What would it look like if your life was full of fruit? The key to bearing MORE FRUIT is managing the seed that God gives us. In this message, Pastor Mike gave us a reminder of the power of being a seed sower. Every time is the right time to sow in the kingdom because God continues to supply and multiply the seed that we sow. We pray that this message empowers you to make the DECISION to be the sower that God needs you to be in the Earth. Scripture References: John 10:10 NIV 2 Corinthians 9:10 NKJV 2 Corinthians 9:6-11 NIV Ecclesiastes 11:4-6 NLT Proverbs 11:24-26 MSG 03:13 – John chapter 10 verse 10 NIV 12:26 – Seed without soil is sus 17:23 – 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 10 NLT 35:19 – He only supplies & multiplies the seed you have sown 36:43 – 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verses 6 through 11 NIV 44:58 – The fruit is the result. The seed is ready. Sowing is your responsibility. 49:19 – Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verses 4 through 6 NLT 50:59 – 1. Sowing all the time is the right time 53:12 – Seed makes you sensitive. 55:08 – Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 5 NLT 55:58 – 2. The mystery of sowing won’t make sense but will make miracles 56:10 – Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 6 NLT 58:05 – 3. Sow swiftly – work steady 58:30 – Ecclesiastes chapter 11 verse 6 NLT 59:41 – 4. It is coming 01:00:32 – 2 Corinthians chapter 9 verse 7 NIV 01:05:15 – Proverbs chapter 11 verses 24 & 25 MSG Join Transformation Church for our live Sunday experience. Plug into community, engage in live worship with Transformation Worship, & hear a powerful word from God.

what’s going on my name is Will and I

have the honor and the privilege of

serving as one of the leaders here at

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let’s jump in this amazing

message and so today week

five of a series we’re calling somebody

say fr fres fruit fresh

fruit and today

um today I’ve I’ve heard God to take a

pivot from something we’ve done for nine

years straight and to do it differently

usually at this time of year we’re doing

a finance series a series on generosity

and stewardship and I was like God do

you want me to change to play cuz you

told me to speak this series called

fresh fruit he said no no no no no he

said the people have matured

he said they don’t need six weeks they


two and I said hold on God but you know

some of them is remedial and some of

them be forgetting Lord that you really

do own everything and I need to do five

weeks he said this is a test of their

maturity he said children that you have

to tell over and over and over again the


thing have come to a place where they

don’t respect the

voice he said but there’s some maturing

Believers some ones that want to be

fruitful he said that they don’t need a

revelation they need a

reminder and so today and next week I’m

going to give you a reminder of the

power of generosity and stewardship in a

Kingdom Life great and I am not actually

going to preach at you I’m just going to

remind you of what God’s already proven

to you some of you on a big scale some

of you on a small scale but but the only

person that gets to determine the scale

is you yes sir yes sir and so for the

next two weeks I need everybody who has

some type of issue with people talking

about money in church I need you to

unclench your booty

cheeks cuz I know some of y’all just got

tight there will be no offerings no

second offerings no $100 lines we

actually going to give stuff away we are

a generous church we give just to give

and not to get and so I want to let you

know that this is not about getting

anything from you we don’t have a

building campaign we’re not trying to

repaint the parking lot and ain’t

nothing wrong with all of any of that

I’m just saying today

relax cuz I want you to get the

principle cuz if you get the principle

you will become a person that lives in

so much

overflow that you will then begin to

pray to God of how to

manage see some of y’all have not walked

into the revelation of management cuz

you ain’t got enough to man

manage but God’s saying I need you to

manage the little that you

have so that I can allow you to manage

somebody say more

fruit okay John

10:10 the thief the enemy comes to steal

kill and what destroy y’all y’all know

that scripture the crazy thing is we

know more what the enemy wants to do

than what Jesus wants to

do the focus is off the enemy he wants

to come and steal kill destroy okay but

we know he’s

defeated the Bible says he’s under our

feet we don’t have to worry about him

but what does our savior want to do yeah

he said I have

come that you may have life and life to

the full write that word down on your


full I like Fu l l okay I like all


full I like I like I mean come on like I

don’t know about you but when I first

got my my my bachelor pad before I was

married there was there was a few

feelings that you know when you don’t

really have a lot that really make you

excited it’s like the feeling after you

go grocery shopping and buy everything


want and I mean you place all your

Gatorades how you want them and and you

place all your fruit snacks and you put

your stuff in there and you got a little

stuff and it’s not when you finish it’s

when you go away and you come back to


refrigerator I’m rich

like ain’t nothing like a

full sir refrigerator sir it make a bad

day good it’s like they hate me but at

least I got food like it’s

like H have you ever gone

shopping and you found everything in

your size Jesus

y’all know what I’m talking about

there’s sometimes you go and it’s like

oh that’s cute and they don’t never got


size but there’s something about going

shopping and he was like I didn’t think

I was going to find nothing and your

bags are full and you know everything in

there is drippy it’s just like oh yeah

I’m about to kill

her H have you ever I just want you to

think about having have you ever gotten

an unexpected

check and you used to seeing your

account close to that zero line or

whatever line is yours some of y’all got

the $100 line the ,000 line but it’s all

zero in our mind cuz when it gets close

to that amount it’s like I’m

broke have nothing I have no everybody

stop eating stop eating stop eating like

we’re on a fast mandatory fast right now

as a

family but you ever had an unexpected

check or an unexpected something and you

didn’t know if it was going to

cash it wasn’t even real to you until it

actually changed the numbers in the

account you hit that little Bank cap


yes and the bank account was

full have you ever woke up in the

morning and you breathe deep

in and you breathed

out and you felt that your life


full if you’ve never felt that last one

it’s better than all of the other ones

combined cuz it’s the reason Jesus

came he came that you might have life

and life to the

what busting at the

seams more than what you can

handle more than what you even know you

need yeah somebody just Shout At Me by


fool I’m believing that this is a new

paradigm a new thinking process in our

lives that we are going to come into an

area of

fullness but right next to that word

full I want you to write this fruit

full what would it look like if your

life was


full everywhere I went I was full of

fruit and what would happen if I told

you by the end of this year the end of

next year the end of the year after that

that the measure of your life would not

be how many followers you

had would not be how many accounts you

closed would not be how many people you

know or how many people know you

what would happen if your life was

everybody say fruitful fruitful we need

to pray right now father we don’t know

what’s going on but in the name of Jesus

I pray healing and strength to this

young man or this young woman whoever it

is Father God I thank you that you are a

Healer and I thank you Father that in

this church there will be a place where

people will be able to be safe healed

delivered and set free thank you for

wisdom for the nurses and the doctors

and I thank you Father God for making

everything okay in the name of Jesus we

declare all healing disease and sickness

have to go in the name of Jesus and we

give you the glory we give you the honor

and we give you the praise in Jesus name

amen Hey listen the enemy can try but he

ain’t getting it here in the name of


Amen how dumb of you to do that in a

church I’ll quit this whole sermon and I

will turn this thing

out yes

sir oh I love God somebody shout at me

full okay all right all right all


fruitful when I begin to write this down

on my paper like a hundred times I just

kept writing fruitful and then I wrote


marriage and then I wrote fruitful and

then I I wrote down

parenting good and then I wrote

fruitful and then I wrote down


Church yes sir I I want you to practice

this right now write fruitful but then I

want you to put at least three things

that that you desire for your life to be


in and then I started getting real deep

cuz my paper just started it wasn’t

enough paper I started writing fruit

full and then I was like in

kindness I’ve never written down

kindness as something I wanted to be


of cuz the idea in culture is like like

I mean I’ll be kind until

you till you push me past my limit come

on y’all know and once I pass my

limit I ain’t responsible for yes you

are you’re going to

jail but what if we could be full of

kindness full of forgiveness some of you

have been


entitled to the debt that some

made that you won’t even let it go

because you feel safer with the

unforgiveness and what if you were full


forgiveness well when I started writing

down all of these fools God said to me

he said Michael to be

fruitful you have to recognize watch

this Revelation that you are seed fo


right I said what he said Michael look

at any fruit I’ve ever

made inside of the

fruit is the seed okay I’m about to

preach this thing he said I never meant

for the fruit to be

it I always meant for the fruit to be a

catalyst to more fruit so if you want to

be fruitful you have to be seed

full and the beautiful thing about our

God is he put so many seeds on the

inside of all of us how many of you know

there are seeds on the inside of you

that have not fully been cultivated but

there would be a lot of fruit if they

actually hold on let me ask that

question again how many people know that

God’s put a lot of seeds in you gifts in

you things in you that have not been ful

okay I’m in the right room so when I

started to go through my mind if the

goal is fruitful and God has made all of

us seed

full why are so many of us pitiful

have you ever act like you go to church

you be singing the songs over and you

being but your life is

pitiful and he said Michael cuz they

they missed the last

point being fruitful means you have to


seed but being seed full means you have


sew cuz a seed outside of soil


sus some of y’all don’t know what that

is I I’ll use the I’ll use the four is

suspect but the Urban Dictionary would

tell me that seed without soil is

sus why is this seed not in something

that can

produce its greatest potential and may I

submit to you that many of us are full

of seed but we have not discovered the

revelation of

sewing so you’re wanting to be fruitful

and you are full of seed but your heart

is still grasped by fear and greed so

you won’t sew

it and when I got this Revelation y’all

it freed my entire

life cuz I learned the formula of the

Kingdom if I

sow the seeds God’s given me I get more

fruit but if I also take that fruit and

seow the seeds that come from that

fruit I get more seeds to seow


more it’s never supposed to

stop somebody say that it’s never

supposed to

stoped to stop think about this concept

we’re still eating the same apples that

was in the

garden you missed

it if he put one apple on the earth

inside of that Apple was

seeds right the only way we eat a apple


2024 God is that there was an Apple at

creation come and one of those seeds

that were in the original

Apple created fruit which created seeds

which created fruit which created seeds

which created fruit which created seeds

which created fruit which created seeds


good that’s good but those seeds outside

of soil is

suspect and my question to everybody in

Transformation Church is why is your

seed not in

soil today’s message is called something

very simple fresh

seed I’m believing that God is going to

give you a revelation that you’re going

to realize that everything that he puts

in your hand is a seed and your job is

to sew it immediately your job is to

figure out where do I put this your job

is to who do I spend time with how do I

encourage somebody is this money where

do I give it God I need to learn what to

do with this fresh seed cuz so much of

it is coming

in it’s producing so much harvest in my

life I think my full-time job is

generosity on yes sir

oh I’m talking to the wrong group of

people today I used to have a poverty

mindset I used to hide

Oreos y’all know what I’m talking about

you come to the okay all right you come

to the last row there’s only four left

and all you want is two right now but

you want the other two later so you take

it and you put it

somewhere that is a poverty

mindset why you saying that Pastor Mike

it’s very trivial but the truth of the

matter is there’s something in

you that wants to

not do what’s necessary to get

more and I used to live like this not

just in finances not just in generosity

I used to live like this with my talent

yes sir yes sir with my

giftings and then God begin to challenge

my heart because giving is all about the

heart generosity is all about the heart

and when God be to show me this

Revelation that he wanted me to live

fruitful and he made me seed full so I

have to be

sful what do you mean sful s o w full I

have to be full of

sewing somebody say I’m going to sow I’m

going to and some of y’all are so stingy

that the word fumbled out of your mouth

when you just said that because the

truth of the matter is you feel like

you’re your protector

and you feel like you’re your

provider and you feel like you are your

lord and so what you have to do is set

up a system that I have enough resource

enough overflow enough so just in case

God doesn’t come through I can protect

myself oh come on y’all I just exposed

somebody somebody standing there


like and that is not

faith and this whole thing works by

faith 2 Corinthians chapter N I love the

word of God now may he who supplies

seed to the

S and bread for food supply and multiply

the seed you have sown and increase the

fruits of your righteousness that is a

juicy scripture right there keep it on

the screen I’m going read it one more

time it says now may he that’s God who

supplies seed to the

swer that means the determination to S

God already knows before he gives you


seed we’re talking about the God who

knows you the God who knows your

innermost thoughts who can count the

number of hairs on your head The God Who

knits you together in your mother’s

wombs he says I know if you going to se

before I give you

seed and some of y’all you’re not seeing

what you desire not because God can’t


it cuz he knows you wouldn’t sew it oh

my God are y’all reading the same

scripture I’m reading he who supplies

seed to the person he knows will sow and

he gives bread for food watch this

supplies and multiplies watch this the

seed you have sewn uh-oh reverse

equation if I se it that’s what he

multiplies off of

yeah Supply and multiply the seed you

have sewn no Lord if you give me the

seed I’ll sew it he said uhuh how much

did you sow that’s what I’mma

multiply no no no no no no no no no no

no well when I make it big when I get

this job

uhuh with the $4 you have right

now I only can multiply off of what you

have already

sown that’s good do y’all hear what I’m



saying so 4 * 10 is

what somebody was like uh

Carrie I said 4 * 10 is 40 the only way

that that number changes is if what I

start with

changes so 7 * 10

is 10 * 10 is 100 20 * 10 is

somebody’s like

694 stop okay hear me hear me somebody I

ain’t done that type of math in a long

time Pastor can hear

me it’s what you start

with that

multiplies that’s enough for us to go

home cuz now you can figure out why the

math hasn’t been mathing for

you that’s good father why don’t I have

enough cuz you don’t give nothing

away and I only can UL multiply what

you’ve given me so watch this watch this

back to math class 0 time a million is



Z so if you have not sown

anything if you don’t have a heart

posture of generosity if you’re not

looking for something to give on behalf

of your

savior he has nothing to multiply right

good oh my goodness when I figured this

Revelation out it changed the way I

viewed watch this seed okay can you give

me that Seed where is it it’s over

here seed when I go to the store I go to

the store with

seed and I’m

looking hey what’s your name

Jen seeds of

encouragement that’s good wow you have

such a beautiful

smile how long have you been working

here they should give you a

race oh y’all thought I was just talking


money I walk around with

seeds person in front of me oh I’m my

for some reason my card is not working

my son and you sitting there like y’all

should hurry up if you ain’t got the

money get behind me if you you you knew

you came here without no money you


selfish you sitting there just praising

God in the car like I got that money


money good and they need

$18 and some of y’all when I said 18 you

was like if it was like six or seven I

would be okay but when it crosses into

the double digits I know I got some of

y’all double digits hold on now you know

what I can buy with $7 I’m always


looking so yes seed

abely why Pastor Mike cuz this is what


multiplying what’s up fam good oh man

still need some money for my tuition

can’t pay it all but I’ll give you

50 well that didn’t meet my need this

ain’t about me in your need this about



planting God

this ain’t about me meeting your need he

supplies all your need but I got to


this I got to plant the seed the seed is


responsibility him providing it is his

but if I don’t plant

it and most of us take our seat

and we put it in a

bank Mr Banker hold my

seat do you have anything

nothing if I had it i’ you

know you she caught me at a bad time

only use cards see you only use

cards yeah out of a cash oh no cash app


oh come on how many

excuses how many times have we not made

provision to be

generous my team will tell you one of

our opportunities for growth yeah I’m

about say arguments cuz I be going off

on them cuz these my dogs who got cash

who got

money like we’ll go into a store and I

see a little boy trying to pick out some

shoes and he’s at the wall and his mama

is at the sail rack she them Jordans

them KDs them he’s never but he’s just

there dreaming I see him standing right

there I walk over to his mama what size


wear no no no not my no he fine he ain’t

got nothing he don’t need nothing I know

he doesn’t need nothing but God told me

to bless him this has nothing to do with



you do not let anybody keep you from the

blessing of being seed for

oh my God no no no we don’t need your

money I know you don’t but God needs my

seeds you may not need my money but God

needs my seed and if I’m going to be

fruitful I have to be seed full which

means I have to so


sir cuz some of y’all got a problem let

me tell you where the flip comes when

you start giving to rich

people you missed it you miss missed it

you missed it cuz you thought it was

about what they


had but there’s things I’ve given to

people with more money than I’ll ever

have that blessed them in ways that let

them know that God saw

them you want to bless somebody watch

this bless their

kids you missed it you y’all and

everybody’s trying to figure out how go

I’m going to provide for mine and God

said you’re full of seed but void of

sewing what I’m asking everybody to do

is go get your

seed run run back to the place where

you’ve stored your

seed and say hold on I need to borrow a

little bit of

that cuz I’m not just giving wherever I

think I’m giving wherever he

says cuz I don’t use seed for

manipulation ke see cuz some of y’all

will use this you want some seed

got seed for you a little seed

seed well if you make space for me or

promote my situation or talk nice to me

Daddy wow and what that is called is

witchcraft oh y’all missed

it that’s

witchcraft that’s why we say we give

just to give not to give I have given in


that I’ve never expected to see the

Harvest in that


okay and some of y’all are okay with me

doing this this whole time I’ve been

throwing these seeds y’all just been

like wow that’s really a

mess but if I change the seed

form yes sir yes

sir huh that would change up real quick

huh if I start y’all miss it if I

start walking

around planting

seeds where the kids at is there any

kids in here look at her she said boy

get up get up get up he was

sleep what’s your name

Buddy okay here you go here’s some seed

for you hey can you do me a favor can

you find that little boy right there and

you keep two of them but give one to him

right there okay you see that right

there yeah give him one yeah there you

go are y’all are y’all sisters or

friends here yeah here here’s some see

you you giving away more I know he says

sure okay well then here take all of

these dollars and give them to these

people right here just give it to them

right there yeah

just yeah you miss somebody you skipped

her you what you didn’t like a skirt

come back here come get my you

didn’t have your hands out your hand was

in your pocket you wasn’t ready to

receive hey go hey look at him he’s on a

mission here give her the rest of it

give her the rest of it right there give

her the rest of it give her the rest of

it that might be your wife one day give

it to give you the rest no where you

going yeah give give right there no the

rest of it everything that’s in your

hand give give them the rest of it no

all of it no

no all of it yeah there you go you got



okay how old are you uh nine he said

nine but see that was just the first

part of the seat these are all

20s okay now hold on one

second now hold on you see he was quick

he was

ready now I’m going trust you with five

of these and I need you to go on this

row and hand the seed to these people

and then come back and visit me just

real quick real fast I need you to do it

fast boom just choose them bow ooh bow

there you go bow and bow and



okay just stand there for a

second don’t





see it’s it’s different when it’s not

just seeds sunflower seeds she she

didn’t open her hand you didn’t open

your hand the Lord I wasn’t I wasn’t I

was you was ready you was being a humble

servant huh you didn’t you didn’t want

nothing from the Lord you ain’t getting


there look at the kids is standing up

hold on she said hold on I don’t got a

job all right look you smiling at her

look at you why you smiling at her no no

no it’s not like

that here go run up and give her three

of those real fast hurry run run run run

run run I need you to quck quick quick

quick quick quick quick quick quick

quick and on your way back down give it

to her yeah give it to her and then on

your way hold on you supposed to give

her all three you not

listening three no no to the same girl

no stop to the same

girl y’all see how y’all don’t be

listening he represents y’all I don’t

need some money he you said I need some

money too what I like your boldness

what’s your name Dominque but he said

Dominique but he told me his whole

name here you take that but just give

one of them to some give one to your

mama and then you keep one okay yeah

where my mama he said let me find my

mama cuz I’m in a blessing business yes

sir he felt bold enough sir to just come

up and ask that’s good you’ve been

faithful man you’ve been fa you get it


sometimes look at him he’s like yes I

do but every time I’ve told you to go do

something you’ve done it you’ve tried to

do it you did it with the right heart

how much money do you have right

now do you have did do you have any cash

that I gave you okay well I’mma give you

some seed here you

go how you feel about that good

good I like your

heart give give give her the seeds that

those seeds right

there yeah and then I want you to take

all of the rest of this it’s like $300

okay now I want you to take all you’re

nine yes if I was nine with $300 I would


rich okay but but this is what I want

you to do there was a little girl that

was up there okay where she at come here

stand up baby can can you walk to the

aisle real quick bring her to the aisle

and I want you to meet her and I want

you to give her all that money go ahead

give her all of


it you’re

welcome and do you know that this whole

time the seeds I gave you the $1 bills I

gave you the 20s I gave you it was all a

test cuz the whole time I had hundreds


you put your hand out put put your hand

out 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 you nine right


nine and I want you to live in the

Overflow here you go there’s a

thousand what would

happen What would

happen if God’s people yes sir yes yes

sir that’s so good with just so

good now do y’all know that tons of

people just got

blessed I only touched four

people 9 years old with

$1,000 that’s a different level of


living here here what what I’m saying to

you it was never about the

amounts right right from this to $1

bills to $20 bills to $100 bills I had

more than enough to supply

sir but I gave seed to

the and everybody wants to receive the

seed when you receive the seed you touch

the least

amount that’s good the S touches the


seed oh my God y’all are going to get it


Thursday when you

sow even though it doesn’t stay with you

you get to touch the most


seed the truth of the matter is when you

become a

conduit that God can flow through you

get to touch the most seed some of y’all

like you making a mess this is what my

life looks like in things that God gives

it’s more than anybody could pick up and

clean up by themselves I actually to

pick all of this up I would need


help this is a kingdom

principle and he only supplies and

multiplies the seed you have SE

Pastor Mike what you should be praying

is that God doesn’t meet your need ask

him to give you fresh

seed just give me fresh seed cuz the

principle Works no matter what if this

goes into soil this is why y’all can’t

figure out why people who are wicked


resources cuz they’re actually more

generous than

you that’s true but you quote John 3:16

you don’t live like it for God so loved

the world that he did what or you could

say it a different way God sowed his

son oh my

God where did he put


him he sowed him in this

earth they put him under yeah yes yes

sir so that we could be the

fruit we all get to come to

Salvation because Jesus was

sown for us yes sir what if God would

have had your attitude about


sewing okay I need you to go home and

study 2 Corinthians 96-111 the whole

thing because it literally will preach

I’m going read the Bible in church

because uh uh that’s why we gather to

hear about the Bible but I want you to

hear all of this it says 2 Corinthians

9:6 remember this whoever SS sparingly

will also reap sparingly and whoever SS

generously will also reap generously

each of you somebody say he’s talking to

me talking to me should give what you

have decided in your heart to give

not reluctantly or under compulsion for

God loves a cheerful giver and God is

able to bless you abundantly so that in

all things at all times having all that

you need you will be abound in every

good work as it is written they have

freely scattered their gifts to the poor

their righteousness endures forever now

he who supplies Pro seed to the SE this

is where our scripture was found in the

midst of all this meat where God is

telling you don’t give a little

yeah don’t be stingy with this thing cuz

you’re literally giving me the

opportunity to bless you when you s

generously he said now he who supplies

seed to the SE and bread to the food

will also Supply and increase your store

of seed hold on and will enlarge the

Harvest of your

righteousness hold on you mean God gave

me this little seed bag to see what I


do cuz right there it says now he who

suppli seed to the store bre Food


increases he will increase your store of

seed that means that this my bag of

seed but there should be a store of seed

where I go fill up all the

time so if I act right with this

I won’t have to go to him every time I

need to fill this back

up he can trust me enough to give me so

much because my heart has turned to

giving generosity stewardship and being

intentional he said yeah pour out some

more on

it pour out enough where he can’t carry

it in a

bag get him a wheelbarrow of

blessing What would

happen if God blessed you with so much

seed that your job during the

week is to just go back and fill it


up oh yeah that was fun giving away that

seed yesterday but God today I thank you

wherever you send

me I thank you that we use me as a

conduit of your goodness father I thank

you and then God says did you do what I

said today yes


God poured out all the seed for

today he said I give you more than

enough go back and fill it

up well God I just thank you so much

that when I used to be so brokem minded

and frustrated about other people

getting blessed now I celebrate when

other people get blessed cuz I actually

know that it is a sign that you are

round me about to do something else and

I thank you Lord that as I give this


today you do what I said today yes

God poured it all

out well God D it I got

to you know what somebody would call



work yeah yeah yeah it takes work to

live a generous


life Mo we can tell him it takes work to

be generous to people that’s right you

want to buy somebody something and then

you got to try to get it in their name

and then you try to do all this stuff it

can get

frustrating and God says what kind of

work do you want to

do cuz I can make you so blessed in your

life when it comes to love when it comes

to generosity when it comes to peace

when it comes to sewing your talent all

I want you to do is fill up from the

supply that I increased you with and I

want you to be willing to be generous

enough to give it away when I say to yes

sir yes sir not for your selfish gain

not to impress anybody I just want you

to be one of those people that I can use

as one of my ambassadors on the earth

when I hear people praying I send them

next to

you and I’m telling you bless that woman

you’re like God she look

blessed you don’t know what she just

cried in the

car and you don’t know that she just

said God if you’re still with me when I

walk in here have somebody do something


unexpected and she’s sitting there with

her Gucci Lulu and Lou Louis bag y’all

saw Lulu and Lou I’m talking about

Lululemon and Louis Vuitton and you like

these is Amazon leggings I’m not giving

her nothing and your attitude has judged


outfit to determine if you’re going to

seow the seed


he said he increases your

righteousness you will be enriched in

every way so that you can be oh my gosh

you will be increased and enriched in

everywh when you get the heart of

generosity when you get the concept of

having fresh seed he said you will be

enriched and enlarged in such a way that

watch this promise you can be generous

on every occasion yes sir

the only reason you’re not generous

every time that you can be is because

you think you’re going to run

out but what if God could see his heart

in you so

much that you could have enough increase

to give on every


other this is Prosperity Gospel no it’s

not this is principles of the Kingdom I

did not write this it says you will be

enriched in every way so that you can be

generous on every

occasion and through us your generosity

watch this watch watch when I give will

result in Thanksgiving to God great

great come on let’s thank God in this

place and you go hallelujah hallelujah

great but he said you thank me when you


too that’s good what am I saying okay

sum it up the fruit is the result that

God wants for all of our life the seed

is ready for us do y’all oh my gosh this

seed is ready to produce right now it is

full with expectation this seed right

here has so much potential this seed can

make all of this this seed is

ready but it’s looking for somebody

who’s responsible enough to put it in

the right

soil and what are most of y’all


doing you’re eating your


ah now I just I destroy the

potential wow wow well there’s so many

other seeds around me yeah and there’s

so much you will never see because that

thing I

ate and I ain’t even really like it

the fruit is the result the seed is

ready somebody say the seed is ready the

seed is ready the sewing is your

responsibility that’s all I wanted you

to know is God is about to give you


seed and I just want Transformation

Church to have faith like a

farmer that’s good that’s good I want

you to wake up every morning like I

don’t got a

lot I just got one

scoop but the thing about a seed bag is

you don’t know how much is in here right

only the person that gave it to you so

this bag could be full you wouldn’t know

or this bag could have two things in it

you wouldn’t know but if I came with the


attitude hey here you go what for me yes

God bless you great God’s looking at how

I sow not what I sow y’all remember that

story in the Bible where the woman she

gave the last two mites she had two

seeds and all these people was coming

down and they was making it rain they

was like I’m a big baller

sh and they was coming in the temple and

they were doing all this other stuff and

Jesus said don’t pay attention to none


them he said cuz they’re doing it to be

seen yes sir but he called that woman

over he said disciples look at that you

see that woman over there yeah she

reached inside of her

B and took the last last two seeds she

had and all these other people are

giving out of their abundance and their

pride and they’re trying to impress

people at the golf club and they trying

to oppress people at the the PTA

meetings and they’re trying to oppress

people at the boat on the duck with the

buds and the bud risers and you trying

to do all this stuff on the lake in the

weekend and prove yourself and God said

but you none of that matters to me you

see that woman with two seeds yes

sir Jes well she did is she

solded from a place of

desperation and we going to talk about

the seed she

sowed for as long as there’s an

earth somebody say I will have I will

have faith like a farmer Faith Like a

farmer y’all know how many people is

there any farmers in the building right

now Farmers Farm what’s y’all Shout Out

The Farmer in the building what’s up

what what what what you what do you what

do you

farm cotton cotton you f hold on man

what hold


on I’m just playing guys people Farm

cotton he didn’t want to say it y’all

should have seen him he turned


coton I appreciate you my shirt would

not be made without you

okay so so so watch watch watch this


this this man in this room I want you to

hear me has a revelation that most of us

do not have that’s good cuz most of us

go in

Uber door Dash pick up whatever we

desire we don’t have to

make a deposit or sew anything to see

the actual

Harvest but but you’re you know about

Seasons you know about having to plant

something at one moment and you don’t

wake up every day be like oh it’s going

to happen today you already know that it


seed time and then what harvest the

Earth is just explaining the word of

God so this man does not seow seed on

one day and get frustrated cuz it didn’t

show up the next

day well God I sold that one time in

Crazy faith and I’m still waiting right

here a farmer knows that I keep sewing

seed I go find more land to put it in I

go find an area of the country who has

different weather and I can live in one

place but I can be sewing in another you

missed it I can be going to this church

but I can sew in another one I y’all I

can be a part of this family but I can

sew into somebody else’s


family Faith Like a farmer what are you

saying pastor Michael eastes 11:4 says

it like this farmers who wait for

perfect weather never

plant and some of y’all been waiting for

the weather to be

perfect oh Lord like yeah once I get my

debt down to here when I I pay this

Mazda off and then Lord once I once I

get out of this broke apartment cuz you

know I can’t do roaches and I seen a

roach last week and I have to get out of

here and I’m going lose my deposit

because I did paint the walls but I I

like and you going through all of


look what happens he said farmers who

wait for the perfect weather never plan

if they watch every cloud they never

Harvest now the stock market’s about to

turn now Bitcoin I’m telling y’all it’s

it’s going to be the

thing no no no I got my blockchain

together I got my

blockchain oh no no no no no I’m I’m I’m

investing in squids right now oh y’all

ain’t he about the squids the squids boy

if I go over to and buy 17

squids I can bring them to Alabama I can

sell them for $1,000 a it’s everybody’s

going to be he said if you keep waiting


this perfect moment he said you don’t

have a heart for this that’s right

that’s right you’re waiting for your

situation to give you permission to

se what a farmer knows is I’m going


anyway I got a lot of money I’mma plant

anyway I got a lot of time I got I’m a

plant anyway I got no time I’mma still


something watch this sewing all the time

is the right

time let me tell you the perfect time to

se all the

time do y’all hear what I’m saying sir

I’m trying to break the back of poverty

and low thinking off of your

life what if you made a decision that

every this year I’m going give away a

dollar that’s

good I’m not I’m not talking about


$1 pick your amount but I want you to

prepare to sew it every day oh God what

if you could wake up knowing I’mma make

some little kids

day what if you could wake up knowing

I’m going to be a conduit what if I took

this dollar and actually put a invite

card to

church what if I sold this dollar for a

kid to get some candy whose parents

wasn’t having a good day with them and

they didn’t have the money and they like

what if I and then I said hey you should

come to my like what if you decided what

if you gave good


tips they ain’t even serve me

good you don’t serve God


I’m sorry but the truth of the matter is

you’re judging people on a scale that

you not even


on what if you decided anything I spend

God if you bless me I’m going to give

20% it is not about my their service to

me it is about my service to

them well two things are going to happen

some of y’all going to stop going out to

eat and then the other thing and then

the other thing that’s going to happen

happen is you’ll be a conduit of

generosity then people know the service


good but you gave them 20% and just say

Jesus loves

you what could

happen all right when’s the right time

to sew I said when’s the right time to

sew all the time and the thing that I

found out about sewing seed is seed

makes you

sensitive wherever you have seed you

care about that space Theon reason why

y’all can judge people is you ain’t got

no seed there but the same celebrities

that you talking about are the

celebrities I’m praying for why cuz I’ve

been up at 4:00 a.m. with some of them

trying to pray for them and give them

hope not to kill themselves some of them

Charles knows have shown up at our

church door has I’m in Oklahoma I got

seed in the ground so why you commenting

about them the what I’m doing is I’m

praying and interceding and tearing down

strongholds and asking other people who

have anonymity as a part of their

anointing to get around these people and

pray for their marriages and why cuz I’m

sensitive why are you sensitive cuz I

got seed

there the reason why you can’t talk

about people who are lgbtq a i it’s cuz

there’s nobody around you that you love

that’s in that

battle oh God I’m I’m stepping too heavy

right now but the truth of the matter is

if your son and struggle with that you

will become

sensitive that’s

good I hate religious people y’all are


fith wherever your seed is sewn you


sensitive that’s why I’m sensitive about

the atmosphere of this

house I got Blood Sweat and Tears in

this house before I was a pastor before

I was in I sold seeds in the sound

booth I would not be on this platform

had I not sewn the seeds in the back of


auditorium and everybody wants our seeds

to be platformed and God said it ain’t


that it’s about me seeing

it that Ecclesiastes Ecclesiastes 11:4

it just is nasty it says just as you

cannot understand the path of the wind

or the mystery of the tiny baby growing

in a mother’s womb so you cannot

understand the activity of God who does

all things he said when you plant

something you will not be able to

understand what God is doing with your

seed do y’all understand that he’s

letting you know that when you SE there

is a mysterious component to it yeah cuz

if you knew how to make it happen you

would manipulate the

system so I want you to trust me so just

so and watch me work in the background

in stuff you could never ever imagine

and he’s saying watch this write it down

in a point the mystery of sewing won’t

make sense but it will make


Miracles and then it goes on to say

watch this plant your seed in the

morning and keep busy all

afternoon oh I love the Bible so it

tells you first off wake up

some of y’all just been sleeping on your

seed I’mma come closer you’ve been

sleeping on your seed you’ve been

sleeping away the thing that God wants

you to sew somewhere well they won’t pay

me enough you don’t need the money you

need the

experience cuz if you would get the

experience in this season I got a door

so cold up the street for you but you

watching these podcasters that don’t

have nothing except Lighting in a

microphone and they don’t do anything

unless they D D D D shut up and listen


me but they have a louder mic in your

life than the Holy

Spirit and he told you to go sew at that

elementary school that doesn’t have a

budget but I’m going to be a principal

one day and I he’s saying would you get

up and sew your seeds early in the

morning in that third grade classroom

great great well I’m retired but you’re

not dead that’s good and cuz you worked

all of them years you thought now you’re

supposed to stop working for

me so because you don’t got to go to a

job every day does it mean I don’t have

work for you to

do but you sleeping your life away

instead of planting your

seeds he said plant your seeds in the

morning and watch my favorite part o ooh

oo o

oo and keep busy all afternoon

so he he doesn’t say plan I did it God

all right call me when call me when

the he says Now find something else to



profitable what’s the point Pastor Mike

so swiftly work

steady it’s the morning I’m sewing it

I’m getting this out of I’m getting I

got to get this out of my


got to get it out and I’mma still work

steady why am I going to do that here’s

the reason here this is where we’re

closing for you don’t know if the

prophet will come from one

activity or the

other my favorite part or maybe

both did y’all did y’all see that it’s

almost like God’s playing with us he

said sew the seed early in the morning

work and invest in something else all

afternoon he said do both of

them yeah just keep doing

it cuz one may work or the other may

work or think about this maybe

m i want you he playing with us cuz he

knows all you’re doing is sewing

seed he’s telling you both will work


yeah cuz if I saw a seed here and I saw

a seed there and I saw a seed here and I

saw a seed it’s where the seed is

planted and what it was designed to

do it’s going to produce everybody shout

at me

fruit there it

is Pastor Mike why why are you saying

this because when you read the last part

of that for you don’t know if Prophet

will come from one activity or another

or maybe both it gave me the faith to

say it is coming yeah somebody say it’s

coming something’s coming from what I

planted something is coming from all the

meetings and all the counseling and all

something is coming from me waking up

and forgiving something is coming from

me moving my whole family to TSA

Oklahoma and I didn’t know what the heck

I ain’t know Oklahoma existed but the

seeds that I’ve SE something is coming

somebody shout at me something’s coming

I don’t know where it’s coming from I

don’t know who’s going to be a part of

it but I know I sow good seed and good

ground and

something something’s



coming so that’s why each of you should

give what you have this is the last word

I want you to maximize on

decided today all I wanted you to do is

see a real picture of what it would look

like if you decided to wake up every

morning and have faith like a farmer

cuz God wants us to be

fruitful and he’s already made us seed

fo so our responsibility is to do what

so each of you should give what you have

decided in your heart to give not

reluctantly or under com compulsion for

God loves a cheerful Giver let me tell

you how this works out in my life I’ve

already decided to give all my children

once they do the necessary um things

when they get their driver’s license

I’ve decided to buy all of them a car as

soon as they get a driver’s license

couple reasons one of them selfish I

don’t want to drive them around no

more but but but for real the the the

reason is

like because I want to be a father that

gives them more than what they

deserve and I know some of y’all no kids

need that and they’re going to have nice

cars like I’m not no no I started out

with a bucket and you going to get a

bucket I thought we were supposed to

build generationally and it was supposed

to get better I’m just saying I’m just

saying I’m just

saying so they going to have nice cars

and I’ve already planned that they’re

probably going to wreck

them cuz I know my

kids but I’ve

already excited my oldest daughter’s

10 she can’t legally get a vehicle or a

license for another 6 years but her

father is thinking about her in

advance and I’ve

already so because I decided I’ve

already started making

preparations sir because I’m going to

sew a car into

her I’ve already decided so now I’m

already planning and preparing for it so

me and Natalie talked about this for

years and all that other stuff my

parents blessed me and my brothers with

cars and stuff like that it was a really

big like moment for us like whoa like I

got a car I got responsibility oh I got

to put gas in that mug like there’s like

different things that I started learning

and the Holy Spirit said I give seed to

the Sewer I was like yes God and I’m

going sew into my kids he said sew into

somebody else’s

kids I said

what he said what do you mean me and

Natalie went on a trip a withdrawal trip

on the way back he said I want you to

buy this person’s child a

vehicle I said Lord I

said that I decided to give my kids the

ones look like me and

Natalie so come on sometimes you got to

clarify like ones we had he said I know

I know what you decided but if that

heart is already there yes sir

and I give seed to

the do you have the heart


now MO is my witness this

week went and bought somebody else’s kid

a car no hear me no no it’s not for the

clap cuz it hurt to

do do you know what I could have done

with and it’s a


car but I’m not looking for a harvest

cuz my responsibility was to sew


the I’m telling you as a

church that if you would


decide decide you’re going to actually

give to people at Christmas this next

year come on some of y’all Miss ain’t

never gave me nothing they don’t have

the heart

to they don’t have a heart like me they

don’t have a heart like our father but

you could decide and I’m not talking

about being frivolous and ridiculous and

getting in debt I’m not talking about

that but right now you could make a

everybody say decision decision oh my

God you could

decide and if you decided that I am

going to be a generous person this

scripture changes your life watch it

Proverbs 11:2 24:26 this is where we end

the world of the generous

gets larger and

larger and the world of the stingy gets

smaller and

smaller the one who blesses others in

abundant is abundantly

blessed those who help others are

helped don’t eat your

seed don’t leak your

seed and don’t cheat your

seed how do I cheat my seed by Not

sewing it what every everybody stand all

over this

building I feel Hearts changing in this


right I am talking about finances

everybody listen to me everybody listen

we’re going to leave in just a second

but I really feel like God wants a fresh

commitment from you to decide the level

of generosity you’re going to live at

and this how I want to end service we

going to sing overflow

again but I think we going to sing it

with Revelation this time yeah I’m not

just talking about one area of my life

I’m talking about overflow in every area

but that means if I’m going to have

something that’s full enough to overflow

I got to sew what God’s already placed

in my

hand generosity isn’t

dramatic it’s a

decision if you want to make a decision

to live at another level of generosity

you’re not going to prove it with your

finances today you’re going to prove it

with your heart commitment to God

there’s no switching bait there’s the

bait and switch that’s what it’s called

no there’s no bait and switch there’s no

I want you to have this Revelation cuz

it changes the quality of your

life Christ came that you might live to


full would you lift your hands if you

desire to live at that level and


experience what it’s like to have fresh

seed oh my god father here we are today

God I pray the prayer that I prayed

almost 12 years

ago father would you take all of us from


place of providing for

ourselves to a place of knowing that you

truly are our

provider would you teach us the kingdom

principles that would allow us to give

freely and expect you to be Jehovah

Gyra would you AR eradicate us from all

of the thoughts of greed and poverty cuz

both sides of the pendum are evil and

God would you let us walk in a level of

trust that would allow

us to see your faithfulness over and

over and over

again today God we trust you and we

decide that we will live


generous God I’m thanking you that all

week you will do heart surgery on

us and you’ll give us opportunities

father God to wake

up and be ready to sew the seed that

you’ve given us a seed of encouragement

a seed of kindness a seed of love a

financial seed father whatever the seed

is whatever type and we won’t look for

the place that we seed to be the place

that we reap the

Harvest I thank you that we will look to

you the lord of the

Harvest to be able to to meet every need

blow our minds God God and let us live

in the Overflow we give you glory we

give you honor and we give you praise

change our faith in the name of Jesus

let us have faith like a farmer in Jesus

name if you’re in this room and you’ve

never accept Jesus as your personal Lord

and Savior y’all y’all y’all they’re

going to have to come and clean this up

in just a second and then we going to

sing the song but I just need everybody

to focus right now if you are in this

place and you’ve never received the seed

of Jesus on the inside of you it will be

the thing that makes you more fruitful

than anything that you’ve ever ever ever

seen in this world I can tell you it’s

taken me from being a liar a manipulator

somebody who was addicted to pornography

I had a lot of evil things in my heart

had a lot of manipulation motives in my

heart and God didn’t make me a perfect

man but I’m telling you he turned my

life upside down there’s no way I should

be standing up here in front of you

after 10 years who I was was nothing

like who God has made me to be and I’m

telling you it was because of one name

Jesus and today I want to offer you the

greatest gift that I was

given and I’m telling you this is not a

moment to actually be excited about

anything else except my life being

transformed today some of y’all are

tired of running you’re sick of the

relationships not working you’re done

with church as normal some of y’all are

religious but you don’t know

Jesus you got rituals meditation prayer

times candles and you have nothing that

will actually help you and today I want

to give you say his name with me Jesus

he’s the reason we’re here he’s the

reason we give cuz he already gave

abolutely say his name one more time

Jesus yeah today I want to offer you

Jesus this is not spooky this is an

upgrade whatever life you’ve been living

is is better with him so on the count of

three if that’s you if you want to give

Jesus your life today and actually for

real living the Overflow I just want you

to lift your hands you don’t got to

confess every sin you’ve ever done you

could still be struggling with addiction

he’s the only person that he will bring

you in and he says give me your heart

and I’ll help you change your

habits God don’t believe the lie that

you got to clean up before you come to

God you can’t do

it you’ll still be a mess yes sir

absolutely but he’ll take you just as

you are and then he loves you so much

he’ll not leave you just like that today

if you want to give Jesus your life one

you’re making the greatest decision of

your life two I believe that God has

divinely orchestrated you to be here

right now today is the day of

salvation and your name is going to be

written in the Lamb’s Book of Life all

over this room three if you want to

accept Jesus lift your hand in this

place I see you my brother so proud of

you man holding your baby I see you I

see you my sister come on transformation

come on hands going up up online oh

y’all this is the reason that that we

that we’re

here thank you


hallelujah hey we’re we’re a family

nobody prays alone would everybody just

lift your hands and say God thank you

thank you for sending Jesus for sending

Jesus today today I give you my life I

give you my life I believe you lived I

believe you live you died you died you

Rose again you Rose again and today and

today I give you my life I give you my

life change me change renew me transform

me make me fruitful make me fruitful I’m

yours I’m yours in Jesus nameus amen can

we shout all over this place and all

over the world

hallelujah thank you Jesus Hey listen

we’re going to do something and the team

knows we about to sing overflow one more

time I want us to go out in Victory cuz

some of y’all about to be so fruitful

cuz you going to be seed

and you going everybody say so so okay

next week I’m going to cut you real hard

okay so everybody wear bandages bring

your bandages bring everything it’s

going to be the best cut you’ve gotten

in this whole series and then uh and

then we going to get ready for Easter

but um as they’re doing this I I I I

need I need you to know if you need

prayer for anything after we sing this

song The Altar call workers are going to

be at the rear of the building where you

see the little blue kind of lights going

up everybody look back there y’all see

the blue lights that’s Heaven okay and

you’re going to go back there and

there’s going to be team there to pray

for you okay and then I I want to I want

to give everybody a reminder as you

leave we got these Mustard Seed bottles

with fresh on them and everybody as you

leave I want you to leave with your


seed cuz it’s not going to take a lot I

want you to put this in your car I want

you to put it on your desk I want you to

put it um on your nightstand I I want

you to remember that God is the one who

gives seed to the SE amen and I just

want you to have this reminder that

every morning you wake up you get grace

and mercy but there’s fresh seed there


amen thank you so much for watching this

message we pray that it encouraged you

here at Transformation Church our vision

is to represent God to the lost and the

found for transformation in Christ and

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