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tomorrow they are right now

the first step is you must be born again

once you’re born again you’re alive to

God again and he’s talking Spirit to

Spirit see that’s your potential your

potential is not in your flesh see you

can’t listen to your human logic because

nowhere in the Bible did logic produce a



never let what your eyes see determine

what your heart believes

the just show what live

and you and I are to live that way


Miracles are now

well that’s that’s a tweet right there

they’re not tomorrow they’re right now

I said there right now you remember the

woman here was Jesus he came to the

wedding of Cana and he walked in here

and then the mother of Jesus said to him

they have no wine he said well what is

that to me my hours not yet come that’s

John chapters two my hours not yet come

and and Jesus and she said that she

didn’t even pay any attention to it she

said whatever he said to you just do it

talking to the servants now and and

that’s what they did notice what he said

he said fill the water pots up with

water now he they don’t know what’s

going to happen but he’s telling them

what to do see a lot of times you don’t

know what’s going to happen but you just

receive by faith what to do come on now

and you just do what you do


see because you don’t have to wait on

time you don’t even have to wait on time

to think


can I go out there

put that scripture back up there again

that you just had there and so notice

what he says here he said Jesus said to

them fill the port of part number one

they fill them up to the brim look at

this and he said to them draw out now

and bear to the government of the feast

and they bear it all right and when he

the ruler of the feast tasted it water

was made wine he knew not what it was

but the servant that Drew what drew the

water knew the governor of the feast

faith of feast called the bridegroom and

he said to him every man to the

beginning does set the fourth good wine

and when men have well drunk got drunk

then you pull out that stuff that’s bad

praise God pull out that which is worse

but thou has kept a good wine until what

now next verse in the beginning this is

the beginning of What miracles now my

point to you is is that what do you have

to do to make wine you have to take one

you have to plant to seed you have to

plant a seed wait on the vine to grow

you went on the vine to grow that’s the

number of years they tell me about nine

years then once those of grapes are

growing on the vines then you’ve got to

take the grapes Once you pull the grapes

you’ve got to take the grapes in and

you’ve got to match the grapes once you

mash the grapes you’ve got to sit the

wine up and let it firm it and sometimes

the older the wine the longer it

fermented the better the wine come on

now y’all used to be okay and the better

than what

but my point to you is and look at all

the steps that are in between this

miracle say Amen so notice what he did

he jumped over all those steps because

you don’t have to do it in time you do

it five days

and then he said you’ve served the best

wine until now best wine do you know to

get the best wine is something like 200

years or something that that wine has

been kept in those bottles and so forth

and tell me if you if one man looked on

the internet to see what the best wine

would cost a best a bottle of the best

wine was costing about three hundred and

twenty thousand dollars

for the best one and how much did they

have there they had 30 gallons in each

one of the five water pots

now that’s a whole lot of best wine

so I know what they were doing they

weren’t going to drink all of that that

was going to be a wedding gift for the

wedding couple because when they drunk

that little bit he’s going to take the

rest sell it and they’re gonna have

plenty of money to live on because at

that time when you get married no man or

woman supposed to work for one year

they’re supposed to get to know one

another but one year come on now they

got plenty to live on come on yeah

you’ve got bread coming with this yeah

I’m sad when you go get your barbecue

don’t forget your bread

Supernatural is where we came from

we came from a supernatural God yeah the

world doesn’t know this because they’re

not born again they have to wait on time


we don’t

we’ve got faith

and faith is always when now right now


it’s right now

isn’t this good yeah yeah so now let’s

look at this because I’m still talking



um Adam

in the garden

so the next thing happens

is that in verse 7 of chapter 2 let’s go

there Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 and

the Lord God formed man of the Dust of

the ground and breathed into his

nostrils the breaths of life and Man

became a living Soul now one translation

says in the Hamas translation they told

me that he became a speaking Spirit like


now I shared with you this one other

time and man shared with me and I really

really believed it so

he said when God stood Adam up beside


Angels thought they were seeing double


that’s how much man was made like God

and if you’re going down here

if you look it said

let’s say verse 8

and the Lord God

planted a garden each one in Eden and

there he put the man whom he had formed

verse 15 and the Lord God took the man

put him in the Garden of Eden to dress

it and keep it and the Lord God

commanded the man saying of every tree

of the garden thou shall be freely eat

but of the tree of the knowledge

underlying knowledge please of Good and

Evil thou shall not eat of it for in the

day you eat of it

Thou shalt thereof thou shall surely

what God

that is where this thing really starts

taking a turn of Revelation

because the first thing that happens was


look at this

the first thing that happened

he said

but of the tree of the knowledge of Good

and Evil thou shall not eat of it

knowledge the word knowledge underline


in the Hebrew the word is dayath d-a and

you space ath dayath

and it means knowledge

gain by senses

knowledge gain

by senses

So Adam here’s the deal

you eat of this

you’re going to be disconnected from me

and all the knowledge you’re going to

get from then on is going to come

through your senses

now how is that different

because Adam

was not meant to be led by his senses

he was meant to be led by the spirit

God is not talking to your flesh

he is talking to your mind your spirit

brother okay now

now if you look at this


situation that Adam was in

he then goes here in verse chapter 3 and

they eat of it

now if you start reading at verse six

he said and when the woman saw that the

tree was good for food and that it’s

Pleasant to the eyes and a tree desired

to make one wise she took the fruit

thereof and did eat and gave it also to

her husband with her and he did he

and the eyes of both of them the eyes of

them both were open and they knew that

they were naked now weren’t their eyes

open to see the tree

okay so you know something’s wrong with


so what happened

Adam died spiritually

now he didn’t

die in his body

for about 900 years later


basically he was a Walking Dead Man

like folk today

you’re walking

but they’re walking dead

now God doesn’t want to leave him like


but the only time they got a choice to

make a choice to live again

is while they’re walking

that they’re going to have to make a

choice now

you know what I’d do if I wasn’t saved

and get saved when


okay so there’s some definite advantages

to this

so now

this knowledge of Good and Evil

so now Adam eats of it

and now he falls

and when he falls

all of his knowledge now

is coming by his senses

in other words

he began

to live a life

from knowledge gained from the outside


from his senses his five senses his five

senses had to tell him something you you

need your senses you you if somebody

asked me what color dress does she have

I said it has a red dress well how can I

know that because I can see it

but if that shut down I can’t tell you

so right there my knowledge becomes


and this idea of being able to pick up

things from the senses is what

the enemy wants because now he can

control what you see

and when he controls what you see you

thought you were looking at this but he

did that and you saw that and

interpreted that way and made a a

decision based on that but it was the

wrong decision because you were deceived

from what you saw

can I can I can I say this

so now here man is in a bad situation so

he fell he fell from being the second

down all the way down to unto Satan now

Satan became the God of this world so

what did Satan do he affects his mind he

blinds the mind he makes it why because

he knows his mind and his senses are the

only thing he’s got to guide him

but like I said Jesus came to restore us

back to our original mode of operation

say Amen to that so once man fell the

birth of Education began

because man didn’t learn before he


education was born


let’s look at it

when Jesus came He restored some things

so let’s look at this it’s found in

First Corinthians chapter 2 and verse

nine let’s start right there

he says this

but as it is written this is Apostle

Paul talking the eye has not seen that’s

your natural eye your ear has not heard

that you’re naturally here neither has

entered into the heart of man that’s a

natural part of you the things which God

has prepared for them that love him but


by his wife

Spirit to Spirit


for the spirit search of all things

yayed the Deep things of God for what

man knoweth the things of a man saved

the spirit of a man that’s in him

see that’s your potential your potential

is not in your flesh

your potential if your Flint potential

is in your flesh Peter never could have

walked on that water


because the potential was in his flesh

and can’t no flesh stand on top of water

but it’s when your potential is in your

spirit it takes dominion over your flesh

and you can walk right on that water

go over to God oh yeah y’all mess with

me now let me

so what happened

so here he’s saying

that your spirit knows all about you

see that’s why when I pray at the

beginning of the year

I cannot pray I said Lord what do you

want to do this year

I want to know what you want to do the

ministry I want to know what you want to

do with me

well I have to get his plan

because if I let myself think of my plan

I just want to do something that I feel

in my natural mind I can do

when I’m much bigger on the inside than

I am on the outside

say Amen to this so God will tell me

something and guaranteed every time he

tells me it seems like it’s impossible

but it’s not impossible for my spirit

because once my spirit hears it it loves

The Impossible all right

come on my faith is energized by The


are y’all with me now so I’m planning

supernaturally and by faith instead of

Planning by time amen

that is I’m not getting too deep for you

Spirit knows all about you

your mind doesn’t

your mind only knows what is experienced

but your spirit knows all about you and

God knows all about your spirit

you can’t listen to your human logic

because nowhere in the Bible did logic

produce a miracle

you got to come out of there

trying to trying to adjust just life

according to human reason and what

you’ve experienced back there with Mama

now y’all know what I mean by mama name


trying to run your life

to the book and think with the word

if this Bible says you can do all things

through Christ which strengtheneth you

that’s what it means


you look at it and you look at yourself

I mean just just tell yourself you’re

going fast for three days and what

and what is is uh Happy Meals

come on the next thought you you do it

called this mine here it wants to be the

boss your flesh wants to be the boss

you get saved your spirit says let’s go

to church flash that



says but it’s not the boss Paul says I

keep under my body not I put it on you

got to put it under and keep that rest

of that

now you can do much more than you think

you can do and don’t go in that

classroom I can’t work no math what did

you just do you spoke with that blocked

the door to your deliverance

you can’t do it whatever you think you

can’t can’t do say you can


say Amen to that stop confessing curse

on yourself he said your angels are

going to be with you and they’re going

to be listening to everything you say


and it’s illegal for God to do one thing

for you and you’re confessing something



the law of faith says that whatever God

will do for you you won’t have to

confess it first


so I don’t care how difficult it looks


you find a promise in that Bible good in

that promise and meditate that thing I’m

talking about fill up your mind fill up

your heart with that word of God and

then start speaking that thing it’s a

law it’s got to come to pass


y’all with me


remember Miracles are easier

than doing things in natural progression

of time human reasons


the deciding factor of whether something

was possible or not because of Adam’s


Jesus came to reverse that

amen I can do all things through Christ

with strengthening here’s what Jesus

said it’s not me it’s the father in me

he’s doing the work

let’s go to Galatians chapter 5.

but the Fruit of the Spirit

is love



long suffering amen

amen gentleness





against such

there is no law

here he is speaking about

supernatural disposition

all right let’s tell you what I mean by


once you get born again

you don’t have to pray for peace

you have peace

by faith

you cause peace to come out


you’re in a situation

and it’s

a situation that

there’s a great deal of fear and

affliction and so forth in that


you can operate in peace

watch this

and they can be affected by it

oh yeah you’re going in where Giants are

watch this

they’ll pull out a file on you

and say now she used to react

when we shorten her chat


come on come on now come on now I’m

talking about a dossier on you I’m

talking about since you were a kid some

somebody had been tracking you

you know how the FBI dude

so what happened

I’m saying how about self-control

so now one demon talking to another now

if you push this button she gonna cuss

you she gonna just just push this button

right here she’s gonna cuss

now put push it watch it push it put it


oh Lord Jesus I thought she was safe

okay now now just listen what I’m saying


Supernatural disposition

here’s the brother

instead of having Temperance or

self-control he didn’t have any

he wasn’t saved

and he ended up doing 20 years

no self-control

but you’re going into a land

of giants

they are button pushers

why they know you came there to

dispossess them

they know you came in there to get rich

they know you showed up to get healed

and if they can just push this button

you’ll forget about the healing and cuss

him out

I don’t know no no no listen let let not

not you I’m not saying that’s you I’m

not saying that’s you

I’m using an extreme example

but I’m saying you’ll


see and when you lose it you lose faith

faith is the thing to get you to your


is this making sense to you know now how

can you overcome that the first step is

you must be born again

if you’re not born again you can’t stop

it because they are much mightier than

you what up there Deuteronomy again

Deuteronomy chapter 7 please and verse

one just put it up there watch this

I’m taking you into the Canaan now watch

this when the Lord thy God shall bring

you into the land where you go into

possession and has cast out many in many

nations from before the the hittiteshite

the amorites the Canaanites the parasite

to haveites

and the debit side Seven Nations what

greater and mightier

no human can defeat the Devil


feed him you must have the power of the

Holy Ghost

well I trust that you were blessed by

this powerful message now the day is

offering day on the broadcast this is a

time we give you the listening audience

of those that are being blessed by this

broadcast an opportunity to sow seed

into this ministry we are doing a

worldwide work praise God and it takes

money to do it as you sow your seed

you’re making an investment not only in

this ministry and in the Kingdom but

you’re making an investment in people’s

lives people are able to actually be a

benefit of the teachings that we’re

doing because we’re able to go there

praise God well as I was sowing into the

kingdom and learn the process of sowing

and reaping I learned that I cannot take

my confession and go against what I

believe is being done in other words if

I saw a seed I can’t say you know I

can’t ever get these bills paid you know

none of this ever worked for me or you

know I bet as soon as I sowed his seed

I’ll get laid off you know you can’t say

things like that you got to say hey I’ve

given and now it is given unto me good

measure pressed out Jacob together

running over men are giving into my

bosom I remember the confession was

really taught to me when I spoke to my

bills I took my bills and I put them on

the table you know I talked I heard this

man’s teaching about how he did that and

then I remember going out one winter day

when my car wouldn’t start and spoke to

it and it started and then I said if

you’ll start my call will start with

words then my bills can get paid off

with words and so I spoke to those bills

I said bills I’m talking to you in the

name of Jesus be paid off now God then

led me to sow some seed and as I did

that supernaturally within one year

every debt I had was gone I’m telling

you folks I was super naturally in debt

people were calling the house if we

didn’t have caller ID like you have

today but they would call it the house

and I’m telling you I I got those debts

paid off that was the biggest burden off

of my shoulder and I owe no man anything

even today that’s been 30 years no house

no no car no nothing everything is paid

cash why because I give and it shall be

given unto me well I want you to do the

same thing I want you to know that as

you do sow the seed into this this

ministry that my God shall supply all

your need according to his riches in

Glory by Christ Jesus as you prepare

your seed I’d like to pray over it right

now so just in mind or keep it in the

envelope or hold it in your hand

whatever you do just as a point of

contact father I come before you in

Jesus name thank you for the seed that

are being sown into this ministry every

person Lord that is sowing the seed I

pray that you measure it back to them a

thousand times more father or whatever

need they would have I pray that that

need is met Lord we thank you for it we

believe it’s done in Jesus name amen

well this is Bill Winston saying thank

you very much thank you for helping us

to get the gospel to the nations of the

earth we love you and keep walking by


Miracles are now they’re not tomorrow

they are right now

the first step is you must be born again

once you’re born again you’re alive to

God again and he’s talking Spirit to

Spirit see that’s your potential your

potential is not in your flesh see you

can’t listen to your human logic because

nowhere in the Bible did logic produce a



never let what your eyes see determine

what your heart believes

the just show what live thy faith and

you and I are to live that way live the

lifestyle of the Supernatural and

experience Miracles through your faith

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