so as that word is coming to you right

now from the prophet of God watch this

if you value that anointing

that anointing will do what it said

now look what it says and

Isaiah chapter 55 and verse 11.

he says so shall my word be that goes

forth where out of my mouth it shall not

what return to me void but it shall what

accomplish that which I please and it

shall what prosper in the thing where

unto our sinner

see the word

comes with the spirit

look what he says in Luke’s gospel

chapter five put that up there please


gospel chapter 5 and he withdrew himself

unto the Wilderness and prayed this is

Jesus and it came to pass on a certain

day as he was teaching that there were

Pharisees and doctors of the Lost

sitting by which will come out of every

town of Galilee and Judea

and Jerusalem and the power of the Lord

was what present to heal them see if I’m

preaching the word of faith

then my faith is causing the anointing

to be on what I preach

see and if you receive that

this this man brought they brought a

person in that legs had their foot had

been crushed brought him into Cielo

Osborne’s meeting T.L Osborne is


now often he says he asked the Holy

Spirit don’t please don’t start working

until I get the word out please

because the word

and the spirit

are always accompanying one another man

so he’s preaching so they will they the

nurse came with him and so forth the man

was on a gurney and so they came and and

he said all right God is is ready to

heal and he went down into the crowd in

the first place he came to that man and

the man’s he said what can I do for you

what can the Lord do for you he said oh

Dr ozburn I think something has already

happened now understand when they came

in there they had a sheet over him and

he had one foot sticking up

the other one was Christ but by the time

Dr Osborne came to him two feet will

stick enough

now I’m saying that because in Mark

chapter 6 starting at verse 3 glory to

God Jesus makes the statement here they

said now it is not The Carpenter’s son

of Mary the brother of Jose and James

and Joseph and Judas and Simon and it’s

not this is Sister here with us and and

all they were offended at him watch this

but Jesus said unto them a prophet is

not without honor come on but in his own

country come on among his own Kinfolk

come on and his own house keep going and

he could there do no Mighty Works save

that he lays his hands on a few sick

folks and heal them watch this and he

marveled because of their what unbelief

and he went round about the villages

what teaching I’m saying

the woman cried to this man

cry to me that wouldn’t help them she


that this anointing give up the answer

now you got to hear what I’m saying now

and get her out of debt today I’m not

talking about next week next month

that’s too late I need my debt cancel

today and God has an anointing that is

canceling debt and that anointing will

cancel your debt in one day


do you believe that

if you receive it that anointed will

lead you into whatever you need to do

say Amen to them


now I’m telling you something where are

we going you’re going to have to give

some reverence to that anointing now I’m

not talking about worshiping a man

because it’s not the man

the anointing that the man has been

allowed to carry

I’m carrying an anointing for this

church to be debt-free I am carried and

anointed for everybody in the his church

to be healed

I’m caring and anointing for people in

this church to be promoted in business

do you receive


say Amen now I am you’ve got me wrong I

am not puffing up myself I got more

sense than that but I am puffing up the

anointing of God I’m saying the

anointing of God is something that we

have not learned that we got to give

that value to that anointing we got to

know that God has got something on this

man that can take me where I want to go


folks the first thing that happened when

Elijah left and got taken up to heaven

then he dropped that medal in that that

man got that metal and turn it off and

he hit that Ward and said where is the

Lord God of Elijah and hit that water

here comes a miracle now look what he

did he valued that anointing so much

even all the prophets were looking at

him he didn’t care because when you got

that anointing and oh you’re right you

are not ashamed of anybody


and if you you got that kind of spirit

in you that you’re ashamed of Jesus it

ain’t gonna work for you because the

anointing requires boldness