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yeah well to convert the world and

what you’re saying is true

they’re gonna leave serving that other

God and come to serve Jehovah the one

true and living God the Lord Jesus




you can’t ask your flesh nothing

cause that’s not faith

when when the flesh is involved which is

what the devil wants that’s that’s

called doubt he’ll try to give you a

fleshly reason why you should doubt and

if you listen to that flesh in your

natural mind you’ll come out and say

well I don’t know what to choose that

word you’ll pray the same thing the next

day and then pray the same thing the

next day but Paul said I didn’t ask my

flesh what I thought about it and

because I didn’t

I wrote all the books Romans


Thessalonians see and I never did ask my

flesh what I was writing if it was right

that’s the key

see this stuff is not coming by your

flesh it’s not coming by your natural

mind and that’s why he said over there

in First Corinthians chapter 3 and verse

3 he said are you not carnal and walk as

men well men Walk In the Flesh but you

are Superman you are super women and I’m

telling you now don’t ask your flesh

what it thought about what I just said

I called you

superhuman you are no longer to refer

yourself I’m only a man what do you

expect I’m only a woman no no no you are

Superman Superwoman


that devil has moved people because of

that flash

I don’t like you no more so far that’s

flesh they’re agape love is not a love

that’s based on how you act


the love of God say I’m loving you I

don’t care if you don’t ever love me

I’m preaching now

that’s what that’s all about so no

longer are you going to confer with the

flesh I’m taking you to another left and

at that level you don’t ask your flesh

no the only thing you do is put that

pocketbook on that table and say I

command money to come into you


thank you

when I when I first saw this work

is when my car wouldn’t start

and I’m listening to a man named Charles


and I’m listening to him point at stuff

and so forth I said well if he’ll do it

for him he’ll do it for me

so my car wouldn’t start I saw I went

out there and it wouldn’t start and I

said okay

I’m gonna point at this thing I’m going

to speak to this car because if Jesus

can speak to a tree

if he can speak to a dead man

come on now he can speak and it all obey

him and he said I can do what he did

then let me add it now I’m not going to

wait till I feel like I can do what he

did I’m gonna take it by faith so I said

Carl I’m talking to you now here he

watch this I’m looking around to see if

anybody’s out there looking at me why a

little sensitive see but you got to get

rid of all of that

because I said Paul said he didn’t go up

and ask the apostles what they thought

about what he was preaching because

God’s gonna give use himself he didn’t

give her


I said car I’m talking to you I if if

cap said that I’m gonna say the same

thing I’m talking to you listen to me in

the name of Jesus

I command you start in Jesus name went

inside gonna give God because I saw when

he spoke to that fig tree it gave him

not overnight it had to work so I will

give God about a half an hour and see

how that if I want to say I’m just

trying to do what I see done

that’s all he’s asking you to do imitate


and get results

when Jesus called you listen he didn’t

drop his faith when you went out there

and messed up and so forth he kept his

faith on the line he knew Peter was

gonna mess up he said Peter Satan has

asked for you and he plans to sift you

as weak he said but I prayed for you

that your faith won’t fail and when you

are converted strengthen your brother

he didn’t say if you are converted he

knew if Peter got caught in something

God was going to pull him out

he knew that if you messed up you were

gonna repent about it and he’s gonna put

you back up on top just where you’re

supposed to be say Amen to that

well y’all got me preaching hard over






I believe I received that

you can speak in tongue and your Bible

said when you speak in tongue you pray

the perfect will of God well if I’m

praying in tongues and perfect will of

God I don’t need to know what I’m saying

all I got to do is believe I received

all right now I’m saying this because

you got it when you put that money in

that bucket you can’t look at you can’t

feel nothing you don’t don’t go about

your feeling no no no no you listen to

God he’ll speak to you I said he’ll

speak to you I confess every day just

about every day I hear the voice of the

Good Shepherd and only that voice will I

fall so when we couldn’t get in this

place or buy this mall and God said God

what do I do he said you know what to do

I said sow a seed he said yeah I said

how much do I sow he said so four

hundred thousand dollars whoa I’m

thinking so I asked the people around me

what do you think I don’t think he says

oh what do you think well I think you

ought to obey God what do you think I

don’t think this is so why do you think

I did I obeyed god listen folks it

didn’t have no feeling what no feelings

in that the devil tried to take my

feelings and tell me that I’m going

broke and so forth I said okay well if

I’m going broke I may as well play in

the park I’m going I’m gonna show this

seed I sold that seed and miracles began

to happen

you can’t listen to your natural mind

you can’t listen to your flesh let God

be true

I said let God be true and every man be



some of y’all about to get into that

minion flow I’m feeling no no cause see

if I can take you off your flesh you on

your way see at this level million it’s

a minimum

where I got you right now million is a


that ain’t nothing but some spending



they got your money yeah

that ain’t their money

that’s your money


but you got to get it by what it’s my

faith hey put it on in but if you’re

going to really operate in that kind of

Faith you can’t feel the thing you can’t

feel a saint when I saw my wife I saw

her and whoa some inside of me now it

wasn’t my feelings cause cause I I knew

some ladies but uh I I I’m not I’m just

talking about what I used to do




but I saw her in something I said whoa

now this wasn’t my flesh it went off

inside because I asked since God said

hey Vernon I said burn it Vernon Clark I

said Vernon I said I see every time I

see this lady and I’d be a man this lady

named Veronica man something just go off

on me on the inside and this is what he


and he turned around and said what is it


he said God told me to tell you don’t

touch it

do you see what he said don’t touch it

with your flesh don’t touch it with your

mind don’t touch it with your reasoning

don’t touch it with nothing cause I’m

putting together something you can’t put




y’all hear what I’m saying here

and look at us now

look at us now

I said Look What the Lord

have done

sit down I got to finish this


God is putting you

and planting you in a hostile world

that Satan

has been ruling

and he’s putting you in it

now what you’re going to have to do is

realize that one of the reasons why he’s

put you in the world

is to take over the world



the first one

when you stand for truth

you are opposing the world

and this


they told him to stop praying


he knew he couldn’t stop doing that

because that

was what he had to do

with his God

he had to pray daily

Say Amen

and what happened

when they told him we couldn’t pray

because they had schemed and made a law

of decree that nobody could pray to any

God so forth

so he went up there in his room and

opened the shutters

and began to pray three times a day

well they’re arrested him

brought him down

and took him and put him in the Lion’s


but notice

what God Said in Psalm 91 and verse 4.

he said his truth

shall be your Shield

come on you better help me

see when you when you obey the truth

you become protected


and not only that he said over in Psalm

and chapter 34 and verse 7 he said the

angels of the Lord and Camp around about

those that fear Him

and what else will they do they’ll

deliver him

and he came to King said didn’t we uh

that that’s meant Oh Daniel is your god

able to deliver you Daniel said watch

this long live the king


he wasn’t mad at him because when we put

in this world we have to understand that

the world doesn’t like us

well let’s prove it John chapter 17 and

verse 14 please I’m gonna have you read

that now watch as 17 and verse 14 ready



he’s not praying that you’ll be beamed

up to heaven he’s praying that you say

right here in this world

see because if you’ve got the truth and

stand on it something’s got to change

watch it and it’s not gonna be you and

it’s not gonna be your God let me tell

you if you got that truth and stand on

it it’ll change everything around you


do you hear what I just said if we’ve

got the truth and the church stand on

the truth something’s got to change and

it won’t be God



now God has you verifying the truth

he has you here to to

convince people of what’s true because

people have had lies and they’ve had

facts but now God’s going to use you to

tell them what’s true

and so he does it mainly by your words

and your works and so when you look at

this here is Jesus he’s teaching them

that they’re to demonstrate this word

now notice watch this now see what it

says this is Mark’s gospel in Mark

chapter 16. all right starting at verse



now these signs shall what follow now

this word follow

is a Greek word having to do with a


that that companion is going to be with

you now the companion

is Miracles the companion is signs and

wonders are signed in one so these signs

and wonders

shall be with you

now what are they going to do

they’re going to be your Witnesses

thank you see see God

God knows you need a witness

Jesus said in John and chapter 10 verse

37 if I do not the works of my father

come on come on help me don’t believe it

because in the Bible you got to have a


you if you if you deal with God it’s all

legal yes and he goes Satan will take

you to court

and when you go to court let’s say uh

there you’ve been accused of doing

something so you are going to be the


you’re going to heat Satan is a

prosecutor but you are the one he’s

trying to prosecute

so when you go out and tell people what

the truth is

God says these signs shall follow in

other words I’m going to sin with you a


when you tell people and you take the

stand and tell them what’s true

then somebody gonna say well do you have

any Witnesses say yeah I have one come

on up here and and then the judge will

put the witness on the stand and the

witness will say no he didn’t do that

because he was with me

you see what I’m saying

and all of a sudden the jury says you

are innocent and so what you do with

this sign and wonder is when you say

something then a miracle takes place and

when that Miracle takes place it will

verify that what you said is true


oh you follow what I’m saying see y’all

got to get that because he wants you to

tell people what the truth is because

the truth has been opposed in this world

Satan doesn’t wanted people to know what

the truth is because Satan is filling

his mind and His Thoughts with all that

stuff but you’re coming to rescue him

and God’s gonna give you proof that what

you’re saying is true


and they gonna leave serving that other

God and come to serve Jehovah the one

true and living God the Lord Jesus

Christ say Amen

oh yeah you’re gonna bring your cousin

in cause you won’t show him what’s true

what’s true is I can pay your tuition


who is I can get to heal of what the

doctor said you got for stayed what’s

true is I can get your children safe

what’s truth is Just Cause your child

said that they think they’re a man when

they’re a woman I can show you we can

change their minds what’s truth is that

whatever the devil’s done to you we can

undo it what’s true is that we can get

your next house cat what’s true is that

you can own the whole apartment complex



so now what am I saying hey

you shall know the truth

and the truth makes you make you


Isaiah 51

in verse 16.

I have put my words

in your mouth

I’ve covered you in the shadow

of my hand

that I may

plant the heavens

God is commanding you

to plant the heavens

he’s commanding you to take what’s

already been in the eternal

and bring it into the Earth

you’re going to bring Solutions


and deliverance

to every person

in the sound of your voice


well praise the Lord I trust that you

enjoyed that now that’s called the

dominators now this is talking about the

church we’re not coming here to take

sides we’re coming to take over I mean

we’re coming to dominate now one of the

things I bring up bring out in this

teaching is that if you stand on and for

the truth and stand in faith it will

change everything around you now I want

you to get that

you shall know the truth and the truth

shall make you free if you take that

truth put it in your heart and stand on

it stand for it in faith it will change

laws it’ll change circumstances

everything around you that dominate us

praise God get that teaching today this

is Bill Winston saying well love you and

keep walking by faith

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thank you


I’m Bill Walton I’m the founder and CEO

of accelerated wealth


I was raised in a Christian family and

I have I’m one of Seven Brothers we were

raised on a ranch and one beautiful

parents that raised us you know to

follow after follow after the Lord when

I graduated I went to Seminary and I

finished Seminary I came out and had

kind of a equal desire to do both

the Pastoral world but I had this this

same desire in the in the business I you

know graduated from Seminary but from

that time I’ve always ran businesses as

well I’ve always done both between you

know different pastoral work and

different types and styles of companies

and there’s just this idea in

Christianity of well if you’re quote

unquote called into the ministry that

means you’re going to be a pastor

somewhere and so you know that idea

really kind of kept me always feeling

somewhat odd about running companies as

well as the Pastoral work that I was

doing and I went back and forth this

feeling of you know guilt am I chasing

some type of financial thing and really

it was under Dr Winston’s Ministry that

I learned that it is not an either or

it’s a bull fan and we are to do that we

are to be Kings and Priests in the

marketplace and and really that is

what has helped the launch of

accelerated wealth our company we were

in the process of launching that and in

its infancy when we really met Dr

Winston in his ministry and his teaching

on the revelation of royalty and that

idea I listened to that series over and

over and over and over again

at that time we had between various

Investments that we had and investments

in real estate and the different pieces

that we had going on we were you know

well over

we were well over a million in debt at

that point and um I still remember the

place I was standing listening to Dr

Winston teach and

was taught talking about

the aspects of your Covenant right of

being debt free he had the whole

congregation at that moment we were I

was listening to this I wasn’t there in


I was listening to the the video


but I stood up right where I was at and

I did the exact thing I just I started

from that point on every time I thought

about it whatever was going on started

thinking on debt free

over the course it wasn’t very long I

want to say 18 months

maybe maybe a little bit less than that

maybe a little more weird debt free and

our office in our home or this business

we operate 100 debt free from the time

we started to listen to Dr Winston’s

Ministry which was early on in our

company to current we have grown every

year and every year by double digits and

high double digits on an annual basis so

we’ve now grown to 15 offices in seven

different states and our footprint

continues to grow Dr Winston’s teachings

he is one of the of just a couple voices

out there that clearly articulate the

idea of ministry in the marketplace

Business Leaders are responsible is to

hear that and not just hear it but begin

to apply it to our lives apply it to our

businesses because it is not the hearer

of the word that gets the power to

prosper it is the doer it’s practically

applying it I love Dr Winston’s one of

his favorite sayings that I love to say

over and over again is we’re not here to

take sides we’re here to take over

that’s the spirit of faith that we have

to operate and there there will be

obstacles in any industry

you will have to answer it with faith

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