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Paul had to check his mind because it

the guilt the enemy was using it to put

the guilt on him about how he was

treating Christian but he got born again

he got blinded his eyes got open he got

Revelation and now he was out there and

he had to get rid of that what did he do

he said I can’t knock myself to have

apprehended but that’s one thing I do I

will forget what this was behind and

reach forward to what’s before I’m

oppressed toward the mark for the pride

can’t you see God can give you the power

to forget to forget how that man treated

you to forget how they looked at you to

forget the mistakes you made in the past

to forget the power of the mind to make

you excellent in still thinking


so when you have a problem in 3D

3D is trying to use 3D’s ability

to fix 3D

but it wasn’t made that you fix it on

the same level that it was existing

it was made that 40. fixed 3D

and four D’s got eyes that can see and

it can see the reserves it can see all

the supplies it can see the wisdom of

God it can see all of that and take it

and apply it to 3D



now people who don’t know God have never

given their life to Jesus Christ don’t

have this

because all this comes to Kingdom


and you are a kingdom citizen

so you can fix things other folk can’t

fix watch this you can see things of the

folk can’t see that means you can go

somewhere other folks can’t go and you

can do something other folk can’t do and

you can have something of the vote they


when when we were starting the Joseph

business school I got Ray and Dolores I

said you’ve got a degree from Harvard

he’s got a degree from University of

Chicago mbas and I said now you helped

me start this Joseph business school I

want you to go away take these

parameters go away and then come back

and tell me how long it’ll take to start

this they came back and say it’ll take

one to two years I said let me pray

about it I went to God and God said tell

them it’ll take two months

so I went back now notice what happened

when we applied 4D

you got what I’m saying and then he gave

the curriculum and so forth and so on

now I’m saying that to say if he could

cut down on the time that it would take

to actually start a school like that can

he cut down on a time that it’ll take

for you to be a millionaire and cut it

down I mean can he do it

see when you don’t get excited about

this you you wavering now well I don’t

know that’s cause you in 3D 3D don’t

never know we need Frozen though 3D

can’t do what phone he can do

you send sitting on the fifth well I

don’t know you don’t know well what

about the time that Peter walked on the

water do you know that it’s

about the time Jesus turned water to

wine do you know that

what about the time Jesus got tax money

out of the fish’s mouth do you know that

I’m saying if you know that you know you

can be a millionaire in the month don’t

let the dogs


if you believe



see it’s not limited to what your

natural mind says your natural mind they

got it did Harvest one of the finest

schools of the University of Chicago one

of the finest schools they used all they


it wasn’t sufficient

I don’t care where you got that degree


doesn’t make any difference anybody

operating in 4D will control 3D anybody

makes no difference

this could control the world he got 12

disciples to turn the whole world upside



it’s sad because people

if you’re the center you’re not the

center Jesus is the center

as a man of God I am used to bring

Kingdom principles to you

and and I’m a custodian for the

mysteries of the kingdom of God to my


all right

okay so now

let’s look amen let’s look

at this section

having to do


your mental


I call it mental


mental excellence

all right

now if you look at Daniel

in Daniel chapter 6 verse 3

it says

that Daniel was preferred by the king

because he had what kind of spirit and

excellent Spirit say I have

an excellent spirit in Jesus name all

right so

in Daniel if you look at Daniel chapter

1 and verse 20

. they found Daniel

and the Hebrews to be

ten times better

than all the astrologers I mean these

are the top people

and it says over in Daniel chapter 1

verse 17 I want you to read that

because it says learning so they did go

to school

but God can add some super to your



this is Daniel 1 17 ready read

all right now notice here’s God and he’s

given him something

all right let’s go in the Old Testament

let’s go to Exodus well we’re there

Exodus chapter 31

and verse 1 ready read



though notice how they got the ability

that they got

God gave it to them

he gave it to him God really can


encourage you as to what you can do by

giving you what to think

so God can give you a mind

thank you

in this powerful all right we had one

more we’re just going to these because

I’m working down to a place numbers

Numbers Chapter 11 and verse 16 and 17.

now this is when Moses is now counseling

all these three three million people and

God’s saying hey you need some help and

uh which is what the prophet told him

you need some help the priest told him

and uh so what did he do God came to him

and said this is what I’m gonna do for

you I’m going to take the spirit to

counsel that’s on you and I’m gonna put

it on them

now if God can do that in the Old


can’t he do that

in the New Testament


so I’m saying over in Deuteronomy

chapter 34 and verse 9 this is when

Moses just laid his hand

on on uh on get on Joshua and all of a

sudden the spirit of wisdom came on


Amen to this

so I’m saying this whole idea about

mental Excellence is something that God

planned for all of his people

he did not plan for not one of his

people uh to do be without good sense

he plans for all his people to be smart


he plans for all of his people to have


and that the world would come to us and

say you know how do I do this how do I

do that and you’ll see over in Mark’s

gospel and look at it Mark chapter 5 and

verse 15. Mark chapter 5 verse 15 and

this is when that uh mad man of godara

got his right mind

now he was crazy when the disciples left

him and went into town

and they came back and how was he he was

enclosed and in his right mind

oh you follow what I’m saying see when

people don’t want to hear my teaching

they not in their right mind

they are not in their right mind now I

don’t try to fight them but they’re not

in their right mind

body in their right mind would want to

hear what I got to say

I’m not bragging on me I’m telling you

what the truth will do

because the truth will make you watch


three see once you get born again you

get privileges

you’ve got privileges your performance

just went up to the top

and you’ve got to receive it how by


you’ve got that thing by faith it’ll

start transforming your mind I’m telling

you where you’ve been hurt years ago you

won’t have to be hurt anymore Paul had

to check his mind because it the guilt

the enemy was using it to put the guilt

on him about how he was treating

Christians but he got born again he got

blinded his eyes got open he got

Revelation and now he was out there and

he had to get rid of that what did he do

he looked at Philippians chapter 3 verse

13 and 14. he said I count not myself to

have apprehended but there’s one thing I

do I’m gonna forget what is what’s

behind and reach forward to what’s

before I’m oppressed toward the mark for

the pride can’t you see God can give you

the power to forget to forget how that

man treated you to forget how they

looked at you to forget the mistakes you

made in the path to forget the power of

the mind to make you excellent in still



tonight and watch God work on your mind

as a matter of fact I decree I decree

tonight you’re gonna get good sense that

God is going to Spirit and the anointing

of wisdom and Revelation is going to

work in your mind now give God praise

and sit down

the Bible says this

he said Beware

when all men speak well


if you preaching something everybody’s

speaking well of you you better check to

see if you watered that down

I’m not watering it down you get

straight with no chasing

I’m not worried about them that’s wrong

with the church now all right let me let

me keep going let’s go to

uh Isaiah chapter 34 and verse 8. Isaiah

34 Verse 8. amen



over the controversy of Zion now wait a

minute let’s stop here

the day of the Lord’s vengeance



is now

uh time

for God’s justice

this Justice

is going to come through the church

now how many you know God can see


but how many you know he said let them


so this Dominion

makes you an owner with stewardship


got it

this Earth does not belong to the devil

or his family

got it

you’re the ones

that are running this Earth

the church

all right now


if we look at this

and we look


the fact

that the church

are supposed to be the agent is supposed

to be the institution

holding back


we found that in second Thessalonians 2

and 7. you’re going to hold back


now God needs you

because the world can’t hold it back

it comes in and they can’t stop it

matter of fact it looks like it’s

ramping up now

but the church

can stop it


you have

a scripture in Luke chapter 18.

and in Luke 18

he’s talking about

the unjust


the unjust


now this happened to have to do with a


and she goes to this unjust judge and

says avenge me of my adversary

and he would not for a while

but she kept her bony finger in his face

I’m just not my own translation

and pretty soon he said hey I better do


oh this woman gonna soon worry me

and then the Bible says this Luke

chapter 8 of 18 and verse 8. all right

ready read

all right son of man cometh shall he

find faith on the earth over to God


so there’s faith that he’s talking about

is Faith for vengeance


has to do

with the necessity

of punishing offenders

proceeding from a heart of love and

justice but it’s the necessity of

punishing it

God desires that all be what saved

but the Vengeance of God is a necessity

of punishing why because they won’t stop

they won’t stop

and this


is from the Lord

because it’s not Revenge

that’s 3D

vengeance is 4D

and you and I have to be a part

of executing that vengeance

because by faith we have to call on The

Vineyards of God

to execute in this earth



we are going to have to receive it done

by faith in our Lord have mercy amen all

right let me just show you just a

picture very quickly

look at


uh Kings chapter 19 and verse 20. look

at that

this is after Hezekiah prayed

to God

the word

of Elijah

Elijah sent him a word says those

enemies coming against you they’re

taking all your gold taking the gold off

the doorknobs and ashamed you that that

enemy uh you will not have to fight this

battle you’re not going to see him again

so forth and so on so he opened it up

and prayed it and once he prayed it

another Runner came to him and this is

what he said ready read


now that’s saith the Lord what you have

prayed to me against schnauzereb I have

heard this is God now notice he needed a

prayer to move

he didn’t have authorization he needed a

prayer to move and so when Hezekiah

prayed the word then all of a sudden God


first first John chapter 5 and verse 14

and 15 this is the confidence that we

have in him that if we ask anything

according to his will he hears us and if

we know that he hear us whatever we ask

we know we have

what we position him for say into that

so notice the saints of God have the

authorization and they’re going to get

the word and they’re going to pray and

then God’s going to hear their prayer

and look what happened in verse 35 in

that same chapter of Second Kings and 35

and it says this glory to God

ready read


because he said he will execute

Vengeance speedily I’m talking about

putting up with this mess it’s getting

too much

come on putting up with all this stuff

this stuff with with with borders and

stuff with ungodly laws this stuff with

cutting off the the private parts of

little seven-year-old

the cup is gone all long enough

the church needs God’s Vengeance he

needs Justice for those who are being



and I’m saying to you you can call for

God’s Vengeance now he’s not out trying

to kill somebody but if they don’t come

back in line there’s an unjust judge

sitting up there on the pedestal making

ungodly laws and we got to turn the laws

back around because part of your


interchange on Godly love and we’re

gonna change them starting today



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um we appreciate the blessing


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minority supplier for Denny’s how I did

that was I was with perseverance and I

believe that is very important

and I’m here to let you know that

anything the mind can conceive as we

know can manifest through hard workers

advancing faith

you’re going to be 10 times better than

the best that the world can produce this

is your season the vision is when you

see on the inside versus what you see on

the outside and you chase it that God is

a part of every area of my life and

things that I do he wants to make sure

you’re always on the right track you

give God Access to all your life not

just part of it when I came here I felt

the presence of God it was so powerful

when praise and worship started I just

felt the anointing and if you’re looking

for change and you just want to change

your life this is a place to come when

they come to your city


is your day this community need help and

a lot of people need help with food

sweaters the economy has gotten so uh

expensive even on I’m on a um uh Social

Security and just to buy my food now

I’ve been going to the dollar stores and

stuff like that this is a great blessing

it impacts me because I try I travel to

I travel work by bus so I come from one

in one end of the city to the other so

okay if I catch two I ride two buses and

I leave extremely early and them being

out here and handing out Uber and gas

cards that really helps me may God

continue to bless everything that you’re

doing me and get a little emotional but

I want to say thank you well I just

thank you so much

from the bottom of my heart

for coming

to Detroit

to help us

heal the community

thank you

I am excited about what has occurred

here today I can tell you that many

people have told me what a blessing it

is that you’ve done this gas cards have

been incredibly excellent lift cards and

Uber cards along with groceries and free

clothing not just any clothing but brand

new clothing for folks who would have

otherwise not been able to even do it

you don’t know what we’ve been through


but I feel extremely blessed and I just

want to thank you

thank you Living Word Dr Bill Winston

and operation Tent City for what you’ve

done for this city



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