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tomorrow they are right now

the first step is you must be born again

once you’re born again you’re alive to

God again and he’s talking Spirit to

Spirit see that’s your potential your

potential is not in your flesh see you

can’t listen to your human logic because

nowhere in the Bible did logic produce a



never let what your eyes see determine

what your heart believes

the just show what live

and you and I are to live that way


Miracles are now

well that’s that’s a tweet right there

they’re not tomorrow they’re right now

I said there right now you remember the

woman here was Jesus he came to the

wedding of Cana and he walked in here

and then the mother of Jesus said to him

they have no wine he said well what is

that to me my hours not yet come that’s

John chapters two my hours not yet come

and and Jesus and she said that she

didn’t even pay any attention to it she

said whatever he said to you just do it

talking to the servants now and and

that’s what they did notice what he said

he said fill the water pots up with

water now he they don’t know what’s

going to happen but he’s telling them

what to do see a lot of times you don’t

know what’s going to happen but you just

receive by faith what to do come on now

and you just do what you do


see because you don’t have to wait on

time you don’t even have to wait on time

to think


can I go out there

put that scripture back up there again

that you just had there and so notice

what he says here he said Jesus said to

them fill the port of part number one

they fill them up to the brim look at

this and he said to them draw out now

and bear to the government of the feast

and they bear it all right and when he

the ruler of the feast tasted it water

was made wine he knew not what it was

but the servant that Drew what drew the

water knew the governor of the feast

faith of feast called the bridegroom and

he said to him every man to the

beginning does set the fourth good wine

and when men have well drunk got drunk

then you pull out that stuff that’s bad

praise God pull out that which is worse

but thou has kept a good wine until what

now next verse in the beginning this is

the beginning of What miracles now my

point to you is is that what do you have

to do to make wine you have to take one

you have to plant to seed you have to

plant a seed wait on the vine to grow

you went on the vine to grow that’s the

number of years they tell me about nine

years then once those of grapes are

growing on the vines then you’ve got to

take the grapes Once you pull the grapes

you’ve got to take the grapes in and

you’ve got to match the grapes once you

mash the grapes you’ve got to sit the

wine up and let it firm it and sometimes

the older the wine the longer it

fermented the better the wine come on

now y’all used to be okay and the better

than what

but my point to you is and look at all

the steps that are in between this

miracle say Amen so notice what he did

he jumped over all those steps because

you don’t have to do it in time you do

it five days

and then he said you’ve served the best

wine until now best wine do you know to

get the best wine is something like 200

years or something that that wine has

been kept in those bottles and so forth

and tell me if you if one man looked on

the internet to see what the best wine

would cost a best a bottle of the best

wine was costing about three hundred and

twenty thousand dollars

for the best one and how much did they

have there they had 30 gallons in each

one of the five water pots

now that’s a whole lot of best wine

so I know what they were doing they

weren’t going to drink all of that that

was going to be a wedding gift for the

wedding couple because when they drunk

that little bit he’s going to take the

rest sell it and they’re gonna have

plenty of money to live on because at

that time when you get married no man or

woman supposed to work for one year

they’re supposed to get to know one

another but one year come on now they

got plenty to live on come on yeah

you’ve got bread coming with this yeah

I’m sad when you go get your barbecue

don’t forget your bread

Supernatural is where we came from

we came from a supernatural God yeah the

world doesn’t know this because they’re

not born again they have to wait on time


we don’t

we’ve got faith

and faith is always when now right now


it’s right now

isn’t this good yeah yeah so now let’s

look at this because I’m still talking



um Adam

in the garden

so the next thing happens

is that in verse 7 of chapter 2 let’s go

there Genesis chapter 2 and verse 7 and

the Lord God formed man of the Dust of

the ground and breathed into his

nostrils the breaths of life and Man

became a living Soul now one translation

says in the Hamas translation they told

me that he became a speaking Spirit like


now I shared with you this one other

time and man shared with me and I really

really believed it so

he said when God stood Adam up beside


Angels thought they were seeing double


that’s how much man was made like God

and if you’re going down here

if you look it said

let’s say verse 8

and the Lord God

planted a garden each one in Eden and

there he put the man whom he had formed

verse 15 and the Lord God took the man

put him in the Garden of Eden to dress

it and keep it and the Lord God

commanded the man saying of every tree

of the garden thou shall be freely eat

but of the tree of the knowledge

underlying knowledge please of Good and

Evil thou shall not eat of it for in the

day you eat of it

Thou shalt thereof thou shall surely

what God

that is where this thing really starts

taking a turn of Revelation

because the first thing that happens was


look at this

the first thing that happened

he said

but of the tree of the knowledge of Good

and Evil thou shall not eat of it

knowledge the word knowledge underline


in the Hebrew the word is dayath d-a and

you space ath dayath

and it means knowledge

gain by senses

knowledge gain

by senses

So Adam here’s the deal

you eat of this

you’re going to be disconnected from me

and all the knowledge you’re going to

get from then on is going to come

through your senses

now how is that different

because Adam

was not meant to be led by his senses

he was meant to be led by the spirit

God is not talking to your flesh

he is talking to your mind your spirit

brother okay now

now if you look at this