David displayed his trust in God when he said, “Blessed be the Lord my strength that teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight” (Psalms 144:1). He didn’t rely on men to teach him but the anointing. The anointing on David then came on his men teaching them to fight. The anointing is the power and presence of God on people to do what only God can do. In The 4D Anointing, by Dr. Bill Winston, you will learn how to trust God and rely on the anointing for wisdom and might to fight every battle facing you and win! Ordering Information: BW 2102 Get Rid of Guilt “The 4D Anointing” Series 487 https://store.billwinston.org/the-4d-…

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impartation something is going to happen

that’s Supernatural I’ll see you

there up next on the believer’s block of

Faith you got to get over it it was done

it’s under the blood you’ll never see it

again he’ll never mention it to you

again and get up and get going praise

God then you ought to be believing for

millions of dollars by now but you

cannot with a guilty conscience cuz

Faith doesn’t work and anointing needs

Faith to


flow this anointing is what God gives us

that elevates us above the ability of a

natural person when this ele when this

anointing is on your life it’s it’s

God’s power on human flesh to do what

only God can do you need this anointing

to do whatever you are called to do in

this this time in this season God wants

you to do it with an anointing when we

look at this we talk about the

anointing and righteousness and

righteousness is not the goody goody way

you act righteous rightousness is the

nature of God so if you’ve got the

nature of God the righteousness of God

has come on you now notice what he said

2 Corinthians chapter 5 and verse 21

that he who knew no sin became sin for

us that we might be what M say I’m made

I am made the righteousness of God

now the next step is to get

righteousness come

Consciousness see

righteousness Consciousness because the

enemy knows that if you’ve been made

righteous or if you got a million

dollars in the bank and it’s in the Bank

of New York and you don’t know it then

you’re going to live without it and he

knows that if you’ve been made righteous

but you don’t know what righteousness

means then you’re going to be living

without it you can’t fake it you know

you’re going to have to know what it

means so you’ve got to know what

righteousness it mean the Bible says

over in Proverbs 281 the righteous are

as bold as a lion why it’s taking on the

character of God so when you got God’s

nature you’re going to take on the

character of God if you ever see a cat

bark then you better move you better

move you better get out and run that cat

there’s some something up with that cat

but my point here is there are some

things that the anointing can do no I

want you to get familiar with this

because that’s what these lessons are

about faith in that

anointing you can have you can know

about the anointing but have no faith in

it I’m saying this

righteousness when it’s Revelation to

you when you know what righteousness

mean faith will flow like a flood and

this faith will access the

anointing that will do whatever needs to

be done remove burdens destroy yolks and

so forth here was a woman in Mark

chapter 5 she had an issue of blood how

many years 12 years all right she had

heard about Jesus now who was

Jesus he was the anointed one all right

he carried the anointing she said if I

can just what touch his clothes I Shall

Behold now she had to come out of the

house which was forbidden according to

the law and walk to the crowd and push

on people because the idea was that isue

blood could have been contagious and

she’s pushing on people touching them

and so forth but she didn’t care about

that because when righteousness is in

you say you’re not ashamed you’re not

embarrassed you won’t be stopped are you

following what I’m

saying so

unrighteousness is just the opposite now

the Bible says over in 1 John 5 verse 17

ready read all unrighteousness is sin

it’s sin again then what does God feel

about Sin say come on you can say it he

hates it yeah he’s got no room for sin

but all unrighteousness is sin so

unrighteousness can be shown watch this

in a feeling of

inferiority that is not the way you

supposed to be see yourself Say Amen

you’re not inferior to what no nobody

watch this and what else nothing you got

to understand that hurricane that’s

forecast is not Superior to you and what

Satan does is he uses things to do

maintenance on your

unrighteousness he uses a storm he uses

running out of money he uses a threat

with so forth because because he wants

you to feel

small but you’re a

king that’s the way God sees you he says

he’s the king of who Kings and the Lord

of who Lords Revelation 19:16 now if

you’re royalty you’re not second to

anybody I said when you royalty come on

you are not second to anybody or

anything so

Jesus as he is so are we in this world

and he saw himself Superior to leprosy

saw himself Superior today could been to

this virus saw himself Superior come on

now and when you do it will be under

your feet when when come on see when you

do the anointing will

flow now what keeps the anointing is

flow from flowing is

inferiority so I got a little test up

here brother Robert if you come on and

he’s going to assist me here and I just

want to show you this because I looked

at this in terms of two glasses of water

one glass is Muddy that’s called sin and

of consciousness of unrighteousness oh

what I did yesterday oh what I did in my

life oh I I you know when I was young I

didn’t know God I had an abortion I had

to see if all that’s tracking you down

it’s designed to do maintenance on you

and to keep I know we’ve all sinned and

come short of the glor there a no big

sin little sin that’s Sin Sin is Sin I’m

saying see we been trying to

characterize it and categorize it and so

forth well that’s a big sin well I did a

little sin today Sin is Sin don’t be

looking well I I didn’t cuss today I I

didn’t you know what I’m saying I didn’t

smoke with three cigarettes today I’m

I’m doing pretty good it doesn’t make

any difference all have sinned and come

short of the glory of God he said in 1

John 1 ver9 if you confess your sins

he’s faithful and just come on to

forgive you your sins and what cleanse

you I got to be

cleansed this is the reason for the

blood look at Hebrews chapter N Ready

read neither by the blood of goats and

Cales but by his own blood he entered in

once into the holy Place having ordained

Eternal Redemption for us for if the

blood of bulls and of goats and the

ashes of in hether sprinkling the

unclean sanctifieth to the purifying of

the the flesh how much more shall the

blood of Christ who through the eternal

spirit offered himself without spot to

God Purge your conscience from dead

Works to serve the Living God now notice

what the blood is doing what is the

blood for one reason it’s to purge your

what conscience sin conscience it’s to

purge your conscience from works that

you’ve done why so that you can serve

the Living God you can’t serve him

guilty you can’t serve him with no peace

about your life and and how you’ve lived

you can’t serve him like that true

enough you can do do some things but I’m

talking about have that anointing

flowing through you so it can rescue

Humanity amen amen say Amen to that amen

so it’s it’s key that you get rid of all

sin Consciousness it’s key that you if

you miss it get up and confess it and

get going again because God’s got to use

you say Amen to that he ran up on a

woman and she had been married how many

times anybody remember five times and

and was living with a man that wasn’t

her husband am I right that’s over in

John chapter 4 my point VI is he

ministered to her brought her out to the

point that it lifted that burden of

guilt and shame and she went out and

start preaching and preached to some men

that was out there told him you need to

come see a man that told me everything

that I’ve done see when you don’t go

anywhere it’s because you haven’t gotten

over it you got to get over

it you got to get over it it was done

it’s under the blood you’ll never see it

again he’ll never mention it to you

again and get up and get going praise


then you ought to be believing for

millions of dollars by now but you

cannot with a guilty conscience cuz

Faith doesn’t work and anointing needs

Faith to

flow are you with me here so what I did

is I took two glasses because it was in

my mind to demonstrate this some kind of

way so I took two glasses and said okay

now one glass is Muddy and that’s that’s

the heart that’s where a person feels

condemned that’s where a person feels

guilty and ashamed and and all of that

sin Consciousness is in that that glass

and then the other glass is clear that’s

when the blood has come and the blood

has cleansed your conscience from all

the dead works that were done either

before you got saved or if you did

something after you got saved and G God

made it so he covered the whole

Waterfront and so now I want to to show

you that but here’s what I want to show

you if I shine the light through the

muddy glass and the light represents the

anointing I want you to see what happens

on the other side okay so here is a mudy

glass and he’s going to shine the light

through the muddy glass and I want you

to see what comes out of the other side

he’s got the muddy glass now he’s going

to take the light and he’s going to

shine it through the mudy glass and I

want you to see how much light do you

see coming out I’m not talking about on

the on the sides now I’m talking about

coming through the glass you see Harley

zero light why cuz the light can’t get

through it can’t get through the the

wisdom can’t get through the the the

anointing can’t get through watch this

Faith can’t get through none of that can

get through now get your other glass and

he’ll take the other glass that has

cleansed your conscience from dead works

and shine it through there look how

bright that light shines through them

let your light so shine that men may see

your good works and glorify your

father are you with me so what am I

saying I’m saying now that you are

royalty you’re a king look at a verse

Galatians chter 4:1 in the Amplified

translation please all right now we’re

talking about faith in that anointing

because I got to have the anointing

because you’re going to see the last

days that’s what it’s all about look

what it says Ready read now what I mean

is that as long as the inheritor heir is

a child and underage he does not differ

from a slave although he is the master

of all the

now look at that even though the

inheritor is an heir as long as he’s

childish he if she doesn’t differ from a

slave now do you remember when the

prodical son came home yes he came home

and the father didn’t even let him take


shower and he had been down there with


Hogs but it’s

interesting how his brother won’t let


forget what he

did he reminded the

father that his brother had been with

prostitutes didn’t didn’t he it’s right

in the book why because when you’re

condemned you want to condemn others you

don’t want to let them out you because

you’re not

out you want to talk about them they

they wear any little thing you don’t

like you run them down and you’re not

going to be like that anymore because

you’re going to be

free see I tell people who are hiring

people you better make sure you you

you’re right when you do hire somebody

because you don’t hire what you want you

hire what you

are not you f get a condemn for a person

has low self-esteem they will not hire a

person that is entirely sharp and so

forth and so on why because it makes

them feel inferior where you shouldn’t

get your feelings from what somebody

else is or does your your steem should

come from the Bible your your esteem

should come from God are y’all with me


when when the king is there the Bible

says turn to it please Ecclesiastes

chapter 8 verse4 where the word of the

king is there is power that that stop

right there now where the word of a who

King is there’s power

now I’m talking about a righteous King

because the Bible said in Ecclesiastes

10 woe to the land when the king is a

child so but a righteous King where the

word of a righteous King is there’s

power yes sir there’s power why he does

he he he’s completely confident in

himself and and queens go with this but

he completely confident and as a result

of that the anointing flows now what is

the anointing now let let’s go down to

this part right here Satan’s strategy is

to keep God’s people from this anointing

by the

Antichrist all right that’s first John

chapter 2 and verse

18 the

Antichrist now what does Christ

mean the anointed one and his

anointed so you are Christian

you are little

Christ amen got

it and you have been filled with his


power got

it why because he left you here to do

what he

did so that anointing is on

you and in the last days it’s going to

be all

about that anointing amen not anything

else amen don’t be all about the

anointing are you anointed or not but

the Antichrist comes for people who are

anointed to strip them of the power of


anointing though he comes to do that


alliances all

right now


remember this


named uh Judges chapter 16 named

Samson and you remember he liked a


woman and I think her name was uh

everybody knows that you


Thea watch

this and she pressed him

to see what was the source come on of

his his

power well he played around with

it and dalala represented the world that

you can’t play around

with and some people playing around with

it why because it wants an

alliance and so here what he did he soon

told her the

source of his power now look at Judges

chapter 16 verse 16 if you will ready

read and it came to pass when she

pressed him daily with her words and

urged him so that his soul was vexed

unto death that he told her all his

heart and said unto her there hath not

come a razor upon mine head for I have

been a Nazarite unto God from my

mother’s womb if I be shaven then my

strength will go from me and I shall

become weak and be like any other man if

he loses that

anointing he will be like

who any man out there that never

received a holy

ghost there ought to be diff a

difference between

them and

them there ought to be a difference

between the world and the church amen

amen and so what happened what did he do


her he trusted the

world you got no business trusting the

world to promote

you no business no business you falling

into a

trap next thing you know you set up an


Alliance and what happens to your

anointing as a result of the Unholy Al

or somebody’s anointing they’ll lose it

they got it but it’s not

functioning and what I’m trying to say

is God has given you all this equipment


you and for you to have dominion over

that out there say Amen to this amen so

I’m saying to you right now that’s

called an Unholy Alliance and even says

over in 2 Corinthians chapter 6 and

verse 14 look at that ready read be ye

not unequally yolked together with

unbelievers stop don’t be unequally

yolked that means if you’re not married

you get married don’t marry somebody

that’s not

saved well he show is fine I know Delila


fine right but this man as a result of

fooling with this woman ended up in in a

very embarrassing situation Satan just

does not want to stop you he wants to

embarrass you he wants to make you

regret that you were ever in the face of

this Earth and I’m telling you right now

we’re here to take everything he stole

back say Amen to that

and we can do


that well I trust that you enjoy that

teaching now it’s about the anointing

the anointing is God’s burden removing

Yol destroying power it’s the ability to

do things sweatless that’s when that

power flows through you now the way it

happens is we’ve got to walk in

righteousness and righteousness is not

the goody goody way you act

righteousness is the nature of God God

coming inside of us to help us do what

only God can do and sometimes what

people feel is guilt from the past

something let’s say happened in your

life that you’re ashamed of or it could

be where you feel inferior because you

don’t look like some other people or

whatever have you like that all of that

can drain the power that that anointing

has in you to flow and do things that

only God can do so you need to get over

it you need to understand that wait a

minute I am a child of God I am the

righteousness of God and let that power

flow through you it’s a powerful

teaching now I had to learn this myself

because people and things have a

tendency to make you feel inferior

you’re not inferior you’re a child of

God and you’re able to do all things

through Christ the anointed one that

strengthens you I want you to get this

teaching it’s powerful it’ll bless you

Bill Winston saying we love you and keep

walking by

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