Living in the Fourth Dimension is a brand new concept for many. In simplest terms, the fourth dimension is living in the realm of the supernatural. Jesus lived in this fourth dimension and displayed it during His ministry with signs and wonders. Mark 6 describes Jesus walking on the water (verses 45-50). Jesus had sent His disciples in a boat to cross over to the other side while he went to pray. In the middle of the night, Jesus came walking on the water and would have passed them, but the disciples saw Him. Jesus said to them, “Do not fear; it is I.” In this new series by Dr. Bill Winston, you will discover that you too have been made to live in the fourth dimension. Ordering Information:…

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Sam we’re going to 4D we’re going to

whatever’s Mission can be restored come

on we’re going to win the Devil shot his

best job you said try it devil Try Your

Best Shot and we gonna fix what’s broke

all right

you gotta get your discernment together

because most of what God’s going to do

for you is going to take Discerning from

this day for uh come on now

all right let’s keep going with this now

watch this this is why discernment is so


let’s look at Revelation Revelation

chapter 12 and verse 9 ready read

in the whole world

stop he he deceives how much of the

world oh well let’s back that up let’s

go to First John and first John chapter

5 and verse 19.


and the whole world

the whole world lies where

in the power of the evil one so Look

what Jesus said the reason why he came

first John please and let’s read it out

of the Amplified please first John and

chapters 3 and verse 8 in the Amplified

now these people are making bad laws for

children and so forth and John but the

church is here now the church is here

because we got to stop this thing going


ready read


now one one of the reasons why we’re

here is to undo

come on undo

I said undo

so they may have some perverted thinking

but we’re here to undo and so as as

Jesus shows them as far as physically

undoing look what he says in Matthew 15

30 and 31 ready read

okay among the ones that they cast out

in Jesus feet were the ones that were

maimed in other words they had something

cut off they had something broke off

they had something that disease pulled

off whatever it is they were missing

something Jesus is saying something the

reason why he came

is to undo what the devil had done

and he was a man that’s maimed I don’t

know how he got maimed but he’s maimed

and I’m saying Look what Jesus could do

to him look at verse 31 ready breathe


now the main to be made what hope I’m

saying whatever part has been cut off

Jesus came to restore it

Now understand he said the things that

he did

want to do also so you going after those

people who have been used and abused and

where they had no breasts yesterday they

can come back today

I’ma vote to the other side man y’all

they doing me right

do you


you here we’re going to whatever’s

missing can be restored come on we’re

going to win the Devil shot his best


You Said Fred devil Try Your Best Shot

and we gonna fix what’s broke

we gonna fix what’s broke it makes no

difference how bad it looked it doesn’t

make any difference job looks so bad

that tell me they couldn’t even

recognize he was a man but when you get

over to job 42 Joe got restored

everything that Satan did God left no




is it the right Bunch I’m talking to

sit down

this is not being taught because 4D has

not been taught people are trying to

reason out in 3D how they gonna get rid

of this how they can run you don’t need

the reason of nothing

you just know to God that you serve

he will deliver them


you don’t know whether he’s coming down

University Avenue whether he’s coming

down State Street you don’t know whether

he’s coming down Broadway or the

Eisenhower but he’s gonna show up


this man out there in in nowhere and

here he was Jesus and the disciples got

to the other side and this crazy man

runs up to him naked and so forth been

cutting himself out of his mind and now

that Jesus sent the disciples on in town

because he’s about to do a 4D thing here

and he got the man and they came back

and found the man in Mark chapter 5

verse 19 now 15. he was clothed come on

and in his right mind now I can tell you

what happened to him he was clothed he

had all the all the stress uh the cuts

on him removed come on now he had his

right mind he was talking right and so

forth but don’t think he was just close

he was like me he would come up he was

he was he was close

I found what I’m saying he

he come on now

Rainbow clothes they believe clothes to

come home this month boy you better get

your mind on upper 40.

discernment we can get answers

that the world can get

and so that means we’re going to be able

to do something

that the world can’t do

so when it’s time for me to come into


at the banks because I didn’t have the

faith at that time to believe God for

shopping mall then I had part of the

money but I didn’t have the other part

and I had a bank that were working with

me and Beth before the closing they tell

me they couldn’t do it whoa

what am I gonna do now

but I discern

to go to this black Bank

small Bank

out on the south side of Chicago that

don’t know me and I don’t know them

but I was so call them

and I called them one day and said hey

is this so and so the president and I

said my name is Bill Winston we got an

opportunity to buy a shopping mall here

he said can you get me certain papers by

tonight at six o’clock I said I

certainly can’t he called me by 11

o’clock the next day that’s less than 24

hours I’d say you got your money now

wait a minute this man is known for not

loaning nothing

his best is not loaning nothing and he

ain’t checked it out check you out done

any kind of survey nothing like that I’m

saying when you deserve

you can’t be soft

when you desire you can’t be stopped

and sometimes to heighten your

discernment you got to pray in the Holy


You’re Building yourself up in the Most

Holy Ghost

how you follow what I’m saying

all right okay okay okay

all right let’s uh let’s let’s go down

to the next section

the next section we’re talking about



training camp



training camp


chapter 14

and verse 26.

all right I want to see that ready


sensation always


all right now stop

God taught Moses

he told Moses I want you to go down

there and tell our pharaoh to let my

people go now Moses

probably still had wanted

uh posters

up for him in Egypt so he was still a

wanted man

so God said I got you back

he said for example take that staff and

throw it down throw it down turned into

a serpent said whoa whoa God said now go

pick it up by the tail now who would

pick up a poisonous snake by the tail

a 4D person

so he did and the moment he touched the

Drew turned back into a rod come on come

on come on now


so then he took Moses sent him down and

Pharaoh said show me a miracle Moses did

that and then in chapter 14 here is

Moses leaving Egypt with the Israelites

and he’s leaving them and they have

borrowed silver gold and and no Saint

John suits and now they’re going out of


for those who don’t know Saint John is a

little expensive it’s more than three

and and and watch what I’m saying

and now Pharaoh goes after them

but Moses again uses the rod and sticks

it out and the Sea splits

and Pharaoh comes after him but what

happens to the Sea it swallows them up

am I right about that now God is still

working for D through Moses now Exodus

16 the people start crying out food and

so forth God said I’m going to rain

Manna From Heaven now all this is

Miracles all this is 4D all this he

taught him

and notice what he said when I read it

for you just now is that hey I’m going

to send the Holy Ghost

and the Holy Ghost is going to teach you

see Jesus was here and he taught his


but he’s saying I got to go

but I’m gonna send you another teacher


see what I’m saying he’s in the business

right now of teaching us

how to operate in 4D

and I’m saying pay attention to it and

if you need to take a note on your phone

or whatever keep it there because it’s

truth and the enemy comes to steal truth

but you come off in here you’re going to

get 4D


so Moses kept teaching him and God said

to Moses

but now he’s hitting Moses choke point

look at Numbers Chapter 11. all right

and starting down there at Verse 18

now watch as God is saying I’m gonna

feed him meat now because they’re crying

out I need some meat

you know what I mean how we had plenty

of bread but where’s the meat

like you pick up food at the at the

chicken shackney and well you want to

know do bread come with this I mean

where where’s the meat

and so what does he do hey then talk to

Moses verse 18. ready breathe

three years

keep going


keep going keep going

thank you

no no wait a minute wait a minute

Melissa wait a minute I saw the water

rise up I saw this this and that’s so

further drawing but now this right here

is going a little bit too far

this is hitting Moses choke point now

I’m talking about even on the level of

Miracles God can hit your choke point


can see how maybe he can do this miracle

but can he do that yeah you haven’t seen

anything he’s got nine left

before that came out of my spirit

so notice what he did he did he had

Moses to have the quail come up out of

the water

Say Amen

amen because God decides what he wants

and then speaks to what he wanted to

come from say Amen at first Numbers

Chapter 20 he told him to distract the

right take your stick and hit it and

water will come out well the water

didn’t come out of the rock the water

came through to rock and I’m saying he

told him next time don’t speak don’t hit

it anymore speak to it and I’m telling

you he’s taking you up to a place where

he’s no longer going to confirm what you

were but he’s not going to take you up

to what you supposed to be you’re

supposed to be acting like stop

say amen and think that you’re going to

get in your life starting today I’m

going to be spoken by words of God

and it’s gonna be good

all right sit down let me finish


so let me just finish

all right so here’s the deal

so is Moses

and then Jesus starts teaching


and he starts getting his disciples


Watch what it says him Mark’s gospel

chapter 11. and he told him he said all

right here’s what I want you to do

no first he said feed him and they said

wait we don’t have enough food so he fed

him and then he said they they said they

said Simon what’s up he said they want

to know do we pay taxes he says sure we

do he said here’s what you do go around

there to the fishing Mouse

go and go fishing and look at his mouth

and you’ll see tax for me and you say

Amen to that

and and and now he’s really gonna going

to get him he said now go in town and

you’ll see a donkey tied up and and on

time and bring him and if somebody asks

you what are you doing with my donkey

tell him the Lord has need of you watch

this and he’ll let him go

see and what people think is that the



the donkey oh have mercy

it is a donkey that never been written

so you see what are you saying he’s

saying the donkey didn’t come from here

that that

when when Abraham was lifting up the

sword and all of a sudden there’s a ram

caught in the bush

the ram didn’t come from him


didn’t come from here the realm Came

From Heaven

the donkey didn’t come from here the

donkey Came From Heaven

and the man holding a donkey was an

angel and he was put death to hold a

donkey till you showed up I’m telling

you your stuff is going to be held by

Angels your house is going to be held by


all right

are you ready for 4D

now sit down one more time

oh yeah

so here’s my wife and I so we’re in in

Minneapolis and and we were in an

apartment and we had been married just

married and so forth but we wanted us a

house so I said let’s go look at one now

we didn’t have no house money we didn’t

have anything to buy a house with so

what did we do we saw it uh got with the

realtor who was a Christian and we went

around to look at houses we saw this one

house in Bristol Circle there in uh what

part of Minnesota Edina Minnesota and so

we saw it and I said wow nothing is

finer than living in Edina okay so so we

got that so we look at this one house

wow we really like that because so here

it is and the house is there on a

circular driveway and a director of

person executive for Honeywell or

somebody and and and it lived in it and

they’re selling the house so we went and

looked at it so we went on around look

at some others and then we got back that

night I said sweetheart

which one do you like she said no you

mean which one can we afford I said I

didn’t ask you that God told me to ask

her which one does she like and she he

said well I like that nice white one up

on the hill in that circular driveway I

said well let’s get down and pray so we

got down and pray see I want

instructions now so we got down and

prayed because I don’t have no house

money so I got down to pray and God said

get your wife go up get over there and

point at the house and tell it to sell

to you I told my wife baby get up God

said let’s go over that of that house

and point at and tell him to sell to us

she said okay got a coat on everything

okay and we went over there that time of

night in that neighborhood that y’all

don’t normally go in at that time of

night and we went in there and pointed

at that house didn’t we baby pointed out

the house and say say tell them yeah

tell them yeah all right I just want

cause she won’t lie she ain’t gonna lie

to you and I said house in the name of

Jesus you shout to us in Jesus name now

once I did that in 4D that house was

locked up it was locked up man hidden

for anybody to get it I was gonna have

to let it go

and then my boss called me in and said

hey Bill we got a big contest for the

managers I said what’s the amount of

money he said fifteen thousand dollars

or Twenty Thousand whatever he wants I

said hopefully that man I’m going for

that he said you don’t have to go for it

you already won see this this


no time with


thank you

well praise the Lord I trusted you

enjoyed that teaching now fulfilling the

Dominion mandate God has a mandate that

it placed with Adam he said hey be

fruitful multiply replenish the Earth

and subdue it keep it under well Adam as

you know sinned he and he even lost

everything Jesus got it back and he gave

it to the church and we’re going to take

up where Adam left off I’m telling you

if there’s a waste place a place that’s

full of crime a place that people are

poor you’re supposed to do something

about it praise God now the best thing

that you can do about it and the biggest

and the most powerful thing that you

could do

is to speak over it isn’t that something

to decree something to say something

remember when God created the world he

said something he spoke Let There Be and

there was well the same thing about you

you’re to imitate him you’re to speak to

things well we said we’re turning jails

into boarding schools look what’s

happening now they put a whole High

School in Cook County Jail you know what

I mean I’m just saying because of the

decree so I’m saying the same thing

about my wife when we’re in Tulsa I was

full-time business Bible school now

she’s looking for a job so forth they

said there are no jobs that laying

everybody off she comes home we got the

word of God and begin to decree it God

said have your wife to it put down on a

piece of paper and speak what she wants

she wants it 10 minutes from the house

she wants it with this kind of salary

she wanted this nice office she wants a

car with it all of that she’s spoke she

spoke she spoke and a company moved from

Denmark out of the country and moved 10

minutes from the house with exactly the

job that she wanted what am I saying

speak the word here’s what he says over

in Isaiah 55 and verse 11 he said that

so shall my word be that goeth forth out

of my mouth it shall not return void but

it shall accomplish that which I please

isn’t that something we’re going to act

like him he said I put my words in your

mouth and covered you in the shadow of

my hand that I may plant the heavens see

things that God has already planned for

our lives we speak them into existence

in the Earth by faith

this is a powerful teaching you need to

get it praise the lord well this is Bill

Winston saying we love you and keep

walking by faith

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