The devil’s strategy is always to use fear to distract, intimidate, and manipulate us out of the great work we are doing for the Lord. In this full sermon, Bill Johnson teaches from Nehemiah, and how he dealt with the strategy of the devil to distract him from building the wall. We are all builders, and the devil uses the same tactics with every one of us. Being aware of his strategy, and strengthening ourselves in the Word and Spirit of God will keep us locked into our calling and identity in Christ and protect us from giving in to fear. Subscribe for weekly videos: Connect with Bill Johnson Ministries: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Additional Resources:… Scripture References: Nehemiah 6 Psalm 37: 8 Proverbs 20: 17 2 Corinthians 2, 11 Luke 4 Psalm 23 2 Corinthians 11: 3 Originally shared at Bethel Church, Redding California, on April 30, 2023. Bill Johnson is a fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California, and is passionate about seeing Revival and God’s Kingdom established and revealed in the lives of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Bill’s teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven, hosting the Presence, and the renewed mind has helped thousands around the world to step into their true identity in Christ, God given purpose, and walk in a supernatural lifestyle displaying both purity and power. #BillJohnson #BethelChurch #Fear #Nehemiah

Paul makes this statement and he says

for I’m not ignorant of the devil’s

devices I’m not ignorant of the devil’s

schemes I don’t like the idea of

studying the devil in his tactics that’s

nauseating to me but I also don’t want

to go the other extreme and be ignorant

of how he works it’s vital that I can

smell him that I can recognize all right

this this isn’t the Lord it might even

sound right but this isn’t the Lord


well this has been a rather full morning

good morning

is it so it is still morning nice

it’s it’s fun walking into this building

from Twin View you know we have another

service over there and God’s doing so

much there as well it’s just fun fun

Christian Recreation to be a part of

what he’s doing anywhere

but to walk into this place and just to

is this electric just

presence and power bless you bless you


um I just want to uh highlight the

healing school this next week really

prayerfully consider that it’s a there’s

an impartation as well as training

education and encounter that takes place

there and then this Friday this is a

full week with us for commissionings and

graduations and all the above but uh

Friday uh we’re going to see what what I

think is the last film uh Darren

Wilson’s film how many of you saw the

Finger of God or Furious Love or any of

these well he’s got another one called

The God man and it’s kind of the

crowning Touch of everything he’s done

so that’s here this next Friday at 6 30.

uh it’s uh it’s an amazing amazing film

all right take your Bibles open to

Nehemiah chapter six

and before we do that I just need to

honor our Internationals by reading an

international joke


I I just I I’m just that kind of a guy

I’m here just to love him to serve to

honor all the

all right here we go for this is an old

one but uh I like it anyway and I have

the mic

for those of you who watch what you eat

Here’s the final word on nutrition and



emphasize final here’s it’s a relief to

know the truth after all those

conflicting nutritional studies

Five Points number one

the Japanese eat very little fat and

suffer fewer heart attacks than the


number two the Mexicans eat a lot of fat

suffer fewer heart attacks than the


number three the Chinese drink very

little red wine suffered fewer heart

attacks than the English

number four the Italians drink a lot of

red wine and suffer a few heart attacks

in the English

number five the Germans drink a lot of

beer eat lots of sausages and fats and

suffer fewer heart attacks than the