Jesus came to display the power of the invisible Kingdom of God, and a new order of living. In this teaching, by Dr. Bill Winston, you will learn how Jesus demonstrated the Kingdom by the signs, wonders and miracles he performed as the Sample Son and how you too can believe and operate in miracles. Ordering Information: BW 2055-2 Forge Your Greatness part of the “Becoming Miracle Minded” series Series Number 455…


that woman said get me out of debt

my husband feared the lord they’re

coming to take my kids ah

got out of debt like that

say Amen now that was that was the

second king chapter four second Kings

chapter four also there was a woman who

hadn’t had kids they had no C and notice

what the man of God he came there and

slept when they built him a prophets

quarters and then he before he laid down

the spirit of God to ask the woman what

she wanted cause he had so old and she

had sold into that anointing and when

you sow into that anointing now you’re

about to get a prophet’s reward


and he got himself what do you want she

said oh I’m okay I got quiet because she

was a woman of means but the prophet’s

assistant to the prophets that you don’t

have a child it’s at this time next year

you’re gonna have a child see when you

speak out of that anointing

and just like God just spoke


folks this thing is so powerful in the

next verse second king chapter five this

is when a man who had leprosy named

naoman and he heard about a prophet down

that it could happen but he wasn’t a

Israelite so he goes down there and he

rides up with all his men because he was

a big captain in the in the army of of

the syrians and he came to the house of

the man of God and the man of God uh

sent his servant not dancing because

we’ll see what he wants he said well

he’s a leper and he said ask me that he

wants to be healed

man of God to tell you what tell him to

go dip seven times

in the River Jordan now what did that

Naomi do he got mad about it

he said blessed are they that are not

offended in me

but he got mad about it why because he’s

carrying his caring Pride

and see this anointing God resists the

proud but he gives grace to the humble

so that man had to Humble himself to get

that ranointing to work in his life say

Amen but he knew he had leprosy and he

knew he had to get rid of it and this

was his chance to do it what did he do

he gave him instructions to dip seven

times in the River Jordan I’m telling

you that the instructions God might give

you might sound foolish but if you’re

just different

come on now




you said the things of the spirit of God

of foolishness to the Natural man

they’re supposed to be foolish

now let’s go to the last part of this

notice first Samuel chapter 22.

and David therefore departed Vince and

escaped into the cave of a doodle now

Saul was trying to kill it why because

David that anointing was on him and Saul

got jealous about it

and when his Brethren and all his

father’s house heard it they went down

to the to him watch this

and every one of them that was what


and everyone that was what in debt and

everyone that was what discontented

gathered themselves unto him and he

became a captain over there now notice

today we call that broke busted and


so that’s you so God has called us all

together come on now

but he’s got a captain over the team

and that Captain is Anointed

now look what happened because they

didn’t have what David had David had an

anointed on him and you know God had

anointed him and he slayed a lion he

slayed a bear and slayed Goliath am I

right about it now look what happened in

second Samuel over here and second

Samuel and chapter 23 and verse 8. these

be the names of the Mighty Men Who David

had the technonite the technonite that

set in the seats Chief among the

captains the same was a dino The Edge

Knight and he lifted up his spear

against how many 800 whom he slayed what

at one time he didn’t have that when he


it’s called anointing by association

that’s going to be God’s way this is

going to be God’s way of doing this you

will wake up you gonna wake up strong


come on

now that’s for battle that’s for coming

up against anything that might come up

against you in this earth there’s gonna

be anointing on you for battle for

winning every battle David didn’t lose

not one battle so from this day you will

not lose not one panel

thank you