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BILL: Hello, this is Bill
Winston. I’m inviting you to the

business and leadership
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there. I’m telling you, not
only are we going to have

information, but there’s going
to be some impartation. You’re

going to leave with more you
came with. This is going to be a

powerful conference, one of the
best that we’ve ever had, and

we’ve had some excellent
conferences. March 22nd and

23rd. Don’t miss it. Not
only information,

impartation. Somethings
going to happen that’s

supernatural. I’ll
see you there.

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BILL: Jesus operating in 4D can
clean up 3D. Anything that has

happened to you that has
caused you any kind of pain or

suffering or sickness or disease
or malfunction or no function,

whatever it is, Jesus can clean
it up, watch this, so that there

is no trace that had
ever been in your life.

BILL: There are three dimensions
in this earth, natural earth.

There’s a dimension of what I’m
talking about here. I’m saying

there’s time, space, and matter,
these three dimensions. But when

I am dealing with the things
of God, He takes me up to the

fourth dimension. And the fourth
dimension has power over the

three- third dimensions, three
dimensions. So I’m going up

higher. So where it would take
time for something, I don’t need

to take time. So I don’t need to
get out of debt over six years,

I can get out of debt over six
days. Are you following what I’m

saying? Because, because
I’m operating in the fourth

dimension. See? And that’s where
you want to stay.

let’s take an example. I used

the example, I’ll come back
to it again, Jerry’s watch.

Alright, so what happened? So
Jerry’s going to speak and he’s

at this meeting. Before he spoke
he said, how long did I have to

speak? They said, you have one
hour. Then he said, who speaks

after me? He said, Charles
speaks after you. And he said, I

think I’ll take Charlie’s time
too, and laughed about it. Well,

what happened? He kept speaking,
kept speaking, kept speaking,

looking at his watch. But then
he looked at the watch and he

noticed his watch had stopped.
Now, then he asked, what time is

it? And they said, you have not
only taken your time, but you’ve

taken Charlie’s time too. I want
you to get this, because this is

key for 4D. Charles said this,
lemme just say one thing, Jerry

has trained his spirit to bring
to pass everything he says. Got

it? No, this 4D, this third
area, 4D is that we’re going to

produce things through either
decree or the spoken word, could

be confession or whatever. And
we’re going to bring things to

pass and do it by words only,
by words only. Now, is not this

acting like God? Am I right
about it? Jesus, 99% of the

things He did, He did with only
words. Why? Because He is acting

like the Father.

He wants you to tell the
truth. Now, I don’t

care what the diagnosis is, what
did God say? You see what I’m

saying? See, you are getting to
the place now where he’s going

to use you to turn around cities
and you can’t go in the city

talking about, woo, ain’t it
dark out there? I mean, no. You

got to call darkness, light. So
Jerry has trained his spirit,

now get me now, to produce
everything he says. Now, with

that kind of condition, you’re
going to have to watch your

what? You’re going to have to
watch your mouth. You going to

have to watch your mouth. Well,
see them kids out there playing.

Now watch one of ’em going to
come in here, that swing going

to hit ’em on the head and they
will come in here with a head

busted open. Watch and see. And
then the kid come in there, the

head busted open. See, I told
you. Didn’t I tell you? No, no.

In the middle of adversity
you’re going to tell the truth.

In the middle of- Are you
following what I’m saying?

That’s where He’s taking you,
and that’s where the church has

not been. The church for the
most part has been carnal. And

that carnality is saying, no,
I know what I feel. I know when

I’m sick. You know what I mean?
Now, I’m not saying that the

sickness doesn’t exist, I’m just
saying, don’t let the sickness

have dominion over you. That’s
all I’m saying. Okay, so let’s

about Jerry’s watch Again. This
is the key. What stopped the

watch? The words that he spoke.
Now, this word that he spoke

obviously controls something in
the spirit. So your boundaries

are not natural, your boundaries
are spiritual. You got what I’m

saying? And God wants to get you
back to your spiritual boundary.

He wants to take you back to
Eden and live on top of the

Word. Amen. Amen.

David said, this day.
Suppose I say, next Tuesday,

then God will have to honor my
authority. See, He’d have to

wait till Tuesday to deliver me.
God, why put off for tomorrow

what I can have today? Alright,
let’s look at this place. First

place is called Seeds of
Dominion, Seeds of dominion. I

think of Joel, Joel chapter
2 and verses 1 and 2.

trumpet in Zion, and sound an

alarm in my holy mountain: let
all the inhabitants of the land

tremble: for the day of the Lord
cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

a day of darkness and of
gloominess, a day of clouds

and of thick darkness, as
the morning spread upon the

mountains: a great people and a
strong; there hath not been ever

the like, neither shall be any
more after it, even to the years

of many generations. BILL: Now,
isn’t this interesting? He is

talking about you. A prophetic
word about you. He is saying

that there’s coming a people
that there’s never been anything

like them. They’re going to
be a great people and strong

people. And after they leave,
there’ll be nothing like them.

Now let’s look at the same
scriptures in the New Living

Translation, please. Ready?
Read. CONGREGATION: Sound the

trumpet in Jerusalem! Raise
the alarm on my holy mountain!

Let everyone tremble in fear
because the day of the Lord

is upon us. It is a day of
darkness and gloom, a day of

thick clouds and deep
blackness.Suddenly, like dawn

spreading across the mountains,
a great and mighty army

appears.Nothing like it has been
seen before or will ever be seen

again. BILL: The church, the
local church is supposed

to be a place of the miraculous,
because again, this miracles are

the way that we ring the dinner
bell for the unsaved. Here’s

what he says in John, John…
in John chapter 4 and verse

48, I want you to read the
scripture please. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: Then said Jesus
unto him, Except ye see signs

and wonders, ye will not
believe. BILL: All right now,

He’s saying that there are
people that are going to have

to see something. Now, there
are people that can get saved

without it, but there are people
that are out there that they’re

going to need a miracle. And
when you don’t demonstrate

anything, then you haven’t given
all of what God gave you, so get

them into the kingdom of God. So
we need the church to be a place

of signs and wonders. We need-
Paul said, my speech and my

preaching are not in the
enticing words of man’s wisdom,

but in the demonstration of the
spirit and the power that your

faith will not rest in the
wisdom of men, but in the power

of God. You follow what I’m
saying? So God has made it so,

if somebody doesn’t believe what
you say, then they’ll believe

what you do and you can
demonstrate the power of God.

Say amen to that.
Alright. Now, Satan

pushes religion. Now, Jesus
didn’t say, I’ve come that you

might have religion. What did
Jesus say? I’ve come that you

might have life. And have it
how? More abundantly. All right.

So Satan tries to push religion.
So miracles are dangerous to

religion, they’re dangerous to
religion. Look what it said in

John, John chapter 9. Let’s
read that. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: And they asked
them, saying, Is this your son,

who ye say was born blind?
how then doth he now see?

BILL: These are religious
leaders coming against the

family of a son that was born
blind, and Jesus healed him.

Now, religion doesn’t like
that, because even the man who

couldn’t walk for 38 years, once
he took up his bed and walked,

the religious people said, what
you doing? They didn’t even

compliment him on the fact that
he got healed. They weren’t

concerned about that. They were
concerned about keeping this

thing going that they had
started going, you know? All

right. So, is this not your son?
Now, the parents were reluctant

to say he was, but they weren’t
going to disown him. They said,

yeah. They said, well how was
he healed? And that’s when they

backed up. I don’t know. Ask
him, he’s of age. You can ask

him yourself. Are you following
what I’m saying? Because the

Bible says they fear getting
thrown out of the synagogue.

Now, this young boy got healed
by the power of God. Alright,

now what happened? Jesus told
him, He said- Disciples pointed

out, said, who did sin? Him or
his parents said he was born

blind? Jesus said, neither, had
this man sin nor his parents,

but that the works of God should
be made to manifest in him. And

now notice, then he put spit on
the ground and put the clay on

his eyes, He told him to go was
in the pool of Siloam. He came,

washed, came back seeing. Now,
what happened? Here’s the big

issue right here. Who did sin?
See. who did sin? I know all

have sinned. Am I right about
it? So Jesus said, neither has

this man sinned nor his parents,
but that the works of God should

be made manifest. In other
words, let’s go all the way back

to who sinned because the one
who sinned was in the garden.

That’s who got you into this.
You see what I’m saying? So when

God sees you, He sees who
sinned. And this thing, just

because of Adam, now all of
humanity is born in sin. So

Jesus came to get us out,
but he had to go back

to who sinned. He had to
go back and pay the price

for the one who sinned, and not
everybody can be made free. Now,

I’m just saying that because
there might be a weakness in

your life. Let’s say something
happened and there’s a weakness

in your family and this thing,
the doctor would say this, well,

it travels in your family, you
know? That you catch this or

asthma, whatever have you. Well,
wait a minute, wait a minute.

That- Once you get saved, you
can cut off. you can cut off

those genes being passed down
from who sinned. Now you can go

free and everything Satan has
done can be undone. Everything

Satan has done in your family
can be undone in your life. You

can cut off the genes right
where you stand because he not

only heals you, he makes you
whole. So He corrects the genes,

He corrects the chromosomes, He
corrects the alleles. All of the

things that I learned in
heredity class, He can correct

everything there and make it so
that you are whole. Now, as you

produce more offspring,
everybody will start from being

whole. Is this the right bunch
I’m talking to? So Jesus said

whole. Is this the right bunch
I’m talking to? So Jesus said

something, 1 John and chapter 3
in verse 8. Jesus said this, and

this is in the AMPC
translation. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: he who commits sin
[who practices evildoing] is of

the devil [takes his character
from the evil one], for the

devil has sinned (violated the
divine law) from the beginning.

The reason the Son of God was
made manifest (visible) was to

undo (destroy, loosen, and
dissolve) the works the devil

[has done]. BILL: So everything
Satan did, the reason why the

son of God was manifested
is to undo every work that he’s

done. Now, the enemy hates
miracles because miracles leave

no trace. See, they erase all
trace. Say, erase all traces, in

Jesus’ name. So they erase all
trace. Here’s a man, he was

found in Mark
chapter 5 and verse 15,

and look and see what
happened to the man who was

out of his mind, who had full of
demons, who had cut himself

and was naked. Now when the
disciples came back and Jesus

got an encounter with a man,
look what happened. Ready? Read.

CONGREGATION: And they come to
Jesus, and see him that was

possessed with the devil, and
had the legion, sitting, and

clothed, and in his right
mind. BILL: Say 4D. See, Jesus

operating in 4D can clean up
3D. Anything that has happened

to you that has caused you any
kind of pain or suffering or

sickness or disease or
malfunction or no function,

whatever it is, Jesus
can clean it up. Watch this,

show that there is no trace that
had ever been in your life. Now

that’s what you want. Say, no
trace. He wants no traits. First

of all, the man was out of his
mind. He was just as crazy as a

Betsy bug. And here he was
running around and the next

thing you know he was clothed
and what? He was in his right

mind. Some people had smoked
so much reefer and done so many

drugs they are crazy. But Jesus
gets ahold of them. Come on. And

in one second puts them in their
right mind. Glory to God. Glory.

I said, glory to God. I remember
that time we were at the other

location and the man got saved.
He was in a wheelchair and he

came and they put him in the
water in the wheelchair. They

took him and put him in the
water because they’re going to

baptize him in Jesus name, the
name that is above every name.

And so what happened is they
took him and baptized him in

there, and in the name, and
pulled him back up and he stood

up, watch this, stepped out of
the pool and walked upstairs.

Now, there was no trace. Come
on, come on, come on now. God

can wash you so clean that there
be no trace that you smoked that

much reefer. It’d be no trace
that you did that kind of drugs.

One lady had been married, how
many times? Five times. But when

Jesus got an encounter with her,
he turned her into an evangelist

and she told all the men,
come see a man that told me

everything I ever did. Glory the
God. Woo! Sit down. God can make

it so that your relatives don’t
even recognize you. And that’s

what you’re going to do if
you let him get ahold of you,

starting tonight, today. Now,
now, notice this one right here.

Turn to Mark, in. Mark chapter
7, verse 25 through 30. Ready?

certain woman, whose young

daughter had an unclean
spirit. BILL: Had a what?

spirit. BILL: Say it again.

CONGREGATION: Unclean spirit.
BILL: Unclean spirit. Keep

going. CONGREGATION: Heard
of him, and came and fell at his

feet: The woman was a Greek, a
Syrophenician by nation; and she

besought him that he would cast
forth the devil out of her

daughter. BILL: Wait a minute,
wait a minute. Cast forth the

Out of her who? Daughter. So she

had an unclean spirit that a
devil had brought into her life.

Keep going. CONGREGATION: But
Jesus said unto her, Let the

children first be filled: for
it is not meet to take the

children’s bread, and to cast it
unto the dogs. BILL: Now let the

children first be filled. Now
this gospel that Jesus was

preaching was not for the Greeks
first, it was for the Jew

first. So in other words, let me
take care of the Jews and I’ll

be with you shortly. But she
said something, keep reading.

Ready? Read. CONGREGATION: And
she answered and said unto Him,

Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under
the table eat of the children’s

crumbs. And he said unto her,
For this saying go thy way; the

devil is gone out of thy
daughter. BILL: Now notice, she

jumped up into 4D. See, she
canceled 3D. She canceled time.

And she said, I want my healing,
I want my daughter healed, I

want my money. Come on. I want
my joy. I want my promotion.

Now, we are not done yet. Ready?
Read. CONGREGATION: And when

she was come to her house, she
found the devil gone out, and

her daughter laid upon the bed.
BILL: Now notice what happened.

Jesus didn’t come to her
house. 4D, 4D. Don’t have to

come to the house. See, I can
speak the Word from here. Come

on now. I don’t have to come
to your house. 4D says, I don’t

need to come let hands on you.
I can speak a word from right

here. Do you with me? Now this
is interesting because unclean

spirit, I don’t know exactly
what that was, but let me

give you maybe a comparison.
So a lady came, we had to time

in the prison ministry and some
people came and this little one

lady says, pastor Winston, I
don’t know if you know me, I’m a

member. I said, oh, okay. And
I worked now for the city,

whatever have you. She said,
I want to tell you my story. I

never told it to you. I said,
okay, what is it? She said,

well, I was in jail. I’m
supposed to do 20, I don’t know,

some years in jail. She said,
but the Lord came to me in jail.

Now, the Lord just doesn’t just
happen to come to somebody.

Somebody has to pray. Come on.
Cause He said, let them have.

See, he just can’t cross the
line anytime He wants to. See,

there are some prophetic agendas
that, yes, God is coming and He

is going to cross the line
whether you believe it or not.

But normall,y God needs somebody
to pray so that they’ll give Him

permission and He’ll have this
power coming in to do what needs

to be done. Say amen to that.
So she says, I was in, been in

same-sex relationship for years
and that was my desire. I didn’t

desire any other kind of
relationship. But one night the

Lord visited me. Come on, say
this. Jesus goes to jail. See,

Jesus can go to jail if you got
somebody in jail that He can go

to jail if you believe in the
4D. That you don’t have to be

there, but God can come there
if you just pray there, and God

will come there and set the
captives free. Is it the right

side I’m talking to? And she
said, within seconds I was

delivered of all desire. And she
said, I got my husband now, a

male, and I’ve got him and we
are buying a house and closing

on it tomorrow. Everything has
turned around in my life because

Jesus goes to jail. Jesus can
go to your place, wherever your

daughter is, wherever your son
is, and take the desire out of

them in two seconds. He can
change every chromosome. He can

change every desire. He can fix
their mind. He can change their

heart. If you believe it, you
give God some praise in here.

BILL: Well, praise the Lord. I
trusted you enjoy that. Now that

is all power. Now, when we say
all power, there’s nothing left

out. This is all power. This is
power that can stop storms. This

is power that can go to jail and
change somebody’s mind. This is

the kind of power that can raise
a man up that’s been dead four

days and his body decomposing.
This is the kind of power. This

kind of power is given to the
church. In His name, we have all

power. Glory to God. It’ll
reverse any curse that anything

that the enemy has done to you,
it’ll reverse it. That’s why the

enemy hates miracles, because
miracles remove all traces of

the devil’s work. See, he can’t
advertise anymore. We’ve taken

away his advertisement with all
power. Glory to God. Get that

teaching. You’ll see that all
power come alive in your life

and that’s what you need,
especially today. You need all

power. This is Bill Winston
saying, we love you. Get the

teaching and keep
walking by faith.

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BILL: Hello, this is Bill
Winston. I would like to share

with you what changed my life,
and that was when I came to the

Lord. When I confessed Jesus as
Lord of my life. I switched

kingdoms. I came out of the
kingdom of darkness into the

kingdom of his dear son, and
look what God has done. Now I’m

saying the same thing can
happen to you. I don’t know

where you stand, but I do know
this, God desires that all be

saved and come to the knowledge
of the truth. All you have to

say is Lord Jesus, I ask you
come into my heart. Live your

life in me and through me
forever and He will. So, right

now, receive Him into your
heart as your new Lord and

Savior and I guarantee you,
nothing will be the same again.

I want you to get my book, it’s
called “Born Again and Spirit

Filled.” Now, you can download
it free of charge, it’s for

you. It will tell you what the
next steps are.