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BILL: You’ll see when Jesus
looked for a boat to

get in at the lake, who
boat that he picked?

Peter’s. Then Peter
said, thou are the Christ, the

son. He said, flesh and blood
didn’t reveal this to you. And

when Peter saw Him walking
on the water, he said, wait a

minute. If that be you, fit me
to come. You know why? Cause

Peter was ready for miracles. He
wanted to see him. He wanted to

be all that God wanted him to
be. And I decree from this day,

you gonna be hungry for
miracles. Miracles. They gonna

be running in your house.
They gonna be running in your

business. Say amen. In
the name of Jesus.

Bill: There are people. And
it was like me. I mean,

I’m being transparent
now. When I was just

beginning in this thing
and I was excited about

it and a little, um, having
youthful, uh, exuberance,

um, I went and, you know, I was
preaching on the streets cause

I’m, I’m, I’m on fire for God.
And I’m preaching, you know,

waving my Bible. You going to
hell, you sinner. You know, this

is what’s gonna happen to you.
And this lady came out of the

grocery store cause I was in a
kind of a strip mall thing and I

was preaching on, you know, way
across from the stores. But you

could hear me. I had no
megaphone or anything. You could

just hear me. I’m hollering. And
um, um, she came out, one of the

ladies who worked in the store,
I was taking a little break and

she said, preacher, I said,
yeah. She said, you know, I

believe you could win some of
’em if you was just a little

nicer. You going to hell too.
You know, you know what I’m

saying? See, I’m, I’m trying
to condemn them. See, I’m, I’m

trying to make them feel bad
now. I’m trying, I’m trying to

scare them. Cause I’m talking
about hellfire now. I’m talking

about brimstone. I’m talking
about you going to hell, man.

You going burn. And you know
what happened in New York at

9/11? What happened is all of a
sudden when the towers got hit,

everybody ran in church. But
then when they found out it

wasn’t all over, they ran back
out. You got what I’m saying?

Yeah. I’m saying if you tell a
person, okay, the reason why you

need to get saved cause you’re
going to hell if you don’t, now

that’s you and I understand the
meaning of that, but that’s not

what Jesus preached. Now there’s
places that he preached about

the rich man and the man that
said at the gate, and the rich

man went to hell. We know that
cause he wanted to let you know

Hades really exist. Right.
But that’s not what he told the

mayor. You know, I’m saying that
when he is preaching a gospel,

he is preaching good news And,
and, and what we need to do is

understand wait a minute, wait a
minute. What is the gospel? See?

And, and so if you tell
somebody, okay, the reason why

you need good sake, cause you’re
going hell, if you don’t, well

that’s fine. That might scare
some people and… for thought.

That’s good. But he said, with
loving kindness, I’m drawing

you. See, I’m, I’m going to tell
you what you can get. He said in

John chapter 10 verse 9, I’m
the door. And anybody that comes

through the door will go in and
out and find pasture. In other

words, you’re gonna find
something to eat. So, he

preached the gospel to the
poor man. What’s the gospel to a

person who’s poor? You don’t
have to be poor no more. And

look what he is doing. He’s now
showing people what heaven is

like and he’s manifesting it
in their lives so that wherever

they’re attached to, they wanna
leave that. Now, this is one of

the reasons why the enemy
doesn’t want miracles. Because

miracles turn people away from
dead gods. Here’s Peter. I just

have a feeling Peter was not
going to the synagogue every

Saturday. I just have that
feeling. I just, I just have

that feeling. And you follow
what I’m saying. He said, I got

a business to run, I ain’t got
time to go in there. So here,

here he was out here and Jesus
preached the gospel sat in his

boat, then told him to launch
out into the deep, he launched

out and caught a boat sinking
and net breaking load of fish.

Watch this, at a time you
shouldn’t fish. So miracles are

works of God or acts of God that
override natural laws of time,

space, and matter. So here is
Peter. Boom, jump, caught all

these fish threw himself down
to Jesus’ knees and repented and

said, I’m a sinful man. Now
notice what brought him to that.

The goodness of God. He, he, I
know that we can show people in

the scriptures where things
won’t happen with their life,

right, if they don’t obey God’s
commandment, we can show people

that. But I’m telling you now,
those people ran in the church

at 9/11 in New York City.
And then when they found out

everything was cool, they ran
back out. You’d never seen ’em

again. Why? Because of fear.
Fear ran ’em in there. And when

they found out they wasn’t going
to die, they ran back out. And

you tell people, well, you going
to hell. You know, if you don’t

get saved in your life, this
life is the only time you get to

get saved, then, then they’ll
say, okay, now let me see, I’m

19 now. I think I get saved when
I’m 69. And then, and that’s

what people do. They just want
to hit, you know, miss Hell.

See, but what was Jesus doing?
He was working miracles. See,

See, but what was Jesus doing?
He was working miracles. See,

this is the piece that most of
the church has left off. But

he’s saying imitate him. And he
said, if I don’t do the works of

God, don’t believe anything I
said. I’m I’m I’m. Can we talk

today? Did this, this is, this
is key for us to understand that

these miracles have a purpose.
But miracles give you an

unlimited ability. There are
even degrees of miracles. You’ve

got miracles over in Second
Kings chapter 20. Uh, here is,

uh, the prophet told, uh,
Hezekiah, get your house in

order, you’re gonna die. And
prophet and Hezekiah began to

suffocate before the Lord in
prayer and so forth, reminding

the Lord of all he done. And
then came to him, said, okay,

you go, he gonna give you 15
more years. And then Hezekiah

said, now let me see if this
going work. Let’s, let’s see now

are you telling me the truth?
And the prophet said this. He

said, okay, here’s what I’ll do.
Um, which way do you want this

sundial to turn, to go? Now the
Sundial gets, its its point from

the direction of the sun. He
said, do you want the sun dial

to go forward 10 degrees or
backwards 10 degrees? And he

said, well, to let it go forward
is an easy thing. He said, make

it go backwards. And the prophet
prayed and the sundial went

backwards 10 degrees. 10 degrees
is 40 minutes. See, he- 40

minutes in that situation. And
when Joshua spoke and said, sun,

stand still, the sun stood still
the Bible says in Joshua chapter

10, about a whole day. Notice,
it didn’t say a whole day, it

said about a whole day. And
where did the rest of the day

get made up? Over here with
Hezekiah. And they tell me, if

you go to the astronomers today,
they’ll tell you one day is

missing. Oh, I believe that’s
the right group here. Now, I’m

saying that’s what it’s for. And
it’s, it’s for really bringing

people into a place of hope that
they don’t have. They don’t have

that. Miracles are for purpose.
One, turn people away from false

gods. Next to give you an
unlimited ability. Thirdly,

they’re made to manage the
earth. If I do not the works of

my father, don’t believe me.
And look at this, what you’re

sitting in now. Flat miracle.
I mean the enemy was after us.

First of all, the money wasn’t
there. God said if, if, if, and

we didn’t have all the money. He
said, if the money’s not here by

Monday, go to the bank. I wanted
to say, I’ve been to the bank,

you know, I’ve been to the bank,
but he was gonna send me a bank

of his choice that’s known for
not loaning anybody anything

cause he’s a miracle working
God. I was meeting with some of

our people and you know, one of
the areas that we’ve got, and

they tell me, I said, give me
your forecast now for, for you

know, the Q1 or the Q3 or Q4. I
said, give me your forecast. I

said, okay, now this is
interesting. You just told me

what you are going to do.
What is God going to do? No, you

just, you just told me what you
can do, that according to the

scriptures, that’s not what you
made for. What is God going to

do? See, you can work and do
some stuff and that’s wonderful.

But God didn’t call you to that.
He didn’t call you to compete.

He called you to dominate. And
what people normally give you,

if you ask ’em something like
that, they give you what they

can do. Well this is all I can
do. No, it that probably true.

That’s all you can do. But if
you connect up with God,

now, tell me what y’all can do.
Because you’re not, you’re not,

you’re not, you’re not putting
God in there. And so when you

got that kind of condition,
now you got people, a bunch of

people and a church are acting
like any other club. Watch this.

And excited about leaders.
Not because of their power, but

because of their personality.
Because they’re popular. Come

on. But not a one sign and a
wonder coming through. If I do

not the works of my father,
don’t believe our thing that I

said. Now we are so caught up
with personality. Oh, he’s gonna

be there. What? He been here
for 10 years and you ain’t, you

ain’t- you still as broke as you
were. You still, come on. You

still not married, you still
not, I’m just talk about you

need somebody with some power.
See, what I’m doing? I’m pulling

the covers off of this thing.
Because we’ve been playing games

so long. The pandemic come and
we just as shut down as anybody

else. Folks, that shouldn’t
be so. It is so because of the

leadership. He said in Matthew
chapter 15, I think it’s 14, let

them alone. They be blind,
leaders of the blind. And if the

blind lead the blind, what’s
going to happen? Everybody’s

going into the ditch. Are you
following what I’m saying? Over

in Matthew’s Gospel 23. He said,
warn to you scribe, pharisees,

so forth and so on. He said, you
have shut up the what? Kingdom

of heaven. Yeah, you shut it
up. You’ve shut it up. In John

chapter 9. Here is Jesus came
along and it’s blind man. And

the disciples said, who did sin,
him or his parents that he was

born blind? See, they’re
pointing out sin. See, instead

of doing something about it,
yeah. They’re pointing it out.

If you could show ’em a miracle,
they’ll leave the sin. So

miracles can come in degrees.
The Bible says in Acts 19, Paul

worked unusual miracles. Now I
wonder what kind of miracles

they were. He said over in one
of the Old Testament prophets,

I’m about to work a worker
in your day that you will not

believe. Jesus going around
adding limbs on people. Do you

hear what I’m saying to you?
Here he sent forth his disciples

over in uh Matthews gospel
chapter 10 in verse 7. And he

told him, he said now I want you
to go and preach what? Saying

the what? The kingdom of heaven
is at hand. Now this what I want

you to do. Now I’m not I’m not
telling you to do this if you

have time. I’m telling you, this
is what I’m sending you out to

do. What did he say? Heal
the sick. What did he say do?

Cleanse the leper. What he say?
Raise the who? Woo! Did we have

an opportunity when that
pandemic hit? Woo! We could have

been a dead raising somebody.
Don’t get quiet on me. No. We

shaking our hands and like
everybody else. I’m telling you,

a lot of relatives will still be
here. Watch this, and get saved.

Cause when you pull ’em back
from the dead, they gonna get

saved. Yeah. Are y’all with me?
My thoughts. So that tells me if

saved. Yeah. Are y’all with me?
My thoughts. So that tells me if

I can think it, I can do it.
Oh boy. Here we go. Believe me,

it’s it’s, I’m I’m not going,
I’m not going. I’m not gonna

look at the saints. I’m gonna
look at leadership. I’m gonna

look at leadership. Folks, you
can get the wrong leaders in

there and it’ll take a country
down the drain. Had leaders up

there. They came back, two of
the leaders said this numbers

chapter 13 verse 30. Uh, let us
go up at once and possess it for

we are well able to overcome it.
10 leaders said what? We be not

able to come up against them.
There are giants in the land, so

forth and so on. See, and took 3
million people and cancel their

destinies. I’m gonna preach it.
I don’t care if you don’t like

it. If anything I’ll add
something to it. Took 3 million

people. Cause the Bible says
over in Romans chapter 10 verse

14, how would they hear lest
they have been told how they

hear without a preacher so
forth. So he put the leaders up

there for a reason. Cause the
people, God built the system so

it needs leadership. You go to
Acts and Acts chapter 4. And and

and, and look what happened. Uh,
Acts chapter 3, uh, they said,

here’s, here’s, here’s a man
that’s asking for arms and got

legs. He said silver and gold
have I none. Who is this? This

is Peter. This is Peter. And you
see Peter all through the book.

Why? Cause he was miracle
minded. You’ll see when Jesus

looked for a boat to get in at
the lake, who’s boat that he

pick? Peter’s. When it was time
for who- who do they say that I

am? One says son John the
Baptist. Some say another. But

uh, who do they say that I am?
And Peter said, thou art the

Christ the Son, he said, flesh
and blood didn’t reveal this to

you. And when Peter saw him
walking on the water, he said,

wait a minute. If that be you
fit me to come. You know why?

Cause Peter was ready for
miracles. He wanted to see ’em.

He wanted to be all that God
wanted him to be. And I decree

from this day, you gonna be
hungry for miracles. Miracles,

they gonna be running in your
house. They gonna be running in

your business. Say amen. In the
name of Jesus. Unless they see

signs and wonders, they will
not believe. We’re coming into a

time now it’s hard to talk ’em
in. Now I’m saying you’ll get

some little thing pieces here
and there, but try to talk the

big ones in. I’m talking the
ones that got the money, the

ones that got the influence,
the ones that got the big

businesses. They need a miracle.
They need something else to turn

them away from that false god
of money. And you can do it. I

said, you can do it. You’ve been
made for such a time as this. So

if you can think it, you can
do it. Here’s Peter in Matthew

14:28. And Jesus is walking
on the water and Peter said

something, he said, now, uh, if
that be you. Was it him? It was

Jesus all right, then bid me to
come to you on the water. Now,

Peter- People focus in on
Peter’s walk. Got it? They focus

in on it. Let’s come bring the
focus back a little bit. Let’s

focus in on his thought. Come
on. Come on now. See, if you can

receive and believe God’s
thoughts, you can take God’s

walk. That’s all. Peter was
open to foolish thoughts. And I

walk. That’s all. Peter was
open to foolish thoughts. And I

really believe that’s was common
for me, cause that’s what made

me put on that Superman shirt
and get on that garage. Come on,

come on and try to fly down
the windows house. I just didn’t

have the truth. But I had the
right mindset. A lot of people,

whether some of ’em get
intellectual, all the mindset of

miracles is gone. They’re
programmed it out of them and

they’re gonna have to be
reprogrammed. Then the others

have had some bad things that
happen in their life and they’re

so fearful of everything and
so they won’t receive God’s

thoughts. Oh, I can go around
and talk about people been

bruised or heard or somebody’s
been molested so forth like

that, all that to block God’s
thoughts. But you have the mind

of Christ. God’s given you a
new mind and a new heart.

BILL: Well, praise
the Lord. I trust that

you enjoyed that
teaching. Now again, we’re

talking about miracles.
We’re talking about

something that God wants to work
in the earth. He wants to show

people that he is the only one
true God. He wants the world to

be convinced of that. See, one
of the reasons why we’re in the

world is for us to save the
world. We’ve got to get ’em into

the kingdom. And for
many people, it takes us

supernatural. They’re gonna have
to see something that will prove

to them that what we are saying
is true. Isn’t that powerful?

You see, the first thing he told
Abraham in Genesis chapter 13

and 14, he said, lifts up your
eyes and look now toward the

north, south, east, and west and
all the land which you see to

thee will I give it and unto
thy seed forever. Now what is he

saying? You don’t see with your
eyes. You see through your eyes.

You see with your mind. You see,
unless you can see it, it’s hard

for him to give it to you
because you’ve got to see it.

When God called me to leave IBM,
I had to meditate until I saw

myself in ministry. I saw myself
leaving. I’m telling you, I one

day on on, on Minnesota, I was
driving down the street and that

thing came alive inside of me
when I was meditating, I stopped

the car and called my wife,
said, baby, we are leaving this

company Now, the company had
been good to me, but I saw

something bigger and I left
where I was. I’m just saying

that your mind has to go there.
Your feet will never go where

your mind has never been.
You are ready for a

miracle. Be miracle minded.
Praise God. Well, that’s

all we have for this
time. We’ll see you

next time. Until then,
keep walking by Faith.

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