’s making it so

that all

of your


and supplies

come by a spiritual process

are you with me

so if I’m gonna get an airplane

this man brought me some seed who came

to speak from Africa

a seed was in Ecclesiastes

chapter 10 verse 20. a bird of the air

shall carry your voice

I took the seed

and the seed is the word of God

so I planted now watch this now

religious people are just going to say


but just don’t say Amen because it’s

religious say Amen because you receive

it and this is the way you’re going to

live now watch this watch this

so I received that seat airplane

so now what do I have

I have an airplane

now how did it come

it came by the spiritual


of the spirit it didn’t come by my head

it didn’t come by how long I worked it

came by a spiritual process because God

has already given me precious promises

but he gives it to me in seed form


precious promises he’ll give you that’s

all right that’s all right I will say

can I keep going here


so what do I do

I said okay

I got to see for the airplane sold it in

my heart it says in Mark chapter 4 verse

14 The Source or the word sowed it in my


if I want to get debt free I need some

debt-free seed

am I right about that

I I want to get sickness free I need

some sickness free seeds see other than

that I can’t stand up against the forces

yeah I gotta dominate


so I believe God for an airplane and an

airplane is out there right now


I said okay


we go into operation in 10 cities and

not see I’ve got to pay these people and

the people fly there and all our all our

audio visual people and all that they

fly there and so forth I.T folks and I

said man

I said now what is God’s best

is that

I have

my own


that’s what I need to carry everybody


I got a few haters in here

see but you don’t need to hate on me get

you one man

we don’t need the hate on me

why hate on me


get up in 4D and get you what you want

get you what you need get to what you

desire get to what Jesus died to provide


that’s the right section over here we

might take this section out of time


sit down now somebody might be watching

this where are these pumping all them

people up that’s all right that’s all

right that’s all right you watch we’re

gonna fly over your house

and we go gun the engine


over your bungalow


listen read the scriptures second Peter

please chapter 4 verse chapter 1 verse

4. read the scriptures what he has given


ready read


that that’s that’s precious promises are


I said precious promises are yours

I’m gonna say it again precious promises

are yours

no no no listen this is not for

everybody I’m just saying you might need

a car you might need a job you might be

in a house it doesn’t make any

difference get yourself some Dominion



amen and so as we get this seed and

we’re going to be talking about this

because we’re taking up to that next


see I’m I’m trusting

that this church

is going to manifest

the Dominion mandate

we gonna get dominion over sickness over

disease come on over premature death

we gonna get dominion over some of these

wars that are being fought there’s no

reason for them being fought except to

drain the treasury of your nation we’re

going to get angels to stop the wars


they gonna last for 30 days maximum

we’re going to put jail the boarding

schools in jails come on now we’re going

to take all the pornography books out of

our children’s schools come on we gonna

change ungodly lawmakers you hit what

I’m saying we’re gonna get them

now say amen and give God a shout



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