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♪ I’m not moved by
what I feel ♪

♪ I don’t live by
what I see ♪

♪ Because my God has
made a way for me ♪

Welcome to the Believer’s
Voice of Victory broadcast.

We’re pastors George
and Terri Pearsons,

and we are here today with a
distinguished group of people.

– Just a few of our
closest friends.

– Yes, we are here at Kenneth
Copeland Bible College.

Praise God for the time
that we have together here.


Oh, my goodness.

This is great.


– This is so good.

– You, guys. I just really–

– Little over the top.

– I was a little over the top.

I walked into the
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It looks so good.

– I know.

– Everybody looks so nice.

I told them I felt smarter
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– You can apply to Kenneth
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This is wonderful.

We have a great time
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We may be able to share a few
testimonies as we go through

this week, but we’d love to
have you come be a part with us

because it will radically
alter the power of God

at work in your life.


Do I get a witness
in the room today?


– First of all, we want to thank
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

for allowing us to do
these broadcasts.

We appreciate them very,
very much, don’t we?

What an honor to
be able to do this.

Thank you, Kenneth and Gloria.


Tell them also about Canada,
what we’re doing with Canada.

– Well, Canada,
we have KCBC in Canada.

You too can get information
there on your screen where you

can find out exactly how to be a
part of Kenneth Copeland Bible

College with the
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They’re watching
in live right now,

and it’s just a wonderful treat.

It just feels so good knowing
that we’ve got people.

Yeah, we’re working it
from the top of the world.

We’re working our way to the
bottom and all the way

around the middle.

Yeah, we are.

– There you go.

Well, Terri, let’s pray over
this time together and we’ll get

started in the Word.

Father, in Jesus’ name,
thank you for your presence.

Thank you for your glory.

Thank you for what you’re
doing in the world.

Thank you for the outpouring of
the Holy Spirit, and thank you,

Lord, for this time that you’ve
given us together to be able

to teach these valuable,
valuable principles

that have changed our lives
and changed so many lives.

We thank you for this
time in Jesus’ name.



All right.

– You ready?
– Go for it.

– You want to go first?

– No, you go first.

– You go first.
– You go.

– Okay, I’ll go.

– You got it.

– We want to talk to you
today about core values.

We’ve been in
ministry a long time,

but it’s not about core
values for ministry.

This is about core values for
our Christian life, core values,

the things that will give us
direction and help us

stay steady.

So let’s jump right in.

So maybe you’ve heard
about core values before.

How many have heard
that phrase before?

A lot of you, most of you.

Some of you may not
have heard of that.

It’s very popular in
the business world.

We started hearing about
core values years and years

and years ago.

Pastor George and I both have
made a study of business

and leadership over all these
decades of being in ministry.

But I found something in a
Forbes magazine recently,

and I want to read to you just a
few quotes from that magazine.

Or you go ahead
and you read them.

– Yeah, I’ll read
them. You comment.

This first one, core
values are the principles

that a business aims
to operate by.

– So if a business needs to
have core values to operate by,

shouldn’t believers have
principles and values

to operate by?

And shouldn’t they be clear?

– They should also be the
mindset that guides

all relationships.

– Okay, so if they can identify
a core value for relationships,

and then certainly we can.

And if we have core values
that will help guide us

in our relationships and how
we relate to each other,

this is going to improve
our families, our church,

and frankly, society in general.

– Yeah, yeah.

Core values should also serve
as a compass and filter

to navigate through any
decision-making process.

That’s so important.

– So that decision-making
process, when you talk about it,

it seems like it’s
just a casual thing,

making decisions in the process.

But in this world
that we live in,

where the world is absolutely
full of such terrible and decay,

making decisions, there
can be a lot of pressure,

pressure to go the world’s way,

pressure to think
the world’s way.

You can get caught up in that
even when you don’t even

realize it.

But having core values will give
you the guidelines you need

to keep those
principles in line.

– I’ll add this here,
that many years ago,

Jerry Savelle went to preach
for a particular denomination.

It was overseas, and it was
founded a number of years ago.

And he actually preached from
one of their founder’s messages.

And so after he preached, the
leadership came to him and said,

“Brother Savelle,
that was tremendous.

That was awesome what
you just preached.

Where did you get that?”

And he said, “From
your founder.”

And that was really,
that’s an indictment.

People forget.

And that’s why it’s so important
to hold on to the core values,

because if you don’t, those
are going to slip from you,

and you lose sight of what
you’ve been called to

in the first place.

– I really believe that these
core values that we’re sharing

with you today are not core
values just for Kenneth Copeland

Ministries or EMIC, but these
are core values that all

Christians understood them.

And you’ll see that as we go
through and held on to them,

especially the
first several ones.


– Okay, this next one.

Using core values as guidelines
ensures that every interaction,

decision, and move that
is made has a purpose.

It results in greater
clarity and integrity.

– So if we have the
same core values,

if we’re all operating in the
same core values in a family,

or if we’re operating in the
same core values as a church,

or even think about it broadly
as the body of Christ,

what happens?

We have a culture.

We have a culture of
these core values.

Relationships, husband
and wife, friendships.

If you’re working out of the
same set of core values,

even when you have
different perspective,

different viewpoints,
different callings,

there’s a culture in which you
can operate and function that

creates unity and harmony.

Okay, so now we can see that
these core values are valuable.

Do you see that?

Did we go too fast?
Did you get that?

Okay, but now let’s define
exactly what is a core value.

I’ve alluded to it
already, but first of all,

what does core mean?

A core is the central
part of something.

You can say it’s the heart,
like the core of an apple,

the core of a watermelon,
the core of a tree,

and it’s where the seeds
are for reproduction.

Okay, so that life is
reproduced out of that core.

It’s central.

A core means central to its
existence or central to its

character, and it means that
which is of greatest importance.

What’s at the core of it?

We might say, what’s
at the heart of it?

– Yeah, the heart.

Yeah, absolutely.

The core is the heart,
the very center of it.

Then the core value,
what is value?

Well, a value is one’s
principles or standards of

behavior or one’s judgment of
what is important in life.

I like that.

What’s important in life?

That’s the value that we carry.

– Yeah, value is a verb.

Value is a noun.

What do you really
place value on?

Well, you might know the
right answer in your head,

but when something is in
your heart as a core of what

you hold on to, it
might not be something

that you should
be holding on to.

There are mindsets, and
culture creates core values.

It should be the
other way around,

but a lot of times culture
reinforces values,

core thoughts and beliefs, and
then could be better things or

worse things are perpetuated
in that culture and reinforced

until they can be so inherent,
as we said a core is,

so intrinsic in what’s going on
that it’s hard to shake free.

You may not even realize
you are thinking that way.

You think everybody
thinks that way,

when in reality you’re causing
something in your life to take

you down a road that really
isn’t the will of God for you.

– Well, Terri, I was
thinking about this,

that you’ve heard our son Jeremy
preach about this and talk about

being raised in the
household of faith.

Well, that was a core
value in our home,

and he had that ever
since he was born.

So anytime there was any
kind of attack of any kind,

whether it’s physical or
financial or whatever,

that core value rose up
on the inside of him,

the authority that he took
and that he operated in.

– You’re cheating.

That’s two days from now.

– Really?

– Yeah. So train up a child in
the way he should go.

That’s okay.

It’s a sneak preview.

Train up a child in
the way he should go,

and he won’t depart from it.

Why is that?

Well, because it’s intrinsic.

It’s built in.

So what makes these
core values so powerful?

You go.

– What makes them so powerful
is that we believe them.

You believe them.

They become so much a part of
your life that they’re almost

automatic because
they’re so ingrained.

They’re so
well-rooted, grounded,

established in
these core values.

And the core value,
it’s a popular term,

but they’ve been called core.

We can call them core beliefs.

What do we believe?

As believers in Christ,
what do we believe?

And that’s probably a stronger
word to use is core beliefs.

– I’ve heard them called
core beliefs before,

but the popular term
right now is core values.

But believing comes
from the heart.

That’s what makes
it so powerful.

Or we would say, you know, an
interchangeable word would be

coming out of your spirit.

Belief comes out
of the spirit man.

And we think of the spirit man
in context of the Holy Spirit,

and we think of it in
terms of righteousness,

but every person is a spirit.

Every person is a
spiritual being,

whether they’re
born again or not.

And so out of that
heart, Jesus said,

“A good man pulls
good things out.

An evil man pulls
evil things out.”

And that’s where the
power that comes.

Romans 10 says, “If you confess
with your mouth the Lord Jesus

and believe in your heart that
God raised him from the dead,

you’ll be saved.

For with the heart
man believes.”

How powerful is that?

That the whole recreation of
your spirit man is instigated

by believing something in your
heart and releasing it or

igniting it with your mouth.

– Right.

Jesus said in Luke 6:45,

“Anything your heart is full of
will come out of your mouth.”

You’ll talk about it.

You’ll live it for
better or for worse.

I like what Gloria
said one time,

from the abundance of your
heart, your mouth leaks.

So everything,
everything is filtered

through our belief system.

– It’s true. It’s true.

So let’s talk about
our core values.

Real quick, let me give
you an example

of a negative belief, okay?

I think sometimes we learn more
when we see a negative one,

especially when they’re so,
so prevalent in society.

When you assume a bias, when
you assume there’s a bias

against you, okay?

And everybody, everybody
qualifies to have a bias

against them.

It could be your skin color,
your economic status,

your gender, your financial
status, your education,

part of town you grew up in,
where your parents came from.

All of those things, somebody
will find a bias against that.

But if you have that
bias reiterated to you,

and maybe you have an experience
that’s very real, you know,

there could be somebody that
has bias against you, for sure.

And if you hang
around long enough,

the devil will be sure that
that bias crosses your path.

You can be sure of it.

It’s out there.

It’s the fallen world.

But when you develop
that as a core belief,

that all of this group is
against me because

I’m in that group, whatever
that group may be,

then you begin to filter
everything through that.

And you can see how you
could miss the plan of God,

miss the will of God, miss the
love of God, miss opportunity.

And that’s when a root
of bitterness comes out.

And what does the Bible say?

It defiles.

It corrupts.

It ruins.

It can ruin everything
in somebody’s life.

So you can see how that core
belief, that core filter,

you start filtering everything
through that assumption of bias.

Age, that’s another one.

And some of us qualify
in several categories.


So that’s a core
belief or core filter,

and it begins to be the
basis for which you make

all decisions.

It can work for you.

It can work against you.

So let’s talk about what
our core values are

that we’ve relayed.

This comes after decades of
listening to Brother Copeland

preach, studying the
Word, like I said.

But these core values,
when we first…

Let’s put these down on paper.

What are they?

I had to really think about
it and see to it that we were

analyzing and letting
the Lord show us,

out of all the things we’ve
seen and heard and we live

our lives by, what
can we identify

as an actual core belief?

Let’s read through
those, George.

– Okay. Yeah.

And we’re going to read
through these every day,

but these are the core values.

The first one, we put the
Word of God first place.

The second one,
we live by faith.

The third one, we walk in love.

Fourth one, we’re led
by the Holy Spirit.

The fifth one, we
pray about everything.

Number six, we protect
the anointing.

And number seven, we honor God.

– I like it that
there are seven of them.

When we first started teaching
on this, we had five.

And then we saw, well, we really
need to break these two out.

And then there were six, and
it just didn’t seem right.

I kept looking at it.

Oh, wait a minute.

We can see how there’s
a seven in here.

And this really
encompasses everything.

Everything can fit in
category number one.

Put the Word first.

If you do that, then everything
else is a byproduct.

But you need to break things
down more than that and see then

how to integrate that
more into your life.

So why do we need core values?

We’ve kind of established that,
but I think it’s good to look at

the days that we live in and
the pressure that’s around us.

These are the days like Noah.

Think about that, where the days
are wicked, people are wicked,

godless, no value on
life, just hating God,

hating everything that’s good.

Now, certainly not everybody,
but the ones that seems to have

the biggest microphone are
the ones that are imposing

the greatest pressures on
everybody else to be like them.

They call you intolerant,
but they’ll kill you

because you’re not.

There’s something wrong
with that picture.

So all of these
things are happening,

but if we have our core values,
if we are rooted in those core

values, if we’ve got
those not memorized,

I’m not talking about
memorizing them.

That’s a good thing.

I’m not talking about that,

– Internalized…

– Oh that’s a good word.

I give you extra credit
on your pop quiz later.

That’s right.

You internalize them and
you do that by reading,

studying, hearing.

We’ll talk more about all that,
but mostly by putting them

into place, by acting on them.

And when we do that, then we’ve
got that strength that holds us

steady in any storm.

– You know, I was thinking
about that, Terri,

about how this came
to me was Romans 12,

“Be not conformed to this
world, but be ye transformed

by the renewing of your mind
that you may prove whether

it’s that good and acceptable
and perfect will of God.

And to be renewing your mind, I
know that when I met you at ORU,

I had just come
from Massachusetts.

I came from a
small church there.

I’d gotten born again at 19, and
my mind started to be renewed,

but there was a change when I
met you and you introduced me

to your dad’s teachings

that there was a core
value, if you will,

or a core belief in me that God
will make you sick for whatever

reason or whatever purpose.

I mean, many of us have grown up
around those kinds of thoughts,

but my mind had to be renewed
to this Word of God that said,

“By the stripes of
Jesus, I was healed.”

Well, that is now,
that’s a core belief.

That is deep down on the inside
of me because I’ve had all these

many years around this for
this to grow on the inside,

and so there are some core
beliefs that you really need to

get rid of, and you need to
replace them with these.

And so with core values,
without core values rooted

in God’s Word, we’re ships
without rudders,

destined to be tossed
back and forth,

subject to every whim
of evil, but with them,

we have the tools we need to
weather any storm and come out

better than ever before.

– So over the next two weeks,
TV audience, students,

we’re going to be going through
these core values one at a time.

And while we’ll be teaching some
on those core values, really,

the point is to instill
value for that core,

for the core value,
one, two, three, four.

It’s to instill and to
see the value of it.

If you don’t value it,
then easy come, easy go,

easy to put it aside,
easy to forget about it.

Oh, I’ll get to that later.

But when you understand
the value of it,

and that value is so heightened
that it becomes as essential

to your life, knowing it,
understanding it, living by it,

it’s so essential to your
life that everything else

pales in comparison.

I’d rather have this
than anything else.

So I have a testimony here
from one of our KCBC students.

We kind of ask around
a little bit before

we started these broadcasts.

And this was one, I thought this
was great from, from Gayna,

from Gayna Malema, Malema?

Did I say it right?



Oh, thank you very much, Gayla.

You have to correct me later
exactly how to say your name.

My spiritual growth has been
exponentially accelerated

by attending KCBC.

– Wow, exponentially

– I know, that’s a
big word. Yeah.

– That’s like internal,

– Yes.


Pastor George was
undoubtedly correct.

See, it’s in writing.

– Wow.



Keep going.

– Did you want me to
say that one again?

– Yes.
– Okay.

Pastor George was
undoubtedly correct.


Through immersing myself
completely in the Word of God,

receiving anointed instruction,
and believing in the process,

I have experienced a
transformation that has

transformed my life.

By keeping EMIC’s
core values in mind,

cultivating a relationship with
my Lord, speaking His words,

I have undergone
a profound change.

And I’m still learning.

– Praise God.

– Is that anybody else’s
experience, KCBC?


– This is a great place to be.

Coming to KCBC, you not only
have the opportunity to be

taught the Word, but you are
in the atmosphere of a living,

breathing, actual ministry,
church, television production,

and all of the things necessary
for ministry are right here.

They can gain a working
knowledge of it.

– That’s right. Be hands-on.

How many have
noticed that, quote,

higher education has
really taken a big slide

in the last few years?

Many in here already
have a college degree,

or at least have had a
couple of years of college.

Can I see your hands?

Oh, look at all of you.

So you’ve already
experienced it.

– I’ve had a couple of years.

– Yeah? You did. Yes.
Very good, honey.

That’s why, undoubtedly,
you were great.

– I just thought of that.

– Okay. So coming to KCBC is a
great thing to do, really,

these days before you would
go to any other college,

and that would help get
you straightened out.

If you’ve already been to
college, you could come here.


Praise the Lord.

– And all of that money that
they’re sending to those

colleges from overseas?

– Yeah.

It’s something to the tune of
over $6 billion a year

is coming in from the …

– I’m claiming wealth transfer.


Right here.

Right here.

Right here. Send it here.

– All right.

Stay with us.

We’ll be right back.

[Student] I discovered my
calling here at KCBC.

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[Kenneth Copeland] We walk by
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We walk by faith when
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No person that lives by faith
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[Jerry Savelle] You
will bring honor to God

when you increase in your

God has so much more
in store for you

than what you’ve
already experienced.

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But let me tell you something
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You can find out more about
faith, more about the Word,

more about the anointing, more
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and start digging in
to change the core,

your very core with the
values that God has for you.


– So until tomorrow,
– Until tomorrow,

– we want to remind you of this.

God loves you.

We love you.

And Jesus is Lord.


[Announcer] Kenneth
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