Living in the Fourth Dimension is a brand new concept for many. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is living in the realm of the supernatural. Jesus lived in this fourth dimension and displayed it during His ministry with signs and wonders. Mark 6 describes Jesus walking on the water (verses 45-50). Jesus had sent His disciples in a boat to cross over to the other side while he went to pray. In the middle of the night, Jesus came walking on the water and would have passed them, but the disciples saw Him. Jesus said to them, “Do not fear; it is I.” In this new series by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that you too have been made to live in the fourth dimension. Ordering Information:…

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you’re busy gone by what you can see and

what you can see is in 3D and when it’s

in 3D it puts pressure on you you can

tell when you’re in 3D because you get

pressure get awesome under 3D and come

up to 40 and laugh all the way to the



our words should be good yes sir when we

speak a word he said whosoever shall say

to this mountain come on

without move and be thou yes and shall

not die in his heart but Shall Believe

the things he says shall come to pass he

shall have whatever he said

acting like God

am I right about it

so what does the devil try to do

he tries to use a human’s words

why to do the things in the earth he

wants to do

isn’t that some

nuts I’m so here he is and he’s trying

to use humans and actually

write his own script

for your life

think about that he’s trying to get uh

somebody to speak against people and and

you see all these these these social

media things going up all these words

going forth

and you got to watch it because you you

want somebody else’s words to be

conducting your life


over in Matthew chapter 12 verse 37 he

said this

by thy words thou shall be justified by

thy words come on I shall be condemned

what does he say by your words you’re

going to be made free by your words you

will be put in bondage so you got the

privilege of saying whichever way you

want to go say Amen in

so many of us have been scripted by the

enemy now look at a place in Genesis 31

and verse 32 where a man spoke wrong

words his name was

Jacob and Jacob spoke wrong words

concerning his wife he didn’t know that

his wife had stolen her dad’s gods and

tried to run off with him and and so

Laban came and accused Jacob of stealing

him Jacobs I just steal your God’s man

he said you know I’m putting that in my

own time I didn’t tell your God he said

somebody stole my God he said whoever

stole your Gods let them not live

see notice it’s Satan putting pressure

on somebody’s tongue yeah yeah

and he’ll try to get you to say the

wrong thing concerning your family

before you ain’t gonna never be nothing

you’re gonna be death see he’s trying to

get quiet because it license him

but if you don’t license him and say

what God said you just license God


now I’m talking about you gotta say it

in the face of the impossible situation

come on God is the god of the

impossible he can do it if you’ll give

him give him a lullaby give him

privileges of getting into your life so

you can’t say what you see in the

natural you got to say what he said

because what he said is what he intends

for you to come forth in your life your

name is in the newspaper of Heaven she

made a billion dollars this year come on

your name is in the newspaper and what

you got to do is you got to say wait a

minute I will say what God says I don’t

care what the doctor said I don’t care

what the accountant said I don’t care

all right

my friend Bishop David oh he had to post

it out my friend David oh yeah the poor

in Africa said this he said if one of my

accountants comes and ever tells me we

don’t have any money that’s the last day

he gonna work for me foreign


you say what I’m saying this is the way

I keep the money coming in I will not

say what it looks like I will say what

God said he said I’ll have abundance and

No Lack

say Amen to God



is this the right Bunch over here I’m

talking to

we have spoken of Devil’s words long

enough say Amen

so now God is saying it’s time for a


it’s time for you to flip the script



because the devil has written a script

on you and he’s given you what to say so

you’ll follow his plan now let’s slip

the script everything he told you to say

say something different


is it the right group I’m talking to

no longer will The Devil tell you where

to go

will the devil tell you what you can do

no longer will The Devil tell you how

much you got no longer the devil tell

you how high you can climb no longer

will The Devil tell you how rich you can

be no longer would go with him


flip the strip



too busy going by what you can see and

what you can see is in 3D and when it’s

in 3D it puts pressure on you you can

tell when you’re in 3D because you get

pressure get out from under 3D and come

up to 14 and laugh all the way to the


say Amen


now quit being used by that enemy do you

say what God Said

got sad for you to think on these things

in Philippians chapter 4 and verse 8

things everything put it up there let’s

see what you’re supposed to think on

ready read

you don’t think nothing else

I said don’t think nothing else


you tell that boy you coming here late

like that one more night and you’re

gonna be a preacher

in Jesus name well put it on it



so I’m just letting you know

that you got a choice

and the enemy puts pressure on you

to make the wrong choice

so over in Daniel chapter 3 verse 17

here’s three Hebrews

and they refused to bow

and kiss the king’s ring

and so the king gonna put pressure on

him matter of fact he’s going to turn

the furnace up

seven times hotter

but watch what they said ready read

individually so

keep going

listen he’s able and he will

you’ve heard Christian well you know the

Lord is able yeah but Willie yeah

yeah go finish the whole thing he not

only able to deliver me out of this he

will deliver me up


pressure is on you to say something that

the devil wants you to say because it

license him

let’s go to first Samuel put that one up

to 17

43. all right ready read

now look what the devil had the

Philistine to do to do what to David

curse it

curse him I’m talking about curse his

son out against God’s people

but you can turn the curses around you

can flip the script

put the next part up there please thank

you ready breathe

of the field


come on

come on

now this

is what David did as an example

he didn’t walk to Goliath

he ran to him

don’t be trying to let the enemy

intimidate you with your problems

flip the script

start walking and talking

at the same time

in Jesus name

all right let’s go on down

this whole idea of discernment

now this

you got to follow this

now I’m saying you know what to say

you’re you’re well you know we we are

disadvantaged and we yet all of that

that should never come out of your mouth

not only

watch this because

not only do you get a grant

but you’re going to control the money

supply that’s even behind

all right

the tournament

John chapter 6.

there is a lad


Lord have mercy

now that lad had two fish

and Five Loaves

what did that represent


but immediately after he said that he

said but what is that

among so many

got it so he was floating between 3D

and forwarding

Say Amen



we cannot fulfill our Dominion


we won’t have to see something folk

can’t see

the devil’s down in 3D he calls himself

the god of 3D

that means he can see stuff

and get people who physically can see

stuff to see it before you see it

but if God can keep it up on another


that the only way you can see it is


you got to you you got the goods

I said you’re good to go

see and they didn’t see it

so I said Lord what am I going to do to

get this shopping mall

he said you know what to do

so we’ll see almost I almost came over

oh okay

I said how much you said so four hundred


so I went to the folk who you know was

around me

I said God told me to sow 400 what do

you think about don’t do it pastor

Pastor I wouldn’t do that

I said well how about you I wouldn’t do

it either

you need that to try to help buy this


I said how about you no

then I got two of them two of them said

a pastor won’t you obey God just do what

he tells you

another one said why don’t you just obey



they didn’t mean any harm

they were just in 3D

no the 400 was C

and see you’re trying to keep that stuff

locked up in your pocket

okay you don’t even have enough to get

gas to go home

I know that’s not you God I’ll take that

off of you right now from now on you’re

gonna see amen I said you’re gonna see

your seed

man you’re gonna see your Harvest

are y’all with me



this whole idea about discernment

now this is God

and God has given you something that

other folks can’t see

and we saw that over in Second Kings

and second Kings chapter uh


and we saw where they saw the angels all

around them say Amen to them

all right now watch me now



is George Washington Carver

and Booker T Washington

these are some good examples for me


this whole idea about


what did they see


now watch this

this is carver

now I want you to see this I want you to

read it

because this is Carver how he made all

300 products

out of a peanut

115 products out of a sweet potato now

everything from children’s crayons

to to

lotion or powder for makeup look what it

says here let’s read that ready read

four if we put our hands into his

ever go into my laboratory the thing I

am to do and the way of doing it are

revealed to me I never have to grow for

methods the method is revealed to me the

moment I am inspired to create something

new without God to draw aside the

curtain I will be helpful

all right

all right now two things one

he said the word grope g-r-o-p-e

now some people may not know what grope


so I told him to put grope up there I

gave him the paper

ready read



darkness when Adam Sal he fell to


it’s considered Darkness

you hear what I’m saying

so he he

Ard of you people

to this place

that the intellect is trying to figure

everything out

and is not capable of doing that

because the one thing the intellect

can’t do is defeat the Devil

so people who have no discernment many

times either end up deceived

or defeated

and I got proof of it

here’s Joshua

taking Canaan

but now

he’s going in chapter nine

now the gibeon knight’s gonna pull a

trick on it


they come up

and they’ve got some old

wine bottles old shoes took some bread

that was moldy

and claimed they came from a long ways


and they came from right down there on

the Eisenhower

how you found what I’m saying

but he failed to conceive to consult the

Lord and the Lord

will show you things

not a past finding out

Lord have mercy come on come on baby

this is section over here

to think that our past finding out

and he didn’t and he made a league with

them the bad guys

and I’m just saying that’s an example

of how you can be deceived and how can

you be destroyed it’s First Kings

chapter 13 is a sad story here’s a

prophet who is fresh from God he comes

in town because the king is doing a lot

of ungodly stuff and the prophet in town

who is an old Prophet wasn’t saying

anything about it and he came in town

and he saw the King He pointed out the

king told the king to stop this and the

King pointed at him and said arrest him

and when he did his arm with her and the

King cried out please please help me

restore my arm the prophet said be

restored and his arm came back home

and he wanted to give the prophet some

Prophet said nope I’m not taking

anything from you and God told me don’t

go out of this city the same way you

came in

and he left town and when he left town

here uh some sons of an older Prophet

saw this and they ran back and told

Daddy Daddy there was a young Prophet

that came in town the kid the king’s

armed with it and he restored it he said

where did he go he said he went that way

he got the donkey and caught up with him

and said hey God told me to tell you

come back to my house and get something

to eat the the young prophets had no sir

God told me don’t eat anything in this

place and don’t go out the same way I

came in the older Prophet deceived them

he said but God talked to me too and I’m

gonna hold a prophet I know things I God

said bring you back he said well I guess

I’ll go the mistake

he went back and ate that food and when

he had that big piece of chicken the

neck bone or whatever in his mouth God

spoke to him and said I told you not to

come back here


and what did he do he said he felt bad

and started on his way out and a lion

attacked him and killed him


and defeat

no discernment

he turned his designer off

is this the right bunch


sad had a bright future

God’s given you discernment

you hear what I’m saying

no no no no no God may be telling you

that’s the wrong man


and then he’s going to say this I’m

going to show you the right one


he doesn’t want you to make not one

single mistake

in this beautiful


so that enemy

knows that you’ve got that power

he doesn’t want you to use it

so I’m just saying all the way

I had to use that

and so here the money hadn’t come in I

had half the money I had sown the 400

000 now it’s time for Harvest

God said if the money is not here by

Monday go to the bank I want to tell

them I’ve been to every Bank in town

watch this but Monday came

and here the thought

was a small black Bank on the south side

of Chicago

that was known for not loaning anything


and the man said the president said our

uh Reverend yeah he said well that’s a

good deal he said can you get me certain

papers by tonight to six o’clock I said

I sure can got him certain papers he

called me back at 11 o’clock the next

day you got all your money


now God had to do it that way but watch

this we’re debt free

and been debt-free how you following

what I’m saying

say 4D

this is God’s plan for your life

but you’ll never be broke another day in

your life


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