The Bible says, “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). In Faith Sees, Dr. Bill Winston teaches that faith sees the invisible clearer than your circumstances, and if you can see the invisible, you can do the impossible. Faith sees your circumstances as God sees them. Ordering Information:…

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no you got to see yourself on top you

got to see yourself a winner you’ve got

to see yourself come on come on the head

you got to see yourself the lender other

than that their system is strong enough

to keep you borrowing

I got to overcome the world and I only

can do it by what my faith

Faith sees the victim


you shall know the truth well what is

the truth

the word of God the truth is what is



God has already written a plan for your


he’s already ridden a plan for it and

watch this it’s a plan for good

come on and not for evil keep on to give


and expect it in he he’s going to give

you the end that he planned

now how many of you know God plans good

plans every one of you all you have to

do is look over in Revelation chapter 5

and verse 12 and you’ll see all your

inheritance you’ll see that he planned

for you to be healthy and strong you’ll

see that he plans for you to be rich he

plans for you to be honored people all

this is God’s plan for you

so I know the plans I have for you

so Satan is here to ruin God’s plan

watch this

but God said You shall know the what

true and the truth will make you free

all right watch this so here comes the

spies back from spying out the land of

Canaan when they came back

10 of them

said we can’t take it

two of them said

we’re well able

who was telling the truth the two

see God planned for them was victory

do you got it

so this lady one time she was you know

Pentecostal one of them strong sisters

and she was she heard her son uh who was

uh uh in the ministry and and another

Minister came over and she overheard him


and and and the other minister said you

know my my grandfather died of of cancer

at 60 something and and and my father

died of of cancer six some I guess

that’ll happen to me too

and she over heard that so she went in

there and said now say that again

I said well my grandfather died of a

sudden and then when she ran it he ran

it down again uh she said this tell me

the truth about that

see because that’s not written in heaven

your whole life has been written

if you say You’re Gonna fail you are not

telling the truth because God said

everything you lay your hands to is

going to prosper

Say Amen now we know we’re not talking

about if you steal somebody’s purse

you’re going to prosper we know that

we’re talking about good things and and

I’m just saying she she grabbed him in

the call and said tell me the truth and

he got it

he said well the Granddaddy and then my

daddy but long life will he satisfy me

you got what I’m saying

we’ll try to get you to lie about your

life he’ll try to get you to lie about

your children

he’ll try to get you to speak words to

your children which are alive

and he hoped that you’ll speak it long

enough so he can fulfill it

not you I know you won’t go that route

but my point to you is anybody any the

business whatever have you you can’t go

with the world if the world seemed to be

failing what are you going to say

everything I Lay My Hands to is going to

prosper I’m going to be the head not the

tail I’m going to be the Linda

you shall know the truth and the truth

shall make you free

what did they say

I’m gonna throw you in the fire this is

the Nebuchadnezzar

and I’m heated up seven times hotter

than normal

but they said the god

that we serve

he will Deliver Us

say Amen to that

when they heated he heated it did they

change their confession


nope the idea about the pressure is to

make you change your confession


it’s designed to make you change your

confession notice if if for you to walk

by faith the the the the Unseen is going

to have to be more real

than your circumstances

and that’s one of the reasons why you

meditate the word because you’re

transforming on the inside because it’s

going to be a fight that you’re going

into Satan wants you to lie about your


all right yo with me here

so what happens


is Jesus

and how he’s



this whole idea about

God’s plan for you Jesus came down to

help us to fulfill that plan and here is


and Peter’s acting up trying to think

he’s all of that because he told Jesus

you don’t need to go to the cross

don’t pay no attention to that

and Jesus said get thee behind me Satan

he didn’t even talk to Peter he talked

to the devil

are you with me here now watch this I’m

still going now


for you to manage this Earth

you’re going to have to do it


got it now your job is to manage it he

turned this Earth over to his people all

right all right let’s keep going

Faith sees the invisible

and if you could see the invisible

you can do the impossible

I have some seeds

here and these

are seeds

of different kinds of

things there’s squash and all of that


look how small the package is

look what they put on the front of the


they they

didn’t put seeds on there

what’d they put on that

because when you plant the seeds this is

what you’re supposed to see


Faith the invisible

than your circumstances

so even though

Satan is got the king turning up the


you’re supposed to see something


watch this and don’t let it slip

and keep saying it in the face

of the circumstances

well I’m telling you I’m coming I got I

got to I got to tell you all this now

you you got to see

because this is the way this got here

he said Abraham

as far as you can see

to thee have I given it to you

then you’re gonna have to see the


and if you do you’re going to be able to

do the impossible

now the battle is where right up in the


because that’s where you see from right


your heart

your spirit no it’s right up here in his


and I got to see something different

so you can almost see where people are


by the fruit in their life

somebody planted the seed

of poverty

and they’re still broke

now let’s look at this


Faith sees the invisible

got it some people talk about Blind

Faith No Such Thing


Faith glory to God y’all stay with me

here enough


in blind Bartimaeus

his blind man

and he in Mark chapter 10

he and starting at verse 46 he sat by

the high wage side begging

and what happened

was as he

Jesus passed by

he said Jesus

son of David

have mercy on me

the people told him

but what did he do


because revelation

brings Revolution

you cannot be turned back

you can’t

you hear what I’m saying

so Revelation brings Revolution

and that Revolution will bring


so now watch it just stay with me now he

cried out son of David

that means to me he had a revelation of

him being the Messiah

he said have mercy on me he said

bring him here

bring it here and he took his coat and

left it

that was a Beggar’s coat

why did he leave it

he didn’t need to take a coat off

but why did he take that coat off

because it wasn’t coming back

Revelation is the strongest asset in the

school of faith

when Revelation comes faith is there

that’s why the enemy fights to keep you

from Revelation oh you heard the word

but it not gotten to the place which

Revelation and he fights that because

when you get Revelation you’re about to

cause a revolution you’re about to take


every say Amen to that

and you can hear


um unbelief can seep in and do things I

told you I was up there and and somebody

I was preaching on Sunday after service

one of the services I think was first

service somebody came up and they wanted

me and said pastor you know hurt my need

blah blah blah and so forth and and it

and and this is what I said now watch

this now this is the man of faith and

power I’m talking about me now and I’m

talking about I have just finished

preaching on Miracles and I’ve just

finished preaching on the fact that that

you are a miracle worker and so forth

and so on and then and that’s what I did

now then then I told everybody we need

to follow Jesus Jesus was our example

same Amen to that well when the guy it

came up gentleman came up young guy you

know 25 30. I came up he came up and I

this is my reply now watch it watch this

have you had an x-rayed

now let me ask you what Jesus have said

have you had it what will he have done

to it he’ll heal him

and then he say we supposed to copy him

we we supposed to act like God we uh am

I right about it so it can be

information but not Revelation and

you’ll find when it’s not Revelation

that when the situation comes you’ll do

just what you’ve been doing

you got to get the rebelie say


so notice what he said he said over in

Matthew’s gospel and Matthew chapter 15

and verse 14 let them alone they be what

blind leaders of the Blind and if the

blind me the blind what’s going to

happen fall into the ditch

so when no 10 spies came back and said

we can’t take it let’s make another

leader let’s go back to Egypt do you

consider them to be blind yes they were

blind leaders and blind leaders will

take you to a place where you never

thought you would go they’d take you

down a street that you never wanted you

wonder how you got on they’ll take you

further than you ever thought are you

follow what the wrong way

and what you can’t do is can’t listen to

that because they’ll tell you you are a

minority and these people don’t like you

and you can’t do this and things can’t

happen for you that way and so forth and

if you take that and and and believe

that then you will receive that

the first thing they said now watch this

I know you’re getting quiet on me but I

don’t care he

they said we’re in our own sight as what

grasshoppers and so are we in what

there’s like folks Myles Munroe said

this Dr Monroe said this and I’ll never

forget it he said two people need

Deliverance both the oppressed and the


both need Deliverance

both he delivers see Satan is wise

enough to establish a culture

a culture of black people being under

the bottom and white people being on the

top now I’m not talking about anybody

let me get that out of your mind I’m

telling you what he has established in

the society

so when all of a sudden one of the

people of color moved up top it’s like

how did you get up here well see they

need Deliverance too because they they

see he sat it up in their minds he’s got

them thinking that’s where you belong

you don’t belong here you don’t belong

controlling of the Fortune 500 company

you don’t belong you women you don’t

belong here this is what he’s saying and

the culture is set up

now what we’re doing is we’re invading a

culture when the kingdom comes we’re

breaking the power of a culture


when I was flying fighters in in over

and over in season and in the states and

so forth I’m telling you I’d come up

flight line I’d land and come up the

parking ramp and so forth and they have

the crew chiefs you know getting us out

and let’s say one of the crew cheats is

African-American well he’ll tell the

other cool truth hey come come here come

here come here the black pilot down here

flying the jet come here come here I

mean why because the culture wasn’t you

don’t you know you don’t see that

but I’m breaking culture I’ve been

breaking culture ever since I was a boy


and you’ve got to get used to that and

when they get mad don’t mad get mad at

them they’re just responding out of what

they’ve been taught which is a culture

that they’re living in but we are

Kingdom citizens we’re coming here to

break cultures

do you hear what I’m telling you

the culture told them that I couldn’t

buy this shopping mall why because I’m

not the right color and I know they win

call all their fraternity people in the

banks and told them no self gonna give

me no money I know they did that but

that won’t stop you so you don’t need to

get mad about nothing

see when you get mad you get on the

defense and God is Not on the defense he

only on the offense he said occupy till

I come

Saul tried to hang that armor on David

to put him on the defense God is Not on

the defense

he is not on the defense God only moves


he’s only on the offense he said occupy

till I come that means Advance come on

and hold


but we’re in our own sight as

grasshoppers whoa whoa whoa don’t speak

for yourself

don’t speak for me

where they don’t like us down there

speak for yourself

they love me

cause I’m gonna establish a new culture


are you following what I’m saying so in

that flying them Fighters I knew that

part of my job was to change the mindset

of people that have been oppressed

both need Deliverance

don’t get mad at anybody yet you

understand your role

yeah you’re

they have given

doubts long enough

you are the government you’re the

government of the kingdom of almighty


say amen and the Bible says that you’re

going to be the head and not the tale

that means let me translate it you’re

going to be the wealthiest person

wherever God sent you and look in that

Bible and see am I right about it

all this is not possible it

looking at circumstances you’ve got to

see the invisible

this is your season

I didn’t mean to preach all that but I

guess it just came out

thank you


you look at this

and you look

Faith sees the invisible

so look at Abraham

let’s take him for example

so understand

Blind Faith is not blind

that now Abraham

God called him to offer up his son


he took his son

and going to offer him up to the

mountain that God had showed him

and that was Genesis chapter 22.

and verse 5.

now in the in New Living Translation

he says this

me and the boy

are going up on the mountain it’s what

he told the men that worked for him he

said y’all keep the donkeys and

everything here me and the boy are going

on up on the mountain and what did he

say about him

will be what

we’ll be back

one translation says we’ll be right back

we’re going up there and we’ll be right

back now God told him to offer him up

now why could he say that

Hebrews chapter 11.

and verse 19 I think it is



that if Isaac

was offered

God would raise him from the dead

you could look at the new uh the uh

whatever translations uh ampc so forth

he knew what did he do he saw it

he saw

that if he did give his last

he did give his best

he’s going to get it back

and when you can’t see anything you

can’t give your last or your best how

did I

IBM time was my

was my big check say big check every two

weeks big position so far they had me

earmarked to go on up to be in I mean I

mean executive chef I mean they they had

me pegged here’s a guy’s fighter pilot

black man blue we can get a lot of

points out of that let’s go let’s take

him on I’m not saying they thought like

that but the average person does but my

point to you is uh you know we could

meet some equal opportunity credits with

this thing here praise God and so what


God was calling me

so I go in my boss’s office hey John


I’m leaving IBM

wait a minute bill

uh he jumps up close the door shut down

I’ll bring Bill a cup of coffee up would

you bring the cup of coffee

he said

he said he thought I was going to

competition the Honeywell or it’s very

ran or somebody he said Bill what’s

happening I said I got a call on my life

you got a what

I said I’ve got a call on my life

take two weeks off

he thought I had

something’s wrong with me

working too hard

you know so forth and so on I took two

weeks off and while I was off two weeks

I kept meditating

and the clearer the vision

the faster your acceleration

towards your goal yes

if you’re moving too slow meditate some

more excuse me more

I just wanted it to rhyme

do you able to


you can let go of what you’re holding on


do you hear what I’m saying to you

is this coming through okay this

then you got to see yourself on top you

got to see yourself a winner you’ve got

to see yourself come on come on uh uh uh

uh uh the head you got to see yourself

the lender other than that that system

is strong enough to keep you borrowing

I got to overcome the world and I only

can do it by what

my faith Faith sees the victory

no praise the Lord I trust that you

enjoyed that now that was on a midweek

service that was on a Wednesday night

was teaching on faith and Faith sees

Faith seeds Faith sees what a natural

person can’t see without god without

faith they can’t see it well I just

can’t see that actually they don’t have

any faith

Faith sees and if you can see the

invisible you can do the impossible

isn’t that something I’m telling you I

saw a shopping mall and we got it

because I could see it

Faith sees I want you to get this

teaching because I want you to develop

your faith so you could see the

impossible see things that that other

people can’t see so you can do the

impossible it’s a powerful teaching get

it you’ll be blessed Bill Winston saying

see you next time until then keep

walking by faith

in today’s powerful message Faith sees

Dr Winston teaches that Faith sees the

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debt-free and owning businesses I want

to tell you that those seeds were

planted into my heart and the Lord

blessed me to purchase my home in

Atlanta paid in full and a vehicle

praise God I thank you for helping me to

stretch my faith and to believe that God

can do more than I can ask or imagine


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