When Mike Weaver’s brother died of COVID-19 in 2022, he lost both a lifelong friend and a bandmate—but the story doesn’t end there. Find out more about the brothers’ relationship, ministry, and band, Big Daddy Weave, on this episode of GPS: God. People. Stories. You can connect with us through email at [email protected] or on Billy Graham Radio on Facebook.

so they literally had to call for an

ambulance they came and they took him to

the hospital we never heard from him

again Mike Weaver was stuck in

quarantine with covid-19 when his

younger brother Jay died from the same

virus several states away the situation

was tragic I heard him take his last

breath as exhale over the phone we had

watched him hurt so much in a way that

he wasn’t even telling it and in that

moment there that was the end of all of

was hurt I don’t know what it looked

like when he saw him but I know that

Jesus was




new you make



new God of

mercy and

love do what only only you can do and




things Jay Weaver’s passing could have

been the end of the ministry he and Mike

built with their band Big Daddy Weave

find out more of the brother’s story

including how they began Big Daddy Weave

here on this episode of GPS God people

stories it’s an Outreach Of The Billy

Graham Evangelistic Association I’m Jim

Kirkland Mike’s Rock Solid belief in

Salvation through Jesus Christ gave him

a supernatural peace in the wake of his

brother’s death Billy Graham often

talked about death and what happens to

us after we die if a man die shall he

live again men have asked that question

for centuries they’ve speculated they’ve

analyzed they’ve grasp at every shred of

evidence that points to the

possibilities of a future life if a man

die shall he live again you’ll hear

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stories My Little Brother Jay he was

three and 1 half years younger than I

was we became best friends over time and

then played music together in Big Daddy

Weave for over 20 years this year is 25

years for Big Daddy Weave he passed only

a couple years ago but man he was sort

of the the Hub in the middle of the

wheel in Big Daddy Weave Mike and Jay

Weaver grew up in a Christian Home in

Gulf Breeze Florida a suburb of

Pensacola I remember looking for my dad

on a Saturday and us being like where’s

Dad Mom and he had made a place in his

closet where he would lay on his face

and pray for hours for us prayer would

also become a powerful part of the boys

lives after they started a relationship

with Jesus Christ I remember at 9 years

old the pastor in our little Methodist

Church given a call and then I just felt

compelled you know and I went down I

remember the feeling of his like 5:00

shadow you know his cheek is on my cheek

and he’s saying in my ear what to repeat

you know let’s pray together and I

remember praying a prayer then um and I

do believe that something changed then I

do believe that something started then

as an 11-year-old Mike took an interest

in music when he and his parents visited

a church that used drums in their

worship service I had never seen drums

in a church service before and I

remember going whoa they got Drums this

is different so I’m already a little

more awake now you know and man they

just had beautiful worship that night

afterwards a guest speaker pointed at

Mike asking him to go down to the front

for prayer Mike was terrified I had been

trying to watch HBO through the

scrambles on the TV and I thought the

Lord was about to out me in front of my

parents and that I was surely a dead man

the guy says to me he says man during

this then when we were singing when we

were worshiping the Lord he goes I saw

musical notes written on your face the

Lord is calling you to write songs the

songs are going to take you far away

from your home even to a foreign land

and he said not everybody’s going to

like the songs don’t even give it a

second thought just know that it’s the

Lord calling you to do this going

forward Mike didn’t think too much about

what the guest speaker said he was just

thankful he wasn’t embarrassed in front

of his parents but sure enough a couple

of years later these little ideas just

started showing up as at about the same

time as an interest in playing guitar

and so I got my first guitar I always

had these little keyboards growing up

you know you press go and it’s a little

beat or whatever and so I would just

chase down these little ideas and write

these lyrics that were just kind of

there it felt like and then that was

that was the beginning Jay who was 11 at

the time was the athlete of the family

but Mike always tried to convince him to

play music as well he always made fun of

me the musician or whatever you

know and then one day I finally was just

like Jay you got to do this like I think

you could do this and we got this little

scaled down bass for him Mike helped his

little brother pick out a bass guitar to

learn to play then both the brothers

became hooked on music we got into all

kinds of music man we got into Christian

contemporary music and there was a the

sound of every kind of music under that

banner and so from at one point

Christian hip hop to Christian and heavy

metal so there’s kind of an irony to me

that I would be in like Christian adult

contemporary like music after all this

time when Mike graduated high school he

had another deep encounter with the Lord

that would forever change his life it

happened while he was watching the

cartoon movie Prince of Egypt I just

said God I know all this stuff about you

but I want to know you it just Dawn to

me at that moment this guy Moses who was

about to receive this huge call on his

life heard the voice of God and I said I

want to I want to know you for real like

one of these guys in the Bible the year

after Mike graduated high school he

traveled and played music with a

Ministry oriented group when I came back

from that Jay had been really spending a

lot of time and he would he had just

Gran Leaps and Bounds and just an

incredible incredible bass player it was

almost like that

competitive Spirit from his like the

times playing sports he kind of applied

to the base the brothers started playing

together constantly including at church

where Mike was a part-time worship

leader then I wound up going to college

at the University of mobile which is a

great little Baptist School in South

Alabama although Jay wasn’t a student at

the University of mobile he was there a

lot of days he and his brother became

Inseparable and together they started a

band they played music and wrode songs

with their friends which is how they

ended up filling out the rest to the

band the first time we ever had played

music together and we’re just messing

around we have no intent here and

somebody wanders by though on campus and

goes like dude I dig that saxophone in

there like are are you a band and we’re

like well not exactly and they said you

need to put together a set and come open

for this group across campus D we only

been together 15 minutes that’s how the

group unintentionally landed their first

gig in

1998 but still one more thing was needed

they needed a name to put on the concert

flyer if if you’re my size in South

Alabama you are big daddy right and so

my got members from our church there was

a man who actually just has gone to be

with the Lord just in the last week and

he would every Sunday Hey Big Daddy when

I’d get up to lead worship and that I so

I told the guy I said hey tell them that

we’re Big Daddy Weave and the

institution is what I said and I was

just kidding man and so they put that on

it the moral of this entire story is

like when somebody asks you what you

want to call the group like pray and ask

the Lord cuz for the next 25 years you

may be telling the story of what happens

and as Big Daddy Weave continued to play

more shows prayer became an even larger

part of the band we’ve been playing

shows and it looked like worship you

know but at one point the Lord begin to

to take a turn in our shows and we just

begin to see just a move of the Holy

Spirit it started one night when I just

began to hear things from the Lord and I

just begin to share those things not

unlike the guy who said that thing over

me that’s when God began working through

Big Daddy Weave especially Jay God just

really began to encounter him in the

early mornings so Jay began to lead the

charge in praying for people at the

shows every night the brothers witnessed

God working in amazing ways then they

would face what would seem to be an

insurmountable challenge our enemy will

get in any way he can and the way he got

in is with Jay’s health and it was weird

because it was diabetes plus it was not

simply diabetes it was crazy there were

other things that went with it as the

band played more shows and grew

increasingly popular Big Daddy Weave

signed a record deal and headed to

Nashville where Mike met his future wife

it was around that same time that Jay

married his wife Emily and all through

this all the while Jay continued to

struggle with his type 2 diabetes Jay

went to doctor after doctor medication

after their medication and none of it

seemed to fix any of it Jay began to

feel like a science experiment as he was

left with only pieces of a diagnosis it

would be that thing of going in and

being hugely disappointed but then this

turn of seeing Jesus begin to like move

and so he literally just began to

believe I’m just going to trust the Lord

and I believe the Lord’s just going to

heal me although it wasn’t easy Jay

fought the enemy and continued in his

faith he was praying over people every

night but his health continued to worsen

he had a high pain tolerance but he

couldn’t hide the issues with his health

especially when he got an infection I

saw him sitting in this wheelchair and

he just literally just cried from the

pain and I was like oh my Lord I said

Jason we’re calling them right now when

Jay went to the hospital doctors told

him they needed to amputate his foot

Mike decided to cancel an industry event

to be with his brother but Jay said

uh-uh he said you don’t know who Jesus

wants to speak to and I remember I’m


literally I’m like crying like leaving

but I couldn’t do anything there and so

I did what he said at the awards show

Mike received a call from Jay’s wife

Emily the doctors weren’t just going to

have to amputate one foot but both feet

Jay was about to become a double amputee

the weight of that information I

remember that settling on our entire

group which really is like a family

but I remember the strength of the idea

of being in the body of Jesus because

literally when that news landed on us it

felt like all of us were there together

and and we’re holding on to each other

and we’re holding on to that news and

we’re just holding on to Jesus during

the difficult recovery process people

pulled through for Jay by buying him a

bus that would accommodate his electric

wheelchair his wife and three children

were able to travel with him to help him

with his Prosthetics as he began to Rel

learn how to walk and then he went on

the road again with Big Daddy Weave he’s

back out there praying for people again

Jay every day would roll through the

venue in his chair and he would lay

hands on every single seat and he would

pray that the Lord would move in the

life of who’s going to sit in that seat

it was a joy to him it was not an

exercise it was not a something I just

have to power through he would get in

there and he delighted in spending time

with Jesus asking for the will of Jesus

is over the place on one occasion a

former Pastor came to one of their

events which included a discussion time

this man appeared hardened they ended up

learning that at one time this man had

led a youth event and one of the youths

had died on his watch after the show

that man somehow ended up in their

dressing room and started shouting

expletives he didn’t understand why they

weren’t angry at God too all the rest of

us literally back up against the wall

away from this guy and Jay does not miss

a beat he finds a space to turn around

in his chair and he comes to the guy and

Jay goes I get it man when I woke up

this morning and everything on my body

hurt he said my first thought in front

of the Lord was this I have seen you

heal hundreds of complete strangers in

front of me did you forget about me did

I make you mad Jay had this man’s full

attention and he said who am I kidding

is Jesus didn’t do this to me Jesus is

the only way I’m making it through this

day he’s carrying me through this whole

thing that was the answer the man needed

to hear he fell to his knees and whooped

Jay shifts his little electric

wheelchair into high gear and just

closes that Gap the hand where his

fingers are tore up and hurting he puts

on the dude’s head and he just starts

praying he goes God just show him he’s

not a victim show him he’s your son show

him when he walked out on you you never

walked out on him show him that when he

quit believing in you you didn’t stop

believing in him because of that that

you’re with him that you’re for him

right now between sabs the man said I

wish Jesus would heal you while God

wouldn’t heal Jay fully on this Earth

God did display his work in Jay in other

ways I saw God take people’s like

excuses and reason to not believe in him

away when they would watch Jay living

with what he had had lived with and

lived through

you know and it’s it’s it’s really

incredible it’s really incredible that’s

a different kind of Miracle then there’s

the other Miracle of perseverance you

know and being the same guy on the day

when it’s the worst day of your life

because of the Lord’s presence in your

life Jay would persevere all his life

which ended at the beginning of 2022 due

to complications from covid-19 at the

time Mike and his family also had

contracted the nasty virus and were

unable to see Jay in his final days the

next thing I hear is early in the

morning Jay fell and literally he just

couldn’t get up everybody’s dealing with

the lung stuff from Co and his whole

family’s wiped out with it too so they

literally had to call for an ambulance

they came and they took him to the

hospital we never heard from him again

Jay went into the hospital over New

Years when Mike’s family was originally

supposed to visit him for the holiday

Jay had requested not to be put on a

ventilator that decision devastated the

family who kept checking in on him we’re

hanging on for like several days you

know and then we get this word like well

if he’s not if you want to honor that

request then you need to come say

goodbye to him like right now because

Mike and his family were still in

quarantine Jay’s wife Emily called Mike

on the phone so he could have one last

conversation with his little brother and

I’m just listening then kind of emotion

takes over in the room man and people

are crying I just stop start shouting on

the phone I’m like Jay I said dude said

Jason you are I said not by yourself if

you see Jesus anywhere go with him he’s

got us and that was the moment I heard

him take his last breath as exhale over

the phone and just like that Jay was

finally healed in that moment there that

was the end of all of was hurt I don’t

know what it looked like when he saw him

but I know that Jesus was there the

memory of Jay continues to live on

through his family and Big Daddy Weave

he’s an awesome husband awesome dad he’s

an awesome leader to Big Daddy Weave

other than like making a set list or

talking on the microphone there wasn’t a

lot that didn’t come across his plate

you know on his desk you know at some

point he just he loved all of it he

loved all the gear he loved every piece

of sound equipment he loved every little

sparkly twinkly little weird light he

loved he loved all of and he loved our

crew he loved the guys in the band but

he loved he loved our our our crew so

much and even more importantly Jay is

remembered for loving Jesus Jay was an

amazing man I’m telling you he was so

funny he was kind of fearless whether

that meant there was embarrassment in

the future or whatever there’s such a

joy that he had he was three and a half

years younger than I was but he always

functioned like the big brother I looked

up to him in so many ways he just had

that that um the Charisma that

likability that thing would draw you to

him and it was funny and that was fun

but there was a point when all of that

changed and there became a depth that I

saw in him the way he described is that

Jesus started waking him up at about 300

in the morning and he would sit with the

Lord and it changed him he would spend

time in God’s word and it changed him

Jay changed others lives because Jesus

had changed his life in those days after

Jay’s death Mike grieved at the loss of

his brother brother but clung to Jesus

he promises that he Comforts those who

mourn so I don’t have to hold that back

I don’t have to pretend like it doesn’t

hurt with him and I can bring it to him

and when I really do bring it to him he

brings a kind of comfort that is worth

waiting on Jesus has helped Mike through

other seasons of grief including when he

lost his dad to pulmonary fibrosis in

2017 and his mom to cancer less than a

year before Jay’s passing the thing

about going through difficult times is

that the enemy wants to point to

whatever place that is in your story and

tell you that’s the end of your story

that’s a lie Jesus knows when the end of

your story is and by the way for the

believer there’s no end of the story

when we pass from this life that’s the

beginning of the

story in the of Eternity I

have you hold my heart and I’m never

alone one day you’re coming back one day

I’m coming home thank you

Jesus Heaven Chang it




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of evidence that points to the

possibilities of a future life if a man

die shall he live again Billy Graham the

Bible is filled with life after death

Jesus said I am the resurrection and the

life he believeth in me though he were

dead yet shall he live the Bible says

something about the future of the person

that is in Christ the person that has

come by faith to receive the Savior and

God’s word teaches there is a heaven it

will be a place of righteousness it’ll

be a place of Joy I have the greatest

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guest on this episode of GPS God people

stories is Mike Weaver founding member

of the Christian band Big Daddy Weave to

this day Mike tells others about Jesus

through his music with Big Daddy Weave

and the band continues to pray over

every seat ahead of every show all in

memory of Jay I just want to tell people

whenever we’re somewhere like how do you

know you’re going to go there’s only one

way to get there it’s Jesus you know

receive him today today the day of

salvation the Bible says right putting

all our trust in him all our eggs in his

basket you know what I mean knowing that

when we step through to the other side

that’s the face that we want to see

absolutely we’re thankful Mike Weaver is

continuing to honor his brother’s memory

by sharing the gospel through music and

sharing his story with us we’ll be back

with another person with another story

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news in the light of

Eternity I have this hope you hold my

heart and I’m never alone one day you’re

coming back one day I’m coming home

thank you

Jesus Heaven changes


everything Heaven changes




everything Heaven changes