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I don’t know about you but I’m ready to

turn these cities around


I said I’m ready to turn these cities


we need help

and bless the families and the children

thank you Dr Wilson for blessing me and

my family this is truly a blessing it’s

a lot of single parents like myself

that’s doing everything by themselves

and this actually is a big help

oh this is huge for the Detroit

Community some of us are like swamped in

bills and and property taxes and then um

this is excellent um we appreciate the


them being out here and handing out Uber

and gas cards that really helps me and

thank you for your city tours for the

resources that you bring to our

neighborhood we want to thank you Dr

Winston and operation Tent City campaign

and all of the pastors and ministers and

people that have come out to serve it

has been phenomenal and we are forever

just blessed because of your leadership

thank you so much we’ve had opportunity

to pray for so many families I mean we

pray for people that were ex-gang

members on Southwest side of Detroit are

single mothers every single person is

being prayed for thank you for touching

this family

thank you for this mother and thank you

for these kids

we ask that you touch their lives right



each competition was important for

Detroit because sometimes the city of

Detroit can feel lost or forgotten and I

want everybody to know that you’re not

forgotten and that there are churches

out there pastors out there Dr Bill

Winston Ministries that really love the

people of God and support the people of


me having my record expunged will be the

most powerful impactment in my life

because I plan on getting my CDL so I

can be a truck driver I want to give

everyone a hug with the guidance that

you all are giving us today I have a



thank you


and your business is going to be so

powerful it is going to turn people back

to God

this is your day no no no no no no you

got to say this is my day

you’re not gonna leave here without your

stuff this is your day I just thank you

so much

from the bottom of my heart

for coming

to Detroit

to help us

heal the community

thank you

you don’t know what we’ve been through


but I feel extremely blessed and I just

want to thank you

thank you Living Word Dr Bill Winston

and operation Tent City for what you’ve

done for this city


you got to be free of fear fear of

everything get rid of all fear

you should have no fear

you are connected to a God who has the

unlimited power that if you can ever get

rid of fear then you have just connected

with unlimited power no fear fear

tolerated his faith contaminated and

basically you either in fear or safe but

if you want fear you won’t fail say I


no fear

I have great faith

real Faith you want to have to hold fast

to what you say because what you say

is I guarantee is going to be far from

what it looks like

but I’ve got the whole fast come on

to what I just said

my wife down there at uh at Tulsa when

Jews believe for that job and here she

was confessing and then she started

confessing and God spoke to me and said

tell her to get a little card and put

the describe the the job on the card she

did that and described this job

and then

um one day brother back was a classmate

of mine in seminary he came over to the

house she was on the front lawn hey uh

Veronica is building in the house bill

here she said yeah he’s in the house so

he’s going in the house now he knew she

was believing for a job because there

were no jobs everybody’s getting laid


and so

he was going in the house and he stopped

he said oh you got your job yet now what

did she say see she’s not looking at

what she sees she’s looking at what she


and Luke the angel came to Zacharias

and said your wife is going to have a

baby now he knew his wife’s past

childbearing so forth

and he said now wait a minute now so he

starts questioning this angel

this angel said okay now I’m putting

this in my own words

I’m gonna have to make sure this comes

to pass because this is the prophetic

agent a prophetic agenda is going to

come to pass even if you got to shut

somebody’s mouth up that that’s a

prophetic agenda


and he said I’m gonna have to shut your

mouth I mean I’m I’m gonna put it in my

word doc I’m gonna have to close you up

I’m gonna have to shut you down

and he

shot his mouth why

because what he spoke could cause an


the Bible refers to you as a bride why

because you carry the seed

and every promise of God in that Bible

you can take it from the spirit realm


and incubated

look what it says here Mark chapter 4

and verse 14.

the sower

soweth the word

now what is the word

Luke chapter 8 and verse 11.

the seed is the word of God got it


Mark chapter 4 again verse 26.

he told you before 26 he said be careful

what you hear

in 26 he said so is the kingdom of God

is if a man cast Seed where into the

ground well the soil is in your heart

so the seed is cast in your heart and

then you sleep

not today and and the seed begins to

grow up

you don’t know how

so what is the seed my seed

when I was up here

the pastor from Africa said Dr Winston

your airplane is in Ecclesiastes chapter

10 and went back to preaching

I start hunting

the Holy Ghost eventually showed me the

verse that says a bird of the air shall

carry your voice

so that’s my seed so I get that seed

and believe I’ve received when I pray


now I conceive now once I conceive it’s


so the enemy’s job now is to make me

abort that airplane

his job is to put enough pressure on me

that I said oh this ain’t working

you got it and poop gone

see he’s taking care of you totally

but it’s in seed form amen and where’s

the sea in the Bible

so that enemy doesn’t want you to have

the word of God because if you discover

all all of a sudden an airplane in there

it belongs to you

Deuteronomy chapter 29 29 those things

that are revealed to belong to you and

to your


so I’m saying hey everything you need a

car a house no excuse me how’s that


and had no

no separates you from the world it

separates you from depending on a world

system that if you connect to it the

fear of God will come inside of you and

you can’t get Faith to work

and that’s what he’s trying to do it’s

an ungodly Soul Time

and I’m saying to you it’s your design

for fruitfulness

be fruitful

see this this is your design everywhere

you’re going to bring forth something

you’ll walk in supply house you’ll just

bringing fourth things

Mary is going to have a baby how do you

know this is going to happen to me he

said the Holy Ghost gonna come on here

and that Holy thing that shall be born

of you shall be the Son of God which he

said well being unto me

and she couldn’t see

now the enemy’s job is to make Mary

spit that baby up

that enemy had been putting enough

pressure on the church to make them say

something they shouldn’t have said

those days are over

there I said those days old

the moment you get that seed the Bible

says when the word of God is sown the

enemy comes when


they can spit it up

he knows that if you go by your feelings

you may not bring that thing to full

term but if you go by the word of God

it’s a real faith

you’ll bring that thing to full term

and I had to bring that airplane full


people came in and you know one of the

people from our International Faith come

one of our speakers I’ve met him out of

the airport and he looked at that and

it’s his people went up in there

you need to come up here and see this

because when God delivers you some he’ll

deliver you the best

it’s all that’s faithful all this paper

all this paper other things paid for

real faith



now that this this these nuggets I’m

giving you now this came up this came

off the throne

real Faith delivers

speed of it

he says over in

Luke chapter 18 and verse 8.

that he will deliver you

now here’s here’s the thing about that

he says

over in

Psalm chapter 34.

and verse 7.

it says

the angel did he say that

of the Lord what Campground

and what does he do

and delivers me delivers me what

and this going through forever

is religion

that enemy knows that you weren’t

designed to go through that long

Proverbs 13 12.

and look what he says here

what does he say

oh deferred come on help me

it makes a heart sick

not talking about the blood pump

talk about your spirit

they’ll start weakening

to let that thing drag on too long it’s

draining you it’s like a it’s like a

battery and a car that you turn over the



it’s still it’s pulling the power out of

that battery

your spirit is the power source I mean

it’s a Powerhouse the source is God but

he’s feeding your spirit

and I’m saying here that that enemy

sometimes wants people to think and wait

and hope and so forth

man I’m telling you that Bible says when

that lady in Mark chapter 5 heard about


am I right about that she had gone to

the physician nobody could get a well

but she heard about Jesus and she said

if I can just what touch his clothes I

Shall Behold

look what happened

first Samuel

chapter 17

and verse 16.

all right

and this is Saul and Israel facing


and how many days did it says

40 days let’s go further

numbers 14

and verse 33. this is how long they were

in the wilderness right how many years

did it say that 40 years



that’s religion

how long did Jesus stay dead

come on Saints

real faith has speedy delivery



are you learning something

now I got this from God for you

this this is your piece here

he just uncovered a mystery

you don’t need to wait forever

on that new car on that debt



the Bible is see how long it took that

lady to cancel that debt you go oh you

following what I’m saying

how about Peter is

just let’s pick him after Jesus came on

the scene to get that whole lack taken

care of same day

in the same meeting that says like you

in the same meeting you got healed

watch this in the same meeting you got

money in your pocketbook I mean in your

bank account you know I mean

40 years

40 days now here comes David

to first Samuel

chapter 17.


this day

shall the Lord deliver you into my hand

why because you’re not going to rise any

higher than your confession

not going to do it

you better put a date on it


so what happened next

um now according to your faith be it

unto you according to your what faith


is not according to what Folk think

about you

Say Amen

but it’s according to your

family see if you got faith you’ve

separated from the system

and like the man said in boc BLC

conference if you separate from the

system you can dominate the system

so the enemy doesn’t want you to get

Faith because they don’t want you to


according to your faith so here I am

I’m waiting out I’ve sold a seed

and and for this mall because if money

hadn’t come and I don’t know what to do

and so forth and man

they tell me perhaps if you don’t have

the money by Thursday they said they’re

going to cancel that contract

and developers are waiting in line

because they didn’t know this was going

to be for sale because it wasn’t

a realtor came to me and said hey I

heard I wanted to buy this shopping mall

until Crosby I said go tell him to find

out who owns it found out who owns it

was teachers union and and I said tell

him I want to buy it so forth he said

and then they start negotiating with me

all right but it wasn’t no for sale sign

was up here

God will have you take stuff

that no for sale time my boyfriend

here’s my point my point here is God

said if the money’s not here by Monday

go to the bank I want to tell them I’ve

been to the bank blah blah blah and but

he said that so I tried to rest I played

sleep all weekend trying to trying to

you know but this thing was only you

know and Monday

I got Direction Where to go went to

Highland Bank on the South Side small

African-American Bank of Southside uh

and and next thing I know the man said

can you get me certain papers by tonight

and then the next morning he called me

Tuesday morning and said Reverend you

got your money

all right now watch this

Why didn’t it come cash


my faith wasn’t built up that far yet


so I had to get a mortgage

understanding that I’m not going to back

off my faith I’m gonna plant new trees

called debt-free trees

got it

oh I could do debt free for a house or I

could do debt free for a car but I

couldn’t do debt free for this 33 acre

shopping mall because I hadn’t developed

my faith to that level yet so it’s

according to your faith God will work

with you where you are

Pastor do I need to go to the hospital

you calling me you better get all over

there because when you got the right

kind of faith faith will dictate to you

exactly what you will do

according to your what

not according to your race

come on but according to your what

Faith so stop blaming people

government’s not your problem another

race is not your problem don’t get on

that wagon because they’re going to take

you down to the world and you don’t need

to be in the world you’re trying to

separate from the world



has no

fear real faith has no fear amen because


connects you with the world


brings dependency on the world

and fear will not allow you to see your

spiritual resources

second Kings chapter six

and 16 through 20 you’ll see

that the man who is serving the prophet


he feared and couldn’t see the angels

and yes Hazel said one thing Lord open

his eyes and all of a sudden he could

see why fear can shut him down the

results of no fear is no sickness

yo man

David’s men

had no fear

second Samuel

23 8.

one man of David

could slay 800 men watch this and never

get hurt amen

why because that covenant made it so

that if you have faith in it they can’t

touch you amen

that’s why David could kill a lion

that’s why he could kill a bear because

if if it touched him that means the

Covenant didn’t work and if the Covenant

didn’t work that means God didn’t work

and he’d have to ungod himself

said no evil shall befall you

neither any plague come now your door

walks with no fear

had no miscarriages come on had no uh no

no uh uh uh stillborns had no uh

whatever it is it in it that Covenant

guarantees you to have a redeemed life


you will never lose a battle you will

never lose a deal you will never lose

anything say Everything You Touch it’s

going to prosper that this is that now

you follow what I’m saying David’s men

when David said I think I need a glass

of water and I like to have it from a

certain place and there’s been three of

them broke through the enemy line when

got him some water broke back through it

and gave it to him how could they do

that because they had no fear because

the Covenant guarantees you not to have

hurt harm danger or accident

no matter what you go up against

you win every time

say I have no fear I have great faith I

have real faith in the name of Jesus



well I trust that you enjoyed that now

again that’s no fear you you and I have

every right for no fear I’m not talking

about a little bit of fear a moment no

fear the real faith has no fear you know

real faith is faith that comes by the

word of God alone you read that word

you’re going to do that word you got no

fear doing it I’m talking about the

anime I try to make you fear that your

paycheck is not going to answer you’re

not going to have enough money for this

or do issuing to do so forth well if you

fear Faith doesn’t work and Faith

connects you with the unlimited power of

God you need God’s power do you don’t no

fear so you almost got to act like I

don’t care you know what I mean that’s

what I have to say something I don’t

care you know I say bad you remember

when they were throwing the three

Hebrews in the furnace they heated it up

seven times hotter than normal why

they’re trying to draw some fear out of

them they’re trying to make them fear

but here’s what they said the god that

we serve he will deliver us you are

promised Deliverance the Bible says many

of the afflictions of the righteous but

the Lord will deliver them out of them

all no fear in Jesus name praise God

well you got to order that teaching it

is powerful Bill Winston here saying

until we see next time keep walking by


you should have no fear

you are connected to a God who has the

unlimited power that if you can ever get

rid of fear then you have just connected

with unlimited power no fear fear

tolerated is Faith contaminated and

basically you either in fear or faith

but if you want fear you won’t fail say

I have

no fear I have great faith

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