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how do you balance between being a

strong independent woman while still

honoring your husband as the head of the


household welcome back to loving

fearlessly and I am so looking forward

to diving into some more of the

questions listen to this question how

can I be certain to stay on course as a

wife and a mother well I only wish I

could say here is the recipe but the

only thing certain in life is that

there’s going to be things that are

going to knock you off course and I

again I’m not saying you’re going to

fall I’m not saying you’re going to fail

I’m not saying that you’re going to lose

your salvation but

uncertainty is a constant in life and so

many times people want to say what can I

do well again the word of God the word

of God it’s a lamp to our feet it’s a

light to our path and so the word of God

lights the course it lights the course

but this sense of certainty is always

going to be evasive what you can be

certain about is there’s going to be

change but worrying about it is just

going to stress you out I used to lay in

bed when jna were first married he was

working part-time I was working

full-time and I would lay there in bed

thinking about we have one out and I

thought now if John goes on this mission

trip and dies will I have enough money

to support our child and I would begin

to troubleshoot and I think I don’t know

that I’ve got enough money to pay for

both daycare and our living expenses I

need John to get more life insurance and

I would roll over wake him up in the

middle of the night and say do you

understand that if you die I will not

have enough life insurance to raise me

and Addison and John would look look at

me and be you’re laying in the bed next

to me thinking about me dying I don’t

feel comfortable about that why because

I had to be certain that I knew the

outcome of every single thing if we do

this I got to make sure I’ve troubles

shot okay I know where I know where the

solution is and whenever I would hit a

wall of

uncertainty I would panic but here’s the

certainty that you and I have that God

knows the plans he has for us and their

plans to do good and not to harm us

plans to give us a hope and a future and

I don’t believe that’s just an

individual plan I believe it’s a plan

for your marriage I believe that’s a

plan for your children that God says I

got a hope I’ve got a future I’ve got it

figured out you don’t have to think

about this you just need to move forward

with what I have told you you need to

let my word be that lamp let it be that

light and girl don’t you stress about

this because I’ve got it and when

something shocks you or when an

uncertainty occurs I was not surprised

or knocked off course with this get back

up and just keep moving forward so you

don’t have to worry about it it doesn’t

do us any good to worry about tomorrow

this is one I was super excited that I

got asked this is a question I get

everywhere so I was excited that you

guys did not disappoint me how do you

balance between being a strong

independent woman while still honoring

your husband as the head of the

household okay let’s actually talk about

this how would me being a strong woman

dishonor my husband would being a weak

woman be more honoring to my

husband how would me being independent

dishonor my husband it should never

dishonor my husband me being independent

my husband would say I can totally trust

Lisa and that she knows what to do do in

that situation now I think maybe what

we’re looking for is we’ve Associated

strong with rebellious or independent

with willful so let’s talk about these

terms because see strong is not wrong

God wants you strong he celebrates

strength we always he be strong in the

Lord so we get our strength from him I

am not strong on my own now I could be

willful on my own own but I’m not strong

on my own and I think as women we do

associate strong with harsh strong with

aggression strong with undermining men

but let’s look at the Proverbs 31 Woman

the woman we don’t always like to look

at everything she does adds strength to

her family it says her arms are strong

she reaches them out to the poor it says

that she considers the field and she’s

like I think I’m going to buy it doesn’t

say she goes back back to her husband

who is the strong independent leader she

just buys it whoa that’s independence if

you ask me see she had this ability to

recognize what was good what was

profitable what would help her family so

and it said from the proceeds what does

she do she buys a Vineyard and she

plants it she isn’t like I think I need

to ask my husband if it’s okay if I

weave cloths together and sell them I

also love that it says that her

household is clothed in Scarlet didn’t

say she asked her husband are you okay

if I put everybody in Scarlet clothed in

scarlet and it says she laughs at the

future she laughs at the future it said

because she’s a virtuous woman and a v

virtuous woman is a woman who is a Force

for good that’s what virtuous means a

Force for good if you’re going to be a

force for good you need to be

independent if you’re always dependent

on everybody else’s opinion you can’t be

a force for good what if you’re in

Target and you see somebody in need but

you can’t call your husband and ask his

opinion if it’s okay for you to be a

force for good see you need to have the

freedom to be independent and to be

strong now we’re dependent on God and

we’re interdependent on one another but

we’re not controlling one another just

because I’m independent doesn’t mean I’m

controlling of John my husband and I

have sat down and he has this amazing

areas of strength he’s like Lisa these

are my strengths I’m like they are your

strengths and he said Lisa I see these

as your strengths I’m like these are my

strengths and he’s like how about I do

this and you do that I’m like awesome

we’re not like oh constantly getting

into each other’s business on this stuff

we have a United goal and we both need

to be strong for that if I was like John

I don’t know you know I don’t know if I

should travel and speak at all of these

can you decide for me he’d be like no

just don’t go I don’t have time to think

for you he’s like Lisa if you’re going

to go and do these things you better

have it in your heart because when you

get there you need to have the strength

and the independence to carry the

atmosphere for the spirit of God so

being a strong being an independent

woman these are not wrong things these

are good things and that strong and

independent woman is not strong

independent to pull things away from her

husband she is strong and independent on

behalf of her husband on behalf of her

household so there is something inside

of you that is strong and that’s not

wrong there’s something inside of you

that gains expression in Independence in

Freedom let’s say it that way in Freedom

and I want you to find out what that is

and celebrate it and do it and bring

that good to your household the next

thing said how do you keep your marriage

strong when you’re apart well I think

one of the keys to keeping our marriage

strong when we’re apart is we have a

good time when we’re together when we’re

apart we just do the things that we

would need to do it’s actually sometimes

easier for me when my kids were little

for John to be gone it was easier we had

a different Rhythm we knew when we were

doing the homework we knew we’re eating

dinner I could be much more sloppy with

the kind of quality of food I gave my

kids whereas my husband had stronger

independent ideas about what I was

supposed to cook so for us it was a

rhythm when John was away I didn’t

complain that he was away I didn’t feel

sad that he was away and when he was

home I didn’t complain that he’d been

away I enjoyed him when he was home so I

think everybody has the grace of God on

their life to do what they’re called to

do and whenever you complain I’m just

going to tell you it cuts off the grace

so John and and I we made sure that we

got little opportunities to talk to each

other but if he called right when I was

making dinner I’d be like honey it’s not

a good time if I called right when he

was going to service he’d be like honey

it’s not a good time but that didn’t

mean that we didn’t love each other it

didn’t mean that we didn’t care and it

didn’t mean we didn’t have a good

marriage so you can’t assign huge things

to small things and especially when your

husband travels you got to celebrate the

times you have together so create

opportunities for when you’re together

and don’t fret about when you’re not

together when John is not with me I get

to write books when John is not with me

I get to go to bed when I want to go to

bed when John is not with me I can drink

as much espressos as I want without

anybody saying how many of you had and I

always answer back why would I count why

would I count so we need to be those

people who celebrate our times together

celebrate our strength celebrate our

independence and this is part of loving

fearlessly being yourself and not being

afraid of