God’s Word feeds your vision! And perhaps the BEST way to experience God’s Word is to immerse yourself in it…like we do at the Southwest Believers’ Convention. If you’ve never been to the Southwest Believers’ Convention (or if it’s not yet on your calendar), you won’t want to miss this week’s special episode of Inside the Vision. It shows you exactly what the Southwest Believers’ Convention is like—from being in the main room, to what happens behind the scenes. You’ll even hear how it got its start…from a word Kenneth Copeland received in 1967. Become a KCM Vision Insider and get access to all INSIDE THE VISION episodes PLUS extended interviews, bonus downloads and more. Ignite the vision God has placed inside you today! Get your FREE vision journal and more at insidethevision.org Make your plans to attend the Southwest Believers’ Convention at kcm.org/swbc


hi I’m Pastor George and I want to

welcome you to the Southwest Believers

convention every year we gather together

for one entire week so we can hear from

God and grow in our faith you can hear

the excitement in this room it’s 30 plus

sessions of in-depth teaching from some

of the most anointed generals of the

faith so for today’s episode I want to

do something special we’re going to go

inside the Southwest Believers

convention are you ready come on let’s

take a look at Southwest Believers




Peter and John went through the


gate the man looking up expecting to

receive something of them well of course

he did how many times did Jesus go

through there how many times did he say

to Judas put something in this man’s

hand put it in his hand put it in his

hand put it in his hand of course he

said here’s my

boys of course they’re going to put

something in my hand looked up expecting

to receive from them Hallelujah he

expected to receive from them they’d

been there again and again and again and

again Jesus walked right by there and

didn’t do a

thing it wasn’t a

plan the assignment

was for his

name he said in that day you’ll ask me

nothing but whatsoever you ask the

father in my name he will give it you

whatever you demand in my name I will do

it he said in the name of Jesus Christ

of Nazareth rise up and walk there

talking about oh I’m so glad you made it

have a seat this is so good you know

we’ve been condu the Southwest Believers

convention for over 40 years right here

in downtown Fort Worth can you imagine

that over 40 years but the seed of this

7-Day meeting started way back in

1967 the Lord spoke to brother copen and

he said this son if you’ll totally

immerse yourself in the word and give

yourself to it over the period of a week

it will change your entire future and

that was the birth of the first

Believers convention

right there in his garage brother

copelen was alone with a tape of brother

Hagen his Bible and a notebook and

that’s what we Endeavor to do for you to

create an atmosphere where you can

totally immerse yourself in the word

this meeting and meetings like it should

be the first thing you put on your

calendar for the year why because it’s

vitally important that you give God’s

word priority and final Authority

because as you know God’s word will

change the direction of your life and

it’ll bring your faith up to the next

level and it’s during these seven days

that you’ll hear and see things from God

that will build your vision you can

write it you can write it in your

journal and you can make it plain that’s

why the Southwest Believers convention

is so important and why I’ll never miss

it okay listen this is really good I

think we better turn our attention back

to the word of God let’s go and get


immersed out loud God God is my source

is my source not any man not any man not

any woman not anyone not any company not

any company not any institution not any

institution not the government not

govern God God is my only source is my

only source now what I mean by that is

uh the Lord corrected my words a number

of years ago not to use the word

Source about anybody or anything except

him that’s right cuz you hear sometimes

people say I that came in through an


Source wrong word channel

channel it came through an unexpected

Channel and God has millions of

channels but there’s only


source Galatians 5: 6

Paul writing by the spirit of God said

for in Christ Jesus neither uncircum or

neither circumcision nor uncircumcision

avails or you could say results


anything doesn’t produce anything but

now say this last part with me Faith

working through love say it again Faith

working how through love one more time

Faith working

through love your faith will work when

you find out how much you’re

loved where there is no revelation of

Love there can be no operation of Faith

yes where there is no revelation of how

Loved You Are by God there can be no

revelation of

faith and that’s why I mentioned to you

a couple of days ago that for all the

ministry that this this ministry Kenneth

copelan Ministries has has offered and

given in over five Decades of ministry

and so much centered on faith if you

really look closely every Faith Message

is rooted in

love there is something about it when

people who know how to use their faith

come together to

pray the Holy Spirit in empowers us we

can be strong in prayer we can be

effective in

prayer hey everybody it’s Pastor Holden

Hanley here and I’m actually standing in

one of the booths that Southwest

Believers convention and we want to

invite you to come be a part of the 2024

Southwest Believers convention listen we

know that your faith is going to grow

your faith is going to be challenged

you’re going to learn more about the

word and the author who wrote the word

heavenly father than you ever have

before and most importantly I want you

to come to pre-service prayer with

Pastor Terry copelan Pearson better

known as prayer everywhere listen the

Lord spoke to Pastor Terry in 2009 and

said this there’s something about it

when people who know how to use their

faith come together to pray notice what

she said not just people of Faith but

people who know how to use their faith

come together to pray and we know that

you are somebody who knows how to use

your faith so we want you to come be a

part of these prayer times and bring

your faith and add your supply did you

know you had a supply to bring

Philippians 1 says you do so bring your

supply to this corporate atmosphere of

prayer and watch what God does but

listen you do not have to wait till the

convention to start praying I love what

sister Lin Hammon says she says if you

wait till the event to start praying

you’re too late so we want you to come

be a part and not just bring your supply

and add your faith to the event but go

ahead and let your faith go out ahead

and make the way for an awesome

convention and in the name of Jesus Lord

we are here to obtain by the grace of

God utterance for this meeting utterance

for brother copelan first of all as the

lead prophet in this conference and Lord

as a leading prophet in all the land we

pray for him and pray for that Divine

flow of utterance utterance of

recognition of the will of God an

utterance of Revelation the spirit of

Revelation the the empowerment of

Revelation to flow from his lips as

never before in 56 years we thank you

Father for that flow that boldness that

courage to speak forth things Lord that

give us insight into the Mysteries and

the secrets of your very being of your

very will Lord that the very hunger of

the Saints to be hungry for Jesus hungry

for the word hungry for the move of the

spirit hungry for that Lord hungry for

the preaching of the

Gospel hungry Lord so that the Saints

would be strong in the Lord and in the

power of His might so that the strength

Saints would be strengthened and

emboldened so that the Saints Lord would

begin to take on the mantle of the bride

of Christ that the Saints would take on

the mantle of the body of the anointed

one so that the Saints would move into

to their place a position of Holiness

righteousness and power and preparation

for the coming of the Lord for the

demonstration of Revelation to know your

will to speak your will to walk in your

will longer not just for ourselves but

for the masses of people for the church

for all the the Lost Lord for the souls

the the the billions of souls that need

to know


Jesus I could even tell before the

meeting started when we came in during

setup on Saturday and I walked into the

auditorium I felt like I walked into the

anointing and the power of

God was there and then starting with

flasho on Sunday night and then on into

Monday here we are Tuesday heading into

Tuesday night this anointing is just

getting stronger and stronger and Keith

Moore came to preach this afternoon and

never took the pulpit it was a song

about Freedom all the way through so we

are always expecting the supernatural

we’re always expecting the the power of

God to show up and wow has he ever shown

up my

goodness look at King Hezekiah how he

came to the Lord he said now you go to

prophet and tell the prophet to give me

a word as to what I should do about the

king of Assyria coming against me like

this he’s overwhelmed me I’ve given him

the the gold off the door knobs of the

temple I’ve done everything and he’s

still coming after me to enslave Israel

tell the prophet I’m in trouble what

shall he do the prophet sent a word he

took that word they gave him the word

Hezekiah he went up into the temple of

God he opened that that word that the

prophet gave him he began to pray the

word he didn’t pray his feelings he

began to pray the word he didn’t pray

some religious prayer he just prayed the

word down in verse 20 of second Kings

chapter 19 here’s what he said someone

came to the Hezekiah said the words that

you have prayed God has heard and that’s

all you want because in 1 John 5 and

verse1 14 this is a confidence that we

have in him that if we ask anything

according to his word he hears us and if

he hears us we know we have the petition

that we desire of him glory to

God he prayed that worded in pray any

emotions and fear Lord prop me up on the

eat on the weak side he didn’t pray all

of that please don’t pass Us by no no he

prayed that word and whatever God said

his word will not return to you voice it


accomplish it really blesses me beyond

measure the people that we get to meet

who are associated with us at Kenneth

culin Ministries and who Minister on the

victory Channel and I have somebody very

special very special with us today and

listen to this this is this is pretty

amazing she’s been in Ministry for a

number of years pastored World Harvest

Church Marietta California still

oversees the church travels Nationwide

and abroad president of dufrain

Ministries president instructor of World

Harvest Bible Training Center president

of fresh oil fellowship and she airs the

broadcast Jesus the Healer on the

victory Channel what more can you say

about Nancy dufrain oh my goodness she’s

here with us on inside the vision Pastor

I’m so thrilled thankful to have you

here with us and we of course are here

at the Southwest Believers convention ah

it’s a big week what a week it is and

and tell me why do you come here I mean

you’ve been coming for a number of years

and but why do you come to the Believers

convention Pastor um for me being a part

of Kenneth copelan Ministries being here

in these meetings it’s not just about

what I get first and foremost it’s about

what can I bring oh that’s good because

when God directed me toward brother

Copeland as a divine Supply in my life

that means they’re not disposable I

cannot choose to dismiss that Supply

that’s why I come to these meetings

because I not only receive a supply I

want to bring a supply and um I want to

help fulfill what’s in his heart of the

word of the word of faith message from

the top of the world to the bottom and

all the way around the middle and I’m

not going to Veer from that that’s my a

part for me to bring and so um it

matters to me that what’s in heart gets

fulfilled I was the one on the road that

was making the tapes that we would sell

and I’d hear a message that brother

copen would preach I’d make an extra

tape for myself I’d keep it I’d take it

home I’d listen to it I’d study it I’d

outline it and that’s where this

principle of total immersion came in to

where being immersed in the word of God

really has helped me to get to where I

am right now I never aspired to be the

CEO I never aspired actually to do

anything else except serve wherever I

could serve whatever I could do however

I could help that’s what I wanted to do

and so I totally immersed myself in

Kenneth copen Ministries and the message

of faith and I haven’t changed I am

still immersed in that


word I was living in Massachusetts at

the time I’m about

20 22 years old somewhere in there and

and I’m really involved in this

church and the pastor is telling me he

says I want to make you my associate

that’s big for a 22y old that’s

big for the pastor wanting you to be the

associate but at the same time I’m

thinking about o you and I’m going back

and forth about it and I’m asking people

about it should I go should I stay and I

got as many answers as as many people as

I was talking

to and finally one day I asked I asked

somebody I said do you think I should

stay or should I go to Oru and they

looked at me and said what do you want

to do what do you want to

do and so I took some time just to get

alone and pray about it I separated

myself to hear from the Lord what do I

do do I stay in Massachusetts or do I go

to Oral Roberts University and back then

I I was not as developed in being in

being led by the Holy Spirit as I am now

but the Lord will help you at whatever

stage you’re

at you don’t have to be completely

developed in all of the details of how

to be led by the spirit all you have to

be is yield yourself to him and just say

Lord what do you want to

do what we think our prayer life should

be is not necessarily what it has to be

we need to spend time communing with the

father and the best way to do that is

through the Holy Spirit you already win

this fight of faith that is why Paul

writes to Timothy and says fight the

good fight of Faith why is it a good

fight because you win as he is so are we

in this earth Jesus’s overcoming nature

is your exact same overcoming nature

right now he says you got to confess it

with your mouth and believe it in your

heart I’m here to tell you something

young people you will never get anything

from God that you don’t first believe in

your heart and confess with your mouth

you got to say it you got to believe it

that’s how you get it and that settles

it none of this is planned it’s not

trying to move you emotionally this is

all all about are you willing to

surrender are you willing to let go and

let God so you have to move from your

brain down to your heart in your spirit

and open up your heart to God and say

Lord more than anything in my life I

want to know you I want to know what

your destiny is for me I want to be

filled with the spirit of God he knows

the desires of your heart he knows

what’s on the inside he knows your gifts

he knows your talents he knows what you

want to do and he’s going to take on

this journey and he’s going to get that

fulfilled because he is your


future we’re going to go really fast go

go go

go woo

hey got a winner there we’ve been

working on this for years we train every

day and we’ve been going for it and we

won today Ralph and I won Ralph Ralphie

tell me about your Victory hey this has

been great I love










you want to live a life of watch this

the world is standing on temp to waiting

to see God and when they see you living

as children of God they see him Paul is

talking he says your lives are a letter

that people are reading or if it were

written in our time he would probably

say your lives are like a video that

people are watching I don’t think we can

find our script until two things happen

we have to meet Jesus who is the most

important character in God’s movie the

second thing is he wants us to invite

him to help us find our script well I

like being a super kid because it’s like

a pretty fun time it’s like super kids

is different from all other churs they

go to we just do fun stuff they do

praise and worships and they get out

give our words but the my favorite part

is the


brother Copeland this is Christine from

Virginia Beach Virginia and all week uh

when when she came in she had a brace

and she had a walker and uh just last

night she had some emic people pray for

her and now she no longer has the Walker

she doesn’t need it anymore the brace is

gone and she’s feeling much better where

where’s the brace at I left it in the

room so you came here believing I did no

well show us what you can do no pain I

couldn’t go up the steps I couldn’t come

down the steps to come down the steps I

had to I had to hold on to something and

just back down I couldn’t I couldn’t

walk down forward it’s been over a year

oh I couldn’t even walk I lost all

feeling in this left leg and they took

me out of work for the past eight months

and then I finally had surgery two two

and a half months ago um lumbar surgery

but um I was still in severe pain 24

hours a day on a lot of pain

medication NOP no pain today no pain

today oh Jesus let’s see you walk I want

I want I want to see you walk

walk thank you Lord

Jesus good morning everybody Welcome to


2023 Southwest Believers convention give

God praise and glory

Hallelujah the Bible says happy is the

people whose God is the Lord we ought to

be the happiest people on the planet he

gives us all things to

enjoy you see yourself sad sick broke

busted and we going to struggle Gloom

and despair no I don’t I see myself

blessed in the city blessed in the field

bless going in bless going out greater

is he was in me than he was in the world

if God be for me I’m starting to yell at

if God be for me who can be against me I

say to that mountain get out of my way I

will not climb you I will dissolve you

but what should be happening as these

these messages preached not just about

faith but in the spirit of Faith as

they’re hitting our hearts yes we get

excited but we should also be doing what

examining finding out okay am I in faith

or I just Gotten Good at what faith


like if you don’t know where else to

start start with this I’m saved that’s

light you know how the Holy Spirit works

next thing you know he takes your mind

over here come on next thing you know

you’re going oh that’s it but you didn’t

get there talking about what you don’t

know and when you come here it’s not the

same when you watch online it’s not the

same when you’re on YouTube

wherever you are when you’re here in

person the impactation you get by being

in the presence of all the fellow

Believers like

you I don’t care what you going through

keep your joy don’t fear just keep your

joy you might be going through the worst

thing in your life in your family and

your finances keep your joy because if

Satan can’t steal your

joy he can’t keep your goods come on

amen there has to be a delivery of the

word under the prophet’s anointing and

it changes things it changes people it

changes atmospheres it changes

circumstances what does Isaiah say it

brings mountains down it brings Hells

down it brings The Valleys up and it

makes crooked or deceitful places

straight some kind of standby power now

that’s the Holy Ghost in people that

know what they’re doing they know the

word of God and they call on him and his

standby is more powerful than anything

that devil has any kind of prayer he has

anything he can do any way he can do it

it just blows him over to the side of





it’s Saturday and we’ve come to the end

of a tremendous week filled with faith

teaching just behind me they’re busy

tearing down the victory booth and later

today they’re going to strike the rest

of the book tables and the arena you

know it’s been such a blessed time and

we hope you’ve enjoyed going inside with

us as we’ve shown you some of what it

takes to put on a Southwest Believers

convention but more importantly we hope

that we’ve inspired you to attend this

year for the 2024 Southwest Believers

convention it’s really something you

don’t want to miss it’s an opportunity

to get filled with the word it’s an

opportunity to set your course and to

feed your vision so go now and register

at kcm.org of course you know it’s free

all of our Victory campaigns and

conventions are free and we want to get

the word out to as many people as

possible and of course you can watch it

on the victory Channel but it’s about

being in the room being among other

people of Faith this helps you to grow

your own faith and it helps you to grow

your vision so I look forward to seeing

you this here right in this spot as I

stand right here and Shake Your Hand

father we thank you this morning and we

give you praise and we thank you that

this building once more for one whole

week will be a sanctuary for people from

all over the world and we thank you

today that this building is full of the

Holy ho ghost and power from on high and

we praise you and we honor you today and

we pray these things in the name of the

Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth